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  1. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    The plan was in motion, and luckily they were able to find privacy to do it. Truthfully, it made Daisuke a little uncomfortable. He enjoyed watching Ken work--there was something so fluid and intense about it. The focus the boy had on what he created was damn near unbreakable, and had the strange phenomenon of allowing the boy to ramble without much thought. All of that was fine--if it had involved something related to biological science or criminology. But on the screen was a replica of one of the old rings, more specifically spirals, that Ken had developed back when he had been the Kaiser. Daisuke ran a hand through his hair, stopping to scratch the crown of his head in great concern. Pixel by pixel the spiral printed inside of the container as Ken tinkered with frequencies and functions and methods on the computer screens. Of course, it was the safest thing to do. For the first time in the past couple of days, Daisuke felt like they actually had a handle on the situation. Knowing what the other chosen were doing was really allowing them to place a two prong attack on Etemon. Tatum and the others would draw Etemon to a central location, and then they'd swoop in to place the device. None of the chosen were villains. Destroying Etemon was no better than having him destroy more digimon. Suppressing the monkey long enough to retrieve and maybe even analyze his power was the best they could hope for. It was still going to be dangerous--a digimon could do physical harm to a person more so than to another digimon... But at least humans couldn't be erased. Yet...? That didn't mean this plan wasn't going to be harder to explain, or that it wasn't going to rouse further distrust with the other chosen. Although it just seemed like a lost cause at this point, and even though Daisuke was extremely pissed off at pretty much the entire crew, he still had some distant hope that he could get them to believe in Ken again. At this rate though, he could pretty much see Takeru being written off of that list for the rest of eternity. As always though, Daisuke poured his trust into his best friend. The only need for concern being that Ken, in an unlikely event, would get sucked back into the darkness. Not that Daisuke wasn't confident that he could be his partner's light back to good, but he was more afraid for any damage that could be done to the man mentally. Ken had worked hard to get to where he was now... Daisuke sighed. Perhaps he was just fussing too much. Daisuke moved to stand behind Ken, watching intently as lines of code were typed, erased, and typed again. Their digimon were still exhausted and sleeping in the corner of the room on a nest made out of their jackets. Soon, they'd be ready to battle again. Not now. And not against Etemon. But the pair would be damned if they were letting them out of their sights for the time being. If time allowed, they'd make a pitstop at Ken's place to deposit the brats before executing their plan. Ken had taken notice of Daisuke's presence, and it was hard to suppress a smile when Ken turned in his chair and wrapped Daisuke in an embrace. Having Ken close was such a great pleasure. Tenderly, Daisuke caressed the side of Ken's face, the other hand placed gently on his partner's shoulder. "I don't see why." He responded. The kind words flushed his face--even in the humidity of the dungeonesque room, the color on his cheeks was definitely coming from the overwhelming love he had for Ken. Daisuke combed his fingers through dark hair, folding locks behind the boy's exposed ear. "You're the one that has all the qualities of being admired. What, with all the smarts and looks and such... I've certainly noticed." Taking advantage of their solitude, Daisuke slid down between Ken's arms, boldly placing a leg on either side of the man to sitting playfully face to face on the chair meant for one. He wrapped his arms around the boy's slender frame, leaning back slightly with an almost shy smile. "I guess it's stupid to say, but... Thank you." He looked into Ken's eyes, still as dark and mysterious and beautiful... Even if they were riddled with heavy--largely negative--emotion at the moment. "Thank you for... Uh... Huh." He looked up at the ceiling for a moment and then back down, his eyebrows slightly upturned. "Thank you for accepting me? Wow, that sounds stupid. You get what I mean, though?" He brought their lips together, tasting salty sweat on Ken. Licking his lips, he continued, "I... Feel like myself again. But happier?" Daisuke drew his thumbs against Ken's cheekbones before drawing into a deeper kiss. Their chests pressed against each other, their hearts threatening to beat out from one ribcage to the other. It was hard to keep his hands off Ken. Even with all the real dangers around them, having access to the thing he desired for so long made everything else border on irrelevancy. Taking Ken's face between his hands, Daisuke dipped his tongue into Ken's willing mouth, their lips and tongues playing an intimate and curious dance. They were still trying to figure out how the other kissed, often pausing between half-lidded eyes and toothy grins before continuing their exchanges. Each kiss was an instruction manual to be learned and remembered and practiced and perfected. Daisuke could feel Ken below him--though he wasn't alone. His own need poked into Ken's abdomen, and... The clink from the finished spiral snapped Daisuke back into reality, causing their kiss to end in a very audible smack. Sucking in a chest full of air, Daisuke released it all in a dramatically drawn out sigh. He knew what it meant. Not only did it mean they would have to put their admirations for each other on hold, but that they would have to get going. As the saying goes--time is of the essence. Daisuke nuzzled his partner, placing a delicate kiss on the crook of Ken's neck. "We have a lot to do, Ichijouji. It's really not safe for us to stay in one place for too long." Oh, but how he wanted to stay here and drink Ken until he was nothing but a whimpering husk of his former self. Turning the chair so they both could look at the computer console, Daisuke pointed at the monitor, his cheek still plastered against Ken's skin. "I meant to return to the meeting to figure out where they were going and what they were doing... And to get Tatum the fuck out of there," he frowned. His disappointment caused him to shift off of Ken's lap and he moved slowly over to the contraption that had constructed the spiral. Lifting the glass case, he picked up the metal object, surprised by its dark weight. "The ports. Has anybody been able to figure out how to turn them off? Or interrupt their signal or something? Can you funnel all of the ports from Tokyo into one so we know where they'll come out and meet them there?" It didn't hurt to ask before they went on a wild goose chase. Daisuke looked down at the spiral in his hands. His stomach twisted in anticipation and fear and excitement. He only hoped that this would be the end of it. Only Mimi and Taichi knew how to speak a decent amount of English. Tatum had been sitting in her chair, alienated from the group of Japanese children for several minutes, maybe even a half hour, before Taichi finally wrapped up the meeting and found his way next to Tatum. "Hey." He said, seating himself in the chair next to her. "Tatum, right? Yagami Taichi." He held out his hand, waiting for Tatum to take his official greeting of goodwill before he continued. Tatum studied the man, his hair was short, but youthful in style. His eyes were friendly but intense, dark and commanding and rimmed with thick eyelashes. Two thin lines connected the corners of his lips to his nose, creases left from years spent full of laughter and smiling. Cautiously, she offered her hand, Taichi taking it firmly with a shake and head bow. "Daisuke has told me a lot about you." "Has he?" She was surprised. Why didn't Ken have a similar story to say? "Yeah. I know you're a good friend to him, and he sure was head over heels for you when you two were together." He laughed to himself. "It really is great to meet you finally." "Thank you," Tatum felt her face growing hot. She could see why Davis held him to such high esteem. "But... I wish it could have been under better circumstances." Taichi leaned back in his seat, one hand stretched out on the table, his fingers rubbing and fiddling against each other. "Agreed. And I'm sorry, but we need your help." Tatum nodded with a frown. "Yeah, I gathered." "We still aren't entirely sure how the course of events have happened over the past couple of days. We also don't want to volunteer you for something you don't want to do. That's not fair. You were dragged into this against your will. If you decline to assist we'll escort you back home and we'll handle the rest." "I wasn't... Dragged into this." Taichi let out a hum at Tatum's confession. "I was worried about Davis. I saw him and Ken on the morning news and it was so..." "Unlike him?" "Yeah." Tatum pulled the elastic from her hair and undid her braid, only to immediately start braiding it again. "He didn't answer me, so... I searched for him. In the Digital World. Then Etemon..." Taichi's lips puckered and he nodded, understanding now what had happened. "It was you." There was a silence between them. Tatum could here her pulse racing through her eardrums. But she was never one to lie or throw people under the bus... Unlike Davis, who seemed to have conveniently left her behind to be thrown into mouth of a rabid monkey. "I'm sorry. I didn't know it would be this bad. I thought it was going to be just him. He had Veemon and Wormmon and was threatening to do worse than kill them." She swallowed. "I understood... A little... What you were talking about. It's so hard to be in that situation--to put your partner's or your friend's partners in harm's way. I had no choice. Just like they had no choice but to do what they did." Taichi's lips skewed as he scratched the back of his head. "They should have trusted us. So much of this could have been avoided." "There's a lot of could have's. At this point, the best we can do is to make things right... But..." Tatum tied up the end of her braid again and flung it behind her. "I don't expect any of us will get off without some sort of repercussions, but I just hope you can understand why we all did what we did." Koushiro's typing from across the large meeting room was the only sound to be heard for a long while. Taichi tapped his finger on the table a few times before finally saying, "Will you help us?" "Of course. But, uh..." It really had been a long time. "Where did Davis go?" And unfortunately, Taichi didn't have a good answer to that one.
