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  1. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    For students of the Art Club, your first fight won't be so soon. Report as per normal to school, and come to the Art Club after lessons. Your new teacher will be introduced there shortly~ (Will be starting the thread soon)
  2. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    It is referring to a painting?
  3. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    Go ahead and start the RP when you're ready then, Shadow. :)
  4. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    That is so genius
  5. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Yeah if you don't tell us the ending you planned for Karyu we're always going to assume he dropped out of school after Fuyu ended and became a ramen seller. XD
  6. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Sanzi's already slowing everyone down and he hasn't even created his character yet. :mellow: Anyway right now the plan's to split everyone into 2 groups of 4, though I'm sure one group can accommodate 5 if you want to join.
  7. Dancing with Death [Private]

    Two Inquisitors. By the stars, this situation was getting worse and worse by the minute, Lionel decided. By the surprised look on Jarrod's face, he hadn't been expecting the Crown to dispatch another Inquisitor on the case as well. Lionel barely kept himself from jumping when Marx turned to look at him, but fortunately, the newcomer didn't seem to find anything wrong with him being on the crime scene. Perhaps he had assumed that he was part of Jarrod's squad. "I'd want to ask you more, but it's clearly not a good idea to do it here," Lionel breathed to Jarrod. "You can find me at the Dancing Sword Inn tonight." The young Inquisitor raised his eyebrow questioningly. "What makes you think I'm going to let you out of here? You are my prime suspect, after all." Lionel smirked. "Do you really want to see if you can keep me from leaving?" "I don't have to try, I know I can." The two men stared at each other for a whole, tense minute, neither one of them moving an inch. You could feel the tension crackling in the air around them from the atmosphere. But finally, as though coordinated by an unknown signal, both of them burst into laughter, shattering the mood like a sledgehammer through glass. "It's good to see you again, bud," Lionel said, patting Jarrod on the shoulder. "It's been too long." "Far too long," Jarrod agreed. "Don't make me regret this, Lionel." He didn't grace that with a response, quietly slipping out of the room and heading back out of the castle. He hadn't managed to get a glimpse of the crime scene, but that option had already been out of the question the moment he knew that Jarrod Drake was part of the investigation team. Lionel had seen that man take down people far stronger than himself, and he wouldn't want to deliberately cross swords with him. In any case, he had done Lionel a great favor five years ago, and Lionel still remembered that. ... The night was cold. Despite being in the middle of spring, a chilling breeze still occasionally swept through the town of Greensdale. At this time, the streets were mostly deserted, with most civilians retreated to the safety of their homes. There were even less people than normal tonight; the Baron's murder might have scared a lot of people home, despite the increased security in the region. To Lionel, the mageknights patrolling the streets only served as a nuisance - most of them tended to be abusive with their authority, and manhandled anyone who looked even remotely suspicious. Or perhaps pretty. Fortunately for him, the darkness was his friend. Nala'hedriel's shadows kept Lionel well out of sight as he walked along the darker side of the street, his sandals barely making any noise. He always found it peaceful to take long night walks; he said it helped clear his mind, when he needed to think. Tonight, he had a mission, however. Greensdale's library, like many others in the surrounding cities, was sponsored by the Crown to have its doors open throughout the night. "Knowledge is a mage's best friend!" Emperor Durandal the Fourth had proclaimed. "And no mage should ever be turned down should he seek knowledge where it can be found!" Well, Lionel wasn't a mage, and technically his citizenship was in question, but he was sure the local librarian didn't know any better. The library building was lit up like a lantern amid the darkness, and as Lionel approached it he felt the shadows fall away from around him. The warmth of the building radiated outwards invitingly, and Lionel gratefully stepped through the front doors. It was no grand library, and its shelves were sparse and sometimes dusty. Unlike the Grand Library back in the country's capital, Zekiel, which had rows upon rows of marble bookshelves and floating tables, this one was a simple, quaint little two-storey building with a sleepy librarian and a sign saying "No loud magic allowed!" on the door. Lionel swept towards the section on anti-magic, which was a fairly small section by itself. Anti-magic was considered to be largely impossible by human standards. The complexity involved in deciphering the exact manner in which your opponent had encoded the spell, figuring out the appropriate countermeasure, and applying it while the spell was still flying at great speeds towards you was far too difficult for even the greatest minds. Still, Jarrod had said that someone canceled the Baron's magic. Someone apart from Lionel. Could it be...? His mind drifted towards the image of a young girl, his sister. His thoughts were interrupted when he entered the anti-magic section, only to find someone already standing there. It was no ordinary person either - he had only glanced upon the man's face earlier, but he remembered the distinctive golden eyes that had looked at him for that brief moment. The other Inquisitor, Marx. Should I speak to him? Lionel wrestled with the split second decision. No, he only took a glance over me, he can't possibly remember who I am. I'll just take the book I need and leave. Just as Lionel decided on his course of action, however, he saw Inquisitor Marx's gaze travel sideways and lock onto him, and he froze.
