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  1. Unconventional

    Daisuke snorted. "Do we?" He couldn't look at Ken even if he wanted to--which he did. He wanted to so bad. He wanted to feel Ken's body against his own, and feel his pulsing aura engulf him until all other thoughts melted away. There had been times when they'd been that close; when Daisuke really thought he had lost himself in the ether between their bodies. Floating like ghosts, and feeling so damn good. Ken did that to him. What was he thinking... "It's bullshit. Just because we grow up doesn't mean we have to lose everything. I feel like..." He sighed again, his arms folding over his chest as he shook his head. "Taichi-senpai, Koushiro, Jou-san... They're almost through college. They talk all the time. They go out drinking every Friday." He wanted to say it. He wanted to ask why it couldn't be them too. "They worked hard, sure. But..." The only thing I want to work hard for is for you. Daisuke looked down at his hands. His nails were uneven and his cuticles torn. For hands that did nothing, they sure looked as worn as he felt. Closing his eyes, he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. "You didn't answer my question, either. Are you happy? Because I'm not."
  2. Unconventional

    "Am I, though?" Daisuke threw his arms out, spittle flying from his mouth. The accusation in itself was an insult, like of course Daisuke was some level of stupid, just not that stupid. Was that supposed to make him feel better? "If this was a mistake, I can always take the test again next year. But at least I didn't waste my time." There was more he wanted to say, but he caught himself from blurting it out. Instead he focused intently on Ken's face, his brows furrowed. He felt a line of sweat trail down his cheek. "I'm not running away." He said it softly, as if coming to realization as he was speaking. "I'm living." Without you. Flinging his backpack back onto the bench, he tilted his head toward the tree branches above. "Just slow down and remember, Ken. Remember when we used to go to the Digital World in the summer to beat the heat? We'd swim in the rivers until the sun set, and we still wouldn't leave. Our skin got so pruney that it felt like it would nearly fall off." He looked back at Ken, a sadness overtaking his eyes. "I can't even remember the last time we went to the Digital World together. I can't remember the last time we just hung out. What's the point if you aren't going to enjoy life, Ken? Tell me." Heavily, Daisuke sat down on the bench next to his stuff. It felt good to get it out, but he wasn't sure if it was the whole truth. Honestly, he had no idea what possessed him to skip exams this morning. He didn't know why he had to come to Tamachi today. He was on auto-pilot, and just now his brain was starting to make sense of all the pieces. He feared he wasn't going to like where they were going to lead him. Some pictures were just best left unfinished. "Tell me that you're happy you tried so hard."
  3. Unconventional

    Ken was fire. Ken's touch was fire, even through the fabric of Daisuke's school uniform, and under the cool shade of the trees. The fire spread up until it burned Daisuke's chest and cheeks and ears. He looked at Ken with the only thing he could muster at this time: anger. "I wasn't fucking lying," he spat, pulling his arm away forcefully. He rolled his shoulder to adjust his backpack. "You really think I'd skip exams?" How often had Ken gone out of his way to help him study? The boy had his own shit to worry about, yet he still managed to find time when he could to help Daisuke. It had been like that for the past six years. Granted, he had been neglected a bit recently, but it wasn't like Ken was his personal tutor (as much as his parents wished he were). Ken was his best friend. So why was he lying? "This is stupid." Daisuke shook his head. Softly he added, "I shouldn't have come here." He tried to pass Ken, but was held back again. "What do you want, Ichijouji?" His chest puffed up and he looked directly into Ken's unwavering stare. He fucking hated it when Ken looked at him like that... Like he was a child. It reminded him of the time before they were friends--the first time they entered the soccer field together. "Get outta my way." He tried to move again, but Ken had planted his feet like the roots of a tree. Ken had sprouted to be a few centimeters taller than him, and he happened to use that against him a lot. Daisuke caught his eyes again, refusing to be the one that bends; not wanting to break. But he always did, because it was Ken. And for some stupid reason, Ken cared about him, and even though he may be disappointed, Daisuke could maybe get him to understand. Maybe. Hot air deflated from his nose as he tried to wiggle Ken's grip off him. "I just..." With a sour face, he admitted, "What's the point, anyway? I'm not getting into a good school. Who fucking cares." Eyes downcast, he held his arms stiffly to the sides of his body and sighed. Like a child, he thought. Always like a child. "I don't even want any of that."
