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  1. Celebration Thread

    Dang...everyone be going to Florida...I might have to go too.
  2. Sean's Game of Life

    This was no doubt a dark time in my life. I had fallen into a deep depression, I avoided everyone, I contemplated suicide many a time. My mother and step-father going away often left me alone so much I just felt secluded. I told Emma after a large...argument we had about my depression that, to avoid hurting her, I thought it would be best to spend our time away from one another. I hope to fix this someday soon... Activities Swimming - The only time I was usually around many people was when I was swimming, and I shut them out. I focused on being better, and I ended up being faster. But I just felt like I was swimming away from my problems. I didn't care at the time. Studying - I studied. And studied. The counselor told me I wasn't enough for what I wanted to be, so I simply focused solely on doing my best at everything, no matter what. Cram School - Studying wasn't enough anymore. I had to really focus on this. I started going to late night cram schooling to start doing more and more work. I decided I would go to Germany for college. I sent an application to the University of Dusseldorf where my father lives, and supposedly my grandparents. I'm hoping my studying will let me go there for Political Communications... Tutoring - I stopped tutoring other people as it didn't give me a chance to get the help I felt I needed at this point. I asked for tutoring and they set me up with someone I don't know, and don't very much remember. I didn't care enough at the time to remember his name, but I simply made it another reason to get better... Psychologist - My mother didn't seem to care much for me being the way I was. I feel like my step-father is...making her think she doesn't want to deal with me anymore. It hurts me to think of such. But I decided to be proactive about this. I went to a Psychologist to talk about my current standings at home and school and she told me that it all piled on so fast it was simply overwhelming, but she told me to take a minor anti-depressant to help with the stress. We met twice a month for the year and at the end of the year, I worked up the courage with her help to apologize to Emma for everything, and I asked her if, in the near future, if she felt she could, we could try again...I still love her...she's...all I really have in terms of someone I know I feel loves me back...after apologizing I also gave her a letter explaining that if I get accepted to Dusseldorf, I probably won't see her for a year or so. But I will come running if she needs me. I actually sent a similar letter to Max and took me a while, but...I miss them. Language Studies - I took every language class I could this year. Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese. I want to know, talk fluently, and write in at least ten languages by the time I finish college...
  3. EDM vs J-Rock Album Battle

    We're indecisive ass-holes! WOO!

    Sorry, I know the difference between black people and the other word. They're very different people.

    Gotta love those stereotypical black guys.

    Don't embellish him.

    Don't do it. He's just gonna kiss his van and make you feel awkward.

    I do live in a small town.

    Apparently I haven't had my first kiss since every girl I've ever met that I've liked has told me I was ugly.

    I'd give you one if I had one. Sorry everyone.
  11. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    That's super nice.
  12. Herro Thar.

    I've already said my welcomes. No need to say it again really. *Leaves a cookie bouquet*
  13. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    Serafinn needed to deal with the warrior as soon as he could. If he could take him out, his allies would be in less of a horrible state. Serafinn swung his cane around again and held the top of his hat to the tip of the cane, pointing it outward at the warrior. "Take this you brute!" The top of his hat burst open and shot out a shining bolt of electricity from it, throwing and catching his hat back on his head. Pinning Bolt: 1d20 + 7 vs. Reflex 17 + 7 = 24 Damage: 2d6+7=18 + the target is knocked prone The lightning blasted into the warrior's neck, pulling him down with the force. "HA HA! SHOCKING ISN'T IT?"
  14. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Night falls upon the land of the Rising Sun. The armies had an amnesty day to feast and prepare for the war ahead. A sign of true warriors, knowing that their foes were proud warriors themselves allowed for a joyous night of revelry. Nobunaga performed a poem in song while Oichi played a small drum to the beat, Mitsuhide performed on a shamisen, and Ranmaru played a flute. Masamune said a lot of Engrish things while Keiji followed Magoichi, struck with love. Kojuro enjoyed simply keeping to himself. Kojiro spent much of his evening flaunting over himself while Ieyasu, Tadakatsu and Ina ate and chatted. Koku was chosen by all, and I, Hisahide watch in amusement. NIGHT PHASE 1 BEGINS NOW.


    Sean...if I can't have you, nobody can~
  17. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Koku, a term used for an annual allowance of rice given from the lords of the land to their subjects. A single Koku, weighing at roughly 330lbs/150 kilograms is enough to feed a single person for a year. Samurai would receive a stipend of Koku to distribute amongst themselves and the people of the land they protected. In ways Koku could be seen as an amount given to one of high status, those with a higher Koku allowance often held higher power. For those who were curious as to what the action 'meant'. This is sort of a description.
  18. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Take of it what you will, Kojuro-san.
  19. Game of Life OOC Thread

    I know how you feel. No one is interested in dating me apparently.
  20. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    I am simply a bystander. Pay me no heed and I will pay you none in return.
  21. Game of Life OOC Thread

    Ali, no need to be ashamed. Neither have I.
  22. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    With a twirl of his cane, Serafinn aimed for the warrior attacking his allies. A glob of acid slowly formed at his feet and he swung his cane to lob it at the warrior. Acid Orb: 1d20+7 20+7= Crit Damage = 19 Acid "HA HA! Take that ruffian!"
  23. Hey.

    Couldn't we still sacrifice Alisyn?
  24. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    Serafinn listened and nodded as he stepped into the hallway, sprinting to join. With a simple bound that took little effort, he jumped across the pit and caught up to his allies. Jump Across the Pit 1d20+8 17+8 = 25 "HA HA! I would've fell in, but that place is 'the pits'! HA HA HA!" Serafinn laughed as he stopped next to Dei. "I miss anything?"
  25. Sengoku Wars Mafia Game Discussion [Closed]

    I'd like to ask all groups to spend this next day deliberating your choices as to who you'd like to fill in the roles for each Faction. Obviously you'll post this in the Clan chats. I'll check on everyone's choices later in the day. We'll start either soon after, or the following day.