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  1. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    The land is in turmoil. Those who would seek to claim it rise. The peace and harmony of old must now make way for the age of the Warring States. The reign of the old Shogunate is over. And I, Matsunaga Hisahide, watch as these puppets dance before me. Let us see what these 'Warlords' can make of this land. Rules: Actions: Factions: The Oda Oichi, The Battle Flower {HH}: The beautiful younger sister of Nobunaga, and a loyal servant to her brother and her husband Azai Nagamasa. She is a timid woman and a possesses a radiant beauty, and is also one of the kindest people around. Equipped with duel Chakram, she helps her Faction with all her might. Mitsuhide Akechi, Bringer of Peace {Eth}: One of the mightiest generals in the Oda Faction, Mitsuhide is loyal to only his master, Nobunaga. Equipped with a Katana, his iaijutsu style is precise and to be reckoned with. Mori Ranmaru, Young Lion {Dreamy}: The most loyal of all the Oda, Ranmaru serves Nobunaga with utter surety. Often mistaken for a young girl, his looks deceive many into a false sense of security, as he is also a model samurai, willing to give his life for his lord. Equipped with a large Great Katana, his swings are true no matter what. The Tokugawa Honda Tadakatsu, The Unparalleled {Wst}: Tadakatsu serves the Tokugawa with the most loyalty out of any in the Warring States. He is an indomitable warrior who is known throughout the Land of the Rising Sun as one of the greatest warriors to ever come upon the land. Armed with his mighty Drill Spear, Cannons, and Jet Propelled back, he serves not only as Ieyasu's greatest asset, but also his kick-ass robot taxi. Ina-hime, Tadakatsu's Pride {Ice}: Ina is a filial daughter who is proud of her family, father, and lord. Despite her high-class upbringing, she is eager to show her own worth as both a warrior, and a noble successor to her father's legacy. Though respectful of her father's wishes, she is independent enough to act upon her own volition. Equipped with a large Bow, she is a danger from afar. Sasaki Kojiro, Mortiferous Grace {shadow}: Kojiro is the eternal rival of famous swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. He is a sadistic narcissist who loves to kill and prove his strength with his sword. Scouted by the Tokugawa for his prowess with a blade, he serves for the chance to face his rival. Armed with his famous "Drying Pole", he is precise and agile, like a sparrow taking flight. The Date Katakura Kojuro, The Dragon's Right Eye {Sean}: Level-headed and calm, Kojuro is a skilled strategist and the most trusted member of the Date Faction. His determination to defend his lord, and his love for the people of Ouushu make him a favorite among the people of the land and the warriors behind him. Equipped with a Katana and a Wakazashi, he strikes true no matter what. Saika Magoichi, Fiery Crow of Saika {Nikkia}: A proud woman, Magoichi is known to be blunt and offers her expert mercenary troops only to those worthy of them. Masamune, being somewhat of an old friend thinks highly of her and knows her to be a deadly woman. Equipped with various firearms ranging from her signature Magnums to her Machine guns, Shotguns, Grenade launchers, and Landmines, she is deceptive yet upfront about her tactics. Maeda Keiji, The Vagabond {Noia}: Keiji is a high-spirited man, travelling about befriending many. Caring deeply for those he sees as his friends he goes to great lengths to end things in a peaceful, but is never afraid of a rough housing battle. A heavy drinker, lover boy, and all around partier, Keiji has a reputation not only as a great man, but also a wild one at that. Travelling with his loving pet monkey Yumekichi, he is equipped with a massive Nodachi.
  2. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Due to a severe lack of enjoyment, the Sengoku Wars Game is finished. I thank you for giving me support in my first game attempt. I hope this will help me in designing a possible future game. Canonically, the Tokugawa win. But I'll just leave this ambiguous. The enemy's at Honnoji.
  3. does anyone still play civil 5?

    I enjoy Civ 5.
  4. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    After a painstakingly long day, it ends. Night Phase 5 Begins now.
  5. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    I'll be prolonging the day phase so that the full Date clan can make some sort of decision.
  6. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Roughly 7 hours until the next night phase.
  7. Magical Girl Sparkling Subaru

    The day started out pretty simple. Drive down to the usual spot with the friends, get some breakfast and then go work. Lunch time came around pretty quickly, and the moment I decided to head out to grab a bite to eat, the building I 'used' to work at was stomped on by an over-sized feline with an anger issue. Well, once again I had to find a new job. Not that that's terribly hard. I seem to find a new job pretty quickly when the time comes. But the annoying part was to come right after...those damned magical girls...I can't stand them and their self-righteous crap. I had to expect more damage to come with them coming, so I simply got driving before my vehicle would get damaged. I figured take it into a parking complex would be best, get to a high place, since now that my day was free I could watch the mangy monstrosity combat the magical wastes of space. I didn't used to hate magical girls. In fact they seemed pretty cool. But...ever since this past month, everything changed. Someone important to me was killed and left me something important, which has become a bit of a curse to me. I need to find their murderer, and I can't expect help from anyone. Driving quicker and quicker up the parking complex, the gift slowly changed me like it did when I got into these moods. My clothes changed to a deep purple, shimmering in the spotlights of the garages. The wheels of my vehicle became sleek blazing orbs that lifted it up as I hoisted it, driving up the middle column that left an opening all the way to the top. Getting to the top level of the massive parking complex I had the best view of the combat beginning to occur. My outfit showing what I really was in the air of the open sky. I too...contained the powers of a magical girl...and it ashamed me on the inside. The thing that killed the one I cared for...a magical girl...I was given this strength somehow...and was meant to use it to one ultimate goal...seeing the explosions in the distance against the colossal cat caused a blast that rustled my clothes. This might be the day I get revenge. I will kill those magical girls and then they'll be avenged... I'll kill them all...and get justice...with this accursed power...
  8. ...and it made me frown Jontron is the only one whose scream emulates how disgusting that tattoo looks.
  9. ...and it made me frown

    :c I'm sorry Pain. He's a dumbass cunt bucket, that's all that can be said.
  10. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    The sun rises once more. I, Matsunaga Hisahide wish to see the blood fly and the flames grow today. Hopefully it will be so. Day Phase 5 begins now.
  11. The Birthday Thread!

