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  1. Unknown Location… The cavern was massive from one end to the other with a ceiling so high it was impossible to see it without directing a very strong light at it. The cavern was like a large bowl and buildings in the shape of cubes had been carved from the very rocky surfaces of the walls; the varying sizes depicted their various uses. They started high up in an outer ring and moved inwards and downwards until they reached a flat plaza where a large fountain showered water at its centre. The only entrance to this underground city was a pair of large double doors set into a raised balcony that looked down onto the plaza; a set of stairs following the wall down on each side. Three figures were stood on this balcony, apparently surveying the silence that filled the empty space. One figure stood in front of the other two, standing with a straight back at average height. The figure on his right was a petite girl while the figure on his left was a monster of a man over 7 feet tall. Raphael Ginta was the man of average height, standing tall with firm muscles and years of practice. He had black hair cut down to an inch in length and curiously orange eyes that appeared to shine in the dim fiery light. The rest of his face was hidden behind a mask of silver, crescent moons etched into its surface; the mask sported holes for eyes and nose but lacked the space to show his mouth. He wore a tight fitting turtleneck of black, black cargo trousers fastened by a black fabric-based belt, and black combat shoes. Thin black gloves covered his hands and a wide collared cloak rested on his shoulders; it, too, as black as the night sky. He was stood at the edge of the balcony-like protrusion of rock and stared out across the city in silence. Eventually the monster figure to his left stepped forward slightly to speak. “Boss? What are we going here, where is this place?” He asked, his voice deep and menacing to match his appearance. Kai Vega intimidated most people with his voice when paired with his height of over 7 feet and the fact he was nearly as wide with boulder-like muscles. He wore a custom tailored suit, since no off-the-shelve number was ever going to fit him, of dark grey and paired it with a white shirt and black tie. As with Raphael, his feet were adorned with comfortable combat boots, black in colour. Held under his arm in a holster was a gun metal desert eagle, looking small in comparison to him, and hanging from the right side of his belt by a loop was a deadly looking axe. The weapon was constructed entirely out of a steel alloy with intricate carvings up the shaft. The crescent moon blade gleamed and flickered in the light, and a 2 inch spike was mounted on its opposite side to balance the blades weight. “This…”Raphael said “…is where I was born; it is my home.” Kai’s eyes widened in surprise but the petite girl to Raphael’s left actually gasped and stepped forward to get a better look at the silent city. “Oh, your birthplace, your hometown, where you came from.” She said with admiration in her voice. Compared to Kai, Sophia Nurnhurst was a dwarf with her small stature. She made up for this lack of stature by standing out with bright pink hair, pulled back into four separate ponytails on the back of her head, and vivid green eyes. She sported a tight black t-shirt over a very nearly flat chest, white leather trousers, and white combat-styled boots; Sophia also wore a matching white leather jacket. A leather belt system around her waist held two large revolvers to her thighs and a pair of roman gladius’ on the back of her waist. Finally a plan white mask, sporting eye and nose holes similar to Raphael’s mask and a cracked mouth that ran from edge to edge and moved when she talked, covered her face. The skin around the edges of the mask was red as if the thing was grafted to her face, which it was. “Yes.” Raphael continued, ignoring Sophia’s admiration. “A place that only I know is here.” “Boss?” Kai said, sensing something about to burst from his leader. “So, my lieutenants, would you care to explain to me…why the Queen of the Winter Fae herself…contacted me…and told me to come here!” he screamed the last words, his body shaking in anger. “A place, only I should know exists!” he continued screaming, breathing heavily through his nose when he finished, and continuing to stare out across the city. Neither Kai nor Sophia said anything for a second before Kai spoke up. “You saying we’ve got a snitch, boss?” his tone indicating they wouldn’t have the problem for very long. “No, Vincent, a snitch would indicate that they are leaking information known only to the organisation. This is information, known only to me!” He spat the last word. “And I didn’t tell him!” he roared. Raphael took a couple of deep breaths and controlled himself. “What we had, Vincent, was a spy.” Both lieutenants picked up on the past tense. “’had’, boss?” Kai asked. “Yes. Fortunately I have already dealt with the situation.” Raphael replied. Kai frowned and then a look of realisation appeared on his face. “The massacre at St Conrad…that was you.” Kai nodded to himself. “I should have realised, the state of the bodies was a dead giveaway.” “Yes, St Conrad is the only place a spy could have infiltrated, so I killed them all to be sure. Afterwards, we will kill all the commanders and replace them with members of my choosing, using my methods.” “’after’, boss?” Kai questioned. “Oh…” Sophia chipped in. “…what did she tell you, what did the Queen tell you?” She spoke quickly and in excitement. “I have been invited to a meeting…” Raphael said calmly, having regained his composure. “…with the most powerful organisations on the planet.” “Yes!” Sophia screamed and air-punched enthusiastically. “They finally realise how powerful you are, they recognise your strength!” “Yes, Celia, and since I was trying to keep a low profile in such things, that is nothing to boast about.” His voice was clipped and Sophia immediately quieted down. “However, this is a rare opportunity; I will not pass up the chance to see the faces of the creatures that run this world. I will burn them into my mind and then know who I need to kill when the time comes.” “Oh, oh…” Sophia started jumping up and down on the spot in excitement. “…you can kill them all at the meeting. Get it all done and over with in one fell swoop!” Raphael spun around in a snap, his cloak whipping around him, and his look silenced Sophia as his words had earlier. “You think me some kind of deity, Celia.” He said without a hint of question in his tone. “I admire you for that. But knowing when you are outmatched is also part of being strong. Even I couldn’t kill them all at once.” He could see the disappointment in Sophia’s eyes and laid a hand on her shoulder. “But I will kill them…on my terms.” Her eyes lit up again and Raphael released her to turn and face the city again. “We will go to this meeting, I will listen to what the prattling whore has to say, memorise their faces, and then we will leave and I will continue with my plans. Come.” Raphael