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  1. Demons and Hunters

    Firion watched with awe as the one named Storm quickly dispatched of the other four that had engaged him, and despite their numerical superiority, they barely even managed to touch the swift demon that danced and slashed his way past his foes. He watched as the one named Kaine used a bewitched blade - Firion had heard of it in stories, but he had never seen one before. Those weapons were dangerous - he'd heard stories of them being turned on their users. But even the bewitched blade did not give Kaine much of an advantage against Storm. Storm must have had some sort of enchantment that made him move faster - the other demons could barely keep up with him. He debated with himself whether this target was too dangerous to take on. He'd never seen such fluid movements from any demon that he'd tracked down before. They were strong, yes, but dexterity and grace were not their strong suits. And that was why Firion had been so confident in taking them on - he knew that his speed would be superior to theirs. And yet now, he was witnessing an exception to the rule, an anomaly; Storm. While Firion was debating over his next course of action, he didn't notice that Storm had stabbed the blade into Kaine's neck, finishing off the last of his foes. Neither did he realize that his hiding spot had been compromised, until it was far too late. He felt the claws on his back before he sensed Storm's presence. "Why don't you make a smarter move than poor Kaine here and remove your hands from your weapon belt, hunter," the voice that belonged to Storm had growled. No. It wasn't an option to negotiate with demons. They would offer promises to spare your life, but that was a non-negotiable standpoint. Once someone held the power to take your life away, he would always have that power. There was no such thing as 'relinquishing' the blade on your neck once it was placed there. Firion's eyes drifted to the ground beneath his boots - loose dirt, gravel. Good, he could use that. With a swift jerking motion of his feet, he kicked against the ground with his left foot and applied magic to it. The dirt sprayed upwards into the air with surprising force, striking Storm in the face as the demon reeled back with a roar. Firion simultaneously pushed forward with his other foot, propelling himself away from Storm as he tried to spin around in the air. Due to his magic-induced weightlessness, his push sent him flying further than a normal hunter would. He propelled through the air and spun around, pulling out two knives as he tossed them at Storm. His arm reached down at his weapon belt, aiming to draw his blade in case Storm tried to close in once again.
  2. Demons and Hunters

    Demons and Hunters ~An RP between Ice and TriOctium~ Hunting a demon involved patience, a careful nature, and an observant eye. Demons were the natural predators of humans, which made them unused to being prey themselves. They often left behind trails of their presence - a path of trampled undergrowth, the whiff of smoke, the faintest presence of magic. Firion was a fledgling demon hunter, but he considered himself one of the best of his generation. Tracking demons came as naturally to him as blending into the forest, and he moved through the trees with nary a sound, following the trail he had discovered two weeks ago. A demon named Bruth and his lackeys had pillaged the nearby village of Thum, and the resulting outcry caused the Church to mobilize him in pursuit of Bruth. Firion was close now. He grabbed the pendant hanging around his neck, feeling its slight vibration against his palm. It was an artifact from the Church that would react when in close proximity to a demon. He released it and concentrated on his magical energies within, reducing his weight to a bare minimum as he continued onwards. The grass no longer bent beneath his feet, causing them to feel more like little pinpricks that Firion had to walk over, but his shoes protected him from most of the discomfort. Then, he heard the low murmur of a voice. It was barely audible over the usual noises of the forest. Sounds of conversation could be heard coming from his left, and Firion turned and started to move in that direction. One of his hands unconsciously moved towards the hilt of the shortsword next to him; its comforting grip helped him to concentrate in stressful situations. The sounds were clearer now - it seemed like a heated argument was going on. Then, he arrived at the clearing, and saw his quarry. He counted five demons, with two of them facing off against each other in the middle of the clearing. One of them had shaggy silver hair and was relatively lean in stature, while the other was obviously more bulky and menacing. There were two other demons standing behind the burly one, trying their best to look menacing, and two others trying their best to hide in the shadows of the trees. Their best was not good enough. Firion's arm shifted to his belt, grabbing hold of a throwing dagger before hesitating. He could take out at least two of them at this distance before they would know what was happening, but it looked as though the demons were in some sort of conflict. Perhaps it might be better to sit back and watch the situation unfold before he took any action. With any luck, they would kill each other off, making his job a lot easier.
