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  1. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    I know not the answer to this question...
  2. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    I will have a post up soon, just contemplating exactly what I want to do.
  3. CLOSED Gods Among Us

    Ryan found his entrance quickly after leaving Alice to distract the guards at the main entrance to the mall. It was a small side door that led directly into one of the parking lots, giving Ryan enough cover to move close to the side of the building without being seen. The entrance was being guarded by two guys with mismatched uniforms and the assault rifle of their trade; AK47’s. Ryan could see from where he was hidden, behind a large SUV, that they were scratched, battered, and clearly not looked after beyond a cursory clean. Which probably meant they were not used to the weapons and were probably Contractors. He frowned and then quickly moved between cars until he was just out of view of the guards before dodging towards the building so his back was pressed against the outer wall. From the way the mall was built, the guards in the doorway wouldn’t see him until it was too late. Such as it was, when he was within a couple of steps, Ryan exploded forward and drove an elbow into the firsts guys face. The force slammed his head back and crashed it into the doorframe behind him. The second guy stepped back in surprise, but Ryan was already swinging towards him and caught him in the side of the head with a forearm. As the guards stumbled out of the doorway, Ryan delivered a sharp kick to his ankle and sent him head over heels to the floor. The first guard was dazed but still on his feet so Ryan grabbed the back of his head, took two long steps towards the second guard, kicked the first guards knees out and smashed their heads together, knocking the two of them out. Ryan stayed in a knelt position and listened to see if anyone was coming to check on them but there was no sound so he stood up and entered the mall quickly. A ruckus from towards the front of the mall told Ryan that Alice was doing her job, and he ducked into a sports shop on his right as a gaggle of the terrorists sprinted down the main thoroughfare towards the front entrance. Ryan found two more enemies in the sports store with a couple of civilians lying on the floor with their hands on their heads. Both masked men were slow on the uptake so Ryan took the initiative and picked up a baseball, signed by some famous player, from the counter in front of him and threw it hard into one of the men’s faces, knocking him back in surprise. Ryan quickly vaulted the counter and landed with quick kick to the second guys knee, knocking it sideways. He then stepped forward, wrenched the rifle clear of his hands, and brought the rifle down on top of the guys head like driving a nail into hard wood. As the man fell, Ryan’s hand shot out and clamped around his throat, tightening as Ryan spun around and locked the guy in a choker. The first guy had recovered by now and raised his free hand to summon his Celestian. What sounded like an explosion, muted behind walls, echoed around but Ryan and his opponent ignored it as a cloud of mist appeared and what could only be described as a scarecrow with knives for hands leapt out towards Ryan. “Zhila.†Ryan said but nothing happened and all he heard in reply was a sleepy grunt. “Or not.†He said as he released his hold on the second guy and kicked him in the back towards the scarecrow Celestian. A knife-hand flashed forward and pierced the guy through the chest, killing him instantly. It was at this point that Ryan glanced at the first guy and saw him raised his rifle. “Shit.†Ryan managed before the man open fired. What appeared to be golden petals appeared in front of Ryan and the bullets bounced off them harmlessly and Ryan let a small growl escape from the back of his throat. “Better late then never, I suppose.†He muttered as the golden scales spun in a small tornado before forming into his Celestian, Zhilayastal. The scarecrow swiped at the Dragon-Lion hybrid Celestian but its knife-hand blades broke against her golden scales. Zhila then pounced forward and clamped her jaws tight around the scarecrow’s throat, practically ripping its head free. Ryan didn’t wait for Zhila to finish as he leapt over her and delivered a heavy kick to the terrorists face, knocking him to the floor where Ryan jumped up and down on his face a few times to knock him out. Zhila released the scarecrow as its head rolled away and then disappeared in a swirl of golden scales as Ryan ducked into a crouching position by the door. Ryan looked back at the civilians, three of them now crouched against the far wall where they had scrambled away from the fight, and frowned. “Stay here. Don’t get in the way.†He said as the phone at his belt vibrated. He pulled it free and glanced at the text from James. Cayman Industries operative on site, female with silver hair. Try not to kill but feel free to harass. “Well, that explains the explosion.†Ryan muttered as he slipped the phone away. “Damn PMC’s.†He glanced out of the Sports store and looked across at his next target; a jewelry shop with three more terrorists in, all looking in the direction of the main entrance with tight grips on their rifles.
