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    Thanks guys. :S I'll probably hit you up in the next couple of days Mystic if you're free. fff
  2. ...and it made me frown

    I miss Livejournal sometimes. I just don't have that same sort of semi-private venting to get issues off my chest. I've been holding onto this one for about a year, and I just don't know who I can talk to. :/
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    Yaaayy! Happy birthday, HH! *snuggle CRUSH*
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    I'm half way through writing my Christmas cards. T_T Whoops.
  5. I like all caps for titles, I guess. Surprised we don't have one of these yet. Post a picture of yourself so we can tell you how ugly you are (and to your internet face, too). i didn't choose the pokemon life; it chose me (hur hur hur).

    i don't understand i mean all you have to do is take a crotch shot yourself fucking i'll take a crotch shot CROTCH SHOTS FOR ALL

    sean just stfu stop
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    My Secret Santa's present is on the way. <3 I don't know when it will be in--it will probably be after Christmas. :< Haha! Basic bitch cards needed some jazz. I loved it! XD
  10. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Tatum adjusted the shawl around her shoulders, trying to find a way to answer Ken. "I'm not surprised... About him not saying anything, I mean." She rubbed her hands together against the chilly air. "He's been really nervous about it. You know how he is, and you know he's got a memory of a goldfish sometimes." And it was true. He had been nervous. If it was up to Daisuke, he probably wouldn't have told any of the chosen he was moving until he was asking one of them for a ride to the airport. "It important move." He said, elbow on his desk, head bowed and leaning toward his webcam. "Everybody..." "They will understand." "I do not know..." It was Ken. Would Ken understand? It still would have been difficult to tell the others, but every time he had thought of telling Ken, he felt a deep sense of regret. Regret for something he hadn't even done yet. Most of the time it felt like the boy was the only obligation he had to the country at all. The reality was that it was true. And although Ken lacked much of a social life, which never really seemed to bother him, if Daisuke left, he'd truly be cut off from a lot of social interaction. Their relationship was so old and strong that leaving him behind would be like leaving a brother... Or a spouse. And as backwards as it sounded, it was the thought of them being inseparable that made him want to run away even more. Tatum peeped to get Daisuke's attention. "Hey. They love you, man. They will understand." So it made sense to Tatum that Daisuke probably was wound up when he finally told Ken. Smiling, she touched Ken's arm. "I'm sure he's not mad at you, wacko. That's just one hell of a piece of news to drop?" She could only imagine how he had felt when he had heard. When she told her friends she was moving to the city, they were all tears. Of course, the distance was much less extravagant, but even a few extra miles could sometimes mean the difference of months between visits. "It was hard, you know. Obviously." Ken's jump to discussing their relationship again kind of made her unsettled. She was more than just her previous relationship with the goggle head. "The timezones, schedules, lack of uh... Contact." She blushed deeply at the last part. Talking about their physical relationship was probably the last thing Ken wanted to hear, and it was certainly the last thing she wanted to talk about. "It's been easier as friends, for sure. A lot less expectations. Now we just kinda shoot the shit whenever we can, and that's all right, you know? But with him moving in with me," she fiddled with the end of her braid, "Who knows, right?" They made it to the Budokan. Tatum had never heard of it before, but it was not so different from the stadiums found in the States. She agreed to Ken's plan, though unsure of how she could keep the digimon preoccupied without getting caught... But maybe that's just what she had to do. "Leave it to me," she smiled. It was time for her to prove what she was capable of. Not that he wasn't strong, it's just that Daisuke had always been quicker. His height and body size just let him shoot like an arrow down the soccer field, and did him well when he took track for a year during high school. Even though he didn't train as much as he did when he was younger, he still clearly had the leg up on Taichi who had fallen several feet behind him. Greymon had tried to follow, but his girth was proving to be problematic and instead turned his attention to handling rampant digimon. His human partner and friends could handle the rest. Weaving between blocks, accidentally knocking down pedestrians, and narrowly escaping getting clipped by cars, Daisuke led Taichi further and further away from the direction his friends had gone. He still didn't necessarily have a plan. He was already getting tired, and no matter how fast he made his turns, Taichi always seemed to know where he was going. With one last attempt, Daisuke took a turn down a small one way street, only to be greeted with a giant blue bug in his way. Of course. Daisuke slowed to a stop and shook his head dejectedly. Of course. Of course he'd have help from the air. Koushiro was able to track Taichi the entire time, and get two steps ahead of Daisuke. Birdramon was probably out patrolling for the other part of his team right now. "There's no point, Motomiya," Taichi said between heavy breaths, finally having caught up to the suspended action. "Just come with me, and we'll... We'll work something out." The phone in Daisuke's pocket buzzed. Ignoring his elders, he removed it and checked the message he had received. It was from Ken, and it looked like their initial choice of directions had miraculously been correct. But now he wished he was there to help--Ken was the one in real danger now. And unfortunately, Daisuke had no idea how he was going to be able to find his way to him at this point. "Daisuke!" Taichi put a heavy hand on his shoulder. "Now I just have one question," Taichi said, as he took Daisuke's free hand and moved it behind his back. Koushiro looked on from the shoulder of Kabuterimon in silence, his phone at the ready, tracking the other chosen's activities as they attempted to clean up Etemon's mess. "Why?" He took Daisuke's other hand arm and pulled it behind him. "Don't..." "Why?" "Don't, Taichi..." Daisuke heard the whimper in his own voice--disgusted in his own weakness in the face of the older children. He always thought he could do more--bring a whole fleet of digimon--he could take 'em! But his lack of foresight in the face of his well organized