  3. Long Time No See!!!

    Hi Ice, I'm TriOctium.
  4. Rebuild of Mitsuba Academy

    High school sometimes gave its students an ungodly amount of free time in the afternoons after classes. Some hardworking students would spend it wisely revising the class content, or perhaps studying ahead. Others may spend their time doing things they are passionate about, like playing sports or watching movies. A significant majority wasn't as productive, choosing to sleep away the afternoons, or perhaps hang out with their friends. And then there was the Central Magic Society of Winter, who went demon hunting in the abandoned construction site of Mitsuba No. 2 High School. According to Keiji, it was suspicious how the project was abruptly abandoned in the middle of construction. He suspected that the place might have been haunted, and although Erin provided an alternative theory involving mismanagement of budget and the company going bankrupt, Keiji would hear none of it. “Where’s your sense of ADVENTURE, young lady?!†His retort went. The very building itself was a safety hazard, with half-finished supporting structures and roofs threatening to collapse at the slightest gust of wind. It was a wonder that members of the public were allowed to randomly walk in, but then again, the law enforcement of Mitsuba never was very competent compared to its neighbour Tokyo. People went missing every other day without the police force blinking an eye. Keiko, Erin and Keiji strolled in past the 'NO ENTRY' sign, scanning the dusty compound for any signs of movement. The whole scene was strangely entrancing in a certain way. Sunlight filtered in from the holes in the walls and ceilings, creating visible beams of light spread across the dusty compound. Discarded construction tools lay along the edges of the rooms, and Keiko picked up a drill as she pushed the buttons with fascination. “Don’t kill yourself,†Erin warned, looking like she was beginning to regret her choice of friends. “Wait. Did you hear that?†Keiji froze, cocking his head to the side. All three of them fell silent, and Keiko heard a soft clang in the distance. “There! We must INVESTIGATE!†Immediately, he burst into a sprint as he dashed into the compound, with the two girls hot on his heel. Keiji wasn’t the fittest individual, and they soon caught up with him. The sound echoed across the empty hallways again, a metallic clanging noise that reminded them of a pipe striking concrete. “Can you hear it? The... sound of Discovery?!†Kenji wheezed excitedly in between breaths, but it was clear his lungs couldn’t handle much more. He came to a halt, gasping for air as he waved for the rest to go on. “Find out… the truth for me!†The Truth turned out to be a Giant Enemy Crab. It scuttled to and fro in the middle of a deserted schoolyard, waving its humongous metallic claws in the air as it made threatening crab noises at the two Hunters. Well, as threatening as a crab can sound, at least. One of its legs twitched, striking the ground and making that same metallic pinging noise. “... Seriously?†Keiko whined in disappointment. “My first real enemy Demon is a giant crab?†Its eyes flared up for an instant, and a pair of lasers struck Keiko in the chest. The lasers were less ‘focused intense light’ and more ‘projected force’, sending her flying across the room as she skidded to a halt. She rolled to her side and got up, brushing the dust off herself as she pointed her blade at the crab. “Aha! Who’s calling me stupid for wearing Kevlar to school now, huh?†The crab’s eyes flared again, and even with her magically-enhanced speed, Keiko barely avoided the second blast. She ran in a wide arc around the crab, approaching its flank as she leapt into the air, swapping Blumenkranz into Spear Mode as she brought it down with a yell of “Heavenly Dragoon Strike!!!†The spear struck the Thrall firmly on its back, and the force of the blow sent a gust of wind blowing through the room. To Keiko’s surprise, there was not a single scratch on its shell. A claw came sweeping across the air, knocking her back onto the ground as the crab scuttled around to face Keiko. Erin had summoned her naginata, delivering a powerful slash to the crab’s back that did little apart from knock it around a bit. It spun around, ignoring Keiko’s hail of arrows as it grabbed Erin in its claws and threw her across the courtyard. Keiko continued to run around the crab, throwing the occasional attack towards it as she frantically searched for a weak spot. If it’s a crab, it should have the same holes in its shell as a regular one… It was hard to spot amidst all the movement, but Keiko was quite sure that she had spotted some gaps around its underbelly. She swapped to Blade Mode, trying to get closer through superspeed, but the crab’s long arms swept across the field each time she approached, forcing her back. “Erin! We gotta flank him! Attack his weak spots!†Keiko yelled. She morphed Blumenkranz into Bow Mode, pelting it with spectral arrows as she watched her classmate approach it from behind. With a well-aimed thrust, Erin pierced her naginata into the underbelly of the Crab Thrall, eliciting a sharp screech that forced the both of them to cover her ears. Something shifted in the Thrall’s demeanor as the color of its shell and body changed from red to a deep purple. Keiko hopped out of the way of a claw strike that swept across the dirt floor… and eradicated it. The dirt hadn’t been tossed into the air by the force of the strike, it simply vanished as the claw came into contact with it, leaving behind a curved trench in the floor. “Matter eradication? Now that’s not playing fair.â€
