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  1. X Sporalysis Redux

    It was good to have friends in high places. And when I say that, I mean ones that are a story tall and equipped with a pair of organic blasters. Even after all these years, he's still just so cool to watch. Paildramon was doing a good job of scaring off the weaker of the gang by just being there, but still had to take to head butting and choke slamming some of the bigger, darker baddies. There weren't too many humans that came to steal away the baby digis, but many of them dissolved with the flash of green and blue of Paildramon's entrance. The only two I could spot now were Rat-face and Big-dude. I'm pretty sure I had enough adrenaline in my muscles to take them both down, and still bench press 150 pounds after. We did have to be careful. The goal was for Paildramon to take out the surrounding digimon and allow us the window to detain our unwelcomed guests. And even though I'm still pretty sure I could take them both out without any help... There was a good chance we were going to need their assistance. We'd never had to turn them on the real world's form of flesh and blood, and so easily could they land a stray bullet into the soft tissue of a vital organ, and then it would be all over. Digimon lived a long time--maybe even forever. That's a type of regret we couldn't place on them. And it certainly wouldn't make us any better of people if something like that were to happen. With a grand swing of his tail, Paildramon took down a Gazimon that was gnawing on its thigh, causing the little jackal to tumble into the side of an oversized alphabet block. With Gazimon out of the picture, I took the opportunity to spring to action. The warmth of Ken's hand on me snapped away like a blast of cold winter air. However, we were steadily in sync now--at least for the time being. Inside me was the power of kindness and courage and friendship, and I used them all as links on a brass knuckle and cracked my fist against a boney jaw. I could already feel the bruises surfacing across my bones, but I let my other fist connect against the opposite cheek of Rat-face's scrawny face. He crumpled like a house of cards, his body bouncing to the ground, his mind struggling against his limbs to flee from me. I scrambled toward my target, Paildramon's weight flowing in the same direction next to me as he did to his. Both our arms reached out, our body's an extension of each other, our power shared from the same pool of energy, my hand grasping at tattered fabric, my muscles lifting up the weight of the little man with a pittance of effort. Paildramon unleashed an energy blast into the chest of a Dark Tyranoman; I connected again with bloody flesh. I lost my footing as Rat-face fell before me, my body landing onto his, my mind working to pin him down before he could strike against me. With fists balled with cloth, I raised his chest under me, and slammed him down again into the ground beneth us. Even though the ground had give, I still knocked the air out of his lungs, his body squirming below me to get free between labored coughing. "Call it off!" I shouted. I leaned down, my heart beating so fast, I could feel the pulse throbbing against my neck. My throat was hot and tight, this feeling threatening to bubble tears to my eyes and untether my rage. "Leave them alone! Leave us alone!" I slammed him again against the ground, pushing my weight into him as he continued to struggle. I raised my fist to strike his bleeding face again, his eye swelling like mine, his crooked teeth begging to be broken against my knuckles. I was too late. His fist connected first, my sight going temporarliy in a flash of white and yellow. I could hear the crack rattle in my head, my equilibrium being thrown off just long enough for him to buck me off of him. I brought my hand to my nose which was graciously welcomed with a stream of warm crimson liquid flowing into it. The Rat-bastard had broken my fucking nose. "Stop!" I bellowed. I scrambled to my feet and followed after the fleeing man. My face was on fire, my body was on fire, my heart was on fire. We couldn't let him get away. We needed to show these thugs we weren't going to stand for what they were doing to our friends. To the Digital World. That just because people like Taichi can't succeed with regulations, that they can go ahead and treat these creatures with disrespect and cruelty. I saw that now. I knew Ken was right. We had the power, together, to make things better. Just like the old days. It was only a couple of seconds, but Paildramon came soaring through just meters before me and picked up Rat-bastard mid-flight, the two of them slicing through an adjacent plush building block. There was a moment of muffled commotion until Paildramon returned with Rat-bastard restrained within his strong arms. I swear, if Paildramon could smile, he would be. It seemed like he had done a good job of defeating the rest of our enemies while following our specific orders. "I got him, Dai-chan." I smiled, my nose cradled between my fingers, the taste of blood on my lips and a feeling of pride so strong that it almost made me nauseous. "Yeah, you did, buddy."
  2. X Sporalysis Redux

    You have to childish to believe Digimon are real. Well, I suppose they're real in the sense that they're a concept widely accepted by millions of people. However, that makes them not much different than Santa Claus--because even during the month of December he's in everybody's local mall, taking pictures with all the small children upon his knee. If it can be touched and if it can talk, then one just assumes it has a conscious... That it is a thing that can have feeling and a will. We did something. When we created computers, we created a new sort of Big Bang. From nothing came everything, and now we have these creatures that are not creatures living with us. Begging us to be their companions. Tempting us with unconditional love... As if they understand it all. Now, I mean not to be cruel. They are fascinating without a doubt. Their AI is impeccable. Even to this day, we haven't been able to match the type of construct to build a seamlessly intelligent being such as the Digimon. But they are just that: they are data. They are constructed. They are fascinating, but they are not to be treated like a human. They are less than lab mice--because at least lab mice stay dead. I've been interested in studying them ever since my own digiegg appeared. Yukimi Botamon and I have had an eventful relationship together. Even now he stands at my side as Candmon, withstanding the tweaks in code I had applied to him. If Digimon are anything, they sure are tenacious. But it didn't take long to grow bored. I wanted more... Vaccine, Virus, Data... I wanted to try them all, especially if nobody else was going to. So it was just easy to find my way in with the wrong crowd, so to speak. I learned early that if you could cheat your way through, and were smart enough to not get caught, you could make your way into high places. Not that I particularly care for the politics of it--I could truly care less. However, it has made my job easier. Until Motomiya. I grew up with the stories of the chosen children. Their faces were always on the news, on magazines, and on promotions. At one time I had felt bad for them, then it just grew tiresome. They were the world's poster children. They were sugary sweet, and I had grown annoying cavities from them. They seemed almost regal, so to even have had encounter one of the lowly ones seemed on par with winning the lottery. But to have Motomiya in the mix. My... What a treat. In the Digital World, money meant little, but he had stolen some of my investments. My time was very valuable, and I was going to return what was mine. -- I pressed my thumb to Ken's palm, the gentle drumming of his pulse bringing a weak smile to my face. At least he still wanted me around. For now. And it was clear to me the reason Ken didn't tell me about going into the Digital World. He saw it before I did... Before most of us did. But he didn't give up. He'd always been too smart for his own damn good. Of course he would try to find a way to break the already broken system--to make two wrongs into a right. I saw it. I got it. But my heart ached to think that he may not have returned home at all one of those times, and I would have never known why. No. If Ken wanted to do something about a group of scum that were harming Digimon because they could... Even Taichi said there was little that could be done about them at the moment. People enjoyed money more than they enjoyed kindness. And I wasn't going to let Ken's kindness get snuffed out by a bunch of assholes. Never. "Never, Ichijouji. Never ever." I planted a quick kiss on his cool lips before he swayed his body away from me. I tasted the salt of dry tears, and hated that they were there because of me. "I'll always be here." The next day was quiet. My attempt at sleeping on the couch was blocked, as Ken insisted I didn't. So, I tried to sleep, but couldn't get my mind to shut up. There was so much to take in, and I just didn't know how to process it. And now, even though we were "good", I still felt awkward... Unworthy. Stupid. Weak. Ken had gone on without me. Ken had stood by and gambled with our lives. I did little to make any of it better. We felt... Different. I watched him sleep until the sun peaked through the blinds. I finally fell asleep before his alarm went off. He touched my hand before he left, and I felt my heart break out for him. Like a zombie, I continued through the day. On the cart was a note from Ojiisan. "Consistency is the key to good business." Don't worry, just add that to the other things to fuck up at. With no surprise, sales weren't great, so V-mon and I went home. Ojiisan was probably right. I came home smelling like broth, and took a shower without even announcing my presence. I watched Ken from the doorway of the bedroom as he tapped away at schoolwork on his computer. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed up his neck. It took little coaxing to get him to bed, to have him whimpering my name with his hands tangled in my hair. I just wanted it to feel normal. I wanted to feel like I was doing something right. I took his pleasure in my mouth, and I swallowed it all when it finished. I held him so close, my nose buried into his neck, as he drifted off to sleep. He smelled like pine and beautiful memories. I would never let him go. The request was loud--echoing through the bedroom as we shot out of bed. The Village of Beginnings had always been a special place for Ken, and for many years we worked together to patrol the area after the gates opened. There were a few dozen of us for "on-call" duty to come help when an emergency happened. It appeared we were on the rotation this time. After what we had been through, I was happy we were. "W-wait!" I cried out, reaching for my goggles, but missed them as the portal took me before I could grasp onto them. We landed with as much grace as fish on land, and I got up to pat down the dirt from my clothing. "Damn." But before I could even get my bearings, the rest of my group was off toward the commotion. "Get it together, Motomiya..." It was a shit show. I hadn't seen anything like it in almost a decade. What was worse was that it was in such an innocent place. And... I spotted him. Rat-face. Together with, what I assumed was, his Gazimon and his sidekick Nikolai (and his friend, bondage Agumon)... They seemed to be partially involved with the attack that was happening before our eyes. Was this... Was this our fault? "Those... Those are the same guys as before, Ken." I breathed out as I finally trotted up next to him. We were dangerously in-sync at the moment, and I could already feel my D-3 vibrating at my waist. "Do you think..." "'eeeyyy, if it ain't dem two again." Rat-face said. He was wearing the same outfit as the other day, though it had definitely seen better days. I guess he had us to thank for that too. "Pesky pests, stealin' what ain't theirs." "They're Digimon," I spat. XV-mon appeared in a blue light as he darted to take a Dark Tyrannomon by the neck. "Injured Digimon. Sick Digimon. Baby Digimon." Rat-face shrugged. "I don't much care what dey are. As long as dey pay the bills." I looked at Ken. I felt the rage in his blood--the disgust filling him up like magma pushing against the mantle. I'd... Never felt this kind of emotion from him. I was afraid that if I touched him, he would have burned my skin. Sometimes when we jogressed with too much passion, the jogress would grow unstable. That was at least one thing we knew. "Ken, focus." I spoke in an even tone, coaxing his racing heartbeat to even with mine. "We'll get them back. We'll make them pay. Together."
  3. X Sporalysis Redux