  4. CLOSED Mitsuba Academy: Art Club

    The excitement of waiting for school to end in order to attend the Art Club and see what other crazy missions Akira-Sensei had for them had worn off very fast once lessons had started. Shu only just managed to pay attention long enough to make it to lunch without killing either himself, the teacher, or another student. He had now located his secluded lunch bench and was sat, as normal, with his Bento at his side, his bag at his feet, and his tube resting against his leg. As with the day before, his peace did not last long before the girl appeared again. She scooted his Bento aside and took a seat next to him as if they had planned the meeting. “So, you really do eat here alone every day?†Rika said as she looked over to see Shu looking at her through his glasses. “Oh, don’t look at me like that, it’s a good thing I’m interrupting your apparent quiet time.†Shu looked away again, picking a spot in the distance to stare at instead, and continued to eat the Rice ball that was in his hand. “But anyway, I didn’t come out here just to annoy you, as much fun as that would be I’m sure, but to tell you I’m inviting you along to hang after school with some friends and me.†Shu stopped eating again and looked at her carefully. He wasn’t going to accept, no time for such trivialities with Warlocks on the loose, but Rika didn’t seem like she was going to leave without an answer. “I’m afraid I have Art Club after school today, I will have things to do.†Rika made a face and leant backwards, resting her elbows on the back and crossing her legs. “You actually joined up to that? That weirdo Miyamoto-Sensei’s weirdness will rub off on you if you’re not careful.†“Miyamoto-Sensei is n…†Shu paused in what he was about to say, quickly revising it so avoid looking completely dumb. There was no way Akira wasn’t a weirdo. “…is strange, yes. But he isn’t the reason I joined.†“You just wanted a place to express yourself through your ability to draw?†Rika said, the mockery clear on her voice. Shu let a small smile onto his lips. “Yeah, something like that.†Suddenly Rika bounced to her feet and placed her hands on her hips. “Ok, whatever. But don’t think the ‘art club’ excuse will work every time; it can’t meet every day of the week or weekends.†“I don’t know about that; Miyamoto-Sensei keeps us fairly busy with assignments and the like.†Shu replied, reaching into his Bento for another Rice Ball. “I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself struggling to keep up and so needing weekends in order to complete the tasks he sets.†“Pfft. Clubs are meant to be fun side ventures, not like more school work. But, fine, I’ll catch you out one day.†And with that said, Rika strode off to the school building. The rest of the day’s lessons passed fairly swiftly, despite the fact that Rika was staring at Shu’s back for the entirety of the Japanese language lesson, and Shu was ready to get back to hunting some demons. However, before he had even gotten halfway to the Art Club room, his phone buzzed. Confused to who it might be, very few people had his number, he pulled it out and frowned when he saw Akira’s name. How the hell did he get my cell number? He thought even as he flicked the phone open to read the text the crazed teacher had sent through. Shu came to a stop with a disappointed look on his face. Damn, no club meeting today. Now I got to find another way to fill the time. Maybe I’ll go out on my own, see what I can find. He thought as he put the phone away and headed out of school. He didn’t get more than a step out of the gate before Rika appeared beside him and pulled him aggressively to the side; she was stronger than she looked as Shu quick stepped to keep himself balanced. “I see my sources were not wrong; no Art Club for you today, so you can come join us.†She said as Shu realised they were not alone. Stood slightly off from where Rika had attempted to throw Shu was a tallish, lanky boy and a small, petite girl. The boy had sand coloured hair that hung around his ears in loose waves and a beaming smile when he stepped forward, nearly glistening beneath his dull brown eyes. “Hi, my names Hiro Mirakami; I’m a third year and Captain of the Karate Club. It’s nice to meet you, Kagaiba-san.†Captain of the Karate Club? Strange company for Rika to keep, I would have thought. Shu thought as the small girl stepped up shoulder to shoulder with Hiro with a large book clutched to her chest. She had extremely straight black hair that framed a small face and she wore a pair of frameless glasses over brown eyes. “Good afternoon; I am Miko Haruna. It’s nice to finally meet you; Amaya-san has talked about you for a while now.†Rika stepped passed her and ruffled her hair as she did, messing it up enough that Miko had to release one of her hands to tidy it up. “Yeah, not for that long, bookworm. Anyway, why are we still hanging around here? Come on.†Without even looking back, Rika started off down the path. Shu looked at Miko and then at Hiro who smiled ruefully and gestured gently after Rika. “You might as well learn now that it’s impossible to go against her so you might as well enjoy it. Come on…†he wrapped an arm around Shu’s shoulder and started leading him after Rika; Miko walked silently beside him. “Let’s go and enjoy a drink at the very least.â€
  5. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    @Sir Vey, No. It is not the blood of an enemy that fills his super meter but any blood at all. So your ideas are all valid, as is Wstfgl's. I've come up with a few ways for him to fight should he come across a bloodless opponent or the like.
  6. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    I don't know if you guys still have the time to do this but I got bored and decided to post.