  2. Meet me at Atatakai Onsen. The words glowed on the tiny screen of Daisuke's D-Terminal. He flipped the lid shut for the third time and put the device back into pocket. Slumping back on the couch, he let out a soft sigh, his right leg jack-hammering the floor from nerves. The television was on, but only provided a low indistinguishable buzz in the empty apartment. Sighing again, Daisuke took the D-Terminal out of his pocket and popped it open. From: Ken Ichijouji It'd been nine years since the day the two worlds united. All the first chosen children had graduated college, and the second chosen were soon to finish as well. Daisuke opted out of college, feeling that the "hands on" approach to life would benefit him more. It always had. His best friend Ken--of course--was top of his class at Tokyo University, excelling at being a criminal catcher detective or whatever. They still made time for each other, trying to see each other every other weekend. Though, truthfully, it was harder the past few months with some of Ken's major exams coming up. He didn't like to admit that he missed that stoic bastard as much as he did. Daisuke set his device down on the couch next to him. It was weird, though. It wasn't the act of receiving the text, but the subject of it. They'd never been to an onsen together before--they've never even talked about them before. Daisuke could think of so many better things to do than to sit naked in a bath of hot skin juice. But maybe it wasn't the lost time that was bothering him as much as it was the whole "being naked" thing... "Dai," Chibimon cheeped as he jumped onto Daisuke's twitching leg. "What's wrong?" Besides Ken, Chibimon was Daisuke's best friend. A blue digimon that stood about one foot tall had a heart about three times the size. And unfortunately, an incredibly keen sense of emotional distress. "Nothing, man. Well, I mean, it's something, but you wouldn't understand." "I'll try not to take offense to that." Chibimon huffed. "Good. Don't." They both sat in the living room for several minutes with only the sound of their own breathing and the mumble of the news from the television. Abruptly, Daisuke stood up, causing Chibimon to fling to the floor with a small protest, and paced a couple of times in front of the couch. Finally, he picked up the D-Terminal and navigated to Ken's message again. He quickly typed, "See you at 8" and shoved the device into his pocket for the final time. Shooting a quick glance at the clock, he groaned as he realized he only gave himself a half hour, and thus, no time to clean himself up properly. Running his thumb and index finger across his scruffy chin, he sighed and rushed off to his bedroom. "Dai~!" Chibimon scrambled after his partner. "Where are we going?" "To the Digital World. Make sure to pack your swimsuit." "But I don't--" With two fluid motions, Daisuke grabbed Chibimon in one arm, his backpack in another, and the two began to digitize into the alternate reality.
  3. That obligatory "what are you listening to?" thread. It's a Panic! At the Disco sort of day today for me. It will probably degrade to more emo rock shit through the day.
  4. Celebration Thread

    5 years today with the boyfriend. wowzies.
  5. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    There was a giant, goofy, totally wasted grin plastered on Daisuke's face as Ken drew him up in a hug. He felt like he had been swimming for hours. Every inhale prickled his lungs. There was a stark contrast between the heat of their cheeks pressed against each other, and the damp coolness of the sweat trailing down their faces. Everything was felt with so much more intensity. He felt like his love for his chosen could not be contained within his own body. Daisuke returned the hug with passion, placing soft kisses along Ken's neck, trying to expel even an ounce of his emotions onto Ken. "You bastard... Of course you would." Ken had teased his lips against his, Daisuke catching his friend's bottom lip between his before they were gone--just tasting a bit of himself mixed with the now familiar taste of Ken. Daisuke whimpered as the support of Ken's wiry arms melted off of him, both because he had to keep his wary body upright, and because his bare upper body seemed so much colder without them around him. Daisuke leaned forward, his nose nuzzling against the corner Ken's mouth. Tilting his head, he let his lips brush against the other's as he said, "Don't be like..." Then there was a voice. And it wasn't Ken's. Obviously, Ken had seen her before she had said anything. Without hesitation, Daisuke let out a quick "oh mother fuck" and scrambled for the pile of clothes Ken had effortlessly peeled off of him. Suddenly, getting caught was a lot less thrilling. Especially when it was Hikari that had caught them. Poking his head through his t-shirt, his toothy grin didn't hide the embarrassment painted on his face. Daisuke listened as the two exchanged words, until Hikari essentially kicked them out. "Go... Go where?" "Anywhere." She said. There was an urgency on her voice that he had only remembered hearing once before. "We can handle it." Putting his sweater on, Daisuke shook his head as he stood up, wobbling slightly before offering a hand to Ken. "I..." Pulling Ken up to his feet, he unashamedly held his hand at the small of the boy's back, bringing them hip to hip as they faced Hikari. He stared at her for a moment, trying to analyze the validity of arguing with the child of light. Truth was, even though he would have loved to just run away... Forget all of this... Go back to Ken's apartment and pack it up and leave on a plane tomorrow to New York. Spend the next few months just figuring something out. Ken could easily get accepted into another college. Daisuke could weasel his way into a green card somehow... It was all a dream. It was all irrational. He had people to protect. They were going to throw Tatum into harms way. Taichi and Yamato were going to risk their lives, and potentially their digimon's as well. Everybody in Tokyo. Every digimon in the Digital World... Ken. And that was irrational, too. He couldn't protect them all. It wasn't even necessarily his job to. However, running away really wasn't an option. It never was. That didn't mean he had to listen to his elders, though. His relationship with Taichi had been pulled so thin in the past couple of days that it shook Daisuke's confidence and courage to its core. Only hours before he would have been following Taichi's orders without a second thought. But now... He and Ken had come this far. The others, now that they were involved, were at least too distracted to completely have their full attention on what the two jogress partners were doing. Unfortunately, they couldn't risk the safety of their digimon any further--no matter how much they protested. They had to do this, and they had to do it themselves. "All right." Daisuke finally said. Turning around, he picked up Chibimon from the floor, the little blue blob still sound asleep. "Ken?" His partner picked up the sleeping Wormmon and followed his lead. The pair passed Hikari in the doorway, Daisuke placing a kiss on her cheek as they did. "Our little secret, all right?" He said, in reference both to letting them go without supervision and for catching them amidst their display of affection. He knew she was good for it. She had always been one of his favorites. Daisuke hiked Chibimon further up his chest, the little digimon's big head hanging over his shoulder as he continued to snooze. Stopping mid-step, Daisuke turned to Ken. They hadn't even made it out the door of the embassy yet, and they still didn't really have a plan. "Ken. You know we have to do something. Hikari just gave us the freedom to do it without Mr. Bigshot. So, let's not waste it." He continued toward the door, not wanting to risk being dragged back into a meeting or for Ken to be thumbed against the conference table by eleven chosen. "With that brain of yours and my incredible and amazing strength... We can take Etemon down on our own, right? So let's go fuck 'im up!" He swung the door open, the cool crisp air of the city sweeping past him as he smiled at his friend. "Then, we'll get the hell out of here and start living."
