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  1. ::Pilot:: ::Name:: Rufus Redhard ::Age:: 25 ::Sex:: Male ::Appearance:: A man wearing a typical military uniform. 1.8 metres tall, has several scars on his back. With his fierce gaze, he looks a little frightening to most people at first glance. ::Personality:: What you see is what you get. He is a hardened military officer with barely any emotion at all, perhaps just anger. He thinks rationally and logically rather than emotionally during battles. However, he is also surprisingly loyal to his allies. ::Zoid:: ::Name:: Infinity ::Type:: Gildragon ::Color Scheme:: ::Weapons:: Plasma Particle Cannon x4, Needle Gun x10, Gravity Cannon x4, Twin Maser (horns), Beam Smasher x4, Rear Cutting Wings (tailblade) ::Attachments:: Radar Shield, Magnetic Vibration System, Fuel Tank ::Notes:: Rufus was a high-ranked military officer in the Empire. His Gildragon was a reward for being a veteran officer of the war. However, after getting into several disagreements with several commanding officers, coupled with him directly disobeying orders, a death warrant was issued. He escaped with his Gildragon when he got wind of his arrest, and has been on the run from the Empire ever since.
  2. Name: K-Man (Knowledge Man) Gender: Male Age: 40 Appearance: He wears a tight yellow outfit and a blue cape and red underwear. He usually has a green utility belt, mounted with protractors, set squares, measuring tapes and his trusty calculator. His suit covers the top of his head, preventing people from finding out that he is actually partially bald. Background: He was made by combining the forces of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy (the last one isn't really counted, but no one cares). He is the protector of all knowledge and research. Personality: He does not tolerate anything that corrupts the forces of Knowledge and Research. He speaks in complex terms and equations, and usually blasts the first 'bad guy' he sees, without checking whether it is the correct guy. Abilities: Mathematical Equation - K-man can release a long string of complicated variables and inequalities which can join together and act like a whip. Chemical Formula - K-man recites a chemical formula, which manipulates the atoms around him to form that compound. Physics Law - K-man can use the laws of Physics to exert a very precise force on any object near him. The strength of the force can range from a simple poke to a 5000000N slam. Biology Facts - K-man recites a fact about a certain animal, causing him to acquire that fact. For example, if he says, "the mole can dig through the ground at amazing speeds", then he will be able to dig through the ground quickly. The effect lasts only for about a minute. However, he can use this skill as many times as he wants. The facts have to be scientifically correct, of course. Philosophical Argument - K-man can use an argument to prove or disprove anything. If he does, that thing becomes true. For example, if he disproves his enemy's existence, then his enemy will disappear in a puff of logic. However, he requires the agreement of a second person in order for the effects to take place. Miscellaneous: He defends all that is knowledgable and intriguing!
  3. Name: Edolf Hilter Gender: Male Age: 32 Appearance: He has a curly moustache, a strange haircut, and an extremely bad Russian accent (and he was supposed to be German. You see how badly the cloning process went?). He frowns all the time, wears a 20th century Russian soldier uniform and likes the word "pear" a lot. Background: Edolf lives in the 32nd century, and is actually a clone and a replacement of Ddolf Rilteh, who was a clone and replacement of Cdolf Tilher, who was a clone and replacement of Bdolf Hieltr, who was a clone and replacement of Xbox Award winning Adolf Hitler, who scored an all time high score of 6,000,000 kills. You'd think after so many rounds of cloning, his original qualities would have been lost. You are right. Personality: He has a meager capability to think by himself, as he was 'made to follow orders'. He will follow any order that he hears. He USED to only listen to his creator, but due to some undiscovered fault in the cloning process, he now listens to ANY command in the vicinity. He likes explosions very much. Weapons: He is considered a 'commander' in the future army, and thus has some of the most high-tech weapons during that era. Air Strike Transmitter - Edolf can summon an air strike on ANY location, as long as the planes can reach that place. The time between his command and the air strike is approximately 3 seconds. It can be used infinitely, but only once at a time. The cooldown rate for this skill is about 1 minute. Troop Summon Device - With this small device, Edolf can summon a squadron of 6 marines, that strangely look like minotaurs. These marines follow their orders to the dot as well. High-Powered Laser Machine Gun - This thing is awesome. It shoots railgun shots at a machine gun's rate. It also has the accuracy of a typical Stormtrooper from Star Wars. Miscellaneous: He was transported from the future, back to the past, by TimeDragon888, for the lulz. It so happened that the Third Bot War was also happening during that period of time.
  4. Name: TiemDRGN666 Gender: m4l3 dUh Age: uNknOwN; t00 coMpl1kAteD Appearance: He looks exactly like TimeDragon888, except that he does not wear the usual ceremonial armour; instead, he has a black robe similar to that of Wrstfrgl. Hmm, apparently black robes are the normal dress code for high-ranking members in the Hererical Union. Background: He is one of the three leaders of the Hererical Union. Being the most 'imaginative' one of the three, TiemDRGN666 was the one who suggested the assault on the Church of the Holy Triumvirate and the attempt to mind control the three Gods. Personality: He loves capitals. You can seriously hear the capitals when he speaks. Also, he seems to have something against the last vowel of every word, as he seems to leave it out all the time. Fail Control: TiemDRGN666 has the ability to control the very essence of fail. He makes things fail, people fail, actions fail. He is so good at it that he even fails himself. Heresy - By all things heretical, TiemDRGN666 can strike down his foes with bad grammar and horrible description, mentally scarring them beyond recovery. He can also disguise himself amongst heretics, allowing him to strike from within. LOLOLOL nub - TiemDRGN666 can send a pulse of fail energy at his enemy, causing whatever attack that he used to fail, and possibly turn back on himself. He can also use this as a shield against incoming attacks. Converto Awesomeus - TiemDRGN666 can release the heresy from his body at any time, converting himself back into TimeDragon888. In Awesome Mode, TiemDRGN666 is treated as TimeDragon888. He can switch back to TiemDRGN666 at any time. Converto Feminia - Due to Cross-Gender Month, TimeDragon888 can freely switch into Tia888, Optimus Peach. In Peach Mode, TiemDRGN666 is treated as Tia888. She can switch back to TiemDRGN666 at any time.Weapons: List of weapons collected from throughout the ages: Heretical Spear - A long, 2 metre pole back from the Mud Age. It is made of a strange woody substance known as 'Hereticwood'. It is a cheap imitation of the Primordial Spear that is carried by TimeDragon888, but is known to be just as deadly. (Of course, the original Primordial Spear was NOT deadly at all, so you know what I mean.) Rotten Pork Sword - A vaguely suggestive weapon. It is made of iron, very rusty, and is slightly cylindrical in shape. Two round hand-guards are located on the hilt of the sword. It is a heretical imitation of the Golden Snake Sword, and thus, it can be drawn from TiemDRGN666's pants. Of course, if he is not wearing any pants, then it can't be drawn, but, well, he usually does. Pea Shooter - It shoots peas. Peas, only peas, and nothing but peas. However, it has an unlimited amount of ammo, which makes it very irritating. It is a heretical version of TimeDragon888's machine gun. Razor - A cheap version of TimeDragon888's taser, the Razor is quite useless as a weapon. Unless, of course, your whole purpose in battle is to cut your opponent's beard. Then it becomes extremely dangerous. Pulsating Gun - It pulsates. What else? Oh, and it shoots weird red lasers that can be deflected easily by a lightsaber. But it mostly pulsates. It is the heretical version of TimeDragon888's pulse gun. Suicidal Pie-eating Man - A random NPC that has nothing better to do. He has been reprogrammed by TiemDRGN666 to do nothing but eat pies and run headfirst into the enemy while yelling at the top of his voice. A true weapon of mass distraction. Failgun - It is THE penultimate weapon. A slightly modified version of TimeDragon888's nailgun, the failgun causes anything it shoots to FAIL. Yes, even if you are Chuck Norris, if you get hit by a failgun, you will fail at roundhouse kicking. It is deadly. However, apparently the modifying process went horribly wrong, and now it has -6 ammo. Miscellaneous: An evil, heretical version of TimeDragon888, including his skills and weapons (I think you already figured that out). Beware him.