  7. CLOSED Gods Among Us

    “Come along then, Pajama Party.†Ryan strode along quickly, practically jogging, in the direction of Konell’s mall with Alice Hendricks in tow. She had been the second in a three man team of Contractors that had been tasked with taking down the criminals within the mall. However, the third person had not shown up on time and Ryan had successfully argued the point that waiting any longer would put civilians and the mission in danger. James had conceded and had agreed to send the third man on once they arrived; after communicating with Ryan via a radio that was now strapped to his belt with an earpiece in his ear. “Anyway, as I’m sure you gathered during the introductions, I don’t really get on well with team members. I’m more of the lone wolf type deal and I tend to get called into missions that require such people. Why it has been decided to throw me in a team is beyond me, more so with someone like you; no offense.†Ryan spoke fast and with intensity to ensure the excitable girl didn’t interrupt which she tried a few times as he spoke. “Now since I have to use you, I might as well. I don’t know your abilities or those of your Celestian but that doesn’t matter.†The Mall came into view around the corner of a building and Ryan ducked to the side, pulling Alice along with him. “The plan is simple, you need to cause a distraction at the main entrance; it shouldn’t be too hard, really, and I’m sure they won’t shoot a small girl in pajamas; at least not immediately. While you’re doing that, I’ll enter a different way and take them out from behind. I’ll be able to take care of anyone regardless of their Celestian or weapons. Well, unless they have something unprecedented.†He shrugged and then gestured towards the entrance of the mall. “Of you pop, then.†And with that Ryan disappeared into an alley behind them, circling around the Mall to find a more discreet entrance. =================================================================== Back at the HQ truck, James Rayner’s phone went off and he was surprised to find the boss was calling him directly. He quickly tapped to answer the call and held the phone to his ear. “Sir, how can I help you?†he said in a polite voice he used very rarely. “It’s more how I can help you. The PMC Cayman Industries has sent an agent to oversee things down there, you may want to intercept.†“A PMC? I don’t see how they can have any kind of jurisdiction here, this is an FBI operation and they wouldn’t touch a corporation like that with a ten foot barge pole.†James replied with a surprised look on his face. “Not their call this time, unfortunately. There are some big governmental stirrings going on with regards to the kind of Ops Cayman will be doing and apparently city policing has been offered to the table for discussion.†“That’s ridiculous.†“It is, but it’s being talked about. I’ve managed to pull some strings and prevent them from taking full control, as some sort of demonstration of their ability, so the agent will be coming in on equal grounds only. The decision is yours, but I’d recommend stalling the agent in order for our own to get the job done before they can interfere.†“Thank you for calling sir, I’ll make sure the mission brief is long and complicated for them.†The phone went dead on the other end and James slid his own phone back into his pocket. “Well, that’s unexpected.†He muttered before pulling his phone out again and dialing a number to a contact who could get him the ETA of this PMC agent and perhaps some info on them as well.
  8. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters

    Shu decided to walk home, as opposed to getting the bus or something similar, in order to allow his wounds to heal as much as they could without drawing notice from anyone. His healing ability was not massively aggressive, not like Erin Lafayette’s, and was directly related to how far his ability meter had been gained or used during a fight. It wasn’t powerful, even after using the full ability meter his healing had only managed to stem his bleeding enough to prevent death by blood loss, but it usually allowed him to live to fight another day. Of course, it had helped that Erin had shared her healing with him, it meant his own powers had little work to do as they slowly caused the red welts to fade away; Shu knew it would still take a day or two for them to disappear completely and was glad all of them were in places he could hide with clothes. He could still feel the tingly feeling Erin’s ability had given him when she was running her hands over his wounds; at least, he thought it was the ability. A small smile crept onto his lips and he reached up to push his glasses back into position to hide it. Since the fight had finished, Shu had reset himself to his school look; his hair was hung around his face, the black framed glasses sat on his nose, and he had replaced his white shirt. The black shirt, which had been damaged during the fight, had been stuffed into the bottom of his tube, and his Demon Reaper had been replaced within it as well. The tube itself was slung across his shoulder in such a way that he was tapping the top of it as if humming a silent tune to himself. It took him just under half an hour for Shu to reach the small gate that led to his home, and he moved quietly as he entered the house. He immediately saw his mother sat at the kitchen table with a laptop at her fingertips but decided she looked too busy to interrupt right now. However as he took a step towards the stairs, she cleared her throat loudly to gain his attention. Shu swivelled his direction of travel and entered the kitchen before leaning on the fridge. “Did your club activities go well?†Mikoto asked, turning to look at him. Shu’s smile widened a fraction. “It was good. I found two more Demon Hunters within the school; Erize Umeda, who was in my class last year, and Erin Lafayette, the adopted daughter of Lavalley-Sensei.†As he spoke, Mikoto reached into her laptop bag and withdrew a small leather bound book from within. She quickly jotted down the two names at the bottom of a list of names, some of which had been crossed out. Shu continued and Mikoto put the book away. “I fought a Warlock tonight, as well.†Mikoto looked at him with an unasked question and he shrugged. “I’m here, right?†“Did you manage to get any information off of him?†She said politely. Shu’s smile slipped a fraction and a look of mild embarrassment joined what remained. “I didn’t occur to me. But then again, it wasn’t exactly the talkative type; it was a werewolf or something. I’d killed it before it managed to change into human form.†Mikoto nodded and then stood up suddenly, quickly stepping over to him and pulling his shirt up to look at the small red welts that covered his sides and arms. “Has your healing ability improved?†Shu batted her away gently and let his shirt fall. “No, Erin has a potent healing ability she decided to shower on me. Saves on cleaning blood stained clothes, I suppose.†“Speaking of which, can you throw any such clothes into the box at the top of the stairs, please.†Mikoto said before sitting back down and returning to the work on her laptop. Shu nodded and headed back to the stairs, ascending it quickly and coming to a stop in front of a box at the top. He pulled his tube in front of him and opened it from the bottom to pull out the wrecked black shirt which he dumped in the box, before closing the tube and heading for his room. He remembered at that point he had left his jacket and tie at school, so he pulled his spare set out and hung it from the door for the morning. =================================================================== The next day, the morning went much as the day before; He did his ritual with his mother and was out of the door with a minute to spare. Shu made sure his posture and facial expression match that of the image he had created for himself at school and arrived as exactly on time as he could make it. The welts that had been left over from the night before were mostly gone now, but all of them were hidden beneath his jacket. Before going to his classroom, he made a quick stop to pick up the jacket and tie he had left and stuffed them to the bottom of his bag. He nearly smiled, managing to suppress it at the last second, with the hop the Art Club would be as eventful this evening as it had been last time.