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    I bought some things last night for my Daisuke cosplay for next month... And I'm oddly excited for my compression shirt I bought. I gun be so manly.
  7. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Ken had said nothing, instead choosing to speak with actions instead of words. Their kiss was innocent at first, Daisuke bringing his hands up to brush away the dark hair from his partner's face. It took very little coaxing, only just a little whimper or a misplaced nibble on a bottom lip, and Ken had moved like heated oil over the floor and on top of Daisuke. Ken was everywhere, the warmth enveloping his body like a cocoon, finding it hopeless to move against the need his friend had for him. "H-hey," Daisuke breathed. Ken had his lips at his throat, leaving prickles of goosebumps along his neck, an unconscious groan rolled after his words. "What's with you? There's cameras you..." There was a tongue in his mouth before he could even finish. He returned the heated favor, grabbing the sides of Ken's face and forcing him to kiss until they were both out of breath. "Damn..." He smiled before kissing Ken again, the overeager man now working to remove his shirt. At that point, Daisuke's head had gone into a fog. He remembered that he had always wanted to have sex in a wild place. The current title belonged to a bar's restroom--and that was less crazy as it was desperately disgusting. But this... Hah. What better way to tell everybody else to suck a dick then to literally do it under their supervision? The cool air of the room hit Daisuke's bare skin, which sent his body into a rattling shiver. Though, maybe it was better attributed to his needy arousal. Ken moved down his chest, to his stomach, to his crotch. Predatorily, Ken looked up at him as he pulled down the zipper of his shorts with his pretty white teeth. Grinning back, legs shaking as he tightened them around his partner, he said, "Y-you're insane, Ichijouji." With a sharp gasp, Daisuke curled up, his upper body hovering over Ken, his fingers digging deep into the rug beneath them. He was expecting the boy to back down, to not actually do what it looked like was going to do. But soon enough, Ken had found his way to what he wanted, and Daisuke hissed sharply as Ken took his cock into his mouth. With one hand darting to clasp over his mouth, one clutching onto Ken's shoulder, and his eyes pinched tight, Daisuke moaned loudly into his muffle. Maybe it was because he hadn't had a blow job in a long time. Maybe it was because the last girl that gave him one nearly bit his dick off. Maybe because it was Ken... But holy shit. It was wonderfully clear in every action that Ken was a quick learner. With the way he was moving his tongue, utilizing his fingers, applying his lips... It was as if the boy had been practicing for the past decade--he was careful when needed, rough when it counted, and played every other part in perfect unison. There wasn't a moment that Daisuke wasn't fidgeting and crying quietly into his hand. He rolled his hips the best he could, but gave up in frustration, finally laying back on the floor, just as Ken had wanted him. Dark hair fell across his stomach, the strands tickling against the sensitive skin after every bob of Ken's head. Daisuke's back arched against the floor, both hands moving to cover his mouth, as he thrust himself into Ken as restrained as he could muster. It was evident that they had been on different wavelengths the entire time. Daisuke invested a lot into emotions, where Ken invested in having few. It was hard for Daisuke to even imagine that Ken had not even once thought of them like this. In recent years, he was afraid that he was coming off to obvious--to Ken and to the rest of the chosen. There had been one time that Hikari had asked him, in her very polite and understanding tone, if something was going on between them. His juvenile excitement over Ken getting his own apartment had him bubbling, as he continued to ramble on about how they'd be able to eat whatever they wanted and stay up late and play video games whenever. It was going to be awesome! ... But, of course, his particular choice of words at times came off a little... "Aaaaahhhh..." A moan escaped the cracks of his fingers. It was pointless to try anymore. For Ken's first time, he was certainly acing it. His breathing shortened into gasping moans, both hands now tangled in Ken's hair, his head thrown back against the floor. His skin was sizzling under the oncoming orgasm. "Ken! I'm...!" Biting hard onto his bottom lip, he moaned long and hard, the sound devolving into a growl, as he came into Ken's beautifully talented mouth. His hips continued to move without him, his throat releasing uncontrolled variations of sounds, his face contorted in a slideshow of passion and ecstasy... "Ffffffffffuuuuuuuuucck." His hands dropped from Ken's hair and laid at his sides. Every other emotion he may have had was gone. All he felt now wasn't even an emotion, but just warm. "I..." Daisuke tried to find words between his labored panting, but it was coming to him all jumbled. "Do what... Why? Fffuuck."
  8. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Daisuke stared at Ken for a few moments. Unconsciously, his mouth had gone ajar in disbelief. The familiar heat in his belly roused again as he felt himself getting angry with his friend. "What... What the hell?" He leaned forward over his knees. "What the hell are you on about? You don't bring me down, dumbass. Fuck, for a genius, you're seriously the stupidest shit I know." His eyes rolled to the ceiling as he tried to defuse his anger through a hot breath. "Ken... The only burden you've caused me is..." He interrupted himself with a grunt, his voice lowering, "Making me love you." His body swayed side to side, his muscles shivering with emotion. "It's been so difficult. Do you understand? Of course you don't, or else you wouldn't be so fucking hurtful right now." The first time he met Ken, the boy was so confident. When they shook hands, there was a purpose and a pride behind it. Steady, strong, commanding. Daisuke had been simultaneously inspired and humbled by it. At that point, the only idol that rivaled Ichijouji was his mentor Taichi. If only he could be as cool as them... But once the Kaiser garments disintegrated into the digital atmosphere, Ken had struggled to get that part of him back. His movements and physical interactions were timid, unsure, and limp. Inherently, there was nothing wrong with that--all of Daisuke's initial impressions were side effects of the spores buried deep under his skin. That's just who Ken really was. However, every interaction that betrayed his true personality stuck in Daisuke's memory. The stern commands, the rough arm grabs--they were exciting. The other night was one of those times. He loved every side of Ken. "So. So I may be confused. So I may want to get away from here. At this point, do you really blame me? What the fuck do we have here anymore after all of this besides each other? And..." He finally caught onto the words--the emotions. Raising an eyebrow, he couldn't help but laugh a little. "Wait. Are you jealous? Do you think I'm going to get together with Tatum again?" Slapping a hand to his forehead, he continued, another soft chuckle rolling out of his throat. "Well shit... I mean, if you're giving me your blessing! Peace out, Ichijouji." Ken was glaring at him at this point, but Daisuke was glaring back. "She means a lot to me. I would die for her, just like I'd die for you. I will do anything for either of you. But Ken, you have to understand. Are you listening? Please hear me when I say: you are everything." Daisuke had found himself on a soap box again. He was speaking to a mostly empty room, to an audience that, at best, was 25% mentally checked in. "Ever since we first shook hands, and I looked you in the eyes. I was done for since that day. Hell, even when you tried to kill me, hurt me, belittle me..." He rolled his head back again in thought, "All those times you... Heh, all the times you held onto my arm when you're scared or uncomfortable. Or when you insisted on walking me to the train station when I left your house--no matter the weather. I guess I just kinda knew, but didn't think you'd ever, ever want anything with me. Why would you? I should be lucky you even call me a friend. "And you think now, after dealing with these feelings I've had for you, that I'm going to just leave you?" His voice was steadily rising, his emotions tailing on the end of every sentence in the comings of hysteria. "Fuck you. At least if you had rejected me I maybe would have recovered. But you're just outright sitting here saying I don't give a shit. That I'm planning to move away to be with somebody else? You asshole." Daisuke didn't need to defend his relationship with Tatum, but he didn't know what he was defending at this point. His own weakness for essentially running away from his own disappointment and fears? Did he really have to anymore? Couldn't he just stay here, with Ken, and continue to live life like they always had? "Ken, did you ever think about us? Did you ever think this would have happened? For a second? Because I thought about it for years. Every day. Each time I came up with different ways for you to reject me. On the phone, on the bus, in your apartment, at my work... You'd stop talking to me, you'd outright tell me to fuck off, or you'd just... Say nothing. "I was so afraid of you... For things you didn't even do." Daisuke sighed, resting his forehead in his knees. "I... I was running away, too. And it's hard to stop."
