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  1. The Summoning Game

    Better keep quiet, he's sleeping. Now bring me a spider on roller skates.
  2. The Summoning Game

    Please. I could do this one in my sleep. All your wolf are belong to us. And now what will belong to me shall be, a fast sloth.
  3. Looks down at the single Pokeball that happened to roll to the floor next to a display case. The name of the Pokemon written on the top. "Dunsparce".
  4. The Summoning Game

    I think he doesn't wanna say "Hello", but here's your Beatle bird. Now fetch me an elderly Slenderman.
  5. The Summoning Game

    Here's your silly tickle kitty(Though I don't think he liked it.) Now bring me a laughing Koala.
  6. Wonder why there's a child following me and drive my ass over to the Squirtle.
  7. MOVIES!!!!

    I think I died a little inside from sheer happiness after seeing the new trailer for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Benedict Cumberbatch is probably the best choice they could've made for Smaug. Though now we have Watson vs. Sherlock, can't wait to see how it comes out.
  8. Hello, Again. Friend of a Friend...

    Well, good morrow to you m'lady. Welcome to the show. I do apologize but you have caught me coming out of the bath.
  9. Hi There

    Welcome to the group Starry. My favorite color would be purple and my favorite animal to be 'basically' anything that's cute.
  10. PG-13 Adventure in Kanto

    Ken was eating peacefully with the group, all of which were having tiny conversations with one another. This brought a smile to his face as he knew everyone got along well. The strength of a trainer can be measured in many ways, the power of his team, the raw energy they emit, even just by simple appearance, but this group was strong because of the bonds they shared. He taught them to find equal grounds with one another so they could be happy working with one another, and one by one they all bonded with one another, and through those bonds, to Ken. In the grand scheme of things, it seemed like a group that would last a lot longer than a lot of up and comers who don't learn such lessons quickly. Ken's mind finally snapped back into place as he finished his meal and noticed everyone was looking up to him smiling with clean plates. He pet each individually, speaking calmly, "Good boy Weavile. Good girl Romiji." He repeated the process for each of them before calling the waitress over for a quick desert of shaved ice for most of the group, and a cookie for Kurth. Last time he got shaved ice for Kurth, it melted after a few licks and the flavoring that was left was too watered down to taste, so he's taken it upon himself to get him something that he'd like without accidentally melting it. Just as the desert looked to be coming over he noticed a young man walk over to the table. Judging by his appearance, he looked almost ten years younger than him. Hearing the boy's request he smiled up to him and nodded, "Yes, you could call me a trainer. I'm sure my group wouldn't mind battling a little later once the heat dies down. What do you think guys?" "We. Weavile. We We." The Weavile spoke up, pointing to the younger man and his Glaceon, as Ken smiled again, looking back over to their visitor. "Weavile has a point, would you like to join us for a little desert? I'll pay for you and your Pokemon." Ken motioned for the Mienshao, who he had called Yoshiaki earlier, to fetch a few chairs for them to use.
  11. Shin Megami Tensei

    But yeah, I'd say get Devil Survivor Overclocked for the 3DS. Cause they're rereleasing Devil Survivor 2 soon since the anime went so well.
  12. Shin Megami Tensei

    No, It was rereleased for the Playstation Vita. Which, let me tell you, is a great damn expansion. The Golden added some nice stuff to the game.
  13. Shin Megami Tensei

    As good a reason as any. It's a damn good game with soe damn good humor. Now get me some sausages. BREWEHWREAHEHEWUBRREWA.
  14. Shin Megami Tensei

    Well, I own every game released in America(As well as some roms for the ones for the ZSNES.)and I can tell you that you can't go wrong with one of the Devil Survivor games for the DS/3DS. SMT IV was released recently which is great, and I'd say on top of that, my favorite game of the entire franchise, spin-offs included, is Persona 4. If for no other reason than Kanji Tatsumi. That adorable man.

    I just wanna try and be patient with all this. I like spoilers as much as the new person, but hey, I've already paid off my X copy and just gotta pick it up next week. Might wanna drop my friend code here at some point...I guess I'll go get my 3DS to do so. And there we are: 3652 - 1153 - 7521
  16. Mycaruba!

