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I'm a twenty-something girl that has been on S*T since 2004. I owe a lot of my life experiences to S*T, including some best friends and my current spouse.

I do front end web development for a living, but went to school for graphic design. I love both, and am sometimes sad I can't do both at my job. This combo of skills is another I owe to S*T. Plus, I draw, write and do crafts on occasion. I'm just a whole bunch of average when it comes to creative things.

Currently, I'm very involved in the Pokemon trading card game, and I have been an active judge for almost a year. If you want to talk about Pokemon in any regard, hit me up. I could talk your stupid ear off (also maybe we can play!).

Other than that, I'm pretty boring. I live in New England, enjoy going to the movie theatre, and I love traveling (especially by car). I have two cockatiels named Zazu and Pooka. They're the worst. Feel free to friend me. I like friends.

Although I am here to help when I can, I ask that any requests about disciplinary actions or tiffs be sent to an actual Administrator.