    We were sitting next to each other, but we were miles away. If I were to reach out and touch Ken, he'd be gone. He'd shrink away from me into nothing, curling into a puff of smoke and float away in the breeze. We'd never been so damaged. And of course, it was my fault. I turned my head away from Ken and pressed the side of my face against my thighs. I pressed so hard that my teeth dug into the inside of my cheeks, triggering me to begin anxiously gnawing on it. The goggles around my neck pushed up into my throat, what was left of my fingernails digging into the hollow points of my knees caps. The crest had told me--it told me what Ken was. Maybe his crest is even the reason why we have our connection at all. I... I like to think it's more than that, but there'd been a fair share of nights, including this one, that I doubted there was much more to us. I loved Ken, on a level that I'm not sure I could ever feel with any other human being or animal or digimon... But I was the weak link in our relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it was. All I did was listen to a piece of metal with a symbol on it--and luckily it turned out to have been right. But... But what did that make me? I thought I understood. In the desert, I had seen Ken and the Kaiser sharing the same body, but not the same mind. Like a murder of crows, the Kaiser had swarmed away from his body, leaving him crippled and drained like a rotting husk of a dead animal. Ken was too kind, and through it, his will was bent and warped into a deformity of a child. Just like some data, his kindness had become corrupted, and that wasn't who he was. Ichijouji Ken had disappeared in the depths of his unconscious mind. And it wasn't his fault. Maybe... I should have done more to express that. I regretted not comforting him more. I regretted not offering him more. I'm sure he wouldn't have accepted it, after all I had been his enemy just moments before, but I should have tried. I looked up to him; I always had. Ichijouji Ken was my idol, the boy I wanted to be. When the Kaiser was around, I had despised what he had done. When I thought they were the same person, I was disgusted in myself having had such a bad sense of judgement. But by a miracle, I saw him. I saw who Ken was. I knew who he was. When we jogressed, I felt who he was. In a brief glimpse, between the silence of our heartbeats, I was him. But I get it. I'm not actually Ken. I would never know how it felt to be a genius. I didn't know how it felt to have lost a sibling. I'd never know how it felt to have overbearing parents. But where he had a hole, I was the peg. We were like the teeth of a zipper. Like rivers meeting at the delta--we eventually became the sea. "You're right." I finally muttered. "I don't know what it's like to be in there. At least not all the time." I looked up and out at the bay, daring to not look at Ken. "For a long time, I never had any fear. I think I felt that way because I didn't care about failing. Back then, either it wasn't an option or it was just an expectation. Add on the lack of sense for mortality, and I was fuckin' stupid kid." I ground my teeth slightly, "Being the leader meant I had a purpose... I had a reason to care. I wasn't afraid to fight BelialVademon, because I believed in you all. I believed in our power as a team. "But I started to become afraid... When I started thinking what would happen when we were all done being a team... I was afraid of what would happen if you stopped and saw me. Like... Really saw me." I stopped. Breathing out, I tried to collect myself. What could I say to fix saying such a heartless thing? "What if you saw how much I needed you? All of you." Pressing my forehead to my knees, I shook my head. "Your nightmares are mine. Your history is mine. I've felt your pain, because you feel it so vividly. Ken, you've tortured yourself for years, and I've been here the whole time to burden it with you. And I'm so, so sorry I made you feel it again. "I was being selfish and nasty, because I was afraid. You... Didn't leave me. I know... I had..." I sighed through a sob in my throat. "I'm sorry. Tell me... What I need to do to make this right."
  4. X Sporalysis Redux

    Regret. What the fuck did I do? I swear I went cross eyed, a burning fire spreading across my injured cheek as I fell to the ground. I yelped like a bitch--from surprise and pain and disarray. On my ass, on the ground, below Ken because that's what I deserved. How could I have said that? "Ken..." I called out as my senses came back around, the world finally starting to settle back into non-spinning order. I whimpered, tears welling into sobs, like a pathetic child who had been punished for pulling on the neighbor girl's hair. "Ken!" My voice squeaked prepubescently, not too unlike the sound of a dog toy being squashed underfoot. How I so often regretted my thoughtless words and my quick revenge. Too many times I tried to get Ken to feel what I felt by being a careless fucker. "Ken!" I shouted again, but he was gone. Gone somewhere. Somewhere away from me, because right now, I was damaging to him. Vengeful to him. He didn't deserve that. No matter what type of shit he put me through today, he didn't deserve that type of response. He didn't deserve that man. I fell back on the plush ground and let gravity take the water from my eyes. Down my bruised cheek and cupping into the shell of my ear, I couldn't stop the tears. I sighed against my own angst. I wondered if I had been selfish. It's not like Ken ended up being wrong. Digimon were being mistreated, it's just nobody ever talked about it. I never saw it. How was I supposed to know, or even expect it to be that bad? But surely there could have been a better way. I mean, thanks for the vote of confidence, babe, but that was really terrifying shit back there. Maybe I was projecting self preservation or whatever, but Chibimon and Minnomon seriously could have been injured or even killed. And there's a difference between saving the world and just proving a point. There was. And even he has to see that. Sitting up, I ran my sleeve against my good eye, sniffing deep and shaking my foggy head. I couldn't stay here all day, but I couldn't go home. Forget about going to work--it would be too hard for me to not focus on the demons swimming in my head. The best I could do was collect our digimon and at least get back to the real world. But what would I do from there? I needed help. Assurance. I breathed out as I stood up, feeling the tasks of the day resisting against every muscle in my body. What were at the end of my legs weren't feet, they were bricks. Not my hands but sandbags. I dragged what remained of my body to our sleeping partners and gently picked them up into my arms. They were so exhausted, I didn't even wake them with the disturbance. They fought well today, and it did feel good to be connected to them like that again. Without frequent jogress, I swear parts of me were lost to my aging self. Being a part of something like that made me more complete than I could ever hope to achieve on my own. It took a good half hour to reach the nearest TV. The trek was lonely and depressing. For a day that started off so well, I had a hard time believing I was returning without my other half... If he even still was at this point. When I arrived back to my home world, the first thing I did was fish my cellphone from my pocket and dial the one person I wanted to talk to most. Ring. Ring. Ring. "Moshi moshi. Yagami speaking." "It's Motomiya." "Daisuke!" There was a fumble before he continued. "Holy shit! It's been forever!" "Yeah, sorry. Work and all." "No, no, I get it. I'm just happy to hear from you. You caught me at a good time too. I just got out of work." It was well into the afternoon, wasn't it? I let out an audible sigh. "Can I ask you something, Taichi-san?" "'Sup?" "You free for drinks tonight? ... Or honestly, right now." I laughed slightly. With or without him, I was probably going to end up in the deep corner of a bar somewhere soon. There was a hum over the line. "I was gonna have dinner with my girlfriend..." He paused, "But I can cancel." "Y-you... Don't have..." "Shut up, Motomiya." We met at his place and left Chibimon and Minnomon in the trusty hands of Agumon for the night. He asked about my face, but I told him I'd tell him later... Maybe when I was more inebriated. He laughed, bringing the topic to which bar I wanted to go to, but I would have been content with one somewhere in the depths of a sewer if it meant I would get drunk enough. We ended up somewhere in the outskirts of Tokyo--we had to hop a couple of trains to get there, but he insisted it was worth the effort. I wasn't about to argue with my senior, especially one that seemed to be so happy to be around a fuck-up like me. With my hand wrapped around a large beer glass, I grinned quietly as Taichi took the time to catch me up with his life. I'd always admired Taichi. He was strong, talented, and loyal. He fought for what he wanted, and he fought to protect others. Even as he grew older, even as he gathered more concern for consequences and responsibility, he just continued to be the person I wanted to emulate. He never lied to himself or others--he was always Taichi. Fucked as I was though that I would never be a sixteenth of a man he was. With glass in hand, Taichi pointed his pinky at me and asked, "So... What the hell happened to you?" I grimaced as I ran my finger down the condensation of my glass. "Got into a fight. In the Digital World." "Oh," Taichi said. It was maybe a good thing we had gone out of our way to go to this bar. It was actually relatively quiet--especially on a Friday night. It was good to not have to shout over everybody. "What were you getting into to cause something like that?" I didn't know how much I should say. The last thing I wanted to happen tonight was to get scolded by Taichi too. "It's kinda lame. Ended up flying away from the fight too fast and got whapped with a tree branch. At least it looks cool, right?" Taichi laughed. "Yeah... Yeah, real cool, Daisuke." He swigged more of his drink, and I could tell his was already starting to get buzzed. "So how's Ken doing? You moved in awhile ago, right? How's living with the rocket? Hopefully you keep your mess to your own room." I really didn't want to talk about Ken, or the fake life we had fabricated for all our friends. Shaking my head, I unceremoniously dropped the subject. "The Digital World isn't the same anymore, is it?" I looked down into the amber liquid in my glass and watched the carbonated bubbles pop along its surface. "What do you mean?" Thank goodness he let it slide. "People... We've changed it. All of us." Taichi hummed. "Well, yeah. Of course. It hasn't been easy for both of our worlds to get acclimated with each other. Hell, thirteen years later and we still don't have it figured out." His tone changed--it seemed downtrodden but learned. "I've been here since the beginning. I basically carved my own job out of nothing, and now I have the whole world asking for my advice. 'What should we do about trade' or 'how do we regulate travel'? When the Digital World is everywhere and just as easy for anybody to get to... It becomes who with the farthest reach and deepest pockets gets to call the rules. And I'm there to try to stop them all from greedy influences." "Mmm." I nodded. It was good to hear what Taichi did again. Every year at New Year's he'd spill the same spiel, getting all the other original chosen excited about his accomplishments, and about our own for having gotten the world to the way it was. He was truly the ally both worlds needed, and if he had a say on things, then things could maybe change for the good. "But what about... What about bad ones? Like criminals. Ones that want to hurt digimon?" Taichi had gone on to order his second beer as he continued. "It's rare. Digimon are really good at protecting themselves against humans--even ones that are well bonded. There's been a couple of cases of maltreatment, and honestly they're hard to deal with." "Why?" "Just like anything, it's hard to get people to agree on regulations and laws. Everybody wants a piece of the Digital World, so laws about abuse usually fall behind in voting compared to other bills. It's disgusting, I know. But you know, 'they can take care of themselves'. It's not like a normal dog or cat that's helpless to protect itself, and not sentient enough to do it." He shook his head. It was obviously a subject that upset him greatly too. I was starting to feel just as hopeless as him and Ken. "I keep trying, but nobody takes it seriously. Statistics do say it's getting worse." I felt incredibly guilty. "Why isn't it on the news? Why aren't people being told?" "Simple: bad business. People still view the Digital World as a vacation solitude, not an actual place. You pull that rug from under them, and companies lose revenue fast. It's just a big game." Ken had been right... Of course he had been right. I slumped in my seat, defeated more now than I had been before. "What's wrong, Daisuke?" "Nothing, nothing." "Daisuke..." I leaned forward in my seat and pulled my wallet from my pocket. It was then that I realized I didn't have any money to spare the table, but not enough courage to remain talking to my idol. "I'm sorry, Taichi-san. It's been a long day. I know you did a lot to meet me tonight, but I just... I have to go." Sitting up straight, Taichi nodded in understanding. Always good at reading the air, just as good at keeping it to himself. "O-of course. Anytime. Are you sure you have to go?" "Yeah... Yeah." I reached for his hand and he accepted, his arm pulling me in for a tight hug. "Thank you." "Don't be a stranger, squirt." The sun had just gone down, and with it the warmth of the afternoon. With bare arms and legs, a slight chill shook through my body as I left the bar. I needed to be partially sober for this, so I could not fuck up again. So I could better say what I was feeling and maybe make things right. Like being led by a string, I hopped the next bus toward Minato. I nearly missed my stop after having dozed asleep, my body snapping awake and shooting out the bus as I made my way toward that place. The place we often went when we felt lost. Where we knew we'd find each other if the end of the world would ever come. Near the Rainbow Bridge, where Diablomon took his revenge, and where Imperialdramon sliced him in two. Ken was there. Ken was probably going to be there all night if he had to. In our teenage years, he'd sometimes runaway here in the middle of a panic attack. He'd call me and say he was going to do it. He was going to leave it all behind. His body haunched over in pain as his mind filled with the horrors of the past. I held him. I held him until dew kissed each blade of grass, and until his swaying body lost its momentum in my chest. So many times I wanted to tell him I loved him. I wonder if it ever would have made a difference. I wonder if it would make a difference now. "Ken..." I said softly. "Ken, I'm sorry. I didn't... I didn't mean to..." I came up beside him, afraid that if I moved any faster I would scare him away like a skittish deer. "I was an asshole. I didn't mean it. I was just afraid..." Carefully, I took a seat in the grass next to him. The bridge's reflection in the bay created millions of dancing rainbow butterflies. "I was afraid to die. Afraid to be left alone. Mad that you would so easily throw this all away. But... But I know you're right. I had to see it. As fucked up a thing it was to do, the reality was even more so." I pulled my knees up to my chest. "I'm not gonna say 'thank you', but... Just promise me you will be more honest with me? And that you won't leave me behind? That is, if you even still want me around..."
  5. X Sporalysis Redux