  9. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    This is all very true. I like the idea.
  10. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    And here I was worrying I'd overpowered him O.o But yeah, I can see that. I like the idea of a life-leeching secondary effect; I can link it in to the pleasurable feeling he gets whenever he uses Kuronarabi's abilities. Perhaps (as with his main ability) he gains an equal regenerative boost to the damage he does to an opponent. Although I'd probably say that it doesn't literally regenerate him (like wolverine-style) but instead reduces the seriousness of wounds he gains e.g. a life threatening wound to his lungs would be reduced to cracked rib. or something along those lines anyhow.
  11. CLOSED Mitsuba Academy: Art Club

    Before leaving the school to go hunting, Shu switched out the white shirt and tie of his school uniform for a short-sleeved black shirt of which he left the top few buttons undone. He had also extracted a canvas rig from his weapons tube that turned out to be a belt holster that held his two short swords slightly below his waistline to rest on his thighs on each side. The school stuff had then been rolled up and stored within the tube and the tube itself was now attached to a mounting point on the back of his waist, horizontally. Shu’s heavy rimmed glasses were stored in the tube as well and he had tied his hair up in a high ponytail with a length of string he had pulled from his pocket. Two fang-shaped earrings adorned his left ear and a small gold ring hung from the right. The warehouse district they ended up in glowed faintly with the dying light of the sun, and Shu couldn’t help but notice all the dark corners and great hiding spots for Warlocks and Thralls alike. The three of them came to a stop at a taller building and Erize said she’d scout the area from the top of the building. Before Shu could ask how she was planning to go up there, ignoring her comment about some kind of light, a shining light appeared from underneath her skirt and she shot into the air like a rocket. Shu resisted the urge to look up, now understanding what Erize had meant by the light, and glanced at Erin instead. “Well, I can’t say I’ve ever seen that before.†He laughed. “Are her panties her Demon Reaper or something?†Erin didn’t have time to answer as Erize shouted down at them about a large figure dodging into an alleyway. With a smile on his face, and Erin in tow, Shu trotted quickly over to the alleyway Erize had pointed out. The girl in question following them along the rooftops. When they reached the target location, however, they found it empty despite the fact it was a dead in. “What the hell?†Shu said, wondering if Erize was seeing things. As he looked up to the building she was on, he saw her flying over the edge with something big on top of her. His eyes lit up with glee. “There you are.†He muttered and lowered his hands to rest on his swords. A blast of light emitted from Erize’s skirt, ZONE doing its job, and the creature was sent crashing down between Shu and Erize. Shu immediately drew his swords, his hands a blur, and jumped back a step to gauge his enemy; the wolf morphing Warlock . The fall, and accompanying ZONE blast, had apparently done nothing to it as immediately attacked Erin and sent her flying backwards into a chain link fence. Shu didn’t wait to see if she was alright, instead he dived forward and aimed to slice into the wolf beast’s ribs. A clawed hand appeared and stopped the blade dead while the Warlock spun and aimed an attack at Shu with its free claw. Shu reciprocated with his second blade and stopped the claws dead with a few sparks. With no hesitation, the Warlock’s head snapped forward with large teeth glistening with saliva and Shu had to bend his neck and head quickly to avoid the gnashing attack. With a smile on his face and a low laugh in his throat, he snapped his head back and delivered a heavy blow with his forehead against the Warlock’s eye. A roar emitted from the snout and with a sudden blurring of the world, Shu found himself sliding across the floor before he slammed into a metal roller door belonging to a warehouse. The metal bent beneath the blow and Shu fell to one knee in front of it, inhaling deeply. If he had been a normal person, the blow would have turned him to paté; but as it was, it was just very painful and a bruise was bound to form. A low growl sounded from in front of him and Shu stood up, flexing his shoulders where an ache was starting to build, and stared back at the Warlock’s wolf eyes. As their stares met, Shu saw Erin with his peripheral vision over the creature’s shoulder, her naginata-turned-scythe ready for a blow at its undefended back. Shu’s smile only grew wider. “If you’re going to bring it…†he said, watching Erin without actually looking. “…then bring it.†Suddenly the wall behind Erin exploded and Shu caught sight of a shadowing monstrosity. Damn, a Thrall. Should have expected one of those around really. He thought as he kept his stare locked with the Warlock. “Or, you know…†he said, now realising Erin was otherwise occupied. “…I could bring it instead.