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    Today: Being a sir.
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    Rping, gaming, Pokemon, Liam O'Brien, Robert Downey Jr, and a little Liam Neeson.

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    I like pretty much errrrrvrathang.
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    I tend to be a medium length poster, but I can go short or long too. However way you like it baby~
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    This fluctuates too much with what ends up continuing and what stops that I'll just say some.

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I've been a member on S*T for quite some time. I must've joined originally back in 2007 or so. I've met quite a few characters because of it, not only on the site, but I have the grace of knowing some in person. Either way, I'm back and am hoping this time around to maybe meet even more c-ra-zy peeps. So, don't be shy.

I'm just kidding be very shy.