  5. Name: Chrono Draconis TriOctium, Retired Time Traveler of the Holy Triumvirate Gender: Male Age: Indeterminate Appearance: There are two things that one would notice about TriOctium at first glance - his badass longcoat and the mask over his face. He always wears a huge longcoat that covers most of his other clothes wherever he goes, whether he's attempting to save the world or go swimming. Many Triumvirate historians have conjectured that TriOctium may possess an infinite number of longcoats, allowing him to replace the one he is wearing instantaneously, at any time. Others say he only owns one, invincible longcoat which has the added benefit of protecting him from harm. Whichever the case, it would be a rare sight to see TriOctium in anything other than his longcoat. His mask is just as peculiar. He seems to wear a different mask for every occasion, never revealing his true face to anyone. Even if he takes off his mask, there will inevitably be another mask behind it. To weak-minded beings, TriOctium may appear to turn into the object or person who is portrayed in his mask, although this "disguise" is not foolproof. However, in battle, TriOctium dons a pitch black mask with fluorescent blue Tron Lines streaking across the middle, reminiscent of a certain game character's helmet.Background (if applicable): Chrono Draconis TriOctium has existed since the beginning of time. However, whether he was born at the beginning of time is unknown. Due to his ability to travel in time, he has gained much from all that history has to offer (whether past, present or future). He is one of the three founders of the Church of the Holy Triumvirate, a fanatical guild dedicated to the ideals of perfect grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Personality: A generically kind character, he usually gives helpful advice to those who ask. However, when it comes to 'doing something', he can get a little lazy at times... He enjoys jokes and debates, and has a habit of arguing with a person just to test his argumentative skills and to see how the person argues back. Time follows the Rule of Cool very strictly, to the point that almost every action that he does simply has to be awesome or impressive. As such, he is capable of pulling off many seemingly inhumane feats, although this has a downside as well: if he is deprived of awesomeness, he will go into a state of angst and depression. LOL! Magic: LOL! Magic, which is said to originate from the Holy Triumvirate, is a unique branch of magic which draws its power from humor. The more humorous the situation is, the more powerful LOL! Magic users become. Being one of the members of the Holy Triumvirate, TimeDragon888 is exempt from this limitation - for he is one of the sources of LOL! Magic itself. Using LOL! Magic, TimeDragon888 may perform many attacks, including the ones listed below. Everything Is Better With Energy - Part of LOL! Magic involves the manipulation of what experts have termed PURE ENERGY, and TimeDragon888 is a natural at this. Whether it be conjuring up weapons made of energy to firing gigantic lasers from his hands, he can perform all of these as long as they are flashy enough. Beam of Condescending Light - As the name suggests, this beam of light is very condescending. Yes, it can and will insult you in any way possible. Apart from that, the Beam of Condescending Light can be summoned whenever TimeDragon888 wishes, and is able to instantly burn enemies to a nice, well-done crisp within a matter of seconds. Exterminatus - By concentrating LOL! magic at a certain area, TimeDragon888 can cause a satisfying explosion to occur instantly. Side effects to prolonged exposure of this explosion include mild fainting spells, giddiness, loss of blood, death, and bad breath. The explosion also comes with a nice smoke cloud, which may sometimes form into a shape of a giant middle finger. Unlimited Sword Works - Another instance of LOL! Magic is the conjuration or summoning of physical weapons to aid the LOL! Magic user. In TimeDragon888's case, he is particularly gifted in the summoning of swords of any kind, ranging from tiny daggers to futuristic lightsabers. In addition to creating them, he can also control their movements with his LOL! Magic alone, allowing him to wield multiple swords at once. His favourite technique creates a whirlwind of swords around him or his enemy. Time Manipulation - A more specialized branch of LOL! magic, TimeDragon888 has the ability to move freely through time. He also has the ability to transport any number of people together with him. Other than travelling through time, he can also manipulate it - slow it down, speed it up or cause it to stop completely. One particular usage of this ability is known as the "Quick-Time Battle", where TimeDragon888 manipulates the threads of time using mystical objects he calls 'imaginary buttons'. During combat, the Quick-Time Battle skill allows him to perform complicated, powerful and often completely ridiculous attacks and dodges as long as he presses the right 'imaginary buttons' at the right time. Rule of Cool - The Rule of Cool, as named by experts, is a mysterious ability which is rarely seen anywhere. It causes TimeDragon888's attacks to enjoy increased power proportionate to how cool or awesome it was. As long as it was sufficiently dramatic or eye-opening, any attack can become a deadly one, no matter how ridiculous or unfeasible it is. On the down side, if his attacks do not meet the mark, their efficiency is drastically reduced. Weapons (if applicable): Chain-Guitar - A badass midnight black guitar with serrated edges that acts like a chainsaw, this weapon strikes fear even into the hardiest of enemies. Other than being able to play music epic enough to destroy entire continents, it can also be used as a focus site for TimeDragon888's LOL! Magic, allowing him to rapid fire Beams of Condescending Light without any effort. Primordial Staff - An impressive, 2 metre tall staff that ends in an intricate spiked sphere design at the top. It is made of Ironwood and constantly glows with LOL! Energy. It is the very first artifact of the Holy Triumvirate, created by the tribe of Overly Emotional Elves called Idontcare in the early years of Fantagorymoryir. Tian Di Jian - Translated, this weapon's name means "Swords of Earth and Sky". They were originally used by the great hero Cow Cow, who fought in the Battle of the Three Hundred Thousand Kingdoms And Countless Other Factions. The Sword of Earth is enchanted to bring the very fury of the planet itself onto its enemies, causing each of its strikes to carry much more force than they should. The Sword of Sky is enchanted to be the opposite; completely weightless. It also has a speed acceleration spell which causes strikes from it to travel much faster than humanly possible. GX50 Goliath Armor - A preposterously huge set of armor from the period of time when Elves thought that bigger was always better. The GX50 Goliath Armor enhances its wearer's physical capabilities in every way, providing a Heads-Up Display (HUD) layout of the battlefield at all times. It is preloaded with two LOLfire missiles, a 500mm minigun called the Dakkarizer, and Wstfgl's Compensator (a bulging chainsaw). It is also constructed of the same material as the Plot Armor, protecting its user from death itself unless the script demanded it. ST35-C LOLmaster Suit, Triumvirate Edition - A more modern invention by the Contemplative Elves, the ST30-C LOLmaster Suit is specifically designed to suit the needs of the master LOL! Mage. It has a catalog of 10,000 jokes for any situation, a Plot Forcefield which provides 360 degree protection and a flashing HUD display which helps you eep track of your remaining LOL! Energy at any time. TriOctium has geared up his suit even more, and now it holds the Infinity+1 Sword as well as the Chehov's Gun as backup weapons. The Dakkamobile - 'Ever owned a huge-ass gun the size of your backyard, yet feel ashamed because you can't bring it to show your annoying relatives living on the other side of the planet? Have no fear! With the all-new Dakkamobile, your travel problems will long be gone! At the touch of a button, this 50-megaton rapid-fire backyard cannon will transform into a portable pen which you can keep in your pocket without a second thought! Never will you worry about having too little firepower with you ever again! Remember, kids! An Elf without Dakka is an Elf already dead! Get your firepower today!' Deus Ex Machina - Near the end of the Final War, when the Forces of the Triumvirate had been pushed back into their Fortress and had nowhere left to retreat to, desperate scientists created this monstrous contraption in the hopes that it would turn the tides against the endless waves of heretics. This harmless-looking mechanical backpack harnesses the powers granted to every Chosen One, allowing the wearer to exhibit near infinite amounts of LOL! Energy when the situation became dire. The essence of the Deep Sexy Voice was also transferred into the Deus Ex Machina, preserving the immortal tutorial guide for all eternity. The Laptop - At the end of time, there was nothing. Void. But within the void, one artifact remained. The most powerful artifact of infinite power contained in a universe that was chock full of artifacts of infinite power, said to transfer complete omnipotence to anyone who wielded it: The Lost Laptop of the Holy Triumvirate. Scholars said that it was because of the Laptop that the Triumvirate first rose to power, and it was also the Laptop which had sparked the Final War which caused the destruction of the Fortress of the Triumvirate near the end of time. In the wrong hands, this Laptop could spell disaster. Unfortunately, TriOctium accidentally installed Windows 8, and now it's completely inoperable. Miscellaneous: He resides in the High Heavens Estate, #01-03, and rarely descends to Earth to 'meddle' with its affairs anymore. However, in cases of dire need, he just may bother to come down.
