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  1. The knocking was ferocious, rattling along the back of his skull like someone had decided to use his head for a drum. He rolled over to try and numb the sound but it didn’t help, it just kept rattling. With a moan, he pulled the fluffy fabric further around his head, burying his ears in, trying anything to get the knocking to stop. With that, as sudden as a flash, the knocking stopped; sweet silence filled his head. For about a second, then the knocking was replaced with a crash of tremendous proportions. His eyes flicked open and focused just in time to see the object smash into his forehead. The motorcycle helmet bounced to the floor as he flipped out of bed with a yell, grabbing his head with his hand. “You crazy, bitch?!†He yelled, turning towards the blurry figure that stood over him. “Maxwell Ruine, you better believe I’m crazy; crazy angry with the fact that you are still in this house!†There was a pause and the blur moved before pain blossomed along Max’s side. “Ow, Kit, get the hell away from me.†His senses finally returning to him, Max pulled himself to his feet; his massive frame towering over his tall sister. “What’s your problem?†“My problem…†Kit started, stepping forward to kick the back of Max’s knees, forcing him to a low crouch. “…is that your ass is still in bed.†With her foot tucked behind his legs, Kit stepped forward and jabbed Max hard in the chest to force him backwards. Backwards is where he went as he started to fall, Kit moving with him until Max ended up flat on his back with Kit on top of him with a knee in his stomach. “My ass can be wherever I want it to be, sis. It’s not like I’ve got anywhere to be.†Max groaned, lying still after decided not resisting would be his safest bet. Max’s sister was 8 years older than him, taller than most men, and had golden blonde hair that she tied into a pony tail on the back of her head. She was wearing a tight blue t-shirt, a stylised shield above her right breast, grey jogging trousers and white trainers. “Oh, yeah? Do you even know what day it is, Max?†she leant forward so she was looking Max in the eyes. “Uh, Sunday, obviously.†He said, keeping his eyes locked on hers. “Why did you decide to use your police ninja bullshit on me?†Catherine, more commonly referred to as simply Kit, smiled sarcastically and pulled herself to her feet. Max was referring to the fact that she worked for the local Police Department in all forms self-defence. She was adept and Karate and Jujitsu, while also adaptable to any situation requiring the use of the human body to defend itself. “It’s not Sunday Max, it’s Monday. As in, Monday the first day back to school for you.†Max’s eyes grew wide as he stared at his sister, who had started brushing dirt off her top. “You’re kidding me, right? It can’t be that time already.†“Well guess what Max, it is. Get your ass dressed and get it to school before I drive you there in the back of a cruiser.†Max pulled himself to his feet again, adjusting his boxers that had twisted as he fell. “What time is it anyway?†Max didn’t have a clock in his room, or even own a watch for that matter. “One o’clock, so your ass is late.†Kit moved across to the door and started picking up pieces of wood where it had shattered upon her foot opening it. “Leave my ass alone would you, and one o’clock? You’ve got to be taking the piss, schools going to be finished soon; why the hell should I bother?†Max moved across to his bed and sat on its edge, leaning back onto his hands. “I’m calling John when I get downstairs, unless you’re on your way to school.†Kit said, sweeping out the door and heading down the hall. Max sighed heavily and decided that Kit was obviously in some kind of mood, and when Kit was in some kind of mood, Max made sure to keep out of her way. Quickly and smartly, he dressed; black jeans, a black vest, a black shirt with the sleeves rolled to below his elbows and the top 4 buttons left undone, black leather boots and a black leather jacket with an eagle in-flight across the back of the shoulders, engraved into the leather itself. He bent down and swept up the helmet Kit had thrown him before heading towards the door, as he frowned at the broken lock on his door he cracked his head on the top of the door frame; a common problem he had if he wasn’t paying attention. “Ow.†He groaned as he made his way downstairs. “Don’t do anything stupid while I’m out Kit!†he called back up the stairs as he dodged into the kitchen to run his hand under the tap, using the water to push his dirty blonde hair out of his eyes and tuck it behind his ears.. He paused for a reply, but nothing came so he continued out of the house and stepped across the strip of gravel to the drive. There were two vehicle parked side by side; the first was his sister’s, a little red sports car with a retractable metal roof, and the second was his most prized possession. In his opinion, the greatest motorbike in existence, a Harley Davidson V-Rod. Max’s face lit up with a grin as he looked at his motorbike baby, as it did every time he set his eyes on it. He slipped the helmet over his head, fastening it at the chin, and lowered the sun visor as the midday sun glistened off the spoke-less wheels of his bike. With that done he swung his leg over and lowered himself into the leather seat, breathing in deeply as he did so. Just as he was about to start her up, the sound of a window opening caught his attention and he looked up to see Kit sticking her head out of her bedroom window. “Stop getting off on that thing, Max. It’s freaking weird.†She shouted before disappearing back into the room. Max just smiled wider as he started the engine, and revelled in the symphony that currently sat between his legs. Not long later… With the bike rumbling beneath him, Max pulled it to a spot in an empty space and let it settle. He stood up and looked across at the building that was his school with a frown; he wasn’t a big fan of that building. As he stood there watching, a bell rung out on the grounds and kids starting appearing through the windows before pouring out of the doors. Just in time for lunch. He thought as he locked the wheel of his bike and hung his helmet from the handle. With that done he strolled towards the school, the wave of kids parting at his freakishly tall form. “I guess I better go and explain myself then.†He muttered to himself before heading off in the direction of the principal’s office. “This is going to be a fun conversation.â€
  2. G First Day Discussion

