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  1. The Final Chapter

    - 6 -

    - For Protection -

    December 25th, 19:00

    21 Years of Age…

    The bar was some dingy hangout in the back alley of god knows where, but it was where Zane would find who he was looking for. It had taken a little bit of bribery with the small of amount of money he owned and also a little threatening; the latter of which he was pretty good at. Zane had picked a spot opposite the door where he was hidden from view and was watching the few patrons who entered the building. He glanced down at the cheap, plastic watch on his wrist to see he only had a few minutes before his target showed.

    In the years since Zane had escaped from the military and set out on his own he had become skinnier with more refined muscles and his brown hair, which was somewhat dirtier than he would have preferred, had grown to hang to his shoulders. To keep it out of his face, he tied it back into a loose ponytail. Zane now wore a maroon shirt, the button undone, and the sleeves rolled up, a pair of black cargo trousers, and dusty yellow workman’s boots on his feet. All of his clothes had a ragged look to them as he had been wearing them for a while; his lack of money forced his hand on the attire department.

    The man he had been waiting for suddenly appeared at the end of the alley and started making his way towards the entrance to the bar. Zane studied him carefully to see if he was hiding any weapons. The man was wearing a crumpled blue suit and Zane could see nothing obvious as he swung the bar door open and entered swiftly. Immediately, Zane stepped out of his hiding place and crossed the alley to enter in behind the man.

    Inside was much the same as any other low-key bar in any city in the world; an open are filled with a mix of circular and rectangular tables, more tables lining the far wall, and a bar filling the nearside wall so you had to walk past it as you entered. Tall stools lined the front of it and drinks stood on racks behind it with a mirror replacing the wall they were mounted on. There was one barmen and a smattering of patrons around the room. Zane’s target had taken one of the stools in front of the bar and the barmen was passing him a tall glass of whatever he had chosen to drink.

    Doing a quick scan of the other people inside for threats, taking particular note of a tall guy sat in the far corner of the room who was wearing a hooded poncho that covered his upper body, Zane entered the room properly and took a seat at the stool next to his target. The barmen looked at him and he gestured at the target’s drink before pointing to himself. A clear indication that Zane would take what he was having; he didn’t care what it was, he wasn’t actually going to drink it, but barmen get antsy if you don’t order a drink.

    “So, I’m told you’re the guy I need to talk to.” Zane said casually, thanking the barmen with a nod when his drink came.

    “Oh, aye?” The man said, his thick Scottish accent a grumble.

    “You’re a freelance employer right, a man with odd jobs to spare?” Zane turned slightly in his seat, moving himself more face on with the man.

    “Aye, that be what I do. You looking for work then? Are yer aware of the kind of work I provide?”

    Movement caught Zane’s eye and he saw the tall man he had noticed earlier rising from his seat and moving towards the bar. He dropped his gaze to continue his conversation. “I am, but I’ll make it clear that I won’t be involved in anything that may result in…losses of a particular kind.”

    “I get what you mean, I’ve got a couple of jobs might suit you then.” The man said but suddenly Zane lost interest as he glanced up at the tall man who had stopped beside them on the bar to pay for his drinks and Zane got a good look at his face. A man he had known from a very young age.

    “I’ll get in touch later.” Zane said quickly, digging into his pocket for a few coins that he dumped on the counter before standing up and moving towards the door quickly yet as unobtrusively as he could. He glanced back as he pushed the door open and locked gaze with the man. “Shit.” Zane muttered under his breath before turning around and escaping back into the alley.

    He turned the opposite way the man had come from earlier, the busier route, and headed towards the other side of the alley. He didn’t know how his father had found him but he wasn’t about to return to him. As he turned the corner into a second alley, he came face to face with the tall man.

    “Te’kan.” Zane snarled and opened his hands to summon sword and shield.

    The man raised an eyebrow at the name and then raised his hands in a calming gesture. “I think you have me confused with someone else; it would explain the looks you were giving me in the bar.” He slipped his hands back into the pockets of the black jeans he was wearing and leant casually against the brick wall of the alley. “Nice weapons though. I’m intrigued as to where they came from, I don’t sense any magic coming from you.”

    “I don’t know how you found me, but I’m not returning to my father.” Zane said. He may have liked Te’Kan somewhat, but he meant what he said. “Just report back and say you never saw me, Te’Kan.”

    The man frowned and reached up to push his hood down, completely revealing his face. He sported shoulder length hair that was black as the night and pulled into a braid at the back of his head, his blue eyes shone in the dim light of the alley but most importantly, his face was smooth and unmarked. “Seriously, I’m not Te’Kan, but I can see figure out why you might be confused.”

    Zane furrowed his brow at the man’s face; he really did look like Zane’s former teacher but Te’Kan had three scars running across his face where this man had none. Zane returned his weapons to their storage space and stood up straight from his battle-ready pose. “I’m sorry, you look like someone I used to know.”

    “Yeah, I know him too. Te’Kan is my elder brother. How is it you know him?”

    “Your brother?!” Zane exclaimed. Te’Kan had mentioned once that he had a younger brother, but Zane had never expected to actually meet him. “Uh, Te’Kan trained me in combat from a young age.”

    “Heh, he’s still up to that old schtick? I’m Te’Lan by the way. How long were you his student?”

    Zane thought for a minute, wondering if he should be giving this man information. But he did appear to be Te’Kan’s brother; it couldn’t be coincidence he looked nearly exactly like him. “Around ten years. He said I was one of the better students he had ever taught.”

    Te’Lan nodded, clearly impressed. “Not bad. I haven’t seen Te’Kan in some time but if he’s anything like he used to be, that’s some high praise. Hey, did he ever talk about me?”

    Zane shrugged. “He never gave a name, but you came up once as far as I can remember. Frankly, it’s the only reason I’m still talking to you.”

    “Are you still his student?”

    “No.” Zane answered immediately, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

    Te’Lan cocked his head slightly at the sudden answer. “Ah, I’m guessing he finally got around to why he was teaching you at all. He was always one for pushing too far.”

    “Actually, it was my father’s fault. I don’t think Te’Kan cared either way.” Zane replied.

    “Seems you have a somewhat complicated history behind you. Hey, I’ve got a good idea, come and train with me for a while!” Te’Lan smiled and spread his arms. “You can maybe give me a hand with something.”

    It was Zane’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “Train with you? Even if I wanted to, you can’t be better then your older brother, right?”

    Te’Lan smirked. “Oh, he’d never admit it but I was always the better fighter. Actually, I taught him a lot of his tricks he’s no doubt passed on to you.”

    Zane considered the man’s proposal. “What’s this you want me to give you a hand with? I’m not about to go kill anyone for you.”

    “It’s nothing like that.” Te’Lan said with a shake of his head. “It’s more of a sort of bodyguarding gig for a friend of mine; or rather, his student. What do you say?”

    “Bodyguarding…?” Zane frowned. He was looking for a job that would make use of his skills without going off the edge and Te’Lan looked a whole lot more trustworthy then the other man in the bar. “Fine, I’ll come and train with you. But if I think Te’Kan was better, I’m out of there.”

    “Oh, you won’t regret training with me, I can show you some wicked stuff. Come on then, my car is parked not far from here.” With that he turned to go, pausing to let Zane catch up before continuing on. “You’ll like my friend too, he’s a bit of a hothead but a cool guy nonetheless. As for his apprentice, I’ve only met her once, but you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with her.”

    “Her?” Zane questioned but Te’Lan only laughed as he continued to lead them out of the alley


    6 Months Later…

    “Nice, Zane, keep it up.”

    Zane attacked swiftly, his scythe cutting through the air with a whistling sound; a testament to the speed he was moving it. Te’Lan was quick though and dodged all of his attacks, if only by a hair’s breadth though. Midway through his next swing, the scythe vanished, and Zane stepped close into Te’Lan as he froze mid-dodge. A second later, Zane’s sword was in his hand and he was swinging upwards towards Te’Lan’s face.

    This time Te’Lan didn’t dodge, instead his hand shot upwards and deflected the sword’s blade with the metal ring around his wrist. Zane let the blow carry him in a spin and as he completed a full turn, his shield appeared, and he aimed a short jab at Te’Lan’s stomach. He only dodged it with a sudden crouched lunge to his right where he ducked under the shield and caught Zane with a quick uppercut.

    Staggering backwards, Zane let his weapons disappear and rubbed the part of his jaw where Te’Lan had struck him. “Didn’t hold back, did you?” he said with a grin.

    “Oh, I was holding back, otherwise your head would be lying on the floor next to you.” Te’Lan replied with a laugh.

    In the time Zane had been training with Te’Lan, he had put on some muscular weight and looked healthier than he had done in a while. He had cut his hair short, leaving it just long enough to stick naturally up to the right-hand side. He had replaced his maroon shirt with a looser fitting white one, the top three buttons undone to reveal a part of the VoltTech diamond embedded in his chest. He now sported a pair of loose fitting brown trousers that he had tucked into high-topped boots of soft leather.

    Te’Lan on the other hand, was much the same as he had been; braided hair blond in colour and blue eyes. He was wearing the same clothes as when they had met, the only things added to the ensemble being the metal loop around each wrist.

    “So, what was this little training session all about, it was different than usual.” Zane asked, moving across the room to where a pair of glasses sat next to a bottle of water. He poured one and took a sip. “Something special on the horizon?”

    With a smile, Te’Lan walked over and joined Zane by the water. “You could say that. You really weren’t kidding when you said my brother called you a fast learner. I haven’t had many students before you, but I’ve seen other people train youngsters and none of them learned as quickly as you.”

    “Thanks.” Zane said in reply, taking another sip.

    “So, I think you’re ready for that bodyguarding job I mentioned. I’ve called across to my friend already and he said he’s ready for his apprentice to meet you; so, what do you say?

    Zane finished his drink and replaced the glass on the table. “Sounds great. We leaving now?”

    Te’Lan nodded “Yup, come on.”

    With that, Te’Lan led the way as they exited the large building he owned for training purposes. They descended down two sets off steps until a door led them into a large garage that housed five vehicles. Te’Lan headed for a mid-size sedan and clicked a button on a fob he had pulled out of his pocket, unlocking the car. He circled around the bonnet to get into the driver’s side while Zane got into the passenger seat, ensuring he was buckled in.

    The journey didn’t take long, just under an hour, and Te’Lan pulled into an open concrete lot outside what appeared to be a derelict warehouse. He slowed to a stop and got out of the car, ushering Zane to follow him.

    “This looks like the kind of place a drug deal would go down.” Zane commented as he followed his trainer.

    “Yeah, they have been a few here in the past actually.” Te’Lan replied with a grin. “But don’t let your eyes deceive you.” Zane aimed a quizzical look at Te’Lan, but he simply smiled and gestured at the set of double doors they had arrived at. “After you.” Te’Lan said.

    Zane frowned but stepped forward and opened the door. What he saw inside stopped him in his tracks. It wasn’t inside at all, it was a vast open area of green grass, blooming flowers, and large trees. The blue sky was clear above it and the sun shined down in bright beams. Still standing in the doorway, Zane grunted when Te’Lan jabbed him in the ribs and stepped past him into the open air.

    “Oh, didn’t I mention…? My friend is a pretty powerful wizard.” Te’Lan laughed. “Come on then.” He started off without looking back, heading to a wooden hut sat at the edge of a forested area.

    Zane followed Te’Lan in eventually, and he couldn’t help but glance back as the doorway closed behind him and disappeared completely, leaving the two of them stranded in the open area. Zane quickly jogged to catch up with his master and the pair of them came to a stop a couple of paces away from the hut and Zane noticed a large tower rising the distance beyond the forest.

    Before he could question Te’Lan about it, the hut door opened and a man slightly shorter than Zane stepped out. He appeared to be skinny, although the baggy clothes hid his body shape, and pitch-black hair that rose upwards like smoke. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of black, mirrored sand goggles but Zane swore he could see a flickering light emitting from them. The jacket the man wore was dark red with a high, wide collar that hid his mouth from view. Baggy black trousers covered his legs and were tied mid-shin with leather straps. Heavy boots, scratched and dented, adorned his feet. In the man’s hand was a staff of wood taller than he was with a curled symbol carved at it’s tip.