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  10. god damn that ui is sexy as fuck
  11. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    The delegation had already begun. With each passing minute, Daisuke's body slipped further and further down his chair, his leg fidgeting rapidly and unconsciously. Truthfully, he had tuned out everybody else in the room. Taichi. Koushiro. Yamato. Tatum. The only thing he could hear was the buzzing of angry bees ramming into the side of his skull. The completely broken words of Ken rattling around in the pit of his stomach, making him want to vomit from distress. "We can't risk bringing any of our partners close to him." Sora said, holding a finger to mouth in concentration. "It is a possibility we can. We just need to know what his range is." Koushiro said, his face buried in his laptop, his fingers dancing across the keypads. Yamato leaned his head back and looked at the ceiling. "We don't know that. How are we supposed to? Do we just have him kill another one of his lackies?" "That's not at all nice..." Mimi said with a pout. "What needs to happen is we need to draw him into the open. We need to bait him. Preferably in the Digital World. The technology he is wielding is, without a doubt, some of the most powerful we have seen. Other digimon have had the capability to rewrite data or corrupt it. Data manipulation is not unheard of when it comes to digital threats. However, this seems different. The readings are all off." Koushiro paused his typing, his lips twitching. "It is almost human in its construction." "Hm?" Taichi moved to read over Koushiro's shoulder. He didn't really understand what his friend was seeing exactly, but through a certain form of osmosis, he was able to understand a bit better than the other Chosen."What do you mean?" "I am not sure yet. I need more time. It just doesn't match the same syntax I have seen in the past." "What can we do?" Sora asked. Miyako and Takeru leaned in, expressing their desire to help as well. "We need to take care of our home first. Greymon, Garururmon, Birdramon, Kabuterimon... Everyone. They're doing their best out there right now to calm the streets while we figure out a game plan. I think Izzy is right. We need to draw them back into the Digital World." Taichi touched a finger to Koushiro's screen, rousing an expression of discontent from the computer's owner. "There's several ports we can easily dispatch all the smaller threats away into. Etemon will be more difficult." Taichi rested his hand on the back of Koushiro's chair. The sway of the seat didn't interrupt the computer genius as he focused on his screen. "We can do that." Yamato said. Taichi and Yamato had always been the muscle of the group. Daisuke pulled his body back up to properly sit in his seat, only to slump down again immediately. Tatum eyed him sideways, noting that he was clearly uncomfortable. She was too. There was a schism between all the children. Even though she wasn't a part of their original team, she wondered if the tension had always felt like this. "So," Miyako said carefully, "Who... What? What is the bait?" "Tatum." Takeru said flatly. All eyes shot to Takeru, then slingshot to Tatum. Tatum's shoulders dropped, recognizing for the first time a word she understood. She didn't even know that anybody else knew who she even was. Wide eyed, she looked at Daisuke for assistance. "D-Davis?" Daisuke's expression was a mixture of confusion, disbelief, and disgust. "Excuse me?" "Davis?" "We all saw it. She was the last one in contact with him. She got away. You all know how egotistical Etemon is. Short of throwing Ken at him--which we can't do for obvious reasons--she's the next best thing. He must be pretty livid right now that he got clobbered and embarrassed like that on live television." "No. No." Daisuke slammed his fist on the table. "NO." Taichi raised an eyebrow. "Well..." "Davis!" Tatum shook his arm. "What are they saying?" Koushiro pursed his lips. "Unfortunately, Takeru makes a good point. Etemon's sole purpose seems to be to entertain. After losing that opportunity, she may be the only way we can get them all back into the Digital World. From there, I can draw better conclusions of what we are dealing with. I will assist as much as I can." "Fuck this..." Daisuke spat, kicking his chair away from the table and standing up. He tried to piece together an apology to Tatum, but it just came out in staggered, frustrated English. "I... I need some air..." A chorus of voices called for him to come back, but none of them mattered at this point. Tatum, Ken, and himself were all expendable as far as they were concerned. And needless to say: that was a bullshit. Daisuke leaned on the door to the nursery. Ken was sitting in one of the seats, his entire focus pinned on a mobile hung in the corner of the room. In his lap was a sleeping Wormmon. At his feet, wrapped around one of his legs, was Chibimon. Both digimon, although beaten and hungry, seemed content. The same could not be said for Ken. "Ken..." Daisuke said, the sound of his own voice startling him in the peaceful quiet of the room. He moved into the room, stopping midway, crossing his arms as if overcome with a sudden chill. What was he doing? What were they doing? What was Ken doing? What was Ken doing? "I..." Taking another step closer, he choked on his own words. "I... Stop running..." He rubbed the back of his neck, uneasy that Ken had still yet to look at him. "Please." Who was he to talk? He just ran away from the meeting. He'd been running away for the past few days from his closest friends. Mentally, he'd been running away from his problems for few years. But seeing Ken running away again... The defeat on his face. It plucked a string that he thought had long been tuned. Scared, exhausted, irritated, disappointed, angry, heartbroken, confused. Overcome with his own emotions, Daisuke dropped to the floor, legs crossed, hands already nervously picking at rocks lodged in his shoes. "They won't listen to us. Even though they don't have much on us--because we didn't fucking do anything--they can... Ken." Daisuke struggled to figure out what he wanted to say. He didn't know what he wanted. All he knew was that Ken was planting needles into his own skin. For what? For Daisuke? "You can't leave me..." Eyebrows upturned, he bit his lip. "If you're gone..." Looking up, he gave a half-hearted grin. "We could run away together? Huh? At least we'd both be running." He bounced a pebble on the brightly colored carpet. With his palm, he cleaned the dirt off of the sole of his shoe as he continued. "Go to America. Open one of those... Uh... What are they called? Bed and breakfasts or whatever?" He breathed out, the sound turning more into a groan as it drew out. "Two Japanese dudes. One house. Good food, awesome rooms. Quant as hell." Daisuke leaned his body back, bracing himself up with his arms. Stretching his legs out, he rolled his neck as he continued to talk his fantasies to the walls. "Somewhere in the mountains... Like the ones that we used to go to in the Digital World. I want it to smell like pine every day." Ken smelled like pine sometimes. "How do you feel about snow? Snow is all right, I guess. Do you think we'd have to get cars? Have you seen any of those American trucks in person?" He whistled, "Bigger than Lighdramon. I mean, not as fast, or as cool, but damn. Kinda cool, I guess." Downcasting his eyes, he smiled to himself. "I guess not... "But maybe city living? Yeah. Maybe. I mean, I heard crime is pretty bad over there? Probably would be better for you there. Yeah. Forget the first idea. What use is a crime guy without any crime? Hm." Daisuke stared at Ken for a few moments. He supposed there were few things he wanted in life. He wanted to be a great cook. He wanted to move away. And Ken seemed to fit pretty nicely into anything else. So Daisuke couldn't leave now. Ken couldn't be something to rot away in a jail cell for a few years. And Ken certainly wasn't something be to disrespected. Resting his arms across his knees, he placed his chin on his arm. "But it's only possible if you're still free, stupid."