    We saddled Paildramon's arms, our shoulders pressed close to his chest and our backs supported by his inner arms. The baby digimon immediately stopped fussing as we took to the sky, even they recognized that a fall from this height was certainly not in their best interest. I was relieved to be out of there. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it in the slightest. So rarely now we get to flex our muscles, feel the literal heat of battle, and feel that closeness to our digimon and human partners. Outside of battle it was a dull sort of reassurance--a humming white noise of comfort that you almost forgot existed. With this... Oh, with this, it is was a rock concert so loud that it made you sick to your stomach and had your ears ringing for days. It was awesome. Under other circumstances. Preferably ones that weren't brought on by the one you trusted the most. "Hmm." I didn't know what to say to Ken. I didn't really want to talk to him at the moment, to be honest. The best thing he did was not leave me behind. And even then, what was it all for--to prove a point? What if Paildramon didn't come through? We'd never even tried something like that before. Did he know about that too? Because those were the kinds of people that would not stop hitting if you told them 'ouch'. A lot more than my eye would have seen better days, that's for sure. I set my gaze on the treetops below us. Various hues of green blurred under us as we continued on in silence. I didn't know where we were going, but I just hoped it was back home. It was probably hours past when I had hoped to open the cart. Funny how I wanted to play hooky, but wasn't intending it to be because of some bullshit 'gotcha' quest into hell. I rested my eyes, and set my head against Paildramon's chest. But I guess at least we did some good among it all. -- Paildramon deposited us on the plush ground of the Village of Beginnings. A couple of Elecmon heralded our arrival with concerned coos and gentle claws. We handed them the abused digimon to be taken care of, hoping that they could learn to forgive the horrors they'd been through and continue their lives as happy and healthy creatures. Our partners broke their bond and returned to their In-Training forms, an exhausted sigh escaping from both their mouthes at precisely the same time, as if they hadn't seperated at all. Well, if today was fucked already, we might as well take a rest. Knelling down, I gently pet Chibimon's head. Purring, he nuzzled back into my hand. "Thanks so much for protecting me, back there. I love you, buddy." With another large yawn, Chibimon fell back onto the squishy ground, Minnomon coming up to cuddle alongside him. "Anything for you, Daisuke." I looked up at Ken, my lips growing tight as my nose twitched. "You guys rest here. You deserve it. Ken and I will be right back. Right, Ken?" I didn't have to wait for an answer, because they were already both sound asleep. And I certainly wasn't going to wait for an answer from Ken. I marched over to the man I called my boyfriend on occasion and grabbed the inside of his arm. I began hastily ushering him away from the village. The amount I was going to ream this kid, I didn't need any of the babies waking up from it. With each step, the soft ground pushed up against our legs, and irritatingly put a bounce into each of our steps. Totally ineffectual in portraying an air of 'I'm so pissed off at you I could explode'. Finally, I got us to a part that I felt was far enough away, somewhere along the line of woods where the grass just started to peak through quilted floor tiles. Without much thought, I shoved Ken against a tree trunk and started my angry barrage. "What the fuck where you thinking, Ichijouji!? Did you know that was there!? We could have died! And all you're happy about is that 'maybe I get it now.' What the fuck." I glared daggers into him, and how so badly I wished they weren't metaphorical. "You put us all in danger. Fuck, ok, if you don't give a shit about me, fine. But Wormmon, Ken. You could have killed him." And I was going to go there. "Again." I saw his throat flick, and his lips part to say something, but I wasn't going to let him. Not yet. I rammed my forearm into his chest and held him against the tree. With bared teeth, I hissed into his face, "We're partners. This shit isn't a game. If we die here, we die for real. And I don't appreciate feeling so fucking expendable. "Yeah, I see it now. I see there's shit people here in the Digital World. And I'm looking at one right now."
  6. X Sporalysis Redux

