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  1. is anyone free

    This is true. I can't really post until there is am opening post explaining what's going on.
  2. Ulllllllllltrooooooooooooon!!!!!!! Why You So Cool?

    You hated the Avengers? O.o What didn't you like? Also, anyone recognise this lass She's with the Avengers while their chilling out in what I presume to be the Avenger's tower, but I don't recognise her.
  3. is anyone free

    Arrgh, double post! Anywho, You still writing up your post Raine? I really want to start this one :D
  4. is anyone free

  5. is anyone free

    Solyeuse, that's about right in my books. Quick question: How far in the future are the future warriors?
  6. is anyone free

    I think in the context, the princess opening up makes sense. Unless you wanted to set the scene of the world first, Solyeuse?
  7. is anyone free

    Keep the Character sheets out of the OOC, I'd say. That way, as you mentioned Solyeuse, our characters can organically interact and evolve. I'm down with it all; let's rumble.
  8. is anyone free

    Ok, so Raine can have the princess if she is happy with that. As for the time-travel I like both options but I'll put my vote towards my idea (not just because it is my idea :)) because I quite like the time limit.
  9. Ulllllllllltrooooooooooooon!!!!!!! Why You So Cool?

    That being said, I seem to remember reading somewhere that Sony were in talks about the future of Spidey on the big screen. Maybe a miraclevwill occur a deal will be made that will allow Spidey to appear without the rights actually changing hands. Because I doubf Sony would give up the rights completely. All very unlikelt, but who knows? It will certainly be strange to see a Civil War type deal go down without Spidey.
  10. Ulllllllllltrooooooooooooon!!!!!!! Why You So Cool?

    I'm interested in how they're going to run the Civil War aspect given the lack of heroes and villians, and the distinct lack of Spiderman. But I trust that they will make it awesome. I'm just so glad that Age of Ultron is next year and not an silly time in the future.
  11. Ulllllllllltrooooooooooooon!!!!!!! Why You So Cool?

    It is nearly ridiculous how good it looks. I need May to come around right now!
  12. is anyone free

    'Is Anyone Free' could count as the title because the princess is looking to see if anyone is free to help her...that makes sense, right? 1. If it's a warrior princess, I wouldn't mind. However, she could simply be an NPC who gathers our characters from the future. (Presuming we are all from the future) 2. I was thinking it's a forbidden practice, and the princess uses an out-of-court Wizard known to somewhat bend the rules. (Somewhat cliche, perhaps, but serves the purpose). 2a. Classic time limit? Wizard instructs time travellers that a return portal/doorway/whatever will open in a certain place at a certain time and they better be there or get stuck in the future. 3. I'd vote well-known. 3a. Can definately be taught, I should think. Postscript: In abundance in the past, severely downsized in the future. Just my thoughts on your points.
  13. is anyone free

    I think the kinks can be worked out, I've grown attached to the idea already :) As long as we despose of any ramblings and confusion and keep it simple, I shouldn't think there would be a problem. The definable, reasonable, end-goal is already in place (i.e. helping the princess take down the evil overlord to save her kingdom with the overly long alliterative name).
  14. is anyone free

    Callback Response initiated! Anywho, I'm always around and as it happens, I'm a big fan of Fantasy. I also haven't got school to distract me at any point. I'll also add that I quite like your off-the-top-of-your-head idea.
  15. Halloween

    We don't really do Halloween round my way. Certainly, I don't do anything special.
  16. Spoopy Halloween Tales

    Eh, why not? With a sudden clunk, the door slid shut behind the group, causing them all to jump and one of the kids to let out a small squeal of fright. After a good ribbing from the others, one of the kids walked over to the wall and tried the switch for the light with no luck. The others turned their torches on a flicked the beams of light around the abandoned foyer. With a tentative step, one kid walked up to one of the sheet covered objects and gingerly reach out to take a grip of the fabric in his hand. With one swift movement he tore the sheet off and stepped back in surprise when he came face-to-face with a grotesque stone carving of a man with features similar to that of the famed 'Elephant Man'. "Creepy, this place probably belonged to a serial killer or something." The only girl there whispered in the dark.
  17. G First Day Discussion

    ThatOneRolePlayer, Vplx, and Narkootikumid, I've sent you guys a PM so check it out please. Thanking you in advance :D
  18. How much for a sword?

