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  1. Reason was groggy, but she could feel the Spring Magic coursing through her, and giving her warmth. As she came too she heard talking from around her. She opened her eyes and squinted. All she saw was a light blue. She blinked a few more times and pulled herself off the floor. She groaned as she was still in pain from pushing herself so far so quickly. “I've got one bitch of a headache...” She muttered to herself, gabbing her head with her hand. She looked around the room. “I was definitely expecting more of a jail cell...” She noticed the Summer Queen and someone else she didn't recognize at first. “And a lot more Winter Fairies... Oh shit,” The realization struck her. “Spring...” For a brief moment, Reason forgot her mission, she forgot her reason for venturing to this realm entirely, and was completely taken aback by the existence of more Spring Fairy. Suddenly she remembered the shift she had felt in the Spring Magic in the week prior. She dropped to one knee in front of the Spring royalty. “I'm sorry, I didn't realize there were more of my kin even alive. I thought I was the last one.” Elyssa motioned Reason to stand up. “We've only known you from tales, Reason.” “Thank you,” Reason began as she stood up and looked around “But what are you guys doing in the Winter Kindom-” She dropped silence as her eyes fell onto Adelina. “Adelina!” Reason rushed over, “errr, uhh... Queen Adelina?” She said, unsure of how to carry herself among all the surprise. “The last time I saw you was... Many years ago when I was looking for my family.” Reason finally deiced on extending a hand. “Yes, Queen indeed, Hero.” Adelina said, taking Reason's hand and pulling her close. “I hope you found your family.” “Yeah, you could say I did.” Reason replied. “What's going on here? Summer and Spring here in the Winter castle?” “I could ask you the same thing.” A voice rang out from behind her. Reason spun on her heel to see the Winter Queen, clad in armor and orange pelts. Oh right, that's why I'm here. Reason reminded herself of her mission. “My Queen.” Reason said, and walked towards her, dropping slowly to one knee, placing a hand on my chest. “I apologize for the intrusion, but-” Reason was cut off by the Queen. “No need to apologize, Reason. A Hero of Winter always has a place of honor as long as I am in power, especially a Hero who has Fairy blood. Stand up.” Reason stood up, using this opportunity to glance at the Queen's eyes. They were not normal fairy eyes, that was for sure, but Winter royalty sometimes has strange traits like that... Reason realized she wasn't sure exactly what she was looking for... “Perhaps you could stay for the negotiations?” The Queen asked her. “A Hero such as yourself would have a seat, akin to an ambassador.” Reason was still not use to using her title as Hero for anything, even through all the years, but now was as good a time as any to start. “Sure. It would be an honor.” Plus it will give me good cover to gather more information. Reason thought to herself. “Excellent... Ahh, and our final members have arrived.” She said, turning her attention to the door. Through the doorway strode a woman with pale skin and long legs. She wore a dress that went down right above her ankles, with a split along the right side. The colors danced between a dull orange and a burnt red. Her hair black hair was pulled into a messy bun at the back of her head, but she wore a flower crown of orange and brown leaves. Her black heals clicked along the ice floor. There was a soft yet somehow sadistic grin spread across her face, complimented by the large scythe strapped to her back. The hand for the scythe looked like a long black twisted tree branch with a single long silver blade protruding from the side of the top. “Zarina of the Autumn, at your service~” She sung, giving a short bow. Behind her trod a man clad in full armor, with a scythe of his own in his hands who's entire personage screamed Autumn magic. “Good, good.” The Winter Queen said. “Please take a seat, and allow the negotiations to begin.”
  2. Reason nodded to Ariel. She knew her job was important. “Don't worry, Ariel. I'll get it done.” Reason put her hand onto Sookie's shoulder. “Don't worry Sookie, I will get back as soon as I can. Your children will be safe. I promise.” Reason let her hand drop to her side, and then she cracked her neck to the left, and then to the right. She addressed the group. “I'm not sure I can help with anything else, so I'll take my leave, and do what must be done.” She left the room where everyone had gathered and made her way into the courtyard of the manor. A large swath of land, covered in flowers and a beautiful arrangement of bushes and flora. No work was ever done to it, as magical charms were put in place to keep it in a constant state of beauty. Reason knew she could make it to the Winter Kingdom, but not as quickly as other fairy. Her affinity to Fairy Magic did allow her to enter into their realm, but only at the Spring Kingdom, since that was where her connection to Fae Magic was the strongest. Reason took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The wind around her started to swirl, rustling the flowers and the grass, and causing her clothes to flap around. Her skin faded from it's pale white to a light gray and rain started to fall around her. The Spring Stone that hung around her neck began to radiate warmth as she focused on her Spring Fairy ancestry. In a split second a single, bright blue flash of lightning, struck Reason, and she was gone. On the grass where she had been standing, were two black smoking spots on the ground where Reason's feet had been. ======= Reason arrived in the Spring Kingdom just as violently. The thunder rang in her ears as the bright light from the lightning bolt left the image of the Estate's courtyard burned into the back of her eyelids. She sat up, once she realized she was lying on the ground. She could feel her ears narrowing into a point, and her skin was darkening, but still gray. She brought herself to her feet, shaking the dizziness out of her head. The world around her shimmered with magic. Rows of trees stretched out as far as she could see, in a constant state of full-bloom. Large, snow-capped mountains towered over the horizon to one side. In another direction, she saw the Spring Castle topping over the trees. It was once a huge tree grown from the magic of the original Spring Court, that the Spring Fae built a massive castle around. She heard the sound of a running river from one side, and felt rain lightly falling from the sky, though there were no visible clouds. “Good to be home.” Reason said to herself sarcastically. She