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    You're probably Hehehehe. Downloading... !
  2. R Pharaoh's Tomb

    Cheers Misha! Sorry for my own delayed response. I took a holiday and forgot to mention that here. My bad! I'll set up the role play and link you to it sometime this week, okay?
  3. R Pharaoh's Tomb

    Ash is fine, Misha. Modern would be easy to set up, that way we can get straight into the role play (and that is what we aim to do)! Fantasy requires too much background creation than I can handle at the moment. I just want to jump into something, if you don't mind. So why don't we keep it simple and have a college-type setting, throw in a bit of elemental magic learning in there, and work with that? It should develop some interesting action/drama along the way. Does that sound good?
  4. The Pharaoh Returns

    There's new and old members! Awesome stuff. Maan, I miss you guyzzz.
  5. R Pharaoh's Tomb

    Hi there Misha! How are the forums going for you? Is there anything specific you enjoy writing about? Maybe we'll go down that way. Do you have a setting you prefer?
  6. R Pharaoh's Tomb

    All right, this has nothing to do with Egyptian Pharaohs and the like, unfortunately. I do love their myths and legends though... Anyway, this is the idea box - for me - and a way for other people to seek me out if they have similar tastes in role playing. I only do 1 on 1 role plays because they are easier to organise, manage, and follow through with. Fiction/Fantasy is what I go for. I do prefer X-rated content, but it starts from R: it may include bloody descriptions or adult content. There is no 'and' in there mind you. Unless you keep them separate. Yeah. So please be sure you are of age and you do not find any such content vomit-inducing. Now if you're happy to have me as a role play partner, feel free to leave a post here or PM me. Then we can work something out and start! Yay!
  7. The Pharaoh Returns

    Heeeey. Luckily I remember most of you, haha. If you need any casual help with web dev, I'll be up and about ack! Otherwise, let's get that role playing under way, shall we? XD
  8. The Pharaoh Returns

    Omigoh. It's been so long, and I miss this place. Anyone remember me? I think I'll be a humble student this time around. Administration takes its toll when life does stupid things to you, or you do stupid things to it. Anyway, if anyone wants to hit me up with a role play idea, I'm up for it. Gosh, I need to read up on these new rules...