    While I'm sure there is a space for another, Miracle-ka, I'm not sure how alive this RP is at the moment. It's nice to see some interest though!
  19. How much for a sword? [R]

    As Tavaron stood there, thoughts swirling through his mind about what his next step could be, he felt something warm run down right leg. He pressed his free hand against the cloth above his wound and realised it had started bleeding freely again. It must have been the scrap with those beggars. He thought as he took his hand away and looked at the faint layer of blood that sat on it. Luckily for him, Tavaron’s clothes were a deep red anyway so he quickly wiped his hand clean on his trouser leg. I’m going to have to find something, and somewhere, to bind it closed again. It’s probably the best I can do for now. A shout from his right suddenly caught his attention and he looked across, over the saddle of his horse, to see an elf scrambling across to him from an alley. Tavaron was immediately suspicious, thinking back to the beggars, but the elf’s eyes spoke of innocence. He didn’t know if it was because the elf was an elf, but he felt like he could naturally trust him, and it had brought him an opportunity. He listened as the elf offered to take him to the nearest infirmary but Tavaron shook his head. “I thank you for the offer, but I’m afraid I have no coin to spend on a Healer.†He said, intending to simply walk on and forget about the elf. But the elf didn’t stop looking at him, so he decided to stop. Ignoring the pain that throbbed in his side, he quickly assessed the elf from head-to-toe. The clothes he wore blended with trees and grass, so Tavaron guessed he spent a lot of time in the forest. Match that with the bow and quiver he had looped across his shoulder, it was likely that the elf was a hunter of some description. The long, smooth, brown hair on his head looked dull in comparison to Tavaron’s own fiery colour, but Tavaron but his amber eyes matched somewhat with Tavaron’s own golden ones. Tavaron also noticed that either the elf didn’t recognise the King’s seal carved into the cuirass on his chest, or he was choosing to ignore it. Regardless of that fact, he decided to continue. “But you might be able to help me. You wouldn’t happen to know somewhere I can stay the night for free, would you? Where I can tether my horse close by?â€
  20. Rules of Nature (Closed)

    I guess I'll wait for when your post appears then, Wst. Seeing as our characters are taking the same route...mind you, I might get bored while I'm at work so I might just write one up anyhow.
  21. Yajuu and AnimeFreak! Battle Royale! *Private*

    Fair shout. On continuation, I'd more describe it as the potential to a sequel should the need (or want) ever arise.
  22. Yajuu and AnimeFreak! Battle Royale!