reoriented herself. The Winter Kindom was passed the mountains. She also had to report back to Ariel as soon as she could. Reason pushed a few strands of her hair out of her face and behind her ear. “Damn it,” she muttered. “I don't want to ruin more clothes.” She said, but knew it was inevitable if she wanted to get to the Winter Princess as fast as she could. She drew in a deep breath, pulling magic from the air around her. Suddenly, a huge pair of iridescent, insect like wings the stretched out past her fingertips sprouted from her back, near her shoulders, ripping holes in the back of her shirt. Bellow those, a smaller set of similar looking wings sprouted as well. Let's go. She thought, and crouched low to the ground. She launched herself up spreading her wings wide and she began to fly. ======== She flew over the canopy of trees for a while, but she could feel the temperature slowly get colder, so she was going to make it there. It was getting harder for her to pull magic out of the air, as the Spring magic was mixing with Winter magic. As she passed the mountain range she slowed considerably. She had to slow down and stop for a second, and retract her wings. She must have been flying for hours. There was no telling how much time had passed in the human realm, since the Fairy Realm was so separate. While searching for her family ties, she spent an entire year in the Fairy Realm, and when she emerged into the Human realm, barley a month had gone by. But regardless, she was winded. She wouldn't be able to rely on the magic around her, like she had been before, meaning the rest of the journey would have to be made on her her own power. Her skin was still gray, but her eyes had shifted, so one was a bright red, and the other was a shining gold. When she let her wings back out, they were different from before. This time, the one on the right was a feathered wing, like an angel, and the one on the left was leathery, like a demons. She retained the two smaller insect ones bellow them, though. From there, she took flight and pushed on. The precipitation had all but stopped as she crossed the mountain range. Once she reached the other side, it began to snow. Lightly at first, and then more harshly. The wind blew ferociously. The landscape was was a brilliant white, while the clouds threw snow in every direction, and scattered throughout were the dark twisted remains of trees, long dead and frozen. In every direction, along the border of the Winter Fairy Kingdom, rose the massive mountains. Reason's fatigue was getting to her, and the wind made it all but impossible to pass the rest of the way by air. She once again collapsed her wings, and waded on towards the large, towering castle, which appeared to be made of massive ice-based stalagmites. She forced her way through, getting closer with every step and with every hour. She shivered, holding her arms close to herself, shivering. She tried to let the Spring Stone fill her with warmth, as it had done in the Spring Kingdom, but to no avail. It was not strong enough in the center of the Winter Kingdom. It took a long while, but she finally made it. Her head was groggy, and her combat boots were full of snow, but that didn't matter. She had pushed on that far, she could get all the way there. She heard someone shout “Halt! What is your purpose here? Who are you?” But before she could work up the energy to respond, her vision faded, and she collapsed on the ground, in front of the castle doors, unable to move.
  3. ==Michael== The box sealed itself around Michael, and he tried to find a comfortable way to sit as he felt the box drop with the muted sound of an explosion from the plane. Michael's box was sent spinning end over end. This was the first time he had ever been in any situation quite like this. He spun in one direction and the box spun in another. “That.” He spun around twice. “Winter.” He spun again.”Bitch” Michael lost total sense of what was up and down and left and right as he tumbled down the night sky above the ocean. The canteen at his hip slipped off of him and tumbled around the box. “Damn it,” he said as he twisted his body reaching for the bouncing tan covered canteen. His fingers grazed it once, and once and then again. He twisted around and yanked the canteen out of the air, gripping it tightly in his right hand. He was still spinning like a corkscrew as the box around him tumbled in a different direction all together. One second he was spinning. The next he heard a splash, and then everything went black as his head collided with the bottom of the box. ==Echo Pienna== Echo sat crossed legged at the bottom of the box as it sealed itself above her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and focused on the noise around her. There was the sounds coming from the other people in the other boxes, and then suddenly, the sound of an explosion rocked the plane outside of the box, and she felt the box itself enter freefall. So it has begun She said to herself. She maintained her sitting position as the sound of the wind outside whistled by. Her hands were resting on her knees and her eyes stayed close. Above her head she heard the sound of the plane. It screamed through the sky in her ears. More sounds met it and there was more explosions and gunfire. But the longer it went on the more distant the sounds were, and the harder it was for her to make out, even with her powers. Seconds passed. Seconds turned into minutes. Echo heard the waves below growing quickly louder as she approached the ocean bellow. Despite her attempts to remain still, her entire body tensed right before impact, and then her box hit water. Moments later her box began to propel itself through the water, towards her assigned island. She breathed a sigh of relief, that felt like her first breath since she dropped from the sky. ==Michael== Michael's eyes shot open wide as he threw himself into a sitting position. He spat up salt water and dirt and he tried to catch his breath, his lungs burning. He felt a small hand on his back as he finally was able to catch his breath. He looked over to his side and saw Clyte kneeling down, putting a hand on his back. Michael inhaled deeply, filling his lungs. “Hey, Clyte.” He said, putting his hand on her head, rustling her blue hair slightly. “We in the right place?” She nodded at him, and pointed at the box on the shore. “I guess so.” He pulled himself to his feet, Clyte stood up next to him, brushing the sand off her blue dress. “I guess we should get going, huh?” Michael said, all the salt water draining out of his clothes onto the sand. “Let's go, kiddo.” Michael said, turning his back to the ocean, and walking towards the center of the island.