  6. Name: Grim Reaper Gender: Male Age: 7000 Race: Underworld Soul Reaper Appearance: He is the physical manifestation of Death. His appearance may vary from person to person, depending on his or her worst fears. The usual look is that of a long, hooded skeletal figure wielding a deadly 2 metre long scythe. Personality: He is cold-blooded, merciless and to a certain degree, evil. However, he has strong ties with Avalon Voidstalker, his long time friend, and will go to great lengths to help him. Due to this, he has a shaky truce with the Ultimate Party as well. He hates anything that meddles with death (namely immortal life, undeath and more), and will sometimes go to great extents to eliminate the source of trouble. History: Grim wasn't just 'born' into the Underworld. He was formed from the shadowy remains of a previous Soul Reaper that had died, to replace him. He grew up and was educated in the Soul Reaper Academy along with his best mate Avalon. He aced every class, ranging from Classical Soul Reaping (Practical) to Torture - In Every Way Possible. Due to this, his application to replace the old Death of the planet Earth was accepted, and he took the job gladly. He usually resides in his office, teaching new Soul Reapers the ways of the Underworld and stroking his pet cat, Diddles. Attributes: Attack – 10 Attack Speed – 10 Range – 10 Range Speed – 10 Defense – 4 Evasion – 8 Stamina – 4 Speed – 10 Weapons – 15 Abilities – 50 Extra – 0 Total – 131 Weapons: Death Scythe - The typical scythe carried by Death. It is 2 metres long, made of an unknown metal, and can cut through almost any material. The currently known exceptions are Unobtanium, Draconium and Hyperiron. (15) Abilities: Life force manipulation - Grim has the same ability as Avalon, though more powerful. He can feel, and manipulate, the life force of other living beings around him. Using this technique, he can kill a person by breaking it. He can break any person's life force, regardless of the person's will to live. When he is searching for a person's life force, it is undetectable - no soft green glowing light, no beeping sound, nothing. It takes 20 seconds for him to find the person's life force. However, before he kills anyone on another planet (other than Earth), he has to seek the permission of the Death of that planet first. (30) Void manipulation - Grim has the same ability as Larvichee, though more powerful. His magic is sometimes dark green instead of black. He can form huge, dark green bolts of energy with his hands, create a defensive wall from void energy, and can even cast the entire area into darkness. (20) Combat Overview: Grim is literally a killing machine. He takes the souls of those whose 'times are up', and deals justice to those who deserve it. However, he will mostly be used as a background character, and rarely goes into battle himself. Rather, he sends his apprentice Soul Reapers to do his job, as a form of training for them. Strengths: Life force manipulation, Powerful stats overall Weaknesses: None. Others: The typical life span of an Underworld Soul Reaper is about 10000 years, although most of them die early due to conflicts with humans, demons or angels. Note: Demons are totally different from Soul Reapers.
  7. Name: Xerron Weathervane Gender: Male Age: Around 20 billion (He stopped counting after a while) Race: Angel Appearance: He usually dons a long, black and white robe, and wields a long, unique staff. He has brown hair and slightly pale skin, and usually has a stern look on his face. From all angles, he seems to be a human, but that is only because he takes the shape of one. In his true form, he is a being of light, rather than flesh, with two white angel wings on his back. Personality: He has the personality of an old man: grumpy, hot-tempered and refers to most beings as "young ones". He is loyal to whoever he allies himself with, and will not betray his friends, even on the brink of death. However, he rarely helps them as well, only agreeing to aid in times of dire need. He is very picky on apprentices, and will only teach the best of the best. History: Xerron was a commander of a squadron of angels during the First Divine War, and was allied with the group of warriors known as the Ultimate Party. After the demons were defeated, he decided to retire from combat and instead took residence on an empty and inhospitable planet. He has trained a single apprentice on the art of Weather Manipulation, but he did not teach him everything. He still resides on his home planet to this day. Attributes: Attack – 8 Attack Speed – 7 Range – 9 Range Speed – 7 Defense – 2 Evasion – 5 Stamina – 4 Speed – 10 Weapons – 15 Abilities – 20 Extra – 0 Total – 87 Weapons: Divine Lance - A staff unlike any other. One end has a deadly spike, and the other has multicoloured feathers attached, like an arrow. It enhances Xerron's Weather Manipulation, allowing him to change the climate of a circular area of 50km radius. (15) Abilities: Weather Manipulation - Xerron's bond with nature and his surroundings allows him to alter the climate around him. For example, he can start a snowstorm or a sudden heatwave within seconds, even indoors. (15) True Form - Xerron abandons his human form, causing two pure white angel wings to extend from his back. This causes him to turn partly invisible, and grants him the ability of flight. His stats remain unchanged otherwise. (5) Combat Overview: His Weather Manipulation usually gives him the edge over most opponents. However, being made of light, he has a frail constitution, and this is reflected in his low defence and stamina ratings. Strengths: Weather Manipulation Weaknesses: Weak physical constitution
  8. Name: Athon Osrod Species: Human Age: 48 years Gender: Male Affiliation: None (freelance hunter) Appearance: - Tall, slightly muscular but thin - Usually wears a formal, black suit with a tie, but when hunting, he switches to a camouflage suit - Slightly graying hair Biography: Athon was born into a middle-class family, having a strong passion and a natural flair for hunting animals. He joined a hunting group, and after years of hunting, he had become one of the country's most talented hunters. By selling their skins for hefty sums, he accumulated a large sum of cash for his family, and bought a powerful mech to aid his hunting expeditions. Together with his mech and hunting group, he has successfully killed and skinned several dragons. He retired at the age of 40, although he may go out once in a while, just to relive the thrill of hunting. Personality: Not too warm, but not too cold either. He enjoys a good challenge when hunting, and can become very commanding during these expeditions. Equipment/Belongings: - Armor: He dislikes heavy armor, and therefore usually wears a camouflage suit instead during his hunting trips. When hunting big prey, he usually goes in his mech. - Weapons: He has a standard musket, a revolver, a scimitar and a skinning knife. Also, when hunting big prey, he uses the weapons on his mech as well. - Various hunting equipment: He usually brings his standard pack of hunting equipment, including a tent, ropes, grappling hooks, a compass, antiseptic, bandages, poisons and traps. - Mech: Athon's mech is about 3m tall, with the main control panel at the top, where the 'head' is supposed to be. Two arms extend from the shoulders, with guns attached to one arm and a chainsaw to the other. It walks on two legs. The engine and water tank is stored within the main body, where a kind of coal is burnt to boil the water into steam. This coal can burn for up to 3 hours before turning into ash. It is completely made of steel. Athon usually carries a second batch of coal, as backup. Abilities/Skills: - Great skill at aiming: He can hit a moving target quite easily with his musket or revolver. - Experience at hunting: Having hunted animals for over 20 years, he has a great deal of experience about the behaviour of animals and how to successfully hunt them. - Mechanical Abilities: He can operate the mech with ease, and his knowledge extends to other kinds of mechanics as well.
