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  1. Eldritch Horror

    Sir Bearington walked and walked and walked, but the caverns never seemed to end! It was so frustrating, like the time he couldn't find his way out of the forest because all the trees looked the same. He growled in anger (and perhaps due to his lowering sanity as well). Will Test: 1d6=4 (Failure)
  2. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    "Hm, hm, the Knight of Integrity does sound like a trustworthy sort of person," said King OctOctOctium. "Yes, yes, I think she'll do fine in the Inner Circle!" HH the Knight of Integrity is now in the Inner Circle! PLAYERS Inner Circle [1/9] HerculeHastings, the Knight of Integrity Outer Circle [8/9] Ethereal, the Knight of Valor Wstfgl, the Knight of Honor DayDreamer, the Knight of Courage Kawaii Noia, the Knight of Compassion Seanzilla, the Knight of Justice Solyeuse, the Knight of Zeal Sir Vey Lance, the Knight of Peace ShipsPassInTheNight, the Knight of Wisdom PHASE 2 [48 HOURS]
  3. Eldritch Horror

    Wait... My Will is 1, and this test says (-1) Will. What does that mean?
  4. Eldritch Horror

    Sir Bearington looks saddened as Max pulls the clue right from under his nose. Grunting in indignation, he wanders off in the Amazon, trying to look for something else to do. [Draw a Location Card]
  5. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    "Yes, yes, that is true," confirmed King OctOctOctium, nodding vigorously. "The more of them get in, the worse things get!"
  6. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    The Knight of Peace clearly cannot tell apart a man from a woman. This is probably because of all the plate armor everyone's wearing. Anyway, please put your votes in bold for easy counting~
  7. Eldritch Horror

    Sir Bearington is depressed that he couldn't find the clue and so he will sit on his haunches until he has recovered enough from his depression to search again. [No move action]
  8. Kingdom Mystery [Discussion Thread]

    Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution SCENARIO A rebellion is brewing outside the walls of the city of Bymerrow, and the citizens are growing uneasy about the tension in the air. Even among the royal court, the knights who have pledged their loyalty to the king have become corrupt, seeking to depose the king from his throne. To remedy the situation, the king has initiated an "Inner Circle" system, only allowing certain knights in. GAMEPLAY Players will be divided into two factions, Loyal and Chaos. Chaos Knights will know their faction members but Loyal Knights will not. Each Phase, the Knight with the most number of votes will enter the Inner Circle. The side which gets all their members into the Inner Circle first wins. Each Phase will end after 48 hours or when all votes have come in, whichever is earlier. During each Phase, every player may vote, send a private Message to another player, and/or use an Ability. All three of these actions can be taken in one Phase. Messages are always sent simultaneously at the end of each Phase and can be as long as you want. Players in the Inner Circle also get an extra ability to send another Message to all other members of the Inner Circle. When all but one of the Knights of one faction have entered the Inner Circle, a warning message will be issued publicly. Chaos Knights get additional skills based on how many of their members are inside the Inner Circle. There exists one member on each faction who can convert someone to their side. Participants Ethereal Wstfgl DayDreamer Noia Seanzilla Solyeuse HerculeHastings Sir Vey Lance ShipsPassInTheNight
  9. Kingdom Mystery [Discussion Thread]

    You're always cold.
  10. Kingdom Mystery [Discussion Thread]

    Thank you for waiting warmly! The game has started!
  11. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Something something raven writing desk (as quoted from Ice, 2015)
  12. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Incest (Don't try this at home, kids)
  13. Eldritch Horror

    Unfortunately Sir Bearington failed to remember where his cultist friend had told him he'd put the super secret clue! Observation test: 3d6 = 3, 1, 4. Failure.
  14. Eldritch Horror

    Reformed Cultist Sir Bearington stalked close to the ground, searching the Amazon for clues. He was sure that he remembered his cultist friend say something about this place. He would find it, and then he would prevent Azathoth from being summoned, and then everyone would think twice about calling him "Smelly Doo Doo Head" at cultist meetings in the future! [Token Encounter]
  15. Heroes of the Storm

    I've been playing it since Technical Alpha, but lately I haven't been playing. If you wanna play, just send me a message!
  16. Kingdom Mystery [Discussion Thread]