superiors blemished his title of leader. Oh, what he would give for Koushiro's crest right now. Taichi removed the disposible restraints from his pocket and looped them around Daisuke's wrists. With two quick zips, Daisuke's arms were securely tied behind his back, phone still clutched in his hand. Taking the device from Daisuke, Taichi read the last message on the screen. "He's at Budokan? Who's he?" Shoving the phone in Daisuke's face, he asked again, "Who's he?" "Just let me go. Kamiya, please..." "Sora's saying there's something going on at the Budokan," Koushiro said, descending down from his digimon and joining the two on the ground. "Should we meet them?" "No! No. Guys, don't. Don't!" Daisuke moved back, feeling like an animal trapped in a cage. What could he do? They were so close to getting their partners back, but bringing the whole crew of chosen children not only put Veemon and Wormmon in danger, but also Ken and Tatum. "Please!" Taichi grabbed the plastic between Daisuke's wrists and dragged him close. "You never answered my question: why? Why are you doing this?" "B... Because..." Was telling them going to help at this point? Would they listen to him if he said he had to go in alone? It had been so long since they had all worked together like this--he didn't know how much he could trust them to follow orders when they had all grown into their own methods. And he didn't know how much he trusted Taichi anymore. Whatever Daisuke said might just come off as being lies that Ken might have fed him. "I can't tell you..." "Huh?" It came out more as a laugh than a question. "I need you to trust me." A strange request when he was struggling to trust the others himself. "It doesn't work like that. Koushiro, go meet up with Sora. I'm bringing Daisuke back to the embassy." "They need me! He needs me." Daisuke started to make a run for it again, but a strong arm wrapped around the front of his chest, throwing him off balance and into Taichi's chest. "Why?" "Because they'll die!"
  11. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Yeah, I still need to do my cards and buy my present. I'll defo buy the present tonight, but I'll be working on the cards through the week. IN OTHER NEWS, I got Asura's super glitter card. It was awesome. <3 Thanks darling :D

    i meant me as in i'm omnipresent but what you said could also be arranged

    we can change that *wiggly eyebrows*
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  16. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Tatum couldn't help but feel a little slighted. How could Ken know so little about her when she felt like they were old friends who had been reunited? Part of it was because he was one of the first chosen, another part was that he was a famous prodigy--so it would make sense that she would know about him in some capacity. But it didn't alleviate the fact that Daisuke talked about him. A lot. She, for instance, knew that he liked his tea plain, that he tended to work on clockwork schedules, and that he had a particular interest in entomology. She also knew that he had a habit of avoiding conflict by feigning friendliness, a trait that Tatum did not share. And it was clear they were both rather appalled by their lack of tactile knowledge of each other. As she began to speak, she stopped, catching the sharp words from leaving her mouth. It wasn't Ken's fault Daisuke didn't talk about her... So why not talk about her? She knew how close of friends Daisuke and Ken were--she witnessed it first hand today. Was Daisuke... Ashamed of her? Nodding, Tatum responded, "He definitely needs help with his English, that's for sure!" She chuckled. "Then again, I could do better with my end of the bargain too." She crossed her arms as they continued to walk. They had taken some back roads, so it was significantly quieter than the main strip--though the urgency of their situation was still present. "But yeah, we're close. I'm sure you know we were kind of a thing for awhile." A thing? Come on. "We were dating." She scratched her upper arm nervously, feeling awkward for having to explain something that should have been established. "Obviously, it didn't work out. But we're still friends. For sure, I'm happy he's finally decided to make the move. We had talked about it a long time ago. He seemed so... Unhappy for awhile." She frowned. Restoring an optimistic person's joy was difficult--a feat she felt like she never was able to achieve. "So I think this will be good for him! My couch already has his name on it." There was still a tension, though. Not necessarily the tension often felt when trying to talk to learn about somebody for the first time--struggling to ask the right questions, clamoring to find the next subject to avoid the deathly silence of a stale conversation. She couldn't put her finger on it, but even through it all, she felt like she was trying to defend herself. Even though Ken's words were soft and gentle, they seemed to bite. Maybe it was his accent? Either way, she would have to have a stern discussion with Daisuke. "So tell me, Motomiya," Taichi walked toward Daisuke, until they were only inches apart. Daisuke could see the disappointment across his role model's face--his eyes slit with resentment. "Why you allowed this to happen?" "We didn't--" Taichi slapped his hands on either side of Daisuke's face and drew the younger man even closer. "Don't play this game with me. We know you let them in." Daisuke put his hands up and tried to pry Taichi's grip away. "So what?" The dismissive nature of Daisuke's responses grated on Taichi, fueling the anger that had been burning since the day before. "So what!? Are you fucking kidding me!? There are people getting hurt right now. You're putting us all in danger! Can you even understand that!? What the hell is wrong with you?" Finally, Daisuke was able to escape Taichi, as he side stepped toward the street opposite of the one Taichi had emerged from. "This is what's happening to them, Kamiya! This is why we need to disconnect the worlds! If people like you can't even prevent this from happening, neither side is safe, is it?" He readied his body to sprint, figuring he'd run the man through the streets. But his plans were cut short when Taichi grabbed the hood of his sweater and dragged him to the ground. "Your ignorance is really trying me," Taichi swiftly flung Daisuke on his belly, mounting his back as he attempted to pull Daisuke's arms back to zip tie his hands together. Daisuke, of course, struggled, making it difficult for Taichi to even reach for the restraints. "Your lack of understanding is causing a serious danger to society. It stops now!" Daisuke flailed, finally bucking Taichi off balance long enough to scuttle across the ground and launch into a sprint down the street--Taichi's footsteps sounding off behind him.
