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  1. Post your Desktop

    Demonic Gate, that is freaking sweat. The guy looks familiar though, is he from something in particular or just a randomer? This is the desktop I have at work:
  2. Is Anyone Free

    With a groan, Jerrod Rawson rolled over onto his side, only to find the bed disappear beneath him and found himself face down on the wooden floor. It took a couple of seconds for the cold wood to seep into him before he realised he was completely naked. It took another couple of seconds for him to react and pull himself to his feet, brushing himself briefly where dirt had stuck to his skin. He glanced around quickly and came to the conclusion he didn’t have a clue where he was; his clothes were strewn in a pile in the corner of the room along with his weapon belt and package, so he wasn’t in prison. It was only the smell of cooking from below that suddenly piqued his memory. “Sarah…†he said slightly unconvincingly. “Wait, Cecilia? No, Ashly…maybe.†He shrugged to himself and stepped across to the pile of clothes to retrieve his bowled hat, spinning it around his finger once before placing it on his chin-length blonde hair. He padded out the room like that, hat on head and a smile on his lips, and descended the stairs to a short corridor that led to a kitchen with large table at its centre. There was a woman at a pot with some kind of thick soup-type deal stood at the counter and Jerrod grinned a little wider as he perched in the doorway with his hands crossed in front of his chest. “Morning, my lady.†He said, reaching up and stroking his moustache and goatee. The woman turned around and gasped, raising a hand to her mouth as she stared at the naked Jerrod. When she started giggling, Jerrod started to think she wasn’t the woman he thought she was. This was confirmed as a small cough came from behind him and he turned to face another woman, this one dressed rather more richly than the girl at the kitchen counter. “Lucy is not accustomed to naked men wandering the halls, Master Rawson. I’d advise you to return to the room and find your clothes before returning.†Jerrod couldn’t help but smile. “I’m not completely naked, I’m wearing my hat.†“Which, I’m afraid, isn’t quite big enough to cover the important parts, I think you’ll find.†The woman replied, a small grin on her own face. “Begging your pardon, my lady.†He said before wandering back to the stairs. “I shall return to you better attired then simply the skin I was born in.†True to his word, Jerrod returned a couple of minutes fully dressed; his weapon belt around his waist and the long blanket package slung across his back. However, he didn’t stop to chat this time and headed straight for the door. When he was halfway through it, the woman appeared again. “Will you return tonight?†she asked. “Could be tonight, could be tomorrow, could be never; I don’t make promises, My Lady.†Jerrod reached up to grab the rim of his hat and swept it off before performing a deep, theatrical bow. “But I always say to look on the bright side of life, so keep your hopes up.†He winked as he replaced his hat and then closed the door behind him before heading out onto the streets. It was on the cusp of the high-class area of the town so a pair of guards was stationed at the gate to the woman’s house, and Jerrod nodded to them as he passed, his grin still on his face. It didn’t take him long to head into the poorer districts, middle to lower class was his aim, but he didn’t worry. The weapons on his belt were a good deterrent to would-be pickpockets or thieves; adding that Jerrod didn’t keep his coin purse in plain view. As such characters were on his mind, a shout went up from nearby and Jerrod couldn’t help but drift towards it. “Thief!†the voice cried from a crowd of people. Jerrod pushed through the crowd with the intention of doing his good deed for the day but when he reached the front line, he already saw the criminal being dealt with. However, Jerrod’s attention was quickly focused on the woman who he guessed to be the victim of the crime. She was a rather stunning example but Jerrod was quickly confused. The woman was dressed as a noble, middle to high class for sure, albeit her dress was a little out of date, but there was not a guard in sight. This was clearly not the worst part of town, but he didn’t know any noble who didn’t travel with at least two personal guards. It intrigued him, but Jerrod admitted to himself that it wasn’t this that caused him to step free of the crowd and begin to walk towards the woman. No, she really was quite stunning. It was at this point, walking slowly towards the woman, that his gaze shifted to the thief and the man who had stopped him; the man who was currently hefting a small coin purse with a raised eyebrow. Jerrod let a small smirk creep onto his face as he stopped in line with the woman. The man was by no means the dodgiest looking character around, the thief on the ground probably took that medal, but Jerrod and seen similar scams where partners worked together to get a better take unnoticed. However, he didn't actually believe that but was still cautious before speaking. He rested his gloved left hand on the sword that hung from his left side and hooked the thumb of his right hand into his weapon belt, close enough to the pistol holstered on his right to be threatening. “Good sir, you have done a good deed this day, may I enqire as to your name; I am Jerrod Rawson." A number of people in the crowd seemed to recognise the name, going by the gasps and chatter that sprung up in his arrival. Well, who could forget Jerrod Rawson the Bounty Hunter.
  3. is anyone free