  5. Rebuild of Mitsuba Academy

    It was probably a bad idea for Keiko to show up on the first day of school wrapped in a completely black ninja cosplay outfit. Then again, she did wear the standard school uniform underneath the dark suit, and there weren't any outright rules stating that students couldn't wear additional things over the uniform. "Mitsuya-san..." her homeroom teacher said in a slightly concerned tone. Hatori-sensei was a middle-aged man wearing a brown suit and a tie, with neatly parted hair and a pair of round sunglasses that screamed 'I'm too old to be handling high schoolers'. "The school regulations state that..." "Relax, sensei, I'm wearing the uniform underneath. I'm wearing my protective suit so that I'm always prepared against the forces of evil," Keiko explained as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. "You can never be too prepared." "But- but-" Hatori-sensei muttered, flipping through his file as he searched for the relevant school clause to quote. When it became obvious that he wouldn't be able to find such a thing after five minutes, his shoulders slumped in a characteristically dejected manner, and he moved on to the next name on the register. Another victory for the Berserker! --------------------------------- "Welcome..." droned the convenience store worker as Yuudai walked through the automatic glass doors, grateful for the shade from the sweltering sun outside. He wore his usual thick leather jacket, with just enough Influence flowing through his right sleeve to make it seem like an arm inhabited it. The last time he tried to walk around without hiding his arm stump, a couple of high-school girls in Fuyukaba approached him and threw him a couple of dollar bills while whining, "D-don't get the wrong idea, okay? J-just take this and go see a doctor!" While free money was nice, unnecessary police attention certainly wasn't. What was this tsundere aura anyway? Yuudai had lived with it for almost his entire life, and he had certainly enjoyed the increased amount of female attention while he was in Fuyukaba Academy... but now that he really thought about it, the whole thing made no sense. Was it connected to his Influence powers? Did he subconsciously affect the minds of every female in a radius around him? And if so, why only females? Could he turn it off if he wanted to? He grabbed a carton of milk from the fridge, carrying it up to the counter. The cashier was a freckled teenager who looked like she dropped out of high school to work here in order to support her family. She scanned the carton, gave Yuudai a look, and said, "If you buy two of these, I'll give you a 20% discount. I mean, there's a 20% discount on buying two of these. Storewide. I-It's not a special discount for you or anything." Dammit, tsundere aura. --------------------------------- The first day of school for Keiko went relatively smoothly, and concluded with a note for first-year students to consider joining a club for after-school activities. Most students already joined one in Term 1, but since Keiko skipped it entirely, she and Erin were two of the few students who still had their options open. Keiko bounded up excitedly to Erin once the bell rang, grabbing her hands and pulling her out of the classroom. "We're joining the Supernatural Studies Club!" Erin, being the paragon of emotion, responded with a deadpan "... okay." As it turned out, there was indeed such a club at Mitsuba Academy. It had a much more fanciful name: The Central Magic Society of Winter. Keiko located the clubroom in no time, having already done her scouting during lunch period, and slammed the door open. "We're joining this club!" She yelled. Sitting within the room was a single bespectacled male student, currently sitting at a lone desk, engrossed in his book. He took a slow look at Keiko and Erin, his eyes lingering over Keiko's ninja outfit. "Identify yourselves, strangers." "DOMO. My true name is Berserker, but you may call me the Ninja Murderer," Keiko introduced, before turning to Erin. "And she is my faithful minion, Dark Grimoire Dragon Holder." The male student slowly took out his phone, holding it against his ear even though Keiko could clearly see from her angle that it