  17. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Things were pretty fucked. Like, they could have been worse. The destruction was more on the lines of reckless mischief--broken windows, bent signs, burning cars. Luckily, most of the digimon that had transferred didn't have the capability to knock over a building with a misplaced tail wag, but that didn't make the chaos any less palpable. It had been worse. Daisuke and Ken had dealt with situations in the real world and the digital world that were arguably more terrible than this. However, having had the choice to ultimately prevent the chain of actions that perpetuated the current affairs... Felt pretty shitty. And of course, that was only compounded by the fact that they were partnerless and, at the moment, largely friendless. Speaking of friends--it would only be a matter of time before one of the other chosen discovered them. Playing the role of hero was often a hard act to drop, especially when the population expected you to. With the delicate nature of the situation, Taichi was almost guaranteed to be one of the first at the scene. Knowing his continued alliance with Koushiro, they had probably already determined that Daisuke and Ken had been at the epicenter of the gate's malicious breach. So basically--they had giant, juicy targets on their heads, ready to be chewed up by Greymon's sharp teeth. And they weren't necessarily the easiest pair of people to blend into a crowd. Daisuke reached to snap his phantom goggles at his forehead--remembering that he had taken Taichi's advice and left them on Ken's coffee table that morning. He frowned slightly as he turned to his friend, his fingers having found their way to ball his hair up, feeling a little off kilter without his symbol of leadership. But they needed a plan, even if it was a badly rushed one, because they had essentially three clocks ticking away on them: Etemon's course of destruction, their window of opportunity to retrieve their partners, and the arrival of the chosen. ... Make that four clocks. Ken's shoulders were low, his hair falling before his face, his features plastered with that look of complete defeat. Daisuke stepped forward and placed his hands on the boy's shoulders, tilting his head to look into his eyes. He was obviously bothered by something--deeper than what was happening around them--and Daisuke had to restart the child of kindness before the three of them began to do anything. "Ichijouji," his voice was soft and warm, close to inaudible, dangerously close to being doused in affection, "Everything will be okay. All right? We're so close. When we're together, nothing can get in our way... And Etemon is going to regret ever messing with us." Unconsciously, he brushed the hair back from Ken's face. He wanted Ken to see how sincere he was being--that he really did, and always would, believe that they could get through any situation... Because they had. Tatum looked on with an eyebrow slightly askew. Squeezing Ken's shoulders, feebly hoping that his speech and contact of reassurance would work as it had in the past, Daisuke stepped away and peered down both sides of the chaotic streets. "All right, so..." What to do? The biggest issue was the chosen children--they would recognize Daisuke and Ken easily, and Taichi had the power to put them six feet under if he got his hands on them... Or at least throw them behind a row of iron bars. And with their current state of affairs, losing freedom was the absolute worst thing that could happen. Knowing that time was more important, he employed Ken to translate his plan to Tatum. She was going to be their buffer--none of the chosen children really knew who she was (besides maybe Mimi and Hikari), so she could easily find a way to cause a distraction. Pop open a fire hydrant, fake an injury--do something grand to get their attention as they filtered in. He admitted to its low rate of success, but her role as a shield was paramount for them to even have a chance to reach their partners. There wasn't much to start off with, besides the trail of destruction that the digimon had left behind them. It looked like they had split down two opposite ends of the street, and they just had to guess which way Etemon went and which way the chosen children would come from. "We'll go south," Daisuke said. It was the direction that was less destroyed--Etemon was probably playing it low. It would bring them closer to the ocean faster, and may provide some better shelter... Plus, it was in the direction that was further away from the domiciles of the other chosen. "Tatum, can you go north?" He pointed down the street. With pursed lips, Tatum barely gave a response. She had never actually been to Tokyo before. Being separated from the group could really end up just being a disaster. "Davis, I don't know my way around. I have to go with one of you." The idea of being split apart disappointed her. Asking to even change the plan made her feel overwhelmed. Of course, the first time she would have the chance to truly fight alongside Daisuke, and she was going to miss out on it. But the energy between Daisuke and Ken was nearly visible in the haze of chaos, and it made her a little... Well, she still had no idea where she was. "I'll go with Ken." She looked in Ken's direction. "It'll be easier to talk." "Aa..." Daisuke held a finger to his chin. "But..." "I can help more this way," Tatum said. Daisuke looked at both of them before finally nodding slowly. It meant he'd be more exposed... That he'd have to cause the distractions. But he was more fiery one--even without a partner he could hold off the rest of the chosen... Just like he had done the night before. He wasn't sure he'd be able to succeed, but, it gave Ken more of a chance to be the negotiator. It just might mean he'd find himself with more than a few bruises... "Okay." With a thumbs up, the group split, Daisuke going north, while Ken and Tatum went south. Daisuke just hoped that Ken could keep his strength when they were separated. He needed him more than ever at this moment. It only took a few blocks before he recognized that familiar roar, instantly glad that he had been the one to go the direction he had