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  1. Eldritch Horror

    Dibs on Psychic~
  2. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters

    "Exort Grande!" Although she could not see the form of the creature attacking her, it became clearly outlined by the flames that spontaneously engulfed it. It was a six-limbed horror straight out of your nightmares, flailing about in the air as it tried to extinguish the magical fire in vain. Footsteps echoed across the destroyed house as a figure leapt into the air, cutting the demon into half with a gleaming sword. The young man stood up, a cape made purely out of blue-colored flames extending from his back as he turned and extended a hand towards her. "Are you alright, Berserker?" ... The sounds of eating punctuated the silence that filled the Shinramenya, one of the local ramen stores that was conveniently located in between Keiko's home and Mitsuba No. 1 High School. At this time of the night, most locals had already finished their dinner, leaving the story largely empty apart from Keiko herself, the store owner, and the brown-haired school librarian who looked like she had just left work and was busy consuming a humongous bowl of ramen at an alarming pace. The store owner, named Shinohaki Yoshihiro, was a man of few words, standing silently like a stoic statue behind his counter. He was wearing a thick brown cloak, a large straw hat and a pair of sunglasses despite the darkness of the night. Keiko was used to his strange outfit by now, having seen him in it for six months already. Asking him about it would always elicit a cryptic answer that never brought you closer to enlightenment, no matter how much you tried. Keiko stared at her bowl of half-eaten ramen. The Blumenkranz had dematerialised, but remained near her at all times - her grandfather had insisted that she bring it along. "Have you seen strange things happening around town lately?" She asked the store owner, unsure of why she asked in the first place. It was just this strange sense of familiarity that he exuded, despite his obviously shady outfit. "People go missing in this town, lady," he spoke, his voice gruff. "Best not to stay out on the streets too late." It was strange how a day ago, Keiko would still be just as unknowledgable about what was truly happening in Mitsuba. "Heard of anyone suspicious lately?" "... I heard the half-French girl at Mitsuba No. 1 is often seen hanging around town late at night." Her mind flashed back to her first homeroom, when her homeroom teacher had so flagrantly introduced his daughter. Erin Lafayette? It was a stakeout. Keiko Mitsuya had taken on the persona of Berserker now, hiding inside a large piece of shrubbery located along the road to school. She had done this many a time back in Fuyukaba, when she had waited for her Senpai to arrive through the school gates before jumping him with the Raigeki. This was the first time she was going to perform this sneak attack on another person. Although the Blumenkranz was with her, Keiko's weapon of choice was still the Raigeki. She didn't want to use a potentially lethal weapon in case Erin was innocent. She spotted her target while she was a hundred metres away, waited for her to arrive at the exact spot, and... "SUPER RAIGEKI BREAK!!!"
  3. Kingdom Mystery [Discussion Thread]

    Good news: We have people interested! Bad news: The bots lied to us all along and ran off sniggering.
  4. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    For the Art Club: There won't be much going on after the first fight, so you could spend the free time however you want. Suggested activities include getting to know your teammates, Social Linking, or playing cricket.
  5. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    So I just received ack's card, and it was quite a surprise because it's so long after Christmas already xD Thank you so much, ack! :D
  6. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters

    Blood on her arm. Her cheek. Her side. The wounds from Keiko's battle with the invisible creature only continued to stack up, while she had no way of determining if she was winning the fight. All she could rely on was the angle at which her unrecognised helper was firing at, and the feeling of the Raigeki striking the creature on every swing. Keiko was already beginning to regret not bringing a real weapon, although part of her questioned herself where she would get a weapon like that in the first place. On top of all her injuries, however, was the incessant pounding in her head that only seemed to get worse the longer she fought. She could only hope that it wasn't some kind of sinister psychic attack by her assailant. One particular wave of pain wracked her mind, and she faltered for a moment. This was more than enough for the creature, however, and it pounced upon Keiko with a feral rage, knocking her to the ground. It was a strange experience, being pushed over by something you could feel but not see, smell or hear. Visions of her life flashed before her eyes as her head hit the concrete floor. Is this how I die? Keiko asked herself. It's not too bad a way to go, fighting the forces of evil. Still, I wish I could have seen