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  1. This roleplay is heavy on fantasy and mythology, I added horror more as a just-in-case since this could have some horror aspects in it depending on what people decide to do. The thread is open to anyone, there is no cap on people who can join. Story Setting-- Ancient Greece at the end of summertime. Albia is the only city mentioned however up to two more cities are possible for characters to hail from. The main setting is in the Woods of Ishla, here it is said that magical beasts, Gods, and Demi Gods roam as a place of in-between, a place to leave the forgotten or to hide from those you wish would forget you. Important Plot Notes-- The Gods of Ancient Greece are very real here. Hades is whom the city is trying to appease and appeal to with a human sacrifice so that his gaze may stray from their city and not claim as many people. The Ceremony of Youth involves all class levels from the poorest to richest, no one within the age gap is excluded due to rank or family. No one really knows what happens in the forests since none have returned to their cities (or neighboring ones). Those who are sent there must try and survive. This could be an escape attempt, pleading/bargaining with the Gods, or fighting whatever comes their way. Characters: Sacrifices are anyone 17 and under who aren't married or pregnant. There are 5 from each city, and from any social class. They are dropped off one at a time at various points of entry at the woods. Sacrifices, Gods, Demi-Gods, Mythical Monsters are optional characters. If you have a part you wish to play not listed please ask. The first post in the roleplay thread (Student Roleplay Boad) explains the season, and explanation of why there are sacrifices and how they are taken away. Also: Sacrifices don't have to work together. If your character is a lone wolf or not a nice person, they can use the other sacrifices to survive or as bait, etc. Likewise, they may not all know each other even if from the same city, depending on their class. Questions, comments?
  2. YouTube Megathread

    So I'm attempting to be an entomologist. Cuz bugs and insects are cool (ruling is still out on arachnids). I also love fungi! So here is a cool video showing a "mind-controlling" fungi that attacks various insects. For those who know about "The Last of Us" video game, this is the fungi it was based off of~
  3. Vanished (and continued absence)

    Thanks Val & Ack. Feeling better, creative writing helps take my mind of things. And this place is just too awesome to stay away fromwith all these crazy creative minds~
  4. My apologies for those who were in my thread when I suddenly stopped showing up. There was a sudden death in the family so I sort of just dropped everything without word on social internet networks. I am still going to be a little spotty for the next week or so but I will be rejoining and hopefully being more up to date. Again, apologies for those in my thread, hope you all don't think me a major flake. -Morely
  5. November Profile Month: POLL TIME

    Whose bright idea was it for light bulbs? For I already have an icon if such a thing comes to pass~~squee.
  6. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    So I've already posted in the 'farewell' board, but I wanted to say it here as well in case anyone was still interested in continuing. A family emergency drew me away from all internet activity these past weeks, I'm sorry I didn't really have time to notify you of that. I am back now and would like to keep going if you all are still wanting to. I'm also open to other folks joining since only two others responded initially anyways. Thanks, and apologies again! Please let me know if this is something still of interest to you .
  7. R In The Time Of Gods

    A voice out of the shadows caused the water from her hands to spill back into their source. Instead, they grasped the wooden weapon with a determined firm grip as her young eyes searched the woods. A figure emerged from above, eerily quiet in their decent, looking straight at Nyandre. She wondered if he was some sort of shadow creature to move up on her as he did so quietly, though he looked human enough. Only time would tell, the woods were full of mysterious things. The question wasn't one she was expecting, and to her surprise she found it a little hard to respond. If she said yes, would that make her an instant target? If she said no, would they believe her? What if they were a sacrifice as well, it could be possible to join forces. All this thinking drew out into a lingering silence that was growing with each passing internal question. The young woman knew she would have to eventually respond. The stranger had such an intense gaze, it was as if he was trying to peer into her soul. It was quite disturbing and though Nyandre wanted to look away she could not in fear it would be a sign of weakness or being subservient. Blinking slowly she held his gaze, hoping there was at least some determined intensity in her own eyes. With a twitch of her head that she held high, she straightened her back while gripping the dense stick harder. "What does it matter to you if I am or not? I don't like answering questions to those who sneak around and surprise me." Internally she gave herself a pat on the back. It was an ambiguous answer, or so she hoped, putting this stranger on the spot instead of her. Hopefully they would relay their intentions she she would better know if they could be trusted or not. If it was her fate to die, she would at least like to try and survive as long as possible, and know who was separating her soul from her body.
  8. R In The Time Of Gods