gone. The giant head poked out from the street corner before the rest of the reptile appeared. Orange, blue, scaly, and menacing--with another massive bellow the dinosaur-like digimon shook the very pavement below it. Atop the digimon's shoulders was his partner, the man that had left Daisuke in a stooper barely twelve hours prior. Climbing onto Greymon's boney head, Taichi looked around--the commotion around him failing to rouse him. He was hunting for something... No, for someone. Daisuke zipped up the hoodie he was wearing and took a deep breath. As the match-up stood, he didn't stand a chance, but he knew Taichi would have to be careful. And thankfully, he knew the area a bit better, and could probably get Taichi away from Greymon and run the boy in circles. Hopefully, anyway. With a deep sniff, Greymon let out another grumbling roar, which melted into a deep growl of words, "There, Taichi." Daisuke felt like an ant under a magnifying glass. "Ah! Motomiya! I've been looking for you..." Taichi shouted, his partner motioning forward toward the younger child of courage. Greymon knelt down, allowing Taichi to hop down to the ground. The young man was wearing more casual clothes--the chaos probably hitting the streets before he had a chance to really prepare for the day. As opposites, they looked as equals. Young, fit, confident, leaders... Taichi smirked. "You've been busy."
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    Welcome back! Glad you got everything sorted and are back on the internets. :) <3 Internets are good. Yes.
  19. ...and it made me frown

    NE Pokemon scene is turning into a mess. :(
  20. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I'm excited I got who I did for Secret Santa. :) And I ordered my Christmas cards last Friday. They won't be in until probably sometime later this week.... So I'll get them out next week. Hooray Pokemon themed cards~~. :)
  21. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Daisuke had moved to help Tatum to her feet when he noticed Ken's expression. It was a mix of confusion, disgust, and though he wasn't sure he even knew what it was supposed to look like, he guessed the final emotion was contempt. Daisuke narrowed his eyes and mouthed a very clear "fuck you" to his friend as he turned his attention to Tatum. It was always more difficult for them to talk with their mouthes instead of their fingers. Many of their conversations ended up being a mix of beginner English and Japanese--flip flopping between languages in the same sentence. It was always easier to communicate over messenger because at least they had translation tools at their disposal. It wasn't perfect, but it made communication plausible. They were both interested in learning each other's language, it was just never a huge priority when so many of their common interests involved pictures and translated content (like manga and American comic books). Being confronted with a situation where they had to think fast to understand each other--Daisuke and Tatum crumbled at being efficient. "Ah..." Daisuke started, he bit his lip in concentration, waiting for his brain to catch up to where Ken's sentence ended. He was better with reading than listening--he obviously had more exposure to the former. "Yes. I am happy you is good." Shaking his head he breathed out and turned his back from Tatum, trying to hide a blush. Really, the embarrassment was coming from exposing his English skills to Ken, feeling his snide words from the other day resurfacing to hurt his pride some more. "I'm fine." Tatum said, placing a hand on Daisuke's arm, causing him to face her again. They caught eyes and Daisuke felt his heart sink, her green eyes always able to say more than any words could. The regret, the pain, the disappointment--it was all there. She had been thrown into the same position as them, only she was a casualty. She had no reason to feel how her eyes made her look--full of remorse. "I didn't..." Looking past her friend, she addressed Ken with a stern voice. She recognized that he had been bordering confrontational in his instigation, a tone she was never afraid counter. "I didn't bring Betamon, because I knew exactly where you two were. I just wanted to catch up to Davis so I could knock some damn sense into him." She pat Daisuke's arm as she continued talking, "Bringing Betamon could have put him at risk from the sounds of what you all were saying earlier. Am I right? So why risk his safety when I shouldn't have taken more than fifteen minutes." Her body seemed to gravitative more and more toward Daisuke's body with each word, until finally she wrapped her arms around the red-head and let out a relieved sigh. "I'm just glad to see you both are all right, but..." Letting her arms drop she turned away from both of them, "I know what you're thinking, and I know you're right. If I had Betamon, I might have been able to do something instead of letting them getting away." "Veemon..." Daisuke said, his voice trailing on the tail end of sadness. They had been so close... If only they had been a few minutes earlier... The heightened awareness Tatum had for Daisuke's emotions pushed her on to apologize in the best way she could think. "I want to help." Tatum said, confidence filling her chest as she took both of Daisuke's hands. It felt so nice being here with him... It had been too long. If only it was met under better circumstances. "I... I don't know what's going on, but I guess I'm apart of this now. People could be hurt because I wasn't strong enough to stop them. Let me help." She was better than this. She was stronger than this. Most importantly, she was going to do her duty as a chosen and protect people. Looking back at Ken, Daisuke caught a glint of... A glint of something he'd never seen on the boy's face. It was clear Ken has put all the pieces together a long time ago, and he was nowhere near as good at masking any of the new feelings he may have been having from his best friend. But it was clear that in order to do this, they had to do it on their own--and that included cleaning up the additional mess Tatum unfortunately had caused. "You can't. It's too dangerous." He spoke in Japanese, quickly