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  1. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    8 Hour Warning. If choices aren't made, teammates will choose them for you.
  2. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Very well. All will be revealed tonight.
  3. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Tadakatsu, do you wish to scout his lesser ability or his Basara?
  4. [Discussion] Sorcerers II: The Sorcery-ing

    I'd like to get in on this.
  5. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Actually, it would be 5 to learn the Basara. It's 3 AP to learn the first trait.
  6. Community Games

    Battleblock Theatre is great.
  7. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    I, Matsunaga Hisahide, looking over you all see that Mitsuhide cannot have his Scouting of Magoichi Saika's Basara stopped. Unless the Date choose to stop this action, I shall declare her Basara shown.
  8. Salvete~!

    Bonjour. Hope you like it here. HA. I BEAT YOU ALL TO THIS NEW LOVELY.
  9. Celebration Thread

    You must listen to this or something similar while viewing this next image. This is true beauty...props to Nikkia and Zion on this, one of the most important achievements in artistic history.
  10. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    The sun rises once more on this, the Land of Warring States. Another blast of energy emerges from the Date Camp. It seems Magoichi Saika has activated her Basara. It seems the Date are prepared for the war. Let us see how everyone fairs. Day 3 Begins now.
  11. ...and it made me frown

    I actually have to plan for my wisdom teeth being taken out in August. At least my bottom two. My top two haven't even come out yet.
  12. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

  13. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    I'll give a warning if people haven't chosen within the last 24 hours. Most likely aimed at 6 hours before the phase is over.
  14. Celebration Thread

    I just got my gift from the Singaporeans from their trip to Japan in the mail today~ It's a dorbs little set of Totoro stamps. I love it~ Thanks guys!
  15. hi.

    This is all I could think of. Do I win the internetz?
  16. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    I apologize, I thought I had made myself clear. I can offer you the chance to pick since I suppose I didn't make myself clear enough.
  17. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    The night comes again. "The Warlords ploy to pretend to use Koku seems to be working." Matsunaga Hisahide says to himself, laughing over a cup of sake. "Nonetheless, with this much power stored...tomorrow will no doubt be a blood bath." Night Phase 2 Begins now. Those who have not taken an action have missed their chance.
  18. Weird Habits

    If a specific movie is on tv and I end up watching it. Like...Say it's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I 'can't' just watch that one. I have to go and watch all the ones that come after. I also have to have everything in alphabetical order when it comes to my manga. 20th Century Boys goes before Ace Attorney, which goes before Akira, which goes before Attack on Titan. Blah blah blah. But I also do this for my anime DVDs/seasonal tv show DVD sets. I HAVE to do it, otherwise it looks horrid.
  19. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    5 Hours Remain. Those who have not chosen please do so soon, if you do not, a representative from your team shall pick for you.
  20. I wanna role plaaaaay

    Cause a battle royale to the top was never done before in any art form. Clearly it was the father of its genre.
  21. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

  22. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    Serafinn began to swirl his cane in his hand as sparkles began to fall from both ends. Spinning it faster and faster it began to look like a belt of stars flying out from the tip and foot of his cane. They began to dancing around the space behind the mage, before exploding into a swirling mass around each square adjacent to it. Many of the stars smashing into the mage's body. Swirling Stars: 1d20 + 7 v. Reflex 15+7 = 22 Damage = 2d8 + 7 Cold/Thunder 13 + 7 = 20 "HA HA!" Serafinn laughed as the mage got battered with stars. "I don't know about everyone else, but I think this guy is a 'Big Dip'. HA HA."
  23. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Basaras are the only things announced as they, quite literally, make the player glow with power. It is a powerful ability and is treated as such. The only other night action known is Sabotage. You don't know whose Resting/Meditating.
  24. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    The sun rise. Battle is on the horizon. Each army readies their forces. I watch from afar. Day Phase 2 Begins As the morning breaks, a great light can be seen from the Date Camp. It seems Katakura Kojuro has activated his Basara.
  25. I wanna role plaaaaay

    I'd love doing something sorta Hunger Games like.