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    Video games, anime, yaoi, and fencing.
  1. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    Hey, I was thinking of joining as a slave from Albia who is freed and becomes a sacrifice. Is that ok?
  2. Hey, I'm Grump!

    Well, it's kind of a funny story. I became the KneeCaptain during my character creation in a game called Dragon's Dogma, or Dergon's Dergma depending on who you ask. It was here that I decided to make a muscled dwarf-like character with flowing ginger locks and a flowing ginger beard. He was going to be called KneeCapin'Sam as a joke on his stature and because it's fun to imagine a ginger dwarf taking out armies of dudes at the knees. Sadly, the character name slot was not long enough for the name and KneeCaptain became my moniker for Dragon's Dogma. Since then I've kept using it because it helps me to remember to not take myself to seriously.
  3. Hey, I'm Grump!

    Hey... Hey! I'm KneeCaptain. I have to admit that I am a little nervous about starting up since I don't have much role playing experience. But, I've heard a lot of good things this site and I look forward to adventuring into the unknown with you guys. :) Feel free to pm me with any questions or just to say hi. See you out there on the boards.