turned and started heading down one of the staircases that led to the plaza, his two lieutenants in tow. “I expect you to say nothing and react only to a physical attack; you should hold no stock in what they say, no matter what it is.” “Of course, boss.” Kai said as Sophia nodded her head enthusiastically. “Now, her majesty told me that I just needed to walk through one of these doors and it would take me to the meeting place. ================================================================================== Another Unknown Location… The boots the Crescent Moon members wore made no sound on the white marble floor as they entered the grand arena where the meeting would take place. Raphael gave no indication the décor impressed him and walked forward to a high backed wooden chair that had a crescent moon carved into the back. He took a seat without a word and Kai took up position on his left, his face as stoic as ever, while Sophia took up position on his right, her mask failing to hide the wonder in her eyes. Raphael swept his gaze across the others in the room, momentarily locking eyes with all of them for a second before moving on and eventually finishing on the Queen herself. He leant back in his chair and crossed his right leg over his left. “Just so you know, your majesty…” The title dripped sarcasm but Raphael made no attempt to hold it back. “…one day.” He said and then swept his gaze across the room again, feigning knowledge in who the people before him were, despite the fact he did not.
  2. Sweetness in everything! I'll write up my post and get it up tonight. Just to check I'm reading it right, the Winter Queen called the meeting, right?
  3. So here are the CSs for my current active characters: The Past: Name: Sophia Narnhurst Codename: Celia Gender: Female Age: 22 Rank: Right Lieutenant Appearance: Sophia is petite but solid, sporting bright pink hair tied into four ponytails that hang down her back. She has vivid green eyes that match her hair in brightness. Sophia wears a tight fitting black t-shirt, white leather trousers, and white combat-styled boots. She also wears a white leather jacket. A custom built harness holds her pistols to her thighs and her swords in a cross shape on the back of her waist. The plain white mask that is her curse is permanently grafted to her face. Abilities: Her abilities are gifted to her by a cursed mask and alter the physical makeup of her body on a genetic level. She currently has four modes she can access, each mode being marked by the emotion the mask contorts into. Anger – When the mask’s facial features represent anger, her muscles and size bloom as if she were on some kind of steroids. Her strength is proportionate to her size, as is her invulnerability. Happy – When mimicking Happiness, the mask gives Sophia a rubbery constitution that can bounce off a blunt attack and makes it impossible for her to break her bones or suffer blunt force trauma injuries e.g. bruising, muscles tears, sprains etc. Sad – When the sadness expression shows, Sophia can harden her skin to above-steel levels, but it does hinder her movement if she converts her joints. Surprise – When in surprise, her mask gives her the ability to separate her limbs at the joints. She can freely control these limbs within a certain space around her body. Weapons: Sophia carries two .44 revolvers and two gladius’. Other: Is in love with Raphael but will never admit that to anyone. The Future: Name: Zane Pengallion Age: 34 Gender: Male Species: Bionic Human Appearance: Zane is of average height with sharply defined muscles. He has black hair cut to a couple of inches in length and swept backwards over his head, and he has dull bronze coloured eyes. Zane now tends to wear three-piece suits of varying colours with matching shirts and ties. There are two small red diamonds embedded below each wrist and a large one in the centre of his chest. Powers: Zane has been upgraded with state-of-the-art bionics that gives him advanced speed, strength, agility, senses etc. He also has space-altering technology implanted in him that allows him to store objects away into a personal dimension, separate from the normal one. He has five of these and can store two objects in each one. Weapons: Various weapons and objects stored in his Vaults. Vault 1 – Firstly, A hand-an-a-half longsword with the handle wrapped in black leather. The guard is a straight cross and along with the housing is silver; the blade is as black as night. Secondly, a large circular shield constructed of silver and decorated with a raised four-pointed star at its centre, coloured black. Vault 2 – A pair of silver pistols constructed to look like desert eagles. They fire generated rounds of pure energy, capable of cutting through steel or simply being concussive, depending on Zane’s mood. Blue energy for concussive, red for deadly. Vault 3 – Firstly, a long trident with a silver haft and black blades; the blades are sharpened on both the inside and the outside. Secondly, a silver staff as long as he is tall; for use as a non-lethal weapon. Vault 4 – Empty; uses it to store things in emergencies while in battle. Vault 5 – A magically enhanced bio-suit that sky rockets his physical attributes and makes him immune to magic in nearly all its forms as well as giving him 360 degree vision. Other: Zane proposed to Ellie shortly after the fall of Ezralda; they married at the Prideux Estate and then moved to England after buying a mansion with his late father’s fortune. Name: Eleanor Pengallion Age: 33 Gender: Female Species: Human Witch Appearance: Ellie is short in stature with a modest bust and lithe muscles. Her hair is dark chocolate in colour and hangs to her waist, cascading down her back; a golden net set with rubies runs atop her hair from her hairline to the back of her neck. She tends to wear knee-length form fitting dresses with no sleeves and a modest glimpse of her breasts, a black belt of elastic fastened by a silver buckle, knee high boots of black leather, and then always a brown fur coat over the top of it; she can ignite the collar at will. Powers: Eleanor is a jack-of-all-trades witch that can manipulate her magical energies into pretty much anything she can think of. She is also somewhat of a master of flame-based magic, having been trained by the legendary Michael Sanderford. Weapons: Not a weapon for physical attacks, but Ellie can summon a long wooden staff carved with flames. Other: She accepted Zane’s proposal instantly, having been flirting with him for years, and had Michael walk her down the aisle. She was surprised at Zane’s new fortune but welcomed it.
  4. Firstly, my post is all up and in your faces. Secondly, as you will/did see, I will be using Jinkama, Ellie, and Zane as my active characters in the future for the time being. That may change depending on how the story progresses. I'll get CSs up for my main guys (those three plus Nurnhurst) but I'll keep the others a secret at the moment; just to give you a nice surprise when they are introduced properly.
  5. These Bloody Streets: Requiem for Allies! [IC]