    Te’Lan smiled and opened his arms wide. “Michael, my friend, how are you?”

    Michael stepped down off the hut’s small veranda and nodded a greeting to Te’Lan before turning his hidden gaze on Zane. “I am fine. This is the boy you have been training?”

    “Boy?” Zane said with a raised eyebrow.

    Michael’s bent frame suddenly straightened, revealing his smiling mouth from behind his jacket’s collar. “I like him. Zane, I would like you to meet Eleanor Wake, my apprentice.” He gestured behind him as a young girl stepped out of the hut.

    She was short and Zane guessed close to his age. Her hair was dirty blonde and pulled back in a tight ponytail. Her eyes were chocolate brown and looked at Zane with a mix of cautiousness and interest.

    Zane looked up at her from his lowered position “Hi.”

  2. Slightly delayed but here nonetheless...

    Chapter 5

    - 5 -

    - A Life Belongs To The Person -

    February 4th, 00:00.

    18 Years of Age…

    The radio crackled to life in his ear and Zane pulled the door of the helicopter closed to ensure he didn’t miss anything.

    “Target is coming up in 60 seconds, prep for deployment.”

    Zane let the voice cut off before reaching up and tapping the Press-To-Talk button his radio twice; a silent command that he had received and understood the order. A single tap would have been a negative reply and he could always actually speak if he was able to.

    The large folder sat on the chair next to him and given Zane in an in-depth brief on what the plan was for today’s mission. It gave co-ordinates, locations, names, times, and everything else in between. None of that interested Zane anymore. Back when he had first started missions for the military he had read every word, sometimes twice. But after so long he had given up and simply focused on the main points. Who did he have to kill?

    That was what constituted nearly all of his missions; assassinations. Where the military could not take out a supernatural target, Zane was sent in to get the job done. Not only for the Government, but General Linman had also let private contractors borrow him from time to time; the General had become quite rich from these side missions. The General’s use of him didn’t bother Zane anymore though, he had become quite the deadly combatant thanks to him and his missions. Normally the only way for him to survive was to kill off his target anyway.

    For today’s mission he was wearing his standard get-up for his Black Op missions; Soft leather combat boots, cargo trousers, a long sleeve t-shirt underneath a sleeves jacket practically made of pockets, and a beanie cap. All of these were black, and he finished off the look with a thick nylon belt that held a few fancy gadgets supplied to him. Naturally, he carried no external weapons.

    Zane felt the helicopter shift angle and he knew they had reached the target location. He stood up and reached for the door just as the radio cackled to life

    “Building is directly below us, 50 feet; mission is green.” The same voice said as before, and Zane replied the same way with a double tap of the talk button. Then he pulled the door open and leapt out.

    The building that was the setting for this mission was a glass skyscraper in the centre of a large city in America; Zane hadn’t bothered reading which one. He did know it was owned by a billionaire and it was this billionaire’s recent acquisition that was to be Zane’s target. A creature he had only come across once before, sent against him by his father to convince General Linman to buy him in the first place. A Nephilim.

    Of course, Zane had come a long way since his first fight with the offspring of a Demon and an Angel. But he still expected it to be difficult. His plan was to catch the creature off guard and take them down before they even realised he was there. The less noise he made, the better as far as he was concerned.

    Zane hit the flat top of the building and rolled forwards to dissipate the force and lessen the impact. A quick look around told him that the only clear entrance to the building was a metal door fixed in a concrete block that rose out of the floor below. Zane moved across to it and laid a gloved hand against it. He felt no vibrations and in the silence of the night, at least at this height, he couldn’t hear anything either. He reached into one of the pouches on his belt and pulled out a flat, disc-like object and placed it over the lock on the door. A few seconds later the lock clicked, and Zane could push it open with no trouble at all.

    No alarm sounded, and nothing gave any indication that Zane had broken in, so he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. It led directly to a set of concrete stairs that took Zane down and into the building proper. A second unlocked door opened to a stairwell that Zane figured was for fire evacuations. He continued down these until he was four floors down.

    He walked up to the metal door that led into the floor proper and pulled a slim, phone-like object from a pouch on his belt. Zane placed it against the centre of the door, where it stayed without help, and pressed button on the side to bring it to life. The screen flickered once before it filled with shadowy grey lines that showed Zane the layout of the floor.

    The half closest to Zane was like any office block in a building in the centre of a busy city but it was the second half that he was interested in. It had been converted into a living space, like an apartment spliced into an office. There was a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms. The device Zane was using showed three red and yellow masses in one of the bedrooms.

    Zane had expected guards but unfortunately the device didn’t tell him which one his target was. Luckily for him, General Linman cared little for collateral damage, especially if they got in the way of Zane’s mission. So, Zane pulled the device from the door and slipped it back into his belt pouch; he then pulled back his sleeve to look at the watch he wore. As he looked it ticked over to midnight and the lights in the stairwell clicked off. Without hesitation, Zane pulled the door open and slipped into the office setup. As the door clicked shut, the lights turned back on around him.

    He waited a second to see if any of the figures in the far side would decide to investigate but no-one appeared, so Zane made his way past cubicles and smaller offices before coming to a set of double doors that had a numbered keypad set into the wall next to it. A small red light set above the keypad told him the door was currently locked. However, the General’s intelligence gathering was in depth, so Zane simply tapped the eight-digit code in.

    The light switched to green and Zane heard the magnetic lock disengage on the doors. He pushed the right hand one open and slipped inside, closing the door himself to avoid it making any noise. As soon as it was closed completely, he heard the magnets lock the door again. His device had told Zane where the people were, so he moved straight to the door that would lead him to that room. The floor was furnished with a thick carpet meaning Zane didn’t need to worry about his boots making any noise as he positioned himself at the door.

    The door was fitted with a standard key lock, but Zane didn’t worry about that, it wouldn’t matter. It did mean he could reach into his belt again and pull out another phone looking object with a miniature camera fitted on the end of a long, bendable rod. He switched the device on and slowly fed the camera through the lock. As the lens cleared the far side, a picture appeared on Zane’s small screen, showing him the inside of the room.

    Two men were stood near the door, one leaning against a dresser, the other stood in a relaxed position with his hands held behind his back; both were turned partially away from the door. From the camera’s positions, Zane couldn’t see the third figure, but he could see what seemed to be a bed on the far side of the room with a lump on top of it. He withdrew the camera and replaced the device into his belt.

    The two men he could see were dressed the same, clearly some kind of bodyguards, so Zane figured his target was the one on the far side of the room. He did a quick plan in his head and then held his hands out to his sides. Instantly, tiny blue cubes appeared and started to form objects. In his right hand, his black-bladed longsword, and on his left, his silver shield. It took less then a second for them to appear and then Zane took a couple of steps back until he was as far away from the door as he could be in the small corridor.

    He took a deep breath and then exploded forward with his technologically enhanced body. He raised his shield as he reached the door, smashing it to pieces and sending the debris flying forwards into the rooms. The two guards reacted quickly, turning to face the door and reaching into jackets for what Zane presumed was weapons. He didn’t let them draw however as he slammed his shield into the left-hand man, sending him crashing into the dresser where it collapsed around him, and struck out with his sword and cleaved the right-hand man’s head from his shoulder, spattering blood up the wall behind him. Two more quick steps took him to the bed where he aimed a piercing attack at the person in the middle of it.

    The point of his sword stopped inches away from the flesh of young boy with pale blue skin and the beginnings of black bone-like protrusions growing out of his forehead. He appeared to be no older than five years old. Zane’s eyes widened in surprise; this couldn’t be right. But his thoughts were interrupted as a hand grabbed his shoulder and spun him around to receive a fist to the face. Zane shook the hit off with little trouble, before springing forward to headbutt the first man who had pulled himself out of the dresser mostly unharmed.

    The attacked knocked the man back and Zane realised he wasn’t human, but vampire. Without hesitation he deflected the vampire’s clawed hand attack with his shield and pierced his sword through the bottom of the vampire’s jaw and up into his head. Then, with a violent twisting motion, he pulled the head clean off and knocked the body away from him where it fell limply next to his partner. Zane grimaced and used his foot to push the head that was now stuck on his blade, off. It landed on the floor with a thud.

    Zane turned back to the figure on the bed and walked up for a closer look. Although the attack and been quick, it had been pretty noisy, but the boy was still fast asleep. This was a first for Linman, targeting a kid. Zane loosened his grip on sword and shield and the two weapons disappeared as they had first materialised

    “What the fuck?” Zane muttered.

    “My sentiments exactly.” A voice said, and Zane spun around to face a man who was now standing in the doorway of the bedroom

    The man stood taller than Zane by about a foot, crowding the doorway, and his skin was leathery and dark blue; it was mottled in places and a large pinkish scar ran down the left side of his face. Long black, bone-like horns sprouted out of his forehead and curled back over his slicked back hair. His eyes were a deep red and seemed to glow even in the light of the room. Contrary to his appearance, he was wearing a fitted suit with a white shirt and blood red tie.

    “Demon.” Zane said.

    “Charles, actually.” The man replied, no hint of a joke on his face. “I would ask you what you’re doing here, but the state of my men give me the answer.” He gestured to the two bodies laying between him and Zane. “I just have one thing to say; get away from my son.”

    Zane started to raise his hands in a calming gesture, but Charles apparently didn’t care for explanations as he exploded forward with immense speed. Zane barely had time to raise his arms and block the kick aimed at his head. He blocked the attack but the strength behind the kicked lifted him off the floor and sent him flying through the wall where he crossed the corridor, crashed through another wall and landed roughly in the kitchen. As Zane pulled himself to his feet, Charles checked his son before walking slowing towards where Zane was, who had now re-summoned his sword and shield.

    Charles looked at the weapons with disinterest. “You’re lucky you didn’t actually manage to kill Areal, otherwise I would have been in a very bad mood. Even so, I’ll have to kill you now. Just be glad his mother isn’t here right now.” As he spoke the words a bright white light filled the room and Zane caught sight of a city of silver through a hole in the air before it disappeared, and a second figure stood in the room.

    She was a woman of stunning beauty, standing nearly as tall as Charles, with pale skin and glowing blonde hair. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, heeled boots, and a tight, white vest. Zane didn’t see any of that though as all he was focused on was the pair of glowing, feathery wings that was sprouted from her back. Zane easily guessed this was the mother and was surprised. He knew the target was a Nephilim and therefore he knew that the parents had to be Angel and Demon, but he had never known a situation where the parents were still together. Angels tended to do their business and then return to their realm.

    “Looks like I spoke too soon.” Charles said with a small grin.

    The woman looked at Charles, swept her gaze across the rubble that was spread around the kitchen and then settled it on Zane. Here eyes were stunningly blue and filled with an ethereal light. “Charles, what is going on?” She questioned, her voice musical in the quiet air.

    “Kela, dear, this man came to kill our son.”

    “I see.” Kela replied and then raised her hand in Zane’s direction.

    He had only a second to raise his shield as a bright light filled the room and an immense force slammed into it. Zane couldn’t stop it as he was sent hurtling backwards and crashed through yet another wall. Except this wall led outside and Zane found himself flying through the night air. Before he had a chance to worry about falling hundreds of feet to the street below, Kela appeared in the air next to him and grabbed him around the throat and suddenly he found himself thousands of feet in the sky.

    “You’re lucky my son is unharmed. Why have you come to kill him?” she asked, her voice melodious yet filled with the certainty of death if she wanted.

    “I didn’t know he was a child.” Zane replied, wheezing slightly from the Angel’s grip. Any thoughts of attacking her dissipated and he let his weapons disappear. “I work for a man called Gareth Linman, a General in the army.”

    “Why does this Linman what my son dead?”