†With his first step, the Warlock leaped forward with it’s front claws extended to attack. Shu took a second step and allowed himself to collapse forward with a roll, making him pass underneath the leaping Warlock. During the roll, Shu flung one of his swords upwards and felt the satisfying surge of energy that indicated he had drawn blood and his blade was starting to charge. The ability sent a pleasure into Shu’s body that he couldn’t explain, but it always left him wanting more; which he was more than happy to do. The Warlock crashed headfirst into the roller door, creating another dent, but landed without harm and turned to pounce back towards Shu. Except Shu was already on the attack and managed to score a thin slice down the Warlocks face with the same blade he had cut with earlier. The energy flowed again and Shu exhaled with the feeling. The one sword was now charged ahead of the other, so he spun the second blade into a reverse grip in order to remember to lead with the first blade. It was at this point he realised the wound he had inflicted on the Warlocks face had healed without a mark. “Well, that’s just cheating.†He muttered as the Warlock leapt forward once again. This time Shu didn’t dodge and landed a punch on the Warlock’s forehead as the claws dug into the flesh of his shoulders. He gritted his teeth against the pain, his grin not faltering, and sliced up with his first blade to force the Warlock to dodge back lest he wanted his head cut in half. Shu scored another thin slice however and watched carefully to watch how fast the cut healed; it wasn’t very long. Fine, I don’t need him to be wounded to win anyway. He thought as he deflected a flurry of blows by large claws. “This scenery is getting boring, care for a change?†Shu said as he slapped away a wide swipe and stuck his first sword forward, catching the Warlock’s eye and scoring a long slash along the side of its face. As it reared back in pain, Shu kicked up and caught it on the bottom of its Jaw, sending it stumbling backwards. Immediately, Shu used the opportunity to jump backwards onto a pipe running up the side of the warehouse and started climbing; his nimble fingers allowing him to keep hold of his swords while also gripping the pipe. He would probably make a pretty efficient rock climber. He hadn’t gotten more than halfway when he heard a roar and the Warlock appeared at his side, its claws digging into the stone wall to stick him in place like a spider. The large teeth lodged in the dripping jaw leapt forward again and Shu quickly loosed his second sword and jammed it between the teeth, stopping the Warlock from taking a bit from him. Having never tested them in such a way, Shu was glad to see his Demon Reaper wasn’t easy to damage as the Warlock attempted to snap through it to get to him. One of its claws loosed from the wall to attack, but Shu had already let go of the pipe and used the Warlock’s grip on his sword to pull himself on top of the wolf-man itself. The Warlock roared but Shu pulled his second blade free with the help of his first as he stabbed through the flesh that held the jaws together and then jumped upwards to grab the lip of the buildings roof. He was lucky it was a relatively low one, so he had enough power to swing himself up and onto the stone with the Warlock quickly on his tail. Except that it wasn’t his tail as he lunged forward with both blades and scored two slices across the creatures chest. Although he did receive a slice across his already injured shoulder for the trouble. Shu, still grinning, couldn’t help but realise he needed to finish it quicker. For every blow he exchanged with the Warlock, he gained another injury and the Warlock simply regenerated his. I need to fill the meter quickly in one go, that’s the quickest way. The Warlock charged forward with another flurry of blows and Shu skilfully deflected the majority of them, receiving a thin scratch every now and again. He made sure he returned the favour and scored a cut himself, no matter how deep. Shu always led with his first blade, ensuring he filled the meter up as quickly as he could. Suddenly a wild backhand caught him in the chest and Shu stumbled backwards only to trip over a metal railing and slam into a glass skylight. He laughed as the Warlock climbed the metal railing as though to gain a greater height to jump at him, and then stopped when he felt the glass crack below him and he fell through. Sure he was about to go splat, Shu was surprised when he slammed against something much sooner than he had expected. He glanced down and saw he had landed on some sort of high shelving unit that filled the entire warehouse. Another glance upwards showed him that the Warlock was already leaping down to him. With a quick roll he slipped off the shelf and caught himself halfway down before leaping the last bit to land with a roll on the hard concrete floor. A heavy thud and a snarl behind him told Shu that the Warlock had not hesitated to follow. Shu turned and ducked to avoid the piercing blow the Warlock had tried with his claws, and quickly sliced upwards to sever the tendons in the outstretched arm. The arm swung back to the Warlock’s body uselessly and then came up again as the wound healed. Shu glanced behind the Warlock and saw something that made him laugh. “I told you I’d bring it.†He said as he charged forward with a quick flurry of his own and used the melee as a diversion to spin around the Warlock and come to a stop in a low crouch with both swords held ready in his hands. “But you need to return the favour.