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  1. I shall create this for now. The game will not formally start until next week when the Singaporeans are done with their trip and after everyone has had a little time to recover from Sean's game. Hope everyone gets excited.
  2. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    Serafinn had followed the group to the secret passage, and chuckled to himself. He was the last one outside for the most part and he noticed something. "You know everyone, it may be advantageous if at least one of us stayed behind in case the authorities come to 'explain' why 'they' are here. It may be best if I stayed back in case of such an occasion. If you need my aid, just call out to me alright?" He walked to the front door and closed it, trying to keep things looking in order. Thankfully his clothes made him look more of the part for someone who would be living in such a manor, or would be a guest of some sort.
  3. Hi Hi Hi

    I'll welcome you without molesting you or making you feel bad for coming. So hi.
  4. Sengoku Wars Mafia Game Discussion [Closed]

    I do apologize everyone, I was silly and forgot that one of the teams has mostly Singaporeans in it and we'll have to probably wait 'one' more day to start, I apologize if this is an inconvenience. And if our Singaporean friends come home early we'll be on track anyways.
  5. Sengoku Wars Mafia Game Discussion [Closed]

    Good questions shadow. 1. Everyone starts with 10 HP(unless an ability says they get more/less), and everyone starts with 3 AP(Same this as I said about the HP). 2. AP has no Max volume, but HP maxes at where it started for character. 3. The day actions must be announced, in the thread unless you have an ability that says otherwise. 4. Day and Night Phases last for technically 48 hours. However, if everyone is content with the Day actions taken, it can be voted to press on. Same thing for the Night phase, if I get everyone's actions I'll ask if you wanna start early. 5. Special effects for retainers will be listed upon the retainers being chosen. Since choosing the Warlord and the Heir will be an important choice to begin with. 6. There will be enough of a variety to give each retainer in each faction possibly a different ability, depending on what they pick. I'm offering different things that aim for different play styles, and when one is picked, the other retainer has to pick a different one. The retainers will pick from the list when the Warlords/Heirs are chosen. That answer everything? And Ice, AP are Action Points. And they are gotten from the actions that say you get them right up there in the actions you can perform during phases. If you overlooked them. :v
  6. Sengoku Wars Mafia Game Discussion [Closed]

    Alright, I've been asked to give everyone the mechanics for the game so everyone can get the idea of how it will play. I'll repost this at the beginning of the game so everyone has something to work from. I'll also post Roles at this point as it would be harder for some to understand how some actions work or the goals based on simply how they are written. So you may start deciding your roles as well. Roles:Warlord - The warlord is the leader of the Faction. He gains an extra AP every time he Meditates, but cannot perform Koku during the day.Heir - If the warlord should die, the heir will step-in as the new Warlord, thus prolonging the chances of the Faction's victory. Heir's heal 1 extra HP when they Rest.Retainers - The retainers are the two most loyal servants of the Warlord and Heir. The retainers each have an individual effect that makes them differ from one another. When the Retainers are chosen, they will choose which of the abilities they get. Special Role:Ronin - If both the Warlord and the Heir are killed from a Faction, the surviving Retainers may choose to either commit seppuku and bow out of the game, or become Ronin and go on a path of their own. Their ultimate goal to see the end of the warring. Ronin also gain the ability to 'Wander' which is a Day Phase action. When it becomes relevant, I shall relay it.-------Rules:1. There will be no speaking in the team chat during the Day Phase, nor talking in the thread during the Night Phase.2. Obvious antagonistic tendencies of an out of character manner being shouted out in the Game Thread will not be tolerated. I do not want everyone pointing fingers at one another like this is meant to be a real war. It's a game people have some respect and have fun.3. Upon choosing your action during the Day Phase, it is 'LOCKED'. No take backs, no do-overs. You have to plan and deal with the consequences no dick around flipping between choices.4. Enjoy yourselves. This is my first time hosting a game, so feedback will be good.-------Actions by Phase: Day Phase - During the day phase, Samurai Warlords and their retainers may perform from a small list of actions as well as possible special actions only they possess. Strike - This action may be performed for 1 AP. When performed this action deals one damage to an adjacent rival of the player's choosing. Defend - This action costs 1 AP per use and negates a damage that would be dealt to you from an opponent. Counter - This action, unlike Defend, costs 2AP and will deflect 1 damage an opponent deals back at them. Koku - This action is the Day Time equivalent of Meditate, however, it leaves the player open for Strikes without defense. Scout - This action, which costs 3 AP permanently reveals the special characteristic of a rival player. When used against a rival player, said player can counter this move by paying the same AP cost. Scouting may also be used to learn of a Samurai's Basara/Musou, which requires 5 AP. Scouting requires the full concensus of the faction and one person will be designated as the scouter.-------Night Phase - During the Night Phase, personal actions may be performed as well as 1 of among 3 common actions. Meditate - This actions gains the player 2 Action points. Rest - This action heals 1 HP of the player. A player can expend 1 AP to boost the healing up to 2. Sabotage - This Night action which costs 3 AP, negates the night action of a single opponent. The Saboteur will be known to the Sabotaged. -------Special Actions: Basara/Musou - Each player has a single use Basara/Musou Action which costs a larger amount of AP than all other actions.. However, this action alters something permanently to the game regarding the character in question. They may fully heal, they get a permanent buff to an action, or in a rare case, it may affect the entire field of combatants.-------Goal: The last Faction standing wins, this is of course a simple goal in thought, but in action it is much harder a feat to obtain. The Faction with the last remaining Warlord a/o Heir will reign victorious. This will be a 'somewhat' tricky feat as the roles for the 4 players in each Faction will be unknown to the other factions. The Ronin's goal is to see to it that all Warlords and Heir are defeated.
  7. Sean's Game of Life