was still turned off. "... Hello?" He muttered. "Yes, it's me. It seems the organization's finally caught up to me. If I don't check in within 24 hours... tell my mother I love her." Keiko pulled Erin in and slammed the door behind her. "Stop dilly-dallying and give us the sign-up forms!" He fumbled with his phone from the door slam, before straightening his glasses and turning to Keiko with a practiced smile. "Where are my manners? My name is Keiji. You have come to the right place, Ninja Murderer and Dark Grimoire Dragon Holder." He produced a set of forms with a flourish, as though he had been waiting for people to ask to join for a long time already. "If you initial your names here, your souls will be bound to the Central Magic Society of Winter for all eternity by a binding blood pact. Consider carefully before-" Keiko handed him the completed form. "So, when are we starting our investigations into the supernatural?" --------------------------------- But it doesn't only work on females, right? I mean, there was that one time when Karyu started to act really suspiciously... Yuudai got onto the bus that led back to the church, fumbling in his wallet as he tried to count out the coins to pay the fare. It took a certain amount of skill to manipulate a wallet with just one arm, but he had gotten a lot of practice in the past two years. Unfortunately, all his one-armed dexterity couldn't help him when he discovered that he was exactly 10 yen short of the fare, and he looked up at the driver desperately. The bus driver, an obese man wearing a tight uniform, looked Yuudai up and down. "It's alright, just throw in what you have. Don't go around telling people that I told you that, alright? I-It's just this one time thing." A shiver ran up Yuudai's spine.
  6. Rebuild of Mitsuba Academy

    The signs of a demon barrier were often immediately visible to the well-trained. Most noticeably, the sky would take on this bloodcurdling shade of crimson that never failed to send shivers down Keiko's spine. Some things just weren't meant to look like blood, you know? The sounds of the usual hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the city that never slept, became more of a muffled backdrop against the oppressive silence that now permeated the area. Keiko reached out into thin air, summoning her Demon Reaper Blumenkranz like she had done a hundred times before, drawing the black spear as she held it protectively against herself- White light exploded all around her, sending her sprawling to the ground. Her senses were completely shut down by the sudden overload, causing her to feel about blindly on the ground, searching for her weapon. Her ears rang for a good minute or two, and she had a sudden overwhelming sense of powerless and fear. Were all battles this disorienting? Am I going to die here? Keiko's palm touched something metal, and Blumenkranz's reassuring shape rolled into her grip as she tried to push herself into a standing position. "... Answer me! Keiko! Are you alright?" As her vision returned, she saw Yuudai standing protectively over her, blue flames blazing out of the stump of his right hand as it formed into a giant claw. Another layer of blue mist surrounded the both of them like a dome, and Keiko could feel her body becoming surprisingly light. Yuudai was using Gigant Multia, she realized - which allowed him to increase the physical strength of anyone within his Influence sphere. But using it now was too risky, it consumed too much power! A man wearing a skintight suit, a mask and a pair of goggles strode into view. He was holding a pistol connected to a long metal chain, and Keiko was pretty sure she spotted a blade along the length of its barrel. "One times Yuudai Shinozaki, and one times Keiko Mitsuya. Looks like the intel was right," the Warlock spoke in a nasally voice. "My name is Cocytus, and I will be your death today." "Look, Mr Cock, travelling for 6 hours in a train ain't fun," Yuudai replied with a sigh. "I'm not in the best of moods. So I'll give you 5 seconds to run away before I make my move. 5... 4..." "Hahaha! You've fallen into my trap, and yet you still keep up such appearances-" "3... 2..." "Hey! You're in my trap! Haven't you noticed?!" "1..." "Argh, whatever!" The gunslinging Warlock took a step forwards, swinging his kusarigama at Yuudai. Keiko heard her senpai mutter 'Valia', suddenly moving at an impossibly fast speed as he darted across Cocytus, reappearing on the other side with his Influence-arm forming a blade. Cocytus managed to mutter an "Ara?" before falling into four neatly-sliced pieces that collapsed on the ground. The flames on his arm went out as Yuudai turned to walk back to Keiko, who was still gripping tightly onto her spear. "You alright?" Blood sprayed across the floor as a blade penetrated through Yuudai's knee, forcing him to the ground. Behind him, the fallen pieces of Cocytus began to levitate into the air, as