his face one last time... There was a flash of light above her, barely stopping before they struck her body. Something heavy was lifted off from her body, rolling off to the left. A hazy figure stepped over her, calling out her name. Is that you, Senpai? The figure slowly came into focus as the buzzing in Keiko's head died down just a little, revealing the face of her grandfather. He was crouching down next to her now, a strange contraption laid to rest at his feet as he lifted her head up in his arms. "Can you hear me, Keiko? Are you alright?" came his reassuring voice, and it took all of her remaining strength to nod. "Alright, we're getting out of here. Can you stand?" It turned out that Keiko could stand, with some support. Her grandfather picked up the contraption, and with a strange flurry of movement, it unfolded itself into a long rod, which he used to support the both of them as they hobbled together, out of the construction site. They passed by the mangled corpses of two other Thralls on their way out. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keiko had been lapsing in and out of consciousness the whole way home. Visions of strange, non-Euclidean creatures danced around in her vision every time she closed her eyes, and she felt strangely weightless, as though something was beckoning her to simply just float off and stop thinking about everything. But each time she was on the brink, her grandfather's voice would bring her back into reality, to see his concerned face looking at her. "... sorry... couldn't get there in time..." Words seemed to be coming out from his mouth, but she could only hear a part of them. After a while, there was another familiar voice. Was that her grandmother? Keiko strained to hear what she was saying, but everything was so blurry, like they were speaking underwater. She felt herself being lowered into a lying position, and then- Chanting. A circle of Warlocks, standing around Shichiro's corpse. Lower-class demons flooding the streets. Ascended demons interpose among them, leading them onwards. Ryuunosuke gets ripped in half, his bow falling to the ground next to him. Frost forms over the demons; Takumi swings the spear wide. "Run!" He screams. Everything is ice. The world is frozen. But an Ascended demon gets through, and snaps Takumi like a twig. More running, more crying. The city is on fire- Keiko sat up with a gasp, her entire body covered in cold sweat. Cold metal rested in her palm, and she looked down to see herself grasping the hilt of an azure blade, a very familiar-looking sword... Her memories flashed back to the ornamental weapon that had always been hanging on top of the kitchen. Next to her, both of her grandparents hurriedly reached out for her, feeling for her head as though she had been suffering from some sort of high fever. "Are you feeling alright?" Yasu Mitsuya, her grandfather, asked with utmost concern. "I... I think so..." She replied, her mind still reeling from the strangely vivid dream she had. Had the whole fight with the invisible creature been a dream too? "Why... why am I holding this?" Having a thousand and one questions, Keiko settled on this one, holding up the blue blade as she showed it to her grandparents. The two of them looked at one another, nodded, and turned to her. "That," Yasu explained, "is the Demon Reaper Blumenkranz."
  7. Tabletop/Board Games

    So far in the short hour that we've tried it, we've played 3-player Chess, Chinese Checkers, Go, D&D, Jenga, some strange card game using Poker cards and some game involving dice and tokens. There are user-created mods for the game, so I suspect that Cards Against Humanity should show up eventually. Also, if you lose or get fed up, you can flip the table and ruin the whole game for everyone. That's always fun XD
  8. Tabletop/Board Games

    Currently, DD, Ice and I have it. Join us, it's pretty hilarious. :D
  9. Name: Keiko Mitsuya, also known as Berserker Age: 16 Appearance: In the past, Keiko used to wear her long, blonde hair in twin ponytails which she called "Mjolnir's Twin Hammers", but times have changed. Now, she has it hanging down her back, being the envy of many girls of her age. She is short for a 16 year old, and can normally be seen carrying around a bokken (called the "Raigeki") tied to her belt. See here for a character image. Personality: Unlike many teenaged girls her age, Keiko does not engage in social activities such as shopping, gossiping and talking about boys. No. Her main past-times involve swinging the Raigeki 1000 times a day, tracking down the movements of demons, and stalking her Senpai. Unfortunately, ever since her family moved out of Fuyukaba city, she lost contact with her Senpai, and instead spends the time telling everyone around her the amazing and wonderful tales of her Senpai's heroic accomplishments against the forces of darkness and evil. Bio: Born and raised in Fuyukaba, a small town in the middle of nowhere, Keiko Mitsuya grew up in awe of her Senpai, the Great Demon Lord, who taught her the 72 Shadow Arts of Darkness at the tender age of 10. As such, she has never grown out of that mindset, fervently believing that one day her secret Demon-slaying skills will