    I don't think we technically agreed on it, but I certainly motioned for it to be called that. I said it was relevant in that the Princess is looking to see if anyone is free.
  4. Small handout I made

    Very nice, I remember making things like this for school once; it was great fun. I particularly like the funky font, despite the fact I can't read it all very clearly. Jolly good show, regardless.
  5. is anyone free

    Yes, we're seriously calling this 'Is Anyone Free' :D I'm already working on my post, but if you get one up before me, it's no big deal.
  6. is anyone free

    Yay! Looks good to me.
  7. is anyone free

    This is true. I can't really post until there is am opening post explaining what's going on.
  8. Ulllllllllltrooooooooooooon!!!!!!! Why You So Cool?

    You hated the Avengers? O.o What didn't you like? Also, anyone recognise this lass She's with the Avengers while their chilling out in what I presume to be the Avenger's tower, but I don't recognise her.
  9. is anyone free

    Arrgh, double post! Anywho, You still writing up your post Raine? I really want to start this one :D
  10. is anyone free

  11. is anyone free

    Solyeuse, that's about right in my books. Quick question: How far in the future are the future warriors?
  12. is anyone free

    I think in the context, the princess opening up makes sense. Unless you wanted to set the scene of the world first, Solyeuse?
  13. is anyone free

    Keep the Character sheets out of the OOC, I'd say. That way, as you mentioned Solyeuse, our characters can organically interact and evolve. I'm down with it all; let's rumble.
  14. is anyone free

    Ok, so Raine can have the princess if she is happy with that. As for the time-travel I like both options but I'll put my vote towards my idea (not just because it is my idea :)) because I quite like the time limit.
  15. Ulllllllllltrooooooooooooon!!!!!!! Why You So Cool?

    That being said, I seem to remember reading somewhere that Sony were in talks about the future of Spidey on the big screen. Maybe a miraclevwill occur a deal will be made that will allow Spidey to appear without the rights actually changing hands. Because I doubf Sony would give up the rights completely. All very unlikelt, but who knows? It will certainly be strange to see a Civil War type deal go down without Spidey.
  16. Ulllllllllltrooooooooooooon!!!!!!! Why You So Cool?

    I'm interested in how they're going to run the Civil War aspect given the lack of heroes and villians, and the distinct lack of Spiderman. But I trust that they will make it awesome. I'm just so glad that Age of Ultron is next year and not an silly time in the future.
  17. Ulllllllllltrooooooooooooon!!!!!!! Why You So Cool?