  4. Unconventional

    Daisuke heard his name. And it wasn't from a voice he was expecting. Not with the venom he was prepared to ingest. "Ah..." Daisuke's mouth was dropped open mid chew, chopsticks halfway to his face from the bento in his hand. "Oh..." He placed his chopsticks down into his meal and placed it next to him. Chibimon crawled over and stuck his paws in it and started to devour the rest of the contents. "Shit, Ichijouji." It wasn't too far off to say that his stomach had become a solid rock. Like the bottom of it would fall through is body and smash onto the ground below him. How had he been so stupid? Though, he supposed, it's not like he told Ken where he would be... But they always had a strange connection that tended to lead them together. He shouldn't have expected anything less in this case. Especially when his emotions were all wound up and practically projected off of him in radio signals. SOS, Motomiya in dire need. Send help. "I was just uh... You know... My exams were actually rescheduled, and I figured I'd come here and enjoy some lunch. Right, buddy?" Daisuke placed a hand on the distracted digimon's head, who simply answered with an automatic approval. "They start tomorrow, and I wanted to get the edge off." He offered a weak smile, knowing full well lying to Ken was losing battle. It all went back to their connection. How he cursed it in situations like this. And his actions were betraying him too. Clumsily, he began packing up his trash and leftovers into the plastic bags and grabbed their handles as he stood. Head bowed, Daisuke made to leave, to eject from this situation because he wasn't ready to have this conversation. He was never going to be ready to have this conversation. Hi, yes, you're super smart and talented and going to get accepted to Tokyo University probably, and you call your best friend a fucking deadbeat dumbass that can't even pass entrance exams? What the hell were they even friends for? "But uh, I'm done now, so I guess I'll go. I mean, nice seeing you and stuff. We should still hang, yeah? Yeah." He collected Chibimon into his arms after shoving all the bags into his backpack. "Ichijouji," he said with a form of politeness he hadn't used in years. A slight head bow and he started to walk off. He had been quick enough that maybe he could get out without a fight. He could feel it, though. That wasn't what Ken had in mind at all.
  5. Unconventional

    Daisuke cricked his neck, the four bags of convenience store food weighing down his shoulders as he walked down the sidewalk. He had made it across the bridge in decent time, and when he had last checked his D-Terminal, he should have already been in his seat for the first test and taking it. There was a wave of guilt in his gut for not being there. He felt like, even though he wasn't prepared, that he should have at least tried, right? But what was worse? Poor marks or no marks at all? He settled on the reasoning that poor marks were much more disappointing and shameful. It would at least be his excuse to those that would care. Sighing heavily, he sat down on bench in the nearby park and placed the food bags down next to him. He swung the bookbag around onto his lap and unzipped it, allowing Chibimon to crawl out and immediately transfer into the bags of snacks. The park was lush and green, canopied all around by trees. A fountain could be heard although it wasn't within eyesight. He still felt paranoid about having Chibimon out in the open--it was a feeling he was never quite able to break after all these years. He'd still find himself telling Chibimon to freeze and play as a toy, even though thousands upon thousands of people had their own digimon now. Chibimon was just... Different. He was unique and rare, and really, he didn't want people to notice him: Motomiya Daisuke, leader of the chosen. He scoffed. Chibimon resurfaced with a chocolate bar in his mouth, the brown treat smeared across his cheeks as always. "Slow down, will ya." Daisuke playfully scolded. "But it's so good, Daisuke!" The little dragon protested, shoving another bar into its chubby little cheeks. Daisuke chuckled and pat a hand on his head. If there was ever a universal constant, it would be Chibimon. And usually that was enough to satisfy him. Usually. Daisuke shifted on the bench and pulled his D-Terminal from his pocket. One new message. His mouth twitched. It was from Ken. Selecting the message, he opened it. Good Luck on your exams! Don't be nervous, I'm sure you'll do fine. He slapped the lid shut, eyes wide and staring off at the pathway before him. It took him several minutes to open it again, where he proceeded to read and reread the message until the words didn't seem like words anymore. He felt things... Anger at himself for not going to school today. Confusion as to why Ken would have any faith at all that he could pass such a thing. Sadness because he knew he couldn't do it. Anxiety because he knew this wasn't going to end well. He was letting everybody down, and he could have prevented it. It was so fucking easy, but he selfishly took the easy road. He wondered how many times since their adventures he had done his best to avoid complex situations. Where he tried his best to blend into shadows so he didn't have to worry about holding people's lives in his hands anymore. It was disturbingly a lot. thx man i'll do my best. we should hang sometime soon. Daisuke put the D-Terminal back into his pocket and reclined against the bench. It took him several minutes to realize that he shouldn't have sent the text at that time. The time that he was also supposed to be sitting in class and testing. "Shit."