  4. One minute Reason was scared, the next she was covered in Sookie's furry rugrats. One of the smaller children had ended up in human form on her head, a handful of pink hair. Reason sat up, pulling the child off her head. “Did she really say that? Ice Cream?” Reason asked, looking around at the five other children sitting around the cellar. Some of them nodded at her. “Do any of you know where mommy went?” Reason asked. As she looked around the room at the six faces. The child in her arms frowned at Reason and shook her head. “Mommy said to wait here for you.” Amanda said from in Reason's arms. “Did she?” Reason paused and looked at all of the faces around her. “How about we get some Ice Cream with Aunty Reason, eh?” Reason stood up, holding Amanda in her arms, which was not hard due to Reason's superhuman strength, but probably looked pretty strange considering how big the kids had grown up to be. She put Amanda down, who then dropped some of Reason's hair onto the ground, little pink strands scattered across the dark stone floor. “All right everyone, we can go, but all five of you have to promise to stay close to me, and don't wander off.” The children all nodded vigorously, some of them mumbling “Yes, Aunt Reason.” As Reason and her merry band of Werepups made their way down the cold halls under the estate, Reason shivered. She felt a shift in power. Something strong changed with the Spring Fae. Something strong enough that it could be felt by a mutt like her behind the barriers of the estate. Joshua grabbed Reason's hand and tugged. “Is everything okay?” He asked her, concern hinting at his voice. The other children had slowed. “Yeah it's...” Reason paused. “It's fine don't worry about it.” She looked at him and gave him a grin. “Everything will be alright, don't worry kiddo.” She said, and ruffled his hair. Her words made her feel sick to the stomach, considering how powerful the foes were, they're going to give them a run for their money if they have to fight again. But next time we'll be ready She told herself. In the kitchen, Reason opened up the massive freezer and pulled out cartons of ice cream. A variety of flavors spread across the counter. She reached into the cabinet and pulled out seven bowls, putting them on the counter, and scooping out big bowls for all the kids, each of the flavor they requested. Reason got herself a bowl of vanilla, to take the edge off of the post battle stress, as her adrenaline had begun to wear down as well, and the sick feeling in her stomach grew. She put away all the ice cream, and turned to the kids. “Now remember, the freezer is enchanted not to open for anyone under the age of 18.” She sung out in a teasing tone. All the children giggled, and heard Zoe mutter “Aunty Reason is sooo old.” Reason grabbed her bowl of ice cream and stuck her tongue out at the children, making them all laugh again. Reason spotted a cup floating down the room and into the hallway. “Stay here kids, okay?” She said, and heard most of them mumble confirmations between bites of ice cream, and she followed the cup. It went down the hall a short ways and turned into the living room where it was grabbed out of the air by Eleanor. She leaned in the doorway, about to make her presence known, when a bolt of lightning shot out from Liz. Reason quickly blocked the bolt with the spoon she had in her hand, absorbing the lightning through her hand. “So girls, what's with the the little powwow?” Reason asked, taking another spoonful of ice cream. There was an air of shock with her appearance, as she was probably unexpected. “I took Sookie's rugrats out of the cellar to get ice cream and saw your cup fly in.” She said taking a pause to eat another spoonful of ice cream. “Any ideas what the hell that even was?”
  5. The battle was over. With the wards back in place there was no immediate danger to the Estate, which was good for the injured who needed treatment. The rain washed over Reason in waves, pouring down the contours in her face and down her clothes. She dropped down to her knees and gripped her arm. She took a deep breath and focused herself to try to return to human form. Her wings collapsed down and then merged with her back again, leaving four distinct holes in the back of her shirt and jacket. Her mouth morphed back to human too as her fangs shrank back down. Her eyes resumed their green color, but a hint of silver and red remained sprinkled through each. Her hair shortened and resumed it's natural pink color and her hands resumed their slender look. She just began to catch her breath when a blue lightning bolt struck her. She put her hands on the ground as the electricity coursed through her and focused in on her the top of her sternum. Then in a burst of light, Reason screamed as the Stone of Spring formed and pulled itself from her chest. She began to breath heavily and her own sweat mixed with the falling rain. She stood up slowly, grabbing the stone key off the ground before spinning around to join the rest of them. She grabbed her arm again. The rain stung on her wound, but it was nothing compared to some of the others. She stumbled back towards Elijah. “Is everyone safe?” She asked him, surveying the fields around her. She took a deep breath when something struck her. Sookie. “Elijah, I need you to send me to Sookie, can you do that?”
  6. “Huh.” Reason muttered as 200 pounds of purple lightning stuck the girl she was posed for combat with. From within the lightning emerged Ariel and Elizabeth. Reason followed Ariel's line of vision as Elizabeth curled up on the ground. The old woman and the small boy were there. Ariel's brief explanation of the two was all she needed. Reason nodded, and grunted through her sharp teeth. “If that's the case, I know exactly what to do.” Reason said. She collapsed her two sets of wings flat against her back, and set her feet on the ground in a runner's pose. She stretched out her arms and held her hands, half clenched together. In her right hand, a small ball of blue electricity gathered, sparking up her arm and grabbing the ground with sharp tendrils as she built up magic. In her left hand, a bright white light shone as she brought in light magic as well. “YOU LET HER GO!” Reason shouted as she charged the boy, her arms still outstretched. Her incredible speed made her impossible to track with the human eye. She moved in to swipe at the boy with her left hand. She discharged all the magic she had built up, letting out a bright white flash at him, blasting light magic at him. She threw her left hand down on the ground and used it to spin around and throw a kick at the boy's feet before bouncing herself upwards, somersaulting through the air, and landing past him, and dashing towards the old woman. She moved as quickly as her feet would compel her towards the old lady, crouching low and shoving both of her hands towards the woman, lightning crackling the entire way, arcing to and fro. The follow-up to her attack was to leap backwards again, and ready herself for another attack.