    Sounds like good news to me!
  3. G First Day Discussion

    Hi people! Firstly, before I go any further, is this RP still accepting characters? I noticed above that AmAjOrNeWb said he was going to cap it to 4 players, I'm counting 9 currently in the IC so would you be willing to extend it to a nice, even 10? :) I'll await an answer before I say anything else.
  4. R In The Time Of Gods

    Thadeus was woken by the sound of a branch snapping beneath someone’s foot. His eyes immediately snapped open but he forced himself not to move a muscle; the last thing he wanted was for whoever it was to see him moving. He closed his eyes again and strained his hearing to pick up whomever, or whatever, was moving along the ground. For a number of tentative seconds there was no further sound and just as Thadeus decided to move, he heard a whimper. Thadeus froze again and waited, hoping to pick up where the person was in reference to his current location. He got something better, the person starting talking; clearly muttering to themselves. “It had to be me, didn’t it? That’s speaks about how much the gods love you, eh, Agapios? Be honoured you are a sacrifice for Hades, Agapios. Be honoured your life will allow Agita to continue, Agapios. Heh.†Using the muttering as a beacon, Thadeus put the person called Agapios about 10 feet to his right. With that information he opened his eyes and slowly rotated his head in that direction, keeping a keen eye out for anything that could be a person. He located Agapios nearly immediately. The boy, because he looked about 12 years old, was leant against a tree, facing an angle that meant he wasn’t looking at Thadeus’ hiding place. Thadeus turned his body to get a better look at Agapios. He was wearing a brown tunic, nothing fancy, tied at the waist with a brown leather belt, the gold coloured buckle actually shining in the morning light. He had a pair of leather straps around his wrists and a slightly tattered pair of sandals covered his feet. His hair was short and haphazardly, as if he cut it himself, and his eyes were a sea of blue. The boy was also holding a tall, thick branch in his hand, clearly as some sort of walking staff. “Right, no point hanging around Agapios, you’ve got no idea what might be lurking in the shadows.†Agapios muttered to himself before hauling himself off the tree trunk and starting a slow walk away from Thadeus’ tree. Thadeus slowly rolled off his branch, using his wiry muscles to slow his descent slightly, and landed with a small crouch on the ground. Strangely, despite the pile of twigs and leaves beneath his feet, he managed to do it without a sound. Thadeus tightened his grip around his spear and set off after his prey. As when he had landed, every twig he snapped under foot, every pile of leaves he rustled happened without a sound. Even a thicker branch, about 3 inches in diameter, remained silent after breaking under his weight. Death is silent. The only thing my father left me with; at least it turned out to be useful. Thadeus thought, stepping off the broken remains of the branch to continue after the muttering Agapios. He followed the boy for about ten minutes and just as he decided to move in for the kill, Agapios stopped at the edge of a small stream. Thadeus also came to a halt and stopped at the base of a tree, hiding himself behind a bush. “Water!†Agapios exclaimed crouching down to submerge his hand. “Dirty, unhealthy water.†The boy stood up again and looked up along the river. “But if I follow the water, I’ll more than likely come across a pool and that’ll be much better to drink from.†With that said, the sacrifice stepped off heartily in pursuit of something to drink. Thadeus narrowed his eyes and waited for a couple of seconds before following. Good, I’ll take the shot when he’s drinking. He’ll never even suspect a thing. He thought, his silent footsteps taking him closer and closer to his victim.
  5. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    It does indeed sound reasonable. With that question answered, my post will be up in the morning. That would be true, his father is indeed Thanatos. Edit: Mmm, I don't know what the posting rate is for you guys but I'm always around and usually free.
  6. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    I know the feeling, so no complaints from me. He's a demigod, either they've got parent issues (mummy or daddy depending on the parent) or they don't know they're a demigod until later in their life. I'm sure they'll pop up at some point! Just a quick question before I post again; since we're not going to have 15 people RPing, am I allowed to throw in other Sacrifices for my character to interact with before he meets up with one of the other Player Characters? I won't be playing as them (as I am with Thadeus) but rather putting them in for all of us to use (should they survive that long! :)).
  7. Well, well, well...It seems an introduction is in order!