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    Ok... This is a bug with the system, because you all should have unlimited time to edit a post. However, I changed it to allow you up to 2 years to edit a post. Can you guys please test and let me know if it's working now?
  7. X Sporalysis Redux

    My thumbs pressed against cheekbones, the back of Ken's skull resting firmly in my fingers. Our chests were pressed together, rigid against the wall of our apartment; our safehouse. I forced him to take my tongue, to play with it against his own as the sink water continued to run. I didn't want tea tonight. I wanted him. I thought I had it figured out. I really did. I had always wanted to be a chef, or at least since the first time I helped my mom make yakitori for Tanabata in first grade. I held onto it, clutched to it, anchored to it, even after I found the courage to lift V-mon's egg, and even after I fell on quaking knees before a sea of sparkling butterflies... I thought that maybe I could still be Normal. Ken broke away from me just long enough to turn off the faucet. I was already shirtless and in the bedroom by the time he returned to me, his hands grasping me by the waist and pulling our needs to press against each other. Breathing out, I took his mouth hungrily, as if without the taste of his lips, I would wither away. And truthfully, I believed I would. I had sex before Ken. A lot of sex. Some of them I even loved. One of them I thought would end in forever. But that all ended when I imagined him being the one below me, coming hard into her and wishing it was his voice that was muttering my name. I told her later when we broke up. She said she understood, even when she cried. But that certainly wasn't Normal. One of Ken's legs was up on the bed, the other dangled off the bed with his toes grazing the floor. I was between his legs, one hand pressing up his shirt past his soft chest, the other working at his belt as I trailed my tongue up his abdomen. My broken nose made it so I had to be cautious, but I was willing to take any amount of pain to satisfy Ken. I wondered for a long time when it happened. Maybe I had always been in love with Ken, just like I had always been in love with cooking. Even reading about him in the papers made my little preteen heart flutter. He was cool. He had always been cool. Then he was mysterious. Kind. Gentle. Broken. Interesting. Beautiful. There was one birthday that he showed up in the middle of a snowstorm. He walked the whole way because the trains were shut down. Arriving at my doorstep, pants soaked up to his knees, cheeks red, and snow clumped in his hair, he handed me my damp present and said nothing but "Sorry for being late." He was the only one that showed up that year. Fumbling around the night stand, I grabbed the tube of lube and squeezed some into the palm of my hand. Rubbing my hands together, I warmed up the gel until it was comfortable enough to use on Ken. He was on the bed, naked and on all fours. I sat on my knees behind him with my shorts on, eyeing and sizing him up like a hunter may do to its prey. Fuck, he was beautiful. As we grew, I watched as his jaw became more defined, his eyes darker, and his lips more chiseled. I never understood how the man barely ever had to shave more than once a week. I guess that's part of what made him so attractive. One. Two. Three digits in until he pressed back against my knuckles, a drawn out moan coming from him as he did. I moved my fingers slowly in and out of him, listening between the slick of the lube and the pitch of his voice in order to make the right timed movements. I ran my other hand between his legs, my fingers pressing against his taint and expanding across his balls, until they cupped gently in my