    I watched on as everybody else in the musky, humid room shielded their eyes. My heart was racing, and my cheeks hurt from smiling. From the glowing shell in the center of the pit, two long arms and strong legs came breaking out. With an earthquaking thump, his large body landed to the ground, his thick tail smashing to the floor, and his ivory wings snapping open with a wet tarp sound. His head just barely skimmed the ceiling, which meant it would allow for better mobility for the time being. With a swipe of his tail, the razor they had attached to his tail went flying into the wall, lodging itself several inches into the granite. Perfect time to start fucking shit up. "No evolutions!" The announcer screamed. Already, the crowd was surging in our direction. We were going to be in for one hell of a fight. I had to plan an exit. I didn't really think of that. Though plans were not really my thing--I kinda left that up to everybody else. Action first, plan on the way. Looks like I was doing it again. I backed up toward the nearest wall, XV-mon's roaring growl vibrating through every organ in my body. It made me giddy. I started laughing. Our bond was strong--stronger than I had felt it in years. We both wanted to liberate this place--wanted to free the digimon. Wanted their owners to pay. Through the walls I could feel that Ken was still with me, he hadn't left me, his presence raising the hairs on my arms and making me feel warm. I still had him... I still had Paildramon. I could guess, and say these idiots had no idea what they were in for. If any of them were lucky, they could reach Champion. It was unlikely any of them could reach Ultimate. None of them could probably even muster an ounce of love for their digimon to make it at all possible. All we had to do was make sure we didn't get overrun... Eaten by the zombies of crime. A Shamamon twirled his club and smashed it next to XV-mon's feet. His body fell off balance, allowing just enough of an opening for XV-mon to grab the little goblin by the head and swing him into the mob of deadbeats. So. Fucking. Easy. I looked around. A few feet away was a loose pipe. It looked rusted, but I wouldn't have been surprised if there was blood on it--whether it was human or digimon. It wasn't a crowbar, but it couldn't hurt to try in opening some of the crates I saw on the way in. It was going to be dangerous--these digimon weren't used to human kindness, and the possibility of serious injury lingered as an afterthought in the foggy parts of my brain. Because it didn't matter. We needed to get out of here with as many digimon as we could. Making a dash for it, I leaned down to pick up the pipe and kept my momentum toward the only door I could find. I had to jump over a guy's tumbling body as reached the entryway. Waving the pipe, I shouted to XV-mon, "Come on! Upstairs!" But I could see things were going downhill already. A swarm of Gazimon were on his back, chewing at his tail and clawing at his wings. He shook his body violently, but was only able to fling off a couple of the vermin. What good was I without XV-mon? If he was going down, so was I. And I had a weapon now... I could at least try. My legs carried me swiftly. I nearly missed a fireball to the face, before reaching my friend. I had always been more of a soccer player, but I played a couple of seasons of baseball in grade school--all I could do was hope it would pay off. Winding up my "bat", I unleashed a crack against the back of a Gazimon. He fell off like a fly, whining in pain. My intention wasn't to hurt anybody, but I knew we wouldn't be able to get free of here without it. But if we killed anybody... I scrambled up XV-mon's back and dropped myself around his neck. Pointing my pipe toward the door, I commanded him forward, swatting away anything that got us tangled in our mission. The pit was chaos now. Not only was everybody trying to fight us, but they had started to fight each other. The rules were gone. I saw a few flashes of light go off around me as digimon began to evolve into champion. Fire balls and electrical shocks scorched the sides of the room. "Let's go, buddy." I patted his head, and he nodded in agreement. We started to make a break for it, taking any opportunity of distraction to flee, until a Stegomon came barreling for us and knocked XV-mon to the ground. Tumbling off of his back, I landed several meters away, the wind having been knocked out of me as my back made contact with the floor. With a gasping cough, I rolled to my side, knowing that I had to get back up. Knowing that I couldn't rest or we'd be dead. I got to my feet, my lungs wheezing behind adrenaline, my hands empty of a weapon and a mass of digimon and people circling in on us... "Ken..." Like a sweet spring breeze, one that is hard to forget, and one that you always long for, I felt him. Up my legs and across my arms, I swear I could feel his fingers gently push through my hair. I brought my fist up to my chest and breathed deeply. Was this really going to work? I had no idea where Ken was at the moment, but we were at least seprated by a couple hundred meters and a few feet of stone. Were we really that connected? Could Paildramon even come to be through such circumstances? "Believe, Daisuke!" XV-mon shouted, turning into a pained roar as Stegomon bit his gugglar. His pain was mine. It crippled me. My moment of doubt took away my high, took away my will to fight. My knees buckled and slumped to the ground. He needed me. But what could I do if this didn't work? We didn't run fast enough, and now we were going to get eaten alive. I looked around for something, anything. There. There. I could feel him. His fingers moving across my skin, gently, just because he wanted to feel me. His warm breath on my ear as he whispered words that meant nothing but at the same time meant everything. We'd shared bodies, we'd shared minds, we'd shared lives. It had been so long since we jogressed, I dared to forget what it felt like. But it felt like perfection, because I wasn't me. I was him. We were together. A piercing wail came from beside me, and XV-mon was on his back. My palms were sweaty as I went to reach for my D-3. I felt all of Ken's faith and trust funnel into a single point of light, and the device began to change color in my hand. First from where my fingers held tightly to it--blue turning to green, white into blue... It vibrated madly until XV-mon was no longer there, replaced instead by another ball of light, bigger than the last. From its remains would come Paildramon. I couldn't believe it worked. He was too tall now, his body hunching against the cieling but still able to skillfully remove the threats that came at him. "Paildramon!" I shouted. I wanted to run to him and hug him. I had missed him so much. "Run, Daisuke!" Through the ruckus, I could still hear their separate voices. They held together to protect me. They would be ok as long as they knew I was. I had to run. Spinning around, I let my body run my mind. On the way to the door, I found my discarded pipe and grabbed it as I entered the entrance way. I took the stairs three steps at a time, fleeing up two flights before finally reaching the entrance to the hall I was originally brought through. It looked like I must have been the main attraction (and who knew at this point how long I was actually out), as most of the "staff" was gone. Lucky me, I guess. I had to make this quick. So quick. I entered the dark hall and went to the first crate I could find with a small Botamon in it. With a healthy swing, I cracked open the padlock and freed the little guy from his confines. I couldn't free the ones in the big cages, but I was able to lob off the restraints of a few more digimon before I heard Paildramon starting to make his way up the stairs... By blasting away the stairs entirely. I grabbed as many baby digimon into my arms as I could. Many of them bit and blew bubbles at me, too beaten and abused to know I wasn't there to hurt them but to free them. I ran until my legs were rubber, but continued to run. I rammed my shoulder into the door I had been forced into, nearly losing my balance and falling forward until I was caught by two delicate hands. Reeling back, I tried to run away, as I brought the digimon in my arms closer to my chest as if it would do more to protect them. It was Ken. I had never been so relieved and furious to see a human being in my entire life.
  7. X Sporalysis Redux

    I was fighting...? "What do you mean?" I was starting to sound like a broken record, which probably wasn't the best in the company of people that had tempers as short as candles with no wax. "What's yer name, boy." Rat-man insisted. He didn't offer me a glance, just and impatient tap on the clipboard. I wondered for a moment if I had just started this whole exchange in Japanese, if I would still be outside with Ken... We could have gotten out of here, I guess. Just walloped Russian-dude in the head with a well placed tail whip, and we'd be on our way home. But it looked like they had quite an establishment, and who knew if we'd be chased by a mob of Flymon if we had made the first shot. I didn't want to put Ken, Wormmon, or V-mon into danger... Of course, it looked like my inaction lead us directly to that situation anyway. And of course, of course, Ken was going to show me. He would. He did. Did he have any idea just how much he was going to show me? I picked up the pen and leaned over the dilapidated table. It bowed under the weight of my arm, my body hunched over as I scribbled my name out in romanji. Rat-man extended his hand, beckoning me to hand him something. "Money." "But I don't..." "Money." "I don't event want to fight." "Money. Or you answer to Nikolai there." Rat-man pointed to Russian-dude. I guess he had a name. I wasn't about to fight this. Human to human, I would lose six ways to Sunday. I wasn't even sure exactly what I was in store for at this point either, though I had a very distinct feeling it was not going to be good. I went to reach for my wallet, but Rat-man opened his disgusting mouth again. "Heh! Motomiya Daisuke? Aren't you that... Aren't you that uh... Man, I've heard dat name before. You dat kid dat's always on da television, eh?" I was quiet. "Shoulda figured one of yous woulda been playing the circuit. You pay double." Was he serious? "What?" "You pay double. Yous gots unfair advantage..." His lips curled up to expose crooked teeth, "And you'd sure hates to be tomorrow's tabloid, eh kid?" Fuck. Blackmail too? This was just turning into quite the date. I was seriously going to fuck Ken up for this--like he'll be lucky if I didn't just pack my shit up when we got back home. I pulled out my wallet and all the yen I had in it. I threw it on the table, venom strung on my words. "That's all I have." Rat-man wasn't pleased. "What do you want me to do about it? There's not exactly an ATM around here." I could feel V-mon tugging on my shorts. "Then you'll be fighting for your keep." I breathed in deep, shaking my head in disbelief. There was no way around this. Did this type of shit happen to unsuspecting Digital World travelers? These fuckers see a good fighting digimon, and they hold the people at ransom, because they're too afraid or too outnumbered? Did they go out hunting for people to bring back to make money off of? I wondered if Taichi and the others knew about these kinds of things. If there weren't strict rules... If there weren't enforcers... I had questions, and a sudden desire to obtain answers. No matter what they threw at us, V-mon and I could last for at least a little bit. "Sure, whatever. Fine." Nikolai took me by the arm and led me down the hallway. I could see glowing eyes peering through rotten cages, grumbling noises of chained up digimon as they restlessly shifted in their tiny confines, and some of the more feral ones attacking the bars as we passed. I realized now that the smell of metal was that of caked blood on the floor and smeared on the walls. The light at the end of the hall, the one I had mistaken for natural light, was actually just rows of fluorescent lights, and I squinted my eyes as we walked into the room. As my eyes readjusted, I saw it was an arsenal. This wasn't typical dog fighting. Metal claws, bear trap teeth, razor tails... Anything that could make a digimon more dangerous, as if they weren't already, was there. I felt my knees go weak, my hand landing heavily on V-mon's head. I couldn't put him through this. I couldn't. This savage cock-fighting was stomach turning. How could people do this to digimon? How? "Pick one." Nikolai demanded. "No. I want out. Fuck you guys." I knelt down and gathered V-mon in my arms. He was saying anything, but he was already shaking in my arms. He too had connected the dots. "Pick one." He said again. "Listen, you idiots can go ahead thinking that you can fuck up people and digimon's lives for a quick buck... But it ain't happening under my watch." I started to turn around, but then everything went black. --- "Daisuke!" I cried. The big man had knocked Daisuke so hard to the floor that I struggled to hear his breathing. "Daisuke!" I shook his arm. I shook his back. He didn't say anything. A big hand was at the back of my neck and lifting me in the air. I kicked and tried to get out of it. I cried out for Daisuke and for Ken and for Wormmon. Another human came to me and tied something to my tail. It was heavy and cold and made me feel imbalanced. I roared, snapping my jaws at anything that looked like it would be within biting range. They put something around my neck. They bound my limbs together. I cried out again. Daisuke was in danger. The digimon here were in danger. Ken and Wormmon could be in danger. I roared and flexed and twisted against myself as I tried to get out. Daisuke. Daisuke! They brought me somewhere. It was dark. Then it was light. There was a lot of noise. There were a lot of people. I couldn’t understand what a lot of them were saying. It was smokey. There were a lot of unhappy digimon, digimon that didn’t know better, digimon that were scared. I could feel it all. Most of us didn’t want to be here. Some of us liked it. Some wanted to win. Some wanted to live. I wanted them to have both. I watched them fight. A Gazimon ripped a Numemon’s eye off. A Hagurumon became so dented its gears stopped spinning. Digimon were declared winners. Digimon were declared losers. Digimon weren’t like this. They weren’t evil. Even the evil ones weren’t so cruel. Was this what people were like? Daisuke and the other’s weren’t like this. I never met people like this. Why did they make digimon fight like this? They freed me. They kept the thing on my tail, making it droop to the ground lazily as I tried to swing it. They brought Daisuke out, limp and unconscious, into a pile on the floor. I wanted to run to him but they told me not to. They said I had to fight a Stegomon. If I won I would continue onto the next round. If I lost… They said I didn’t want to know what would happen. Daisuke. Daisuke. -- My eyes fluttered open, slowly, the pain wincing through my head. My cheek was pressed against cold stone, and my hearing came rushing back--the blair of cheering echoing through the room and sending a flash of pain through my brain. It took a minute for my eyes to refocus through the blur, but it took little time for me to realize I was looking at the backside of V-mon. "V-mon..." I muttered. My voice seemed foreign to me, far-off and in a different language. "V-mon... V-mon!" I croaked, trying to find the strength in my arms to raise me. "The challenger in tonight's series is a boy named Daisuke!" There was a hiss and boo through the crowd. I groaned into the damp tiling below me. The guy's voice was grating and loud and hearing my name on it disgusted me. "Now, now. He may be a new face, but we can always hope it will be the last!" There was cheering now. "You know the rules, boys. No evolutions. No pyrotechnics or fancy magic. Physical attacks only. All others will be disqualified with consequences." I managed to get to my knees. My left eye wouldn't open, and when I touched it, a shooting pain created stars across my vision. Dammit. I started to worry about our condition to fight, let alone escape. But I knew we couldn't just leave this place either. We had to do something about it. These people were exploiting people and digimon alike. They found the loophole in the system and brought their unregulated crime to the Digital World. Now there were beaten and damaged digimon locked behind rusting bars. There wasn't life in a lot of their eyes: just fear and hate for being forced to do this. If they had less fear, the would have turned on their owners... Because that's what they were: owners. There were no partners here. They wanted to put rules on us in a lawless abode? Fat fucking chance. And there it was. My chest heaved. I breathed in a smile. With a furrowed brow, I got to my feet, my stance wide and ready to embrace the storm about to permeate the stone walls around us. Like the patter of rain on a roof, I heard Ken's heartbeat string across my eardrums and fill me strength. Fuck these guys.
  8. X Sporalysis Redux