in hopes that Tatum wouldn't be able to follow. But she could. "I can't? Who are you to say I can't?!" "You can't, because what if we make one slip up? What if one of us just... Goes too far and then--boom--the show ends and everybody's gone!?" "Davis, I..." "This is ours." Daisuke waved an arm out toward Ken. "We got into this mess, and we'll get out of it. Bringing in anybody else just jeopardizes more lives. Thanks for your concern, but it doesn't help. It really doesn't." "Davis! Stop!" Tatum was pulling at the end of her braid when she shouted at Daisuke. "I can't understand you!" He was doing it to protect her. He cared too much about her to carry any more potential guilt. He cared too much about her to see her get hurt. He cared too much about her to see her fight a battle that wasn't hers. "Go. Home." Like a whip, a crack of light streaked across his vision and a stinging pain throbbed on his cheek. "You asshole." Tatum spat, the back of her hand already changing into a colorful display of reds. "I'll do what I want; especially if it means I can help people. I don't need your approval." Fuming, she strode off to the gate and turned back to the pair. "I'm not saying it again. So let's go." Arms folded, she stared down the goggle head. She wasn't going back to New York--if she went back, she knew Daisuke would leave without her, and she needed their signal to jump to Tokyo--unless she felt like taking a last minute 24 hour plane trip. They'd have to go together and figure out how to handle the impossible. Sitting on his heels, Daisuke nursed the side of his face sheepishly as he aimlessly drew circular patterns in the dirt. He was left with a sense of uncertainty. They did need the help, but what were three chosen children without their partners going to do against a horde of monsters in a major city? At least Daisuke was used to working through hell with Ken--Tatum had a chance to just complicate matters. One wrong move and they could have been on the scent, and the next minute Veemon and Wormmon could be dust. And that didn't even include the human lives involved now. But he had no say. Their personalities clashing again--he would be doing the exact same thing she was doing now. She had just as much of a right to help at this point, and she wasn't somebody that needed to be protected. So for now, the party of two had turned into a party of three, and Daisuke couldn't seem to shake the unsettling feeling of Ken's eyes on him.
  22. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Tatum had always been an independent spirit. It might have had a lot to do with being an only child to a single mother. With so many nights spent alone with nothing but a flashlight and a good book to read, her mother absent due to late shifts at the hospital, the girl grew up with a fierce sense of self-reliance and a healthy dose of imagination to match. The day Botamon's egg appeared in her room, she didn't think much of it--her mother was prone to leaving her strange gifts before she left for work. Pine cones, yarn, slabs of bark... Although they didn't manage to see each other much during the day, they made gifts for each other to share silently in others absence. But after a few weeks, the egg started to shake. And sometimes, though dismissed as the old house making noise, it peeped. Apparently, the dark colored egg was more than an accent for the centerpiece Tatum had created for their scarcely used dinner table. The day Tatum returned home to the cracked egg, and the little bouncing fluff that called itself Botamon, was probably one of the best days of her life. It had been told to her several times she couldn't have a pet, but this strange little creature was apparently her partner. Totally different, she thought. Accompanied with an old styled digivice, she became one of the first American Chosen. Luckily, it was easy to hide away her friend--the black pile of fuzz looked like a wad of pipe cleaners, making it easy to stick him in drawers of crafting supplies while Tatum was away at school. It was a long time before she finally entered the Digital World on her own, and even longer still before she came across another Chosen Child. It had been only a few months before the Japanese children's "Christmas Tour" when she happened across Michael in the Digital World. Her excitement to know there were others like her, along with the fact that they lived in the same state (though still three hundred or so miles apart), made her feel... Made her feel like she wasn't so alone! So when ShogunGekomon showed up Niagara Falls, Tatum and Airdramon became a part of something bigger. They were part of a few very, very special group of individuals. A set of individuals that had a hand in making the world it was now. And it brought her out of a shell of isolation. Even though she and the other American Chosen didn't have as large of a part as the Japanese Chosen, they still had their time in the limelight. It forced her to blossom into a young woman, her and Betamon finding themselves on the local Buffalo news station with their own monthly segment about how to care for your Digimon. She began pouring her heart into art and fashion and eventually, Davis. It took a lot of writing and rewriting before she finally sent her first message to Daisuke. Tatum was afraid he wouldn't even remember who she was--their meeting at Rockefeller Center was so fleeting--her arrival a bit later than the others. But he did! And he was so nice. And they liked the same things. And he was funny (even over their language boundaries). And confident. And cute. He was very cute. After their first lunch in the Digital World, it was clear they were going to be friends for a long time--their interests seemed to overlap nicely, their moral senses aligning perfectly, and every time they met, hours seemed to melt away from time. Three years ago, she asked Daisuke out to New York for his birthday/Christmas. Combining their savings, they managed to get him a plane ticket to the states, and together they took the train to the city for a weekend to relive their first visit. That night, they had their first kiss. Two days later, back in Buffalo, they shared the same bed. For