  7. ==Echo Pienna== Echo paced the hall outside of Incalzando's throne room. Her footsteps clicked along the floor, echoing out on either side. She tried to push everythign out of her mind, but the thought of being summoned by the Summer Court again made her anxious. The thought of Lord Ottava without her to guard him. "General Pienna, please come in here." His orchestral tones flowed from the open door. She spun in place and walked directly into the door. She hurried her way down the long room and got down on one knee in front of Incalzando's throne. "Yes, Lord Ottava, what is it?" She used her voice without moving her mouth. "There has come an invitation for you." Incalzando siad, and Echo raised her head. He waved his hand, and a small envelope floated along the vibrations in the air, invisable to the naked eye. Echo stretched out her hand and grabbed the heavy parchment envilope out of the air. "Is this the summons?" She inquired, removing the seal from the envilope. "That's what I assume," Incalzando said. "But I have not read it myself, so I do not know." Echo's eyes scanned the entire page quickly, taking in what she needed to know. It was indeed the instructions from the Winter Court, and the location of where they would meet up. "I understand Lord Ottava, but..." "Yes, General?" Incalzando said, motioning to her. "Please, speak freely." "Lord, do you think it's wise that you send me out like this?" she said. "I am the leader of the Royal Guard, without me-" "Worry not, General Pienna." Incalzando interupted, "we have your two second-in-comand left to guard me. Harmony Ritmico and Sherzo Velcissimo are both incredibly capable guards, do not worry about me, Echo." Using just her first name was a surprise for Echo to hear in such a formal situation, but it was a sign of trust, coming from the leader of the Arpeggio. She bowed her head one last time. "Of course, Lord Ottava." He grinned at her, a playful-yet-knowing smile, as she left. ==Michael== Michael crossed the plains of Kansas. It was flat. Boring and flat. He wore all the same brightly colored clothes as he did during the meeting the pevious week. The only change was that now on his left hip, was a small oval shaped satchel, attached to a long tether over his right shoulder. It was covered in a faded beige colored fabric. He crossed the long flat land, closer to the large shape on the horizon. As he got closer it assumed its shape as a large aircraft. It was decked out from front to back with the purple and orange of FedEx colors. This was detailed in his summons, one of the Order's larger operations. As he got closer, he noticed a figure, decked out in an expensive suit stood one of the body guards from the Order that Michael remembered from the negotiations. "Am I in the right place?" Michael shouted to him. He gave little in way of response, so Michael figured he was probably in the right place, conidering an Order member like that wouldn't have even let him that close if he wasn't. "Not so fast, Summer Boy." he heard a voice behind him. He spun around, and Echo was on her way over. She wore her traditional Arpeggio battle gear, and jogged to catch up to him. Her footsteps were silent, muted by her powers. "Shall we?" She said, motioning to he metal door. They both made their way downstairs, right behind a girl with pink hair, and a strange mask. She turned around as they made it to the bottom of the steps. There was already a small group assembled. Michael's stomach sank, he was way out of his element.
  8. ==Echo Pienna== Echo was very close to to breaking the stupid ice-sculpture on the table with a snap of her fingers. Her lip curled into a snarl. She spoke to Michael and Incalzando with her powers. “Something rubs me the wrong way about this Lord Ottava.” She heard Michael inhale to reply, before Lisanna stood up and walked out. Echo watched Michael out of the corner of her eyes as he turned towards Lisanna, placed a fist on his chest and bowed. “Of course, Princess.” He turned back and exhaled deeply. Echo couldn't help but chuckle to herself. The Crescent Moon leader added in that he would help, before standing up as well. “Lord Ottava, please be careful.” Echo heard Michael whisper under his breath. “Don't worry, Michael.” Incalzando whispered. He then spoke out loud to the table. “Queen Risulka. As the leader of The Arpeggio, I would like to say that you will also have our full support, including one of my own most trusted Generals.” He raised his right hand off the arm of the chair, motioning towards Echo. “General Pienna.” “Are you sure that this is wise, Lord Ottava?” Echo sent her words to him. “Fear not, General Echo.” Incalzando said into her ear. He then turned away from Risulka and stood up. “I believe it is now time for me to take my leave.” Incalzando then stood up and turned to Echo, putting both his hands on her shoulders. Using his powers the same way as Echo, he sent his words to her ear. “Listen, Echo.” He said, in an incredibly serious tone. “I am not weak, and we have many other strong warriors on our side, but you are my most trusted among our ranks. Trust me, General Pienna.” Echo tried to find the words to reply, but when that failed, she dropped her head down and replies to him “Yes, Lord Ottava.” “I'm glad we sorted that out,” he said, before dropping his hands to his side and walking past Echo. She moved in close behind him to his right. “Come along now, Michael.” He said out-loud as he moved towards the door they had entered. ==Michael== Michael was very distraught over the way that the Princess had treated him. He made sure to watch her and Kailen as they left the table. He felt his heart sink deep into his chest as he mulled over the way Lisanna had acted towards him. Deep in thought he only barely heard the Arpeggio pledge to Risalka's cause. There was a small tug at his left arm that snapped him out of his concentration and he heard “I believe it is now time for me to take my leave. Michael bent down on one knee to get closer to Clyte who had stood up now. She looked up at him with concern in her eyes. “Don't worry.” He told her, putting his hand on her head. “Everything will be fine.” She gave him a weak smile, but he knew the trust between them would hold them together. Her face turned to something more wrought with concern, as she nodded her head toward the Princess and Queen of the Winter Court, the Queen's face showing the hints of delight and a twisted smile. “I know.” He told Clyte. “I'm not sure I can trust her either, but Princess Lisanna and Lord Ottava have both agreed to help. There's not much we can do-” Before he could continue, Incalzando spoke out loud “Come along now, Michael.” He said, without facing Michael. Michael stood up and spun around. “Of course, Lord Ottava,” Michael said, hurriedly. He walked over to Incalzando's left side, as quickly as he could, beckoning Clyte to follow. “We must hurry back, now.” Incalzando said as he approached the door. “I, for one,” Echo said in Michael's ear, “will be happy to be gone from this place.” “I think that's true for all of us,” Michael whispered back.