    I swallowed deep. Ken's forehead was damp with sweat, but his touch was hot regardless. He had stepped down a bit at least, seeing that he was maybe being a bit of a jerk... But he made a good point too about how we did have to stop him. We had to stop Oikawa. In turn, we stopped the root of the problem: BeilaVemdemon. "We had to stop you, but you had your stories. Your reasons. Misguided. Super strengthened... Maybe. But we listened." His fingers pressed into mine. I let them spread so they could interlace. "I listened. I knew you were good. Who's to say these people you're talking about aren't either?" I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to put him at ease, to defuse the tension strung up in his muscles. My lips quivered, "Most people deserve second chances." I didn't kiss him. We got to our feet, Ken's grip on my hand was tight and urgent. He said he would show me. He looked at me with intense eyes and thin brows. My lips parted, wanting to ask how he intended to do that. What was he going to show me? What had I been missing that had been bothering Ken so much? We were building the puzzle together, but we weren't starting with the edges. I felt like I was cutting the pieces to make them fit. The Digital World seemed fine to me. The digimon seemed fine. The people seemed fine. 'I'll show you. I will.' It echoed in my mind. I pat my stomach, hoping for it to not overturn. Something wasn't right, and I wasn't sure with who or what. Unfortunately, our time was nearly up. "We should get home now, I guess." I walked over to where our digimon were resting, sand piled up around them like a nest, V-mon snoring softly with his head propped atop Wormmon's abdomen. Smiling, I bent down and gently shook one of his feet until he snorted awake. "Wake up, buddy. Time to get back to work." "Awwww. Do we have to, Daisuke?" He rubbed the literal sand from his eyes with the back of his knuckles. Truth be told, I was starting to feel the strong desire to play hooky. I hadn't taken a day off since I bought the business--not even during Golden Week. The prospect of poor sales didn't motivate me more either. "Yeah yeah. We do, we do." I started to brush the sand off myself as I reached for my clothes and slipped my shirt over my head. "You know that bills don't pay themselves." "They don't?" He handed me my shorts, and I put them on. "What do you think we've been doing this entire time!" I laughed, adjusting Taichi's goggle on my forehead. "Wait... What're bills?" V-mon, always the source of relief with things got weird. I loved the shit out of the little guy. We took to the skies again, Stingmon and Ken taking the lead to bring us home back to our normal lives where normal things happen. No extraordinary terrain or adventures to be had... I missed being here. I missed what it did for us, as a couple. So many of our first moments took place here, it's surprising we hadn't just moved here yet. Sure, technically there was a law that forbade it... Mostly because how would the person pay taxes? Who would they pay it to? Everything always came down to money. But we had met more than a few hermits in the past that lived peacefully with their partners deep in uncharted territories. They wanted to escape to simplicity, where they wouldn't be bothered. We never told on them... We envied them. But, I wonder if Ken would do something about it now... Were they one of the problems? "XV-mon," I said. Luckily, I was close to his ear, so I could speak to him at a moderate level--just enough to get over the noise of the wind against our faces but low enough so Ken and Stingmon wouldn't overhear. "Yeah, Daisuke?" "How are things with you and Wormmon?" He was quiet for a few moments before he answered. "We're good, Daisuke. Why?" "No... No reason." I ran my hand along the fine scales of his head. His skin was like a shark, smooth in one direction, rigid the other. "I just wanted to make sure." "Wormmon... Wormmon told me not to tell you, but he said he and Ken had been coming to the Digital World on their own." "Huh?" "I told him that we used to come by ourselves all the time before the business. Right, Daisuke? I dunno what he's so worried about." I rested my cheek on his head and sighed. "Yeah, there's nothing wrong with coming here without us. There's no reason for them to wait for us to be free to come here. I'm glad they are." "Me too, Daisuke." But why wouldn't Ken tell me? I found myself deep in thought, noticing a bit too late that our altitude had changed. "Yo!" I shouted. "This isn't where the TV is! Where are we going!?" No answer. Through thick treetops, we soared, our partners expertly dodging branches as we came to a landing. Dismounting, I jogged up next to Ken. He looked passed me, down the walk way we had landed on, his lips thin and twitching with discomfort at what he was looking at. "Where are we, Ken? We need to get back. You don't want to..." We weren't alone. There was a tall man, blond haired and green eyed, his accent almost as thick as the width of his neck. Next to him was an Agumon, leashed and tethered to his partner... Though I wondered if they were. There was something about the Agumon that didn't seem right. Almost feral. Taichi told me about the Agumon Hikari and himself had met when they were young--before the Agumon he ended up pairing with. Behind the eyes was nothing but a beast. He moved his head like a bird, growling slightly with each move we made--even at the breaths we took. "What the hell are you..." I started, but his hand landed heavily on my shoulder, and he intended for me to follow him. "Yo! Get yer hands off me!" I brought both my arms up to get him off me, my feet reeling back as I tried to keep up with is long strides. "Ah, can't be doing that." He said, spitting a stream of discolored spit to the side of the road. The Agumon beside him moved along with us. "That V-mon is gonna win a lotta people some cash." My head swiveled behind me, "Ken!" He stood rooted in his spot with Wormmon at his side. He nodded at me as he folded his arms. Did he plan this? That fucking asshole. What the hell did he get me into!? "I said let me go." I hissed, trying again to free the Russian man from me. Unfortunately, he had a good foot of height on me, and at least a hundred pounds of muscle as well. "I'll fucking go, just let me do it myself. I'm a big boy." The mountain complied, and let me go. V-mon grabbed my hand immediately. When he looked up at me, I saw my fear mirrored on him. "Where are we going, Dai? Why isn't Ken and Wormmon following?" "Because they know they'd be dead men if they did." I said flatly. And I fucking meant every word of it. "We'll be ok." "You'd better hope so." The man said as we reached the door. With two big hands, he swung the doors open, a burst of hot air rushing past us. I followed my escort through the doors, the interior dark and blinding me as I came from outside. I looked behind me to see that Ken still hadn't moved. What happened to being partners? What if I needed him? What did he know? My heart was racing, and for the first time in a long, long time, I was afraid. For thirteen years, I had always met danger with Ken by my side. He was the pilar I fortified against strong waves. Together, our heartbeats would combine to steady any storm... And now he has willingly put me into a fucked up situation. Hanging me out to dry. Throwing me into the line of fire. Nevermind; I was livid. The hallway was humid and lit with torches. At the other end of the door was brilliant white light from an exit to the outside. It was dank inside, the smell of weed upturning my nose and causing me to press the back of my arm to my face. Back in high school, when I was dating my American friend, we had tried it on a few curious nights--tried it while making art, watching TV, or having sex. In Japan, the risks of getting caught were too high. In America, it was mostly a slap on the wrist. In the Digital World... In the Digital World, I guess it didn't matter what you did. Deeper in the hallway were crates and jail cells, people kneeling over the shadowy containers and yelling words in different languages. Some were dressed well, some not so much, but all seemed to be the kind of people I would not be interested in hanging out with. Ever. "'Ey, guy, ya gotta register dat V-mon." I jumped, both at the sound of the door behind me closing and the man at the desk to the right of me. I was alone now. I took in a deep breath, smelling now the faint smells of cigarette smoke, alcohol, and metal. He was a scrawny man, rat like in features from the pointed nose to the big ears, and dressed in a nice enough suit to upscale the professionalism of the folded table he sat behind. "For what?" "Ha! For what... What the fuck ya doin' here, kid?" "Kid's gotta V-mon. I'm signing him up." My new "friend" said. "For what?" I asked again. Rat-man shifted in his seat and leaned forward, pushing the clipboard forward with several other scribbles on it. "Yer gonna fight, kid. Now write down yer info and gimme yer cash."
  9. X Sporalysis Redux

    "Oikawa-sama was just as used as you." There was no plainer way I could say it. It felt a little unfair for him to persecute a tortured man; the same man that ended up sacrificing his life to restore the Digital World. Didn't Ken walk a similar path? "BeilalVemdemon is the one you should be pissed at. We could be dead right now, Ken." I looked back at our partners. "They could be dead. This place could be dead. Oikawa-sama didn't force anything. He saw what we had with our Digimon, and he preserved it." With my index finger, I dug a shallow hole into the wet sand. It filled with a passing tide, my construction starting anew in an adjacent plot. "BlackWarGreymon saw that, too." I sighed. I could feel myself starting to get flustered trying to find words. It just seemed like Ken was being so... Hypocritical. And his tone about the dead was unsettling as well. "Anybody can fall down the wrong path. Fuck, maybe I may going down the wrong one now. But here's the thing... The Digital World... Digimon... They've given us a rich way of life. Not just you and me and Taichi-san, Miyako, Iori, even Takeru... Everyone. Do I really have to remind you the advances in technology over the past decade? I stand to remember a certain excited nerd coming to me when he got his hands on his first hologram tablet." I laughed as I remembered the child-like look on his face, the not-so-metaphorical glint in his eyes from the images dancing centimeters off of the screen. "What the fuck is that word...? Symbi... Uh... Symbiotic? Yeah. That's what our existence is. We need them just as much as they need us." I leaned back into the wake of the water, the waves lapping at my fingers, sinking my hands into the sand with each yawning stretch. I tried to smile, but it felt more like a grimace. "We... All make mistakes. We all grow up. Osamu," the name made me pause. When was the last time we talked about Osamu? If there was a topic more taboo than the Kaiser, it was that of his brother. "Osamu just didn't know better. Baby digimon can be just a forgetful. We used to hang out in the Village of Beginnings all the time. You know how they used to fight each other so hard sometimes. Even the Elecmon could be just as bad." I shook my head. What was I trying to say? What was I even doing? "There's rules, yeah? Like, you can't just get away with kicking your partner or anything like that. That's part of the work Taichi-san is doing now. There's some bad eggs. Of course there are. We're all kinda shit, aren't we?" I still tried to smile, but it just wasn't working. "Things got a little hairy when there weren't rules. We didn't fight against just digimon when we were in high school. But it's better now. It's better. It's wonderful." "You... You got the digivice because you're kind." I moved forward to my knees and reached out to place my hand on his shoulder. There was a strength in Ken's jaw. His neck was tight to the point of revealing the tendon that ran up its length. I ran my thumb along his reddening skin and down his arm, until trailing down to hold his elbow in my palm. "This place needed you because there will always be good and evil in both our worlds. This place still needs you. It needs us. Together with our Digimon." My hands fell to his thighs. I tugged on the ends of his underwear. I guess I've always been a fidgeter. Especially when I was uneasy. Nervous. The heat from his skin wasn't just coming from the sun. His heartbeat was pacing as I kept talking. Was he mad at me? "B-but... Are you saying... What are you saying?"
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  13. X Sporalysis Redux