    “I don’t know, and I’ve had enough.” Zane said, thoughts clearing in his head that had been there ever since his father had sold him.

    “You’ve had enough? Why should this stop me from killing you?” Zela said with a sneer.

    “I can give you the information to find Linman, here.” He reached into a pouch slowly and withdrew a phone. “It has multiple contacts for him plus a bunch of info on locations I worked at with him.” Zela took the device and slipped it into her pocket. “Frankly, I’ve been thinking of quitting for ages.”

    “I am merciful by nature, so I won’t kill you.” Zela said. “But I have your energy marked now, boy, and if I sense you so much as in the same country as my son again, I’ll evaporate you from the face of the earth.” Zane hoped she was exaggerating but got the sentiment. Zela swung her free arm and a hole in space appeared again, this one leading to a large forested area. “Now begone.” She threw him with ease and Zane found himself rolling on the floor before hitting a tree and jerking to a stop. When he looked up, the hole was gone, and he found himself alone with no idea where he was.

    However, this was an opportunity he could not give up easily. He pulled the radio earpiece from his ear and unclipped the radio from his belt to drop it to the floor where he crushed it with the heel of his foot. Zane then unclipped his belt and threw it over his shoulder and stripped his gloves off to join them. He then rolled his sleeves off and started walking in a random direction.

    Zane would take this opportunity to disappear and Linman would have no idea what had happened to him and no way to track him. He would also be distracted by an Angel and Demon setting their sights on him. It was time for Zane to finally be free of his father’s perfect role for him.

  3. Chapter 4

    - 4 -

    - Advancements In Technology -

    November 22nd, 09:00.

    15 Years of Age…

    “So, you’ve finally completed it?” Randal asked, holding up the small red cube to get a closer look.

    “Well, as you know, Mr Pengallion, the technology worked, it was just limited in size and capacity.” Dr Silika replied, holding his hands steady in front of him to stop them shaking with the excitement he felt. “But I cracked it; inside of that cube is one of our Mark II Gravity Assault Tanks.”

    Randal looked across at Silika with surprise. “I am impressed, Doctor. This can’t be more than a centimetre cubed and…” he bounced it in his hand a few times “…weighs as much as a penny.”

    “It really is amazing, right? This project, everything about it has pushed my mind to new and incredible places. I must thank you for coming up with the idea.”

    “And these will work on the boy?” Randal said, brushing aside the thanks.

    Silika smiled. “Yes; they are fully compatible with the endo-skeleton we built for him. He will be able to command them with nothing more than his mind.”

    “How many can you embed; how many can he use at once?” Randal’s mind was filled with the possibilities he could turn Zane into.

    Silika looked uncomfortable for a moment, dry washing his hands in front of himself. “I’m not entirely sure on that, I’m afraid. You see, apart from getting the object within the cube, we have no testing availability for it being used by a person like Zane. There is no-one else out there like him.”

    “Your estimates then, if you have no proof.” Randal said with annoyance clear in his voice.

    Silika bounced his hands up and down like a scale. “With the energy these take to materialise the object within, I’d say we could probably insert 4 or 5 before his body, and the technology within, rejects them. “

    Randal passed the cube back to Silika. “Good, that should be enough. I want him prepped for surgery immediately, I have Gareth coming in later for his appraisal.” Suddenly Randal’s face changed as an idea struck him. “What state is the Exo-Suit prototype in?”

    Silika hesitated only a fraction of a second before answering. “Fully functional on our last test…” realisation dawned on him. “You wish to give it to Zane?”

    “To the boy, yes. Presumably it would be able to be inserted into one of these…these…what do you call them?” Randal gestured to the red cube.

    “Proprietary VoltTech, Mr Pengallion.” Silika said with a smile, Randal’s raised eyebrow told him he had gotten the joke. “I’m sure it will with some modification on the suit’s part, I may have to fiddle with the VoltTech as well to ensure smooth materialisation rates.”

    “Then do it, with that on top of everything else, Gareth won’t be able to resist. Now, prep the boy, insert the tech and get Te’Kan down here to brief the boy on what is required to impress Gareth.”

    * * * * * * *

    Zane had removed his shirt as instructed and now was reclined back on the operating chair Dr Silika had pointed him to. He was relaxed with his head back against the rest and his arms were laid wrists uppermost. It had been explained to him that his operation would take considerable less time than his previous one. All they had to do for this one was open up the flesh at his wrists and link the four small red diamonds into his Endo-Armour. That was the easiest bit as a larger diamond was going to be embedded into his chest; Dr Silika said he would enjoy what that one would give him.

    Dr Silika appeared from behind him with a smile on his face and holding a face-mask connected to an anaesthetic gas tank; there would be no need for the special one used previously. The Doctor didn’t say a word but Zane nodded and he placed the mask to his face. Within a couple of deep breaths, Zane felt the edges of consciousness fade and quickly fell into darkness completely.

    After a couple of extra seconds to make sure he was under, Dr Silika removed the mask and motioned to his assistant who rolled over a tray with the five VoltTech Volts and the equipment Silika would need to complete the operation. With a glance at the clock on the wall, Silika began by cutting into the skin at Zane’s wrists.

    * * * * * * *

    The table that folded down from the wall held a vast array of weaponry ranging from ancient roman spears to Pengallion Industry Assault Rifles. It was quite the collection. Zane walked slowly alongside them, running his hands over various weapons as he did so. Te’Kan had said he was free to pick what he wanted to store in his Volts; with four empty spaces, it meant all Zane had to do was pick four weapons to put in them.

    His first option wasn’t really a choice; a weapon he had used since he was child and Te’Kan had started training him. A long sword with a hand-and-a-half handle fashioned after the bones of a finger and covered in dark blue leather. The cross-guard and hilt were silver and glinted in the light while the blade itself was black as night and seemed to suck the light in. He placed his right hand on it and concentrated on the Volt like Silika had explained. For a second nothing happened and then the sword started disappearing into tiny blue-coloured energy cubes until it had gone completely; the first Volt on his right wrist vibrated to tell Zane it was now full.

    The second choice was really a complement to the first as he moved down the table a bit and placed his left hand on a large silver shield. It was circular in shape with a diameter of 40 centimetres; a large four-pointed star as black as the sword’s blade was its only adornment. As with the sword, he focused on the Volt and the shield disappeared and the first Volt on his left wrist vibrated full.

    Zane’s other two choices were going to be a little more difficult; he had no other obvious inclinations. As he continued his pacing, a thought came to him that he should probably have a long-range weapon if he needed it. The pistols, rifles, and the like were not appealing but a weapon at the far end of the table drew his attention. When he got there, he looked down and nodded to himself before placing his left hand on it and focused on the second Volt there. The Silver recurve bow shimmered in the blue light before the vibration told Zane it was tucked away. He remembered practicing with the weapon and liked the solid bars of light it fired instead of arrows.

    With his final choice upon him, Zane’s eye was drawn to a long-handled weapon lying in the very centre of the table. It was about as tall as he was and sported a deadly black blade that matched his sword. The scythe had been purpose built for battle with a straight shaft about as thick as two of Zane’s finger. The blade was a hair longer than 2 feet with a slight curve on it and had been sharpened on both the inside and out; to allow the user to attack with greater variation. Zane smiled as he placed his right hand to the blade and placed it within the second Volt on his right wrist.

    “An interesting set of choices.” Te’Kan said from where he was standing in the corner. “You barely even looked at the modern weapons.”

    Zane turned to him with a slight grin on his face. “You’ve always told me how unreliable they are when faced with a skilled supernatural. With these I’ll be able to make sure they are dead when I attack.”

    Te’Kan raised an eyebrow. “A fair assessment. Go and get suited up and head to the test chamber, General Linman is waiting with your father.”

    Zane nodded and headed out to his rooms to get ready for what his father called the final test.

    * * * * * * *

    Even Zane was impressed with himself. In this test, his father had faced him against the largest odds yet. It had started with a gang of vampires who worked incredibly well together as a team; Zane had taken them all down with shield and sword alone. Then the Demi-Demon had been released and after only half-an-hour Zane had finished with his bow with a beam of light through the creature’s head. Following that was pair of wizards who claimed to be part of some council and that he would face them if they died; he had decapitated both of them with his scythe. Even after all of that though, his final fight had been the most exciting.

    Zane’s father had spoken over the intercom as the final challenge and a simple looking man had stepped out of the gate. After blocking Zane’s initial barrage of light beams and dodge through his scythe attacks like wind, Zane had forced a close-range fight with sword and shield; Nephalims were not to be taken lightly though and after close to an hour Zane had done nothing but scratch the being while sported a large wound down his back in exchange. How his father had captured the man was a mystery.

    However, once Zane activated the Volt in his chest and adorned himself with the Silver Suit things had changed. It took only 10 minutes before the creature lay with no arms and legs and three holes through his head.

    Now Zane stood in the centre of the testing area with his hands in his pockets and looking up at the viewing screen that showed his father talking to a man in uniform Zane presumed was General Gareth Linman. Before the intercom had been shut off, Zane had caught the word ‘sell’ and only one thing had suddenly occurred to him. All this training, all these upgrades, everything his father had spent on him had always been for one thing only.

    To sell him to the highest bidder.

  4. Chapter 3

    - 3 -

    - The Supernatural Test -

    May 13th, 12:00.

    11 Years of Age…

    Not that he had needed to since the installation, but Zane stretched off his muscles as he readied himself for the upcoming task. He had grown in the recent years and his size had finally caught up with the training he was receiving from Te’Kan. He was taller and more muscular than anyone else his age, that was for sure, but he looked a lot more natural now. He was actually looking forward to growing up further and the specimen he will no doubt eventually become.

    With his ‘stretches’ complete, he crouched down and picked up the circular shield that was lying at his feet. It wasn’t anything special, a metal alloy created by Pengallion Industries and forged into an ancient Spartan style. He tightened the leather straps around his wrist and just below his elbow and stood up before swinging it around to ensure it was fitted correctly. As always, it was. Happy with his shield, Zane then moved across to a wall where a number of different styled swords were mounted. He selected a one-handed long sword and pulled it free with a slight tug. With a few experimental swings he conditioned himself to the weight and then spun it around his and like a majorette’s baton. A grin slid onto his face as he stopped the spin by gripping the leather wrapped handle tightly

    Te’Kan had explained what was happening today; it was an important moment for his Father and he had invited many important people to witness it. This was the time when Zane would prove a human was a match for the Supernatural. Of course, this wasn’t the first time he had fought against something beyond human, but it was the first time he would have no back-up, no safety net if it all went wrong. Te’Kan made it very clear that if he did not succeed, he would die.

    Zane did not concentrate on this fact though, he trusted in Te’Kan’s training and was sure whatever they threw at him, he could take it. With that at the forefront of his thoughts he walked up until he was stood in front of the door that would lead him to the testing area. As he put his weight down, a panel in the floor lit up with a green light; a light that would also light up in the observation room where his father was and tell him the test could begin.

    A minute passed while Zane focused his thoughts for the challenge ahead and then the door slid open in front of him. He reaffirmed the grip on his sword and then walked forward confidently. The room they had chosen was the smaller of the two Showrooms that his father used to show of any new weaponry he had created. It was a large empty cube with reinforced tiles fitted on the floor, walls, and ceiling. A large mirrored pane of glass, also reinforced, sat centrally on the far wall; the observation point. They normally filled the room with architecture and objects from a desired location but for this test they had left it completely empty.

    Zane glanced towards the viewing window, he couldn’t see through it but he knew his father was in there. A door then slid open below it and Zane dropped his gaze to what he presumed was to be his opponent.

    Honestly, it was not what he had been expecting. The way Te’Kan talked about his opponent, Zane had been expecting something big and ugly. The skinny man who walked through the door, complete with a ruffled suit that had cuts and tears all over it, was quite the opposite. In fact, if Zane hadn’t been in a test, he would probably have assumed this man to be completely human.