†The Warlock complied, whether by choice of bestial rage Shu didn’t know, and charged forward with claws swinging to attack. With quick reflexes, and his years of training, Shu whipped his first blade forward and pierced the Warlocks hand closest to the shelving unit and continued the blow to pierce it against the stack of wooden planks, catching the Warlock in place. The Warlock continued his attack, leading with his jaw, but Shu’s second blade swung up from underneath and pierced through the Warlock’s bottom jaw and all the way into its top jaw, jamming them together. This move, however, allowed the Warlock’s free claw to dig painfully into Shu’s side. “Nice one, Warlock.†He said through the pain, his grin as wide as ever. “But now you’ve given me all the blood I need.†The blade of his second blade, pierced through the Warlocks jaws, lit up with white energy and grew to a full-sized katana of pure white energy. “Ecstasy.†Shu muttered as he forced the glowing blade forward and slice the Warlock in half from neck to groin. A gurgle sounded from the Warlock but Shu didn’t wait to see if he could regenerate from the wound and quickly pulled his second blade free, it too glowing with white energy and now full size, and sliced across the Warlocks chest. The blade didn’t pass through the flesh completely but even as the glow left Shu’s blades, the cut continued to slice through flesh until the Warlock collapsed to the floor in three pieces; the upper half only held together by the front of his snout. Shu jumped backwards, ignoring the blood flowing from his side and shoulders, and watched the Warlock carefully. No blood flowed from the Warlock, his swords had seared the wounds shut with energy, but he didn’t know what the extent of the Warlock’s regenerative powers were and he didn’t want to be caught off guard if it managed to pull itself together. I wonder what happened to the other two. Shu thought mildly as he watched carefully.
  12. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Err, hands?
  13. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Oh, oh, horse shoes!
  14. CLOSED Mitsuba Academy: Art Club

    Shu wasn’t entirely sure how he ended up sat in front of a canvas with a pencil in hand; Akira Miyamoto sat in front of him with his upper half bare while he struck a pose. It might have been something to do with the stare he had received when he had tried telling the man he wasn’t really into ‘art’, but Shu wasn’t sure. The girl who had been here before him and fallen into the same trap and was now at another canvas with a slightly confused look on her face. 15 minutes of silence passed while Shu and the girl sat at their canvases, Shu had created a rather impressive stick figure battle during this time, before the door burst open and another student was bowing in the doorway with apologies on her lips. It took him a second, what with her head bowed, but Shu realised that it was Erize at the door; the girl who he had recognised earlier as being in his class last year. What is she doing here? Did she see the blue text? Have I never realised she was also a Demon Hunter? The thoughts blasted through his head as Erize glanced at him and quickly looked away again as she realised he was looking. Interesting. Erize didn’t speak but say down at an empty canvas and pulled out a finger painting set to start creating Akira’s bare back. This continued for another 15 minutes before anything happened; the three students and the teacher sitting there in silence only interrupted by the scratches and squelches of the artwork. The silence was ruptured by Akira clearing his throat, sounding like a building collapsing, and introduced himself as being sent by the government. When he finished his explanation about demons, warlocks, thralls and the like, he ended his talking with an offer of a co-op venture with the other students. So both of them are Demon Hunters. Shu thought as he let his gaze level on each one slowly. Then Shu thought back to what Akira had said and a toothy grin appeared on his face before he could stop himself. “A demon? Then what are we waiting around here for?†he muttered as the first girl spoke; introducing herself and revealing a wicked Naginata that she explained was her Demon Reaper by the name of Eternal Blaze. Shu, the grin still on his lips, nodded at her weapon as he picked up his tube from the ground and stood it in front of him with his hand resting on the top of it. “Impressive.†He said before he squeezed the top of the tube and where his fingers were placed five buttons depressed. With the buttons depressed he twisted the cap 90 degrees and pulled sharply upwards. Inside the tube was a mounting bracket with two straight shirasaya short swords fastened inside. “I am Shu Kagaiba and this is Kuronarabi, it has helped me kill those on the demon’s side for the last 2 years and I have been training for the last 7. I’ll agree to partner up…if you can keep up with me.†A small laugh escaped his lips as he slid the tube and fastened it shut again. He stood up and slung the tube over his shoulder, so it rested near his hand. “So, you going to come as well, Umeda-san?â€
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    O~h, it's one of those types. Now I get it, it's the letter 'N'. I have a vague idea for Ice's, so I'll see if I can figure it out soon.