    For an uncomfortably long time, nothing happened, and Arafel started thinking of releasing his magic and falling to his knees to grovel at Ryuzaki’s feet. However, just as that thought crossed his mind the large double doors that had been created from his magic swung open to reveal a deep black smog. Another couple of seconds of silence ticked by before a figure became visible as he stepped into the shaded light of Arafel’s time dome. He was an older gentleman, streaks of grey running through his brown hair, of average height. He was wearing a set of dark red robes, the sleeves long with wide cuffs, with a black cog embossed in the centre of its chest. Strangely, he also wore a matching beanie cap like Arafel’s. He looked around at the individuals frozen in time magic and then at Arafel. As his gaze fell on the Time mage, a look of wonder appeared as he walked towards him slowly. “Arafel, master, you look so young.†His voice was croaky but confident at the same time. Arafel shook his head. “I’m not your master. But I presume I told you what the plan was?†The man shook his head, as if waking himself from a dream. “Yes, of course. But I’m afraid things haven’t gone exactly as you planned; you know of our situation?†“Yes, I have been told, which is why I’m helping you in the first place. But what is the problem?†“They found us. About 5 minutes before the gate opened, they launched a full scale attack.†Suddenly a whistling filled the air and the man jerked forward as an arrow constructed completely of steel pierced through his heart from behind. The man staggered forwards and then fell to the ground at Arafel’s feet as another figure appeared in the fog. Rather, it turned out to be more than one figure as it was a man riding a wolf the size of a horse. The wolf was a beast of an animal, all muscles and tendons with ragged grey hair and a long bushy tail. The man sat astride it was a beast in his own right; near seven feet tall of hard muscle, with heavy armoured boots and leggings on. His chest was bare, with the exception of a thick leather strap that ran from his right shoulder to his left waist, holding an armoured pauldron at his shoulder. A quiver of large steel arrows was fastened at his waist and in his hand he held a longbow constructed from what appeared to be steel. The figure slid off the wolf and landed on the floor with a heavy rattle of armour before looking around at the gathered people and running a hand over his bald head. “Well, what do we have here then; some kind of Time bubble to hide reserve forces? I did not think the Time Legion could spare reserve forces at the rate we are beating them.†The monstrous wolf suddenly shivered and shrunk until a young, skinny man stood in its place. From his frozen spot, Ryuzaki couldn’t help but think he looked somewhat familiar. It was a second later he realised he looked exactly like Sookie, except male. “I smell vampires.†He growled, deep from within his throat. “Strange, seeing as I’m sure I killed the last ones off years ago.†He turned his head slowly, led by his nose, until he settled on Misa in her bubble. “This one is a vampire, untainted. But there’s more.†He turned again until he was facing Ryuzaki. “This one is too, but not normal, something different.†“Why do they not move? Are they scared stiff we’ve found them?†the armoured one said, stepping over to where Ariel and the rest were resting. “Perhaps they are not reserve forces, perhaps they are the cowards who didn’t want to fight. Whatever the case, Rook, kill them all.†Rook, the werewolf, grinned with a soft purr at the back of his throat. “I’ll start with the girls, their flesh is always softer.†“No!†Arafel shouted, stuck in his bubble to keep the gate open. Suddenly, Ryuzaki felt whatever had gripped him come loose and he appeared behind Rook in a millisecond, his hand grasping the back of his neck. Rook roared out and kicked back but Ryuzaki didn’t react apart from to step forward and ram Rook’s face into the ground, leaving a small crater for his head to rest in. Immediately, and impressively, the armoured figure and an arrow nocked and aimed at Ryuzaki. “Release him, now. I won’t ask a second time.†He said, his voice carrying omens of death. “Arafel, release the others.†Ryuzaki said calmly, keeping hold of the squirming Rook. “I can’t, I’m sorry. I need them to maintain the gate; if it closes with these three on this side, things could become twisted in time.†Arafel said, rubbing his hands through his hair, his beanie cap now on the ground at his feet. “Fine, I’ll get them back in the…†he was interrupted by an arrow about to hit him between the eyes, except he caught it mid-flight with his free hand. “…doorway, and then you can free my friends. Then we’ll have a chat about what you planned to do.