    The man stumbled as if drunk, clutching his head, before looking up towards the view point; the blood that covered his mouth and chest now shone in the light. “You want me to kill a kid?” Obviously, whoever he was asking couldn’t answers so he shrugged his shoulders and turned back to look at Zane. “Whatever, not like I care.” He said. In a burst of energy, he exploded forwards and closed the distance in a second.

    If Zane had been a normal human, no doubt the Vampire would have killed him there and then as he extended his arm forward to rip out his throat. Of course, Zane was not and his enhanced eyes followed the man with ease. He waited until the last second and then raised his shield and knocked the attacking hand away. The Vampire’s expression changed to surprise and Zane took the opportunity to shove his sword through the creature’s bicep.

    The Vampire didn’t cry out, he simply looked down at the sword and then back at Zane. “That’s strange, you smell human to me.”

    “I am.” Zane replied before pulling the sword out and kicking the man in the stomach, sending him reeling backwards.

    “Aren’t you the special little boy?!” The Vampire snarled but had to cut off what he had been about to say as Zane’s sword passed through where his head had been a second ago.

    “Hey!” He cried as Zane followed up the attack with another, then another, then another. The Vampire clearly had not been expecting Zane to move so fast so he leaped away and landed back where he had exited his door. “You’re an annoying little fucker.”

    Zane didn’t wait and dashed forward himself, closing the distance the Vampire was trying to keep. Now that his back was against the wall, Zane stepped in with a low slice at the man’s knees but the Vampire dodged it with a well-timed leap over Zane’s head. However, the move was countered as Zane lifted his shield and batted him out of the air. The Vampire rolled as he hit the floor but Zane was upon him in a second.

    The Vampire struck out but Zane blocked the blow with his sword and punched him in the throat with his shield. The man gurgled in response but Zane ignored him as he pulled back and rammed his sword through the Vampire’s shoulder, pinning him to the ground. With that done, Zane stood up and took a couple of steps away before looking up at the viewing window; his expression said it all.

    It was the sound that alerted Zane the quickest and as he spun around he saw his own sword flying towards him having been thrown by the Vampire, who was directly behind it. Without thinking he reached out and snatched the blade from the air, expertly closing his fingers around the handle. He used the momentum from the catch to spin past the Vampire’s stabbing attack and sever his arm from the elbow. The Vampire cried out as blood leaked from the wound and he staggered backwards

    Zane made use of the advantage and stepped forwards, flashing his shield to the Vampire’s face. As predicted, the Vampire flinched and Zane kicked his knee sideways, knocking the man to the floor. The Vampire scrambled but slipped on his own blood before rolling onto his back and looking up at Zane.

    “You fucking little shit head.” He spat.

    Zane made no acknowledgement but stepped forward and stamped down on the Vampire’s knee, breaking it. Everyone knew Vampires could heal faster than humans but they still needed a couple of days for something that would normally take a month to heal. Not that this particular Vampire would have that long. As he thrashed about in pain, Zane planted a foot on his chest and pressed down with enough force to stop any movement.

    “You are an embarrassment.” He said before swinging his sword and decapitating the Vampire.

    With the fight concluded he walked slowly back across the arena to stand in front of his door; it opened a second later. Before he walked through he turned back to look at the viewing window and saw it had gone transparent and he could now hear his Father’s voice as he spoke to the uniformed men around him.

    “As you can see, complete domination.”

  5. Chapter 2

    - 2 -

    - Bionics Installed -

    February 24th, 18:00.

    8 Years of Age…

    The two twelve year olds circled slowly, keeping a wary eye on the boy in front of them. He may have been smaller and younger but he had unnaturally tuned muscles and a look in his eye that told them approaching rashly would be a mistake. That and they had just watched him take down an eighteen year old in a matter of minutes; completing dominating the fight.

    Zane decided that he had waited long enough and dashed forward to tackle one of his opponents to the floor. As he did so, pulling the back of his knees sharply to fold him over and get into the upper mount position, the second boy immediately swung his leg with in a wide arc towards Zane’s head. Zane ducked forwards and used the opportunity to smash his forehead into the first boy’s nose, causing it to spurt blood down his chest. With the second boy now off balance due to his missed kick, Zane reared back up and punched him in the side of the knee that was supporting his leg. It buckled instantly and the boy collapsed to the floor with a cry.

    With him temporarily dealt with, Zane turned his attention back to the boy beneath him who was still clutching his nose in pain. Zane grabbed the boy’s wrists and yanked them away from his face before planting a fist directly into his bloody nose. If it hadn’t broken with the head butt it had been now as it bent away from the boy’s face at a disturbing angle. Zane then rolled across the boy’s chest and latched onto his arm, entwining it around his knee until the elbow pointed up and the whole arm was rigid. Without hesitation, he braced his leg and smashed the side of his hand into the elbow, folding it backwards on itself. The boy cried out in pain as Zane released the now useless arm and stood up to face the second boy.

    He had recovered from the knee strike, Zane hadn’t been able to hit him very hard from his mounted position on the first boy, but Zane still noticed he now favoured his other leg. With that in mind, Zane circled quickly and ducked in towards the boy’s preferred side and aimed a quick kick to his side. The boy caught the attack and locked his arms around Zane’s leg but Zane simply bounced on his other foot and kicked the boy in the mouth. Blood sprayed into the air as the boy staggered backwards, leaving Zane to catch himself before crashing into the floor.

    Zane immediately rolled to his feet and dashed forward again, this time he let the boy attack first and caught his wrist in an iron grip. Zane twisted his body so that he backed into the inside of the boy’s arm and then locked his arm around the boy’s wrist. A second later, he lifted him and dropped him onto his shoulder like a wrestler. Only Zane moved faster and the floor was much harder than a wrestler’s and as the boy collided with it, Zane jerked and twisted his arm and he pulled it out of its socket.

    The boy cried out as Zane rolled backwards and skipped to his feet before dropping to one knee and slamming the side of his fist into the boy’s orbital bone, caving it in. Then he formed a ‘knife-hand’ by folding his fingers to their second knuckles, and punched the boy in throat; his pained cries reduced to a gurgle as Zane stood up and observed the two twelve year old boys now lying in pain before him.

    Te’Kan stepped forward from where he had been watching from the side and looked down at Zane’s two opponents. “Congratulations…but you were slow and sloppy. Your bout against the older, single opponent was far better.” Zane nodded in agreement. “At least you are smart enough to realise it; we’ll have to get you used to fighting multiple opponents. Go, we’re done here for today.”

    Zane nodded and bowed to Te’Kan before heading towards the door that would lead him back towards his room. However, before he got there the door swung open and his father stepped through with a hungry look in his eyes. Zane paused and then bowed to him as well.

    “I was watching the bout.” Randal said, gesturing towards a camera that was mounted in the corner of the roof. “I’ve seen some of you other fights as well and I must say I’m impressed. If Te’Kan keeps this up, he’ll keep his promise.” Randal looked across to Te’Kan, who was tidying up the two boys, and smiled before looking back to Zane. “But it won’t be enough; you can be the greatest human on this planet but a single one of the other kind that lives here will still be able to beat you like you were nothing but a baby.”

    “The Supernaturals.” Zane stated; he didn’t speak much but he knew his father was looking to see if he had been paying attention in his studies.

    “Yes, a single Vampire or Werewolf would cut you down like grass. But, of course, you couldn’t be my greatest weapon if you couldn’t beat them. As such, I’ve come up with the answer.” Randal smiled and placed his hands on Zane’s shoulders. “Once we’re done, you’ll be able to face off against anything. Come.”

    He led Zane by the shoulder and exited the sparring room. Then he led him down the corridor, past Zane’s room, and towards an elevator that was the only way in or out of the complex; an elevator that Zane had never gone in before. Randal waved his hand at the button-less panel built into the wall and the doors slid open silently. The inside of the elevator was brushed steel along the lower half while the upper half was mirrored and a number of small lights were built into rows in the roof. The two of them stepped in and Randal inputted a code into a number pad that was there instead of the normal buttons.

    A number of minutes passed in silence before the elevator made a tiny jerk as it stopped. The doors slid open silently again and revealed a hallway so bright that Zane actually had to lift a hand to cover his eyes. Once his eyes adjusted, he saw that every inch was painted white as bright neon lights shone down from the roof. Randal started walking and Zane made sure to keep up with him as he led him through the corridors.

    It was nearly completely devoid of people, the few that Zane caught sight of quickly ducked through doors as if they weren’t allowed to remain in the presence of his father for too long. Eventually, Randal pushed through a door and when Zane followed him in he saw it led into a moderately sized room with a strange boy stood in the centre of it.

    Except that as Randal stopped in front of this strange figure and Zane stood next to him, he realised it wasn’t a man at all. It was some sort of statue made up of wires, tubes, and what appeared to be plastic meshing. There were solid plates and ridged blades, and even a pair of eyeballs sat in the head area; although they appeared to be cut in half and hollow.

    “This cost me a lot of money to develop and create. There is nothing else like it anywhere in the world.” Randal said with pride in his eyes and a smile on his lips. “And we’re going to put it in you.” Zane’s brow furrowed in confusion as he turned to look up at his father but his unasked question remained unanswered as Randal kept his eyes locked on the contraption before them. “Yes Zane, in you. Here, meet Doctor Silika.” He gestured to a side door Zane had not noticed and a small, weedy man wearing a white coat walked in.

    “Mr Pengallion, a pleasure as always.” Silika said as he stood beside Randal and his gaze too turned to one of pride. “A masterpiece the likes we’ll never build again I imagine.”

    “A quick explanation to the boy, Silika.” Randal said.

    “As you wish.” Silika walked around until he was stood next to Zane and then crouched down so they were on the same level. “What you are looking at Zane, is what will equal the playing field with Supernaturals. We’re going to fuse you with this technology and turn you into something akin to a Supernatural yourself.” Zane looked across to him and started at a blue gleam that appeared for a second in the Doctor’s eyes. “You see it is currently built to your size? Well, obviously, once it is in you we can’t change it but there is where my true genius shines.” He smiled and stood up to his full height again. “It grows with you, child, as you grow taller, bulkier, nimbler; the bionics will grow and adapt to their new carrier. It is magnificent.”

    “Enough, Silika, it is time we got started.” Randal said as he finally turned to Zane. “You are making me proud, boy, you really will be my greatest weapon.” At these words he headed back out where they had entered as Silika took Zane by the shoulder and led him towards the hidden door.

    “The procedure will take close to 24 hours but you won’t feel a thing, we’ve got a special sedative just for you…” whatever ever else Silika was saying was lost as Zane gazed over his shoulder at the door his father had left through.

  6. Welcome one and all, and welcome to a collection of Origin stories for some of the characters I've been using for the 'These Bloody Streets' RPs over in the 'Fantastical Role Plays' Section. Each Origin story will be Six chapters long and pinpoint key moments in the Character's early life. First up, Zane.

    Zane Pengallion: Origins

    Chapter 1


    - 1 -


    - Training Begins -


    December 18th, 0700.


    5 Years of age…


    “He’s just a child, Randal, barely old enough to walk!”

    “Walk, Susan? He’s running around the house like a crazy child. The training will provide discipline and I won’t make the same mistake my father did.”

    The Pengallions were near opposites in terms of build; Susan was short and slim while Randal was burly and as wide as a door. However, both were stubborn and could be a force of nature if they so wished it. When the two had opposite opinions, the normally ever-present aides disappeared like smoke.

    “Listen closely Susan, we’ve been feeding him right so far, making sure he takes in exactly what we wanted but now is the time to begin the regime. He can be my masterpiece.”

    “He’s not one of your weapons, Randal.”

    “But he is! Or rather, he will be. The fight against Supernaturals will not be fought with tanks and planes, but with soldiers designed to counter them.”

    Before Susan could get another word in, the door to the study they were in shook in its frame as a loud bang sounded from the other side.

