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  1. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Kote frowned when he heard Lumen mention the bandits he had found. "Those hooligans are still wandering around here?" He muttered under his breath. "I thought I took care of that problem a while ago..." Upon noticing that Lumen could hear him, Kote shrugged and answered, "Well, mercenaries and knights are welcome in this town, but not murderers. Do behave while you're here, or others will make you behave." "In any case, the bandits used to be a problem until just a while ago. The last I heard, they were chased out of the vicinity, but perhaps they're back. You have my thanks if you've taken care of them for us."
  2. dumb shit noia made

  3. Word. Yeah you can eat just about anything in Singapore. You guys should come visit! We'll give you a food tour or something. This is relevant:
  4. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    Hello Phreshaer! I thought Guardians of the Galaxy was a pretty good movie too.
  5. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [Waiting for rippernik to reply before proceeding with the battle. If you guys want to proceed anyway, simply say so in an OOC post.] The barmaid of the Waystone Inn perked up in surprise when Roselyn whispered in her ear, but she recovered from her surprise quickly and hurried into the back kitchen, re-appearing a few moments later with a jug of hard ale and a yellowed plate of bread. She placed both in front of Roselyn, curtsied, and hurried away as Kote looked over her with the same apathetic expression that he has had since the start of the evening. "Do excuse Chantelle," he said softly. "She hasn't been here long, but she's a quick learner." Upon noticing that Millia had emerged from her room, Kote gestured to Chantelle, who brought out a sloppy sandwich that was leaning over to one side on another yellowed plate. She handed Millia her order, allowing the two ladies to engage in their conversation as she quickly backed off. Finally, Kote's line of sight turned to Lumen. "Haven't seen you around these parts," he muttered, eyeing the gold coin. "Are you a traveler? Not much gold passes by this town. Earlier today old Martha scammed an adventurer of four gold coins in exchange for three loaves of bread." Chantelle hurried out with a slab of roasted meat and some wine, placing them in front of Lumen before backing away politely.
  6. Starry Sean Protest

    This only shows Sanzi will forever be beta~ (No I'm not the one skewing the votes)
  7. dumb shit noia made

    Such moe Wow
  8. Meep :3!

    This (and what server do you play on?) As HH mentioned the two of us are Scholars, so feel free to approach any one of us if you have any questions! I do my best to feed the Poro every ARAM match so you can count on me to be pretty friendly. Yup yup. And yes, do join Shadows of Chandur if you like fantasy RPs!
  9. Rules of Nature (Closed)

    It's aliiiiiiive Well, Mercia's supposed to be working with Luka but you can probably just say he's not home or has gone MIA or something. Roberta can either shoot Vincent in the face or act all tsundere towards him.
  10. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [Yup it's fine, Gaea!] First, Zaza looked at Zephyr with incredulity. "You do not know of Balthur the Nefarious? The immensely powerful dark wizard who has conquered the entirety of Chandur through the legions of his orc and dragon army? True, we may be at a rural region of Chandur, but even so... Where have you been for the last ten years, boy?" He barely paid any attention to Frank, the cowardly member of his squad who was slowly backing away from the fight. He'd deal with deserters and cowards after this mess has been cleared up. Then he turned towards Takakazu with a cold glare. "A foolish choice," he commented. "Allow me to end your life before some necromancer corrupts your soul and lays claim to your strange abilities." As he finished his sentence, his tiger suddenly pounced towards Takakazu, moving with surprising speed even with the bandit riding above as it landed with a hard thud, charging straight at him. The trees before Zaza cracked and split in half as he passed through them, his Astral Shield forcefully pushing them back. "You thought you could get me to lower my guard by provoking me?" He roared. "I am no child in battle, boy!"
  11. Rules of Nature