come in handy. She has a habit of jumping out of bushes and scaring people, attacking them with the "Super Raigeki Break" attack (which involves her swinging her bokken down on the unsuspecting victim's head). However, at the age of 14, a life-changing event happened: A real, genuine Demon attack broke out in Fuyukaba, and she was only saved by her Senpai who arrived in the nick of time, wielding a flaming blade. Nobody believed her stories as everyone attributed it to her imagination, but Keiko knew what was going on. Before her parents went overseas to work and she was to be sent to Tokyo to stay with her grandparents, Keiko's Senpai gave her his famous parting words: "Continue my legacy, Berserker." These words now form Keiko's life goal. She will hold the tides against the unending forces of darkness. She will be the sole light that shines where others have fallen. She will take up the mantle of the Great Demon Lord, and she will wear it proudly, for she is the Berserker. Ability: Chuuni Sense - Keiko has no magical abilities whatsoever. However, she has met Demons in the past in Fuyukaba city, and has witnessed a demon fight firsthand (although she experienced massive headaches afterwards). Due to her uncanny ability to make believe and imagine fight scenes in her head, she is able to predict the location of Demons even if she cannot see them directly. Raigeki - A legendary and all-powerful blade that is said to have cut through legions of Demons... or so Keiko claims. It's just an ordinary wooden practice sword. Really. Demon Reaper: Blumenkranz A shapeshifting blade that is the fusion of four separate Demon Reapers, Blumenkranz can take the form of four different weapons, each with its own strengths and abilities. The Azure Dragon of the East, Seiryuu - Forming a sword with the glowing form of a dragon wrapped along its sheath, Seiryuu grants Keiko greatly increased movement and reaction speeds, allowing her to outmaneuver her foes with a series of quick slashes and counters. Its ability is to form several shadow clones of Keiko to confuse her enemies. The White Tiger of the West, Byakko - Byakko is an all-purpose rifle with a range that spans across the entirety of Tokyo. Its bullets can penetrate solid concrete and still strike true. Its ability is to shatter magic barriers and defenses with its bullets. The Black Tortoise of the North, Genbu - A dark spear that is longer than Keiko's own body, Genbu passively creates a sphere of frost around Keiko that slows all movement. Its ability is to greatly elevate gravity wherever the frost reaches, further impeding enemy movement while increasing the force of its strikes. The Vermillion Phoenix of the South, Suzaku - Suzaku is a bow of fire that creates and launches its own homing arrows. Its ability is to split its arrows into multiple flaming darts that can rain upon unsuspecting foes. Others: Yes. She is a chuuni.
  10. These characters are stored in an identical copy of the first sacred laptop given to the first humans on earth, inside a dusty broom closet (no one will think of looking in there). Beware the guard dog antivirus. Links provided in this content post temporarily link to the old site until I pull myself together and get the links properly sorted out. ----------------------- The Ultimate Party: 1. Aeifur Omega 2. Avalon Voidstalker 3. Blade Doomstrike 4. Qwestor Icerunner 5. Rammon Metalfist 6. Lefeil Khaz'Bak 7. Zantorr Rinserwind (In use by Wstfgl) 8. Larvichee Darkwing 9. Syara Silverstar Church of the Holy Triumvirate characters: 1. TimeDragon888, Time Traveler of the Holy Triumvirate 2. TiemDRGN666, l3AdAr 0f t3h h3r3r1c4l uN10N 3. Tia888, Optimus Peach 3. Bdolf Hieltr 4. Cdolf Tilher 5. Edolf Hilter 6. Knowledge Man Other characters: 1. Zephyr Widley, Templar Swordsman 2. Valsor Shadowmare, Vampire Dyplanois 3. Ephraim Arthur, Ofanim 4. Sting Jyrazz, Drunken Mercenary 5. Mary Sue, the Protagonist 6. The Uberkuh (Translation: The Overcow) 7. Athon Osrod, Dragon Hunter 8. Xerron Weathervane, Retired Angel 9. Grim Reaper 10. Rufus Redhard, Zoid Pilot 11. Empty Vatie Soraliau character 12. Robert Perez, Pillar of Time 13. Damion Ulysses Vanderpoole, the Nightbringer 14. ARC-FAIL v2001, Church Supercomputer 15. Aristocratas Cosme Fejos Aznaro Cordobes Jimeno Diago La Don Perez De Felipe, Spanish Paladin 16. Diana "Shadow Blade" Strider, rank 9 Monster Hunter 17. Darigan Tyrandia Varimathras, Snobbish Mage 18. Vashiel Vyers, Wandering Pokemon Master 19. Logan Wesley, Rune Knight of Calvera 20. Wesley Equinox, Pokemon Invoker 21. Aurelien-Louis-Guillaume Chenevier, French Super Spy 22. Vashiel Vyers, Pokemon Extraordinare 23. Neopatra Sylfaen Alexandra, Grand Diviner ------------------------
  11. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Fingers, starting from the pinky to the thumb. :D
  12. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters

    There were a few places in Mitsuba City that Keiko made a habit to explore. They were the kinds of places which parents would tell their young daughters not to wander alone at, the places which sent shivers down your spine and made you feel like you were being watched. The town was too small to have any horror stories, but the local police force did a poor job at regulating these parts of town. Once in a while, a person would disappear for a few days, and then a dismembered body would show up in one of these areas. None of these events ever got onto the news. "There is no need to cause undue alarm," said the authorities. "We have the situation under control." The abandoned water park outside town. The graveyard. The construction site of Mitsuba No. 2 High School. When she was here, outside of school, Keiko always had the Raigeki out. It wouldn't make sense for her to get caught off-guard by an evildoer attempting to jump her from behind. Still, there hadn't been many evildoers to fight. Actually, there had been none at all since she had decided to start exploring these areas two weeks ago. Perhaps the tales of murderers and criminals hiding in the shadows of the construction site were greatly exaggerated, meant to scare kids gathered around campfires at night. There was really nothing to fear once you got to know the place a bit better- A scream pierced the air. Keiko froze, spinning around. Was that really... what she thought it was? She cautiously glanced all around her, slowly moving towards the source of the sound. Some birds were known to make high-pitched screeches, perhaps she had misheard- There was a second scream, definitely coming from deeper within the construction site. A sane human being would probably have turned tail and ran at this point. But Keiko Mitsuya was no ordinary human. She was the Berserker, the chosen one to defend the forces of evil. And so, with her heart pounding furiously in her chest, she dashed straight into the site, following the source of the scream. Hold on, she thought. I'm coming to help you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The interior corridors were dim and messy, with dust filling her nose as she ran down the half-constructed hallways, trying to locate the screaming person. The scream had long stopped by now, which made it a bit harder for Keiko to navigate, but not long after she had entered did she hear a second voice: "Why don't you pick on someone your own size, you bastard." It came from directly above her, on the third floor, only audible due to the small holes in the ceiling above her. Keiko did an about turn and dashed for the stairs, climbing them in an instant as she turned to look down the corridor. There, a creature taken straight out of her imagination stood, towering over a fallen boy as its tentacles writhed and extended towards him. The smell of blood was overwhelming now, and Keiko didn't dare to look past the creature to see if there were corpses. Every inch of her was screaming at her to run, to keep the demons inside her imagination where they belonged, but Keiko gritted her teeth and took a step forward. "Courage is not the absence of fear," she mumbled under her breath, bringing the Raigeki up to chest level, "but the triumph over it." Keiko broke into a quick dash, running straight at the tentacle man as she yelled at the top of her voice, raising her sword- Something slashed her across the arm, and she collapsed backwards in surprise and shock, the adrenaline rushing through her mostly preventing her from feeling the pain of the wound. What happened? She was still a good three metres away from the creature... And that was when she saw the shadow. There was clearly nothing in front of her, and yet, the shadow projected on the ground betrayed the assailant's location. An invisible attacker, and a tentacle monster. What a combination. Climbing to her feet, Keiko jumped back as she brought the Raigeki up again, her imagination filling in the blanks where her eyes could not process. The invisible creature had already stepped away from the window, causing its shadow to disappear, but Keiko had watched enough anime and choreographed enough of her own fight scenes to see where this was going. She took a step forwards, lowering her bokken to her side. The creature will swing at my neck first- she ducked, feeling the swish of wind above her head. In the same motion, she brought the wooden sword up in a swing, feeling it connect hard with the assailant's body. It's knocked to the side now, she thought as the imaginary figure of the creature slammed into the wall. It's going to roar in anger and come at me- Keiko jumped to the side, swinging her bokken down as she successfully struck it once more. This isn't good, I can't tell how much damage I'm doing. Is it recoiling in pain, or shrugging off my attack? Taking the safer option, she hopped back, only to barely avoid another of its scythe-like attacks, but this time it grazed her cheek, drawing a thin line of blood. A gunshot rang through the air. Keiko turned to the staircase - there was another girl standing there, holding a rifle. More specifically, it seemed to be a M4 with an M203. Clearly she could see or sense where the creature was, or else she wouldn't know where to shoot at. Keiko's mind worked quickly, estimating the trajectory of the bullet as she dashed in and delivered another slash. I'm doing it, Senpai. I'm fighting off the forces of evil, like you asked me to. Are you proud of me, Senpai? Where have you gone?