    The Pengallion Mansion, England… The mansion was a sight of modern marvel, if not a bit ostentatious when compared to the rustic landscape, with its sleek design of glass walls and hard corners. It was comfortably big, while not reaching the extensiveness of somewhere like the Prideux Estate, and sported massive grounds. It had taken many months to obtain planning permission to build it but once that was out of the way, it only took 8 months to build and finish. This wasn’t really a surprise when the building had been helped along by a little bit of magic. Zane was proud of it, despite is size compared to Elizabeth’s place, and smiled as he sat outside on the front lawn. He had chosen a charcoal three-piece suit today, paired with a dark blue shirt and complimenting red tie. Silver cufflinks in the shape of small flames were at his wrists and he matched them with his silver pocket watch that was fastened correctly to his waistcoat. In the years since he had married, he had cut his hair down to a couple of inches and swept it back over his head; this style made his bronze eyes stand out much more than previously. A rare bit of sun had brightened the sky of southern England and Zane had taken the seat to enjoy it while it lasted, filling the time he had now all the major magical threats of the world had been dealt with and the supernatural was transitioning into the norm without too much trouble. That and the vast amount of money he had inherited from his late father meant he could pretty much relax. It didn’t last very long as he heard the automatic glass doors open behind him and the sound of heels on stone as his wife walked down to the lawn to him. Ellie came up behind Zane and leant forward onto his shoulder, leaning forward until the ball of light in her right hand was visible. The smile that Zane had flashed at her arrival disappeared as he looked into the light, surprise taking its place. “He’s actually calling for help? Where is he?” “I was as surprised as you; he’s at the Prideux Estate.” Ellie was wearing a sleeveless, knee length dress that hugged her figure tightly. It was dark turquoise in colour and matched well with the black belt around her waist, fastened with a silver clasp, and black knee high boots. She also wore a large, plush, fur coat that hung to the back of her knees, the collar flickering as if alight with flame. She had let her dark chocolate hair grow out and it now ran down her back to her waist; a golden net mounted with rubies rested atop her head, running from her forehead to the back of her neck. A matching necklace of gold and rubies hung around her neck. “So let’s go.” Zane said and stood up, turning around to rest a hand on Ellie’s shoulder. “Ticket to France please.” He said with a smile and Ellie laughed as both she and Zane disappeared in a flash of light that shot into the sky. ================================================================================== The Prideux Estate, France… Jinkama bolted west, leaving the two initial invaders to Cern and Elijah. As he ran, his shoulder length nest of blueness whipping behind him, he pulled a hair tie from his pocket and quickly tied the hair into a ponytail. Then he gripped the black t-shirt he was wearing and pulled outwards, ripping the cheap fabric and leaving him bare-chested. Now Jinkama wore only his loose fitting white trousers, fastened at the waist with a silver locked belt, and his ankle length boots that were plated in metal. Then, with a shine of light like sun of a mirror, Jinkama’s flush pink skin changed colour to that of gold. “I’ve been busting to test out Aura X!” he said to himself as the two westward invaders came into clearer view. The two were clearly a pair as they wore the same kind of futuristic samurai armour and both carried glowing samurai swords; although one of them was left handed. Jinkama dashed at them without so much as a quip and both samurai reacted, their swords swinging down to strike at Jinkama’s shoulders. Jinkama ignored the blades, it had been a very long time since something could cut through his Aura, and stepped forwards to deliver a double blow to the pair’s stomachs. He was surprised when the blades struck and didn’t break, and apparently the samurai were surprised when they didn’t cut through him as the three of them came to a standstill with their blades held against Jinkama’s golden skin. For a second no one said anything and then Jinkama smiled. “So, boys, what next?” The two of them looked at each other but before either could do anything, Jinkama spun violently, bending around their blades, and landed a fist in each of their faces sending them tumbling backwards. As Jinkama stopped to see what damage he had caused, three blurred figures shot past him, towards the estate. Not planning on letting that happen, Jinkama took a step to follow them and