  9. Name: Syara Silverstar Gender: Female Age: Indeterminate (because of Aeifur Omega's constant Time Shifting); if you really insist, 33 Race: Human Appearance: She wears a long, white gown with many small crystals on it when not in battle. She wears a gleaming plated suit when in battle, thought to be made of concentrated sunlight. Personality: Although she sometimes can be found crying over a picture of her parents, she usually maintains a bright and cheerful attitude towards everything, in contrast to Larvichee. She is helpful and kind, and can be very talkative as well. She still has traits of childishness in her, usually finding joy in playing in the garden. She has a slight romantic feeling towards Larvichee ever since he saved her from the assassins. History: Syara was born the princess of Myrario, a planet with two suns. It is especially bright there, allowing her and her people to have the affinity with light. One day, while she was playing in her garden, a man appeared in a flash, startling her. This man turned out to be Larvichee Darkwing, which she became good friends with. Assassins attacked the palace a few months later, and Larvicheebarely protected her, despite clearly being outnumbered. In an attempt to escape, he teleported both of them away, ending up in Limbo, where they were found by Aeifur Omega. She is now a member of the Ultimate Party along with her good friend, Larvichee. Attributes: Attack – 3 Attack Speed – 5 Range – 9 Range Speed – 7 Defense – 5 Evasion – 5 Stamina – 4 Speed – 6 Weapons – 15 Abilities – 30 Extra – 0 Total – 89 Weapons: Sunlight - Syara wields a long beam of concentrated sunlight, constructed by the technology found only in Myrario. Her armour is also made of concentrated sunlight. This beam responds to Syara's wishes, turning into any form of weapon she wants it to. It is similar in strength to Larvichee's warpblade. (15) Abilities: Light manipulation - Syara has a strong affinity with light. She can blind opponents with sudden bursts of light, burn them with lasers or even concentrate the light around her to form a protective barrier. (15) Healing - Syara has the ability to cure things with her magic. This can range from minor cuts to fatal wounds. However, she cannot bring back the dead. (15) Combat Overview: Syara is more of a support person than a fighter. In battle, she will usually stun the opponent with bright light, before waiting for Larvichee or another Ultimate Party member to back her up. She hates death, and will avoid killing the enemy at all costs. Strengths: Light manipulation, healing skills Weaknesses: Does not want to kill opponents, no major offensive abilities
  10. Name: William 'Larvichee' Darkwing Gender: Male Age: Indeterminate (because of Aeifur Omega's constant Time Shifting); if you really insist, 35 Race: Human Appearance: This necromancer usually wears a long white robe with green stripes along the edges. He also wears a blindfold. On his right hand is an intricately decorated glove with mystical sigils drawn on it. When you look at his head... somehow you get the feeling that there should be a wizard hat there, but there is none. Personality: Larvichee is a introvert. Unlike Avalon Voidstalker, he is not interested in participating in any kind of conversation or interaction with anybody except Syara. He has deep thoughts and is usually very careful. He enjoys writing sad poems in his free time. He dislikes going by his first name, William, and usually demands people to refer to him as 'Larvichee'. He is known to hold a torch for Syara Silverstar. History: Since young, he had been the apprentice of the great dark wizard Gratovich Lusalia, on the cloudy planet of Darovon. Unlike his other classmates, Larvichee had never taken interest in raising the Undead or creating abominations out of body parts, causing him to be the worst apprentice Gratovich had. However, he was highly interested in purely dark magic, which was the sole reason that kept Gratovich from dumping him. He escaped one day due to the judicious use of teleportation, bringing him to the strangely bright planet, Myrario. It was there that he met a young woman known by the name of Syara, the current princess of the planet, which he was attracted to instantly. During an assassination attempt, Larvichee defended her ably, but was unable to protect her parents as well. Before he was overpowered, he cast another of his wild teleportation spells, bringing them to Limbo, where Aeifur Omega found them. He is now a faithful member of the Ultimate Party. Attributes: Attack – 7 Attack Speed – 7 Range – 9 Range Speed – 5 Defense – 5 Evasion – 5 Stamina – 5 Speed – 6 Weapons – 15 Abilities – 25 Extra – 0 Total – 89 Weapons: Necromantic Glove - An intricately decorated glove Larvichee always wears. It seems to amplify Larvichee's spells, and he can summon a green warpblade from it at will. This warpblade is attached to his glove, and can match up in strength to the legendary alloys crafted from Potentialium. (15) Abilities: Void manipulation - Larvichee has a strong affinity with the void. He can form black bolts of energy with his hands, create a defensive wall from void energy, and can even cast the entire area into darkness for several minutes. (15) Teleportation - Larvichee has never properly mastered this spell. It is very powerful, being able to teleport an entire planet at one time (though it completely drains his stamina by doing so), but he can never get a fix on his destination. (10) Combat Overview: Having not fully completed his necromancer training, Larvichee is probably the weakest member in the Ultimate Party. This does not mean he is an easy opponent to take down, though. He usually uses his Void magic to confuse the enemy, then strike with his warpblade. However, this plan is not foolproof, and can be overpowered by a sufficiently strong opponent. Strengths: Void manipulation Weaknesses: Strong opponents, Light magic
  11. Name: Lefeil Khaz'Bak Gender: Male Age: Indeterminate (because of Aeifur's constant Time Shifting); if you really insist, 38. Race: Human Appearance: A kingly figure. He usually wears royal robes, a long red cape and sometimes wears a small golden crown on his head. Slung behind his back is a large, ornate longbow. Personality: Lefeil has a forceful personality and has a sort of magnificence around him. He is thoughtful as well, and can devise many strategic plans in the course of battle. He is also loyal to his friends, and this in turn causes strong friendships to be built quickly. History: Lefeil is the king of the planet Deltia, which is mostly populated by dwarves. He did not think that there were other life forms outside Deltia until he was attacked by an army of strange aliens he had never seen before. He would probably have been defeated and killed if Aeifur and the Ultimate Party did not arrive in time to turn the tide. In return, he pledged his alliance to the Party. He usually resides in his castle in the capital city of Deltia. Attributes: Attack – 8 Attack Speed – 9 Range – 10 Range Speed – 9 Defense – 5 Evasion – 6 Stamina – 7 Speed – 6 Weapons – 25 Abilities – 15 Extra – 0 Total – 100 Weapons: The Chalice - A 1.2m longbow that Lefeil usually carries around. It is ornately decorated, and its edges are very sharp, allowing it to be used as a melee weapon as well. It is made out of a very good imitation of Gold, namely Goldium, but is forged from Potentialium, and thus is much stronger than usual gold. It also has a small amount of Draconium, allowing it to be flexible, yet strong. (15) Abilities: Gemini Belt - A royal belt that Lefeil wears. It contains several gems with different abilities, namely healing, minor elemental manipulation, gaining the ability to see the invisible, momentarily reading the enemy's thoughts and summoning dragons to aid him. In the course of battle, he can make use of one of these gems to give him the advantage in battle. (15) Combat Overview: Lefeil mainly gains advantage over the enemy using his various gems. Also, he usually has an escort of several dwarven warriors, which allows him to shoot from behind these warriors, preventing him from getting hurt. However, he is not that good at battle (this is not in terms of stats, it just means that his skill in battle is not so good), being better at strategic planning, which means that if he is caught without his escort, he has a good chance of being beaten. Strengths: Various gem abilities, dwarven escort, good strategies Weaknesses: Not good at battle