his head began to laugh maniacally. "You fool! The great Cocytus cannot be defeated so easily! Your overconfidence shall be your downfall!" "Dammit, not another Karasu clone," Yuudai muttered under his breath. Pain threatened to flood his mind into unconsciousness, but he pushed himself off the ground as he sent his Influence flooding around Cocytus, yelling "Exort Grande!" The entire area in front of him exploded into flames, and the screams of the Warlock could be heard reverberating through the air. Keiko continued to stand rooted onto the ground like an idiot, before she felt herself being lifted bodily by Yuudai as he darted off into the distance. "We have to find Reika," he told Keiko, who was being unceremoniously carried over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "We can't get split up now, there's no little info on these guys- argh!" Yuudai collapsed in pain as he accidentally landed on his injured foot, sending Keiko sprawling to the ground for the second time in the last hour. The angry howls of Cocytus could be heard rapidly approaching from the distance, interrupted by a series of separated gunshots in the opposite direction. Yuudai stood up, glancing into the distance. "Berserker, can you hold him off for one minute?" He asked Keiko. "I'll go help Reika overwhelm her foe, and then the two of us will be right back to help you. Are you able to take care of yourself?" "O-Of course! You can count on me, senpai," Keiko replied with less courage in her voice than she wished. "Good. Just stay on the defensive. I'll be right back," he muttered. "Valia Magnifique!" Yuudai vanished, leaving behind no trace of him except the rushing wind that followed his wake. ............................................................................................................................... "Here, little kitty kitty kitty," Cocytus muttered, his severed body parts slowly levitating across the ground. All of them sported terrible burns where the skin suit had melted away, and his face was curled up into a snarl now. "You can hide but you can't run forever..." Hidden behind one of the buildings, Keiko tried to control her breathing as she swapped Blumenkranz to rifle mode Byakko. She pointed its scope down at Cocytus, aiming directly at his floating head. Her hands stopped shivering as she held her breath, took aim, and fired. It was a clean shot, a powerful blast that ripped a hole right through Cocytus's forehead, emerging from the other side before lodging itself into the ground in a small crater. "There you are," he said, licking his lips, swivelling around to stare right at Keiko as though the gaping hole in his brain was merely a scratch. A shiver ran up her spine. The rifle warped into the blade Seiryuu as Keiko barely hopped out of the way in time, with Cocytus's gun kusarigama slicing through the space where she was last at a moment ago. Keiko began to run, run as fast as she could while Seiryuu's magic propelled her, giving her increased speed and reflexes. Behind her, Cocytus continued to swing his kusarigama with reckless abandon, slicing through concrete and metal alike as his murderous giggles filled the air, rapidly approaching her from behind. Senpai... your minute is up! You better come back fast, or I'll kill you!
  7. Rebuild of Mitsuba Academy

    TWO YEARS AGO... The town was burning. It felt as though the whole world had fallen away, leaving only the two combatants as the sole survivors in this hellhole. Blue flames surged from the stump that used to be Yuudai’s right arm, forging themselves into the form of a blade as he stared down the haughty demon before him. The Incubus that had destroyed Fuyukaba. “Do you really think your actions mean anything, _hero_?†The demon asked, placing a sarcastic emphasis on the last word. “You are like a rock trying to stop a tidal wave. All you humans have done, everything you’ve accomplished, has done nothing except postpone the inevitable.†“Fancy words for someone whose plan is falling to pieces,†Yuudai retorted, his long hair slick with sweat and blood as it draped over his eyes. His cape of Influence was tattered and beaten, but blazed defiantly before the overwhelming presence in front of it. “You really think this Hellmouth is the only important gate in Japan?†The Incubus continued. “Your arrogance never ceases to amaze me. Thousands of millenia of planning have gone into our return, human. Would it surprise you if I told you that we are not the only Incubi ready to re-emerge into the mortal realm?†Yuudai hesitated, his grip on the hilt of the shattered Shinkatana tightening. The Incubus smiled, showing rows upon rows of glistening fangs. “30 million people in Tokyo to feed upon… I wonder how much despair we can cause by slaughtering all of them like sheep.