  9. Reason landed several kicks and punches on the other combatant before taking a stern kick to the chest, sending her flying backwards. She slid along the ground, kicking up dirt, and cutting a crater through the ground. She slowly staggered to her feet and spat out blood. “You son of a bitch.” Reason said as she wiped the blood from her mouth. The large man she was fight laughed at her. “I was promised a FIGHT!” His voice boomed. “Then a FIGHT YOU'LL GET!” Reason shouted back. Her hair was now even longer, still in it's ponytail. It reached down to her waist and was streaked through with pink and silver and black. Two more wings burst out of her back, about half the size of her other wings, and set lower on her back and they looked like insect wings. A lightning strike hit her again and silver key at her chest merged with skin, and pulled itself into her sternum. She let out a massive yell into the power coursed through her. The front of her shirt had been torn, revealing dark gray veins that coursed out from the point the Stone had entered her. She launched herself forward with incredible speed, far faster than the human eye could follow. Her feet raced along the ground and her four wings collapsed on her back. When she reached the man, she crouched down and propelled herself upwards towards his belly as he he face downwards. Her hands were in front of her face, pointed upwards. She tore a hole straight through him, pushing herself off the ground with her wings, and in the blink of an eye, pulling herself directly through him. She flew into the air and made a small loop, and landed on the ground in front of the disemboweled man. His face was frozen with fear as he looked from his stomach to Reason standing in front of him. She tossed whatever organ she had in her hands on the ground, it discharging small shock of electricity as it splat on the ground. “Fight enough for you?” She said, chuckling to herself. She licked some of the blood off of her lips “H-how?” He said before finally slumping over. She grinned widely barring her fangs, and wiping some of the blood off of her forehead. She licked it off and the laughed to herself. Another figure walked up. She wore a tight black shirt that showed off her stomach and her shoulders and tight black pants that ended just bellow her thighs. She had long silver hair and a sword slung across her back. “Well aren't you ugly?” She said to Reason as she walked closer to the mansion. A large smile twisted across Reason's face and her four wings spread wide. “Last boy who said that to got slapped and didn't get to take me to prom.” Reason hunkered down into a battle stance. “You'll find I'm quite a bit better at dancing then him anyway!” She said, unsheathing her sword with one hand on her last word. She grabbed the hilt with both of her hands and launched herself into the air. Reason launched herself towards her, using her wings to blast herself off the ground. She spun mid-air and kicked the sword the girl had and followed through with a solid punch to her face. The woman yelped in pain, and spun herself to try to kick Reason in the stomach. Reason blocked it quickly, but the woman used it to push off and send herself backwards. The woman flipped through the air and landed on her feet. Reason floated down to the ground on her wings, landing softly. “Not that good a dance partner, I must say.” Reason said. “Do you at least have a name? I'm Reason.” She brandished her sword, pointing back towards Reason. “Reason, huh? My name's Tekania.”
  10. Michael was taken aback by the Princess' outburst. “I'm... But Milady...” He stammered. “My apologies, Princess Lisanna.” Incalzando said, the words coming out in a soothing tone, like a slowly paced orchestral score. “We meant no offense. The Summer Court are among our trusted allies.” Lisanna replied by tossing her hair to the side and scoffing as she moved her attention back to the Winter Queen. “The Winter Court are... Even more terrifying then I originally imagined.” Echo spoke in his ear. “Yeah.” He whispered to her, turning to check all the other faces at the table. “This is the first time I'm meeting her too.” As he turned he saw the Winter Court Fae standing at what was obviously the most fancy chair, snow and swirling and icicles adorned what he could see of it. His eyes rested on the Winter Princess Ezralda in particular. His hands at his sides clenched tightly into fists. His teeth clenched and his lower lip curled into a snarl. “Calm down, Michael.” Echo spoke in his ear harshly. He took a deep breath, but he didn't loosen his grip until he felt a small pair of hands on his left arm. Clyte was looking up at him with her soft blue eyes. “Thanks, kiddo.” He whispered to her, putting hand onto her head. She sat back down on her knees, he head was just over the table, putting her eyes able to scan the table as well. “Do you recognize all the groups here?” Michael spoke to Echo under his breath. “Not all of them. Winter Fae, Summer Fae, obviously.” She said. “The Order.” Michael whispered, nodding his head towards Erivis. He saw Echo get a slight look of disgust on her face when she looked over at them. “And they're Werewolves,” Michael said, nodding again. “I thought Werewolves were clan based,” Echo whispered. “I did not think they were organized enough to be at a table like this...” Before Michael had a time to respond to Echo, Ezralda jumped up on the table. That scared Michael because he had never seen any Fairy move that quickly. Her finger extended into an icicle and she carved something into the table. Ezralda stood up and spoke a single word “Cirkversha!” “Shit.” Michael spoke aloud. The truth spell wove it's way around. There was visible looks of concern on almost everyone's face and pain on almost every leader was in pain. The discomfort flowed off of Incalzando in waves causing an audible white noise sound. His hands gripped the armrests tightly and his he dropped his head down and his hood covers his face. After the spell ended and everyone seemed to calm down, but the tenseness in the room was palpable. The display started, showing off Nirvana and the islands around it. Six factions, six islands... Michael thought to himself. “Lord Ottava,” Michael whispered, knowing Incalzando was listening to him. “She obviously speaks the truth... But I still don't trust her.” “Yes. I as well.” Echo whispered. “And what of the seventh island Lord Ottava?” “A good question indeed, General Echo.” Incalzando whispered back. And then he spoke out loud, “Queen Rusalka.” Incalzando said, turning himself to face to the right, towards her. His words flowed out soothingly, sounding like a small orchestra had started playing in the room. “I feel like everyone is wondering what would come of the seventh isle?” He paused for a beat. “Nirvana, I believe it was called.” He glanced over at Erevis. “Careful Lord Ottava.” Echo whispered in their ears, “One can still hide lies within truth.” Michael nodded in agreement and let out a barely audible grunt. He began to survey the room again, locking eyes with several of the other body guards before moving on again.