  12. Name: Blade Doomstrike Gender: Male Age: Indeterminate (because of Aeifur's constant Time Shifting); if you really insist, 30. Race: Human Appearance: A standard warrior in armour. He is 1.82m tall, has a stern look about him, and has deep red hair. An ordinary looking longsword is sheathed besides him. Personality: Blade has a strong personality. A powerful warrior and a loyal member of the Ultimate Party, this fiery person loves battle. When in a conversation, he will probably turn it into a heated discussion as he constantly adds in his own opinions in a rather imposing manner. When in battle, he can get very carried away at times. History: This warrior hails from the fiery planet of Ragnarok. He was the best of his kind, defeating any contenders that dared to oppose him. He was on the constant lookout for anybody stronger than him. When he met Aeifur and the Ultimate Party, he realised that his powers were not that powerful after all, and decided to join the group, constantly finding ways of improving his battle skills. Attributes: Attack – 13 Attack Speed – 7 Range – 0 Range Speed – 0 Defense – 12 Evasion – 4 Stamina – 13 Speed – 6 Weapons – 15 Abilities – 30 Extra – 0 Total – 100 Weapons: Inferno Sword - A longsword that has an unquenchable fire burning on its blade. It is made of Blazium, a one of a kind alloy forged from Potentialium under extremely high temperatures. Although it is on fire, when sheathed, it looks exactly like a normal longsword. It is constantly at a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. (15) Abilities: Fire Manipulation - Blade has a strong affinity with fire. He can create fireballs in his hands, heat up the surrounding temperature and even set himself on fire without being hurt. (20) Berserker Rage - In battle, Blade can get very carried away at times. During these rages, his attack and attack speed increases to 20 and 10 respectively, but his stamina is reduced to 3. Also, he becomes immune to pain. (10) Combat Overview: Blade is a powerful warrior with strong offense. He also has the ability to control fire, which puts him in a great advantage. However, when he is carried away in battle, he cannot think logically, and thus the opponent can get the better of him. Also, when he is in a rage, his stamina is very low, and can be taken out very easily. Strengths: Strong offense, fire manipulation Weaknesses: During rage, his stamina becomes very low
  13. Name: The Uberkuh Gender: Female Age: Approximately 3 years old Race: Cow Appearance: It looks... like a cow. In black and white. Nothing really special there, eh? Personality: It loves eating grass. About 90% of its time awake is spent eating grass. About 100% of its time asleep is spent sleeping. It usually dreams about grass. Was that a surprise to you? History: It first appeared in 15th Century Germany, in a small farming village. The locals were worried about this "Super Cow" which had unnatural strength and could not be milked at all. One day, it went on a rampage after the farmer tried to milk it too hard, killing several villagers and razing half the village to the ground. Aeifur took an instant interest to it, bringing it back to his mansion in Limbo. It took his entire stock of carrots to lure it into the ranch. Attributes: Attack – 0 Attack Speed – 0 Range – 0 Range Speed – 0 Defense – 20 Evasion – 0 Stamina – 20 Speed – 1 Weapons – 0 Abilities – 101 Extra – 0 Total – 142 Weapons: None. It's a cow. Abilities: Moo - The Uberkuh speaks. This devastating attack can bring any opponent to its knees instantly, causing an extreme headache to hit the intended target, regardless of defensive skills. (20) Moooo - The Uberkuh speaks. This useful sound can heal the most fatal of wounds and restores the target's strength to it instantly. (20) Moo Moo - The Uberkuh speaks. This causes grass to grow all around it. Was that surprising? (1) Ubermilk - The milk of the Uberkuh can only be obtained by those whom it has approved of. In other words, if you want to get its milk, feed it lots of grass and take good care of it. This milk is an instant rejuvenation potion, supplies energy to the drinker for the whole day, and can even amplify certain abilities. (60) Miscellaneous Moo abilities - The Uberkuh can combine various Moo sounds to produce different effects, like a mage combines runes or something similar to form different spells. There are too many possible combinations for me to list down here. Combat Overview: The Uberkuh rarely fights. It lives in Aeifur's in-built ranch. If it does get angered, it will usually use its Mooability to defeat the enemy and force him/her to retreat. It prefers eating grass over combat. It has an extremely high stamina and defense, but cannot attack at all. Strengths: Various moo abilities Weaknesses: No attack, rarely battles
  14. Name: Qwestor Icerunner Gender: Male Age: Indeterminate (because of Aeifur Omega's constant Time Shifting); if you really insist, 21 Race: Human Appearance: Qwestor is a lean, sporty person who usually wears snow-gear, even in the middle of summer. His hair resembles that of icicles, and he constantly emanates an aura of coldness, though not evil coldness. Just coldness. Personality: He is a jovial and sporty person, due to his relatively young age. He loves small and furry animals, and can make friends very easily. His personality is very warm, in contrast to his icy abilities. History: The fastest member of the Ultimate Party, he acts as the messenger of the group. Before he joined the group, he was an apprentice under a famous ice wizard on the planet Odenia. Aeifur Omega recognised his potential instantly and under his guidance, achieved his current skills. When not passing messages between the different members of the Party, he can be found tending his pet rabbit in his apartment. Attributes: Attack – 3 Attack Speed – 10 Range – 5 Range Speed – 10 Defense – 5 Evasion – 10 Stamina – 4 Speed – 20 Weapons – 15 Abilities – 30 Extra – 0 Total – 112 Weapons: Cryoblades: A pair of long katanas. The blades are made from Cryolium, which was forged from Potentialium, but under extremely low temperatures rather than extremely high. It looks as though it is made of ice, although Cryolium is really a kind of metal. It is constantly at a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. (15) Abilities: Ice