  13. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters

    "Do you know where the Codex is?" Keiko Mitsuya stood in the middle of the corridor, clutching her books to her chest as she faced a bespectacled senior who looked utterly confused at her question. He stared at her nervously for a few moments, clearing his throat and loosening his collar as he racked his brain for a proper answer. Keiko was a pretty cute-looking girl by most standards, and if only she didn't carry around a bokken everywhere she went, one could easily be fooled into thinking that she was merely an innocent, defenseless first-year student. "Uhhh, I'm sorry, I don't really understand you..." the senior mumbled, straightening his glasses as he spoke. "The Codex," Keiko repeated persistently, pressing in even closer. "Do you not know of it? The arcane, heavily fortified location where grimoires of only the darkest evil are contained, lest their powers be made manifest and destroy our world." "Uhhhh... Do you mean the library?" "The Codex." "Riiight. Go up this staircase and turn right once you see the staff rooms." "Thank you! May the Four Elements watch over you," Keiko said as she drew a magic circle in the air with her finger towards the senior before turning to run up the stairs. Her heart pounded with excitement as she rushed past surprised students standing in the hallway, and a cry of "No running in the hallway!" could be heard behind her, but Keiko paid it little heed as she quickly approached the location of the Codex on the third floor of Mitsuba. She skidded to a halt in front of the sliding door that led to the Codex, pausing to catch her breath. One couldn't enter the Codex freely just like that. There could be any number of magical traps and wards over the entrance of the door, designed to disintegrate or petrify any unwanted intruders at the blink of an eye. Keiko drew another magic circle, this time on the surface of the door, a flashy magical battle occurring in the depths of her imagination as the traps were nullified one by one. Confident that it was safe to enter now, Keiko pushed open the door and stepped in. The libra- I mean, the Codex was a quiet, meditative place, with students sitting quietly at various desks as they pored over their selected text in silence. The librarian - who Keiko referred to as the Prophet - was seated near the entrance. She had long brown hair and was currently in the process of eating a box of Pocky, despite the obvious "No Food and Drinks in the Library" sign that was directly above her head. Where have I seen this scene before? Keiko wondered, as a sense of deja vu flooded her. She walked up to the Prophet, waving at her to get her attention. The Prophet looked up, and for a moment, her eyes widened. Perhaps she could see into the Ethereal Realm as well, and saw Berserker's lines of power emanating from her. "Do you know where to find the Malleus Maleficarum, Prophet?" "The what what? And what did you call me?" "The Malleus Maleficarum. The compilation of the various kinds of demons mankind has come into contact before. I require it in order to fight off the forces of evil more effectively." A look of understanding crossed the Prophet's face, and she pointed lazily at a shelf at the back of the Codex. "Check the fiction section. It should be under section B." Keiko nodded, headed to the shelf which had been pointed out. She knew exactly what she was looking for - a thick, black tome with its pages yellowed with age. She had seen it many times on the internet before. It was an extremely rare book that only had several hundred copies printed before its production was stopped - possibly because the world was not ready for its truth. Now, the responsibility fell on Keiko's shoulders to obtain the Malleus Maleficarum, and ensure that the knowledge within was put to good use. Her eyes lit up as she noticed it almost immediately; it stood out like a sore thumb from the rest of the books around it. As she reached out for the book, another arm was faster, grabbing it away before she could react. "What? Who goes there?" Keiko said, looking up before finding a boy with brown hair and a black jacket clutching the Malleus Maleficarum before her eyes. "Quickly, pass that book to me. Opening it without activating the proper rituals will cause the traps to kill you instantly!" The boy looked at her for a moment. Then, a smile slowly crossed his face as he raised his one spare arm to his eye. "Hah hah hah! Do you really think that I, the Eternal Wielder of Darkness, will fall prey to such a simple trap?" Keiko took a surprised step backwards. "I-Impossible... The Eternal Wielder of Darkness? No mere mortal can dream of containing such power..." "Is that so? Well, feast your eyes on I, Rokurou Ryouta, sixth Wielder of Darkness and the Purveyor of Shadows!" Ryouta dramatically gestured to his chest. Woah, that looked cool for a moment, Keiko thought. Ryouta seemed to calm down for a bit after his declaration, continuing, "How do you know about the Malleus Maleficarum anyway?" "I have