†There was a flash of movement, and the world shook under the force of their clash. MITSUBA ACADEMY: DEMON HUNTERS There was a veritable gathering of people at the Fuyukaba Train Station. Anyone who was present would probably be surprised at the presence of so many menacing men in suits, standing guard over the area for the sake of the departure of a two young adults and a high school girl. Then again, Fuyukaba was no ordinary town. The citizens of this ‘middle-of-nowhere’ town had seen their fair share of disaster two years ago, when a mysterious fire had consumed most of the houses in the middle of the night. The government had chalked it up to gas leaks and careless flames, but the truth was always far more interesting than that. Hellmouths - portals between the mortal and demon realms - dotted the planet like a bad infection, and there used to be a particularly large one under Fuyukaba. One thing led to another and it resulted in the resurrection of ancient demons that threatened the safety of the world, but through the valiant efforts of local demon hunters, the threat was nullified and the Hellmouth was closed, permanently. But things were never so simple. “You better take care of yourself without me,†Sakura chided, as she straightened the thick jacket that was draped over Yuudai’s shoulders. One of its sleeves hung limply by his side. “I don’t want to see you missing both arms the next time we meet.†“Nag nag nag,†the brown haired young adult replied. “You can always skip your studies and come with me, you know. It’s not like a university degree’s going to help much when the world’s ending.†Sakura smacked him on the head. “I’ll have you know that I don’t intend on imitating your delinquent ways. I have a bright future ahead of me, and I’m not gonna squander it fighting eldritch abominations!†Then, in a softer tone, “... But maybe I’ll come visit once in a while. You’ll never survive without me anyway.†Keiko Mitsuya watched the exchange between the two with vague interest, although her attention was quickly lost to the various Bakufu agents standing guard around the area. It had come as a great surprise that the imaginary realm of demons and magic she had idolized her entire life was in fact a reality, when Yuudai let her in on the secret. Despite spending the last two years training with her Demon Reaper, she couldn’t help but feel rather excited about departing for her first actual mission. “Worried?†A lean, athletic woman asked as she walked up to Keiko and pat her on the head. “You look like you’re going to hyperventilate.†“O-of course not, Ares-senpai!†Keiko stuttered. “I have been training all my life for this very moment, and I’m ready to take on any of the demons that-†“It’s Hisako,†the woman interrupted, “and if luck goes your way, you won’t be fighting any demons at all. That’s their job,†she pointed to Yuudai and Reika. “Your weapon is just for self-defense, you got that?†“Aww, but that’s boring!†“No buts, young lady. Now get ready, the train’s approaching.†As the train’s rumbling could be heard approaching from a distance, Hideaki approached Yuudai with a look of concern. “Shinozaki-kun, your abilities may be strong… But I’ve experienced far more than you have, even counting the whole incident two years ago. Trust me when I say you should be careful around Tokyo. The environment will be a lot tougher to fight in, and collateral damage will be a huge difficulty. The Bakufu won’t be able to provide as much support as they do here.†“I can take care of myself,†Yuudai replied defiantly, but with a knowing smirk. “Thanks for all your help, sensei.†The Shinkansen came to a halt next to the crowd, and its doors slid open with an inviting hiss. Keiko hopped on, pulling her luggage behind her, and turned around to see Yuudai and Sakura sharing a farewell kiss. “Oh come on, senpai! Get moving already!†She yelled, rolling her eyes. Reika grabbed him by the collar and dragged him on board, and soon, the train began to pick up speed once again. It would take six hours to reach the capital. As Yuudai and Reika started to put their luggage in the overhead compartments, Keiko plopped herself into the window seat and stared at the grasslands that whipped past her just beyond. And so began her great adventure: Mitsuba Academy.
  8. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Isabel picked up the empty flour capsule from the ground, resetting the now-empty canister before putting it in her pouch. "Well, there's this vampire that needs killing," she mentioned. "But I'm sure you're not interested in such mundane details." She paused for a moment, considering whether she should talk about the motives of Olympus in front of two outsiders, even though she had known one of them for a long time. But then another thought came to mind - what if she could get them as allies? The upcoming battle would definitely need warriors like Ingkells. "Mortals tend to dabble in places where they should not be," she finally explained, whispering into his ear. "One of their organizations is attempting to breach into Tartarus."