found the right handed samurai grabbing his shoulder to prevent him moving. With surprising strength, Right-hand through Jinkama behind him where he crashed into the floor and Left-hand stepped in to drive his sword into Jinkama’s neck, where it stopped dead. Me against these two, Elijah and Cern against those two, Ariel and Elizabeth not back yet, Sookie looking after her children, and Willow god knows where; Seems like I’ll need to call in some back up. Jinkama thought quickly and then flipped his left arm so the wrist was uppermost, revealing a black tattoo in the form of a single line with flames running its length. He punched Left-hand, knocking him reeling again, and quickly ran a finger the length of the tattoo, lighting it up as he went. With that done, he spun to his feet, knocking back Right-hand who had started towards him and grinned from ear-to-ear. “Right, together now or this won’t be fun.” He said as a flash of light landed next to him. ================================================================================== The Prideux Estate, France… Ellie and Zane appeared in a flash of light and the two of them instantly took in the armoured Samurai facing off against the golden Jinkama, which was a surprise for Ellie but not for Zane, who had trained with him like that. “Three invaders, towards the house, chop chop.” He said and then blocked one of the samurai as they moved to stop Ellie and Zane from quickly moving off. Zane immediately picked out the blurs with his enhanced eyes and raised both hands. Two large silver pistols, similar to a Desert Eagle, appeared out of thin air and dropped into each of his hands and without hesitation he pulled the triggers; his right finger pulling twice. Blue bars of energy shot out of the pistols to match the trigger pulls, about a metre in length, and passed the blurs like they were moving in slow motion. Once they passed them, they suddenly jerked back the way they had come and struck the blurs middle mass. Immediately the three of them were thrown backwards and crashed into the floor to create a small crater. “Two on the right are mine.” Zane said and dashed forward with his enhanced speed to face his selection. Ellie sighed, Zane had been craving a proper fight for a while now, and opened her hand to summon in a wooden staff carved with flames. She dropped it forward where it stopped an inch from the ground and then stepped up onto it. Ellie rode the staff like a surfboard and gently lowered herself in front of the invader Zane had left her. “Now, now, care to tell me who you are?” She asked politely, hovering in front of him. He stood up, rubbing his chest where Zane’s shot had apparently hit him, and looked at her with surprising hate. He was taller than her by a few inches, as were most people, and had a head of shockingly red hair that stuck up in all directions. He was wearing what appeared to be a paramilitary suit complete with black assault rifle. He raised it and Ellie laughed. “Silly boy, behave yourself.” She chuckeld and suddenly the man was engulfed in flames from head-to-toe. ================================================================================== Zane stopped in front of his pair and levelled a pistol on each one, his suit jacket moving in the light breeze. “Now, I suggest you leave the premises before things get really ugly.” The figure under his left hand pistol was a large, bald man who was wearing an armoured singlet with matching boots. The figure under Zane’s right hand pistol was a girl who looked no more than 14 and was wearing a school uniform reminiscent of an English prep school. Both of them stood up in unison and brushed themselves down. Zane frowned. "Maybe I should have stipulated that you not move, or weren't the guns obvious enough for you?"
  6. See my faction below. Crescent Moon - An organisation that works underground, in secret, to put the earth into an eternal night; all the main members have been cursed in some way. Raphael Ginta - The leader of Crescent Moon who believes that the moon holds the power to rid a person of their curses. As such he has gathered cursed people and drawn them in with promises of cures. He is known to very few people in the world and even less people know his true name; in the few instances where he has required a name, he goes by Ramon. Sophia Narnhurst - One of the 2nd In Command of Crescent Moon, known as the Right Lieutenant. She is in possession of a cursed mask that is permenantly grafted to her face. In public, goes by the name Celia. <----- She is going to be my active character in the past. Kai Vega - The other 2nd In Command of Crescent Moon, known as the left Lieutenant. He was cursed by a gypsy as a boy and had been searching for the cure when he was recruited by Raphael. In public, goes by the name Vincent.
  7. The Demon Horde OOC (Open to all!)