palm and I massaged. My index and ring finger fell on either side of the base of his cock, and I stroked him softly as my other handed continued to stretch him out. I didn't know what I wanted to do anymore. Maybe I never did. My family always thought I was dumb--incapable of whatever standards they had for their only son. I thought if I stuck to something it would make them happy, and by extension make me happy. I should have known it would have been hard. A kid with no college education running a business. The circle of people I had to disappoint never dwindled. Mom, dad, Jun, Ojiisan, Taichi-san... Ken. That life I thought I had ended when we were summoned to the Digital World. It broke with the pair of goggles that the Kaiser shattered across the ground. I was no longer Motomiya Daisuke, soccer-playing-chef-in-training-extraordinare... I was Motomiya Daisuke the Chosen. My teeth sunk into Ken's right buttcheek. My left hand grabbed the other as I lifted to my knees and unbuttoned my shorts. Eagerly, I squirted more lube into my hand and rubbed it along my dick and readied the tip at his entrance. I felt him tease against me, the both of us moaning against the sensation. I brought my knees in closer to him, and slowly pressed into him. Slowly. So slow until I was all the way in, until I could feel everything. Not just him, but his heart, and his feelings, and my love mixing with his, and our desires to fulfill and be fulfilled and... I heard him command me, his body slamming against my pelvis so hard that I had to steady myself with my hands on his hips. I gasped slightly, if only for the pleasure that radiated through me. Obliging, I moved in and out of him, focusing on a rhythm that made us both moan in unison. I took his cock in my hand, my body folded over him as I pumped deeper into him, stroking him until his arms started to give out. The first night we made love, Ken looked into my eyes and ran his thumbs across my eyebrows. He said he wanted me. On his eyebrows was the silent concern, not for himself, but for me. He knew I didn't want to hurt him, but he knew he wanted to feel me. To be that close to me. Just as I did to him. He kissed my fingertips until they balled into a loose fist, and he told me he loved me, and that he always would. Because nobody else made him feel the way I made him feel. Ever. I wonder if he loved me from the beginning too. I let go of Ken before he could finish. My head shook and my chest heaved. I pulled back up straight and fucked him hard and fast until I came inside him, my voice echoing against the sparsely decorated bedroom, my heart full to the brim and spilling over like the white pearls from our love making. I envied them. The Digiworld hermits. Foraging in the forests and making their own homes off the proverbial grid. Ken and I were better fit for the Digital World. It had shaped us before we were even truly conscious of what it was like to be individuals. Maybe it's where we were meant be. It was what we were meant to protect. It was clear nobody else could do it. Ken had been right, and I had doubted him. Why? Leaning over the bed, I grabbed Ken's discarded belt and folded it into my hands. Ken was on his back now, his erect penis still waiting to be relieved. He looked feral and angry and hungry. My own need was confused on whether to finish going soft or to get ready for round two. With a timid hand, I placed the belt on his chest. The heat rose in my cheeks, and a fire burned through my throat. I dared not speak what I was intending him to do. I didn't know what he would do to me, all I knew was that I wanted to be his. I wanted him to know he was in charge, and that I trusted him--implicitly. If we were going to get through this, he had to take back his whip.