  8. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Jinta isn't Pope yet in this RP, it's only 1 year after the end of Fuyu 1 :P
  9. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Okay kids, Mr Akira Miyamoto will be in charge of the Art Club. He can't draw, but he has volunteered to (permanently) be the model instead. Members of the Art Club will be DD, Yajuu, Sanzi and Wst. Everyone else is in the Lit Club. Also, we forgot to mention that there is one other way that humans can fight Demons, and that is through the holy power granted by being a member of the Church. These powers are specifically designed to combat Demons and are sometimes more effective than using Demon Reapers. Of course, your character has to be a member of the Church in order to wield these holy powers.
  10. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    Someone is blowing up a town and needs someone to stop him?
  11. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Okay, we might have worked out how Raiha will work. But it will involve some tweaking (will contact you privately about that).
  12. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Just to let everyone know, the mood of this RP will be pretty light-hearted. It will follow the same style as the original Fuyukaba RP, meaning the battles are cool yet tough, while time is still allocated in between fights for silly, sometimes awkward "Social Link" (character development) scenes. There may be a little angst near the end, when the bad guy seems to be winning, but it is usually overcome by the team's sheer determination. So not too much angst. Your character should have several possible love interests a la true Shounen style, but ultimate end up with the OTP (One True Pairing). These love interests may or may not be involved in Demon fighting, but will usually take on a more supportive role. Basically, if you've read mangas like One Piece or Naruto, take it to the extreme and you've got Mitsuba Academy. :)
  13. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    The letter "H"?
  14. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Name: Keiko Mitsuya, also known as Berserker Age: 16 Appearance: In the past, Keiko used to wear her long, blonde hair in twin ponytails which she called "Mjolnir's Twin Hammers", but times have changed. Now, she has it hanging down her back, being the envy of many girls of her age. She is short for a 16 year old, and can normally be seen carrying around a bokken (called the "Raigeki") tied to her belt. See here for a character image. Personality: Unlike many teenaged girls her age, Keiko does not engage in social activities such as shopping, gossiping and talking about boys. No. Her main past-times involve swinging the Raigeki 1000 times a day, tracking down the movements of demons, and stalking her Senpai. Unfortunately, ever since her family moved out of Fuyukaba city, she lost contact with her Senpai, and instead spends the time telling everyone around her the amazing and wonderful tales of her Senpai's heroic accomplishments against the forces of darkness and evil. Bio: Born and raised in Fuyukaba, a small town in the middle of nowhere, Keiko Mitsuya grew up in awe of her Senpai, the Great Demon Lord, who taught her the 72 Shadow Arts of Darkness at the tender age of 10. As such, she has never grown out of that mindset, fervently believing that one day her secret Demon-slaying skills will come in handy. She has a habit of jumping out of bushes and scaring people, attacking them with the "Super Raigeki Break" attack (which involves her swinging her bokken down on the unsuspecting victim's head). However, at the age of 14, a life-changing event happened: A real, genuine Demon attack broke out in Fuyukaba, and she was only saved by her Senpai who arrived in the nick of time, wielding a flaming blade. Nobody believed her stories as everyone attributed it to her imagination, but Keiko knew what was going on. Before her parents went overseas to work and she was to be sent to Tokyo to stay with her grandparents, Keiko's Senpai gave her his famous parting words: "Continue my legacy, Berserker." These words now form Keiko's life goal. She will hold the tides against the unending forces of darkness. She will be the sole light that shines where others have fallen. She will take up the mantle of the Great Demon Lord, and she will wear it proudly, for she is the Berserker. Ability: Chuuni Sense - Keiko has no magical abilities whatsoever. However, she has met Demons in the past in Fuyukaba city, and has witnessed a demon fight firsthand (although she experienced massive headaches afterwards). Due to her uncanny ability to make believe and imagine fight scenes in her head, she is able to predict the location of Demons even if she cannot see them directly. Raigeki - A legendary and all-powerful blade that is said to have cut through legions of Demons... or so Keiko claims. It's just an ordinary wooden practice sword. Really. Others: Yes. She is a chuuni.