    Why, thank you. I suppose he is sort of like Genos, this is true. Not quite as epic though.
  8. The Demon Horde OOC (Open to all!)

    My second character, guys and gals: Name: Byrant Costerhill Age: 32 Physical Appearance: Ignoring the scars that run down his face, chest, and back; and the fact he is missing his left arm below the elbow, his right arm at the shoulder, and both his legs above the knee, Byrant is a handsome man. He has pitch black hair that looks like silk, long enough to hang to his chin, and eyes near silver in blue. His missing limbs have been replaced by metallic looking Magitech prosthetics. Attire: Byrant wears a purple shirt open at the collar, and blue denim jeans fastened at the waist with a brown leather belt. His footwear of choice are desert coloured hiking boots. Underneath his shirt, he wears a high-tech armour piece that is a couple of millimetres thick and protects his chest; it is black in colour with a grey lined pattern running up its length. Magitech: Byrant’s Magitech are the technological implants and advanced prosthetics Carnak installed. Installed with various weapons powered by the Divines’ magic, it makes Byrant a force to be reckoned with against Demons. History: When the Demons won, Lucas immediately sought out the resistance and was recruited by Professor Carnak to serve in his special unit that deployed with his specially built weapons. Due to his age at the time but inspired by his fervour to help, Carnak employed him as a scout. He served as that for two years before being allowed to go into combat. Byrant became well known and impressive as a demon slayer, taking Carnak’s weapons as far as they would go. However, due to the technological failure against the stronger Demons, Byrant finally fell, being mutilated and left for dead. Carnak’s team managed to recover what was left at him and Carnak placed him in life support, envisioning him staying there until they had won back the world. When the Divines and Carnak joined forces, Carnak began work on a Magitech that would bring Byrant back from near-death and allow him to slay Demons to his heart's content. Other: Some of the Magitech Carnak installed was a life support system and that is what is continually powered by the Divine’s magic. As such, Byrant needs Magitech Energy Cells (MECs) in order to use his weapons and prosthetics. If he runs out, his Magitech will freeze and lock, stopping his movement. Only a limited amount of the MECs can be made at one time as they take a large amount of pure magic to function.
  9. Yes, it is worth five exclamation marks. :) Anywho, on to the main subject matter. I know this place is dead at the moment, but what the hey, I thought I might as well put something up here while I'm standing here doing nothing. If you're interested in a battle orientated tournament of all kinds of different warriors and monsters, I point you in the direction of a Fan Fiction I am currently writing; I am writing it alongside FF user BTolson23, hence the 'collaboration' in the title. It has minimal story, although does exist, and was merely created to allow the both of us to mess around with a large selection of different characters and perhaps better our own ability at writing combat. Anyway, click the link below to go have a gander if you'd like. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11137757/1/Clash-of-Legends Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
  10. The Demon Horde