Manipulation - Qwestor has a strong affinity with ice. He can lower the temperature of any object within a five-metre radius to zero degrees Celsius in a matter of seconds, and can even form ice blocks using the moisture in the air around him. This also means that he can withstand extremely low temperatures without being frozen. (15) Lightning Manipulation - Qwestor has a strong affinity with lightning and electricity. He can create strong electric currents flowing in the air with his hands, and can withstand high voltages without being harmed. This skill also gives him the ability to run at great speeds, allowing him to run up to 20 metres per second. (15) Combat Overview: Qwestor is a very speedy opponent (he can run as fast as 20 metres per second), who relies on his ability to attack and move at high speeds to overwhelm the enemy, rather than pure strength. He also has full control over ice and lightning, which gives him a major advantage in terms of long range combat. However, his strength and stamina is very low, and a few strong hits will probably take him out. Strengths: Extremely fast, lightning and ice manipulation Weaknesses: Weak offense and defense
  15. Name: Rammon Metalfist Gender: Male Age: Indeterminate (because of Aeifur Omega's constant Time Shifting); if you really insist, 38 Race: Human, but easily mistaken as an ogre. Appearance: Stands at 2.87 metres tall, Rammon has muscles located at almost every part of his body. He usually wears a full set of brown Hyperiron armour, which resembles an ancient viking outfit. He usually carries a long, huge Hyperiron spiked mace around with him. Hyperiron: The densest alloy in existence. It was crafted out of the coins of Potentialium given to the Pokies by a certain tourist in an alternate dimension. Scientific facts: The Hyperiron mace he carries around weighs as much as a small mountain. Personality: Unlike usual stereotypes about strong men, he is not dumb. In fact, he can be rather analytical at times. He likes the colour brown, has a PhD in the course "Hitting The Right Spot - With Your Weapon" and can crack quite good jokes. However, when it comes to conflict, he prefers to battle it out rather than engaging in an intelligent conversation. History: The powerhouse of a group of nine called the Ultimate Party, which includes people such as Zantorr Rinserwind and Aeifur Omega. When he is not busy dealing with troublemakers or doing some construction work for the Ultimate Party, he can be found reading a joke book or exercising. Attributes: Attack – 20 Attack Speed – 5 Range – 0 Range Speed – 0 Defense – 20 Evasion – 1 Stamina – 20 Speed – 4 Weapons – 20 Abilities – 20 Extra – 0 Total – 110 Weapons: Hyperiron Mace - An 80cm long battle mace constructed out of Hyperiron, as explained above. It weighs as much as a small mountain. (20) Abilities: Spell Immunity - Rammon is the most unmagical being you can think of. He cannot use any kind of magic at all, and even magics cast on him by others will not work very well. Of course, this means that helpful spells cannot be used on him too. Spells cast on him that have below 10 points added to it will be completely nullified. If the spell is between 10-15 points, it has a 50% chance of being completely nullified. Any spell above 15 points still work normally on him. (20) Combat Overview: Rammon has maxed his attack, defense and stamina. He is literally a powerful warrior. However, his lack of abilities can be his downfall. Skills that do not use magic will be very effective against him. Also, his overall speed is quite slow. Strengths: Maximum strength, defense and endurance. Powerful weapon. Weaknesses: Very slow, lack of abilities.
  16. Name: Mary Sue Age: 18 Gender: Female Race: Human Appearance: She regularly wears a total black leather outfit. Black jacket, black T-shirt, black jeans, even black sunglasses. She is exceptionally beautiful, extremely intelligent, and even quite physically strong, though she still maintains a perfect figure. Nobody knows how she does it. Personality: She is irritable, and people who cross her tend not to end up in a very good state. However, for some strange reason, people are naturally attracted to her, and somehow or another, make good friends with her. History: A terrible tragedy struck her homeland when she was young, leaving her the only survivor of an advanced supercivilization. Having suffered from total amnesia, she had found herself wandering aimlessly between dimensions, with no idea who she was or where she came from. Her true name is unknown, but she dubbed herself "Mary Sue". Class: Cliched Protagonist Weapons: Buster Sword: A huge sword that seems to be unbreakable, apparently. With it, she can even block bullets, and cut through almost anything. It closely resembles that of which was carried by Cloud, a fictional character. Zangetsu: Another oversized sword. This one is affected by how much spiritual power Mary Sue has, and can change in size as that power increases. She calls it the Shikai form. Strangely enough, this weapon closely resembles the main weapon used by Ichigo Kurosaki, another fictional character. Strike Freedom Gundam: This is a gigantic robot suit 18.88 metres high and weighing 80.09 metric tons. The details of this gundam is located here. Mary Sue rarely uses this machine to battle, but will do so in times of dire need. Abilities: Limit Break: Mary Sue can get very carried away in battle, allowing her to exceed her maximum limit of strength, stamina and speed. How she does it baffles even the most intelligent scientists. Bankai: Mary Sue can compress her spiritual power, allowing her to move at unbelievably high speeds. Seed Mode: Mary Sue can activate her Seed mode, increasing her spatial awareness and reaction time to incredible levels. Spirit Bomb: Mary Sue can gather the life force of objects near her, forming it into an energy bomb to attack the enemy with. This can range to a twenty-metre radius around Mary Sue, though the time required to charge this energy bomb is determined by the amount of life force she intends to gather. This does not kill off the object from which she drained the life force from, though. Super Saiyan: Mary Sue bashes her fists together and charges up her power, turning her hair golden. This raises her strength to amazing levels (over 9000). This can be combined with Limit Break to raise her power level over 18000. OmniUberGigaSlash: Mary Sue dual-wields her two legendary swords, the Buster Sword and the Zangetsu, and performs a series of slashes that is unblockable, undodgable and uncounterattackable. The attack contains immense power, but NEVER kills its target. Instead, the target's clothes are ripped into shreds, the target gets severe injuries and usually, the target 'sees the light' and joins her party, having his/her injuries inexplicably healed the day after. Combat Overview: She is the combination of Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed, Son Goku from Dragonball Z and Naruto from, well, Naruto. She is a Cliched Protagonist, which means she has Deus Ex Machina behind her. Strengths – She has the best abilities of many famous characters from different storylines. Weaknesses – Heavily controlled by story plot convention and Deus Ex Machina. Miscellaneous: She is constantly on the lookout for minions of her archnemesis, CyborgCellRauLeCrusetAizenSephirothShinra. Oh, and she is hiring new members to her party.