  9. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Isabel made a diving leap behind a desk as the boisterous Mr Heart began firing his heavy machine gun all over the room, focusing his attention on Ingkells, thankfully. Nevertheless, she placed a hand on the overturned table she was using as cover, casting a general-purpose Vectormancy spell on it to reduce the speed of anything that touched it to zero. The magic might not work fully due to the high speed of the rounds, but it should still reduce their velocity sufficiently for her suit (which also had a similar enchantment) to block the bullet completely. Mortal weapons are so annoying. As Ingkells hurled his balls around (hurr hurr balls), Isabel leaned over her cover, taking aim at the random thug standing behind Mr Heart as she fired the revolver, once. The bullet smashed through his helmet, emerging through the other side before abruptly changing direction, killing another soldier, and then a third. The single bullet zipped left, right and center, controlled by Isabel's finger, as it efficiently put down the entirety of Mr Heart's 'support group' before lodging itself in his brain from the back of his skull. Unfortunately, that only seemed to draw the man's attention towards her, and a hail of bullets hit the desk as she barely ducked behind it. This time, she removed a spherical container from her belt, tossing it over the desk like a grenade. Except, it was less of the exploding type and more of the 'fill-the-room-with-flour' type. Why flour? It could have been anything that had been pre-infused with Isabel's Vectormancy, actually. Once the flour particles were in the air, any bullet that passed through would have its velocity angled slightly away from its target - and then the magic in the flour would amplify that change a thousandfold. The rounds from the heavy machine gun ricocheted everywhere upon striking the flour cloud, destroying office furniture and sending sparks into the air throughout the room. Isabel stood up, aiming her revolver through the cloud as she fired, willing the bullet forwards at the same time. The bullet struck Mr Heart's machine gun, smashing through the weapon and destroying it completely, before penetrating (hurr) through his heavy armor, leaving a small bullet hole in the centre of his chest. "Your turn, Valkyrja! Get him!"
  10. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    "Feed on his esse- you mean, like drinking the vampire's blood? Now that's a twist in events," Isabel replied to Linda's query. "No fear, I'm not interested in the vampire's soul or blood or whatever. I'm just here to make sure his undeath turns into regular old death." Isabel took a quick glance over at the corpses piled in the room. Most of them had been brutally electrocuted to death, and she had a fleeting image of her father's face. Ugh, that's not a sight I'd want to be reminded of. She turned to the other two individuals, taking the opportunity to make a formal introduction. "My name is Isabel Stormheart," she said to Linda, then turned to Ingkells to emphasize on her choice of name. "I'm one of the division heads at Olympus. You probably have heard of us, Miss Sieglinde. The dodeka theoi. It's a pleasure to meet you." She pulled out her smartphone, doing a quick Google search of the Greek term before showing it to Linda with a smile. She then turned to Ingkells, replying, "Yes, rumours do tend to go well with exaggeration, but I assure you that I am most certainly not dead. Or undead, as is with our target. My father sends his regards. He also asks whether your frozen arm has gotten better, but I can see that it probably has." She ejected her revolver's barrel, reloading the two bullets that had been used. "Now that the introductions are over, let's get to the fun part."
  11. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Sounds of fighting had already broken out in the Chrysler building, as Isabel Stormheart rapidly descended from the sky. The early morning sun cast its glow across the land below her, engulfing it in a warm orange aura. The altimeter on her helmet continued to count down the remaining distance from the ground, the number rapidly dropping by the second. As she neared the landing zone, a male voice spoke through her communicator: "Slow your descent now." "Slowing descent," repeated Isabel. The altimeter started counting down a little slower. "The Elder Dragon is on the sixth floor. I'd recommend that you rendevous with him and the rest of the Foundation team before proceeding." "Since when do we work with mortals?" "Since Phlegethrax got blown up by the US Navy. Besides, the whole team's practically made of Others." Isabel chuckled. "How ironic." The altimeter read 300ft now. "Remember your manners around dragons. They're a stickler for these old traditions." "Yes, boss," she replied, rolling her eyes. 200ft. "Good luck." 100ft. Isabel slowed to a halt next to level 6 of the Chrysler building. Within, sounds of gunfire could be heard as dark silhouettes moved behind the tinted glass. She squinted, still levitating in mid-air as she pulled out a revolver from her belt, took aim, and fired. There probably wasn't any need to augment the bullet's speed, but Isabel did it anyway, sending it flying straight through the window, lodging itself into the head of a masked soldier before emerging from the other side. She kicked against the air, sending herself flying into the building with a blue pulse of energy and tackled another soldier. There was a point-blank gunshot, and Isabel stood up from the corpse to face the Foundation strike team. She fiddled with her skydiving suit, removing the helmet as a head of red shoulder-length hair tumbled out from within. "Hail, Fulgurax. Hail, Sieglinde," she greeted, glancing at Ingkells and Linda with her piercing blue eyes. "Olympus sends its regards. We want the vampire's head too. Perhaps we should work together."