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  15. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    The conference room's air was heavy. Sweat trailed along Daisuke's hairline under the artificial light, and the dozen of eyes that were boring into himself and his two teammates. He wasn't expecting a royal meeting of the original chosen to be judging them. Handling Taichi and Koushiro was at least manageable, but this... It took a few seconds for Daisuke to register what Ken had said, his head snapping to the side. "Ken..." Tatum grabbed at Daisuke's hand, but he moved it aside as he leaned toward his friend. Ken had offered to take the blame. Whatever happened, he was willing to take it all and consume it like all the pain he had in the past. And although Daisuke inadvertently agreed to it through his frustration and anger... Damn, did it hurt to watch him doing it. And now that Daisuke better understood his feelings toward Ken, what use was he if he couldn't protect Ken from himself? "What did you say?" Taichi spat, his body leaning into the table, as if he was going to leap across and wrap his hands around Ken's pale neck. Changing his glance over to Taichi, Daisuke spoke softly, yet commanding. "Everybody, just calm down." "We are calm." Yamato said. Yamato and Taichi had remained good friends through the years--a common theme across jogress partners it seemed. His words reeled Taichi in ever so slightly, his back finding itself pressed against his chair again. "All we want to know is why you did what you did." "Did what?" "Come on!" Taichi slammed his fist on the table again. "'Come on' what? I'm serious. What do you think we did? Obviously you assholes all think Ken has some sort of hand in what transpired today." His eyes narrowed at Taichi, the words from the other night resounding in his memory. "So explain to me how we're supposed to answer you." "You demonized me." Taichi's teeth were clearly clenched. Some of the other chosen nodded. "You demonized all of us! Explaining the things you guys did..." "Then explain it to us." Koushiro spoke up. "You shined light on a sensitive subject. Kamiya and I have been dealing with unrest in the Digital World between the Real World for quite some time now. We have been working with nations across the world to enlist regulations quietly, passing information as things became finalized. It has been difficult to get everybody on the same page, and it is a very hot issue." Taichi had since sat back in his seat, twiddling his fingers on his chair's armrest. "When you both went on television discussing this same issue without restraint--without consulting anybody..." "You fucked up." Taichi grumbled. "In so many words, yes." "It was all over the news over here," Mimi spoke up. Tatum shifted in her seat, feeling out of place, but was able to silently agree with American chosen's observations. "Now we have activist groups on both sides already making moves. If Motomiya Daisuke and Ichijouji Ken say the connection between the Digital World and Real World is bad, then clearly that gives them concrete evidence for their agendas." Taichi snorted, "And then letting them in to destroy the city!" Koushiro shook his head. "I am unsure of why you all did this. Clearly you had already done enough damage. This is truthfully the piece of the story that makes it difficult for me to see where your alliance lies. Regardless..." "You put a lot of people in danger." Sora said. Daisuke folded his hands on the table, bowing his head slightly. He thought how to explain everything, knowing at this point that it would probably not make a difference. But he wasn't going to let Ken be the brunt of this, not anymore. Even if that's what he wanted. "We... Ken and I... We were just going on a holiday. Ken fell ill, and then I passed out. We were split up for a day, two? Three? I dunno. Turns out the inn had one of those agenda things you were talking about, Izzy." He took a deep breath. "They needed us to talk about this, taking our partners and threatening to... Kill them. You understand, right? How would you all feel if you were threatened with something like that? You should know better than anybody, Takeru!" Takeru was thrown into the conversation, one he tried to avoid being apart of, his discontent with being in the same room as Ken clearly palpable. "This is different." "What!? No it's fucking not! And it's worse! You saw what he could do! We weren't wrong! Ken wasn't wrong... He saved them by saying we'd help them..." His heart simultaneously rose and fell as he said that. Miyako growled, unable to keep silent anymore. "Why didn't you just ask us for help immediately?" "Because! Because he was watching! If we didn't do what he wanted, they'd be toast! What if you all slipped and tipped off that you were helping!?" "You don't trust us!? After everything we've all been through!?" Miyako was rising from her seat now. "For fuck's sake! That's not what I said!" "It's what you implied!" "Implying isn't the same thing!" "Just like how this is a different situation from when Angemon died." Takeru spat. Daisuke's mind reeled. What the hell was going on? Why were they all so against them? What were they not understanding? "Should we have just let Veemon and Wormmon die?" The room was silent for a few moments. Each chosen looked at the other, the only thing Daisuke was able to hear was his own labored breathing. "Oh my god..." Sora shook her head. "That's not what anybody is saying. We all could have just figured something different out. Something less destructive." "But you didn't. And so here we are." Taichi said.