    The air contained a tinge of flora and fresh fruit, dancing upon the late summer breeze as it chased falling leaves through the sky. The summer festivals had ended for that year, the collection and storing of the last of summer's bounty were being collected to be stored through the slowing cooling year. In the city of Abila, the celebration of Demeter had come to a final close the evening before, honoring the Goddess for the fruits of the Earth and the grains they reaped. It consisted of a great consumption of food with music and dancing filling the town center till Apollo took away the sun in the sky. It was a time of merriment and joy for the Greek city. It was on this final evening that Abila held it's annual Ceremony of Youth. All music stopped as the people gathered in front of a withering wooden podium, worn from years of use. The city leader cleared his throat and pierce the crowd with his eyes as he held a ceramic bowl beautifully crafted. Upon it were symbols and words of truth, future, and power. He spoke clear and strong of another year gone by, of pleasing the Gods, and how tradition must be followed. Before the festivities could fully be ended, the Choosing must occur. Excited and nervous murmurers echoed as everyone under the age of seventeen, unless they were wed or with child, would be placed in front of the crowd bunching together. After a prayer, the leader closed his eyes and thrust the bowl into the air towards the youths. Blessed feathers from doves that were raised and cared for just for the occasion flew into the air. The white tuffs floated down as a collective breath was held, five feathers of black danced among them falling on the heads and shoulders of those below. The youths had been chosen, the black feathers had settled on five still bodies. Cheers and stifled cries erupted in the crowd. The sound of cheers still rang strong in Nyandre's ears as the wooden cart took her farther away from her home and security. Her hazel eyes were covered with a white cloth so that she could not see her destination. The pressure of her family's kisses and embraces felt far away now as the still warm summer wind blew her straw colored braid off her shoulder. She was one of the Chosen for this year, and it was still hard to believe. It was an honor, yet secretly in her soul she was horrified. What was to become of her? There has never been a record of anyone returning to either city (alive that is). Stories filled with meetings with beasts and Gods, and in the end generally death. How many were chosen in the neighboring city? These questions were unanswered as the old man driving the car stopped, helping her out gingerly. He led her forward her throat tight. The sound of hands slapping the ground and a prayer reached her ears before the old man spoke. "May the Gods bless you, as they will now bless the city for another year. Farewell child, and may Hades be gentle with your soul. Honor will be brought to your family for years to come now, go forward with no fear in your heart and love for your people." With that, he left her, the cart pulling away leaving her utterly alone. With shaky hands, she pulled away her blinder, eyes stinging in the sunlight. The woods of Ishla stood before her, silent and foreboding. With a tight chest, she could not bring herself to move forward yet. "I wonder when the others will arrive...they always bring them one at a time. Perhaps...I will not die too terrible a death."Trying to be brave, she took her first few steps into the woods into the unknown. The youths were given as a sacrifice to the God Hades so he may look favorably upon their city. Where most offer sheep, human sacrifice has been tradition in her city, and thus it continues for another year. Into the Woods of Ishla the children go into an unknown fate, the location of which few truly know, for it was forbidden to go near. "I am brave. I am Nyandre of Albia, and I...I am unafraid. I am one of the Chosen." The sixteen year old had not yet convinced herself however as the trees branches finally passed over her quivering form.
  9. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    I was pondering the same thing too, sounds reasonable so go for it. It will help things not end so quickly. :) Also, out of curiosity is his father Thanatos?
  10. Red's Book Talk!

    They are pretty amazing, I highly recommend. Also anything by Ursula K. Le Guin, love that stuffs.
  11. Hello, Again. Friend of a Friend...

    Welcome to the madness, tis nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy you stay here, sounds like you will fit in just fine~ Already so popular with the grads you are, good-show!
  12. The Pharaoh Returns

    I haven't met you before, but hello-hello and welcome anyways! [confetti]
  13. R In The Time Of Gods