    This year was pretty good for me. My step-father and my mother both got new jobs and started travelling a bit. So I was left to man the house for a week or so about 3 times a year. It was a nice feeling of responsibility. Not only that, but things between Emma and I have progressed even's a little embarrassing to say in all honesty. I'll explain it when it comes up. But either way, I had my first glass of champagne this year during New Years which I spent with Emma, Max, Inigo and Allie. I had invited them to stay at my place for the night since my parents went out of the country for business. They let me open a bottle of very nice champagne which I think everyone enjoyed. I did feel bad for Max not having someone to kiss when the moment came, so instead we did a big group hug and later Emma and I kissed for good luck in the year to come. That year I decided it would be best for me to look into some colleges, which Surreality U. is just the simplest choice, but I'm hoping if my grades are high enough and they like me record of clubs and activities, I can get into an Ivy League school for International Peace Studies. I think I want to be an ambassador when I get out of college. I'd love to be an ambassador to a country like Turkey so I'd be able to see Hasad or to Germany to see my father more often. I haven't heard from my dad in a few months though, I'm hoping things are alright there. Kiora - I started tutoring her a little less as the year went on because I needed to study a little more myself, but I continued to help when she asked. It's strange how she has the drive to study when I help, but still has little interest in it still...I know she's smart. Not like schools want her to be, but more like...just someone who has genuine intelligence deep down. A deep thinker who chooses not to think too deep. She's an interesting person and I respect her. Max - Max and I are real close now. He opened up about his online friend NekoNyan and I was happy to hear he found someone to talk to with how much time he spends on his computer. She seems to like him a little from the messages he's shown me and I told him if he wanted me to help him arrange something when she was nearby someday soon, I offered to help fund a trip to a convention which I'd maybe wanna go with Emma too as well. Inigo - Inigo seems to enjoy hanging around me more often than he used to. Maybe we've finally warmed up to one another enough where we can call each other good friends. He's a real cool guy to be around and I find him to be a delight to be around. Allie - Being around Inigo more has also brought me to be around Allie more. She's a very sweet girl and I think she and Inigo are lucky to have one another. They're inseparable. Activities Mayor's Office Job - Things have been pretty good at the office. I'm not just the coffee boy anymore. I've been asked to close up the office once or twice now and again which makes me feel I'm being trusted more. Swim Team - We went to State this year, didn't do terribly well, but our team seems to be getting better. I found myself using the pool with Emma more and more promised, here's what happened where our relationship progressed a little. I told her to meet me at the locker room one night for our night swim and I was changing when she walked in early and, well, saw me in the Full Monty. I don't think I was ever so embarrassed in my life. But after running to the showers she came after me and, walking backwards gave me my towel. We ended up leaving without going swimming that day, but we said we'd try again when we weren't so flustered. A week later I went to get ready and she was there, waiting, and she told me that she wanted to be more comfortable with herself and me, so she got naked in front of me and asked me to do the same. After that, we just blushed a moment but then started laughing. We hugged and that's when I got my first erection. We settled on swimming and I kept away slightly to hide the fact which ended up in a sort of tag game. It went away and we finished later and walked home hand in hand. It really shows how much our relationship has progressed, now that we're comfortable naked with one another. Driving Classes - I got my permit, so now I had to take some Driving Courses. I decided to take a little time off from trying to run for Student Counsel, as I never won the vote. I focused real hard on these classes so I could get my license that way when I bought my first car, hopefully next year, I'd be able to drive it immediately.
  8. Time for a new war. A new...Mafia War.

