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  1. You can either play as a volunteer at the center or a mythical creature to be taken care of. Mythical creatures often come to the center either when they get sick, injured, orphaned, or become disable in some way. Sometimes these are caused by other people who, either unknowingly, or purposely try to harm these creatures. Volunteers work hard to treat these creatures and do what they can to send them back in the wild.
  2. OPEN Renaissance Valley

    Inspired by Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Studio Ghibli films, and The Moomins. Renaissance valley is a sleepy little place that is known for its beauty no matter what season it is. The village in Renaissance Valley is also widely known as a place where artists, artisans, and many other folk come to practice their craft. As a newcomer to Renaissance Valley, you must help contribute in your skills, whether they be painting, tailoring, smithing, or any other skill, as well as explore and take inspiration in the valley's many hidden secrets.
  3. 1. A Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing/Studio Ghibli/Moomins inspired roleplay taking place in a small town of artisans where you try to help liven up the place with your art and skills. 2. A Roleplay where you are working in an animal rehabilitation center except the animals you are taking care of are mythical creatures. I want to see which sounds best before I start developing the rp.
  4. Aemilia is a banshee. She is not evil, but her screams (which she has no control of) can do damage to others and she tries to hide her screams not only to protect others, but to protect herself because she happens to be a banshee. I walked amongst the crowd of people passing me by. As I tightened the scarf around my neck, I couldn't help but wonder and feel nervous if any one would suspect I was hiding something. It is not easy living as a banshee in the human world; my screams would not only irritate or catch people off guard, but they could also be fatal if I am not careful. I often wished I could just stay home and not have to deal with contact with other people, but I cannot live without getting essential needs for myself, including food and book to keep me entertained.
  5. Outside of a village in the woods many years ago, there lived a young woman named Aemilia that the villagers dubbed "The Screeching Witch" because she would always screech and curse aloud. Because of this the village elders banished her into the woods so that her loud noises would not distract the others. Aemilia lived alone in her cottage, not daring to come into contact with other human beings. Her only companions were the animals whom she would help, but deep down, she wished for human companionship. Alright, so this is the story of a young woman who's made an outcast because she has Tourette Syndrome in an era where the condition is not known of. This'll be a romance, so I'll need someone for Aemilia to fall in love with (male, female, I don't care).
  6. Character Albinotanuki's characters

    Name: Aemilia Campbell Age: 23 Gender: Female Race: Banshee Looks: pale, white hair, grey-blue eyes, always wears something covering her mouth. Personality: Shy, self-conscious, hard to trust others, kind to animals, hates being around people, prefers to be by herself, likes reading. Other info: Because Aemilia is a banshee, she must cover her mouth so that her screams would not hurt others. She lives in solitude and worries of what others will think if they knew the truth about what she is.
  7. A Little Out of Practice

    Okay, I posted of an unknown threat coming to destroy the kingdoms.
  8. OPEN Oder of the Princesses

    Name: Princess Astrea Age: 16 Kingdom: Reveria Looks: Personality: sweet, innocent, kind, a little shy, very girly, loves animals, dreamer. Other Info: She is the newest princess to join the order after her mother who is now queen.
  9. A Little Out of Practice

    okay, I've edited a little to my "Order of the Princesses" post; I may come back to edit more later.
  10. Here's for my Order of the Princesses roleplay. Name: Princess Astrea Age: 16 Kingdom: Reveria Looks: Personality: sweet, innocent, kind, a little shy, very girly, loves animals, dreamer. Other Info: She is the newest princess to join the order after her mother who is now queen.
  11. I realize that all the rp ideas I've been posting haven't been very detail and that's probably why I am not getting any replies from anyone who wants to join. The problem is I've been coming up with setting, but not much with plot. Anyone have any suggestions?
  12. OPEN Living in the Valley

    Los Angeles in the early 90s (aka The Big Lebowski time) was filled with multiculturalism, consumerism, and everthing going to THE EXTREME, DUDE! This roleplay will center around people living in this time period and the stories they tell. Character Sheet Name: Age: Gender: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  13. OPEN Children of Monsters

    I'm just going to state that, yes, I did loosely base my idea off of Monster High, but I thought for this roleplay, we should do it a little more seriously and be a little more faithful to the source material of the parent's origins. Character Sheets: Monster Children Name: Age: Gender: Parent(s): Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Monsters Name: Age: Gender: What Type of Monster: Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Characters Name: Age: Gender: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  14. OPEN Oder of the Princesses

    The Order of the Princesses is a group of princess from many kingdoms bound together to help others. They each bring their own talents to the group and use them to help in however they can. One princess by the name of Astrea becomes the newest group in the order after her mother, Queen Donelle of Reveria, sends her off to follow in her footsteps. The princess has trouble fitting in and is unsure if she would be able to fulfill her duty until an unknown dark force begins to spread throughout the kingdom and it is up to the princesses to stop this threat. Character Sheets: Princesses Name: Age: Kingdom: Looks: Personality: Other Info: Other Characters Name: Age: Gender: Kingdom: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  15. Back again

    I'm actually a woman.