  12. Dancing with Death [Private]

    The rays of sunlight woke Lionel in the morning. He stirred from the corner of the barn's rafters where he had slept, taking care not to accidentally fall over. A couple of ravens had perched themselves somewhere on the other side of the rafter, looking at him with strange curiosity. Perhaps Lionel had stolen their spot by mistake. One of them cawed loudly at him, to which he grumbled, "Well, I didn't know it was your spot." With a careful push, he dropped to the ground, landing as quietly as a cat as the sleeping horses barely stirred in their stalls. The window he had climbed in from last night was still open, thankfully, and he made his exit via the same route. It wasn't as if he was a stranger to the life of a fugitive. But after experiencing five years of relative peace, Lionel had begun to take the comfort for granted - comfort which he now sorely missed. Sleeping on a thin wooden rafter was uncomfortable, to say the least, and super-strength did nothing to ease the muscle aches that came in the morning. He pulled the gray hood over his head and wandered into town, hoping that he'd be able to get some breakfast before a guard decided that he looked familiar. "Two of those apples, please," he bought, picking out two of the reddest ones he could see among the lot. You're a criminal. Nobody will complain if I helped you steal one or two, Nala'hedriel reminded him. "I haven't actually committed any crimes, and I'd like to remain that way," Lionel whispered back. Besides, bad things happened to those who relied too much on the power of a T'Skarin. Lionel had barely bitten into his first apple when the newsboy came running through the streets, handing out flyers as he yelled, "Hear! Hear! Baron Esravash is coming to town!" One of these flyers was unceremoniously stuffed into Lionel's hand, and he raised it up to see a hand-drawn portrait of said Baron with the headlines "ONE BARON SEEKS TO INVESTIGATE THE DEATH OF ANOTHER". He scoffed - the nobility were always sticking their noses into one another's business, even when there was an unsolved murder hanging in the air. No matter what the circumstances were, they continued to hold the delusion of invulnerability until the point where a knife was held to their throat. Slipping the flyer into his coat, Lionel turned and headed towards the old Baron's mansion, where the two Inquisitors had set up base. It might not be good for his resume to be seen at the crime scene again, but then again, neither was being a homunculus. He would just have to make do and figure out a way to stay out of sight from both Inquisitors while waiting for the culprit to surface himself.
  13. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    Yeah, it was a valiant attempt on both sides but I think we can conclude this match with the Loyal Knights being the victors! Congratulations! The Chaos Knights at the start were Sir Vey Lance, Seanzilla and Noia. HH was Converted halfway, and then was Converted back by Eth. Wst also played a big role by discovering two out of the three Chaos Knights with his investigation ability. You may reveal your abilities now if you wish!
  14. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    No I was knocked out by a combination of school work and Monster Hunter 4U. XD
  15. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    For the Art Club, your opponent details are as follows: Warlock of the Wild Hunt: Vincent He is a tough foe that will employ intelligent strategies and counter-maneuvers to avoid being cornered. Expect a tough fight. Main abilities: Wild Hunt Transformation - Like all Warlocks of the Wild Hunt, Vincent can transform into a huge wolf. Demon Reaper: Magnus - Vincent can reflexively or actively turn any part of his body into flexible steel, not restricting his movements but protecting him from external attacks. Think Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist. Thralls - Vincent has a Thrall in the shape of a giant mutant wolf with far too many eyes. However, when you cut it open, it will reveal that the wolf form is simply an outer shell. Inside is a swarm of malicious bees that will move as though controlled by a single consciousness. Weapons: His Demon Reaper, Magnus, is a huge broadsword that Vincent wields with little to no effort. He is highly skilled at close-range combat and can fend off multiple attackers at once. However, when forced, he also has a pistol and two grenades. He is able to survive a point-blank grenade blast due to his metal body.