    Lucas sat with his back against the remains of the wall the Demon’s had chosen as their entrance, their corpses strewn around him battered nearly beyond recognition. The earpiece in his right ear was buzzing but it was only Jace speaking in his military talk so Lucas ignored him. Lucas scratched the shaved side of his head and then adjusted his Magitech that were hung from his waist from their harness. The radio spoke up again but this time Jace was speaking in English so Lucas pulled himself to his feet and took a quick look to pick the best way to go to get to Times Square from where he was. He jumped the broken section of wall, into an alley filled with the rubble of the buildings around him, listening carefully in case there were any more Demons around. The three 2nd Ringers that were now dead and managed to get the drop on him; it was just lucky they hadn’t realised he wielded Magitech. With nothing he could hear, Lucas set off at a light jog, pausing at the exit of the alley before dashing across the street, leaping a decrepit car’s bonnet, and entering another alley. Lucas continued this style of travelling until only a block separated him from Times square. It was at this point that his earpiece sounded again and Summer spoke, informing the team that she had arrived at Times Square. Lucas started moving out of the alley he was in to a small road that would lead him into the square but stopped when a loud crash sounded from behind him. He turned slowly and came face to chest with a Demon whose skin seemed to glow red in vividness. Lucas didn’t move suddenly, but inwardly braced for quick movement, his hands flexed in preparedness to grab his weapons. “Well, aren’t you the ugly one?” He said and the Demon growled before dashing forward, deadly claws held out wide as if wanted to catch Lucas in a bear hug. In a flash, Lucas’ weapons were in his hands and he had activated them. Lucas called them his Beam Batons, despite Carnak’s insistence he call them by the proper title of Impact Resonators. They were cylinders about four inches wide and as long as his forearm with another half a foot further forward of his clenched fists. Those fists were enclosed around gripped handles with silver levers above the knuckles, close enough that if he extended his fingers he could pull them in. The tubes themselves were white with small black gaps running their length, giving it a segmented, scaled look. The Demon before him was probably a 3rd Ringer as he stood taller and wider than the trio from earlier. Lucas expertly sidestepped the attack and ducked under the Demon’s extended left arm. As he passed by the Demon’s ribcage, he punched his right fist forward and caught the Demon with his right Beam Baton. As the tip touched the tough flesh, the black gaps lit up with a bright blue energy and the tip let out a flash of circular energy. The Demon was thrown off course where he barrelled into the wall of the alley, clutching at his side that now housed a bunch of broken ribs and a dent where Lucas had struck. Before the Demon could recover from its surprise, it was used to being superior to nearly all human weapons, Lucas stepped in and delivered another right-handed strike to the Demon’s right shoulder. The strength of the shockwave knocked the joint out of place and as the Demon opened its mouth to roar, Lucas struck with a perfect uppercut. It slammed the Demon’s mouth shut and Lucas was pretty sure he had shattered the creature’s teeth. Lucas didn’t let up and quickly struck the Demon on its right hip, left knee and finally a powerful straight into its belly. The Demon dropped to the floor face down, apparently unconscious. Lucas wasn’t satisfied with just that so stepped up onto the Demon’s back and knelt down, resting his weapons either side of the Demon’s head. “You fucking ass.” He said before activated the shockwaves and reducing its head to a mushy dark red paste. With the Demon taken care of, Lucas jogged to the road, and stuck to the buildings wall as he reached the entrance to Times Square. He couldn’t see any of his teammates until he looked left and saw Summer crouched nearby. Lucas reached up to the throat mike around his neck and depressed the talk button. “Yo, military dick, I’ve reached the square and can see Summer; where the hell are you?” he saw Summer start as she heard he could see her and smiled to himself.
  11. The Demon Horde OOC (Open to all!)

