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  1. X The Enemy of My Enemy

    The Emperor tried to contain the small whimpers that were escaping his fevered lips as he grew closer to his climax, one hand clamping over his mouth as the other grasped Davis's tan wrist tightly. If the Digidestined was regaining control over his body, then why was he doing this? Why didn't he just knock Ken's lights out and escape? Unless there was more to the redhead than the tyrant thought. Perhaps Davis really did have a plan brewing in that goggle-headed brain of his, and he was just using this seduction as a way to distract him.. Another firm, fluid stroke broke Ken's train of thought, and the violet-haired boy moaned loudly. "D-Davis..." he was getting dangerously close, and the Digidestined seemed intent on teasing the other by the way he slowed his pace. "S-shit.." The Digimon Emperor arched up into Davis's grip a little, nearly begging for the other to quicken his pace, stroke harder, to finish him off. Ken knew he probably looked pathetic right now, his cheeks red with arousal, his body fidgeting with a need to reach its peek. He felt Davis kiss along his cheek before puffing hot, lustful breaths into his ear. The redhead whispered something along the lines of "let me help you", and before Ken could question what the boy meant, he felt Davis's hand pick up pace on his arousal, sending him over the edge in the matter of a few strokes. Ken couldn't contain himself as he cried out, shivering a little as he came on the front of his outfit. He'd have to wash that out later, he thought, his mind in a half-daze as he began to come down slowly from his orgasm. Grabbing Davis by the collar once more, the Digimon Emperor pressed his lips wantonly against the other's, his emotions a-whirl within the confines of his lust-addled brain.
  2. X The Enemy of My Enemy

    "D-Davis," Ken's voice faltered a little, the way his heartbeat seemed to have done when the boy had first begun to kiss him. What was he feeling? Arousal? Confusion? Both? Was he losing his grip on what he thought he wanted? A part of him loved this side of Davis, this forward being who petted him and kissed him until his mind was a whirl, a jumbled mess of confusion and lust. Was this part of the programming he had installed into the dark ring? He sure didn't remember putting this much detail into it, that was for sure. Who was he to say that this was a negative outcome? Yes, he had programmed the ring to give its host feelings of undying loyalty to the Emperor, maybe even a little bit of intended affection, but who was to say that maybe that affection couldn't vary depending on its host? Whatever was influencing the goggle-head to display this amount of physical affection, Ken decided he was okay with it. Wait a minute, had Davis just called him "Ken"? That was definitely not in his programming, and the Emperor knew it. He abhorred being called that name here in the Digital World. Ken Ichijouji was just the thing he was trying to escape here, the persona he wanted to leave behind in his dark, cold room at his parents' residence. The fact that Davis had uttered it while still wearing the dark ring could only mean one thing: he was slowly overcoming its power. But if that was the case, then why was he displaying this amount of affection towards the boy genius? Surely if the Digidestined had any control over himself right now, kissing the Digimon Emperor would probably be the last thing on his mind. Ken stared up darkly into the redhead's wide, lust-filled eyes, which seemed to be losing more of their reddish glow as their activities continued. Could this affectionate side really be Davis's personality bubbling to the surface? If he had held any other state of mind at the moment, Ken would have had the Digidestined sedated until he could adjust the dark ring back to normal. A falter in his control over Davis could mean the crumble and decay of his plans; he had already revealed too much to him. However, as his heart beat wildly in his chest, and he felt the blood rush rapidly to his cheeks (among other places), the violet-haired boy decided that maybe this little display of the Digidestined's affection wasn't so bad. Tugging at the collar of Davis's shirt, Ken pulled him forward, pressing a rough kiss to the goggle-head's lips. He reached an arm around to pull the Digidestined's legs in closer to him, squeezing Davis's thigh teasingly while doing so.
  3. goodbye lungs as i seem destined to cough you up

  4. Takouji RP

    I've been re-watching Digimon Frontier, and I accidentally fell for the Kouji/Takuya pairing. Oops. Anyway, would anyone be interested in roleplaying this? Also open for KouKou (Kouji/Kouichi)
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  6. X The Enemy of My Enemy

    The Emperor looked up at Davis, trying his best to cast the thoughts about Sam to the back of his mind. Now was not the time to dwell on past events, no matter how tightly they clung to his psyche. He had other matters to attend to. However, he faltered for one split second. Swallowing a lump in the back on his throat, a single tear slipped down his cheek from beneath his glasses, and he bit his lip as he forced his remaining sadness away. No, not in front of Davis. He couldn't show any weakness, not even to his slave. Ken recovered, and he addressed the other. "Davis," the name came out more forced than he had intended, "Come here." The Digimon Emperor patted a spot on his thighs, indicating for the other to sit on his lap. Once the Digidestined complied, Ken allowed a gloved hand to rest just above Davis's knee. "Tell me, Digidestined. Do you know what tomorrow is?" His index finger rubbed a slow, circular pattern into Davis's tan skin. "No? I'll give you a hint." Reaching back behind him, the tyrant pushed a button on his keyboard, causing all of the screens of the control room to glow brightly. Live footage of the other Digidestined walking around in one of the Digital World's many forests filled the screens, the children's voices filling the room as they called out Davis's name. "They're only about 30 miles away from my base." Ken's hand ventured a little further up Davis's leg, a faint grin pulling at his lips. "And tomorrow, they will be here. I will make sure of that," the Emperor stroked his pet's inner thigh softly, looking the Digidestined in the eyes through his tinted glasses.
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  10. X The Enemy of My Enemy