    “My point is proven.” Randal said as he strode over and pulled the door open to reveal a young boy sat on the floor rubbing his head from where he had clearly run headfirst into the solid oak. A slim woman was in a half-crouch, clearly about to console him but was now frozen looking up at Randal. “Lydia, bring the boy in.” he said and walked back across to Susan with a small smirk on his face.

    Lydia, Randal’s personal aide, took Zane by the hand and helped him to his feet. The only child of the Pengallion Empire pulled free once he was steady and tottered over to stand in front of his parents; Lydia kept herself just behind him as he walked. Zane looked up with a smile on his face.

    “See, Susan, can you not see the potential weapon I do?” Randal said, glancing down at Zane but returning his gaze to his wife instantly.

    Susan snorted and waved her hand in the air. “Fine, whatever, do what you want with him; I have more important matters to attend to.” As she exited the room by a second doorway, a man appeared through the same doors Zane and Lydia had entered through and quickly followed after her.

    “Brilliant.” Randal exclaimed and turned to crouch down in front of Zane. “How about it, son? Care to become my greatest weapon?” Zane tipped his head to the side, incapable of understanding what his father was talking about. Randal laughed and stood up again to address Lydia. “Lydia, take him to my Gym; I will be there shortly.” The aide nodded and ushered Zane to take her hand again before leading the child from the room. As soon as the door swung shut behind them, Randall pulled out a cell phone and hit a quick dial number.

    The dial tone only rang once before it was picked up. “Mr Pengallion, how may I help you today?”

    “Te’Kan, you begin training Zane today; meet me in my Gym in 5 minutes.”

    There was a brief pause as if Te’Kan was confirming he had heard correctly before he spoke. “As you wish; I’m on my way up.” The phone went dead as he hung up.

    Randal replaced his cell into his pocket and quickly made his way to the gym he had had constructed down the hallway from his study. When he entered, he found both Lydia and Zane stood silently by the wall, keeping away from all the equipment. He had instructed Zane many times not to mess with the equipment and apparently the boy had finally learned not to. Randal smiled however and rested a hand on Zane’s shoulder.

    “Feel free to touch, Zane, you’ll need to get used to them quickly.” Zane’s face lit up with the permission from his father and he immediately ran across to a weight-based device to poke and prod it. Randal jerked his head at Lydia and she went across to supervise Zane as he played around on the machines. When the clock ticked exactly 5 minutes since the phone had hung up, Te’Kan entered the room.

    Te’Kan was a slim man of solid muscle and messy blond hair; 3 scars ran parallel across his face. “Mr Pengallion.” He said in greeting.

    “Te’Kan, nice to see you; I have a new assignment for you.” Te’Kan followed Randal’s gaze to Zane and couldn’t help but raise a questioning eyebrow, although he didn’t say anything. “From right now, on every single day, you will train my son. You will bring him to peak physical perfection. Then you will teach him to fight.”

    Te’Kan frowned slightly and kept his gaze on Zane as he began trying to life one of the larger weights with Lydia watching on. “For how long will I be doing this for?”

    “Until I tell you to stop. There is no time limit but the quicker the better; I will leave the specific of the training regime to you, of course.”

    “As you wish.” Te’Kan replied after another hard look at Zane. “Of course, I won’t take it easy on him.”

    “I would expect nothing less.” Randal said and clapped his hands once, causing Lydia and Zane to look over at him. “Come, Lydia, we’ll leave Zane in Te’Kan’s capable hands.” Lydia nodded and followed as Randal left the room.

    Zane had remained stood next to the bike he had been messing around with, looking at Te’Kan with a mix of confusion and interest.

    “Come here, boy.” Te’Kan said, his voice giving off such command that Zane followed without hesitating and moved to stand in front of him. “Did your father tell you who I am? What I am going to do?” Zane shook his head. “First, I will mould your body into that of the perfect human. Then I will train you to become the greatest warrior born on this Earth. When I am done with you, no-one will be able to stand up to you in combat.”

    Zane simply looked confused but remained where he was stood.

    “Come, let us begin.” Te’Kan said and ushered Zane across to the far side of the room.

  7. - Ryuzaki -

    Sophia was apparently paying him no mind as she absentmindedly skipped a couple feet ahead of Ryuzaki. He had considered letting her simply disappear off on her own but even with the recent top up, he felt weaker than normal. Staying with her was probably the best course of action for the moment. Just as the girl started whistling a jaunty tune, Ryuzaki’s senses picked up someone nearby and he dashed forward in a blink of an eye.


    As it was, the pair was passing some kind of offshoot in the corridor and Ryuzaki pulled Sophia into it, pushing her against the wall before sliding in next to her. She started to open her mouth to protest or applaud, Ryuzaki didn’t actually know with her, but he raised a finger to his lips to indicate silence and she obeyed. Somewhat surprised, Ryuzaki tuned his senses down the hall to what he now realised was a pair of people running in their direction.


    He thought he somewhat recognised one of them, and a small inkling told him he knew the second; although he couldn’t bring anyone to mind. He focused back around him and turned to Sophia


    “Keep up.” He whispered and held up his hand with all fingers extended. A second later he lowered one. Then another. Then another. Another one followed and then he exploded out of cover and directly into the path of the front man.


    Ryuzaki didn’t take time to register the tattered state of the individual before he wrapped his fingers around the man’s throat and with a savage twisting of his shoulders, pulled him off his feet and slammed him into the floor. As if they’d planned the movement, Sophia took advantage of Ryuzaki’s crouched form and used his shoulder as a step as she flipped through the air and landed on the next person. Her mask had contorted and gave the impression of sadness as she rammed one of her unsheathed swords into the man’s throat.


    The next thing that happened was the pair’s retaliation. The man below Ryuzaki reached up and wrapped his own fingers around Ryuzaki’s throat, a growl escaping his lips as his canine-like eyes stared daggers into Ryuzaki’s vampiric ones. The blade of Sophia’s sword landed on the floor with a clatter and sparks flew as the black blade that was the second man’s left arm grated against Sophia’s chest; although apparently her skin was just as hard now.


    “Well, fuck you too, Ryuzaki.” The man said as Ryuzaki recognised who he was.


    “Logan, what are you doing here?” Ryuzaki said as he looked up and realised who the second person was. “Ryuk? What the fuck happened to you?” Ryuzaki pulled free of Logan’s grip and took a step back as Sophia flipped backwards off Ryuk and landed next to him expertly.


    Now he wasn’t assaulting him, Ryuzaki realised that Logan was ragged, bruised, and injured. He quickly scanned the werewolf from head to toe and figured some sort of torture had taken place and unlike a vampire, he had no way to quickly top up his energy and heal his wounds. But Logan was nothing compared to Ryuk. Ryuzaki looked across to his Order comrade and took in the strange black substance that covered him and the face that his left arm was now some sort of sword-like object. The blood that covered him, that was clearly not his, took very little of Ryuzaki’s interest.


    “Ryuzaki! I thought you’d be long gone by now.” Ryuk said, stepping forward as his sword-arm became a regular one, albeit still black as night. “This is…just an upgrade courtesy of the bastards here, I suppose.”


    “I would have been long gone if it wasn’t for this one.” Ryuzaki jerked his finger at Sophia and she curtsied. “And don’t think I’m down here to rescue you are anything, I wouldn’t waste my time.”


    “It’s true; he was already scooting away when I bumped into him.” Sophia added and spun around on one foot. Ryuzaki noticed that her mask had returned to its natural, blank look. “Anyone, this reunion is boring. I still have to show Ryuzaki what I found; you guys can tag along as well I suppose.” Once again not waiting for a reply, Sophia skipped off, beginning her whistling again.


    “This place is locked down; does she know a way out?” Logan asked with a frown.


    Ryuzaki looked at him and didn’t reply as he started off after the girl. Without any better ideas, Logan and Ryuk followed suit.


    - Sophia Nurnhurst -

    She hadn’t expected her sword to break quite so easily against the black man but she had smiled when clearly he had expected to cut her with his own blade. After Ryuzaki had realised who they were she pouted inwardly; she had been looking for a good rumble and Ryuk had looked like the kind of man she could go a couple of rounds with. Of course, now she had two more tag-alongs but she looked on the bright side and just thought that it would be even more successful assuming both Ryuk and Logan were of any use.


    Skipping ahead of the trio has she had been doing, she stopped for a moment to locate an ‘x’ scrapped into the wall; a mark she had left on the way out to remind her which way to go.


    “Thi~s way!” she called back and moved around the corner and through a broken automatic door into a moderate sized room. When the others came in after her, Ryuzaki in front, Logan and Ryuk taking up the rear, they saw what appeared to be four large stones.


    “You wanted to show me a bunch of stones?” Ryuzaki said as Ryuk stepped forward to touch one of them.


    “Strange, I’ve never felt anything like this.” Ryuk said and frowned to himself.


    Sophia hopped across from where she had been stood and pulled Ryuk’s hand away from the stone. “No touchy.”


    “What a waste of time.” Logan sneered as he turned to exit the room, only to find his way was blocked by a giant of a figure.


    The figure in question was big enough that he had to duck and turn his upper body slightly to actually fit through the door. Once he was completely through, he stopped and glared down at the group. The buzz cut on his head was a clean blonde and his eyes were a steely grey. He was wearing a correctly cut suit of light charcoal, clearly personally tailored given his size, with a white shirt and black tie. A vicious looking battle axe hung from a loop on his right side.


    “Who the fuck is this guy?” Ryuzaki said as Logan snarled and leapt forward to engage this new man.


    “Oh, Vincent, you’ve arrived!” Sophia exclaimed as Vincent caught Logan by the throat and slammed him against the wall with barely a second glance.


    “You know him?” Ryuk said as Logan pulled himself to his feet. “Logan, wait a second!” Logan snarled but stayed where he was, crouched at Vincent’s feet.


    “He’s a grand old buddy, aren’t you Vincent?” Sophia said as she skipped forward and jumped up to wrap her arms around the man’s neck before swing around and ending up on his back. “I wasn’t expecting you so early though.”


    Ryuzaki frowned and then realised this Vincent was the guy who had been at the meeting with the Fae; the Crescent Moon member. “And how exactly did he get on the island?”


    “Come on, it’s time to go; have you marked the stones?” Vincent’s voice fitted his body as it was low and grated its way through the air.


    “Yep! Won’t he be so proud of me!?” Sophia replied as she dropped back to the floor.


    “I’m sure he’ll be glad you succeeded. Now let’s not waste any more time.” Vincent turned around and folded himself back through the door and Sophia followed suite, pulling a small device from the pocket of her jacket and pressing a button on it before returning it.


    Ryuzaki glanced at Ryuk, who shrugged his shoulders, before following the Crescent Moon members out of the door. Ryuk and Logan weren’t far behind; the latter was still seething that Vincent had to hardly try to stop his attack. His injuries were obviously slowing him down.


     - Raphael Ginta -

    With Sisi back in her room, having fulfilled her role, Raphael was sitting on his throne of stone when a quiet beeping sounded from within his pocket. He pulled the small device out of his pocket and smiled beneath his mask. The information was right, the stones really were held on that island; and Sophia completed her mission. Good. With the Stones in my possession, I will soon be able to begin my plan. Raphael thought as he pulled his feet up and crossed them beneath him. At the same time, the large doors that led to his chamber swung shut and a large bar slid across them, locking Raphael within.


    He closed his eyes and focused his energy. To use his powers over such a great distance was not impossible for him, but it would be hard work; he would have to sacrifice a part of himself to do it but the tones were too important to waste any time getting them. Raphael had been investigating them for years and so knew the exact size, shape, and weight of them; the three things he needed to successfully take hold of them without looking at them. Of course, without seeing them, he would not know if he had gotten them until they arrived at his door. That being said, he was confident in his own abilities.


    Raphael created the force bubbles in his mind, closing them around the imagined stones and then began the journey of bringing them to him.