    Ahh, triple post, my eyes burn! Anywho, I've added the classification of Demon's into the initial post. So you know what AF is talking about in regards to 'Twos' and 'Fours' and any other numbers that might come up in regards to the Demons.
  12. The Demon Horde OOC (Open to all!)

    Say hello to my first creation. I've come up with another cool character so you'll see them soonish. Name: Lucas Berendale Age: 18 Physical Appearance: Lucas is of average height and weight with defined muscles that speak of years of physical training. He has shimmering green eyes and very dark blonde hair. Lucas shaves the left side of his head and the rest of his hair he pulls to the right where it hangs to his shoulder. The hair below the chin he ties into small braids fastened by small metal spheres at the base to weight it down. Attire: Lucas likes to wear black combat boots with black cargo trouser tucked into them. He then wears a grey vest under a blue parka coat lined with sheep’s skin. His Magitech hang either side of his thighs; held there by a special leather harness fastened around waist Magitech: A pair of augmented Tonfa he calls his Beam Batons. Writhe with magical energy at their cores, the Tonfa give off small energy shockwaves upon the tips striking a surface. They also have a long range, penetrating mode, controlled by levers within reach of Lucas’ fingers when using the weapons. The long range mode works much the same as close range, except that when the tips strike a surface, a beam of light cuts through anything in its pointed path. Brief History: At age 3, Lucas was discovered and taken in by the Divines. He has been training to be a Diviniter nearly all his life. Carnak became like an Uncle to him and the two get on really well. Other: Doesn’t really like sticking to the rules.
  13. The Demon Horde OOC (Open to all!)

    Yeah a character sheet sounds like a good idea. Only basic info required, I'd say, just we know who is who and whatnot.
  14. Do this survey, you butts!

    All done. Just because I like you. :)
  15. Playstation 4

    I'm going to be so poor this year because of all the sweetness being released. Currently, I'm brain-straining in The Witness and having a right old laugh in the new Need For Speed (which is so much better than rivals).
  16. Site Upgrade

    Upgrade looks slick as hell; me likey. No customization isn't a big loss, especially since I like the new look. No signature though? Unless I'm going mad.
  17. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I'm still trying to figure out the last one...nothing I come up with fits all of the riddle! Definitely number based though.
  18. Mods?

    I realise I'm double posting (I'm crying already) but someone really does need to kill SallyEl as quickly as possible.
  19. Mods?

    Lurking sounds like the right word to me.
  20. The Super Awesome Mega Collaboration!!!!!

    UPDATE For anyone that was keeping up with this, we've had a migration of location. You may now find us on a site called Movellas; it's pretty snazzy. Follow the link below! http://www.movellas.com/story/201507211353429064-clash-of-legends Since we've had to rate the story as Red (16+ on Movella) you'll have to create an account / sign in to read it. But, hey, it's free, so why not?
  21. Playstation 4

    First impressions of Bloodborne...thumbs up from me! Only played about an hour or so because I had to go to work (damn it!) but from what I've seen so far, it's going to be good. Can't wait to get into it properly.
  22. Playstation 4

    I will be playing it; just gotta wait until friday! On another note, I have no idea if IDs are case sensitive, so I am no help to you there. :D
  23. Playstation 4

    Totally adding you, Ack. Also, I'd be down with playing Dying Light with you, or anybody else for that matter; I love that game to bits!
  24. CLOSED Mitsuba Academy: Art Club