been tracking it for many years now," she replied solemnly. "It is my job as the Berserker, the heir of the mantle granted upon me by the Great Demon Lord himself, to come into such knowledge." "The Berserker, huh? What do mortals refer to you by?" "I am known as Keiko Mitsuya to many." "Keiko Mitsuya, the Berserker. It is an honor to meet you." Ryouta made a flourish with his hands before falling to one knee, bowing his head politely towards Keiko. She could feel her face rapidly turning red. Wh-what is this? Is this some sort of mental assault by the Eternal Wielder of Darkness? I-I will not fall prey to it! "Th-the honor is mine," Keiko stammered despite her best efforts to control herself. "A-anyway, you may have obtained it today, but don't think that I will give up on obtaining it for myself one day! When the Codex comes to claim it back after two weeks, know that I, the Berserker-" She never got to finish that sentence. The Prophet tapped her on the shoulder, an angry look on her face. "You two are making far too much noise, dammit!" ... And that is how both the Berserker and the Eternal Wielder of Darkness got kicked out from the library.
  14. CLOSED Mitsuba Academy: Art Club

    The three students assembled in the Art Club spent the first thirty minutes of club activity time... well, drawing. Akira continued seated where he was, striking his usual pose, lacking any trace of the overbearingly fierce demeanor he had demonstrated in the classroom earlier. After he was quite certain that no one else was coming, however, he cleared his throat (and it was quite a throat-clearing, indeed), and began to address the trio assembled before him. "~Welcome to the Art Club~ (spoken in English), ladies and gentlemen. For the sake of this young lady here," he said, gesturing to Erin, "I will reintroduce myself. My name is Akira Miyamoto, and I have been sent from the government." Akira gave the room another sniff. "All three of you have undoubtedly arrived because you received my encoded message on the flyers. This means that you have powers of some sort, abilities that are capable of killing Demons, Warlocks and their Thralls. Undoubtedly all of you have participated in some level of Demon-fighting in the past; I can see it in your eyes. Unfortunately, the level of fighting that you have been involved in have been the bare minimal, merely dealing with the spillage that leaks out of the Hellmouth that is very nicely located right beneath our feet." "There is something ~greater~ going on!" He turned to a cassette player on the table and turned it on, causing it to play strange electro music. Akira then abruptly got up from his seat to cower over Erin's wide-eyed expression, his shirt hardly covering his upper body at all. "A Demon, the kind that would cause massive destruction to everything and everyone we know or love, or at least in Mitsuba. That is what is going to come from the Hellmouth if we don't do anything to stop it. You've seen the signs. The number of Warlocks have increased in the past few weeks. There is demonic activity everywhere around town. Fortunately for you, I have the ability to detect these activities, and point you in the right directions. There is one moving about tonight, in fact." Akira started pacing about the room. "He is a Warlock of the Wild Hunt, and thus possesses the ability to metamorphose into a bestial form. This particular one happens to be a generic wolf. Don't underestimate him, however, he also has several Thralls under his command. I have located him somewhere on the outskirts of town. For ~reasons~, I cannot go personally to take him out, but you three just need to continue doing what you do best... Shall we come to a cooperation agreement?"
  15. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    A baby. Throwing babies out of windows make for grieving wives.
  16. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Art Club students can go ahead and post in the new thread now. You don't have to want to join the Art Club, you could just be there because you saw the message on the flyers. When you enter the room, you will see Akira sitting half-naked, facing away from the entrance, staring straight at you with a smile. Image provided below. He will strike a pose and ask you to draw him on one of the various canvases located in the room, and give you a good sniff while you're drawing.
  17. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    I will provide fire support~
  18. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    One correct answer would be "Smelly Tofu", but I don't think that's it. XD
  19. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    If she's 16 years old she should be a first year I think. It would be better in that way anyway, so that Lavalley will be able to bring her into the Lit Club easier, and the Art Club can proceed now that everyone's here. In any case, don't worry about post lengths Shadow. :)
  20. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I hope you're not referring to a green six-wheeled bus.