    Planning is done! I'll be editing the first post with the rules of the game. Meanwhile, I'll wait for Shriastae and Resonance to reply if they're joining before I start the game. Please wait warmly~
  17. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Antidisestablishmentarianism? Or dictionary?
  18. Dancing with Death [Private]

    "Where are you going to go?" Lionel stood at the city gates, a look of concern crossing his face as he stared into the eyes of his sister. The young woman turned and smiled back, a smile that hid all of her pain and regret. The wounds of the battle that happened three days ago were nearly gone now, barely visible along her pale skin. "Since when have you been concerned about me, big brother?" She said playfully, sticking out her tongue at him. "We're all that's left," he replied. "We should stick together, find somewhere safe to lie low-" "Is that what you thought when you sent the Inquisitors after Eins and Drei?" Lionel stopped mid-sentence. A single tear rolled down Nicole's face, a painful contrast to the smile that she still sported. "It's fine, Zero," she whispered. "I'll find my own life out of Zekiel. I hear some of the smaller towns are nice places to stay in. And I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, you know." "Zwei-" He reached out for her, but a jolt like an electric sting shot through his arm, causing him to retract it quickly. Nicole simply stared at him, shaking her head. "Maybe we'll meet each other again-" Loud shouts abruptly woke Lionel from his dream. He immediately jolted up, moving over to the door in three quick strides as he pressed his ear against the wooden surface. Clobbering and snarling noises could be heard outside, as the innkeeper's vehement protests rang through the air from below. Fear pounded through his heart - did Inquisitor Marx suspect him after all? Or did Jarrod betray his identity to the Inquisition? He grabbed the chair in his room, propping it up against the door as the scratching noises could be heard just outside now, backing away to the side of the window. The door was kicked open violently, sending the chair flying as Marx, Jarrod and a few soldiers he did not recognize filed into the room. "Evening, gentlemen," Lionel greeted, reaching for his cane. "Come quietly, Lionel," Jarrod said. The clink of metal chains could be heard as he withdrew a long chain from his bag, causing it to levitate into the air with his magic. "You will receive a fair trial." The chain shot through the air, faster than Lionel could react. Speed had always been Jarrod's strong point - but it was useless if his opponent could preempt his actions. Nala'hedriel flared into action, drawing the darkness of the night around his host as shadowy tendrils shot out to meet the flying chain, dissolving the magic that propelled it. Lionel caught the chain in one hand, dropping it onto the floor as more shadows furled themselves around him, forming the shape of a bestial face behind him. A foolish attempt. Nala'hedriel's voice loudly boomed in both Inquisitor's heads, the T'Skarin's manifested presence causing headaches to anyone incurring his wrath. The air in the room became thick like jelly, the shadows extending towards the intruding force as the dogs began to whimper and back away from the otherworldly presence. But Lionel knew this would not hold Jarrod back for long. The both of them had faced down T'Skarin more violent than Nala'hedriel five years ago, and had triumphed. One of the dogs yelped as the shadows crept up onto its body, slicing and cutting at its skin as it collapsed onto the ground, feebly attempting to cry out in pain as its throat was slit. I can see into your minds, naive Inquisitors. Do not give chase, or I will do the same to you. The full might of Nala'hedriel rushed across the room, turning it pitch black for a brief moment. And then, the presence was gone, the pressure removed and the air back to normal. Lionel was gone, having jumped out of the open window as he rushed into the night, moving with the supernatural speed that had been gifted to him and his siblings as part of the homunculi package. "What a weak lie, Nala," he muttered. "Every third-rate mage will know that you can't directly affect another creature with magic. You could only do that to the dog because it had no magic resistance." Well, it was worth a shot, Nala'hedriel muttered, drawing the shadows of the night around Lionel to hide him from sight. Stop complaining, I saved your life. "Fair point."
  19. Eldritch Horror

    Hm, I can't do anything else either in Central America or the Amazon apart from travelling, right? Since neither of them are in Cities, and my Action doesn't really do anything out of combat.
  20. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters

