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  1. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Palm. (Although I prefer the 'Pastry' answer) If you drop me, I'm sure to crack but give me a smile and I'll always smile back. What am I?
  2. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters

    As with every other day for as long as Shu could remember, his eyes snapped open a couple of seconds before his alarm sounded. It left him to stare at the ceiling before being distracted by the sharp trilling that sounded from his bedside table. After remaining still long enough that the alarm sounded ready to physically hit him out of bed, Shu reached across to shut it down, plunging the room into silence. He didn't move immediately, however, instead letting a small smile slide onto his face first before swinging his feet to the floor. His smile was because today was finally the day that school started up again. Normally, one might think that going back to school after a break would not be an occasion to smile about but for Shu it was slightly different. It was not school he was looking forward to, but rather his extracurricular activity he was part of. With that in his head, Shu completed his morning routine in record time and quickly dressed into his school uniform. He made sure his shirt was tucked in all the way and his tie was exactly the right size and central to his neck. Then he brushed his hair down, covering the piercing holes in his ears, and slipped on the fake glasses he wore. A long tube lay against his bed and as he slung his bag over his shoulder, he picked it up and hefted it slightly in his hand; he would never be more than a step away from it. Shu slung it over his shoulder and let it rest against the top of his school bag. With a last glance at his clock telling him he was back to his usual time, Shu headed down the stairs to meet his mother in the kitchen. Mikoto Kagaiba was middle aged but looked fairly young, in fact with Shu and his long hair, they looked quite similar. She turned to face him when he approached her and raised a hand so her palm was towards him. “Your heart burns with the passion?†She asked, her tone of voice indicated that it was a well-used phrase. Shu reached up and placed his hand to hers, and they closed their fingers around each other’s. “Always, until the price is paid.†He replied. With the morning ritual out of the way, Mikoto asked whether Shu would be having breakfast but he declined as he snatched a tangerine from the worktop and headed towards the door; if he dawdled for breakfast, there would be no doubt that he would arrive for his new school year late. Once he was outside, and turning to close the door behind him, Shu’s smile disappeared and his shoulder slumped slightly, he had to keep up appearances after all. He reached school with a minute to spare and kept to himself as he headed towards his homeroom class. A few other students looked his way but only one other boy waved in his direction, earning a half-hearted wave from Shu in return. It didn’t take long for him to reach 2-B and as he slid open the door; he caught sight of Erize dozing on her desk. As normal. He thought with small grin. Shu quickly took his desk and lent his tube against the leg nearest to him, within arm’s reach should he need it. When the door burst open, silencing the room of quite murmurs, Shu wondered for a second who this intense looking person was. It didn’t take the man screaming in English for him to realise it was their new homeroom teacher. After the man had composed himself and started speaking Japanese, Shu watched him carefully. When he spoke of running the Art Club, something showed in his eyes and Shu couldn’t help but drop his hand to his tube before quickly drawing it away when he realised what he had done. After Akira Miyamoto managed to actually scare one of the girls from the room, Shu did not remember her name, the introductions started. When it reached Shu, he stood up slowly and adjusted his glasses and tie before speaking. “My name is Shu Kagaiba…†he spoke confidently, if not a little quietly, and kept his eyes on Akira as he did. “…I enjoy neatness and precision in all things.†Satisfied with his introduction, Shu sat down again, and shuffled in his chair to centre it to the desk before resting his hands on top of it and looking back up to Akira.
  3. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    That be the one.
  4. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    A Pool table? The more of them you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?
  5. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Is it something to do with the fact that the words that are within the valley (Pool, Mirror, Apple, Trees) all have paired letters, and the the others don't?
  6. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Just to make sure I'm understanding it; Art Club guys will have their own thread to post in, while Lit will have theirs (which is the one Wst has posted). However, Art Club guys can post in the Lit Club thread for normal classes. That sound about right?
  7. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    It's gotta be...a Snowman!
  8. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    She was walking, I should think.
  9. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Kyo wins. I love that one :D
  10. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    I just realised that I hadn't actually put in my appearance for my character; updated now!
  11. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I suppose this is true...although I wouldn't say a hill is 'full' of fog. But oh well! @Ice, that's why it's my favourite; it requires lateral thinking.
  12. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Ok...You're going to have to explain the fog one to me. Also, I know that one; the answer is an envelope. Here's a favourite of mine: My first two are male, and my first three are female; my first four save them both, and my whole is a female of the same sort. What am I?
  13. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I can't think of anything that might fit... Mmm
  14. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Name: Shu Kagaiba Age: 17 Appearance: As with his personality, Shu has two distinct looks. At school his dark brown hair hangs to his chin and frames his face with bangs covering his forehead and touching the top of the black rimmed glasses he wears. When out and about on the demon killing side, Shu removes his fake glasses and pulls his hair back into a messy ponytail on the back of his head. He also adds two fang-shaped earrings to his left ear and a gold ring on his right. Personality: Shu has a distinct personality that he hides whenever he attends school. At school he is demure, quiet, and studious. One might take him to somewhat of a model student except his grades were never that amazing. He keeps himself to himself and makes few friends. However, when not in school, his persona takes on a more wild side. Shu rarely ponders and instead heads into things without thought, a smile usually plastered on his face no matter his feelings; he could be overflowing with anger, his stare ready to kill, and yet his smile would remain. Bio: Before his death, Shu’s dad was a slayer of demons himself; using his powers gained by being a Transcendent to defend the humans. However, his great power eventually turned on him and the resulting explosion killed Shu’s two older brothers and his younger sister. His mother, by the thread of a thread, survived and to this day blames the demon Shu’s father was fighting for his death. Vowing revenge, she stole her grandmother’s Demon Reaper and travelled to the most active Hellmouth she had heard of; Mitsuba. She took Shu with her claiming no other could care for him as well as her; with an ulterior motive of training him in the arts of demon killing. Thus from the age of 15, Shu took up active Demon killing duty from his mother, using the Demon Reaper she had previously stolen. Ability: Shu’s ability comes from a Demon Reaper that takes the form of two straight shirasaya short swords. He calls them Kuronarabi and wields them with a high proficiency. When Shu draws blood with one of the blades, even a drop will do, the Crane (as in the bird) etched into the blades colours black with a comparative amount to the blood drawn. Once the Cranes are completely black (it can be on one blade or both) a shimmering black energy covers the blade and extends its length to that of a standard katana. Now, if Shu can cut the flesh, the cut will sever the part from edge to edge regardless of the size of the actual cut Shu inflicts. The wounds are cauterised closed with energy as opposed to heat. Other: Nothing I can think of.
  15. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Ding, ding, ding! Correct. Kyo's answer only had the third triplet as a girl. (Well, as I read it anyways.) Jolly good show.
  16. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Nope. It is just one very (very, very) small thing that makes Kyo's answer incorrect.
  17. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Not particularly; it could as easily say 'A Teacher says to a Police Officer...' The answer is ridiculously close to what Kyo said.
  18. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    Here's mine for comparative purposes: Contractor Name: Ryan Yamazaki Age: 25 Appearance: Ryan is of average height with firm muscles built from military training. He has dusty black hair, cut short at the sides with an inch in length on top and let free, and startlingly bright brown eyes. Affiliation: Government Celestian: Zhilayastal Personality: Growing up from a very young age in the Governments Celestian division, Ryan grew to be loyal to them as if they were family; at least to his local instructors and friends. Easily frustrated, no doubt instigated by Zhila’s personality, Ryan tends to blow a fuse before long. Background: Ryan was discovered as a potential Contractor at the age of 5, having been taken to a government testing Centre by his parents. In poverty as they were, they accepted quickly when Ryan was taken away, thinking of it as a way of making their lives easier to live. From then on, Ryan was brought up in military camps and training schools. At the age of 11, he made first contact with his Celestian. Zhila was hardly helpful for the first couple of years, although the bond between the two grew even if it wasn’t very active. Soon enough, when his school came under attack from a rogue Contractor, Zhila was forced into action and Ryan learnt that getting her angry or even just active was a bad idea. However, he kept talking to Zhila, disregarding whether he actually got replies from her, and the instructors were impressed in how quickly their spirit bond strengthened. Celestian Name: Zhilayastal; ‘Zhila’ for short. Appearance: Zhila can be described as a mix between a dragon and a lion. She has the basic structure of a lion, but her paws are claws, she has a dragon’s snout, and she has three tails ending in vicious spikes instead of fluffs of hair. With the exception of the mane around her neck and the length of hair running down her spine, Zhila is covered by golden coloured scales, with a hard leathery belly the colour of fire. Size-wise, Zhila is about the size of a small horse. Star Rating: 5 Type: Shielding Class: Feral Chaotic Personality: Serious in her very nature, Zhila is also lazy and unproductive; much preferring to take a lovely nap rather than engage in any meaningful conversation. However, should she be goaded into action, either by Ryan or an opponent, then she riles up quickly and intensely.
  19. Ulllllllllltrooooooooooooon!!!!!!! Why You So Cool?

    UPDAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!! ...and holy shite does it look just so damn good. FEED ME MOAR! Just...just so much awesomeness in one place.
  20. So, I found this on my computer screen... So, holy freaking mother of Ultron! I can't believe how good it looks. I didn't think I could be as hyped for a movie as when the first Avengers was announced, but I can quite happily say that this trailer does it! I can't even begin to list the things that look so brilliant, but I'm going to anyway (it's not in any particular order or awesomeness since it's all freaking awesome): 1. That Hulkbuster armour...vs the Hulk! 2. Ultron in all his glory! 3. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in action! 4. "There are no strings on me"! 5. Creepy ass pre-Ultron Ultron! 6. Just...everthing in this trailer! Sorry, I might have nergasmed just a little bit; but it looks so awesome!
  21. Post your Desktop

    ...or photobucket; that is what I used.
  22. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Ve~ry very close, but not quite there. Within a hairs breadth though.
  23. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Thirded. One from me then: A Doctor says to a Lawyer "We were born on the same year, month, and day; we were both born in the same hospital, in the same room, and we have the same two parents. We are not twins and we have no brothers." How is this statement true?
  24. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    It do be a Coffin. :)
  25. Post your Desktop

    @ Demonic Gate, never watched it so perhaps he looks like another character I know. @RR, How do manage with that as your desktop, it hurts just looking at it.