    Day knows his day must involve the most partying of the hardest.
  12. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    The day comes to a long winded conclusion. Night Phase 4 Begins now.
  13. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    If no other decisions will be made in the next hour, I will register you as inactive for the day.
  14. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Now is the time for teammates to decide what the missing members will be doing. I'll be extending the Day Phase until this is decided.
  15. Celebration Thread

    I know he is~ But he's wastin' that perfect face by not smiling~
  16. Celebration Thread

    Sean you look so miserable. Take better selfies silly buns~
  17. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    24 Hours remaining. It may be wise to choose your actions.
  18. Celebration Thread

    Just got a second job at Gamestop. I'm super pumped.
  19. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    The mage was still up and the group definitely needed him down. Serafinn needed to keep him alive though, so he went with his lowest damaging attack in hopes to simply knock the caster unconscious. Blazing Starfall 1d20+7 13+7 = 20 v. Reflex 1d4+7 = 8 Radiant dmg. "HA HA! LOOKS LIKE HE'LL BE SEEING STARS TONIGHT! HA HA HA!"
  20. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    As the light of the rising sun comes over the horizon, it stops overhead the Tokugawa camp. With a great flash of light, a massive beacon forms radiating from Ieyasu Tokugawa. A similar light shot through the air during the evening from the Oda camp. Less lustrous but none the less beautiful, it flew from Oichi. This, the 4th Day of the Sengoku Wars, begins now. Also, something that seems to have caused an issue this past night that I will point out now for future use. Those of you that have Night activated Musous/Basaras. From now on, so that this is noted, if you activate it during the night, it will occur immediately and not settle at the end of the night like other actions. This means if you act quick enough you cannot be sabotaged. However, it is the same the other way around. If you are slow to choose, and someone calls to sabotage you, you will be sabotaged nonetheless. May the odds be ever in your favor today.
  21. ...and it made me frown

    But I wanted to do a layered joke on top of your joke Anna! BOOHOOO...T-T
  22. ...and it made me frown

    I'm. I'm not sure. But I think I'm throwing away a golden opportunity for a joke here.
  23. ...and it made me frown

    In other sad news...the guy who Indiana Jones shot after swirling his sword about died...sadface.
  24. Sean's Game of Life

    Things slowly started to rebuild around me. I soon had no need for my anti-depressants and after a few test weeks I came off it. Living in Germany has been a good choice in my part. It gave me time to really think about things and move on. Emma and Max were constantly sending me letters which made me feel cared for even though I was thousands of miles away. Having to focus on speaking German had a small effect on my voice as I slowly started to sound like I had an accent from speaking entirely in German day and night. I knew things would change, and mostly for the better. Interactions Emma - Sending me letters was a grace I couldn't thank enough for. I missed us being close, but I was slowly getting across that void. We've been close for so long this separation has simply made us more like siblings than lovers now. I wouldn't change this now. I have someone I can always turn to. I got a cell phone during this year and used it to call her now and again along with... Max - A brother to me he was turning out to be. He was just as worried about me as Emma was, and that truly helped me. I told him that I'd see if I could arrange him a visit here. My grandparents living here were graciously offering to bring him and Emma over for a Christmas in hopes to meet them. Hannah - The sweet girl that never gave up on me. She always has a kind word to say and a warm heart to open. She's given me such confidence in the last several months I've even had the drive to aim for a political position after college in hopes to one day help bring the world a little closer to peace. Grandpa Geosseph and Granny Helena - My father hasn't been heard from in a long while so they have stepped up to help me. They let me stay with them and they helped me get a job at a local bakery. The money is okay, but getting to know the people is what helps the most. They find me to be a sweet boy, and I wish to make them proud. My mother has simply stopped talking to me...from what I understand from her last letter she and my step-father have moved away from Surreality and have had a child of their own. So she wanted to start over. I feel I've been dropped many a time, but I'm realizing who is willing to help me pick myself up. ---------- Activities Swimming - Once again, at Dusseldorf I joined the swimming team. I had more motivation to be good at it and as such was getting faster and better. Bakery Worker - Thanks to my Grandpa and Granny, I was given a chance at a job at a local bakery owned by some of their old friends. They themselves are getting on in years and needed a new pair of young hands to help them move things around in the store, work the register, and sometimes bake if a large order comes in. So they're giving me a shot. Political Peace - I took a serious focus on this during college. There were specialty classes to speak on behalf of nations, industries and the like, and it opened my eyes in how the real world works to aid the many by being a single man taking the responsibility onto his shoulders. It's a tough set of classes, but I've been studying and working on speech writing in some free time. I hope it pays off.
  25. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    The day comes to quite a stunning conclusion. While many chose to once again Koku, some scouts were sent out to discover the Basara of Katakura Kojuro and Magoichi Saika. They return with scrolls that describe in great detail the power they currently hold. Several strikes were also aimed at the Demon King who took it and laughed at the absurdity of any rising up against his ambition. And so night falls once more. The blood has finally started to spill. What will transpire tomorrow? Only I, Matsunaga Hisahide, will have a front row seat to this glorious event. Night Phase 3 Begins now.