  9. Sengoku Wars Mafia Game Discussion [Closed]

    I'll be setting up team chats sometime in the next day for you guys to 'get acquainted' with your teammates. That's when you'll learn your abilities.
  10. Sengoku Wars Mafia Game Discussion [Closed]

    But yeah, if anyone has preliminary questions, I can post some stuff to help.
  11. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I'd say HH too. Also, even with the Alisyn v. Ice, I enjoyed having Ice and Tri as my teammates. Not once did I feel we were making bad choices. I thank them for being great Yakuza buffs.
  12. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I'd enjoy that.
  13. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    It was fun for the most part. I enjoyed it.
  14. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I shall leave you with one final haiku. As the wind had blown, So too shall it die and go, This war is over. I formally disband this, the Sandaime Ruukasu-gami. The satisfaction of defeating an enemy, you shall not feel. The triumph of striking us down, you shall not revel in. The Russians will fall beneath the Italians, and rot in the pits of Naraku. So says I, Ryo, the Urban Shinobi. Descendant of the Oda, last boss of the Sandaime Ruukasu-gami.
  15. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    So no one will drink with me as my last action? It is a shame.
  16. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    There is no satisfaction in war. Only more bloodshed and tears. Perhaps one day you will learn the truth little girl.
  17. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    You mock me even as I march to Naraku. You shall simply be remembered as being an honorable shrew who could not accept even a simple token of my kindness and respect for my opponents.
  18. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Yuki-hime. Know your place. Enough hiding behind smoke and mirror and a heavy Japanese accent to offset everyone. I am Oda Ryo. Descendant of the mighty Nobunaga, the Fool of Owari and the man who brought Japan under his foot. I have hidden my identity under the guise of a simple ninja, and reveal myself to all. I am the Shogun of our grand clan, or as you might put it, Boss of our gang. I welcome your malice and threats and offer you a simple token of my honorable legacy. A drink to honor those who have fallen in our conquest and a drink to honor the Italians in their imminent victory. I congratulate you. Strike me down tonight, and finish this war. Sancho, I thank you for your service to my ambition, and hope the Italians and your former brother welcome you with open arms when I am gone.
  19. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    *Pours several bowls of sake*I wercome everyone to drink with us. Friend or foe, you are wercome to my tabre. I wirr not be remembered as a coward or as a savage.
  20. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Yuki-hime...that is enough. Ret them taunt us arr they rike. I sharr not bother ristening to them. You shourd do the same. They have chosen their path, there's no changing this. Ret us await our honorabre death.
  21. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    If arr the Russians wirr be doing is hiding in their hore for the rest of this endeavor, I wourd prefer they simpry bow out and not waste our time. Ret us settre our quarms with Carvin-dono and his companions...

    I love how Eth is "At one with the coaster".
  23. Sean's Game of Life

    The first year of high school was an entryway to some amazing experiences in my life. I ran for Student Council President once again, and was slowly getting more and more recognition. Emma surprised me with tickets to our favorite band which was amazing, and after we rocked out to the point of us both sweating and a hair a mess, we just...started that next step and instantly started making out. It was easily one of the most epic, passionate, and gratifying moments in our life when we both started laughing afterward. Other than my relationship flying so well, I applied to actually work at the mayor's office. I wanna start saving up for a car! Max I finally started to get into some manga he was showing me. And I actually went out and found some on my own. I enjoyed detective story stuff, and got real into Case Closed. But Max and I slowly were becoming thick as thieves. He's the first guy friend I could call a best friend. I spent about as much time with him as I did with Emma, and they liked hanging out now together! We're becoming a three man band, haha. Kiora I didn't really start hanging out with her. I signed up for a tutoring position at our school, and they paired me with Kiora, whom I hadn't interacted almost at all with for most of my life. I think I got a bad interpretation of her. She's nice, and she's actually smart, she just doesn't wanna do a lot of the work sometimes, which is understandable. But I've been helping her with her school work, since I don't want her to feel like she isn't worth anything like the teachers tell her. Everyone is worth something. Inigo I ended up being around Inigo a lot more than I thought I would once again. Which made me start to realize that, he's a super awesome guy to be around. He has passion and it shows. I'm hoping he might like to join my slowly enlarging group of friends. We have a lot of fun and I feel he and Allie would enjoy being around us. Allie Being probably one of the smartest people in our class, I started to do some study sessions along with some tutoring with people, and I started studying with Allie. She helps me figure stuff I don't know out, which helps me do my tutoring. Plus she's really nice and I hope she and Inigo wanna hang out with Emma, me, and Max every now and again. Activities As I said earlier, I decided to sign up as a tutor for someone in my class, and I feel this was a good chance for me to not only learn a little more and meet new people, but to understand others more. I feel like I haven't given everyone a fair chance and want to be more open to who I can call a friend. Tutoring really is a great way to do all that.. I took as many Languages as I could my first year. I started Spanish and French, and was slowly learning more and more languages. It was actually kinda fun one night when Emma and I went for a walk and I said, "I love you" in French in her ear. The red in her face was the best. Surprisingly, no one in my Swimming Club wanted to step up as Captain. I decided to take on the position. I was still not the best swimmer, but I was getting good, and I was good with organization and such. So I was given the Captain's position which made me work even harder at the club. I actually got a key to the locker rooms, which has a back door. Emma and I started to sneak in every once in a while to go swim at night. We liked to keep it secret. Plus I never did many 'bad' things, so it felt a little invigorating to do something like that.
  24. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    The knife that cut him, is not the same as the burret that kirred him. We are not to brame for kirring him...
  25. Far from home...

    Welcome welcome. I hope you enjoy it here.