†The armoured foe appeared in front of him with a raised fist falling down like a meteor but Ryuzaki interrupted the attack by swinging Rook up and sending the two of them sliding back with the force. He appeared at Rook’s back and stamped down hard, a sickening crack echoing around the area as Rook screamed out in pain. The armoured man had another arrow nocked but as he loosed, Ryuzaki stepped in and grabbed the arrow before it had even left the bowstring. He pushed back, snapping the bowstring, and dug the arrow into the man’s chest. Then he turned back to Rook, who was crawling slowly away on the floor, and delivered a swift kick to his side that sent him tumbling sideways and back through the smog behind the door. Ryuzaki turned back to the armoured one and received a large fist to his face; although he had been expecting it so it broke his nose but travelled no further. Of course, his healing took care of the injury as Ryuzaki punched the guy in the gut, in the small gap between the muscles of his abdomen. Immediately all the breath was knocked out of him and he fell to his knees, struggling to draw in breath. Ryuzaki wrapped his long fingers around the man’s head and tipped it back so he was looking him in the eye. “I figure I won’t meet you for a while, since you don’t seem to know me but burn my face into your memory because, one day, I’ll come for you.†He lifted the guy by his head and launched him backwards where he passed back through the smog behind the door. Finally he walked over to the first man, who had been shot by the arrow, and picked him up off the floor, the limpness of the body explaining all he needed to know. Deciding that passing through the smog would be a bad idea; he laid the man on the ground and pulled the arrow free. Then he hooked his toe under him and rolled him into the smog. “Now close it, Arafel, and we can have our talk.†“I guess I have a lot of explaining to do.†Arafel said as he raised his hands to close the gate. Nothing happened however, and Arafel frowned. “I can’t close it. Something is stopping me from the other side.†“What, a friend of those guys?†Ryuzaki said “No, the energy stopping me feels familiar, almost like…ah, I get it.†He said just as yet another figure stepped out of the doorway. He was fairly tall, a couple of inches taller than Arafel, and was skinny with a sense of hidden muscle about him. He was wearing a three-piece suit, dark red in colour, with a white shirt open at the neck. Over that he had an ankle-length coat, black in colour with brown fur lining the inside and had a dark red beanie-cap on his head. His eyes were a light grey while his blonde hair was long and scraggy, running down to the centre of his back. On the back of his coat was a red cog, circling an angular cross, and in his hand he held a tall staff topped with the same symbol, carved of wood. Ryuzaki saw the resemblance immediately and began to understand. “This is your doing, isn’t it? When Arafel said ‘time travel’ he literally meant it; you’re his future.†“Right in one, Ryuzaki, about 20 years or so actually. I know, I look devilishly young.†He smiled and then just as quickly it disappeared. “But I shouldn’t really joke, I’m afraid the plan has to be scrapped, Arafel.†“Why.†Arafel said, still within his bubble in order to maintain the gateway. “With Joseph dead, I am the last surviving member of the Time Legion; fitting, I suppose, that I am its Archon. They attacked moments before we managed to establish the connection between us; and ravaged us.†“What are you going to do?†Arafel said, while Ryuzaki listened and watched. The future Arafel sighed and scratched his head through his beanie. “I’m afraid I must return. I won’t surrender, so I will most certainly die.†“Wait a minute.†Ryuzaki said. “If you’re fighting some kind of enemy, where am I, and the rest of my friends? Or are we your enemy?†Arafel shook his head. “That mystery is the reason I had to contact this time’s Arafel in order to activate the Time Bridge. I, or any other Time mage, will never be able to generate enough energy to solely create a bridge, so a person would need to hijack the energies of powerful beings. As Arafel is doing, under my orders, I might add. Unfortunately, in my time, I am probably the strongest and I am far below the power levels of the stronger individuals here. As for where you and your allies are, no-one knows.†“It was 8 years ago, only months before the Brenai started their attack, when you sent Sookie to come and see my at my Legion’s HQ. She told me that you had been summoned by the few of your kind, and that you would be unavailable for an uncertain amount of time. Sookie joined you, so she said, so I can only presume that whatever happened to you was caused by the ones you met. Then your allies disappeared and I got really curious, but I couldn’t find a trace of them or you. My best guess was that you called on them again to aid you in some manner.†Ryuzaki pondered for a moment and then leant in to the future Arafel. “Can you completely freeze the others, your younger self included, so that they are not aware of anything.†Arafel, from the future, nodded and smoky chains erupted from his back and latched onto each of the people there; catching them in their own personal time loop. “They are no longer aware of what we speak of. To them, we are simply standing there and looking at each other.†Arafel, of the future, said. “You may speak freely.†“What I speak of now are secrets of the Master Vampires, I only tell you because your death is all but certain and presuming your new plan is what I think, you won’t even know I told you.