    @Not_Josh, it's good to see you joined up! @Mystic, if that's the case, here are 143.67 of my sister's hairs. @ack!, glad you like it. Feel free to steal the idea, I did originally anyway :)
  8. My name...is Yajuu_Kikuishi! Man, a forum based around RPing to my heart’s content; I think I may have found my heaven! I suppose I better tell you guys and gals a little bit about myself. I've been RPing for a number of years (don't ask how many, I haven't been keeping track :)) and I can happily say that I enjoy it immensely. Not only am I an avid RPer down to my core, but I’m also an avid writer; short stories and Fan Fiction included. I've been on a number of different sites to RP and so far I've been able to do anything from Sci-Fi to gritty realism, and if I do say so myself, I like to think of myself as pretty skilled in most areas. However, one area where I know I am lacking is my ability to maintain the calm in an RP; I’m not particularly amazing at keeping the action at bay for too long. So, I was pushed in this direction by an RPer going by the name of AnimeFreak; who I believe is all joined up and ready to go around these parts. In fact, in his introduction post, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the two people he said he was going to recommend this site to. He and I go way back, as I’m sure he could tell you, but I’m looking forward to meeting some new people who love to RP as much as I do. Luckily, my occupation isn’t too strenuous so I have lots of free time for my creative hobbies. Without further ado then, I bid everyone here an extremely excited ‘Hello’!
  9. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    There we go, introduction post up! Hopefully it's all hunky dory, but any problems and I'm sure you'll give me a shout. Oooh, I'm getting a tingly feeling. This is going to be great fun, I can tell. :) A~nd where has everybody gone?
  10. R In The Time Of Gods