  8. - Ryuzaki -

    His ability to keep track of the time that had passed since his last proper intake of blood was starting to piss Ryuzaki off. It was a constant reminder that he was being made a mockery of; him! One of the greatest assassin’s currently alive in the world. His rage bubbled below the surface, ready to explode if those that hunted him appeared any time soon. They had started all of this back then, trying to capture him alive instead of kill him. Their technology had been impressive, something Ryuzaki had not seen the humans use before, and had they planned to kill him, they might have succeeded.


    As it was, Ryuzaki could use their lack of killing intent against them. Although he couldn’t hear it, he was sure they had a way to communicate with each other and he was also sure they were starting to wonder whether they should just kill him. Of course, now that he was alert, they wouldn’t get that chance. It was as this thought passed through his mind that he heard the beat of a human heart. It was about 600 ft away from him and had he not recognised its rhythm, he would have chased it immediately. The hunters had done something to their blood which meant it did nothing for Ryuzaki’s vampire genes. They had started as seven but were now only four and Ryuzaki had tried taking blood from each one to no avail. It was only thanks to the idiot soldier who had apparently missed the evacuation order that Ryuzaki was still running now. He had never drunk someone quite so dry before then.


    It was only the single heartbeat he could hear but Ryuzaki knew the others wouldn’t be far behind; they never were. It was whatever form of communication they used that he couldn’t detect; they called for help the moment they even thought he was about. Of course, Ryuzaki wasn’t going to let this one even think he was in the area before ripping their heart out.


    He was using psychology against them with his pick of hiding place this time. In every other encounter with them, he had picked a place of higher altitude. For an assassin, knowing the surroundings was paramount and he tended to use high places to survey them. This time, however, he had dug himself a trench and then covered himself completely. He had been holding his breath for over an hour now; not impressive for a vampire but it was annoying.


    Having picked such a hiding place, he was using his other senses to estimate his next victim’s location as they got closer and closer to his position. It took another 10 minutes before Ryuzaki felt the pressure from above as the hunter literally stood on top of his hiding spot. He was tempted to attack then; burst from the ground in a frenzy. But that was not his way, and a face on attack would not fare well when the hunter called his friends to attack. So Ryuzaki continued to wait.


    When the pressure had moved, Ryuzaki slowly lifted himself up and out of the dirt until he stood up completely. His movement had sent a fine wave of dirt particles through the area and Ryuzaki strained his eyes to focus on what he couldn’t see. The cloaking technology the hunters used was top notch but they were still physical things and Ryuzaki’s sharpened acute senses picked out the vague outline of the hunter as the dust particles floated past them. As he had expected, the outline showed the hunter looking up into the trees, his vision tunnelled on Ryuzaki’s previous points of hiding.


    It meant the hunter was none the wiser and Ryuzaki speared his hand through his back, severing his spine and sending an explosion of blood to cover the terrain around him. At the same time, he used his other hand on top of the hunters head and twisted violently until it came off like the cap of a bottled drink. The blood bubbled and Ryuzaki let the body drop to the floor as he threw the head away. Even after they were dead, their tech remained active which meant only the blood spatters was the only thing that revealed there was anyone was there at all. Ryuzaki growled at the fact all of this blood was useless to him.


    As he stood there listening for further heartbeats, another noise rose. The sound confused Ryuzaki for a second but as he concentrated he managed to pick out what it was; an alarm…from below.


    He quickly lay down on the floor and lay his ear to the dirt ground. Sure enough, the pulsing alarm was coming from below him. He had been right the first time he had found that facility, there was an underground section. But he had come across nothing that would have given him access to it. Which meant this island had never been designed to access the underground area; at least not from topside.


    This theory was proven immediately when a near-silent screeching sounded and a tree that apparently wasn’t a tree opened up to reveal a figure stood in the darkness.


    “Well, looky who we have here; the scary vampire dude.” A girl’s voice said and Ryuzaki scowled as he recognised her.


    “Sophia Nurnhust; the Crescent Moon member…you are human.”


    - Sophia Nurnhurst -

    Slightly before that meeting…


    Sophia had barely changed her Mask from Sadness for the entirety of her time in the underground facility. The powers granted by the expression allowed her to squeeze through smaller places and hide in places no human should be able to hide in. Despite the fact that the pain writhed inside her head, she knew it was the only way to keep herself out of the hands of the crazy doctors that hung around underneath the islands.


    So when she had passed an abandoned security post and spotted the vampire from the first meeting, she had laughed in glee. Of course, this meant a bunch of security goons tried to take her in but she killed them with a little bit of anger. Then all she had to do was figure out how to get to him. It had taken her just over an hour but eventually she found out that she could get up to his island through a network of tunnels and a small elevator.


    Back to the meeting…


    “Yes…” she managed before the vampire dashed forward and pinned her back against the metal inside of the elevator, the doors closing now they were both clear of them. “Uh…” she said, about to Anger up and teach the man a lesson on manners, when he pierced her neck with his teeth.


    Sophia inhaled sharply, feeling the vampire’s power as he drunk deeply; feeling the ecstasy fill her body in a way she had not felt before. Then the feeling disappeared and Ryuzaki pulled away, a look of relief on his face. The small cuts and bruises scattered across what Sophia could see of his body suddenly faded away and the vampire looked freshly invigorated.


    “Oh wow, that was great! Do all your victims feel that?” She said, fanning her face with her hand and smiling widely.


    Ryuzaki looked at her with narrowed eyes. “Your blood is strange, despite your human nature. Your reaction was a first for me.”


    “Scary vampire dude, I expect you just had a taste of my curse, right?” Sophia replied as she hit the button on the elevator and it started descending again


    “Curse? Great, I better not have caught anything off you.” He replied, and stepped away completely, spitting a globule of blood out of his mouth.


    “Don’t worry, my curse isn’t transmittable that way.” Sophia replied coyly. “Anyway, what have you been up to since shit hit the fan?”


    “The alarm, what is it?” Ryuzaki asked, apparently ignoring Sophia’s question.


    Sophia frowned but the doors opened at that point as she took the opportunity to skip away from the vampire. “Prisoners on the loose, Vampire. The rest of our team from what I’ve put together. Oh, if you need some more filling up, there’s a bunch of dudes over there that won’t mind.” She gestured to a small group of security personnel that had been guarding the elevator. “Of course, I wouldn’t mind either.”


    Ryuzaki strode straight by her and immediately picked up the nearest body to him. He drunk deeply and looked even more chipper than before. “I’m not taking your blood again if you’re cursed, I can promise you that.


    “Aww, but it was great.”


    “We need to get out of here, I can safely say I’ve had enough of this island to last me a lifetime.” Ryuzaki cocked his head as if listening.


    “Out? What about the team?” Sophia cocked her head as well, although hers was in questioning.


    “Foolish enough to get captured, stupid enough to get seen escaping; they can sort themselves out for all I care. I must return to Erevis.”


    “Well, aren’t you the friendly type. I like it; come on, I’ll show you something really cool I came across while I was down here.” Without waiting to listen to Ryuzaki probably decline, Sophia skipped away down the corridor. With the vampire with her, she felt doubly confident about her plan.

  9. Normally, I would offer my services but I'm in a bit of a writing slump at the moment so would probably not be very useful to you. The basic idea sounds great though and anything based in fuedal Japan gets a double thumbs up from me.

    That being said, if my stride returns to be anytime soon, I'll probably come see if you're still interested in a partner.

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  10. - Zane & Jinkama -

    Jinkama parried the flat blows Octavius through at him, impressed that the assassin was as adept at face-to-face combat as he was being. Although he had trained and studied nearly all martial arts of the work, Jinkama had only briefly heard about the style Octavius was using; flat hands like knives, spinning and rotating. It was in this respect that Octavius’ attire helped him as his rising poncho hid and confused his attacks. Jinkama retaliated by switching styles every now and again, aiming to take advantage of any opening that presented itself. So far, none had. Despite facing strong odds, his skin remained normal coloured as he chose not to activate his magic.


    Zane wasn’t entirely convinced that doing so was a good plan but then again, he suspected it was something to do with the last time the two had clashed in combat. So instead of worrying about that, Zane took the opportunity to fire pot shots in a hope of either striking or at least distracting the assassin. Octavius’ words from earlier were all that was really on his mind, however.


    For as long as Zane had been augmented by his father, he had been told that he was an enhanced soldier designed and built to fight the rising supernatural threat. The greatest minds of science had come together and created technology to allow him to stand on the same level as them. For that he had been glad; he had suffered through the pain of his ‘upgrade’ but it meant he had been able to stand on the same field as Ellie, as Michael, as freaking Ryuzaki. He had never approached magic normally, he had shown no aptitude and of course, if he had, his father would have most likely killed him. To think that his abilities may come from more than science gave him pause to wonder what could have been. Then Jinkama took a lateral chop to the neck and cried out, distracting Zane from his thought process.


    Apparently Octavius had got the upper hand and slipped the attack in but even as Zane levelled his pistols, he realised that Jinkama hadn’t cried out in pain, but in joy. The side of his neck, where the blow had struck, had turned golden in colour; he had activated his abilities. This had surprised Octavius who had created distance and was nursing his left hand, hiding any potential injures below his poncho.


    “You son of a…” Octavius started but was interrupted as an arrow passed Jinkama’s right ear and landed with a dull thud in front of the assassin.


    Both Jinkama and Octavius, as well as Zane, looked at the arrow before it suddenly imploded and a great force started pulling everything towards it. As Zane was attacking long range, he was out of range but the arrow immediately started dragging the two close combatants towards it. Zane looked to where the arrow had been fired and spotted Cern. At the same time Cern locked eyes with him and the message he passed was clear.


    Jinkama jerked forward a foot before he curled inwards and invulnerable his hand to punch through the roof of the Estate to stop himself from sliding towards the arrow. At the same time, Octavius was jerked a lot close but he managed to stop himself from actually entering the imploding force by using a bear-claw weapon on his right hand which he dug into the roof. As he did this, the night arrow him lit up in red and he looked up to see what appeared to be hundreds of short red bolts of energy, clearly fired from Zane’s pistols. The implosion caught them and dragged them inwards, directly at where Octavius was clinging on with his metal claws.


    - Raphael Ginta -

    Raphael corrected himself in the air and then his body slowed suddenly as if he had plunged into water or something similar before coming to a complete stop. He floated in the air for a second before touching down gently and standing up to  glare at Sookie. Luckily he had reacted quickly to her attack and had stopped her fist from actually coming into contact with his body and spread the force out to minimalize the impact. He looked at Sookie’s wild form and frowned beneath his mask.


    Of course, he knew that she was going to increase in strength, it was a magically induced moon after all; he had no doubt increased the powers of every werewolf on the planet. He had not been expecting silver to have no effect, however, the chains had been made to hold her down even in her powered up state. Not that it mattered a great deal, he could handle a super powered werewolf or two on himself without even passing his threshold.


    It was at this point that he felt the magic fluctuation from the circle he had created for the ceremony; it passed through him in waves and he looked behind Sookie to where he had crushed the central altar. With its focus gone it would probably explode with gusto very soon and Raphael didn’t want that to happen. A backlash of magic from a tool he had used to bring the Eternal Night may well unravel or destabilise it. It wasn’t actually needed to maintain the Night but Raphael had been intending to keep the circle as a kind of trophy.  Now he would need to destroy it.


    A roar from in front of him drew Raphael’s attention back to Sookie as she lunged at him with incredible speed. Luckily Raphael’s abilities were powered by thought and it to, was quick as he created an invisible buffer between him and his assailant which slowed her down a bit. At the same time he pulled to steel beams from the ceiling and pulled them down into a cross which slammed into the back of Sookie’s neck, forcing her to the ground and trapping her there like she was in a stockade.


    It didn’t hold her for long as she wrenched her head up and roared again. Only, the short time she had been trapped, Raphael had grabbed what he had needed and now dropped the Ritual Stone on top of her. She started to push it upwards but Raphael dropped the second directly on top of the first, forcing both Sookie and the first stone down under the ground. Raphael didn’t stop there, however, as he slammed the remaining two directly on top until the uppermost stone was only fractionally visible from where it had dug into the ground.