†Ryuzaki said. “There are only two other Master Vampires in all the world, Jindor and Kai Ling. They have no power to summon me, no Master Vampire has power over another, but if they called for my help then I would no doubt attend. Of course, if the problem is something that a single Master Vampire cannot deal with, then it would be dire indeed; such as the Queen of the Winter Fae attempting to rule the world in her madness.†“That being said, to take us out of the game for 8 years is an impressive feat, with only one explanation I can think of. One of the Master Vampires betrayed us. However, one of us could not stand against two, so more so there is only one explanation; both of the other Master’s betrayed me. I find it hard to believe, even in an act of betrayal, that they would kill me but they would know how to incapacitate me. Then I would presume that they took out my friends to prevent them trying to free me; two Master’s would be enough for that, and those two have been around for a couple of millennia each.†“Not that you can confirm, or deny any of this since you didn’t know why I’d gone at all.†Ryuzaki finished with, crossing his arms. “But enough talking of what may come to be, I want you gone so I can free my friends and we can be done with this.†“Agreed.†Arafel said and pulled his chains back into his body. Immediately, everyone’s eyes refocused on the present. “Arafel, the old plan may be scrapped but I do have a new one you need to focus on. As soon as I pass back into my time, my timeline will cease to exist so you will need to create your own one. In 12 years time, should Ryuzaki be called upon, you will need to lend him your power.†“You seem to be working of the assumption I’m going to let him live. He betrayed my trust and attacked my friends. I’ve already let one man go because he did the same thing, but he was needed alive. As far as I can tell, once he has closed the gate, I don’t need him anymore.†“Well, I would like to keep my life. Also, I didn’t hurt your friends, as soon as the gate is closed their power will return to them in the state it was when they were frozen.†The present Arafel said from within his bubble. “I see.†Future Arafel said. “I must insist you don’t kill him, but the decision is entirely up to you. Seeing as I’ll be dead and non-existent. Sorry, Arafel, there’s not much more I can do for you. Just know, Ryuzaki, that he wasn’t trying to hurt your or your friends.†With that said, Arafel, from the future, turned around and headed back towards the door. “I bid you farewell, now and I suggest you close the door as soon as I am through; you wouldn’t want anything unsightly coming through like the pair earlier.†He stepped forward and the fog swirled around him as he took one final look back at his past self and Ryuzaki. “Behave yourselves now.†He said as the doors closed behind him. Almost immediately, the tether from the door bounced back to Arafel’s bubble and it popped like its soapy counterpart. The link from the top of the bubble to the dome sped upwards and then the dome itself unravelled and fed back into the bubbles that housed the fighters Arafel had gotten his hands on. A second later, these popped and the people were dumped unceremoniously on the floor in the same state they had been when Arafel had capture them. It was at this point that Ryuzaki noticed the 10 arrows flying at Arafel’s person and although he might want to kill him later, a surprise killing wouldn’t do at all. So he stepped forward and pulled Arafel to the ground to allow the arrows to pass harmlessly over his head. Then he pulled him back to his feet and turned his faze on the people who had been trapped. Misa was glaring daggers at Arafel, joined by Jinkama, but the fact the Time mage was clutched tightly in Ryuzaki’s hand satiated them for the time being. Zane had immediately scrambled over to the prone Ellie and let out a sigh of relief when he found her to be breathing normally, as if she was just sleeping. He looked across at Arafel, confusion on his face, and then settled on Ryuzaki, a brief look of surprise flitting across his face when he noticed the Master Vampire’s arm. “What’s going on?†he said, looking around at everyone gathered, stopping on the injured. “Clearly I’ve missed something since he decided to turn on us.†“We won, of course.†Ryuzaki said, still holding Arafel aloft in front of him by his throat. “Ezralda is dead, and all of her lackeys have been dealt with one way or another. But we still have something to do before we can call this a day and go home. We need to decided what to do with this scumbag.†“Isn’t it obvious.†Misa said, now back on her feet, brushing snow from her body. “Perhaps. Let me explain what happened first, and then you can all decided without me.†So he did. Ryuzaki didn’t let go of Arafel, who didn’t struggle but kept hold of Ryuzaki’s arm in order to prevent holding himself by his windpipe, and explained about what had happened with the future Arafel and the like. The heroes of the Winter War, all gathered in a single place; less some then they had begun the fight with but very much victorious.
  23. Yajuu and AnimeFreak! Battle Royale! *Private*