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    You got it.
  17. CLOSED Mitsuba Academy: Art Club

    Akira Miyamoto is a strange man. Shu thought, reaching into his bento to grab another rice ball. Lunchtime hadn’t come quick enough for Shu as he pushed through the morning’s lessons, fulfilling his quota of acceptable intelligence without being a genius. He was now sat on one of the many benches that were scattered around the school, although he had picked one that was far from others and he knew no one ever used. His bento sat next to him on the bench with the lid half askew to allow Shu access to the rice balls his mother had made for him. In his hand, he held one of the Art Club posters Akira had stuck up everywhere and his bag and tube sat on the floor by his feet; the tube resting up against his knee. The glowing blue writing was as clear to him as if it had been written in normal pen. How he got a job as a teacher, I don’t know. However, he does seem to know about demons, at least in a small amount. No-one could use this substance accidentally. He folded the poster in half, picture on the inside, and had just placed it on the bench when someone punched him in the shoulder. For a millisecond, Shu tensed to react, he didn’t take kindly to bullies, but as he turned he realised that the punch had been extremely light and that the perpetrator was a girl. He relaxed his muscles and looked up at the girl from behind his glasses. She was wearing the standard school uniform, with tie pulled up tight against the collar, but had foregone her jacket somewhere to leave her in shirt sleeves. She had dark brown hair pulled up in a high ponytail tied with a dark blue ribbon and dark green eyes. Shu had the faint feeling they were in the same year, perhaps the same class even, but couldn’t bring a name to mind. “Kagaiba-san, right?†She asked, her hands now resting on her hips. Whoever she was, she didn’t wait for Shu to confirm his identity before confirming. “Of course you are, we’re in the same homeroom after all.†Ah, that’s where’s she’s from. Shu thought as she continued her tirade. “Being a bit of a loner, eh? You should do something about that really, you were the same last year and I’ll say now that it didn’t do you any favours.†She continued her tirade of tips about how he could improve his looks and the like before falling silent when Shu suddenly stood up. “Apologies, but I must be going.†He reached down to close his bento and slipped it into his back as he slung it over his shoulder. He did the same with his tube and then picked up the Art Club poster. “You’re not actually thinking of joining that are you? No girl would look at you twice if you started hanging around Miyamoto-sensei. It’s obvious he’s a bit of a weirdo.†She stared as he slipped the poster into his bag. “I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, it was nice to meet you. Goodbye.†Shu started walking away before coming to a stop again when he felt her grab his jacket sleeve. “You are ruder than you look, I see. You don’t recognise me, do you? And you didn’t even ask me what my name was.†She frowned at Shu’s bewildered look and continued. “It’s Amaya, Rika Amaya.†Before Shu could say anything, she had let him go and disappeared up the path. “How strange.†Shu muttered as he too wondered off. The rest of the day passed quickly, mercifully, and soon enough it was time for club activities. Shu dumped his school bag and jacket at his locker, and made sure his tube was settled at his waist before setting off towards the Art Club. He rounded the corner to where the classroom was located and saw a girl was stood outside the closed door with a very confused face on. Shu came to a stop and remained dead still as the girl seemed to consider something for a minute before knocking on the door and opening it. Shu guessed why she had had the confused face a minute ago. A man, Shu was pretty sure it was Akira, was stood immediately on the other side of the door with his chest bare. With a blur, which surprised Shu as he was used to follow high speed movement with his eyes, Akira’s hand shot out and jerked the girl to his chest by her hair. He then sniffed the air above her head before letting her go and allowing her to move back so he could drop his gaze and appraise her. Shu then watched in confusion as he held out his hand and spoke. “Welcome to the Art Club.†He said. Ok. Time to go. Shu thought and turned on his heel, only to freeze when a shout echoed down the halls. “Another artist I see!†Shu took another step to start walking again but jumped slightly when a hand rested on his shoulder and Akira’s head appeared on his shoulder. A slight turn of Shu’s head allowed him to see Akira and he ground the teacher sniffing wildly. Then without any further warning, and without asking permission from Shu, Akira swung him around and marched him towards the Art Club room. “Come, we have many canvasses to cover!†his voice was loud and Shu was pretty sure he had said the last sentence in English; though he didn’t speak a word of the language and so was unsure.
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    Damn, I suppose that works as well. What is it that no man ever yet did see, which never was, but always is to be?