  17. Name: Yuudai Shinozaki Age: 16 Gender: Male Race: Human Appearance: Personality: Yuudai is extremely concerned about appearances, and therefore tends to portray the "cool guy" image whenever he can. Being one of the more vocal members of the Student Council, he often wears extravagant and colorful jackets or coats on top of his school uniform, much to the annoyance of his teachers. He especially enjoys female attention, and can often be found with two or three girls hanging off his arms as he walks around the school halls. Underneath the confident and proud exterior, however, Yuudai has a deep longing for acceptance and friendship among his peers. He is easily hurt by rejection, and will often get angry if someone picks a fight with one of his close friends. History: Unbeknownst to many people, Yuudai was picked on for the majority of his younger years. He was never considered part of the 'cool clique', and was even actively sought after by bullies at many times. As he was young and not very athletic, Yuudai could barely fight back, and had his lunch money taken away day after day. He was stubborn, and refused to tell his parents about his plight, often coming up with excuses for his bruises such as getting into an accident or falling down in school. However, his determination also drove him into training his body, ensuring that one day, he would put an end to the bullying. He found the Shinkatana one day, when he chanced upon a dying Demon Slayer lying in a pool of blood in a darkened alleyway. The moment he touched it, his latent abilities manifested with the sword, and the knowledge of how to use it came flowing into his mind. That was the first time the Shinkatana spoke to him, and it was also the last time. Yuudai knows that the weapon has a will of its own, and he has taken up its strength in exchange for the responsibility of hunting down the Demons that plague the world. Class: Spellblade Weapons: Shinkatana - A gleaming longsword that is said to hold numerous magical abilities. When infused with the correct magical energy, it is able to manifest a multitude of powers for its user. Normally it is ethereal, but may be called into existence at any time by its owner. Spellblade Abilities: Judgement Blade: The Shinkatana brings judgement upon humans and demons alike. Time is frozen for anything and everything that is not in contact with the sword or its bearer for up to 1 minute. Valiant Blade: The bearer of the Shinkatana transcends physical limitations, moving at impossible speeds. Dream Blade: A hundred ethereal swords are summoned forth, forming an invisible ghost legion to strike down any enemy. Chosen Blade: The elements leap to the aid of the bearer, engulfing the Shinkatana in fire, ice, lightning or wind. Megaton Blade: None can stand in the presence of the Shinkatana. Each of its blows begin to carry the force of a sledgehammer, and the physical capabilities of its wielder are greatly increased as well. Unlimited Blade: Yuudai uses his magic to create duplicates of the Shinkatana. All duplicates created in this way can use Spellblade skills as well. While there are duplicates existing, Yuudai's magic is constantly drained to maintain their physical state. Chaos Blade: Yuudai can combine two or more of his Spellblade skills at once, but this will drain his stamina exponentially. Sheathe: While the Shinkatana is sheathed, Yuudai's magical energies slowly return to him. His stamina regenerates steadily while this is in effect, but he cannot attack effectively. He can still use the sheath to parry blows.
  18. Name: Ephraim Arthur Age: 18 Race: Ofanim Grade: 12 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Orientation: Heterosexual Appearance: Stands at 1.76m tall with short, untidy black hair. He prefers to cast an intense gaze over people during conversation, but otherwise he remains an uninterested look. He usually wears a dark cap, a black jacket over a brown T-shirt and dark blue jeans to school, as he dislikes bright colours. "Too attention-seeking". His wings are usually folded behind his T-shirt, as he rarely uses them, due to his lack of physical strength. Background: Ephraim had always been a intellectual. Rather, too good. He preferred to solve brainteasers than to play sports, or just take a walk outside his house. This had lead him to grow mentally, but not physically. Of course, that meant hell for him during Physical Education classes. At the age of 16, he'd decided to travel abroad to study in the prestigious Cambridge university. Unfortunately for him, the plane he was on malfunctioned mid-flight, and crashed, killing all the passengers inside, including him. He'd been reborn as a Ofanim, due to his sarcastic nature and intellectual focus. Personality: Due to both of his parents being CEOs of international companies, they rarely have time to talk to him. This has lead to Ephraim becoming a very self-reliant, but introverted person. He can make friends, as "why choose to be enemies when you can be allies?", but he rarely confesses his true feelings to them. Ephraim enjoys all types of music, as it helps him to relax, or concentrate when necessary. Weakest Subjects: P.E, Art Strongest Subjects: Psychology, Music Any Other Area's of Interest: He enjoys researching on the way people think, or now that he's an Ofanim, how mythical creaturesthink. Which means he's pretty good at predicting how others feel by examining their subconscious movements or facial expressions.
  19. Name: Valsor Shadowmare Age – 45 Gender – Male Race – Dyplanois Alignment – NIL Rank – Lightweight Appearance: Valsor likes the whole 'Vampire' look, considering that his animal form is a vampire bat. Thus, he usually wears a black suit with a crimson cape, and frequently carries around a walking stick. In his bat form, he discards his cape, and 2 huge bat wings emerge from his back, roughly the wingspan of 2 metres. These wings create holes in his suit, something that he finds troublesome. Personality: He used to be one of those adventure-loving young-uns, but since an event that lead to the deaths of his parents, he'd become quiet and reserved, cooping himself up in his family mansion in the outskirts of the city. He is snappish and hot-tempered, easily angering others. History: Unknown to him, he was actually a Dyplanois baby abandoned by his true parents, and a childless couple found him. He grew up and lived as a human, and discovered his animal prowess by mistake while playing in the forest at the age of 7. He'd kept it a secret from his parents, as he was afraid he would be branded an outcast. However, one day, his parents had treated him too unfairly, and being unable to control himself, killed both of them. Attributes: Human Attack – 9 Attack Speed – 5 Range – 1 Range Speed – 0 Defense – 8 Evasion – 3 Stamina – 3 Speed – 3 Weapons – 2 Abilities – 10 Extra – 0 Total – 44 Weapons (Human Form): Blood Sword – A blood red longsword that has a hilt that resembles a bat. (1) Walking Stick – A walking stick he usually carries around. It is heavy on the top, so it can be used as a club or a staff. (1) Abilities (Human Form): Beast Shift – Dyplanois have the ability to enter a beast form at will. The transformation takes about 10 seconds, during which they can both attack and defend normally as if nothing is taking place. His beast form is a vampire bat. (10) Combat Overview: He is best when fighting close range to the enemy, as he has practically no long ranged attacks. Also, if he is fighting someone with good defense, his stamina will most probably run out first. Strengths – Average strength and speed Weaknesses – Low stamina, no range Attributes: Beast Attack – 3 Attack Speed – 9 Range – 1 Range Speed – 0 Defense – 1 Evasion – 6 Stamina – 2 Speed – 7 Weapons – 1 Abilities – 14 Extra – 0 Total – 44 Weapons: Blood Sword – A blood red longsword that has a hilt that resembles a bat. (1) Abilities: Human Shift – Dyplanois have the ability to reenter their human form at will. The transformation takes about 10 seconds, during which they can both attack and defend normally as if nothing is taking place. (10) Heightened Senses – He gains the use of ultrasound, which can be used to detect the exact position of the enemy under dim lighting. (2) Beast Physique – Valsor gains the addition of bat wings on his back. The wingspan of these wings are approximately 2 metres. These can be used to fly, although rather weak. He usually uses these to balance, or jump, rather than fly. To take off, Valsor needs to flap both of his wings rapidly for about 5 seconds, which can drain his stamina very quickly, and distracts him, which makes him more susceptible to attacks. Once he lifts off, he can fly up to a maximum height of 1.5 metres, which takes up a lot of stamina as well. The flight length is determined on the amount of stamina he has left. The maximum length is about 5 minutes. (2) Combat Overview: As he gains his beast form, Valsor becomes faster, due to the addition of his wings, but his overall attack strength decreases. He also gains the ability to fly a short height. Strengths – Flight, fast attacks Weaknesses – Low endurance, low attack power, no range