    Nyandre took a few practice swings with her measly weapon, feeling at least slightly more confident she may be able to hurt someone human who was around her own age. She couldn't know if the other Chosen could be trusted yet. It was strange to her as well that she had yet to see anyone from another city or fact she had yet to see an animal. Listening quietly, she realized the birds were even so high up that their song was but whispers on the wind. It sent a shiver down her spine, the hair on her head standing on end. "It is unnatural for a wood to be so silent. It is as if the presence of Death himself were about silencing all around me." Not wanting to stay in one place too long she held her stick close and walked forwards into the unknown, glad that at least there was still light streaming in through the tree tops to give some comfort. Humming so soft only she could hear, the young woman looked all around her with wide eyes. Being the daughter of a potter, she had some small privileges when growing up. Her clothes were not rags, food was always on the table, and there were some precious trinkets that belonged to her alone. One hand clasped the Demeter pendant for a moment. Being the only daughter, they had planned on marrying her to a wealthy family at the other end of the village. Although she didn't possess many great skills, she was a simple beauty as her mother told her. Not too beautiful to draw envy of other women around her, but pretty enough to stand out alone. This trait as well as her knowledge of herbs and song helped the matching which would benefit both families businesses. She wondered how this would change her family from now on, since the marriage obviously would not be upheld. Coming to a small stream, she realized how thirsty she had become from walking and fearing. Her throat begged for a drink, however, the stream was out from among the shelter of the trees. She would be exposed totally if she ventured out. A growl came from her stomach as well, when was the last time she ate? It must have been right before coming, though not much could she fit in her mouth for it was too dry. Near the water, some sweet tasting herbs were growing. They were often used by farmers or warriors to push away hunger for short times by chewing on them. Not too far away, another type of plant life grew similar in color but different in shape. If consumed, the person would get painful stomach cramps, dizziness, and nausea. It wouldn't do well to mix the two. Looking all around the young woman paused for sounds. Holding her little weapon to chest level she creeped out from the canopy towards the stream. With eyes wide and looking around, her picked handfuls of the safe herb stuffing them in her mouth. A handful went into a sewn in pocket in her dress on the right. With a second though, she picked a few of the ill fating herbs as well, they may come in handy with the wrong person who didn't know about plants. "I wonder if this is how wildlife feels when they venture out to drink. Always on the look for a hunter...I don't like it one bit." Frowning, she tried to keep her gaze and wits about her as much as possible, taking small handfuls of clear cold water into her palm and drinking swiftly. 'Soon I'll be back under the canopy. Then...I should try to find something with height like a hill or cropping of rocks, to get a better look around. If I make it till dark...if I make it, I'll need shelter to sleep. I wonder if I even could sleep...'
  14. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    Sorry for being MIA for a few days, got crazzzy at work. Yajuu, love the intro post, he sounds like a very complex and fun demigod (with daddy issues?) Also...I am wondering the same thing...the other 3 have yet to post or reply...I hope they come back to post soon. I'll just throw another post in so you and I can at least enjoy the thread.
  15. NaNoWriMo HQ 2013

    I love NaNoWriMo, but I never end up making it because it falls during the same month where studying for finals become prominent. (Sigh). This year perhaps I will finally achieve my goal! I'll just write in between classes.For anyone who hasn't tried it yet I recommend, the community is very helpful and nice, plus it is fun to challenge yourself. I myself and going for the psychological horror genre again~ Mystery books are always so fun to read, but I'm awful at writing them. Luck be with you Tsai.
  16. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    @Yajuu: Please do, post away good sir if you have your character figured out. @ Knee: As long as they follow the criteria listed for characters, I don't see why a slave couldn't be one, they did have a fair amount in Ancient Greece. Though I feel bad since they were just freed and now a sacrifice. Do you have any questions about character restrictions? Also: I think Ill leave only one more slot open for someone to join. Otherwise it will be toi many and get a little complex.
  17. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    Yeah that would be reasonable. Like how Hercules has super strength because he was the son of Zeus and Hera. So depending on whose the father/mother would depend on the powers the had. For example, if Demeter is the mother then they may have the ability to talk or control plants to some level. Or if the North Wind was their father then they would have high agility and speed. That type of thing, their powers are up to you. But like you said, they can't be too over powered because they aren't full gods, and that wouldn't make for much fun anyways haha.
  18. Greetings and salutations fellow roleplayers. I am Morely, a new face around these parts. I attempted to join back with the old site, just as it was coming to a close. Sadly I was unable to do much posting since it was all but dead. However, since it has sprung back to life, I am willing to give it another go! I am just a simple (and far too busy) college student who has loved roleplaing since the dawn of time. Beginning with tabletop D&D/Pathfinder and evolving into online rp's. I often over use commas so I apologize now for those who will be posting with me, I like a lot of detail. Writing is a passion of mine, so doing bits of creative writing like this is uber fun and it's nice to meet fellow creative writers. Short intro long--it's nice to meet you all and I cannot wait to post with you soon. I'm pretty nerdy & geeky, and open to most types of genres. Feel free to poke and ask me any questions. I'm a pretty frequent poster, so you'll usually get a reply with a few days~
  19. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    Victory, another ensnared in my roleplay idea huzzah. As for your questions, yes they are pretty much taken with the clothing on their backs, though a few minor items I'll allow. Such as my character has a pendant of Demeter around her neck. Since she is a lower class, she doesn't have any money for a small dagger or any kind of weapon. If someone was of a higher class, then it would make sense for them to maybe have a more valuable item with them or if they were from a guard/warrior type family. Demi-God's are totally acceptable, if you want to do a classic one from mythology or maybe put a twist on your own that is fine also. It would be fun to see what a partial God would do. Thank you for the compliments, those who are joining will make the brilliance for sure. I am looking forward to your post and seeing what type of character you do.
  20. Greetings and welcome! Sounds like you shall fit in perfectly with this crazy bunch (and I say that endearingly). Hope to stir up some action sometime in a thread with you, it sounds like you know your stuff~
  21. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Morely Available Times: Weekends are best since I have no classes/work then. Otherwise, early evenings during the week most days. Post Length: I like a good two minimum paragraphs for a post after that to infinity and beyond, as long as they have content. Post Frequency: ~2-4 times a week, increase/decrease depending on homework load. RP Preferences: I'm open to most any kind of genre, although I'm not too keen on :sci-fi, heavy romance, zombies, stereotypical post-apoc, or vampire/werewolves (I've done them a little too often). Contact Details: PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.
  22. And so we meet~~An Intro!