a year, they were a couple. For two years, they found themselves in a weird sort of relationship limbo. The distance was too much for them--their similarities, especially in big personalities, placed the final crack on the strained relationship. But Tatum never stopped loving Daisuke, or Davis as she called him (because she could never get the "suke" right), they just couldn't be far away to make a relationship work. Since she moved to the city for college, she had a lot of time to focus on her studies, her aspirations focused on sequential art. She didn't have time for boys, or much of anything. Even Betamon would get upset with her. But her dreams were big, and her drive to fulfill them were unrelenting. Oh, but she liked the idea of Davis coming to America. He broke down and told her about a year ago that he wasn't sure he was going to be able to do what he wanted to. After hours of circling around the issue ("You can do it"; "No I can't"; "Yes you can!"), Tatum suggested that maybe he needed to look aboard. Expand his horizons. Maybe move somewhere with a market with the need? Like New York City? She wasn't a manipulative person--what she said was in fact truth--but she would have been lying if she said she wasn't happy about the fact that he might entertain the idea of permanently being at her backdoor. She wasn't interested in sparking anything between them again for some time, but having the option was just... Comforting. And it sounded like it would be really beneficial for her friend. Then he said he would do it. With Betamon's eyes practically popping out of his head, Tatum held tightly onto her digital friend as Davis delivered the news. "That's awesome, Davis!" "I... It good. Yes." Nodding over their conference call. He smiled toothily, Demiveemon bouncing on his lap, not too sure what he was actually excited for. "Need it, I think." "You can stay with me for a bit before you get settled into your own place. My roommates and I would love to have you. Our couch is really comfy too! You and Demiveemon will do great here." She smiled back. With a softly nervous laugh, Davis nodded, "Okay." So it kind of pissed her off when she had sent the stupid goggle head seven messages over the course of 48 hours and received no answer. Seeing his face on the television, hearing it regurgitating the closest thing to garbage she could think of, was making her internal thermometer reach a boiling point. Luckily for her, Davis and Ken had their own sort of fanclubs--rumors were always abuzz of their locations (often using illegal means of pinging their digivices across the digitization process). A little onsen at the edge of forest? Odd... Leaving Betamon behind in her apartment, she found her way into the Digital World and at the quaint little onsen... Only to find that what was really going on was both exactly what she had suspected, but also not at all what she was prepared to handle on her own. Finding herself in the clutches of the orange ape, with the possession of her friend's digimon, and the threat of permanent extinction. Reluctantly, she opened the gate for the slew of digimon that wanted to bring the same sort of pain to the real world as humans had done to them... ----------- What a shame, the morning had been going so well... "Listen here," Daisuke's voice boomed in the reception hall. He had very little patience in continuing to play this game. "Where'd they go?" Monzemon simply shook his head and shrugged with what little shoulders he had. "I don't know, and why do you think I'd tell you, human?" Slamming his fist on the table, Daisuke had to hold back the urge to climb over the desk and rip the poor digimon's plush head off. "Give me a fucking direction! Outside?! To the left!? Second star to the right?!" He slammed his other fist on the table. "Tell me!" Staring down the big bear digimon with no reinforcement of his own was obviously not working. They were just two young men against a bear that could shoot lasers from his eyes. Of course they weren't going to get an answer. Beep beep. "Huh?" Beep beep. Beep beep. His D-3! Excitement shook his muscles so rapidly that he fumbled the device between his fingers several times before finally clutching it between both hands. "Ken!" His smile must have been contagious--both boys had big tooth grins across their face. Their partners were close, and Etemon was going to be sorry for even letting them have the things when they got back to their friends. They followed the blips on the screens of their D-3s until they made it to a small clearing in the forest. The red dots on the small screens extinguished. Daisuke shook his device a few times before angrily spiking it to the ground. "DAMMIT." Throwing his head back, he looked up at the early morning sky, a pattern of leaf shaped shadows casting from the treetops. He let an aggravated groan deflate him to the ground, his head falling into this hands. "Where did they go? Why is this thing such a piece of shit? We were so close. This was going to be over..." Raising his head to look up at Ken, he double took at a tree across a clearing. There was... Somebody there? "Hey..." Slapping Ken's leg lightly with the back of his hand, Daisuke pointed to the shadow next to the tree. Standing up, he gathered his courage and took the helm. Quietly, he strode over until he finally recognized who it was... Although her face wasn't showing in her curled up position, that fair skin combined with the funky haircut and color, were a justified cause for a second double take, "Tatum!?" The girl's head snapped up from her knees. "Davis!?" She kicked back into the tree she was leaning against, smacking her head on the back of it. Placing a hand on the sore spot, she crawled backward from her friend before she felt like she was a safe distance away. "What... Ah. What do here?" His broken English was causing him a significant form of frustration and embarrassment at this particular moment. He tried to close the space between them, but she kept inching way. "What wrong?" Tatum hadn't been crying, but a tear fell after Daisuke's words hit her. She felt stupid. Unreliable. Isolated. "He took them... I'm sorry. I didn't know what else to do..."