  15. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Ero's got it! :)
  16. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Possible, but no xD I at least try my best to use my free time for myself.
  17. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    What belongs to you and only to you, but everyone else uses it way more often than you do?
  18. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    Contractor Name: Leonidas Nikopoulos Age: 31 Appearance: Tall, grizzled and hard, Leonidas can usually be found wearing a grey duster above a utilitarian shirt and jeans combination. Affiliation: Government Celestian: Titan Dune Personality: Leonidas is a self-proclaimed "defender of justice". In terms of morality issues, he will usually decide to take the side of the "greater good", even if it means hurting or killing someone on the other side. He is also a staunch pragmatist, believing in achieving his goals using whatever means necessary, even if it means playing dirty or using underhanded means. Despite having the powers of his Celestian, Leonidas prefers to hold a few ways to kill off his enemies without Titan Dune's help, as he believes that over-reliance will lead to complacency. Friends of Leonidas will often describe him as a casual, easy-going individual who has a terrible sense of humor. In his free time, he enjoys watching reality TV shows, playing poker, and practicing at the firing range. He has a secret craving for Chinese food at night and he plays the guitar occasionally. History: Leonidas is a senior member of the FBI, having joined as soon as he had reached the age of 18, following his father's footsteps. At a young age, he showed a natural talent towards firearms, and could fully disassemble and reassemble an assault rifle under 30 seconds. He was trained in espionage, interrogation, investigation and squad movement techniques, and was assigned a Celestian after he completed his training. He proved his worth at the age of 25, in what was commonly known as the "Maxwell Incident". Since then, he has been considered one of the more reliable agents, and has been working to handle the more "sensitive" issues around the world. Celestian Name: Titan Dune ​Appearance: In his natural state, Dune takes the form of a shroud of sentient fog that materializes around Leon. It is white in colour, and opaque enough to shroud his figure from people standing a fair distance away. However, he rarely takes this form. Most of the time, Dune can be found hiding inside Leon's duster, which is inlaid with metal strips lengthwise. While he is within a metallic object, Dune cannot be seen. Stars Rating: 5 Type: Empowering Class: Sarcastic Neutral Personality: Despite his imposing name, Titan Dune doesn't like being exposed and prefers to hide himself inside metallic objects, particularly Leon's duster. He is snarky and sarcastic, and can often be heard complaining about Leon's actions or choices. Despite this, Dune actually respects Leon, having worked with him for a long amount of time now, and often trusts him when everything goes wrong.
  19. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Triplets and all of them are girls.
  20. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    One of them is adopted?
  21. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I vote we stop Wst from posting riddles here.
  22. OPEN [Discussion] Gods Among Us

    I might be interested. Do you have a particular plot/storyline in mind already?
  23. Post your Desktop

    Try imgur!
  24. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Yeah, I think Soly got it. Your own shadow.
  25. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    The horizon. Also who's the one who keeps disappearing after we talked about starting a new superpowered RP I wonder