    It is possible. I replied to the main 'what is happening to this board' thread, and also had a PM conversation with a person or two. It was quite a while ago, so maybe it was both of you who told me to be patient and come looking again. I'd need the Tardis to go back and be sure~
  23. R In The Time Of Gods

    The woods were eerily silent, unlike the ones that were closer to home always filled with animal sounds. So far she had not ventured too greatly into the trees, her hands clasped to her chest meekly as her eyes kept glancing all around her. Where was she to go? Perhaps she should try and climb a tree to see the lay of the land, or a small cropping to hide in until she could figure something out. Biting back the tears, she sniffed quietly to herself wishing not for the first time in her life that she had been born a boy. If she had, her chances of survival would have increased, she would have learned how to fight more properly and been physically stronger as well. What little she did know of combat came from her playing with her two brothers until she was too old for such games. Once in a while they would let her in their games of mock fighting until their parents shamed them for such actions, after all it was not her place to learn those types of skills. Alas, her chances of living would not be based of her physical form or fighting skills, it would have to rely instead on her agility and wits. "At least I will be able to live a little while longer knowing what is safe to eat. These herbs and plants are the same as we have at home, so if I am injured or fall ill at least I can ease my own pain a little." It brought her small comfort, but any was gladly accepted. A sudden rustling in the bushes nearby made her start, her hands clasping over a gasp that threatened to escape. She had to be quiet, at least until she knew the other would be friendly and helpful. So far, she hadn't seen another Chosen but the day was still early. The bushes rustled for a moment longer growing louder, matching the pounding of her heart. Feeling fear she turned heel and ran blindly forward to escape the unknown, catching her breath finally at the base of a large tree. 'I know I'm supposed to be brave and accept this as my fate. I can't help but be frightened though....oh Demeter, please do not be ashamed of my feelings and lend me your motherly strength.' Nyandre touched the Demeter pendant hidden beneath her clothes for a moment as she gazed at the unfamiliar surroundings. Near her feet a sturdy fallen stick was lying, broken from the tree she sat beneath. With a little confidence, she picked it up, the wood being only two feet long and three inches wide. It wouldn't kill anything, but maybe stun if needed. Her eyes looked all around her as she cradled her weak weapon to her, back against the tree. 'I feel as if the whole woods are watching eyes that I can't see are there. Is it only my imagination?' Trying to put on a brave face, she wiped away the forming tears and took a deep breath. "I will honor my family's name to at least stand up for myself. Even if it is to an end." Softly she began to hum a lullaby to herself, low enough that only someone within a handful of feet could hear her. The silence was just too much for her to bear at the moment with everything else, and the gentle song had a calming effect. If she was lucky, someone else from her city that she was friends with, or at least an acquaintance would be there as well. Then she wouldn't have to perish alone, and the company of another would greatly ease her anxiety.
  24. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    Fantastic, another poor sacrificial soul! Sounds like a plan, can't wait to see your intro post.
  25. Hey, I'm Grump!

    Welcome! I am also pretty new 'round these parts. As for not having a lot of experience, well that's what is so fun about roleplaying is gaining it! You'll be fine, and I hope you have fun here. Also, fabulous icon picture, it's uber cute & weird.