  8. X Sporalysis Redux

    I swigged down another bottle of water. It was leaving through my skin faster than I could put it in my stomach. Sweat dripped off the ends of my hair and onto my neck, pooling and coating the front and back of my happi. It was the one of two I had--Ken had them custom made for me with the Crest of Miracles on the back, replacing what would be my family crest if I had one. They were dark blue with gold trimmings, made with lightweight linen and not easily stained. Professional yet full of personality. Ken handed them to me in a plain box adorned with a soft smile and gentle eyes, his shoulders hanging slightly as he does when he loses a bit of confidence. He dismissed it as nothing. As if holding an interest in my livelihood at all was nothing. I wiped my forehead against the sleeve, my bangs sticking to my eyelids, and my breath coming out hot along with the steamy, stuffy cart. It was the most thoughtful present I received the whole year. There wasn't much more to complain about, though. Somehow I had a fair share of customers over the dinner rush. Some new faces. Mostly regulars. Many "how are you doing" and "is your health ok?", all dismissed with a smile and a hot meal. Conversations tended to be cut off once noodles were ready to be slurped up. V-mon did most of the serving, and his joyful attitude never once wavered. Today felt better than any recent day. Maybe it was because I was still half high on pain killers, or maybe it was few days of rest away from the cart... I don't know. It felt new, yet familiar. Like I was watching a quiet movie of somebody else's life, but I knew all the lines. Except this is a movie that I always missed the ending to. Somehow I don't think it will be such a sleepy ending. Ojiisan had made his mark tonight. His small body crushed by the weight of his own spine, but his little toothpick legs still able to walk briskly to their destinations. "I owned this business since before you were born, Motomiya." He slurped up a string of noodles and politely cleaned the broth from the corners of his lips before continuing. "If you need help with upkeep, I would be good of you to ask." I took his bowl when he was done and waited for him to leave before I loudly tossed it into the stack of dirty dishes. I knew he meant well. I love my job. It's what I dreamed of for so long. I get to talk to people all day, and share my passion with them. In turn, they leave with smiles and happy stomachs. So why did I just want to run away? Why did Ojiisan's face just make me so mad? I swear this place is changing me. We weren't this. Not really. We always had been playing the parts of normal people, when the world had always been waiting for us to do greater things. Our lives were too intertwined with the Digital World to make us normal. So why was I pretending to be normal? I leaned on the counter, and looked past the two customers sitting at the stools, the few inches of fresh air from under the cart chilling the sweat on my skin. Maybe Ken and I belonged out in the wild. Maybe we always were meant to have our brows kissed by the sky and our wounds bleed in megabytes. "Hey. How was work? Hope I didn't miss our dinner date..." I breathed in deep, my eyes darting up to Ken. I noticed an aching in my arm, as it had taken to scrubbing the counter in my idle state of mind. I forced a smile to surface, but I'd be lying if I said it was difficult. He looked just as wiped out as I did, but seeing him just made everything... Good. "A little, but you know you'll never go hungry around me." My other two customers had left during my space-out, so it was just the two of us. I turned to prepare a bowl of noodles for him and myself--beef broth, swollen noodles, fish cake, and a few pieces of shrimp. Ken tended toward a simple palette, and had an even smaller stomach. Gently, I placed both bowls before him and offered him his special porcelain chopsticks that always stayed on the cart. "Eat up, handsome." I rounded the cart and joined him at a seat. V-mon had taken note that we were about finished, and turned off a row of lights, signifying that we were closed for the night. I pinned a pile of noodles between my chopsticks and pulled them from the broth. I wasn't hungry, to be honest. I'm surprised Ken was. I'm surprised he showed up. I put my chopsticks down. "It's been a busy night." I looked up at the red lanterns above our heads in an attempt to not look Ken directly in the eyes. I still felt like an asshole. I still felt like shit. I just felt ugly on the inside and out. "Ojiisan came by again to lecture me." The chopsticks rolled between my fingers. "Sorry about earlier today." My eyebrows knit. "I feel like I might have embarassed you. I just didn't... Realize it... Until now." My free hand tapped the wood of the counter nervously. I noticed the uncomfortable jitter running through my body. This was Ken. What was I nervous about? "Do you think... Do you think we are meant for this? Like..." I tried to collect those remnants of a thoughts my foggy mind had conjured. I guess it was another thing I would have to rely on Ken to decipher. "Like you and me. Do you think we're meant to be normal? Any of us, I guess? Where would we be without any of this." I heard Ken's words from the other day echo through me, as if he was thinking for me. "I feel so confused, Ken. I don't like it. I don't feel like myself. Do you?"
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    There's a few games that look promising, but besides Digimon Cyber Sleuth that already came out, I can't say there's much else I'm pissing my pants over for this year. :<
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    Happy New Year! I don't know how Chinese New Year works. What type of customs do you do? Please help this ignorant American.
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    i also do both of these things but not in the same sort of context. your paint jobs are so baller, ramos! shush! 8D and although it's nice to have a full-time job, it can also be rather soul crushing. looks like i'll be moving to NY in april, so hopefully life will be less soul crushing in the next foreseeable future.
  14. I also like you, and I finally did this thing. Haha.
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    stop shouting T__T
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    It's pretty dead tbh. But we're trying to get some people back for a little bit. We all tend to scatter after a couple of months and all come back in waves. Haha.