    The night was peaceful and the little village of Aurolus was quiet. Aurolus was a small settlement of farmers and labourers built not far from the city of Abila as a stopping station before travellers reached the large city. In normal times, as it was now, Aurolus went to sleep when the moon took residence in the sky; this was the same as it was tonight, with the exception of a solitary house built on the outskirts. It was nothing spectacular, even for a farmer’s house. It was small and rounded and seemed to be built with three sections. While every other building in Aurolus slept, the flickering light of hearths and lanterns escaped from the cracks of the windows. As an owl hooted in the distance, one of the lights moved suddenly, bobbing gently from one window before stopping at another. It floated up, as if raised in a person’s hand, and then came to swinging stop gently. If a person had been pressed up against the window boards at this point, they would have heard the three gentle taps of knuckles on wood. The knocks on the door were gentle, but Thadeus immediately awakened, his eyes opening as he took a sharp intake of breath in. As he did so, the flames in the fireplace and the two lit lanterns either side of the doorway flickered out; leaving trails of smoke to rise to the roof. As Thadeus turned at sat up in his bed, the thin layer of fabric covering him sliding to his waist, the door opened and a small women slipped into the room. She was clearly old, but not ancient, and she had a shawl wrapped around her shoulders, held together at her chest with a wrinkled hand. She had light, sandy hair that she had pulled back into a tail at her back. “Mother, why do you bother?†Thadeus asked, brushing his own dirty blonde hair out of his eyes. It was a question that Thadeus asked every time he woke up, so his Mother did not need to ask about what he was referring to. She answered with the same thing she answered with every time he asked the question. “Because otherwise, you would never feel its warmth.†Her voice was firm and solid, a voice of command. “What is it? Why have you woken me in the middle of the night?†Thadeus said, locking his eyes onto his mother’s. “Your father spoke to me tonight; I thought it best to pass the message on as soon as possible.†She walked across the room and sat gently on the end of his bed. Thadeus’ eyes flickered in anger before he gained control of himself. “He spoke…to you?†He said slowly. “Not to his son, who he has never spoken to; to you?†“You know it is not like that, Thadeus, you know…†His mother laid her hand on his leg, but Thadeus swung around to place his feet on the floor. “So you tell me.†He said, interrupting his mother’s sentence. “What did he say to you?†“Abila finished its Ceremony of Youth this evening. Tomorrow their sacrifice to the gods will begin; the Chosen let loose into the forest to die.†“What does it matter to me, they do it every year.†Thadeus stood up, completely naked, and padded across the room to a pile of fabric that turned out to be a tunic that he slipped over his head, tying it at the waist with a length of cord. “You father has asked that you interrupt the proceedings, stop the sacrifices that die in the name of Hades.†His mother spoke in hushed tones but Thadeus heard her words clearly. “He was not bothered with this for all the other years, why so much this time? Why does he want me to do it? Can’t he interfere in his own way!?†It was a ferocious whisper. Thadeus knew his voice would carry to the other houses and he knew that they could not know about the conversation he was having with his mother. “You know I do not have the answers for your questions. You know the gods work in ways we can’t imagine to comprehend, I just ask that you obey your father and honour him.†His mother stood up and pulled the shawl tighter around her shoulders. “Honour him? Honour a god that doesn’t even whisper to his only son!?†Thadeus paused, his breathing heavy. “Fine, I will go and interfere with the Sacrifices. My father better be willing to stick his neck out when Hades decides to strike me down.†He walked across to the other side of the room where a set or armour was sat on a stool. “The great god of Death better appreciate this.†6 hours later… The warm summer sun began to rise over the horizon, and Thadeus’ goal was finally drawing near. The Woods of Ishla stood before him with its infamous reputation; sacrificial grounds for Aliba’s youth to Hades. Thadeus was now wearing a leather Cuirass over his chest, moulded muscles at his abdomen with a pair of inverted torches emblazoned on the chest, with leather straps hanging to his knees over his white tunic. A pair of hard leather greaves covered sandal straps with the sandals themselves protecting the soles of his feet. A sword was strapped to his waist, hanging to his left thigh, while a large round shield was strapped to his back, and a long spear held in his hand. Thadeus had tied his dirty blonde hair into a ponytail on the back of his head. He brought his horse to a canter before pulling it to a stop, the line of Ishla’s border invisible yet clear before him. He swung his leg clear of the horse and dropped to the ground. With a gentle smack on the rear, the horse started off back in the direction Thadeus had come; leaving the man himself stood alone. I do this to gain the attention of my father, not to follow his orders. He thought, gripping his spear tightly before beginning a slow jog forwards. There were no guards or watchers at the borders of Ishla, its reputation was enough to keep out any inquisitive minds, so Thadeus went unimpeded until the trees completely surrounded him. He knew that the Sacrifices would be led to the edge of the woods not far from his current location. His plan was simple; let them edge into the woods, out of view from the outside, and then kill them in the name of his father. Let them be fuel for his power, rather than the god of the underworld’s. With that in mind, he found a tree and quickly pulled himself up into a cradle of branches. He would give it an hour before he started the hunt.
  11. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    So, I think I've goy my character pretty much sorted now. Are you happy for me to get an intro post up, Morely?
  12. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    Thanks for the swift answer. One final question before I finalize my character. Since the gods are real and everything in this RP, do the demi-gods have any sort of godly enhancement? I'm not talking anything major, just a byproduct of having the blood of a god running through their veins.
  13. Well, well, well...It seems an introduction is in order!

    @Mystic, do you take cash? Also, Sterling? :)
  14. In The Time Of Gods (Discussion)

    Greek gods? Check. Impressive introduction posts? Check. You can count me in on this baby. Well, I say that, but I'm actually out later today so I won't be able to get a first post up until either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Just a couple of questions though. Are there any rules as to what a sacrifice can take into Ishla with them? Or are they simply dropped off with the clothes on their backs? Second question; You mentioned above that you're not being terribly strict with the types if characters we can enter, does that mean I can go with a demi-god if I want? I'm looking forward to your answers as this RP looks like it could be brilliant.
  15. Well, well, well...It seems an introduction is in order!

    Thanks for all your lovely welcomes, people! As for why I, in particular, am up so early, it is because I've just finished work. Crazy, I know. @Valentine, I always loved Hidan. Still wishing he'll turn up before the end of the manga. I don't care what anyone says, he is definately still alive!!
  16. Hello there (:

    Mmm...I'm pretty sure I know you! :) Hi AF, looks like your recommendation worked!