    Feel free to edit and add as you see fit. I agree that with the circumstances, it was a bit rushed. As long as it ends with Ryuzaki winning (while getting that burnt/frozen arm you gave him, because that shit is cool) then I have no problems :) Post is up now, it wraps up the main story (I think) but I'm sure you can see that I suck at ending things. Also, it doesn't delve into the individual endings of the characters, so you might want to add whatever you want for your characters.
  24. Yajuu and AnimeFreak! Battle Royale! *Private*

    Post should be up on here soon, I'm mostly done and it's a fairly long one. I don't know whether you'll want to post a final closing post because I'm terrible at those sort of things, but I guess you'll have to decide after you read my post. :)
  25. How much for a sword? [R]

    The steady rocking of the horse below him was all Tavaron could feel; that and the dull ache that wracked the right side of his waist and leg. When the rocking stopped, Tavaron realised he had been resting his head on the horse’s mane and jerked upright suddenly. Immediately he felt the sweat that covered his body head to toe, he no doubt had some kind of fever. A penance, he guessed, for not treating the wound in his side properly. His mind finally focused on why his horse had stopped and he realised that three Human’s stood before him, fidgeting in their scruffy clothes. “Do you bar my way?†he asked hoarsely, realising that he hadn’t drunk anything in a while. “No, my lord, we are but humble beggars asking after a small donation of coin.†The centre man said after shuffling forward a foot or so. In normal circumstances, Tavaron would have thrown a coin or two in their direction, but it was bad timing on their part to ask after anything from him at the moment. “I’m sorry, but I have no coin to spare.†“Liar!†the man sneered and it seemed to be some kind of signal as a figure leapt from the bushes to the side of the path and jumped at Tavaron in an attempt to pull him from his horse. Tavaron pulled at the reigns but was too slow as the first man stepped forward to grab them, while the jumping man collided with him and they both tumbled to the ground. Tavaron got a face full of hard mud as the man landed on his back and tried to reach round and strangle him. For a second, he thought about letting himself die, then all his problems would be solved, but then his actual brain kicked in and he used his strength to push himself free. Luckily his assailant was smaller than him despite his thinner elvish features. He quickly stood up, kicking his attacker to keep him on the floor, and rounded on the other three. “You would dare attack a King’s Guard?†he said, quickly drawing the two long daggers that rested at his shoulder. “I’ll gut you where you stand.†Despite the raggedness of it, his voice was still powerful and threatening and the three men recoiled slightly from it. “Don’t believe him, he’s no king’s guard; they wouldn’t travel alone. And look at him, he’s probably dying or something.†The first man said, gesturing at Tavaron’s heavy breathing. Tavaron took a couple of deep breaths to steady himself and then took a menacing step forward. “My business is my own, and my reasons are to. I may look frail to you, but I can still kill vagabonds with no overdue effort on my part.†The two behind the main man faltered and turned away before making a run for. The first man glanced over his shoulder before taking a step back to follow them. “I’ll remember this, Elf.†He said before making haste after his friends. Tavaron replaced his weapons and walked over to his horse, nearly falling on it when he grabbed the reigns. He had been mostly bluffing, he would likely have won a scrap but it wouldn’t have done him any good. He checked over his luggage, the long object wrapped in cloth and his bow and quiver were still strapped to his horse, and then prepared to pull himself back onto his horse. It was at this point a small whimper from behind him caught his attention and he turned to see his first assailant. When not grappling on the floor or in the thick of a fight, Tavaron realised it was a child. “If you are attacking travellers on this point in the trail, am I to assume there is a town nearby or are you simply picking spots at random.†He took a leather bag from his saddlebags and took a swig of the water held within. The child was cradling a bloody nose where Tavaron had kicked him, but otherwise seemed unharmed. Apparently he didn’t want to incur Tavaron’s wrath a second time as he answered immediately, his voice unnaturally nasally. “Not far from here, if you stay on this path. It won’t take you more than an hour.†Tavaron nodded his head and then grit his teeth as he swung himself back up onto his horse. “Next time, pick a more appropriate target.†He said before kicking his heels to spur his horse onwards. === 1 Hour Later === The town the child spoke of was moderately sized, but nothing compared to the cities Tavaron had seen while escorting the King. However, it was better than the wilds when night drew in. When he reached the edge of the town, where the buildings started in earnest, Tavaron slid from his saddle and hooked the reigns around his hand, keeping himself steady as much as keeping control of his horse. He walked for a couple of minutes, ignoring the looks he got that were aimed at his uniform, and then came to a stop. Tavaron wasn’t entirely sure what to do next; he had no money to pay for lodging, or to get a healer to look at his wound.