    It is nearly ridiculous how good it looks. I need May to come around right now!
  18. is anyone free

    'Is Anyone Free' could count as the title because the princess is looking to see if anyone is free to help her...that makes sense, right? 1. If it's a warrior princess, I wouldn't mind. However, she could simply be an NPC who gathers our characters from the future. (Presuming we are all from the future) 2. I was thinking it's a forbidden practice, and the princess uses an out-of-court Wizard known to somewhat bend the rules. (Somewhat cliche, perhaps, but serves the purpose). 2a. Classic time limit? Wizard instructs time travellers that a return portal/doorway/whatever will open in a certain place at a certain time and they better be there or get stuck in the future. 3. I'd vote well-known. 3a. Can definately be taught, I should think. Postscript: In abundance in the past, severely downsized in the future. Just my thoughts on your points.
  19. is anyone free

    I think the kinks can be worked out, I've grown attached to the idea already :) As long as we despose of any ramblings and confusion and keep it simple, I shouldn't think there would be a problem. The definable, reasonable, end-goal is already in place (i.e. helping the princess take down the evil overlord to save her kingdom with the overly long alliterative name).
  20. is anyone free

    Callback Response initiated! Anywho, I'm always around and as it happens, I'm a big fan of Fantasy. I also haven't got school to distract me at any point. I'll also add that I quite like your off-the-top-of-your-head idea.
  21. Halloween

    We don't really do Halloween round my way. Certainly, I don't do anything special.
  22. Spoopy Halloween Tales

    Eh, why not? With a sudden clunk, the door slid shut behind the group, causing them all to jump and one of the kids to let out a small squeal of fright. After a good ribbing from the others, one of the kids walked over to the wall and tried the switch for the light with no luck. The others turned their torches on a flicked the beams of light around the abandoned foyer. With a tentative step, one kid walked up to one of the sheet covered objects and gingerly reach out to take a grip of the fabric in his hand. With one swift movement he tore the sheet off and stepped back in surprise when he came face-to-face with a grotesque stone carving of a man with features similar to that of the famed 'Elephant Man'. "Creepy, this place probably belonged to a serial killer or something." The only girl there whispered in the dark.
  23. G First Day Discussion

    ThatOneRolePlayer, Vplx, and Narkootikumid, I've sent you guys a PM so check it out please. Thanking you in advance :D
  24. How much for a sword?

    While I'm sure there is a space for another, Miracle-ka, I'm not sure how alive this RP is at the moment. It's nice to see some interest though!
  25. How much for a sword? [R]

    As Tavaron stood there, thoughts swirling through his mind about what his next step could be, he felt something warm run down right leg. He pressed his free hand against the cloth above his wound and realised it had started bleeding freely again. It must have been the scrap with those beggars. He thought as he took his hand away and looked at the faint layer of blood that sat on it. Luckily for him, Tavaron’s clothes were a deep red anyway so he quickly wiped his hand clean on his trouser leg. I’m going to have to find something, and somewhere, to bind it closed again. It’s probably the best I can do for now. A shout from his right suddenly caught his attention and he looked across, over the saddle of his horse, to see an elf scrambling across to him from an alley. Tavaron was immediately suspicious, thinking back to the beggars, but the elf’s eyes spoke of innocence. He didn’t know if it was because the elf was an elf, but he felt like he could naturally trust him, and it had brought him an opportunity. He listened as the elf offered to take him to the nearest infirmary but Tavaron shook his head. “I thank you for the offer, but I’m afraid I have no coin to spend on a Healer.†He said, intending to simply walk on and forget about the elf. But the elf didn’t stop looking at him, so he decided to stop. Ignoring the pain that throbbed in his side, he quickly assessed the elf from head-to-toe. The clothes he wore blended with trees and grass, so Tavaron guessed he spent a lot of time in the forest. Match that with the bow and quiver he had looped across his shoulder, it was likely that the elf was a hunter of some description. The long, smooth, brown hair on his head looked dull in comparison to Tavaron’s own fiery colour, but Tavaron but his amber eyes matched somewhat with Tavaron’s own golden ones. Tavaron also noticed that either the elf didn’t recognise the King’s seal carved into the cuirass on his chest, or he was choosing to ignore it. Regardless of that fact, he decided to continue. “But you might be able to help me. You wouldn’t happen to know somewhere I can stay the night for free, would you? Where I can tether my horse close by?â€