  11. ==New York City== Michael pushed his way through the crowded street. I shouldn't have agreed to this. Damn it, why did I do this? Michael thought to himself. He paused a second and surveyed the street around him. As stood there glaring back and forth he felt a small pair of hands on his left arm. He looked down and saw Clyte next to him. She was forcing herself to have a more human look, her skin had taken on a more pink-ish tone and her hair was much darker. She looked up at him with puppy-dog eyes. “Don't worry kiddo,” Michael said. “we'll be out of here soon.” He smiled at her, and she gave a timid smile back. “Michael” A voice sounded in his ear. He grabbed Clyte's hand and turned around again. “Echo.” He replied, “I'm in position.” Echo walked up next to him. She was in her traditional Arpeggio gear, which would have stood out anywhere except the streets of New York. It was a light leather armor that revealed her midriff, and had a larger right shoulder pad with a treble clef on it. “It's up on the right,” She said, without moving her mouth, gesturing towards an alley up ahead. “Lord Ottava is close.” Michael looked behind himself. Incalzando Ottava walked slowly behind them. He didn't push anyone, and no one pushed him. The crowd itself split into two around him. Michael looked at Echo and nodded. As Ottava approached, Michael's ears began to ring. He had to blink and concentrate of keeping the sound out of his head. Clyte at his side whimpered a little bit. “I know.” Michael said, and gripped her hand. As a group they moved in past more people, and as a group they entered the alley. The sound faded and the ringing in his ears died out. Clyte allowed her skin and hair to resume it's natural color, and Incalzando lowed the hood from over his face. The old man spoke. His voice rang out like an ancient orchestra, slow and ancient. “Thank you for accompanying me, Michael.” “Of course, Sir.” Michael said putting his right hand, clenched into a fist, on his chest. Echo spoke, moving her mouth with her words as a formality, “We must be very careful, Lord Ottava.” She sounded melodic and quick tempo-ed as she spoke. “We do not know what the Winter Queen wishes with us.” “This is true, General Echo.” Incalzando said, in a more even tone. “Though we should not assume the worst in people, we must also understand that a move against the Arpeggio would anger many, and our kind would not go down without a fight.” “As well, Sir,” Michael interject, “the Summer Fairy have also been invited, as Princess Lisanna will be there, as well as The Summer Knight Kailen.” “I do not trust Kailen.” Echo said. “He is... a hard one to trust. I understand, Echo. Just don't do anything rash.” Michael replied, as he went down on one knee to attend to Clyte. “Is everything alright?” He asked her, tenderly. She nodded quickly, her blue dress fluttering like the edges of a pond. “This will not be the place for a child.” Echo said, sternly, accentuating her words by glaring at Clyte. “She's not a child, Echo. She's a Nymph she can handle herself...” Michael paused. “But I have to have her by-” “Be calm please, children.” Incalzando interrupted. Of course he would say 'children' since he was far older than Echo and Michael combined. “If Michael wishes to bring dear Clyte with us, then we shall not hinder his ability to do so. Do you understand, General?” Echo let out a short sigh. “Yes, Lord Ottava.” She said, no longer moving her mouth. “It's time we move out.” Echo turned away, towards the end of the alley. The alley was completely empty and at the end stood a door, which even in the heat of the city felt cold, even to just be around. “Yes, yes. Along we go.” Incalzando said, pulling the hood back over his creased and withered face. Michael looked at Clyte, sternly in the face. “Stay close to me, okay?” As her protector, Michael couldn't leave her alone, but he wasn't sure what was going to go on beyond that door, and being a Summer Fairy, there was nothing he trusted less, then Winter royalty. Echo pushed open the door, and there was a blast of cold air as the four of them walked in, and he door shut behind them. It was elaborate in there. Far too elaborate. The essence of every kind of Beast and Demon and Magic hung in the air like an invisible fog. Michael surveyed the room, the elaborate table and chairs. The soft cold that made Clyte shiver, as she clutched her own arms in an attempt to retain heat. The room itself snowed inside. The light flakes drifted down, settling softly in Echo's short black hair, or on the outside of the cloak that Incalzando wore. Around Michael and his natural Summer heat, the water melted before even reaching him, occasionally sending cold water droplets onto his clothes and face. Clyte shivered and pulled herself closer to Michael in an attempt to stay warm using the heat he emanated like an aura. Michael grabbed the end of each of his asymmetrically colored finger-less gloves and pulled them tighter, before putting on hand on Clyte's head in a symbol of assurance. The three made their way to a large wooden chair that, on the back had a large treble clef carved into it, along with small lines of sheet music and musical notes. Incalzando took the seat, and Echo took to standing on a spot just to his right. Michael stood to his left, and turned to face Lisanna. Putting his fist on his chest again, he gave a small bow. “Princess...” he said. Clyte sat on her knees on the floor. He leaned in towards her. “Don't worry kiddo, we'll be out of here soon.” Clyte smiled at him and nodded, even though he could tell that she was very cold. “What do you think, Summer Boy.” Echo said, he voice just a whisper in his ear. “I don't like it, Echo.” He whispered back. He leaned one hand on the table in front of him, speaking towards no one in particular. “I only recognize half the groups here... But all of them...” “Seem very powerful. I agree.” Echo replied. “Especially to get invited here by the Queen of Cold herself.” Incalzando grunted in agreement. It should have been no surprise to Michael that he was listening, but now that Michael thought about it, Incalzando was probably listening to every conversation in this room. “I'm scared.” Michael whispered. “This has got 'bad nightmare' written all over it. Echo, keep your guard up. Waaaayyy up.” “Definitely.”