  20. Name: Aeifur Omega Gender: Male Appearance: 1.91m, short black hair Faction: Angels Picture: History: His parents left for a business trip when he was 16 and met with an accident abroad. He was constantly picked on by his peers, until one day he couldn't take it anymore and wanted it all to stop, and accidentally froze time. He was shocked at first, then experimented with his powers until he completely mastered the use of it. He usually wanders around medival Earth, experiencing for himself the events of the past. Sometimes he meets past or future forms of himself; being an open-minded person by nature, he has accepted the other existences of 'himself', and can sometimes call upon the help of another 'himself' in times of need. However, he would rather not know his own future, as that "gives him headaches". He currently resides in a mansion/usused fortress(of the future) in Limbo, a separate plane of existence that time stands still. Recently, he has taken to travelling through the different periods of time, recruiting powerful warriors to join a team called the Ultimate Party. Attributes: Attack – 8 Attack Speed – 7 Range – 0 Range Speed – 0 Defense – 8 Evasion – 7 Stamina – 7 Speed – 8 Weapons – 20 Abilities – 40 Extra – 0 Total – 105 Weapons: Draconium Sword Gauntlets - Four long swords attached at right angles to a flexible metal gauntlet. He has one on each hand. It is constructed out of Draconium, a strong yet flexible alloy created by forging it out of Potentialium. Each of the swords can range from 20cm to 2 metres, due to its flexibility. Aeifur uses the gauntlet as a swordbreaker, manipulating his opponent's weapon against him. (20) Clothing: Armour - A full set of Draconium armour, including a dragon-shaped helmet. Normal Clothing - A black, collared T-shirt and baggy pants Abilities: Time Mastery - Aeifur Omega can control time itself. He can stop time completely, reverse the time flow, speed it up or even call upon past or future versions of himself. (40) Combat Overview: Aeifur has good stats all-round, and his time mastery makes him almost invulnerable. He does not like combat, however, and will refrain from killing the opponent or injuring him/her too badly. Strengths: Good all-round stats, time mastery Weaknesses: Moral conscience, does not wish to kill or injure the opponent.
  21. Name: Sting Jyrazz Gender: Male Age: 34 Race: Human Height: 1.82m Weight: 58kg Appearance: Brown hair that reaches to the neck, fair skin Personality: He listens to others more than he speaks, allowing him to pick up many pieces of valuable information in the bar. Loyal to his hirer. Equipment: Sting usually wears his full set of dark leather armour - armour, gloves and boots, even when he is wandering around in a city. However, sometimes, he will change his outfit to a cotton shirt and a pair of short, cotton trousers that reaches to the knees. Weapons: Steel longsword- A regular longsword made of steel. A bit old, although in fairly good condition. He usually uses this to fight, but is still not used to fighting with such a light and nimble weapon. Dented, elaborately carved bronze greatsword- A family heirloom passed down to him from his grandfather. He rarely uses it in battle. However, since he has trained using this weapon since he was young, he has gotten used to the weight of the sword, and thus prefers to use heavy weapons rather than light ones. 2 throwing knives- For skinning and throwing. His aim is quite accurate. Additional Information: He hires himself out as a bodyguard. Usually hangs out in bars, or city bazaars, to find a job. Once hired, he will stick to his job until it is done, or he is killed in battle. He is currently looking for a weapon that suits him better.
  22. Name: Avalon Voidstalker Age: Indeterminate (because of Aeifur's constant Time Shifting); if you really insist, 34 Gender: Male Race: Soul Reaper Appearance: Tall, lanky and pale-skinned. When he performs assassinations, he usually wears a long, hooded ebony cloak, but when he wants to be less conspicuous, he will wear a black coat and a pair of dark leather trousers. Picture: Personality: He does not speak often, due to his history. Being some sort of introvert, he prefers to listen, or eavesdrop, on conversations, rather than participate in them. He has gained a substantial amount of useful information through this way. He usually works for the person who can offer him the most amount of money, often resulting in him killing his original hirer. He dislikes direct conflicts, however, and prefers to work from the shadows, even when the target knows he's there somewhere. He has a strong sense of respect, though. However, he has a great sense of pride too, and will usually send out death notices to his targets a few days before he kills them. If forced, he will fight in the open. History: Grew up in a hidden village of dark wizards and necromancers, never told who his parents were. He never questioned that either, for there was nothing called a "family" in that cursed clearing. As he aged, he discovered his uncanny talents slowly, first by absorbing small animals in the forest, then the bigger animals, and soon, as he experimented with his powers, the whole village was dead. Curious, but not unnerved, he wandered forth, and soon found his way into the Underworld, from which he attended the Soul Reaper High college and mastered his strange talents. After graduation. he was visited by the time traveler Aeifur Omega, in search of powerful warriors, and after a fight, agreed to join the Ultimate Party. He hires himself out as a mercenary assassin. Attributes: Attack – 5 Attack Speed – 10 Range – 10 Range Speed – 3 Defense – 6 Evasion – 10 Stamina – 2 Speed – 8 Weapons – 20 Abilities – 35 Extra – 0 Total – 110 Weapons: Soul Lance - A long, double sided blade that is infused with spiritual energy of Avalon's past victims. The middle of the hilt may be detached to form two, separate blades. It is made of silver, although the life force has granted it an extra layer of protection. (20) Abilities: Life force manipulation - He can feel, and manipulate, the life force of other living beings around him. Using this technique, he can kill a person by breaking it. However, people with a strong will to live, or have a forceful personality have solid life forces, and therefore cannot be broken. In this situation, he can use it as a ranged attack, and hit the life force itself. In order to do so, he needs to first feel for the enemy's life force with his hands. He requires about 20 seconds to get a fix on the victim's life force. (20) Shadow Manipulation - Avalon manipulates the shadows around him, using this ability to "cloak" himself better, rather than in combat. He uses it to blend in with the surrounding darkness, especially beside walls, or in a corner. This ability has been used too often by past assassins, and therefore has lost its original effectiveness. A sufficiently well-trained person can detect the usage of this skill and may even be able to pinpoint the location of the user. However, it is deadly to unsuspecting victims.(5) Combat Overview: He is an assassin, therefore he would make sudden, lethal attacks that rely on catching the target unawares to hit. A particularly attentive fighter would therefore be able to dodge his attacks. The weakest point of battle is when he strikes, and the opponent dodges. Then, the opponent would have a free hit after that. His stamina is also not that high, so he can be knocked out easily when he is hit. He is also impeded in battle when there is little, or no visible places to hide in. Strengths: Sudden lethal attacks, hard to hit Weaknesses: Attacks have low hit rate, easily injured when hit Others: Avalon is a member of the Ultimate Party and is known as the Titan of Death. He is also the college roommate, best friend and rival of the current Death, Grim. (Just to clarify: Death is a job position that is given to the most outstanding of Soul Reapers. The current Death is a Soul Reaper named Grim, and if Grim hadn't applied, Avalon would have taken the job.) "Though we strike at you from the shadows, do not think that we lack the courage to stand in the light." ―Zeratul to Infested Kerrigan
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