    With that done, Raphael looked at where he had drawn the circles into the floor and it suddenly collapsed inwards like a sinkhole, obscuring and then completely removing the indentations. Raphael then lifted himself up and placed himself back into the centre of the room, waiting for when Sookie would attack again; he was certain his attack hadn’t killed her.


    - Leona & William -

    As Nyx’s laugh died down, Leona cleared her throat and the gathered parties all looked at her. Leona’s back was straight and she had crossed her legs with her hands resting on the uppermost knee. “May I remind you all that Autumn was not the only ones to side with Ezralda when she went mad.” The other’s facial expressions did not change, they were all well aware that Jayden had indeed worked for Winter. “May I also remind you that it wasn’t Ezralda who killed the Spring King, it was the leader of the so-called Heroes of Winter, Ryuzaki.” Alyssa stepped slightly forward, no doubt to whisper in Leona’s ear, but Leona raised a hand in her direction and she stopped.


    While she spoke, Leona completely ignored Reason and instead focused on the other three Faery Queens, specifically Winter. “You suggest tactics and make plans under the assumption that I will be willing to lend my aid.”


    “Now, Leona…” Adelina started but Leona interrupted.


    “Right now, I want to just return to my people and Ryuzaki and his gang can deal with this; he was strong enough to kill Ezralda after all, I doubt he’ll have a problem this time.” Leona stood up and William did the same thing on her right. “Don’t worry your pretty little heads though, I shall attend the western side of the Estate. But only because Jayden would have done so.” She looked around at the Queens. “Anything else that isn’t a waste of my time?”


    - Ryuzaki –

    A scowl passed across his face and Ryuzaki was about to call Samantha something incredibly rude when a sound reached his ears and his scowl changed to a smile. The sound  was of chains breaking and a roar that was unmistakably Sookie in Part-Wolf form. Samantha narrowed her eyes at his smile and Ryuzaki cracked his neck with menace.


    “Oh don’t worry, it’s just that it appears Sookie is no longer your prisoner.” Surprise crossed Samantha’s face. “That masked guy may be strong but Sookie’s about to tear him in half I suspect, no doubt this eternal moon bullshit has made her quite the opponent.” Ryuzaki’s smile showed off his fangs. “And of course, if she is no longer a prisoner then I no longer need to rescue her; and if I no longer need to rescue her, then I can focus on the stupid bitch before me.”


    Ryuzaki cracked the knuckles of his fingers and waved in Samantha’s direction. “Your little puppets are strong, I’ll admit that. But there is on big, obvious, glaring weakness to them.”


    Samantha couldn’t hold back. “What would that be, oh Master Vampire.” The sarcasm was dripping around his title but Ryuzaki ignored it.




    In less than a blink of an eye, Ryuzaki appeared behind Samantha with the heel of his boot swinging ferociously down towards her right shoulder with a kick that would probably split her in half.

  11. On 8/15/2016 at 11:55 PM, Ice said:

    I think I'm gonna start calling people turnips now. And it's cool. I miss the ol' days too. Especially the games. I loved how homey it felt here :3 Shame it died v.v I try to stay in touch with most my friends from here though. Maybe one day it'll spark up again. Who knows.

    I've called many a person a turnip; makes me laugh. :)

    Maybe one day...

  12. On 26/07/2016 at 1:23 AM, Ice said:

    Sounds exciting enough. I may to look at it sometime. I miss rping here :( Shame life always gets in the way.

    It sure as hell does! Apologies for the, like, 2 week delay in this reply; for some reason my brain was telling me I had been the last person to comment. I'd also like to apologise that I wrote 'right' instead of 'write' in my previous post like a complete turnip.

    I liked it when this here forum was bustling with activity and RPs; it gave me loads of stuff to read as well as the RPs I was actually in. Ah, good times.

  13. - Eleanor Pengallion -

    Liz’s new Bow enchantment was far more powerful then Ellie had previously known; however, her thoughts on the matter were cut short when the old woman decided to retaliate. She did even give Liz enough time to finish her sentence. As the bubble appeared Ellie recognised it immediately, it was the attack that had captures some of the team in their previous encounter. Unfortunately, this time, Ellie herself had been captured. It wasn’t necessarily as bad as it seemed because although now frozen in place, Ellie was still balanced on her staff. As long as she was touching it, she might be able to pass some magic into it and disrupt the old woman’s magic.


    It would be difficult and would take longer than they had as the old woman summoned her tentacles again but this time she called forth a large gaping jaw that started to pull them downwards. Ellie focused desperately, trying to push her magic from her and into the enchanted staff. Movement made magic transference easier but it was possible.


    Once again, before either Ellie or Liz could do something, another stepped in to help them. The ground beneath them seemed to explode in slow motion and then change form into metal spheres. These spheres paused momentarily before slamming forward and the old woman’s concentration broke immediately. Liz grabbed Ellie and moved with her speed, dragging her over to where Ariel was now stood. Ellie was glad to see the faux child.


    When Liz implied the same plan as before, Ellie shook her head slightly. “Perhaps it would be similar, but this old woman is starting to annoy me.” Ellie lifted her staff, which she had grabbed when Liz had grabbed her and held frontwards, vertical. Magic gathered at both ends and Ellie started to spin it. The old woman looked up but Ellie paid her no mind as she released her staff and it continued to spin.


    Ellie’s golden net then lit up, she held out her hand and a large flow of air buffeted forward directly at the old woman.


    - Fiona Vaunik -

    A moment after her daughter spoke, Fiona felt the magic flow from her and she suppressed the smile that had tried to appear on her face. Instead, she opened her left eye. Immediately, the purple energy that surrounded Willow’s hands flew away from them and into the iris of the eye. The palm strikes were still fast and stung lightly even as Fiona parried them with her forearms. With the energy now gone, Fiona closed her eye, a new tattoo line appearing around her right eye, and it didn’t seem that Willow had noticed before she delivered a heavy kick to Fiona’s stomach. It had all happened near-simultaneously.


    The next set of attacks came fast and Fiona had to concentrate hard to parry them all. She didn’t wait for the young girl to finish though as she opened her right eye again and this time Willow’s own purple energy shot out in a torrent. Willow moved, still faster than Fiona thought her capable, but the energy caught her in the left shoulder. Fiona felt the link grow between them and taking advantage of Willow’s surprise she kicked the girl in the stomach and clenched her right fist, hoping that it would do what she thought it did. It was one of the drawbacks of her own ability, not knowing how the others worked.


    - Michael Sanderford -

    As the Assassin Master pulled himself away from the oncoming flame-spears, Michael couldn’t help but be impressed. He had really thought that by getting him into the air, he wouldn’t be able to dodge; he hadn’t seemed the type. He pushed this thought from his mind however, seeing as Caine clearly could, and focused instead on his opponent as he summoned another attack, this time in the form of some kind of tentacles that sprouted from his back.


    Michael narrowed his eyes at Caine’s lamentations, Michael found that fighters who uttered those words tended to be stronger than most, and braced for the oncoming impact. Which never came. Caine disappeared, sinking into the floor, and suddenly his magic appeared from behind Michael’s back. The Fire Mage spun and quickly called up small funnels of flames that slipped over the deadly looking points at the end of the tentacles. Inside the vortexes the tumultuous heat caused by the flames generated a sort of gravity well that trapped the sharp points at their centre.


    With a quick back step to avoid actually being skewered, Michael took control of the flame funnels and moved them outwards quickly, causing them to go around him instead of through. Just as he did that, the funnels exploded into nothing and the tentacles began to close in tightly. Cursing himself, Michael summoned a sphere of fire and held it in front of his stomach. He lifted it up above his head and it touched the uppermost tentacle, pushing it away slightly. With little will, Michael started the ball spinning and it quickly became a disc of fire spinning above his head.


    While this had been happening, some of the lower tentacles had managed to get their points aimed once again at Michael’s flesh. As they closed in quickly, the flame disc violently fired up and down, creating a pillar of fire that shot miles into the sky. Apparently the tentacle appendages were immune to an extent because instead of becoming ash, they were simply forced away. Michael made note but was already in the air where his pillar had delivered him.


    He was only a couple of feet above Caine, whereas his pillar looked to be travelling to space in height, and he crossed his arms in front of his face, palms outwards and fingers curled slightly to point at Caine.


    “We’re over a minute now, Mr Assassin!” he laughed as balls of swirling flames appeared at his fingertips and then fired forward with streams of flickering light behind them.


    - Ryuzaki -

    Ryuzaki felt the pull of oxygen in his lungs as his had increased in tempo; the last time he had been on the verge of such was facing off against Ezralda. Now, he was more than surprised that another person, albeit with a myriad of puppets, could bring him to the same level. He had severely underestimated this Samantha if she was on the level of a Faery Queen. It also didn’t help that Sookie’s predicament was affecting his judgement, he could feel the anger flowing through him, telling him to break through at all costs to free her. He had always acted in such a way that she wasn’t personally important to him, but he had to admit that she was important.


    As Samantha’s monologue started up, Ryuzaki took the opportunity to control his breathing, managing the air flow until it had returned to normal. Then he targeted his anger, focusing it into a fine point and then cutting it off and putting it to the back of his mind. That way it won’t affect him adversely in the battle against Samantha, but if he needed it, it was there.


    Now under control of himself, Ryuzaki levelled his gaze on the Behemoth before him. “It’s quite simple…” he said, talking to Samantha but still looking at the Behemoth. “…you will lose.” As he spoke these last words his eyes suddenly darkened from gold to pitch black and the colour seeped into the rest of it until it was entirely lacking of colour. Then black smoke started to rise from his back and his normally light skin started to darken.


    As the area around where they were clashing darkened, a sudden ripple of magic passed across them and the darkness that had begun to surround Ryuzaki, Samantha, and her puppets suddenly withdrew. At the same time, Ryuzaki’s body reverted back to his normal state of pale skin and golden eyes.


    “What the…?” Ryuzaki started when the Behemoth suddenly sprang forward and slammed the side of his axe into Ryuzaki’s chest, sending him cascading backwards through the air.


    While in mid-flight, the Valkyrie swooped down and her spear pierced through Ryuzaki’s armour completely. Apparently they had compensated for the special metal it was made out of and their glowing red attacks now completely passed through it. The spear continued on until it stuck into the ground and Ryuzaki came to a sudden stop, which the Valkyrie took advantage of and swung her sword down at his neck, aiming for a quick decapitation.


    At the last second Ryuzaki came back to his senses and caught the blade with his right hand; the red energy covered weapon cut nearly all the way through before he twisted his hand and clamped it between the bones of two of his fingers.


    “I don’t know what trick you just used, but I’m not impressed. I don’t need it to kill you.” Then to prove his point, he ripped the sword from her hand and back slapped her with his other hand. The blow was fast and strong and her neck broke practically on impact. Immediately her body slumped as her head dangled limply at the neck and Ryuzaki pushed her away as he started pulling himself off the spear. By the time he had done so, his hand had healed and his chest immediately begun doing so; by luck, the spear had missed his heart by a few millimetres.


    As he straightened up and started to look toward Samantha and her Behemoth, Ryuzaki realised that more figures were now stood with her. It didn’t take him long to realise it was the people he had killed in the fight previously; clearly, the energy that was leaking off her and into them gave them some serious regenerative powers. Ryuzaki frowned and started walking forwards slowly. He had been hoping to finish it quickly by Regressing but apparently that wasn’t an option; however, he could still move faster than most and if he attacked before they could band together and make a plan, he should be able to separate and kill the again.


    Then all he had to do was kill Samantha; then he remembered it. Why Samantha seemed so familiar. She had been Ryuk’s beloved when he was alive. As the thought occurred, the anger he had sectioned away suddenly bubbled to the surface.


    “You son of bitch; what they fuck happened to you that you’d be so far gone from Ryuk’s ideals?”