  12. NAME: Reason AGE: ??? (appears to be around 24) APPEARANCE: In her human form, she stands at about 5'6” with just above shoulder-length bubblegum pink hair. Her skin is very pale, regardless of how much time she spends in the sun. Her eyes are soft emerald green. Normally she wears a light black fleece jacket over a vintage red t-shirt for an old soda brand. She wears dark green shorts and black hiking boots. She also has a necklace with a gray key on it. The key is carved out of the Stone of Spring BACKGROUND: Reason has more parts to her lineage than a mixed drink. She is part Spring Fae, part Vampire, part Demon, part Angel, part Witch and part Human at least. She essentially raised herself on the streets, looking for somewhere to belong. Eventually she boarded the boat to the island of Nirvana, became the Guardian of the Stone of Spring, and even fought in the final confrontation with Ezralda and her armies. SKILLS/ABILITIES: Reason has inhered much of the strength and abilities from her various ancestries. She has a command over Spring magic, Angelic Light magic and Demon magic, augmented by her Witch. She has the ability of flight from her Angel/Demon and Fairy wings which can retract into her back. She has improved senses, healing and strength from her Vampirical side as well. Her Stone of Spring not only makes her even more adept at Storm magic, but it also gives her amplifications of her abilities. ---------------------------- NAME: Michael Summerclan AGE: 28 summers old APPEARANCE: Michael clocks in at 6 feet even. He has short messy blond hair and well tanned skin, and blue eyes that are the color of the clear sky. He is fairly muscular with well defined features. He wears a yellow t-shirt and a red jacket over it. He wears dark blue jeans and black sneakers. He also wears one red finger-less glove on his right hand and blue one on his left hand. All his clothes form-change when he goes into combat. His clothes turn into armor, and his gloves turn into enchanted gauntlets, the red one being a golden gauntlet with a Ruby on the back, enchanted to hold the power of fire-casting, and the blue one, a golden gauntlet with a Sapphire on the back, with the power of water-casting. BACKGROUND: His father was a member of the Royal Guard, so he would go wherever his father would, as long as it was a peaceful deployment. The Arpeggio were particularly close to the Summer Fae, so Michael got to grow up hanging out with Echo, who was the daughter of a high-ranking Arpeggio General. When he began training, he was aloud to train with Echo until they both joined their respective militaries. One day when on deployment in the Human realm, Michael and his squad were attacked and left for dead. Michael survived because his body was floating down a river and he was saved by the River Nymph there, who called herself Clyte. As he was being nursed back to health, the same people who attacked him before, a small squad of Winter Fae, attacked and injured Clyte, so Michael managed to defeat all of them, saving Clyte. To thank her for nursing him back to health, Michael swore a life debt to her and swore to protect her forever. SKILLS/ABILITIES: He has basic Fairy abilities, including a more powerful true form, general superhuman strength and command over Fire and Water magic. He has form changing armor, and the two gauntlets that grant him increased power over Fire and Water depending on which glove. ---------------------------- NAME: Clyte (pronounced klie-tay) AGE: ??? (appears to be anywhere from 14 to 22) APPEARANCE: Clyte stands just over 4 feet tall. She has deep blue eyes, long blue hair that falls down her back like a waterfall, and her skin is also the faintest shade of blue. She usually wears a sleeveless blue dress that floats like a stream fades to a white color at the end. She also doesn't usually wear shoes. She speaks with a heavy Greek accent, but she hardly ever speaks. BACKGROUND: While nursing Michael back to health, her river was destroyed by the Winter Fae that attacked Michael. She managed to absorb most of the water, but without a river any more, she was essentially homeless, but decided to travel with Michael when he swore a life debt to her. Ever since then, she has traveled under his protection everywhere he goes. She is very timid. SKILLS/ABILITIES: Since she is just the spirit that resides within a river, she has no major combat abilities, but she does have the ability to shift her entire person into water, she can control water, and even her clothes are under her control, as an extension of herself. (She is made of water) ----------------------------- NAME: Incalzando Ottava AGE: over 1,000 (doesn't look a day over 600) APPEARANCE: He is old, and wears long black robes with a white Treble Clef on back. His face is old and withered and his arms are covered in scars from long past wars. His features have long since softened. He is around 5' 4” BACKGROUND: The leader of the Arpeggio people. He has seen much combat at the front lines, but also brokered the peace that followed, and the alliance between the Arpeggio and the Summer Fairies. Since the wars thousands of years ago, he's grown into a more peaceful man, but still the most powerful Sound Mage. SKILLS/ABILITIES: Complete manipulation of all sound-waves and even vibrations in the air. There's rumors that he can even teleport across the entire planet on just a whisper. ------------------------------- NAME: Echo Pienna AGE: 27 APPEARANCE: She is young and stands at 5' 7” Normally she wears traditional arpeggio battle gear, which give basic protection and includes an extended right shoulder pad with a Treble Clef. BACKGROUND: She grew up as the daughter of a high ranking Arpeggio General. She also grew up and trained with Michael, and when he decided to join the Summer Fairy Military, she decided to join the Arpeggio Royal Guard, and became one of the strongest Sound Mages, and eventually, the Chief of the Royal Guard. SKILLS/ABILITIES: She is naturally mute, so using her abilities she can speak, either with her mouth, or more subtly to talk directly to someone in their ear. She also possesses great combat strength and sensitivity to vibrations