    As Shu headed towards the Art Club room, he thought back to the evening before when Rika had coerced him to tag along for a social with her friends Hiro and Miko. It turned out, as Shu found out during a very one sided conversation with Rika, that she was the Vice-Captain of the Karate Club. This explained why she was so buddy with Hiro, with him being a third year and generally hanging around with his third year friends. Rika had explained, with much gusto to the chagrin of Hiro, that she had come in and bested all of the Karate Club members with the exception of Hiro to attain her position. Hiro had admitted to Shu afterwards, while Rika was out of earshot, that he had only barely won their fight and he kept refusing rematches on the grounds that she hasn’t trained enough. His thoughts returned to the present as he opened the door and saw that Erin and Erize had already arrived, the former looking fairly awkward as Akira sat pretty close to her. “Ah, arrived at last!†Akira said with a flourish of an invisible cape. “Then let us begin.†After annoying Erin and then explaining the goal for the evening, and then creeping Erin out with his sweaty shirt, the three Art Club members headed out to confront the Warlock. =================================================================== This guy is good. Shu thought as Erin approached the kneeling Warlock. He had his weapons in hand, one of the blades mostly charged while the other was only partially, and watched the Warlock with a smile on his face. That steel skin sure is useful, although it looks like it acted against him when facing ZONE. The man growled defiance at Erin as she claimed to take him with them and then the girl scrambled backwards as the Warlock held a primed hand grenade. Shu’s smile nearly faltered as the Warlock converted to steel and the grenade exploded. From where he had been standing, Erin had been more or less in front of him, so with a quick shuffle step he put her between him and the blast; a small ripple of shame running through his body as he did. She was launched backwards by the blast and Shu had to flatten himself to the floor as Erin passed above him. He made himself as small as possible, as flat as possible, and felt the pressure wave from the explosive pass over him. Luckily, for him, Erin had taken the brunt of the force herself. Hopefully she can heal from that. He thought as he stood up slowly to find the Warlock missing. “Damn.†He muttered as he turned to see if Erin was alive. She was, but going by the large lupine form bearing down on her, she wouldn’t be for long. For a brief second, he thought the Warlock had returned, but on closer inspection, as he sprinted forward, the shape and fur were different to its master. A Thrall then. He thought, his smile widening to normal again. I can deal with a Thrall. He decided to ignore the feeling of his failure to successfully combat the Warlock. As he ran, he kicked a crushed can that was lying on the floor and hit the Thrall behind the ears. It spun quickly, showing a number of eyes staring at him, but Shu quickly jumped into the air, kicked off the Thrall’s snout and landed on its back. Without hesitation he jammed his swords down and pierced the Thrall behind its shoulders. His smile finally faded as the Thrall started to buck to throw him off. Shu managed to stay on but wasn’t really concentrating as he twisting the swords in the Thrall’s back. No buzz. He thought as the Thrall settled. A shadow on the corner of his vision told him of an approaching mass, but Shu reacted too late as a second, identical, wolf barrelled into him. With luck, he had moved enough to avoid being taken in the Thrall’s jaws but its shoulder caught him and his much larger size sent Shu rolling across the ground. He stood up quickly but the Thrall had fast reflexes and was practically on top of him already. Shu managed to block the snapping jaws by jamming one of his swords into the Thrall’s mouth and then twisted it to gain access to the creature’s neck. Then he quickly stabbed his second blade into the wolf’s flesh, and with a quick rotation slice, slit the thing’s throat. Shu rolled away quickly and looked down at the swords in his hands; the cranes had not been filled despite the fact Shu had driven his blades deep into both wolves. “What the hell is going on.†He muttered as he heard a ragged growling from behind him. With a quick spin, Shu stood up and saw the wolf he had just cut down standing there was something leaking from the wound Shu had given it. However, it wasn’t blood, it was something else. The wolf stared at him, with its many eyes, but Shu’s eyes remained transfixed on the strange things coming from the creature’s wounds. Then he realised what they were. “Bees?!†He said with surprise. “Well, that could make things more difficult.†He risked a glance behind him, at the second wolf that was already rounding on him, and saw that bees were slowly leaking from his wounds as well. “Incredibly difficult, it would seem.†Where the hell is Erize when you need her? He thought as both wolves jumped at him.
  25. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Ok, I'm writing my post now but I just need to clarify something. Are the Art Club members currently fighting just the Bee-Wolf thrall at the moment?