  23. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Daisuke had been right. It was better than the first time. It was better than the first time he had sex, and it was better than the first time they had jogressed. It was just the best thing. It was a history rewriter. It was a big deal. It was... "Nnnnnn... gggaaahhhh." Daisuke groaned out, pushing himself deeper into his willing partner. The noises, the feelings, the emotions, the temperature, the closeness. Holy shit, it was mind blowing. Maddening. With Ken's legs wrapped around him and his face contorting into a wonderful picture book of pleasure, it wasn't hard to go hard. Especially when the pretty boy was practically demanding it. Bracing the edge of the couch with one hand and Ken's shoulder with the other, Daisuke not only realized that he picked an inconvenient location to have a wild fuck party on, but that harder and deeper he went, the more irresistible his partner became. Yes, it was better than the first time he had sex. The first time was awkward and weird--a hastened fumbling for condoms and lotion and the ever terrible feeling of even fucking finding the right hole to stick his dick into. Not to say it was all bad--it was a very special moment without a doubt, a moment he'd never change. The tension of having to stay quiet when he had snuck into Tatum's room that night. The moment of distress when Tatum nearly cried out when he had first penetrated her. The complete lack of orgasms as they just seemed to flop on each other for an hour trying to even figure out how to move their hips at the right time. It was perfectly adolescent, the cornerstone to his advanced sexual life. But this time was better. It was better for several reasons. The obvious one was that he was more experienced now. He knew what he was doing, and he knew how to make it enjoyable. The actual first time, he knew it all in theory, but not at all in practice. But without a doubt, Ken was enjoying himself under the movements of his well trained hips. The second reason was pretty obvious as well--it was Ken. There had never been another human being he had ever felt so close to. Even though on the surface they looked completely incompatible, it had always been the little things that brought them together. Together, they balanced the other out--allowing shared interests that never caused conflicts. And that didn't even include the fact that he was the boy genius--stupid smart and crazy hot. A prize wanted by all, but only belonging to him. The third was the feeling of completely losing himself. Not in the sense of just going blind with rage humping, but in the sense of actually having a hard time figuring out who's pleasure he was actually feeling. Years of digitization--the passing and going between code and reality. The plethora of times they held hands tightly while fighting an enemy with Paildramon, their physical connection turning into an emotional one, their hearts combining on a plane so few others could say they experienced. Relief that even without their digital companions, the connection was still there, the heavy pounding of Ken's heart out pacing the sound of his own in his ears. Each whimper and ecstatic cry amplifying the feeling of his own pleasure three fold. This was something everybody should feel. He thought, through a hazy mind, that when everything was all over, he'd have to suggest the other jogress teams should really try this out. It didn't take long at all for Daisuke to follow Ken in orgasm. The very fact that he succeeded in making his friend burst, leaving the boy with the expression on his face that hung in limbo somewhere between pain and ecstasy. Pink lips ajar with quivering moans, eyebrows upturned as if he had finished asking a very profound question, his cheeks rosy with exhaustion... After releasing himself, Daisuke kept his hips moving mindlessly as he struggled to hold himself up. It was like everything had drained out of him and he was threatening to deflate into a thing that barely resembled a person. Shaking his head, he chanted in breathy quiet, "Holy shit holy shit holy shit... I love you I love you I love you..." Until finally he removed himself from the wonderful warmth of Ken's body and laid on top of his friend, lovingly wrapping his arms around the boy. He laid his head on his heaving chest, Ken's heart pounding against his smiling cheek. And at that point, the entire day caught up to them. The sweetness of their closeness lulling them quickly into an exhausted slumber--not even allowing them so much as move to clean themselves up or to say any other words. It could all wait until the morning. The sun peeked through the vertical blinds of the window, sectioning the living room into an incomplete grid. Daisuke's eyes slowly fluttered open, a heavy sigh escaping his dry lips. It took him a few moments to remember where he was, what had happened last night, and why he was naked. Looking up at his sleeping companion, he couldn't help but lean up and give his partner a wake-up kiss. He waited for the groggy response and for the sleep encrusted eyes to finally open before he finally said, "Morning, sexy. Wanna go to an onsen?"