  13. Reason had spent quiet a while after the battle just wandering. Almost 4 years. Her incredibly messy lineage made it impossible for her to settle anywhere. The supernatural as a whole had been merged in with normal people, but she was an outcast, even among the supernatural. When you're the combination of at least 7 things, there aren't many places that will treat you with hospitably. So for a while she just spent her time going from place to place, looking for somewhere to belong. Of the entire world, there was only one place that ever treated her like she belonged. From all of her life there was only one place she could feel at home. The Priduex Estate. Eventually, Reason gave up. Her mother had died long ago and she was increasingly unsuccessful at ever tracing her father. Nowhere accepted her, not humans, not monsters. She was alone. So she decided to live in the one place she knew she would never be hated, the place where she lived with the people whom she had once fought beside. ==================== It was strange to hear such a commotion in the estate. She ran as quickly as she could out of her room. She pulled her bubblegum pink hair into a tight ponytail, and she slung on a coat overtop of her vintage coke t-shirt as she sped to leave the mansion. Sookie ran by and seemed incredibly distraught, clutching on of her wolf-children close, “What's happening, Sookie?” Reason asked, but Sookie just sobbed as she walked hurried, completely ignoring her. “Shit.” Reason muttered. She touched the small gray key that hung on the string around her neck. The power coursed through her and she burst through the front doors. Blasts of lights and clashes of fighting was all around her. Two wings sprung out from her back, the one on the left was a beautiful white feathered wing, and the other was dark and closer to a bat, leathery, but more gray and soft. With a single flap she flew into the air. She started to build up power, and as she focused her magic, a lightning bolt slashed across the clouds and it began to rain. She looked down and saw Jinkama fighting off two samurai-ish guys, and holding his own. There were figures she didn't recognize everywhere. Towards the east she saw another figure making it's way towards the house with no one to stop him. Thunder clapped loudly in her ears as a bolt of lightning struck her, charging her body with magical electricity. She blasted downwards towards the ground, landing so hard in front of the guy that she created a small crater around her. “Get away from here!!” Reason shouted at him as she stood up. Her cute and petite looks began to be overshadowed by the physical changes she was going through as she changed into her battle mode. Her short pink hair began to grow longer and streak through with raven black. Her ears began to close into a point at the top, her fangs began to extend and the skin around her fingers and hands began to change to black-and-gray scales with sharp nails at the end. “Huh?” The guy said. His voice was fairly deep. He stood at around 7 feet tall, far above Reason. He was clad in armor that seemed to be made of other pieces of armor cobbled together to fit his huge frame. “I was told this place had some of the strongest warriors of the Supernatural world!? And all I get to fight is this..” He sniffed the air, “this mud-blooded mutt?” Reason's nostrils flared with anger. “MUTT!?” She shouted, and charged forward, collapsing her wings against her back in a burst of speed. She threw her fist into his chest, feeling his armor dent, she pushed the lightning magic out of her arm and into the man. She quickly spun and tried to land a kick on his face. As she spun through the air, the man launched a hand up and grabbed her leg out of the air. He held her there for a moment, grinning stupidly.”Struck a nerve, did I?” He chuckled. “Little bit.” Reason retorted as she threw up her hands and blasted a single shot of dark magic into his face. “ARRRGGGHH” He shouted, dropping her. Reason spun in the air again, to land on her feet and bound backwards, away from the guy. He stood there dazed a little as he regained his footing. He looked up at her again and wiped some blood off of his face. “That was a bitch of a thing to do.” he said in his deep and almost booming voice, and besides from the bloody nose, he seemed to be overall, okay. Reason's eyes went from soft green to a harsh red in her left eye and piercing silver in her right eye with a blink. She barred her fangs. “Why are you here?” She asked him through clenched teeth, as she assumed a battle-ready stance. He laughed shortly. “Questions come later.” he said. “If at all...” He paused shortly. “If you survive.” Reason gave a shout as another lightning bolt came from the sky and struck her in a thunderous clap. “Try me.” She muttered, before once again launching herself at him. He roared in delight as he propelled himself at her as well.
  14. The Arpeggio - A large order of ancient people with sound based abilities, also known as Sound Mages.Their origins as a group are shrouded in mystery, though it's widely accepted that they are decedents of Apollo, though there is no single account of their history that has been proven 100% true. Their abilities grant them complete and total manipulation over sound waves and to some extent simple vibrations in the air. Some of their stronger members have been rumored to be able to even teleport on a whisper. - The leader is known as Incalzando Ottava, a very old and learned man in charge of the Arpeggio. He is also an incredibly powerful Sound Mage, as with all of the leaders. Though battles have worn his face in the past, he prefers peace when possible, thus any instance of him fighting is known only in legend. - The first body guard would be Echo Pienna, a feared and powerful warrior in the Arpeggio. She was born mute, and learned to speak by using her powers to vibrate the air to create the sounds she would speak. - The second body guard is Michael, who is a warrior for the Summer Fae, who was brought on to help guard Incalzando Ottava. He was raised and trained with Echo from a young age. The Sumer Fairies, although their magic is fire and nature based, they have always been close to the Arpeggio as a people. He also always has a girl named Clyte (clie-tae) with him. She is a water nymph who he's sworn his life to protect. (Michael and Clyte will be who i will play as, but I will give everyone CS's just so you know what they all look like)
  15. The Demon Horde OOC (Open to all!)

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