    - The Master Vampires -

    “So, how long will it last?” Ki asked as he appeared next to Andrei where they had arrived in Chicago to watch Ryuzaki.


    Andrei’s narrowed. “He’s a strong one, I don’t expect it to last longer than 15 minutes. Hopefully the deal will be fulfilled by then.”


    Ki nodded with a frown. “I don’t like this very much.”


    “Neither do I, that’s why we made the deal in the first place; we can’t get involved.” Andrei crossed his arms and gazed out again to where Ryuzaki and Samantha clashed.

  14. 12 minutes ago, Ice said:

    Oh that sucks :/ I'm currently doing no rps! Haha. What's your rp about?

    It's a deliberaly slow burning RP, since we're all on various time zones and we like to right rather large posts. It's a modern day, sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy epic and is the 6th (I say with great confidence, certainly it's a high number) sequel in a number of RPs that have run over various Forums and other formats.

    It involves Vampires, Werwolves, Fairies, Demons, Evil organisations, Villainous plans and a bunch of other stuff. It's rather fantastic really.

  15. - Eleanor Pengallion -

    Ellie was still being impressed by Liz’s new attack when the old woman knocked Liz away and focused her attacks on Ellie herself. Cursing her rookie mistake, Ellie gathered her magic and did three things; she first fired herself upwards with a bubble of air, secondly she used one hand to send a small orb of her energy towards Liz with the hope it would help her to recover quicker, and thirdly she summoned her brand new staff with her other hand. It formed from a spiral of flame which constricted until it appeared as an inch-wide, four foot long, length of wood. Not only was it carved with flames, but interweaved within the flames were different magical characters; it was an impressive piece of work.


    The staff was not something Ellie could have created in the time between when her old one had been broken and the assassin attack had begun. She had been content to live without it for now but when Michael had heard of her old staff’s fate, he couldn’t help but get involved. It had taken him a hair over ten minutes to construct the magical item with his own magic. The core of it was fire-based, as was Michael’s, but to assist with Ellie’s wider range he had added a number of extra enchantments and reinforcements. In the world of magic it was a formidable item.


    Even as Ellie did all these things, the tentacles the old woman had created had been piling together below her to climb up themselves to reach her. Ellie was about to reach the peak of her magic-enhanced jump but just before she did, she dropped her staff.  With it pointed straight down, Ellie whispered a word and a burst of flame from its upper end fired it downwards like an arrow. It slipped through the tentacles like it was deliberately dodging them and pierced into the courtyard floor below them. The tentacles ignored it and still reached up to Ellie has she began her descent.


    She formed a symbol with her right hand and held it out towards her staff. “Immolate!” she cried and a bright light shone out from between the gaps of the writhing tentacles.


    A second later a pillar of fire erupted from her staff and encapsulated nearly all the tentacles and Ellie herself. Not that it harmed her as the pillar disappeared as she landed gently on the tip of her staff that was pointing into the air. The few tentacles that had survived writhed in flames so Ellie put them out of their misery by grabbing the far and closing it around them, reducing them to ash.


    The old woman snarled in anger and reached forward to touch her crystal ball again. Ellie snarled herself and hopped lightly on her staff. The tip in the ground dug deeper and rings of solid fire spread out from around the point of contact; they stopped appearing when the old woman was within the circles. Ellie held out her palm and levelled it on the old woman.


    “I won’t allow you to hurt my friends.” She said as the golden net in her hair lit up again and the rings exploded upwards with an intense light that shone hundreds of feet into the air.


    - Fiona Vaunik -

    Fiona couldn’t see her daughter, but she easily sensed her when she made her move. Willow moved much faster than Fiona had ever known, clearly she had been training this one particular aspect. However, she had clearly been lacking in her assassin department as she spoke before delivering the killing blow. Fiona used this to her advantage and opened her right eye; she had been hoping to be able to use her left eye first but Willow hadn’t given her the opportunity. As her right eye opened, a field of energy surrounded her body and exploded outwards, knocking Willow back and into a shelf, knocking the contents to the floor. Before she had settled, Fiona closed her right eye again.


    One of the intertwined lines of the tattoo around her left eye faded away, invisible in the dark, as Fiona turned to face her opponent. Her assassin instincts told her to attack immediately, while Willow was still somewhat stunned, but she didn’t immediately; after all, this was her daughter.


    “My dear, you hold such anger towards your mother? I do congratulate you on your impressive speed though, you clearly eclipse your siblings.”


    - Michael Sanderford -

    Once upon a time, Michael had been incredibly weak to close range, hand-to-hand combat. This always made sense to him because he was a wizard, they had no need to get in close to anybody; certainly with his power he could melt a person from a hundred miles away. Of course, then he met wizards like Jinkama who thrived on the closeness of battle. It had also come up in a number of battles of his years, where Michael’s opponent closed the distance and he had lost any advantage he had over a distance.


    It had been many years since such a time however, so even as his deep instincts told him to pull away and gain distance, Michael chose to do the opposite; he drove his head down towards the tip of the sword coming towards him. As Caine’s eyes widened a fraction in surprise, Michael’s second instinct was to convert into his elemental state and pass through the man and his weapon and attack from behind. But again he chose to go against his instinct and reached out to grab the blade in his hands.


    As he always did, practically unconsciously, Michael had an invisible flame barrier a centimetre from his skin that would reduce most physical objects to ash. It did so for the needles flying at him at incredible speed but Michael didn’t want to do that to the sword; not yet at any rate. So he deactivated the barrier around his hands and replaced it with a skill he had appropriated from Jinkama during a training session. Instead of burning, it allowed Michael to catch the blade without being cut.


    This allowed him to move the blade to the side and allow it to pass by his head to avoid injury. At the same time it caused his arms to press against his chest and his forehead to rest on Caine’s shoulder; the flame barrier was designed for non-living things so only Caine’s clothes disappeared on point of contact. Michael kept his right hand clasped around the sword’s blade and reached forward with his left to pull Cain closer as if hugging a friend. This moved his mouth up next to Cain’s ear.


    “I’d keep your mouth closed.” He whispered with a grin as flames exploded at his feet and he sent the both of them flying into the sky.


    A second later, Michael pushed away from Caine and split them apart; Michael one way, Caine the other. Under the assumption that Caine couldn’t dodge in mid-air, Michael formed two long spears of flame and fired them towards the master assassin.


    - Ryuzaki -

    It was far from the first time that Ryuzaki had fought multiple opponents at once, even before he had become a Master Vampire, but he had to admit their co-ordination was off the charts. Even the teams who claimed to be as one looked sloppy next to the guys currently attacking Ryuzaki. Not only that, but each on their own was immensely strong as the Knight could push him back with a shield bash and the flying one also nudged him. That, combined with the constant rain of arrows that tested his regenerative abilities, started to annoy him.


    He felt the air part as the flying one aimed something at the base of his skull but with the knight’s sword in his hands, he couldn’t catch it. So instead, he spun around in a blur and jerked backwards into the knight’s chest. It was a strong blow, if casual, and the knight staggered a step but more importantly, the winged-woman’s spear clashed with the front of his armoured chest-piece and stopped dead on the specially forged metal.


    In the moment of peace that followed the strike, clearly the bird-woman had thought the strike would work, Ryuzaki let go of the knight’s sword and switched his grip to the knight’s sword-arm. Then he kicked one leg backwards and knocked the knight’s feet out from under him. This allowed him to rotate forward and flip the knight over his shoulder with a sort-of judo throw. The bird-woman attempted to get out of range but the knight was a large man and his feet caught her and slammed her to the ground under him.


    Ryuzaki stepped forward and punted the knight in the right shoulder, sending him tumbling forward and through the building’s wall, and then reached down and grabbed one of the bird-woman’s wings. He pulled her to her feet and then spun quickly again and sent her tumbling through the opposite wall.


    “Stay down and I won’t kill you!” he roared.


    The arrows had stopped just before he had flipped the knight, but Ryuzaki didn’t care about whoever was responsible for that; he had to go and rescue Sookie.


    - The Master Vampires -

    Two figures stood next to each atop a skyscraper about 2 miles from where Ryuzaki was currently engaged in battle. Both Ki and Andrei wore their standard attire but both had added a number of weapons to their persons that now hung from belts and bandoleers. Ki stood with his hands cross in front of his chest while Andrei stood with them hung limply to his sides. Both were watching Ryuzaki carefully; the distance was no trouble for the eyes of a Master Vampire.


    “Do we go in now?” Ki asked, keeping his golden eyes locked on Ryuzaki.


    Andrei scowled. “Not yet; you felt that vast wave of magic, right?” Ki nodded and shrugged which Andrei took to mean sort of. “I’ve never felt anything like that, which is saying something. I’d like to know what’s going on around here. I don’t recognise the girl or her soldiers, you?”


    “The soldiers, no, but the girl sort of looks familiar. Like I’ve come across her briefly but not for anything significant.” Ki replied, earning a snort from Andrei. “Hey, perfect recall is not one of our abilities, alright? I can’t remember everything I’ve ever done or everyone I’ve ever met; can you?”


    Andrei didn’t say anything for a second before shaking his head. “No, I suppose not.” He scowled and looked back towards Ryuzaki. “Why is it him again? What draws change to him?” The last words were muttered to himself as he watched the battle unfold.


    - Zane & Jinkama -

    Zane let loose a couple more shots in random directions, but he had no idea where Octavius was hiding. In the end, he was a Master Assassin so Zane guessed he wouldn’t see him unless he wanted to be seen. Jinkama was still stood next to him, his bare chest gleaming gold in the moonlight and the expression of annoyance on his face clear.


    “Coward, this isn’t a fight!” he said into the darkness. The laughter just came again and once more the two fighters were sent tumbling through the air by thin metal wires.


    As the two of them pulled themselves to their feet, an idea struck Zane and he leant in to whisper it in Jinkama’s ear. Jinkama muttered back angrily and Zane shrugged, bringing a pistol up to fire randomly again. In a blur, Octavius suddenly appeared in front of them with a grin on his face and immediately Jinkama jumped forward at the same time as red light shot out of Zane’s pistol three times in quick succession. Octavius easily evaded them and Jinkama before disappearing completely.


    “Coward!” Jinkama roared again.


    This time Zane’s augmented eyes were focused on Jinkama and he saw the wires attach into his left shoulder. “Now, left shoulder!” he called and Jinkama reached up and managed to grab the wires in his hand.


    Jinkama was strong, but not supernaturally so, however, neither was Octavius as Jinkama planted his feet and braced himself before dragging back on the wire. There was a cry and suddenly Octavius appeared in the air, being dragged back towards Jinkama by his own wires. His eyes turned to look at Zane as he levelled both pistols and fired six shots quickly.


    Anger flooded Octavius’ face and he reached out a hand as if to grab the deadly energy bolts out of the air. When they made contact they seemed to fuzz like an old television set and they passed through Octavius without harm. He landed on his back with a heavy thump and quickly disconnected his wires from his hand and stood up to brush the dust from his poncho.


    “How clever of you.” He said, looking at Zane with venom in his eyes. “It’s a shame your energy isn’t all science.”


    “What does that mean?” Zane asked as he levelled his pistols again.


    “You won’t live long enough to care.” Was Octavius’ reply before he flapped his arms up and a number of steel needles flew towards Zane at great speed.


    Before they could strike, or Zane could respond, Jinkama stepped in the way and the needles bounced off his hardened skin. “I’ve got a bone to pick with you, bastard.” He said with a scowl. “Zane, stick to long range back-up only, please.” Jinkama had thought about telling him to stay out of it completely, but Octavius was very strong and he wasn’t about to die because of his stubbornness.

  16. 18 hours ago, Ice said:

    What's up Yajuu? I noticed you lurking yesterday. What were you looking at? Have an rp or something going on? And thanks! :)

    I'm a constant lurking really. Me, Animefreak, and a few others have an active (but slowburning) RP going at the moment. I don't normally venture out of the Realm but it's very dead at the moment so I decided to poke my head out.