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  1. What gets me is how in some shonen anime, particularly Naruto, there's always the obligatory "But before I kill you, Mr. Bond" moments. Shut up, guy! Just kill them / do whatever you came to do and leave! Why would you tell the protagonist your entire plan?! It just irks me that the author clearly doesn't know how to progress the plot forward without it completely collapsing in on itself and has to resort to exposition. Not really a plothole of any description, but it does break the immersion. Logically, why would they always explain everything? I'm sorry, Mr. Kishimoto, you didn't earn my "I'll just assume that (...)" pass; you need to write your characters in a more believable fashion. Most of the grand plans that the roster of heroes uncovered come from antagonists burping it out during a battle. I also don't particularly enjoy how Mr. Miyamoto justifies secluded writing on "multiple timelines", especially because it's clear that the Legend of Zelda series' games were never meant to be connected. Or how 99% of mainstream western comics authors cannot stick to a single decision to save their lives. It shows lack of character and self-respect for their own work. In both these cases, I'd assume it's a situation where an author succumbed to fan feedback and decided that selling was more important than the integrity of their product. Immediately, it may be, but how many Batman deaths will the several continuities go through until it just becomes silly (if it isn't already), and what will happen once one Legend of Zelda game legitimately warrants an actual sequel?
  2. The person above me has very nice shoes! They smell fantastic, as well! Damn, those are some nice shoes.
  3. Mycaruba!

    Thanks, guys! I'll check the place out! Mind if I put my stuff down anywhere? It gets tiring having to carry around so much mycaruba.
  4. Mycaruba!

    Hello, everyone. I'm shockingly just Riku, which is definitely a first! I'm a 24 year old dude from the Iberian Peninsula (which is Epic for Portugal) who has a passion for game design, arts history, narrative, science, music and many other things which, before it comes up, do include but are not limited to, seals. I guess I have a history with roleplaying, but I haven't actively sought to be a part of one for... well, years, literally! I'm not sure I can be as active as I used to be with roleplaying and all that, but who doesn't need a cozy little place to go home to after a long day? I'm mostly looking to have some casual fun, learn some new things, meet some new people and generally have a good time. I was desperately brought in at the behest of Blackfrost (just kidding, he was quite chill about it); if Blackfrost likes this place, I can be absolutely sure that it's full of great people. That's it, then! See you guys around.