  16. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Daisuke's relationship with Tatum was different from the one he had with Ken. Their moments together were often quiet and relaxing--he never had the concern of getting ambushed by a herd of Floramon or swindled by a Digitamamon. One of his favorite memories was one of the first times they hung out in the Digital World. Tatum had invited him to a quiet mountain overlooking a candy colored rainforest--easel clamped under her armpit, a bag of supplies slung across her shoulder, and a brush sticking out of her mouth. She refused any sort of help as she, Daisuke, Veemon, and Betamon made their way up to a clearing; there was a scraggly old tree with no leaves that claimed over the corner of the rock face. Setting the easel down, Tatum rummaged through the bag and setup the canvas, and started sorting through her acrylics. It was about a half hour before Daisuke bothered Tatum. He had been climbing the sickly little tree with Veemon and Betamon, running circles around the trunk until they were all rosy in the cheeks. As he came up behind her, he couldn't help but express his awe. "Wow!" He jogged up to the canvas and stuck his face to it, nearly touching his nose to the wet paint. "This... This amazing!" Tatum stood back, pressing the butt of her brush to her lips. "It's all right." "You're lying!" He moved his head to look out toward the rain forest below and back to the painting. It was hard to tell the difference... At least to him. "Do you want to try?" "What? No. I'll make it bad." "Come on." "No, really. I can't draw a line." "Have you tried?" She tucked a piece of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear. "Here." She pushed the paint brush into his hand and moved behind him, drawing his hand up to the canvas. "Just... Paint." The pink paint trailed behind his brush stroke, creating a shimmer across the treetops. Tatum helped him create more highlights, her hand gently wrapping in his, a blush forming across both their cheeks as they shared the first intimate touch of flirting in their young friendship. Finally, she let go and let him do a few strokes himself until eventually his confidence got to be too much. With a laugh she took the brush from him, the trees turning more into puffs of cotton candy than the floral they were supposed to imitate. "See? Not too bad." "No. Not bad." He smiled at her, and she smiled at him. Both felt a flutter of butterflies in their stomachs--each second with Tatum chipping away his infatuation with Hikari. Each moment making him less swayed by cheering girls at soccer games and pretty ladies on the bus. Soon he'd find out what love really did feel like. And along the way, she was nourishing a side of him he didn't even know he had. A creative side that would later really bloom into his cooking. He had her to thank for that. He had Ken to thank for the encouragement. His relationship with Ken was often fiery, which was bizarre for a duo that was half comprised of a seriously stoic young man stuck in a boy's body. On the opposite side of the Digital World, Daisuke and Ken always seemed to find themselves near bodies of water, exerting their energy jogging across sand dunes or racing each other against a river current. A game of soccer was never out of the question, nor was the occasional rough housing, even though Ken always somehow managed to pin the smaller boy into submission. Sometimes they'd go camping, though it only happened in the summer when Ken was less busy with school. Their hair still wet from the late twilight swim they had taken, nestled together in the small tent with the battery powered lamp hanging from the cross beams as they shared reading Daisuke's comic book. Ken listened quietly with a small smile as Daisuke explained all the reasons why he liked Superman better than Batman, and how American comics just had a generally interesting take on the idea of morals and ethics and how they could really learn from it as people. He caught an exasperated look on Ken's face and shoved his bare shoulder into his friend's in response. Flinging the comic book up into Ken's face and messing up the pretty boy's wet locks, Daisuke pulled his sleeping bag up over himself and the sleeping Veemon. "Whatever! I get it. It's too deep for you!" And it was always Ken's patience... His ability to listen and genuinely care about the things Daisuke did that made Daisuke eventually question himself. Where the moments with Tatum (or without her) were missing something. That even though he loved her, that he enjoyed his time with her, that she completed him in some sort of way... "Davis?" Tatum brought him back to the present. The bright fluorescent lights of the room drilling a ping of pain into his skull. "You'll still come to America after all of this, right?" Daisuke raised an eyebrow. "What?" She shifted against him. They both knew that they were in a certain type of shit--a shit that could really mess with either of their plans... That could make it even harder for them to even ever see each other again depending on Taichi's particular mood. But it was nice to think there was a hope. "Yes. Yeah." "It's a lot to leave behind..." "Yeah." "Are you sure?" "Yes, Te. Why?" She looked up at him with a slight frown. "I just..." The door to the room opened, startling them both to upright positions, as if they were being caught nude under the bedroom covers. Ken walked in, his head down, arms still restrained. Koushiro was behind him, standing in the doorway with one arm holding the other. He looked over at Daisuke and said, "Taichi and I will be back for you all in a few minutes. We have a couple of things to discuss before we request your audience." Always the wordsmith, Daisuke thought, as the computer wizard turned and left the room. "Ken?" Tatum said softly. It was no use. Daisuke knew Ken's moods. It took many years for him to finally read them properly--they were all so similar at times. They were all at their wit's end at this point, but Ken may be the closets to cracking now. And Daisuke couldn't help but feel like it was largely because of him.
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  20. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    It had been nearly ten years, and some of the other chosen still struggled with the authenticity of Ken's motives. Taichi didn't take pride in being a part of that group--he made an honest effort to see past the malicious chain of distrust--a chain whose first link often started with Takeru. Sure, the child of hope had forced his way with a straight face while they dealt with the world threatening crisis. There was even a point when he valued the dark-haired boy's inclusion to the team... Even if it was only because it made Daisuke stronger. But Takeru was the kind of person to remember all the times that he had been wronged, so much so that simple logic and shared history did little to overcome his emotional distress. "Why," he would say, "Why would you ever believe that people can change? I mean, on the most fundamental level? You can't ever snuff out that kind of darkness. The things he did, guys..." He would fold his arms and shake his head, "Unforgivable." And Taichi and Yamato would often rebuttal with various excuses, sometimes to the point of demonizing Takeru for not just "getting over it." Yamato would roll his eyes, as always, and say something like, "Give the kid a break. It wasn't even his fault. It was that stupid spore." All the while with Taichi nodding in agreement. There had been several meetings where Takeru stormed away, often failing to communicate with either of them for weeks. Now, here they were. Ken being at the epicenter of another great threat, standing in the center of the hurricane that was sweeping across the entire world. And he couldn't help but find himself on the side of Takeru's paranoia. Of course he knew that Etemon was the threat, but what he didn't know was how involved he was with it. For all he knew, the child of kindness could be the secret ringleader, puppeteering all of them into doing what he wished. The quiet ones were always the ones to watch out for the most... So, Taichi couldn't help a snort as Ken asked him to see his sister--the one person in the world he valued more than anything--to have her in contact with the man he trusted the least at this very moment. "I don't think so." Koushiro looked on with a raised eyebrow, "Why not?" "Because..." With narrowed eyes, Koushiro took the position to lead the operation again. "Come on, Ken. I'll take you to them." Gently, he wrapped his hand in Ken's arm, the boy having still been in restraints, and guided him toward the elevator. Taichi went to protest, to let his voice echo through the cavernous lobby, to command the situation that was ultimately his to control... But the computer geek had grown up, and so had Tai. Out of all the chosen, they worked the most closely together in their daily lives, and there was a certain type of deep understanding they shared. Even if he did tell Koushiro to stop, he wouldn't listen. It was a simple request their old friend shouldn't be denied, and Koushiro would see through that Ken got what he desired. "Don't be long. I'll bring these two to the holding cell until you're done so we can all talk." Taichi said. Koushiro nodded as the elevator door closed, the numbers illuminating until finally resting on the fifth number, a heavy sigh escaping from Taichi as he took his two captives to their room. Removing their restraints, Taichi left Daisuke and Tatum in the holding cell until they were all ready to talk. Nervously, Daisuke tapped his feet on the cement ground while his head bobbed to either side. It wasn't a secret that Daisuke suffered from mild claustrophobia, his spirit always needing to be in some sort of environment that would allow him to expel his energy in any way he saw fit. But his jittering was coming from the uncertainty of the future. What was going to happen to him? To Tatum? To Ken? How far would Etemon go to get his desires? How many more were going to get hurt--going to die--before all of this was over? Could they have prevented this if they had just taken the sacrifice? Surely harming the few to save the whole would be the right thing to do. Daisuke swayed his head between his knees. The very thought of losing Veemon made him nausues--pissed off at himself that he could even ever think of such a terrible thing. Tatum placed a hand on Daisuke's, squeezing tightly as she spoke, "Davis?" Daisuke flinched, recoiling deeper into himself. And now they had such little influence stuck inside of an iron cage, being watched by the hawk eyes of Taichi and the rest of the Embassy. Their futures were fucked. Their friendships with the other chosen probably shot to somewhere deep in the center of the sun. And at this point, they had done so much... So much... "Dai." Tatum's shoulder was pressed against his, her nose almost grazing his cheek as she tried to pull him from himself. "Tatum..." He looked at her, pausing to see that she was one of the few certainties left in the world when it was all over. That she had risked everything to help them when she was worried about them. All because he didn't answer his stupid phone. If he had only... "Sorry. So sorry." Shaking her head, Tatum smiled softly. "It's all right." "Did we... Do the right thing?" Her warmth was comforting to him, his body leaning into hers as she took him into her arms. "I don't know..." They were silent for a few moments, her hand rubbing circles on his back. She had always been good at deamplifying his emotions--calming his soul to levels that were easy to deal with. "I think we all did what was best for Veemon and Wormmon. But this will all... You two..." She tried to find the words. Biting honesty was her cup of tea, but she knew now wasn't the best time to take a sip. "The thing you two did... Will be heard across the world." Nodding, Daisuke placed his hand on the bench behind Tatum and let her wrap one arm around his shoulder and the other across his chest. "I know. It's stupid but... We weren't even thinking. Nothing mattered but them." "I would have done the same for Betamon." She rested her head on his shoulder. "None of these guys will admit they'd do the same thing if they had to." Daisuke smiled. "They're just happy they didn't have to." "I guess..." "It's uh," she tried to find the word in Japanese but couldn't, "Selfish... But it's nice to see you again." "Yeah." "You're supposed to say: It's good to see you again too." With a half-hearted laugh, Daisuke said, "It's good to see you again, Te."