    Vincent prowled the corridors of the hospital, his hands in his trenchcoat as he casually observed his surroundings, occasionally checking out the booty of some young nurse who walked past him. He was technically here on "official police work", but that didn't stop him from enjoying himself while doing so. Pain throbbed from the side of his chest, causing him to wince as he instinctively gave the bruise a rub - the two women he fought yesterday had been quite vicious in her attacks. But her presence meant that there were unregistered Anima users moving about town, and Akira would definitely not appreciate something like that. Vincent sighed - this meant that he probably had actual work to do when he got back to the office. He continued to follow the scent he had picked up a couple of days ago, leading him into a deserted corridor of the hospital. It led to the eastern wing, which was scheduled to undergo renovation works within the next two weeks. All of the patients had been moved out of the premises already, but that strange scent was still emanating from that direction. "Now this is getting interesting..." he muttered to himself, grinning widely as he stepped over the cordon and proceeded to walk into the empty hallways. It didn't take long for him to discover a second scent - a familiar one that he had picked up just recently. His side twitched with annoyance once more as the memory of the woman with the Anima guns surfaced - was she here to track him down? Vincent sniffed; it seemed that she wasn't with her companion this time. Even so, the situation just became much more complicated. Akira had even given him a good scolding for randomly challenging Anima users to a fight... If he did that again, it's likely that he'd get a pay cut. According to the strength of the scent, she wasn't too far from his location... He turned the corner, hands in his coat as he smiled at Roberta. "Good afternoon, miss," he greeted casually with a wave of his hand. "What might you be-" Vincent abruptly stopped mid-sentence as his eyes widened, noticing the menacing figure behind Roberta. He was a giant of a man, towering behind the female Anima user yet not leaking a single trace of his presence except for the intensely hostile aura emanating from him. That's not right, Vincent thought frantically. The unknown scent is nowhere near this place... Was it a fake? The stranger took two steps towards Roberta, raising his hands as he stretched them out towards the unknowing woman's head. "Behind you!" Vincent barked, the silver-white longsword materializing in his hand as he charged at the figure, closing the distance in the blink of an eye - but as he swung the blade, it simply passed through thin air. He stumbled a few steps, turning around him rapidly, but there was no sign of the strange man. His hostile aura had vanished completely as well, making Vincent wonder if the whole thing had just been part of his imagination. Unfortunately, Roberta was still on scene, and he realized with a sinking feeling that she probably mistook his actions as an attempted attack on her. There was no time for words now - metal quickly shifted over his face and neck as he prepared for her inevitable "counterattack".
  12. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Before Zaza could react, the sudden introduction of two new individuals to the scene had immediately thrown it into chaos. He didn't notice the invisible Shikigami flying at him from Takakazu's direction, but the attack was stopped nevertheless when the spirit collided with an invisible barrier around Zaza with a crackling noise. "Nice trick you have there, boy," he grunted at Takakazu, smirking as he held up the device in his arm. "But you won't be able to launch any sneak attacks on me as long as I have the Astral Shield." It was hard to see under the dim moonlight, but the tiger that Zaza was riding on also had a collar around its neck. "Let him go?" Zaza questioned Zephyr in a mocking tone. "Why do you care so much for this simple beast? Can't you see that he will serve a much better cause fighting against the dark oppression of the wizard Balthur? The world is dying, surely even you can see that. If I did what you said and 'let him go', can't you see that this world's corruption would bring him an early death anyway?" Rustling noises came from all about the group as armed bandits emerged from the shadows all around them, brandishing swords and axes menacingly with wicked grins. One of them blundered into Emmane, and while he was surprised, he recovered quickly as one of his arms shot out and grabbed her wrist. "No sudden movements, miss," he grunted, holding his knife to her neck. "I have already extended my offer to you," Zaza continued, cracking his whip in the air. "Join me, or be considered a sympathizer of Balthur. You have five seconds to decide. Five. Four. Three..." BOSS FIGHT: Head Bandit Zaza, Beast Tamer Boss Fight Rules Unlike fighting normal enemies, you cannot auto-hit or auto-kill bosses. There will always be a way to hurt and/or kill them, but the game master will play out the battle accordingly. In your posts simply state how your character intends to attack the boss (if you are attacking at all).You do not have to fight, even if the battle has started. You may attempt to convince the boss to stop fighting, or to join your side, or to come to a truce through persuasion, intimidation or bluffing.If you do defeat a boss in combat, you may choose to kill him or knock him out with your last attack. Special Abilities and Magic Items (Zaza) Astral Shield - An invisible, crackling forcefield that is generated with a device held in his hand. Significant force is required to break through the defense. However, the barrier has to be lowered before Zaza can make an attack.Beast Tamer - All animals under Zaza's control obey him completely to the point of death.
  13. Starry Sean Protest

    What in the world are stars anyway
  14. The Birthday Thread!