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    Welcome back! :D It's nice to see people back for a little while. We just have a good community that fluctuates every so often. I'm fine with that. Thanks for coming back and maybe we can liven things up a little. XD
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    There was no way I was going to wait for MGSV long after it came out. I played it hardcore all of September, but was kind of let down and lost steam to play it anymore. :{ Sometimes I go back to it and play some missions, but not very often. I'm playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth right now and it's keewwwl.
  22. X Sporalysis Redux

    Hard to believe that the twee of my sister's whistle would have brought us so far. Now I'm in charge of men twenty years my senior, telling them how to do their jobs as if I have any sort of clue. The only things that guides me is my love for digimon--it's the only thing that ever has. Even when I struggled with what was right or wrong--whether to fight with brute force or to approach things diplomatically, it always came down to my love for them. To befriend them. To protect them. It saddened me that we had to deal with this case; but oddly elated that it allowed me to work with Daisuke and Ken. All of us original Japanese chosen remained in the area, but we're all grown up now. I hadn't seen either of them in... Damn, probably since New Year's a few months ago. "You look like hell, kid." I tilted Daisuke's face from side to side, directing his motion with a firm hand on his chin. I still don't know how I felt about the scruff on his jaw, but I guess it suited him fine enough. It's not like he needed to wear a suit to work anyway. Non-traditional as always. "Not as bad as you look," he smiled, his hand patting the side of my ribs. It looks like he was recovering from a black eye too, but the swelling had gone down. It must have happened before the broken nose. "Excuse you," I laughed back at him, and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. Pointing at the CCTV, I nodded toward the device. "Ken's doing a pretty good job in there. He'll be working here in no time." Daisuke folded his arms across his chest and nodded. "Yeah. He's super smart and shit." "Understatement of the year, Motomiya." I moved away from Daisuke and pulled a chair out to sit and watch the interrogation. "The bastard didn't say much for me. And he's being careful. He's hiding something. But Ichijouji is getting under his skin." I pressed my finger to the screen, mostly because Koushirou wasn't around to watch me. He hated when I touched any screen with my 'greasy ape prints'. "Look, his body language is changing." I looked up at Minato for guidance. "Yes." Minato answered. "Ichijouji-san is asking the right questions. Christopher was showing signs of energy before. His legs were always moving, and his fingers fidgeting. Now he's retracting into himself--just like a clam." "We still might not get much, but at least it will be something," I said. "At least it will be something..." Daisuke trailed. The diplomatic landscape of the Digital World and the Real World had always been a train wreck. Fortuantely, I was too young to be thrown into it when the worlds first connected, but the second I chose my career track, I had men in ties and tight hair cuts showing up at my house. Even after four years, they had no idea what they were doing. To this day, that confuses me. I guess it's because we all have a sort of authority that we'll never be able to escape. Not just us Japanese chosen, but the original chosen all over the world. We were the first to make the connection with digimon. We were the first to see the Digital World. The most appealing aspect of it all was that we all saw it all with the eyes of children. The strangest, and most amazing part, is that a lot of people cared about that. Especially the old and powerful digimon that took up the role of representing the Digital World. However, we're entering the teenage years of development. The bonds are shaking, and power is shifting. Hackers are everywhere, and criminals are taking to the unaffiliated lands of the Digital World to complete their biddings. And that's only the illegal issues that are going on. I'm doing my best. We're doing our best. With deregulation comes regulation, and even with this matter I have my arms bent behind my back. We can't keep Christopher here. We probably won't get much out of him to even gain a lead on anything. He'll go back to doing whatever he's doing because the only people that have the power care more about keeping the gates open to all so they can get paid through the services they've established there. "Duuuude," Daisuke grumbled. "Gross." "Shit," I muttered. Christopher must have buckled under the stress. The arm of his dirty white suit was covered in a small puddle of his own stomach contents. Not too long after, Ken came back into the room. I looked back at the CCTV and noticed one of the officers cleaning up after