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  23. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    "I'm hungry!" Chibimon protested, his head buried deep inside of Ken's backpack. Soon, all that was left to see was his kicking little legs and wagging little tail, until finally his entire body dropped inside of the bag. With a hefty bout of commotion, the bag fell sideways, a small protest peeping from the open zipper, followed by the sound of crinkling plastic. "Hey!" Daisuke grabbed the backpack and set it on his lap. The sun had cooked the dark colored bag to a near uncomfortable temperature, making him adjust his sitting position on the sandy beach. "How about you ask before you go and steal all the food?" He pulled the zipper open and pulled Chibimon up by the tail. A candy bar hung from his mouth, a mess of melted chocolate painting an abstract piece of artwork across his white face. "Oh man... Are you in for it...!" "Aaaaahhhh," Chibimon squealed, the sugar already going to his tiny head. Wiggling free, he plopped down onto the ground and made a run for the ocean, shoving the last bit of chocolate into his mouth. Sprinting from his spot on the beach, Daisuke followed the little blue dragon... At least until he tripped over a Wormmon that was munching contently on some carrot sticks. "Oh shi--" Daisuke tried to keep his balance, his entire body flung before his legs as they tried to catch up to him, but failed as he face planted into a mound of wet sand. Groaning, he lifted his head, feeling a sharp sting across his forehead. Gingerly, he ran a finger across the sore spot, retracting it to find a crimson smear covering his index and middle fingers. "Oh..." Lifting himself, he saw the bits of broken glass poking from the sand. "Dai!" Chibimon came running back, Wormmon and Ken finding themselves at his side almost as quickly. "Dai, you're face." His big red eyes glistened with worry as he climbed up onto Daisuke's swim trunks and up onto his bare shoulder. "Don't touch it, Chibimon." It hurt like hell, and the blood was starting to drip into his eye. Ken reached up and removed the goggles from Daisuke's forehead, the final shard from the broken lens falling to the ground as he did. With a frown, he put a hand to Daisuke's forehead, quietly leaving to get his backpack and returning. "Oh no..." Daisuke whined, not caring so much about the pain from his cut but the current state of his goggles. Taking them between his hands as Ken nursed his forehead with the t-shirt he had stored in his backpack, he whined again. "Not my goggles..." "It's okay, Dai," Chibimon said, scratching the back of Daisuke's neck. "But..." Ken looked into his freshly cleared eyes, pressing his hand firmly against the cut. They both knew how much the object was to Daisuke. It had already had its elastic replaced once when it had been snapped away during a fight with a Pagumon. "We'll get them fixed, Motomiya... I'm more worried about this." Daisuke wanted to fight him, yell at him and Chibimon because they didn't understand. They were broken! How would he be able to function without them! He was nothing without them--and why didn't they care more that with broken goggles he was a broken person? "Who cares..." "I do..." Ken said, with a gentle and concerned smile. "We can't replace your face, stupid." With Ken's lips lingering on his, Daisuke touched the small scar at his hairline as Ken left the room. The warmth of his friend's kindness flooding across his body, drawing their partners closer to himself. The past few days had been a trial for his self-confidence. He was trying his best to make the right decisions, to protect his friends. And so far, he had only put them all deeper into danger. So far, he had only succeeded in jeopardizing their very futures. He wanted to help. He was stronger than this. He wanted to be there for Ken and Tatum. "Dai... We... We're scared. And hungry..." Daisuke sucked in air through his teeth and nodded. He had a job. He had to protect Chibimon and Wormmon. Ken had done so much so far--he had been so brave and strong. Together, they were proving they could do anything if they worked together. They always had. Getting to his feet, he left the room, trusting in Ken to do what he said he was going to do. Lately, Ken had been the one giving him his strength... Or maybe he always had. Either way, today was proving that he didn't need to always be the leader. That he didn't need his goggles to be able to save the day. At the end of the hallway, in the open air of Tokyo, they'd all be together again. Then, they'd figure out how to end this. Then... Well. They'd figure out what would happen then. They weren't going fast enough. "Come on!" Tatum grabbed Ken's hand and rushed through the corridor--knowing that if they took the stairs they had no chance. She wasn't the most athletic--her idea of exercise being an occasional hardcore concert if she was feeling up for a particularly shitty evening. She could hear them chasing after them, though. The Gazimon taking to all fours in an attempt to catch up to them. Pulling Ken down a different dark hallway, she pressed on to what she hoped was the way out. Lucky for her, her great sense of direction came in handy again. "There!" But Ken had taken the lead now, dragging her along to the exit, shoving his shoulder into the release bar and leading her into the autumn air. Hopping on one foot, she fist pumped the air and wrapped an arm around her companion, placing an excited kiss on his cheek. "You're the fucking man, Ken!" Chuckling, she ran toward the front of the building, knowing that they weren't entirely out of harms way until they found Daisuke. And it wasn't hard to find them. Greymon's horns poked over the edge of the stadium, and Birdramon had found her way back to flap idly a few stories above them. "I know those two. That means Tai and Sora are here, doesn't it?" Tatum said between heaving breaths. "That's a good thing, right?" Turning around, Daisuke saw Ken and Tatum heading their way. Excitedly, he went to run to close the gap, but Taichi placed a hand on his shoulder. "Nope." "Kamiya..." He watched as they made their way to a slow jog, both of them ready to leap onto him as he wanted to do to them. But unfortunately for all of them, he had been restrained again, and they weren't too far behind. "Davis?" Tatum said, coming to a stop. She looked worriedly at Ken, grabbing the boy's hand again, feeling another sense of flight winding up in her legs. "Hikari and Miyako took Chibimon and Wormmon to patch them up. Sora, Takeru, and others are working to clean up the rest of your guy's mess." Taichi said with a stern voice. He folded his arms and looked at Ken. "Koushiro and I will be taking you all back so we can figure out what the hell to do about everything else. We can't risk having you guys running around doing whatever you want... Especially when you just let one of the greatest threats we've ever seen to digimon just walk right into the real world." With a scowl he spat, "We can't even touch him like this." Tatum moved to reach for Daisuke. Really, she just wanted to say she was sorry. Although she was oddly happy that they weren't being screwed around with false threats, it was still her fault for brining the threat to their doorstep. But Koushiro had already taken her gently by the wrists, taking one of Taichi's restraints and wrapping it around them. She watched as Taichi roughly took Ken and did the same, a sort of animosity present across his actions. Daisuke stood forward with a sneer, "Careful, Kamiya..." Taichi threw his hands out when he was done with Ken, "Or what, Motomiya? Shut up until I say you can speak again. That goes for all of you." He walked past Daisuke and climbed onto his digimon. "Let's go."