    Suddenly, I was underwater. With tightly wrapped arms around Ken's neck, my chest was pressed so close to his that I swear our hearts may have conjoined. A stream of bubbles swirled from my nose and mouth as we submerged, my alarmed protest echoing through the water. He kissed me. He kissed as he pumped into me. Kissed me as he came in me. Kissed me as we resurfaced, even when I coughed water into his face. He kissed my forehead as he finished me, my breathing labored from trying to catch it again. Labored because I felt so good. I don't even think in my dreams I could have imagined something like that. I couldn't keep my eyes open. My body went limp against his. Ken offered to carry me back to shore, which was an offer I did little to fight against. I nuzzled against his ear. My fingers twitched against the soft skin of his chest. I cooed soft hums against his shoulder, the vibration of my own voice tickling my still waterlogged throat. Fuck, I loved this man. So damn much. We laid on the beach for a few minutes. Maybe it was an hour. I couldn't tell time anymore. I didn't care about time anymore. The sun sizzled the ocean water away from my body--the grimy feeling of salt left to coat my skin. Hot sand covered my back and stuck between my fingers. I looked like a beached whale, but I could guarantee I felt better than one. Ken was the first one to make a move. He went to the basket of supplies and tossed a water bottle at me. I failed to catch it, and honestly I blamed him for it. I rolled to my side and grabbed the bottle, downing half of its contents in just a few swigs. With a hearty cough, I shook my head to Ken's comment. "Me too, I guess." I fell flat on my back against, shielding my eyes from the sun with my forearm. "It sure is a lot more busy." My mouth twitched into a frown. "A little harder to find peace and quiet. Sometimes I miss the days of having to deal with an angry Monzaemon. At least it meant when the battle was over, I didn't have to worry about whether or not there was a bystander near by." V-mon and Wormmon had returned to the beach in order to fill up on some snacks. V-mon deposited a couple of more fish into the basket he had caught while playing boat-mon. We were going to have a good dinner tonight, that's for sure. "But it hasn't been so bad. Digimon are amazing, and by extension, so is this place. I'm glad we get to share this place with the world. That's what we fought for. That's what Oikawa-sama wanted." Ken was silent as I talked. He was sipping at his own water, the opening of it not leaving his lips as I talked. "When Jun got Lalamon... It was like reliving my first meeting with V-mon. She was so happy, Ken. Getting Lalamon really made her less of a bitch." I chuckled. "Digimon change us." I looked at Ken. His hair was disheveled, drying into tangled nests of hair. Against the aqua sky, his eyes blazed from his pale skin. My chest tightened. "Digimon help us make relationships." I breathed out my nose, turning my attention to my toes that were digging themselves into the sand. "So yeah, I miss it just being us and the other originals. But if a little more commotion means people and digimon alike can even have the chance of experiencing what we have... It's worth putting up with." I looked back at our partners. V-mon had curled up around Wormmon, and they had taken to napping. "After all, there will always be places like this where we can pretend." I managed to muster enough energy and crawled over to Ken. On my knees, I placed my hands on his and looked at him. "Just you and me." I kissed him, licking the salt from his lips and breathing in the ocean on his skin. "We can pretend."
  14. X Sporalysis Redux

    I loved this. Loved it. Ken had caught me, much as I expected. He swam up to me like a hungry barracuda, his arms wrapping around me and sloshing me close to him. I tried half-heartedly to escape again, but at that point I was laughing too much to be convincing. "That was only half my power. You couldn't handle my true form." I let my body float up into him with the ebb of the small tide, my arms wrapping around his neck, and my legs wrapping around his waist. I kissed a trail up his jaw, figuring it would keep my mind off the jitters that have chosen to shake my entire body. This was exciting. The foundation of our relationship had always been rooted in a deep need for outshining the other. Not that we didn't value each other accomplishments, but pushing each other had always been valuable trigger for growth. For the most part it had always been physical achievements--one year I got more goals for the season in soccer than him. Holy shit, was he sour about that. But it helped me get accepted to a good college, besides having sickeningly average entrance exam scores... Of course, I never ended up going to college. Shit was so... "Ahhh!" My mouth gasped against Ken's, and I brought my hands up to grasp tightly at clumps of tangled indigo hair. I knew my eyes must have been as wide as saucers. I whimpered into his ear. Pain in my ass as always... Though actually literal for once. "K... Ken. Please..." I tried to buck into him, to stretch myself out, but he barred me from taking what I wanted. "Ichijouji!" I pressed my forehead to his. In doing so, my body shifted enough to be free from him, but dammit, that wasn't at all what I wanted either! Desperately, I kissed him, again and again, quiet pleas to be fucked escaping between breaths. Finally, after what felt like a millennia, he slid into me again--deeper now, pressing my body down with one powerful arm. I moaned loudly--maybe too loudly--prompting Ken to seize my mouth with his. I worked my hips against his, my buoyant body making it easier to move in a position that would have normally been difficult to achieve. The occasional wave made it hard to keep together, so Ken changed his position to widen his stance in order to anchor us, and in turn dedicated one arm to act as a stabilizer. His other arm was controlling by movements, forcing me to stop when I was too eager. His control over me was turning me on so much; and his stoicism in my need for him didn't help my libido either. Our bodies slicked against each other, my cock rubbing against his smooth skin with each movement of my hips. I got lost in him, and I hoped that he was getting lost in me. Life had distracted us from each other. I hadn't felt this connected to Ken in months. Sure, sex wasn't everything, but it certainly helped. Maybe something new was all we needed to spark things back to life. Maybe I just needed to stop and smell the roses. I'm allowed a break without having to break. I'm allowed these precious moments with the most important people and creatures in my life. And dammit, I'm allowed to come.
  15. X Sporalysis Redux

    I was a decent swimmer. Better now with the upper body strength gained through manual labor. Freestyle was my choice, but I was a bit less graceful than my counterpart. Figures. I narrowly escaped him the first time, though I was more than pleased with myself. "Whomp whomp. Try again, Ken-chan." I skipped along the shallow water until it was up to my armpits, an uncontrollable amount of laughter coming from me as I was being hunted. The water was so clear, I could see him coming at me from below. I tried to scamper away, but tripped over my own feet, allowing for an opening for him to strike. Thin arms pierced below mine, his arms snaking around me and pulling me against his chest as he dragged me deeper into the tide. I was still laughing as he nuzzled his nose against my neck, though it quickly turned into a whimper against his touch. "Did you?" I tried to escape him, but his hand held my chest back against him. I could feel his arousal against my back, as he felt mine with his free hand. I chuckled slightly, rubbing my cheek against his. Smooth and warm... I felt like sugar in a hot cup of tea, melting against him into nothing. I arched my ass into him and said, rather smuggly, "What do you have in mind, Ichijouji?" Ken and I had been "together" for just over a year, at least in the sense of living together under the rouse of being roommates. Nobody has bat an eye at our shared living. For thirteen years, we'd been best friends--separated only by the bay during our schooling years. It's been a few more years back since we had our first kiss, and about two years since he lost his virginity to me. But Ken has never been one to display our relation. I've done the best I could to respect his discomfort with what... We were. I still remember the one snowy day he linked our arms on our walk home. Butterflies swelled in my chest, and it took all I could to not kiss his chilled lips between the lofty swirls of snowflakes. I could see the specks of people and digimon on the horizon. The next closets island was less than a kilometer away. Even that seemed too close for Ken to be so openly touchy with me. What is a stray Airdramon flew overhead and saw us? We have faces. People would talk. His hand creeped below the waistband of my boxers and took my need delicately into the palm of his hand. Gently, he began stroking me, my knees buckling, and my feet floating a few centimeters from the ocean floor. My head rolled back against his shoulder, as I ground my ass against his crotch, fishing a soft moan from both of us. "You're so smart." I let myself float against Ken, the water covering up to my chin as I let him continue to please me. I was moaning more frequently now, taking in water at times when my head bobbed too far underwater. With amused chuckles, I felt myself coming close, my arms coming up and wrapping around Ken's head behind me, his chin digging into the soft spot of my neck. "K-Ken." I began to arch, I felt my body shudder as I felt the orgasm coming on. Even if sea water was a shitty lubricant, lubricant was only small part of an amazing hand-job. And then it stopped. I cried out as Ken moved both his hands to press my hips against his. My head bobbed under water again, and I forced my arms to tread water as Ken started to show his true intentions. If I was less horny, I may have objected... But this could get interesting, and I've certainly had sex in weirder places. "How evil of you, Ichijouji." I smirked slyly. I trailed my fingers up his forearms, taking the opportunity of his distraction to force his arms from around me. With all my power, I swam further away from our partners, hoping that with enough distance, Ken could comfortably relieve my tension.
  16. X Sporalysis Redux