  21. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    For the first homeroom of class 2-B, Miyamoto-sensei looks like this: Also, second year students can skip to reading only the 3rd and 4th parts of my post because it's a little long.
  22. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters

    The figure of darkness stood before her, towering in the midst of the blood-stained field like an immutable force of evil. Her allies had fallen away one by one, each one giving their lives bravely to combat Chaos's servants, but ultimately they had been defeated, leaving her standing as the last member of the Holy Grail Knights. But she wasn't planning on dying today. Not while she still had the responsibility on her shoulders. The mantle of the Great Demon Lord. Berserker raised her legendary weapon before her, staring defiantly at her mortal arch-enemy. "Reality, be rent," she whispered. "Eternity, in my grasp. Fatality, to my enemies. Super... Raigeki... BREAK!!!" The overcast thunderclouds above her began to coalesce and gather, before releasing a single lightning bolt that struck the tip of the Raigeki, increasing its power a thousandfold. It was all she could muster for now; hopefully it would be enough. "Today, your evil schemes end!" She pushed forwards with her foot, sending her flying at the Dark Master, crossing the distance between them within an instant. The lightning blade within her hand crackled with energy as she swung it in a downwards arc... And Keiko Mitsuya struck the training dummy with a loud crack. She stood there for a short moment, sweat rolling down her forehead as her imagination continued to play out the epic battle between her and the straw dummy. Over the horizon, the sun was lazily rising into the sky, heralding the start of the day - the first day of the new term. Keiko slowly lowered her bokken from the dummy's neck, taking a step back and doing a respectful bow before heading back into the house to prepare for school. It was strange how events unfolded in her life. All her life, she had expected to follow in her Senpai's footsteps, with the first step being entering into Fuyukaba Academy. Instead, her parents had moved overseas for business purposes at the start of the previous year, forcing her to move halfway across the country to stay with her grandparents at Mitsuba. It was heartwrenching, at first, to say goodbye to her Senpai. But then, he had given her his parting words, which would form the core tenets of her life for the next couple of years. "Continue my legacy, Berserker." Her grandfather was awake early, as usual. He milled about in the kitchen, a pot of tea already brewing on the stove. Behind him, on the wall, a strange sword was mounted on display. Keiko's eyes had always been inevitably drawn towards it, perhaps due to her unhealthy obsession with swords and powers. "Good morning, Keiko-chan," he greeted with a wheezy voice, turning to smile at her. "It's good to see you hard at training so early in the day." "I cannot let my guard down, grandpa," she answered in a tone that indicated that what she said was the most obvious thing in the world. "The forces of evil must be kept at bay." "Yes, yes," he answered with the ever-present smile, carrying out a tray of breakfast as he laid it all out on the table. Keiko's grandmother slowly walked out of the bedroom soon after, as though attracted by the smell of green tea. Together, the three of them assembled themselves around the dining table and began their meal. Her grandmother asked her whether she was ready for high school, and her grandfather reminded her not to go out with strange guys alone, and the mealtime conversation proceeded normally as such. After she was done, Keiko rushed to her room where she changed out of her gi and put on the Mitsuba school uniform, tied the Raigeki to her belt, gave herself a check in the mirror, and ran out of the front door. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "... she's totally, perfectly eligible!" concluded Mr Lavalley, her new homeroom teacher, much to the amusement of most of her classmates. Keiko hadn't been paying much attention, however. Her seat was fortunately (or unfortunately) located next to the window, where she could gaze out into the school field and lose herself in her own imagination. However, the next name was called, and she jerked to attention. "Mitsuya!" came Lavalley's voice. "Y-yes!" Keiko shot up from her seat, her hand instinctively reaching for her bokken. It took her a moment to realize that she was not being attacked by shadow creatures, after all, but was merely in homeroom. Mr Lavalley's eyes drifted to her sword. "Is that a bokken, Mitsuya-chan? Are you intending on joining the Kendo Club? I hear their tryouts aren't till the end of the week." Slowly, Keiko drew the Raigeki, brandishing it like a prized blade as she gazed at it proudly. "This is the Raigeki, sensei. I must have it on me at all times, lest I get surprised by the forces of evil. You never know when they may strike. It is for your own safety, as well as everyone else in the class here. It is best that none of you... no, I cannot say. It will only put your eternal souls at risk." With that, she held a hand over her face in an attempt to look dark and mysterious. Most of her classmates were staring at her, dumbfounded. A few burst into light giggles. Lavalley-sensei looked... amused, and