    "The great Berserker rolls a natural 20 for initiative!" Keiko yells, materializing her azure blade in her arm as she dashed up the hill. It was her first time engaging in a super-powered training session, just like the one in every shounen anime she had watched before. And each time there was a training session, the protagonists always gained new powers or strengths at the end. That implied two things. One, the members of the Literature Club were basically the protagonists of the entire demon hunting plot line. And two, it's power upgrade time. That was fast. She hadn't even had her first real fight yet. She was halfway up the hill when the first "pain ball" shot across the corner of her eye. Keiko swung the Blumenkranz, attempting to parry the strike out of the air, but - as with all fanciful movie techniques - it very spectacularly missed the projectile. It struck her across the cheek, sending her sprawling onto the ground as the world seemed to swirl around her for a moment. Damn, that hurt. They really aren't kidding when they said they weren't going to hold back. She heard two more shots being fired, and pushed herself off the ground by pure instinct, barely avoiding them. An unnatural mist had been forming around the hill, preventing her from seeing beyond arm's length. This wasn't going to discourage her, however. She raised her Reaper, feeling its power surge through her as a wave of wind exploded outwards, blowing a tunnel through the fog as it revealed the very bottom of a set of stairs. She turned the blade around, facing behind her this time as a second burst of wind propelled her forwards, avoiding a few more shots as her foot landed on the first stone stair. A blast erupted from below Keiko's foot, causing her to jump back in alarm as dirt and dust flew into the air. A minefield, huh? She heard more shots being fired, and ducked out of the way as the pain ball whizzed past her from above. Looks like I'll have to try out another of Blumenkranz's abilities... Keiko let her energy flow into the blade, willing it to transform. "Byakko," she muttered, and lines of energy flashed through Blumenkranz as its colour shifted to that of a pure white. Its blades retracted into the Reaper as the sword split into half length-wise, extending outwards as it formed into a curved bow. A single line of energy extended from its ends, forming the bowstring as the transformation ended. She took a deep breath, pulling back the bowstring as a single, glowing arrow materialized in her grip. Keiko aimed it upwards, grinned, and fired. Moments later, a rain of arrows cascaded down upon the area before her. It was a sight to behold, with landmines exploding left, right and center, each one of them being detonated by an arrow. Keiko shifted the Blumenkranz back to sword mode with a mutter of "Seiryuu," propelling herself through the air with another gust of wind. Trial of Skill, complete. As Keiko reached the top, a lumbering golem stepped up to face her, its body made of clumps of earth and grass that had been magically reanimated. She could still see the holes in the ground where Lavalley or Misa had dug the dirt up for it. With a guttural moan, it raised both of its arms above its head, bringing them down in a hard swing. "Genbu!" Blumenkranz transformed once more, this time straightening and extending as it turned into a long spear. Immediately, frost formed across the golem's body, slowing its movements to a crawl as Keiko easily sidestepped out of the way of its attack. She twirled the spear in her arms, frost energy slowly gathering on its tip in the form of a cyan-colored ball. "Ice Demon Thrust!" She yelled, striking the golem with the spear as the weapon penetrated through its skin, lodging itself inside. Frost exploded from within, sending chunks of dirt flying everywhere as the golem stumbled to the side, groaned, and collapsed with a loud thud. Trial of Strength, complete. The sky was getting dark now. Keiko continued jogging up the hill, wondering where or what the Trial of Will would be. But it appeared that her concerns were unfounded, as she arrived at the top of the hill with no issues. Misa was standing there with a smile, waiting for her as the fog slowly cleared. "Well done on reaching the top," Misa said. "You have passed the trials of skill and strength. But surely, you must be wondering what the trial of will is." She gestured downwards, at the foot of the hill. A bus was parked there, with Lavalley-sensei standing next to it as he waved at Keiko with a smile before boarding it. Keiko realized - with a jolt - that that was the last bus of the day. "Good luck passing the trial of will." And with that, the Misa-clone vanished in a puff of smoke. NOOOOOOOOO!!!
  21. Eldritch Horror

    I suppose I can't buy anything from the space I'm in, right? I'll move to the Amazon and pick up the clue there.
  22. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    Okay yeah I can't find the time to post >.> My timetable is getting filled at an exponential rate. I think I'll back out of this RP, sorry!
  23. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    Will be posting tomorrow!
  24. Eldritch Horror

    I want to change my character to the Redeemed Cultist XD