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  1. Hello.

    Welcome welcome. Please enjoy your stay.
  2. Halloween

    Finally have Halloween plans. Some friends and I will be going out of town to surprise a buddy of ours for his birthday. We're gonna go and play some laser tag, and then later I'll be continuing what has become a newer Halloween tradition for us which is running a special 1 session campaign of over-leveled characters in a Castlevania D&D event where their characters make their way through the castle and several difficult boss fights before ultimately fighting Dracula himself at the end. Every year I change up the castle lay out and make some new bosses to keep it fresh.
  3. Halloween

    Every year I dress up as a member of the Belmont clan and go whip the demons of the night. Damn trick or treaters.
  4. So another year has come and we enter into the season for holidays. The first in the long trek is Halloween. I know activity on the site right now is sparse. But I thought this might kick something up. Let's tell a spoopy scary story. The idea behind this game is simple, I'll start with an introduction and the next person that wanders in and wants to add to the story just add to it. This is mainly meant to be fun and keep things at least a little lively around here. There are only two rules. #1: Make it spoopy. #2: Have fun. On a dark stormy night, a generic group of college kids came upon a deserted mansion at the top of a dreary hill. Seeking refuge from the storm they exited their car and walked in; grabbing some food and flashlights from the trunk just in case of issues. Within the foyer they could see cobwebs draping the chandelier and thick white dusty sheets covering some unknown objects beneath.
  5. Bow to your Student! (lololol)

    Ha ha, do we perhaps have a fellow gentleman among out ranks? A hearty welcome to you Yosh.
  6. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Oi Sol. Last time I played mafia was like. 4 months ago. I've moved on.
  7. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Don't listen to Shadow. He calls himself a senior but he hasn't been here very long. He's just acting tough for his gang.
  8. Herro! I'm new. :)

    It's meant as a compliment my dear. Nothing more. You like quite a few styles/genres that I do. That is why I say what I say.
  9. Herro! I'm new. :)

    Hm...I may need to claim this one.
  10. Shanedan!

    Welcome welcome~ We hope your ecstatic return makes others as happy as you~
  11. Triumphant Return

    It's from the movie actually. ^-^ Descole is my favorite character in the Layton series though.
  12. Triumphant Return

    Lords and ladies, good friends one and all, I delight in saying I have returned to you. I have left my apologies where they were needed, and hope my return will be a welcome one.
  13. Compared to the other 'returning members' I felt actually welcome back~

  14. Triumphant Return

    At least mine doesn't cause people to bleed profusely from the anus~
  15. dumb shit noia made

    Neither do I. Noia these are great. T-T
  16. To everyone on the site that's supported me through my...ever-piling up series of unfortunate events, I thank you, but I think I'm going to take a little vacation from the site. I feel I've been a real ass to some, and it seems to reflect in a lot of places. I don't want this to be the normal thought people go to when they think of me. "He's a real pain in the ass." "He can go fuck himself, he's a jerk." "He's seriously changed. He needs help." So I'm thinking taking a couple weeks to a month off will help clear my head, give people some time to maybe forget about all the shit I've done in my stress and anger, and hopefully come back to being that resident nice cool guy people liked before. I apologize to the rps that I'm in. If they're on hold and you want to go without me, I don't blame you. Those that are willing to hold off until I come back, thank you for caring and letting me remain a part. Hope to see everyone soon, and be back refreshed and feeling better.
  17. The Von Trapp Family will be leaving us tonight.

    That's fine. Hopefully I can make some sort of comeback in the future if it's still up.
  18. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    Yes that guy.
  19. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    I'm the world's greatest doctor.
  20. ...and it made me frown

    "Girlfriend" of 2 years called me a cunt and left me today. I feel phenomenally depressed.
  21. Xenoblade: A World of Titans

    A world filled with endless ocean. A world where life itself is void. Yet such a change would occur that it would change the world forever. An almighty crash heralded the sudden arrival of the Bionis and the Mechonis to this world, for the titans were locked in a timeless war... The sound of their clashing blades rang out, shaking the sea bed and sending ripples through the sky. As the duel reached its climax, the titans poured their remaining strength into one last slash of their great swords. Both struck forth with immeasurable power... Once the dust had settled, only their corpses remained. Locked in place from their world shattering strikes... Eons passed, and signs of life began appearing upon the corpse of the titan Bionis. People born of the Bionis would return to the Bionis. Now, the Bionis' enormous body, covered in lush plains as far as the eye can see, is home to a developed series of civilizations who give thanks to the titan for providing them with such a natural bounty. Life on Bionis is not destined to flourish forever, however. A war has begun. Fronted by the Mechon, a race of overwhelmingly powerful entities whose origins come straight from the Mechonis attack the peaceful races of the Bionis. What will happen? Has the Mechonis reawakened? Can the peoples of the Bionis stand against these devestating creatures? --------------------------------------------------------- Races: Homs - The equivalent of Humans, they inhabit much of the vast body of the Bionis in Colonies. They are bountiful, and run by a single government which lies within the Bionis itself. The colonies are spread from the feet to the shoulders of the Bionis with a system of tunnels that connect them to the capitol. They are a civilized and developed people who have come to be one of the dominant races of the world. Nopon - A younger race of beings on the Bionis, they resemble fat rabbits mixed with cats. They are a highly peaceful race who often become merchants and travel the Bionis freely without a care. They are highly resilient to damage and accustomed to combat, as they live within the massive jungles upon the Bionis' back. High Entia - A race who consider themselves the most developed and whose civilization has overtaken the head of the Bionis. They are powerful warriors, brilliant magic wielders, and proud people. A pair of wings adorns their heads like a crown, and allows them slight flight, though their advanced technology allows them much better transportation. --------------------------------------------------------- I'm hoping to get maybe 3 or 4 people for this set up. It's based on one of the most beautiful games I've ever played and I hope to maybe introduce some people to the world in some fashion.
  22. My slightly hesitant roleplay site 'hello' attempt...

    Welcome welcome. Don't let others fool you, they are lesser than I. I am the greatest. You may grovel.
  23. Hey. (Again)

    @_@ Your gif is so hypnotizing...also welcome back.
  24. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    I volunteer as tribute.