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  1. Hello, Again. Friend of a Friend...

    Yesh! Win the hearts of the natives by showing off knowledge of geeky movie song lyrics. Check! Currently watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World as we speak! It's a shame that the band that did that song aren't really that good, apart from Black Sheep of course. Hey! See, told you I'd finally get an intro post done! I just love that Koffing is happy for once, James always under appreciated him. Oh jeebuz, I am so turned on right now...
  2. Hello, Again. Friend of a Friend...

    Ahoy hoy, My name is FeetsDontFailMeNow, and honestly the only reason I'm here is to prove that Blackfrost actually has a girlfriend! Nah I kid, I kid. I'm 22 years young (still waiting on that letter from Hogwarts), I reside in the Land of the Haggis and have been rping for roughly six years. I'm not very experienced at using forum style role play, so please excuse me if I seem like a bit of a butt-trumpet at first. Looking forward to rping with new people from all different backgrounds and styles. I have a pretty open mind when it comes to story lines and scenarios. I've been involved in rp's to do with space pirates to post-apocalyptic zombie-dinosaurs. So if you've got any fun ideas let me know. I hear it's Pokémon month so I'll leave you all with this mildly amusing comic strip. Have a nice day. :)