    Finished. His new dark rings were finished. Perfectly programmed to bend both organic and digital beings to his will, these instruments of his design would pair well with his new control spires, and would put all of the Digital World under his control. It was infallible, really. The Digidestined would no longer serve a threat to him, as they would be serving him as his new slaves. Everything would follow the plan he had originally set, before those brats had arrived. It would once again be his world of escape, a place where he could be in control. All these years, that had been the one thing he truly felt he was losing. Ever since Sam's death, pressure had been put on him by his parents to fill his older brother's shoes, to earn the title of "boy genius" that their oldest son had only gotten a taste of. Hours of studying and hard work, judo practice, soccer games, computer programming sciences, day after day after day Ken had felt as if he were paying for his brother's death by becoming him. This is what he deserved, after all, wasn't it? Was it not he himself who had wished his elder brother would simply disappear? The unforgettable sound of a car screeching to an alarming halt, the loud thump of his body being hit by the moving vehicle, the subtle crunch as his rib cage surrendered to the onslaught of the car's front bumper. Like he was nothing at all, as if Sam Ichijouji's bones were made of porcelain, as if his skin were some sort of thin paper. His unmoving body slumped in an unnatural position in the middle of the street, the wailing of sirens as paramedics arrived on the scene. The rest of the scene was blurry to Ken; either by his own tears or by the passage of time. Perhaps both. Years later, he still couldn't bare to visit Sam's grave, as if doing so would be offensive to his elder brother's resting spirit. He had brought this upon Sam. He would still be alive and well, and probably twice the genius Ken was now, if the younger had not wished such an ill fate upon him. This is my punishment, Ken thought. And yes, to a degree he did enjoy being one of the smartest kids in Japan, in the entire world, even. It was good to know you're the best, and that no one will ever compare to you. But the life of a boy genius left him empty; everything he ever achieved was to please his parents, to replace the son Mr. and Mrs. Ichijouji had lost to that speeding car. Here in the Digital World, Ken lived for no one else. He was his own master, as well as everyone else's. Turning to face Wormmon, the Digimon Emperor ordered him to retrieve his favorite human captive. There was something utterly satisfying about making Davis his slave, seeing a boy with so much free will and a kind-hearted nature being degraded to something almost robotic. Something in the back of his mind nagged that it wasn't right, that Ken knew that enslaving a living, breathing human being was perverse and completely wrong. He ignored it. He had wanted Davis as his own for so long, and now he had him. Here in the Digital World, he was free to do as he wished. Davis's arrival a few moments later brought a satisfied grin to the Digimon Emperor's face; no more thinking about Sam, or his parents, or the pressures of being a boy genius. Right now, he had his favorite possession, his loyal subject, to attend to. "Davis," he savored the name. "Come to your Master."
  11. So I've recently gotten back into Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series, and I was wondering if anyone's interested in starting an RP? I'm open to ideas, plots, romance, yaoi, yuri, anything. I'm particularly fond of the pairings of Marius/Armand, Lestat/Louis, Armand/Daniel. But yeah if you're interested, and have some ideas to throw my way, I'm open! :)
  12. aww yiss mothafuckin digimon rumble arena

  13. X The Enemy of My Enemy

    The Emperor grinned with satisfaction as his slave entered the room, typing away for a few more brief moments before glancing up to face the auburn-haired Digidestined. He pressed another button, and all the screens in the control room were filled with the image of the model for his new control spire. This obelisk was taller and thicker than all his previous models, and gleamed like a finely-polished piece of onyx in the digital sun. It was truly the perfect accompaniment to his newest version of the dark ring, something that could hold his control over the beings of the Digital World much more easily than the previous model. "How does it look, Davis?" He allowed his slave's name to roll off of his tongue, as if he savored the taste of those syllables in such a context. Yes, now that Davis was his property, his own little personal plaything, he did enjoy saying his name, in contrast to when the brat had been his adversary, and he had spat out his name in disgust during battles. "They're perfect, aren't they? Purely perfect. A work of genius." Ken prided himself, knowing that the other had no choice but to agree with him. "With these new spires, I'll be able to control all beings-- digital and otherwise-- under the influence of my modified dark rings." He chuckled, motioning for the teen to come closer. Once Davis had obeyed his orders, the Digimon Emperor stood, cupping the Digidestined's chin as he did so and brushing a strand of auburn hair from the slave's glowing, red eyes. Stroking the teen's cheek almost fondly, Ken leaned down, his lips brushing against the outer shell of Davis's ear. "Which means that your friends will be joining you soon.." he whispered, a slight smirk forming on his lips as his grasp on the Digidestined's chin tightened. A part of him wanted to kiss this version of Davis, this being programmed to do nothing but please him and obey his every command. He wanted to display his possession of the other, like a child would show fondness for a new doll he or she had wanted for a particularly long time. In a way, he had wanted Davis for a long time. Ever since the day he had identified the auburn-haired soccer player as one of the Digidestined, Ken had fantasized about bringing the other teenager under his control, making him turn against his friends to serve him and only him. And here he had him, flexible to his will, able to make the other sink to his knees at a simple command, to make him come to him with a snap of his fingers like a well-trained mutt. What else could he possibly want? His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, the Digimon Emperor growled in frustration. No, the presence of his new slave was turning him soft. What's so special about this brain-washed idiot? Nothing. All the flirtatious touching, the brushing of Davis's lips against his, it was all in the programming of the dark ring. The Digimon Emperor was simply falling for his own design. Releasing his hold on the other, Ken flung Davis away angrily, taking a seat at his controls once more. "Leave. You've angered your master."
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