slightly confused. "R-right, Mitsuya-chan. You certainly have a very vivid... imagination. Perhaps you would consider joining the Literature Club instead?" "I'm sorry, Lavalley-sensei, but I fear I do not have time for trivial things such as school clubs. Someone must hold back the tides of evil." Lavalley laughed. "You might find yourself changing your mind before the end of the week. In any case, thank you, Mitsuya-chan. You may sit back down." "At your permission." Keiko seated herself again, completely oblivious to the sniggering that was going on around her. She had no concerns about the amusements of mere mortal men. Her gaze drifted back out into the school courtyard, and once more it began to be flooded by dancing demonic creatures in her imagination, and soon Lavalley's voice was but background noise in her ears once more. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Two months ago... A man with jet black hair and a navy blue jacket strolled into the staff office, where he took his seat opposite the desk that belonged to the principal of Mitsuba Academy. The principal, a balding and slightly plump man, gave him a quick lookover before opening the file that contained his details. "Miyamoto-san, correct?" "Please, call me Akira." He gave the principal a charming smile. "Akira-san, then," the principal continued, scanning down the file. "Your previous job was at a company named... Furry... Suit? Is that how it's pronounced? These English words are confusing." "Ah, yes. It's a governmental agency in the States. You'll find all the necessary paperwork at the back of my resume." The principal gave them a quick glance, but didn't go into the details, partially because most of it was written in English. "Yes, yes, looks like everything's in order. You will be the homeroom teacher for class 2-B. I'm sure you have been briefed on Japanese customs? I mean, you are Japanese, but you've been living in America all this time..." "I'm sure I'll learn quickly, Mr Principal." "Good, good. You have also requested to be the teacher of... the Art Club? I don't see any problems with that. I'll show you the classroom you can use for club activities." "Thank you, Mr Principal. I'm sure I'll have a great time teaching at your school." Akira gave him a toothy smile, and for a second, the principal thought he saw rows upon rows of... canine teeth. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Back to present day... The classroom door of class 2-B slammed open with a loud bang, instantly silencing the chatter within as a dark, brooding figure stepped in and slid the door shut. Perhaps it was because of the completely black outfit he was wearing, or perhaps it was just the way he carried himself, but almost all of the students were intimidated into staring at the new teacher silently as he slowly made his way to the desk at the center. He placed his file down, then turned to face the students with what they interpreted as a death glare. "Is this the new teacher?" came a whisper from the back. "He looks like he's about to kill us!" The new teacher said nothing, although his ears perked up slightly at the sound. He cleared his throat, gave his file one more look, then loudly proclaimed (in English): "HOW DO YOU DO!!!" There was silence. One girl in the corner broke down into soft sobbing. He cleared his throat again, seemingly catching his mistake, then repeated in Japanese: "Good morning, students. My name... is Akira Miyamoto." He turned around to write "Akira Miyamoto" on the whiteboard, but it was written in English. "I will be... your homeroom teacher for this year. In addition..." Akira paused for a moment to take in a deep, disturbing breath, as though he was trying to take in the general smell of the students assembled before him. "... I can sense that there are great artists around you. I am also... the teacher of the Art Club. If any... of you are interested in... drawing, you may consider joining." Akira tapped his finger on the desk as he stopped talking, as though waiting for someone to spontaneously offer to join the Art Club. When no one responded, he sighed and continued, "Interested participants may... meet me outside the classroom after homeroom. Alternatively, you can come... to the Art Room after lessons have ended. Now, for roll call..." He picked up the file and squinted at it. "How in the world do you read this Kanji..." After a few minutes of mumbling to himself, Akira threw the file onto the ground abruptly, causing the nearest student to jump back. "Never mind! We will introduce ourselves one by one. State your name and give... a short introduction about yourself. Let's start from... you. The crying girl in the corner. Wipe your tears and stand up, girl." She did stand up, but only to leave the classroom bawling. Unfazed, Akira's finger shifted to the next student. "Never mind... we'll start with you. Stand up, boy. We'll go down the rows like that." And just like that, everyone began to introduce themselves each in turn.
  23. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

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  24. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Slight change of plans, Art Club students will post in the main thread for the first day of school. Akira will be the homeroom teacher for class 2-B, and will be putting up a leaflet for interested students to apply to join the Art Club soon.