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  20. CLOSED Gods Among Us

    The grey building, nestled low between the taller houses around it, could have been military in comparison with the suburban style of the rest of the street. Technically, it could be considered military since the building had been built and funded by the Government; who also kept up any repairs that were needed. It also helped the military image that the sole occupant was military trained and military raised. The small garden out the front was free of flowers and was simply a stretch of mown grass from fence to building, the stone path running perfectly settled alongside it. The path led to a grey door, a lighter shade then the building, with a steel handle and a small diamond window centered at head height. The inside of the building was much the same, neat and tidy, even the man sat at the table in the kitchen nodded towards the military. However, the clothes Ryan Yamazaki wore leaned more to the practical side of the military as opposed to the ceremonial side. Ryan was wearing black cargo trousers, complete with extra pockets sewn in various places, tucked into soft leather combat boots. A black vest clung to his chest tightly and a heavy silver ring hung around his neck, nestling in the crook of his collar bone, by a thin line of rope. His dusty black hair was cut short on the sides and back with an inch left to run wild on top; which it did so at the moment to give the impression he had just woken up. Of course, he had just woken up. Ryan was lounging in the chair at his kitchen table with a glass of orange juice in one hand and the other laying on his laptop. He wasn’t doing anything in particular when a notification popped up in his news feed about a shopping mall in a city called Konell. It only garnered his attention because it had popped up thanks to a program he always ran that looked for buzz words on numerous news sites; the particular word that had appeared this time was ‘Celestian’. The pop up consisted of a video shot on someone’s mobile phone and Ryan could tell that the criminals really did have Contractors with them, which made it near impossible for the normal police to make their move without serious casualties. He was already strapping on a webbing belt with various pouches and a pistol, not that he intended to use it, on when his own mobile started ringing. Ryan didn’t need to look at the caller ID to see who it was. “It occurs to me…†he said after he had swiped the screen to answer it. “…that we should really get some agents into the news side of things. They always seem to get the story before us.†“Only on the public things.†The man on the other end of the phone replied. “Thankfully, I suppose you would say, James.†Ryan said. James Rayner was his old instructor in the academy and now acted as his direct contact with the Governments higher ups in regards to Contractor assignments. “I take it I’m to be dropped at the edge of the situation?†He switched his phone to speaker and slid it into a slot on his belt designed to hold it. This allowed him to swing a short leather jacket over his vest, the bottom stopping exactly at the height of his webbing belt, and pull on a pair of tactical leather gloves that had the fingers sliced off. “Not exactly; they want a team in there this time.†James replied from Ryan’s waist. Ryan’s face couldn’t hide his surprise. “You’re kidding me right, when have I ever worked in a team?†“That’s the way they want it. Although why they’ve chosen these particular Contractors is beyond me; mixing them with you will make a bizarre team up.†“I don’t friggin’ believe this. Can’t you pull a few strings and get me sent in there alone?†Ryan pulled the phone from his belt and switched it back to normal. “I don’t get along well with teams.†“No can do, Ryan, this ones from the Boss-man himself.†James replied. “Which one? “Does it matter?†“I suppose not. When is the chopper arriving?†Before James could answer, the sound of helicopter blades cutting through the air sounded from above him. “Don’t worry, I hear them. See you later.†He cut the phone of and slipped it back in its pouch, fastening a strap over the top of it to prevent it falling out. As Ryan exited his house, shutting the door behind him, the helicopter swung into view over the other houses and lowered itself to the ground on the wide road. “Ready to rumble, Zhila?†he muttered to no reply. “I thought so.†The second the helicopter’s wheel touched the ground, the door slid open and Ryan leapt aboard with a nod to the soldier on board. 20 minutes later, the helicopter maneuvered into a hover above an open concrete area on the outskirts of Konell. “We’re not allowed to set down here, sir. You’re going to have to fast rope.†The soldier said as he slid the door open and released a long rope that fell to the ground below. “I haven’t done this in a while.†Ryan said as he sat on the edge of the doorway and fastened himself to the rope. With a mock salute to the soldier, he slid into the air and quickly descended to the ground. As soon as he was free of the rope, he gave it two hard tugs and it recoiled back into the helicopter before the vehicle pulled away. As it did an older man in a grey suit came up to Ryan and clapped him on the shoulder before pulling him towards a large semi-truck that Ryan guessed was the mobile headquarters for the siege. “James, when I said I’d see you later, I didn’t think you’d be on the ground. Why are you here?†Ryan said, moving quickly towards the truck. James smiled. “Because without me here, I suspect you wouldn’t agree to the team up. Come on, they’re in here.†He said as he walked up the stairs to the mobile command truck.
  21. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    A rescue party from the government seems like a good idea.
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    Spot on. What has a river but no water, forests but no trees, and cities with no buildings?
  25. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    I'm sure I read somewhere that it was summer, just going crazy apparently. Anywho, I've changed that bit out now. Obviously I missed the part about a Demon Reaper being able to materialize, but I like the idea thay Shu carries it around with him so I'll keep it like that for the time being.