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  1. NC-17 A Demon and an Angel

    Whoops. I also ended up missing your reply. I almost gave up on this thread. I'll put up a profile today.
  2. NC-17 A Demon and an Angel

    If you don't mind that I'm a student, Can I give it a try?
  3. Project Valkyrie

    I am possibly interested. Are you only looking for someone to fill the YC position? Are you recruiting Valkyries? Can I assume that the Valkyries are female only?
  4. Hello.

    Thanks, everyone. I was wondering.. how do I join a student roleplay? Would I look for roleplays in the roleplay discussion? Should I be letting people know that I'm still a student?
  5. Hello.

    Er. Hello. I am mostly an artist trying to learn how to write. Or at least.. I try to. I think I usually have trouble making decisions. I was hoping a collaborative effort might be better. I am a little adverse to displays of affection, but please take care of me. :(