    [10:10:35 AM] Jona.lwz: Was going to wish you happy birthday but [10:10:37 AM] Jona.lwz: [8:52 AM] Sean: <<< better than sanzi so I approve (y) [10:10:40 AM] Jona.lwz: Not anymore
  15. Starry Sean Protest

    Like Dekomori in your sig?
  16. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    At Meis's declaration, a humongous beast emerged from the cave, snarling at the duo with fangs bared. It was a full-grown tiger, with a harness and a saddle hitched onto its neck. Atop it, the bandit leader sat with a smug grin on his face, holding a long whip in one of his arms and a device in the other which crackled with electricity. "Well, it is good to see that at least some people still have manners," he said. "My name is Zaza, and these woods belong to me. Might you two be the the individuals who assaulted my men earlier this afternoon...?" He paused in thought, then continued. "No, he mentioned only one man, and neither of you seem to fit his description. No matter." Zaza extended his arms. "The two of you seem to be reasonable individuals. Perhaps I can make a proposal to you." He gestured southwards, where the town of Nottingham lay. "My preparations for my assault have been completed. At the break of dawn tomorrow, my army of beasts will lay siege upon the town, killing every man, woman and child foolish enough not to evacuate after the warning I gave their mayor three days ago. We will take their weapons, their gold, and their homes. We will exact divine retribution upon them for their loyalty to Balthur's cause." Upon noticing the blank looks on their faces, Zaza looked surprised. "You mean you didn't know? There is a cult of necromancers hidden within the town, using it as a base of operations to spread Balthur's influence. Or are you supporters of the dark wizard too?" He scrutinized Meis and Aria. "Take your stand now. Join us in the fight against the dark forces of this world, or be branded as a traitor to your own kind. Choose, or perish."
  17. School

    See you around in school, I guess :P
  18. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [Nik, does Emmane know of the bandit leader?] [Night] Darkness quickly fell upon the area as Takakazu waited for his prey to appear. Soon the lit torches within the cave became his main light source, but eventually he heard soft footsteps to his right. A towering figure emerged from the shrubbery, casting a confident gaze over the area as though he was searching for something. He was shirtless, and Takakazu could see numerous claw-shaped scars over his chiseled chest, with one particularly large one raked diagonally across. After surveying the area, the large figure moved into the cave, muttering something to the caged animals within that Takakazu couldn't quite hear. [Assuming the day group follows the trail...] At this point in time, Aria, Meis and Marok also arrived at the scene, but emerged from a different location and did not see Takakazu, who was hiding. They did notice the large man enter the cave, however. Emmane, who was following behind them, also would have witnessed the events. Haus had decided to return to town due to a sudden headache, and was no longer in the group. All of a sudden, a large number of wolves converged upon the three of them (Aria, Meis and Marok), growling and baring their fangs as they stood in a semi-circle behind them. Due to Takakazu and Emmane's concealment, they were not noticed by the wolves. "Come in, come in!" boomed a voice from the cave, presumably the large man's. "Someone told me there would be guests tonight. Why don't you come into the light, so that I can have a good look at you?"
  19. Hi guys!!!

    Hey there Cleo! As HH mentioned, the Kindly Scholars are the people that you might want to approach first if you have any questions about the site, or about life in general. Have fun around the site! I'm sure you'll find lots of people who enjoy casual fantasy as well (like me).
  20. The Birthday Thread!

    It's your ~birthday~
  21. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    [Yup that's fine. It was Haus who dropped out temporarily.] As Aria inspected the collars, she detected a faint trace of magical energy that pointed from the collars towards further into the woods. It would seem that these wolves were being remotely controlled by a person, and if the group followed the energy, they'd be able to track down this individual. [if you choose to follow the trail, you will end up at the cave that Takakazu is at now.]
  22. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    Quarius moved around the zombies that were converging on Tellorda, trying to get into a better position to strike those closer to the gold pile. Unfortunately he couldn't quite get far enough, and had to include Lysander in his blast radius. "Sorry about that, mate," he apologized, sending a wave of flashing lights forth from his wand at the zombies. Color Spray (zombies from left to right, then Lysander): Roller timedragon888Character QuariusCampaign SurrealityDescription Color Spray vs WillResults 1d20+9: 25 [1d20=16] Corruption Corpse1d20+9: 19 [1d20=10] Rotter1d20+9: 13 [1d20=4] Rotter1d20+9: 17 [1d20=8] Corruption Corpse1d20+9: 22 [1d20=13] Lysander 1d6+8: 12 [1d6=4] Damage roll Targets are dazed until the end of my next turn.
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    Goodbye Mr Ando
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    Hey welcome back! Hope you enjoy yourself on the site :)