    Traversing worlds had the same sensation of a roller coaster. There was always that anticipation as the glow from the screen worked on translating your flesh and blood body into a series of code. Then there was the gutless feeling of the first drop, as your body lurched into the transition, but even if you wanted to scream from the thrill you couldn't. Then it's the loops and the dips--the tumbling into the Digital World like Alice into Wonderland. I landed roughly to my knees, V-mon landing more gracefully a few yards behind. As usual, the Digital World addressed my desires, and I was wearing my "adventuring" clothes. With a healthy snap, I positioned Taichi-san's goggles to my forehead and did a brief survey around to see where the others had landed. To my side was Ken, his outfit drastically changed since the last time I saw... It looked familiar. It had a very heavy resemblance to the outfit I had when we first met. Flattered, for sure, but I felt something turn in my stomach as well. I decided to ignore it for the time being. "The islands sound good," I said, siding with the digimon on this one. "I'm curious to see the new businesses, but we just don't got time for that this trip." I pointed to the eastern most island. "That one might be our best bet. We can eat on the beach and watch the Betamon and Gommamon play in the surf. Go ahead and digivolve into XV-mon." Oh, how it felt good to say those words. In the Digital World, our bond was stronger--V-mon and myself giving each other the physical and mental strength to face any enemy. My muscles felt warm and flexed involuntarily as XV-mon appeared from a flashbang of pure light. I launched myself onto his back, too big now to ride on just one of his shoulder's, but instead having to ride his on his shoulders properly. Tying the blanket around my neck, I rallied the now Stingmon and Ken to follow. "Tally-ho and onwards we go!" I had forgotten how good it felt to have the wind running through my hair and filling my lungs with its purity. The air was salty and warm; the sun bright and hot against my face. Maybe the problem with me lately was that I wasn't allowing this to happen. What is it that they say about work-life balance? V-mon certainly knew better than me. Honestly, color me a certain kind of idiot for not seeing it sooner. The little dude was always watching out for me. It didn't take long for us to get to the island we had picked out. Unfortunately, my knot tying skills suck ass, and I ended up losing the blanket to the wind during our travel. Luckily, Stingmon didn't lose grip of the basket, and more importantly, Ken. Ken and I had gone through the basket more carefully this morning and packed some more "picnic-friendly" food items. The digimon had all the best intentions, but honestly they'll just eat anything at any time if given the chance. I pulled out some dried fish and fruits and passed them out to everybody, sneaking in a few bites as I went around the circle. "Stop eating all the food, Dai!" The now V-mon complained. He grabbed at the basket, but I swatted his hand away. "Yo, am not. I'm but a growing boy, and I need a bit extra sustenance." I looked up at Ken and winked. "Liar!" V-mon nudged me to the side to steal a few more pieces of dried fish before running off to munch on his findings in the shallows of the ocean. Wormmon followed shortly behind him. I looked at Ken, a smile plastered to my face that I didn't care to remove any time soon. "Thank you, Ichijouji." I grasped the furry collar of his jacket and pulled him in for a kiss. "I really needed this." I offered him a piece of dried peach, a gift he accepted on the tip of his tongue. I pressed my lips to his as he swallowed the treat. "Daisuke!" V-mon was up to his abdomen in water. "There's fish! Help me catch them!" With a splash, he was underwater, his jagged tail peaking above water like a shark fin. Wormmon watched on with curiosity in the damp sand of the beach. Swallowing my own peach treat, I quickly disrobed down to nothing but my boxers, and offered Ken a sweet slap on the ass. "Time to go bring home dinner." To me, the sand felt the same under my feet. The water felt cool and tasted just as salty as ever. The Digital World seemed in right order. But something seemed distorted about the man that waited for me back on the beach...
  17. X Sporalysis Redux

    Being tangled in Ken was like being home. I mean, I was home... But we could be stranded on an island in the Digital World and as long as he was there, I would be comfortable. I watched his chest rise and fall, pausing on an inflated breath, until it escaped across my hair and tickled my face. "The Digital World has been safe, Ken." I felt up his side and buried my face deeper into his neck. He was so soft. "It's been peaceful. For years. Why do you..." He was avoiding the discussion. Ken escaped me with a quiet dismissal. I felt nakeder than I was without his skin touching mine. I shivered as I watched him get out of bed and put his robe back on. Following his lead, I searched for my sweatpants and put them on rather lethargically. V-mon and I hadn't been to the Digital World in at least half a year. I know he had been wanting to visit for a really long time, but with the business... Bah, I still don't know what Ken was talking about. I kept up with the Digital World news, either through online articles or through weekly discussions with Taichi-san. Everything was status quo. Why was Ken letting the past haunt him again? Luckily, my frustration transferred to a different target as I exited the bedroom. "What the... What the hell?" The kitchen had turned into a insect nest. "V-mon!?" V-mon bounced off of the countertop and nearly ran straight into the webs on his way to me. "Please, Daisuke!" He barreled into my legs, making me slam against the wall. "We haven't been in so long and Wormmon wants us to come, and I'm sure Ken does too!" I looked at Ken as V-mon continued. "We were just trying to help. We packed all the things you like!" Regaining my balance, I made my way over to the basket in the center of the kitchen. "A... Picnic?" I don't think my face was convincingly impressed, because V-mon let out a deflated whine. "Well..." Ken didn't have class on Friday mornings, and I don't need to technically open the cart until about 11am. Usually I dedicate mornings to bookkeeping, but... "Maaayyybe we can go tomorrow if Ken is ok with it." "Really? Really, really? Wormmon, do you hear that? PICNIC TIME!!!" He twirled and galloped on all fours to tackle Wormmon, causing the two of them to somersault into the cabinets. I coughed and put my hands on my hips. Time to play angry father, or whatever the hell I was to this little brat. "But we aren't doing anything until you clean this mess up. We want to use the stove." As V-mon and Wormmon started their clean-up, I grabbed Ken's hand and interlaced our fingers. Bringing our hands to my lips, I kissed each of his knuckles. I very much liked the idea of a relaxing morning with everyone. Taking my mind off of the past couple of days of bad sales might be what helps me get back into the game. "What do you say, Ichijouji?"
  18. X Sporalysis Redux

    Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. It was hard to focus on anything. Honestly, nothing fucking mattered. All I felt was him. All I wanted was him. My nails dug into his forearms, whimpering cries making my voice hoarse, all too aware of our neighbors and the need to be quiet. My body rocked into his, mindlessly eager to catch on up on the years of inexperience, angry at myself for not letting Ken take me sooner. I guess it wasn't because I didn't want him to, he just never had the interest in it. Why now? Fuck. It didn't matter. It just didn't! "K-Ken," I looked down the length of my own body to him, the same look he had given me so often in the past. The muscles in his abdomen, not defined on a normal basis, but flexing and molding through vanilla skin with each movement... So beautiful. I looked up at him, his eyes piercing down at me, his brows sharp and a pleased smirk on his face. I would love to challenge him to see who was loving this more: me or him? "Harder! Ah!" I grabbed my own cock and started working it in time with his thrusts. I cried out, deep, as it came to a rumbling growl. I felt Ken twitch in me as he thrust faster, his seed expelling into me as he crumpled on top of me, his hips moving slower and mindlessly. His breathing was hitched and labored. His breath was hot on my neck, turning cool as the sweat on my skin evaporated. I was too mad with lust. Everything else was turned off. I wanted to finish; I needed to finish. I took the helm again, my dick hard and hurting from the need to finish. I rolled the chosen of kindness onto his back, hitched his one leg over my shoulder and readied myself to enter him again. "If you..." Like dominos, Ken's words came fumbling into my cognitive brain. I looked down at him, the words I was trying to conjure also fumbling like too many marbles between my fingers. "If you weren't the Kaiser..." I sat back down on my knees, my butt resting on my heels. "Ken..." It took many years for Ken to reflect on his dark times with a sense of maturity. It was a tender subject for so many years in our childhood. I suppose if he hadn't been the Kaiser, somebody else would have been picked. I could have been fighting another kid that was crazy with power and a homicidal need to injure "computer programs". Would I have fallen for that child instead? Where would Ken have been then? Would he have been the same genius everybody saw in the papers? Would we ever had known of each other? These were all questions I didn't care for. Rhetorical questions didn't solve anything. We were who we were, and the things that happened happened. "But we did meet, didn't we?" I leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips. "We're together, Ken." I let myself drop lightly onto his body, my arms wrapping around him as I touched my nose to the crook of his neck. "I love you. There's no way around that fact." I touched my lips to the soft spot in his neck, moving my bottom lip across the smooth skin, as if whispering tender words into it. I knew, that if it wasn't apparent before, it was now. Ken was hiding something. "Talk to me. Please." -- I was excited when Wormmon liked my plan. I like it when he liked my plans. My feet tapped on the ground excitedly as I responded, "Ah! Yeah, Dai and Ken always get along together don't they? They would love, love, love this don't you think? What do people eat? Oh..." I stumbled to the kitchen and flung open a cabinet. I heard Wormmon scuttle behind me as I pulled out a can of fruit, "Pea-chez? They like peaches... Yeah!" I tossed it to Wormmon and began sorting through the cabinet again. The can hit the floor and rolled into the living room. "Wormmon, you gotta catch them!" I scolded. He's not very good at catching. I always forget. "How about crackers! And and..."
  19. X Sporalysis Redux