the man and cuffing him back up to leave. I frowned an nodded. "Sounds like it. We'll make sure we give him some milk with his dinner tonight, then." I smiled with a soft wink. "You're pretty impressive, Ichijouji. I hope you learned something for all that." Minato said. I noticed that Ken had taken Daisuke by the arm, and we both locked eyes. He grabbed my forearm with his free hand and gave me a half smile and a nod. "Thanks, Tai." "Sure thing. Anything for you and the Digital World, right? Just... Don't be afraid to call on me." Ken tugged on his arm as he looked at me a bit longer. There was a trouble there--he was always bad at hiding his emotions to anybody, but especially to me. I just... Understand him. "Of course. Sure." "Sure." And they were gone. I looked at Minato. With a bow, he dismissed himself with a haste. And suddenly, I felt a little sick myself. -- "What did youuuu dooooo." I shoved a whole onigiri into my mouth and chewed. We stopped at a convenience store for a snack as we walked home. The drugs were making me hungry. Frowny face. "But I guess... More importantly... What now?" He explained to me, because I guess I didn't catch it. I feel like I might have half fallen asleep during the meeting. What it boiled down to was that we were dealing with a bigger threat. An anonymous threat. And we did something to disturb the balance or something. "Good," I said, with a mouth full of chocolate now. "I like it when things are..." Fuck. "Dammit. Shit. Ken, I need to get to work. I can't skip another day. I'll never be able to pay any bills." It was true. I'd missed almost four days at this point. I'd be lucky if I retained any customers at this point. "Do me a favor and come by for dinner. I could use the company." I slipped a square of chocolate between his lips with a sly smile. With a soft hand on his shoulder, I squeezed it lightly as a sign of affection. "And you deserve a break, too." It was hard to leave him, especially to go and be a "responsible adult"--whatever that meant. It'd been a rough week for us. But it made me want him, to be around him all the time. I ached for him more than I have in a long time. I wanted to do something special for him. Even if he didn't show up tonight, I'd have something special for him. A nice kamaboko ramen. I'm sure I'd be hungry enough to finish it all myself if I had to. I just... Didn't want to have to. I know Ken. He'll be frustrated with me that I just wanted to forget about things for now. That in a way, it was validating to know that we know so little, and that there's so little we can do. What else were we supposed to do from here? Comb every pixel of the Digital World in order to smoke out these assholes? What then? We can't kill them. We can't jail them. We can destroy what they have, but it sounds like they have enough numbers and resources to restore their system. I didn't want to give up. I wasn't about that. But tonight... With a nose that still hurt like a mother fucker... I just wanted a nice dinner with my stupid boyfriend. Please.
  23. X Sporalysis Redux

    It took me longer than I cared to admit for my wits to come back to me. Dumb-foundly, I stared at Paildramon, forgetting exactly what I may have been doing moments prior--especially questioning what I had done to make my face hurt so bad. I swung my head, my brain sloshing like jello inside my skull, my eyes landing on my other half buried beneath a man that was not me. "Paildramon, help me out." With even steps, I walked toward Ken and Big Guy, Rat-Bastard still enclosed in Paildramon's arms. With an effortless move of Paildramon's arm, Ken was freed with a heavy gasp. I tried to smile but everything hurt--I think my lip was split too among it all. For fuck's sake. "They got us real good, but we did it." I revealed my face to Ken, and his reaction was very similar to how I felt. I picked him up and we made our way to the closest portal. It was twenty four hours of hell and medication that made me feel less like a person and more like a cloud of cotton candy. I giggled at things that weren't even funny. Ken pat an affectionate "shut up" on my leg more than a few times to calm me down. It wasn't until we got back home, my nose bandaged and throbbing, the tastes of blood draining down my throat and mixing with the taste of sweet tofu, that I sobered up. In bed, I watched the breeze from the open window tug at the curtains. It was easy, under the influence of the drugs, to forget that any of this had happened. That for years I had done just as much of an injustice to the Digital World as these fuckers had done. The answer we got from Taichi was underwhelming--there was so little we could do about this. We could keep taking these guys down, detain them for a few days, then they'd be right back out breaking those innocent creatures. It pissed me the fuck off. There had to be more that we could do. Now that Ken and I were on the same page, we didn't have to endanger each other. Stupid bastard should have thought of that before. Though, I guess I