    Welcome to the jungle. We have fun and...mycaruba.
  17. The Pharaoh Returns

    Welcome back to the motley crew.
  18. The Gate is Opened Once More.

    Greetings fellow people. It's good to be back on this site. I was a member under the same name for several years back in the olden days. So I'm hoping to meet some new peeps.
  19. PG-13 Adventure in Kanto

    The day was certainly warm, that much was being proven by the sweat on his chest as Ken walked into Celadon City that day. Beside him was a happy Flareon, howling gleefully in the heat of the day, ruffling his fur with pure bliss. "You're the lucky one here. You know that right Kurth?" "Arrruuu!" The Flareon now known as Kurth almost grinned up at him in agreement as it nuzzled its head against his leg. He simply smiled as he made his way over to a large water fountain in the middle of the city, sitting on the edge. The cool water helped him cool down finally, grabbing a handful and splashing it on his face. For a few moments the heat seemed to go away in the nice breeze that came over him. The breeze was no doubt being helped by being near a cool fountain, but none the less, he sat there, content. After a few moments he looked down as his stomach as it growled lightly. He smiled to Kurth and spoke in a calm tone. "Guess it's time for some dinner. It's already about 5. What place looks good to you bud? And remember, we need to pick a place that 'everyone' will like." He gave Kurth a look as he winked at it. Kurth, sure enough, bounded off for a moment to find an eatery suitable for the party. Not but a moment later did he spot a little diner that seemed to have a nice big vacant spot. He came trotting back as he nudged Ken. "Found one already? Doubt they could fit Serafinn...but they might be able to get the rest of the gang. Let's go then." He stood up from his seat and followed Kurth down to the diner. He walked in and greeted the clerk, asking for the large booth toward the middle. He noticed a few other Pokemon out and about in the place, such as a girl's Minccino and a boy's Glaceon, so he took out a handful of Pokeballs, releasing the Pokemon within. Each Pokemon came out quietly, looking to their partner to know what was going on. He simply smiled as he spoke, "Time to eat gang." The group all smiled at him as most of them sat in the booth. The Weavile in the group took a seat of honor right next to him as a Froslass took the opposite side. Next to the Weavile was a Mienshao, and next to Froslass was Kurth, sitting quite well in the seat even though, unlike the others he has four legs. Ken ordered a bowl of rice for all of them and a special bowl to go. He himself also got a bowl of rice, along with an order of tempura. He gave each Pokemon at the table one piece, leaving two for himself. "Dig in everyone." Ken said with a polite smile, as the rest had waited patiently for him to say so.
  20. PG-13 Adventure in Kanto Discussion

    Well, I'll 'Throh' my hat into this thing.(Yeah I made a Poke-pun.) Let's do this shiz.
  21. The Gate is Opened Once More.

    Yes Amanda. In fact, it do.
  22. Anime/Manga General

    I guess I'll drop my anime digs hyar. My love for Hayao Miyazaki runs deeper than anything else. That being said, my favorite series hands down is Naoki Urasawa's Monster. I also have a love for...Shaman King, Pokemon, Attack on Titan, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, the Shin Megami Tensei animes(Persona 4/Devil Survivor 2/Tokyo Revelation{Terrible OVA but it's so bad it's good}), the old Tenchi Muyo OVA, Nichijou. Others I'll have to say if they come up. But yeah. There we are.
  23. The Gate is Opened Once More.

    I've already got a Platinum One Awesome Dude Card. Which can't be revoked. So. Already too far gone to get rid of me. Mweheheheheh~
  24. The Gate is Opened Once More.

    My god, Celestia was in Samurai Jack? Welp, time to talk for a couple hours about how awesome this is. (Yes, I like MLP myself. Not like, religiously, but damn it's funny.) And Raine, I'm not sure how I could jog your memory of how amazing I am, but I'm sure it'll surface soon enough.
  25. The Gate is Opened Once More.

    I can't make signatures worth crap. But, for a first try it'll do. It conveys exactly what I need. Thanks for the warm welcomes and the obvious status of Official Cool Dude.