    I sucked air through my teeth, and let it escape with a shaky need. He was playing with me, though that wasn't to say I was not stringing him along. "Depends." I ran my thumbs along his jaw, their pressure increasing across his skin as they reached his ears. I held his head tightly between my hands and took his lips hungrily--his mouth tasting like sweet mint and earthy warmth. His hand kept working at me, my hips rolling into his hand as a weak whimper escaped between our mouthes. "Did you... Do well on a test or something?" I smiled into lips and ran one hand down his body to land on his member. Turned out he had been ready for me already. "Well, done, Ichijouji. Let me congratulate you." Ken wasn't one to really be prideful. Well, not anymore anyway. A lot of that disappeared with the Kaiser thirteen years ago. But he had his moments. He'd come home with a particular smile on his face--one where you could tell he was trying to hide it from everybody, with the corners of his lips slightly curled in on themselves. When asked how he was, the smile would break out, often with a soft breath of air as if releasing a seal on a jar. Jovial as a Botamon, he'd tell me he had passed his qualifying exams or that he had successfully trained the new player on his soccer team to follow a formation. I lived for those moments. Not to brag, but I knew Ken. It just always helped to see the emotions across his face instead of in the air. I pumped his cock in my hand a few times, lubricating the shaft with the few gems of precum that came out between stiff moans. I kissed his lips as his head rolled back ever so slightly, his mouth dropping ajar, a sliver of white teeth peering through pale lips. "Well done." -- "Aw, Wormmon," I said, placing my hand on his claws. "Dai and I sometimes go into the Digital World without you guys too. Mmm... Or at least we used to." I nodded and sat back on my tail as Wormmon unfolded from himself. "It's all right! Why are you so upset? The Digital World is fun!" I let my tail go limp and drop me to floor. "It's home, after all." I loved the real world, no doubt about it. People are great, and I love living with Daisuke and Ken and Wormmon. They're my best friends, and I missed them when they weren't around... But I miss the Digital World sometimes. Over the past few years, it's changed a little. It seemed to be less and less like home as each minute passed. I finished the tea and put it back on the table. Daisuke got mad when I left things on the floor--mostly because Ken gets mad at Daisuke. I don't understand, but I do what I can to help Daisuke. "Can I come with you the next time you go? Please? I won't be as strong without him, but I want to go back. It's been months since we've gone... "Daisuke needs a break... I'm worried about him, Wormmon. Maybe we can take a picnic. Like the old days?" -- Ken's leg was up around the front of my neck, his body sideways on the bed and squirming against my member that was deep within him. His left arm was clawing at mine, while his right one tried hard to please himself, but was proving impossible, pinned below his own weight. I tried to imagine how it felt--my hand gripping tightly at his pelvic bone--how it felt to have Ken in me... How I must feel for him. Did I want to fuck him crazy because I wanted him to do the same to me? Did I want him to know his place? Was I just happy for my best friend and lover to actually accept that we were the latter? My cheek pressed hard against his calf, as I used his body as the leverage for each thrust. Eyes shut tight, I clenched my teeth against the waves of pleasure that came with each movement. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, and the blood throbbing in my cock. I wanted Ken more than anything. I wanted him to feel me, to want me, to need me... I always wanted that. Ken inspired a type of confidence in me that I never had before. To be honest, I could be a pretty good liar. I knew when to front my emotions, to instill confidence in the people around me, but it'd never been easy for me feel the same for myself. And I know it sounds backwards, because I do believe I can achieve anything. Any dream I set out to achieve can be done. Blah blah blah. But it's hard when nobody else thinks you can do those things. Except for Ken. Ken has given me so much power; the power to do good with my life. He's always been there for me. I would do anything to be there for him too. Ken's leg came pressing down swiftly, my body not prepared to resist. I fell to the side, my dick coming out of him slick and quivering. I tried to protest, but he already flipped me on my back and slung my legs over the inside of his elbows, my entrance ready for him to take. I shivered, looking up at him in the dim light of the bedroom. "Ken," I whimpered, not sure if it was from being ripped away from him, or if I wanted him to fuck me until my throat was raw from screaming. "Ken, please."
  20. X Sporalysis Redux

    It almost hurts to sit. Almost. We didn't have the most comfortable furniture. Most of the stuff here was what Ken could afford going into his college. Price was a greater commodity than comfort... Not like the bastard was ever home much to enjoy it anyway. And well, we weren't exactly super well off now, either. We both have some royalty money coming through, but it's been a couple of months since I've poured my savings into purchasing my mentor's business. Now, fourteen hour days aren't uncommon. I guess it doesn't really hit you how much owning a business sucks up your entire life. Hint: all of it. It was hard to adjust to at first. V-mon and I were exhausted all the time--always coming home smelling like burnt fish, chicken broth, and sweat. Home was only for sleeping. I'd creep into bed after a quick shower at night, trying hard not to wake up Ken, but failing horribly. With a soft groan, he'd shift to face me, but wouldn't say a word. So rarely would I even be able to see his eyes open in the shadows. He shut off from me, as I suppose I did to him. Only a year of being together and things were already growing stale. Fucking great. But tonight. Wow. Wow. I didn't know what had gotten into Ken, but it felt better than when we first started to fuck around. Not that I didn't love the shy, submissive pilar of beauty he usually was... I just... I won't complain. The stiff sofa reminded me of the discomfort in my ass, and I shifted forward to grab the cup of tea I had prepared myself post-bathroom-escapades. It was nice to be home at a reasonable time tonight, especially to be rewarded so handsomely with an eager sex partner. Maybe I would complain. Not that it didn't feel great. I wasn't being ungrateful, and I certainly didn't want Ken to feel that way. Was it worth bringing up? I was so not in the mood for a fight or for throwing myself into an emotional shithole... But in my heart I could feel something. Placing my teacup on the table, I abandoned it and our Digimon partners in the living room. Rapping a knuckle on the bedroom door, I waited for an answer before creaking the door open. "Hey," I said softly, searching the room before my eyes rested on Ken. He was lounging on the bed with a book in his hand. "Content" was not a strong enough word to express his demeanor. "Hey, Ken." I slid between the door and closed it behind me. "What ya doing in bed already?" Granted, it was 9pm, but even for him that was early. I padded over to the bed and collapsed on it, my body conforming uncomfortably to his legs. Then again, I couldn't blame him. I was tired as hell too. "Are you... Naked?" I pulled the sheet down from him to expose his slender frame. I could smell the scent of his soap waft up along with the blanket, and I bit my lip a little to control a wave of arousal that surged down my spine. Crawling on top of the man, I removed the book from his hands and placed it next to him. Trailing a finger up his chest, I smiled down at him, coyly I could only assume. "Besides surprising me, what the hell have you been up to today?" I leaned down and kissed his cheek, feeling his body arch into mine with its need to be consumed by my warmth. Certainly I was playing a dangerous game. Holding a conversation while straddling will never end with completed sentences. But I felt like I had to set things back to "normal"--whatever the hell that meant. -- When the door was closed, that means Ken and Daisuke didn't want us in their room. It felt lonely sometimes when they did that... Like they didn't want Wormmon or me around. But they always told us that's not the case. They just had human things to do. I liked hanging out with Wormmon, though. We didn't get to so much anymore. I loved working with Daisuke and his food cart. We made so many people happy every day. Daisuke's a really, really good cook. Ojiisan did a great job teaching him how to. He helped him learn how to run a business too. I know sometimes Daisuke gets overwhelmed. Sometimes he cries when nobody is looking; he says its just the steam from the hot plate. He worked too hard sometimes, I think. Which is why I worked so hard with him too. But tonight we left early. Daisuke said we needed to make at least 30000 yen to make it worth staying open for the day. We didn't even hit half of that. Sometimes we have slow days. Daisuke gets really sad when we do. Usually we stick around anyway. Tonight he didn't want to. Tonight he wanted to go home. I wasn't going to say no. "When do you think we'll get to battle together again, Wormmon?" I peaked over the coffee table and into the cup Daisuke left there. It was mostly full, so I took it and started drinking it. "It's been too long. What have you and Ken been up to anyway? Maybe you guys can help us with the cart sometime!" Any more time with Wormmon would be great. I didn't understand why humans have to spend so much time working. Shouldn't they just be with each other as much as they can?
  21. Mods?

    sorry forgot to sign in and kill sallyel. they have been slain. i'm up for you guys deciding what to do with this place. looks like i'll be back in and around for a couple of months role playing. so at least i will be easier to reach.
  22. Sporalysis

    It's not that I couldn't do it, it's just that I didn't want to. And it's not that I didn't want to, it's just, well, I really didn't want to. Somewhere between "A" and "I", I lost the courage to swipe up, resorting to dropping the D-Terminal beside me and falling back onto the bed. Technology has never really been foreign to me. Communication is really pretty easy for me, too. I'm not dumb; I just don't know when to shut up sometimes. I understand that. But man, there's something about Ichijouji. Something about trying to talk to him. I know how he is. If it's over the phone, his voice will go low. Monotone. Each beat low and precise. He'll force some words in there that he know I'll have a hard time catching up on, swooping in and dropping guided missiles of bullshit into my ears when I have no room to retaliate. If we text, he'll just send me walls and walls of words, when all he had to say was two things to get his point across. But that's how he deals with things he can't control: Ichijouji is not a fan of having no control. And sometimes that's just a sense of tension with us. Ok, a lot of times. So how do I tell him? How do I go about saying, "Hey, listen, sorry I've ignored you for the past three months. Haha, weird right? Well anyway, it's because there's a girl." Because fuck me if I can't lie about something, and fuck him for not being able to confront me sooner. Three months, Motomiya? Did time really escape you so quickly? There was a buzzing, and I know what it was. It was Tatum, and I was excited that it was Tatum. I like Tatum. I really like her. But it was my time to brood, and even though there was a flutter somewhere in my chest, I chose to ignore it. I had a problem that needed solving, and I just... Didn't know how. "Whatcha doing?" Chibimon rolled down a mountain of pillows and bumped into my leg, ending his disruption with a roaring yawn. "Brooding." The little dude started nudging my knee, clearly trying to get me to move so he could rest himself comfortably in the most inconvenient place. "What's that mean?" "Means I'm feeling sorry for myself." "Aw. That's silly." "A little." "For sure!" I couldn't help but let a laugh out. "All right. I guess you're right." "Are we gonna see Betamon again?" Chibimon finally settled down, the warmth of his scaly little body heating up the inside of my thigh. "Ummm... Probably." Because I did want to see Tatum. More than anything. But I had a problem to deal with. Chibimon chirped a happy sound and was quiet until the buzzsaw in his mouth activated and rumbled the bed with his snoring. It was a good thing the rest of my family had gotten used to the little guy--they're kinda stuck with him at this point. Slapping my hand on the bed, I probe around trying to find my D-Terminal again. The best I can do is just come out clean. Admit like a man that I've been a pretty shit best friend for awhile. I miss that mopey and dangerously smart bastard. Maybe he'll forgive me? Who am I kidding? Of course he will. gouguruheddo: sup dudebro
  23. Playstation 4

    Played Dying Light with Val last night and he got all mad at me for not having a mic... And also because I'm a stupid head and suck at playing games. ilu val don't hate me
  24. Playstation 4

    got a ps4 couple of weeks ago. add me: acktacky if you have dying light... please play with me :[