can't blame him. I can be pretty stubborn. I rolled to my side and gently placed my hand on Ken's bare chest. I looked up at him--his eyes were closed and his brow was furrowed. He twitched as I got closer to him. "Together, Ichijouji." -- There's a reason why I hate relying on others. So rarely do they ever follow through. I'm not much of a fighter, no. I never have been. Being a Korean-Japanese, I had my fair share of bullying growing up. My solution was to bury my nose into my books. I studied hard so I could best those that thought they could bring me down. Now I'm the youngest behavioral psychologist to ever have entered the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. So, as they say, who's laughing now? I suppose it never granted me much friends either. Highlighters and test scores were largely what I pursued for the majority of my life. So hearing the familiar tease coming from the spikey haired buffoon was only a mild annoyance and wholly predictable. "Chiba... Minato..." He almost whispered. "I've been to you." He chuckled. "I mean, to the station. I've been there. Not to you. The station. Yeah." He paused and looked at his counterpart--the one and only Ichijouji Ken. He attempted a smile, but his broken nose rendered his lips into a sneer. At least Nikolai and Christopher were good for something. "Any relation?" He laughed now to an a quiet room, Ichijouji shifting his weight between legs as he shook his head slightly. Ichijouji was taller than I had imagined. "To the station. Are you related to the station?" Was this kid for real? I fell into the sweet spot of this particular timeline. You can map all of the chosen onto a chart of when and how they became involved in Digimon and the Digital World. I spent more time than I care to admit working on this, but it did lead me to conclude that I could have been a part of Ichijouji's team. I'm a year younger than Yagami, but I grew up in the school district as a lot of the other chosen. So it was just fate that brought me to being an ordinary child--all because I was visiting family in Seoul on August 1st, 1999. Funny how things work out. And to think, I missed out, and in my space was this mess of a human being, Motomiya. Tough skin is developed, not inherited. However, that doesn't mean I can't be annoyed by the occasional scratch at my hide. And I say all this as if I'm panged with jealousy or remorse. No, that's not entirely it. Or perhaps it is, only because it meant I was without one or two extra years of study. I've read the articles their counterpart Takaishi Takeru printed--about the Digimon Kaiser. I had already been particularly akin to Ichijouji's prowess, even as a young boy. When I learned of his "stint" as the Kaiser... "Motomiya Daisuke, I presume." I offered a shallow bow, and a decent sum of my patience. "Yagami-san has told me that these gentlemen were apprehended thanks to you." "Yeh." His teeth shone more, his eyes flattening out and his eyebrows raising. I couldn't understand at all what emotion he was attempting to express. "Well, as a fellow digital enthusiast, I thank you for your assistance in this matter. Both of you." Honestly, I wasn't expecting Ichijouji to be involved with this at all. That was a drastic miscalculation on my part--something that was so plainly evident at this point. A large digital monster that digivolved more than once? Motomiya Daisuke was involved? Paildramon was the only answer to this scenario, and no jogress, no matter how many times I have attempted, have been successful without both human partners being involved. I just figured with Ichijouji's intelligence and trajectory for success, he would have ditched Motomiya back at the end of the golden era. Clearly another miscalculation in the area of human psychology. "I am unsure of what you will be able to achieve from all of this." I added, turning my attention back to the television. Luckily, Christopher had yet to break, and if he knew what was good for him, he would continue. Motomiya grumbled and moved to lean against the wall to face me. "I'd love to see them rot in prison." "International..." "I know, I know. Bullshit. It's not right, what they were doing to these Digimon... First the fighting and now the kidnapping? Luckily, I ain't the one that's gonna go in there and give them a piece of my mind. It would probably end up a lot more bloody." "Lucky for them," I muttered. It was difficult to not roll my eyes. All I wanted was my assets to be returned to me, especially without my involvement being uncovered. I was so close to getting a stable rookie evolution out of one of those creatures, I'd hate to have to start from scratch. "Yeah, well, they won't enjoy dealing with Ken either." Motomiya said, his voice steady and sober. The pair made eye contact, and I felt... Out of place. There was clearly a level of connection between them. A dangerous connection. I figured Motomiya would be easy to sidestep, Ichijouji much less so. I never would have figured the two of them. Hmm. Very interesting indeed.