  24. Meet Me at Atatakai Onsen

    Daisuke had never felt so close to the idea of "Cloud Nine" as he was feeling now. His largest embarrassment now seemed to be that he had been so afraid of Ken. Afraid of what he'd say, afraid of what he'd do, afraid he wouldn't even care. Each fear building an intricate construction of lies and doubt and depression. And all along, he could have just been what he'd always been... Honest. It took bricks and bricks for it to strain and finally collapse. The catalyst was unexpected and grand, but the result was... The result was exactly as Daisuke had dreamed it would be. No! No. Better. So much better. "You don't need to tell me that you're all grown up, Ichijouji," Daisuke purred into his friend's ear as he rocked his hips deeper. "But it's hard to imagine you with a sex drive." He placed gentle bites along the sensitive skin of Ken's neck, sucking lightly at times, biting hard at others. In the end, he didn't expect Ken to have the type of interest or energy he had, but the fact he was getting any response at all was almost orgasmically satisfying. "No offense." He smiled as he moved up to kissed the corner of Ken's lip, before biting down and pulling his bottom lip playfully. Taking Ken's virginity was going to be the best thing that happened--maybe in the history of mankind. Too bad for all those fucks that missed out on this opportunity. Today was surely a day that would be remembered. It flattered Daisuke that he would be teaching Ken something for once. He felt a little bit of shame for how much experience he actually did have--especially with how he chose to deal with his complicated realizations of wanting to bang his best friend for the past year. The first girl was special, and Daisuke would always love Tatum on a deep scale. But the girls whose faces he saw as blurs, whose numbers he never called back, who swooned over his very name... He barely had enough digits to count the moments that, in the end, meant so little. Something so special like sharing your body with somebody should mean the world. He kept doing it because it never did. But he did learn, and he would show Ken tonight that even though all the shit they had been through, were going through, and would be through were special. That accepting his advances shouldn't be met with disappointment or regret--and hell, even if they were, at least that they'd be forgiven. Daisuke kissed a light trail down Ken's chest, running his hands up and down the boy's sides, causing him to writhe against his hips. It wasn't hard to make the jump--Ken was so delightfully smooth, impossibly perfected, curiously hairless... The tousled locks across his face--he was the example of when femininity melded fluidly with masculinity. As Daisuke reached Ken's hips, he pulled down the hem of the waist of his pants and ran a finger along the thin scar across his hip bone, placing a fine kiss on it. "I didn't know it scarred so bad," he said guiltily. It was a blemish caused by him years ago, when he accidentally fumbled a knife in the kitchen when Ken was a little too close. Three towels and five soaked gauze strips later, the bleeding had stopped, but Daisuke's apologies didn't. And even now, he found himself feeling bad, although he was pleased to remember such a moment in their relationship. Happy that he had the privilege to expose so an intimate detail. Placing one knee between Ken's crotch and his other leg bracing off the side of the couch, he leaned over to the coffee table and grabbed the lotion bottle--a commodity that was always there, but never had such an important use until now. "How convenient," he smiled, squirting a handful into one hand and rubbing them together for quick lubrication. Daisuke wasn't feeling too into the idea of foreplay, but he wanted Ken to have a little tasting of everything--or for as long as Daisuke could control the dick in his own pants. With a quick flick of his wrist, Daisuke unlatched the button to Ken's pants and drew them down, with the boy's underwear, to reveal his satisfyingly erect member. Fighting back a blush--because after all, it was his first time with a boy--he removed the rest of the pieces of clothing until all that was left was a very nakedly vulnerable but insanely attractive man. Steeling himself, Daisuke took Ken within his hand and pumped gently. Leaning over, he hungrily took Ken's mouth again, stroking in time with every little whimper and unrestrained thrust from his partner. They were lost within each other. He had no idea that even being chest to chest could feel so comforting--that it would spike his adrenaline to blinding levels. And his coos--they were delicious. Every change in rhythm, in pressure, in stroke length, prompted a new course of sounds from Ken. And just as he felt desperate claws scratch across his back, Daisuke dipped down--Ken's hands moving to be entangled in the mess of his hair--and took him into his mouth. Pinning the boy's hips down, he did the best he could to match the pace he had before, awkwardly trying to find the right appliance of lips and tongue necessary to get the same satisfying reaction. The young man's length was a bit hard to deal with as well--especially when Ken couldn't hold back a well placed thrust. And although the initial reaction was amazing, he realized quickly he wasn't as skilled as those that had done it to him in the past. Sitting back up, he continue to stroke Ken as he looked down at his blissful companion. "S-sorry," he muttered. "We both still have things to learn." Letting Ken free, Daisuke slid himself up the length of the couch and took more kisses between mindless grinding. He wanted more than anything to fuck the boy raw, though he felt disgusted thinking such a primal desire for a situation that should have been so tender. "Ken..." Daisuke trailed, catching his lusty eyes, his heart swelling knowing that he put that look there. "Ken, I..." At this point, what was the point of not saying it? "I love you." It wasn't the first time he had said it, but the context had never been the same. It had a new layer to it now; at best, the final layer it may ever have to achieve. "And I want you to feel what it's like... How your dumb face makes me feel," he chuckled behind a kiss. "And I'm sure you want to know too... It will be like the first time all over again." Warmly, he placed a hand on Ken's heart, and he knew for sure he wasn't exaggerating.