  24. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    "What?" Daisuke's sight was starting to become blurry. His lungs expelled too much air between breaths that he was starting to hyperventilate. He couldn't. He couldn't stop now. Ken. Tatum. Veemon. Wormmon. They needed him. How could he fuck up so badly so early? "They'll die. They'll die..." Each time he said it, the more real it felt that he could lose all of them in one swoop. Would they be able to survive if he came to their rescue? Who knew. At least he could have said he tried. But would that have been worse? Watching them die before him? The thought was hitting him harder than a baseball bat to the back of the head. Harder than getting rammed with a car bumper. Harder than the tightest of Greymon's grasps. Why did they split up? Why did they think they could do this on their own at all? Why couldn't life just go back to normal!? "Oh fuck..." Daisuke breathed out, his legs giving out into his panic attack. Taichi's grip grew tighter. "What the hell are you on about, Motomiya?" The aggression in his voice was still present, but it somehow had a softer edge now. He still cared for the boy even if he was pissed off with the hell he had created. Through it all, he gave Daisuke the benefit of the doubt--even against his grander judgement. "Taichi," The wise voice of Koushiro broke through the tension between the goggle heads. "Let's calm down." He walked over and placed a hand on both of their shoulders. "Motomiya?" There was a silence between them all. A sort of emotional stand-off. Who was going to crack first? Which heated veil of anger was going to vaporize? There had been a time when Taichi was always the first to break--knowing that situations were always eventually best settled with calm words, even if they were proceeded by bruised fists. Daisuke was often too stubborn to change emotional or physical gears. "We didn't have a choice," Daisuke started, now facing the two older men, head hanging. "I swear... If we told you sooner, they'd be dead... Forever." "Who's 'they'?" Taichi's voice was gentle now. Daisuke was no longer throwing sarcastic barbs or childish insults. He was being genuine. The least he could do was to tone down his own frustration. "Veemon and Wormmon... Taichi, please. Let me go. They need me." Shaking his head, Taichi said, "Dammit, Dai..." He hadn't called him that since they were kids. "Why didn't you just tell us at the beginning?" "You gotta understand. I understand. I know..." Daisuke's chest heaved with a sob. How could he explain it so that he was still able to get what he needed? "Just let me explain it later. I promise. But you need to let me go." Koushiro was buried in his devices again--juggling between phone, digivice, and tablet. A noise escaped him that neither of the other two had ever heard come from him before... Followed by words so rarely uttered by the boy genius. "Aaaggghhh... Shit. Guys?" He placed the tablet in front of all of them, the news casting of Etemon flashing across its surface. They all watched the digimon changed forms on the screen, until it became nothing at all--vanishing into static--leaving behind the collective gasps between themselves and those on the stream. Daisuke's eyes grew wide. So it hadn't been a bluff after all. The only thing he could think of to do was scream. Tatum was glad she had left Betamon behind now. She had never seen anything like it before. Of course, she had seen some horrors before--she was an original chosen after all. But the energy in the stadium turned into a thick blanket of fear--even the misguided digimon that were helping Etemon were clearly distraught. With a spin of his microphone, it was obvious that Etemon was about to close up his speech, leaving Tatum with little time to think of how to keep him on the air. Honestly, she didn't know how long she had to keep him distracted, or if she even had to... But it was better to be safe than sorry, she supposed. Being an only child, and especially one that had such low at-home interaction, just made it so hard for her feel like she was valued in a friendship. So she took the position. The one everybody went to to do their dirty work. To be the heel. She would be the one to tell her friend's boyfriends that they didn't want to be together anymore. She'd be the one to allow them to cheat off her tests. She'd be the one to risk her life for the sake of her ex-boyfriend and his digimon. Or maybe that was happening right now... "Encore!" She shouted. Her voice echoing in the stadium both startled and made her cringe. "Eh?" Etemon looked around confused, trying to find the source of his applause. "Encore, encore!" Tatum walked down the stairs and into a view of a light. "What a great performance from such a..." She tried to find the words. What would keep him on stage? What would keep him talking? "From such a resourceful digimon." Etemon chuckled, "Why thank you lil' lady. Too bad I understand sarcasm, and ya know... I don't really appreciate it." With a snap of his finger, he waved a Vegimon her way. "Keep it rollin' boys. We'll show the world what happens when a fleshbag apposes us, too." She had little time to think before she was wrapped in tentacles, floating five feet above the front stage, finding herself a spectacle for thousands across the world. "We'll stand back. I'll be monitoring you through your D-3, and we'll come in if there's any issues." Koushiro said. The three had moved to be outside of the Budokan. Kabuterimon and Greymon stood looming over the group, prepared to fight any threats they may run into. It was lucky that the shaggy headed boy had decided to step up and be the rational leader for this endeavor. In most situations, he was set as the intel guy. The one that made all the plans. But the ringleader had always been Taichi--designating who would do what, bring together everybody to regroup, get everybody on the right track... However, this situation required surgical precision, and Koushiro was much better than both the hot-headed leaders when it came to this. Daisuke ran a hand through his hair and sighed. Taichi had released him shortly after the confession, giving him a solid warning that he wasn't off the hook just yet. With another threat between clentched teeth, he insisted there was going to be a serious talk later at the embassy. It's just that there was no reason for him to think Daisuke to be lying at this point--especially after what they had seen on the Koushiro's tablet. The rest of the chosen were told to stand back and handle the rampant digimon until called on. Things had fallen into place the way Daisuke had hoped, or at least the best he could hope for besides the inevitable threat of finding himself in jail at the end of the night. Ken would probably end up in the same predicament as well. Maybe they could at least share a cell? Hah! Rubbing his sore wrists, Daisuke nodded. "Thanks, guys. Once they're out of harms way, we can... Figure something out." For now, he had to get in and out safely with Ken, Tatum, and their digimon. Everything else could wait. Taichi warily nodded. "Yeah... Just... Bring them back safe, Motomiya." "I can't pin-point where Ichijouji is, but I can surmise that going through an entrance on the western side will be your best option." Koushiro looked up from his tablet to confirm with Daisuke. "Okay..." With a stroke of luck, one of the western doors had been knocked down and made for an easy break-in. Inside, however, were dark hallways, making it hard to even think of where to begin. "Ken?" He gave his eyes a few seconds to adjust to the darkness before he continued. "Ken!" His voice was a whispered shout, hoping to only garner the attention of his friend. It wasn't until the third turn down various hallways until he saw the light coming from the open door, a long humanoid shadow stretching across the opposite hall. Jogging down the hall he skid to a stop in front of the door to see Ken kneeling with their partners in his arms. "Ken! Holy shit!" Daisuke rushed to his friend's side and took the weak Demiveemon in his arms. "They're okay... Oh man... They're okay!" He couldn't help his tears of joy as he pressed the little creature to his cheek. "Dai..." Demiveemon cheeped. He was drained, but it was obvious the two monsters were happy to be in the care of their partners. "What... Took you so long...?" Daisuke laughed through a hiccup. "I... I'm sorry, buddy. It won't happen again." Looking to his side, he wrapped one arm around Ken's shoulder and brought the chosen close to him. Planting a long kiss on his cheek, Daisuke nuzzled his nose against the smooth skin. "Thank you. Thank you, so much. I knew you could do it." Standing up, a Demiveemon held closely to his chest, he tried to bring Ken up to speed. "Etemon. He wasn't fucking around. We're lucky these guys are still alive." He ran a thumb along the lines on his partner's forehead. "I... We're in serious shit with Taichi, but luckily he let me come in here. They're on standby--so let's get get the fuck out of here and figure out how to show Etemon what it means to pick fights with the chosen children." And then he noticed. "Where's Tatum?" Daisuke shuffled across the room, but she was nowhere to be seen. Echoing down the hall was a wailing, human scream, pleading helplessly for him to rescue her.