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  1. That's really cool that you're a dancer. I can't say I've ever actually known one. So for going to school for this, do you plan to teach with it (hence the whole education minor), or do you want to do it professional? Sorry if this seems silly, it's just intriguing. I don't know anything about professional dance.
  2. R Adventure: 03 Discussion

    I LIKE THIS. WHEN DO WE START? We can continue to work things out as we start, of course. Also, I'm glad that you remembered the ending. haha. I guess that would explain why Davis runs a noodle cart with Veemon when he's older. Would you be up for making the first post? I haven't RPed in like 3 years. I'm a bit rusty. :(
  3. Deviantart Haven't updated anything in over three years. I have 334 unread messages. lulz. Kels! I love your stuff! You've improved so much in such a short amount of time. o_o And of course Antwaine is just stupid awesome. >|
  4. R Adventure: 03 Discussion

    I'm totally fine with playing Davis! According to the Digimon Wiki, they're both 13 and in 7th grade. So I'm thinking several years later, probably yes, around the time that they graduate high school. It makes it less pedo that way too. ;P The problem is, that they're both from different towns and different schools. In many episodes, Ken needs to take the train (which takes about an hour) to get home when he's done being with the other Digidestined. So if we use the plot of moving on, it would have to be very far away... Like possibly another country. I'm almost done rewatching this season. I know after season 1, the digidestined couldn't go back to the digiworld unless there was some sort of threat. I can't remember if that happens at the end of this season as well. We can still add a couple of years to them, and document their life after being digidestined, and how it affected them. Of course, we can make a simple threat to the digiworld that can bring them closer again, and plus we can bring in Wormmon and Veemon. :) Let me know if any of this sounds salvageable.
  5. H-hi~

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (also hi, but seriously PLEASE)
  6. Long time no see

    Sure! I'll send you an PM over! I don't expect much, but any help would be great! I'm pretty novice when it comes to good SEO. And not too many of the oldies are around. Hell, I've been pretty MIA for the past two to three years. Yoshi, Raya, Rodent, MS, and Iza might show up again, as they did for a brief time on the previous Surreality. Wisty has kinda moved on, and I haven't seen her in forever besides on Facebook. Klown... Wow. Haven't seen him in ages. Mizu stopped coming around years ago--she lives in Japan now! Wow. So weird how many people I remember. And I have so many of them on Facebook too! I love you guys. <3
  7. Why...Hello there!

    Interesting fact: you will have been an S*T members for seven years tomorrow! Hooray! :D
  8. Greetings from the Guard

    Welcome, Dragon! I also used to RP, but I think I'd like to try again. It's been too long. I wonder if I even remember how to write... A suit of armor? That's awesome! I can't wait to see some pictures. Do you have sketches or a reference that you're basing it off of? Anyway, welcome again! :D
  9. Why...Hello there!

    You aren't neeewwwww. Welcome back, friend. :)
  10. Long time no see

    It's stupid how fast time flies! And yes I did. *takes all the glomps* :E SEO you say? I'm a front end developer at the moment. Haha. I was actually just thinking what I could do for SEO to get this place ranked higher... Let me know if you have any ideas. ;3
  11. Long time no see

    Holy crap! It's been forever! :D HIHIHIHIHIIHHI! What have you been up to? Still doing tons of modeling (you gorgeous beast)?
  12. im a thug

    oh god yes
  13. Hai! ^^

    You will forever be Kyo to me. just fyi
  14. Hai! ^^

    Noel is doing well! He's on Skype like all the time. I'm sure he'd love to talk to you if you get the chance! :D And thank you. <3 There's still quite a few of your works on there, or at least that are credited to you. So shut up! You're awesome! Yeah. Haha. I'm totally obsessed with the card game. I watch the anime when I can, too. And of course I'll be playing XY when it comes out! I'm glad to see you too. <3 Thanks for sticking around on the old site. I hope I can find the motivation to stick around now. Just gotta learn how to communicate on a forum again. Stupid Facebook has ruined my life. Haha.
  15. I said you have a tattoo. What is it of, and more importantly, where is it? ;) I've been thinking on the idea for several years now of getting a single feather on either wrist.
  16. Hai! ^^

    EEIII IT'S PAIN! <3 *tackle hug* I haven't talked to you in awhile, not even on Facebook. :( I see your work on your Tattoo Palor's page, though, and it always looks great. <3 I'm glad you found something you love, and better yet, are awesome at! :D As for me, I've been working full-time and playing lots of Pokemon. My life is boring. XD edit: Oh no! I still don't totally understand this forum. I accidentally removed you as a friend. I'll add you back after the five minute limit is over. T_T
  17. im a thug

    I'll fight you if it means I can touch your boobs.
  18. Just another day at work...

  19. Returnating

    Yay! It's Day! :D <3 I'm glad to hear you're going back to school. I wouldn't have guessed you would go back for that, either. The last time you mentioned school you were debating about going for design. I think high school teacher is pretty fitting, though. I hope to stick around this time, too. So here's to new starts, eh!?
  20. I r teh here

    Yay! Welcome back, Nerf! It's always good to see you around. :)
  21. SURREAL*TWILIGHT/SURREALITY ARCHIVES S*T has had many changes in its history, and I understand how much people enjoy nostalgia, and better yet, retrieving their old stories! I have kept archives of all our old sites so users old and new can see the history of the message board, as well as get some good reading in. :) You will not be able to register, login, or post on any of these forums. If you find that you can, please contact me and let me know ASAP! They're called "archives" for a reason, and I want their integrity to remain. Thank you! Surreal*Twilight (S*T v2 - vBulletin) Surreal*Twilight (S*T v3 - phpBB) Surreality (S*T v4 - Vanilla Forum)
  22. It's always exciting working on a new site. I just hope I can keep that excitement this time. <3