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  1. R Pharaoh's Tomb

    Alright Ash, I apologize for not being able to replay earlier. College modern setting works for me, and with it being a school setting, I'm sure we'll be able to mix in drama whenever we feel the urge too.
  2. R Pharaoh's Tomb

    Hello Pharaoh, Forums are interesting, I have posted up a Role Play, though I didn't realize that most on surreality don't go looking for open forums. As for specifics, I'm quite an open person, Though I do prefer fantasy and action, and of course bits and pieces of added drama and even a few "adult" scenes are always entertaining. For Settings, once again, quite open, though lately my role plays take place in modern settings, and every once in a while a future or past time age. Perhaps you can tell me about what sort of themes you prefer? We can see on which ground we meet and go from there.
  3. R Pharaoh's Tomb

    Hello there dear, I was wondering if perhaps you would like to discuss a Role Play plot with me, I'm still new here but am rather anxious to finally start Role Playing, do let me know if you would like to discuss anything. -Misha
  4. Project Valkyrie

    I am perfectly willing to make this a group role play, where several characters are added besides the YC position. Not all Valkyries need to be female, I've set it up so both males and females are able to become Valkyries.
  5. Project Valkyrie

    Ah, no worries, this is a new role play site for me, I usually role play on a different site, and I would always have to put that rule up in my role plays, and I would still have to remind them and such, I suppose it's become a habit of sorts.
  6. Project Valkyrie

    She is not god like, She cannot control others, and every soldier that receives the serum receives the wings, and their own special power. While her soldiers are bullet proof, after her experience with the torture, she modified the serum and took away her own ability to live through fatal situations. This is a role play about a super secret military project, it's not suppose to be super realistic. God Mod means taking over another character, being indestructible, and untouchable. She may be Bullet proof, which means only projectiles are ineffective, she herself was not sure what caused this, but it does not mean the body is indestructible, knives are still quite effective. Now as for this being in the wrong section, from my understanding, new role players on this site have to stick to the Student area, and that is what I did. For that, I apologize,
  7. Project Valkyrie

    Project Valkyrie Name: Colonel Michelle Jan-Marie Avion Age: Gender: Female Sexuality: Strait Occupation: Colonel of Marine secret project "Valkyrie" And the initial researcher that developed the Project Physical Appearance: Michelle is, for lack of better words, about average looking. She has long blonde hair that falls below her waist, almost down to her knees, since she hasn't cut it in years. She's got bright blue eyes, a few have even joked that they "glow" because they say they are neon blue. Michelle is relatively short, only standing at about 5ft2 when barefoot, though with specialized combat boots, that she created herself, it gives her a few extra inches, so most people believe her to be at 5ft6. She's rather petite, only weighing in at 123lbs, though all her weight is muscle, and due to some "enhancements" of her own design, she is far stronger than should be physically possible for a woman of her frame, to the point even the soldiers that are far larger than she is wouldn't take her on, even if it is just sparring. A surprising factor is her feminine form, usually hidden by her uniform, she sports a rather breath taking hour glass figure, with a 36DD cup sized breasts, well hidden due to her wrapping them before dressing every morning. She has a 29 inch waist, her stomach flat due to her working her abs every day. And then her hips are a lovely 40 inches, hidden with uniform pants that she purposefully ordered in a half size larger than needed, as she wanted to take all precautions to keep her figure unknown, so her subordinates would take her seriously. As for skin, she has an ivory complexion, due to little time outside in the sun, and also a side effect of her "enhancements". Now, for those who have seen it, she has a lovely smile, her teeth aren't perfect, but you have to look quite close to tell. Personality: Michelle is a firm and serious young woman, she takes her job quite seriously, because she knows that the lives of her comrades and fellow soldiers depend on her. But even so, she is actually quite kind, and when off work, she is rather easy to get along with, and to soldiers, she's just another one of the guys, and she likes it that way. During evaluations and tests, she's stern and could even be called cold, doesn't matter how she feels about anyone, rules are rules for her. When she runs experiments with her "Valkyrie Serum", She's distant, calculating, cold and distant, and those who don't follow exact orders get their heads bitten off, figuratively of course, but it's not held against her, for it's well known that her career, and the lives of her soldiers, depend on her experiments running smoothly without any errors. Now, for those in her life that are not from the military, none of them would know that she's someone other than the bubbly, giggly, always happy girl that they've grown to love. But, she's extremely cautious, keeping her life in the military, and away from the military, permanently separate. Powers/Abilities: Before she perfected her serum, Michelle was a regular girl, the only thing that stood out was her intellect. However, <I>after</I> she created the Valkyrie Serum, things changed. The serum actually changes the human DNA, so that the recipient receives angel like wings and super human strength. For Michelle it is no different, although, she is the only one with Pure white wings. However, due to years of testing her serum on herself before letting other's be tested with it, she has a few, other side effects. Due to the experimentation, she has ivory skin that has been found to be bullet proof. and, due to her own secret side experiment, she was able to create another serum, which gave her the hearing of a wolf, increased sense of smell of a bear, and the sight of felines. And, a unintended side effect of the Valkyrie Serum gives every recipient their own power, separate from their wings, and no two soldiers ever have the same effect, for Michelle, this power is found in her eyes, and her ability to turn only those she feels in her heart to be a threat to stone. Now, aside from the genetically engineered powers she has, she has always had perfect aim, and quite often takes on assignments as a sniper for ATF, seeing as her own squadron is sent on very few missions. Aside from that, she is still quite average...somewhat. Likes: Michelle is still a girl, and being which, she still enjoys a few girly things, such as sugar, she has an immense sweet tooth, and even while on duty, she usually has a piece of hard candy, usually sakura flavored, tucked behind her back molars, out of view of her subordinates and superiors, and still allows her to speak clearly while savoring the sweetness. Other things she takes great enjoyment from are her pets, a Dumeril Boa names Beau, and a border collie pit bull mix named Jujubee, after her favorite candy from when she was little. She also takes a great enjoyment, in secret of course, in liquor, having found that it's the only thing that helps numb the emotional pain. Aside from these things, she likes coffee, her soldiers, who are like brothers to her, then of course she loves her family, on base and off base, her sister being the true reason she joined to help create the Valkyrie Project, so she could keep her protected from things regular soldier just couldn't do. And, for something that she only knows about, she is still in love with her ex boyfriend, a man that she could see herself marrying, until he joined the marines, for which she dumped him for, because she couldn't stand for him to know about her military involvement, and, to keep him safe, for she knew, even before reaching ranks, that people would go after him if they knew how she felt about him. So, while she still hurts from not being with him, she still holds a dear whole hearted love for him. Dislikes: As for her dislikes, Michelle does have quite a list, but I will keep it short. For one, she has an extreme hatred for a Edward Avion, her "father". He was an emotionally, and on occasion, physically abusive bastard. Since she was 12, she began despising him, and her hatred for him grew as she got older, and he began to take his anger out on her younger sister. And, while he is now in a prison, she still can't forgive him, eve though her mother tries dearly to talk Michelle into forgiving the man. Then, next on her list, she finds her mother's loyalty to Edward several distasteful, don't get me wrong, she loves her mother, but the fact that her mother remains married to a man that beat his wife, and on occasion his children as well, she simply cannot find anyway to get around it, she hates her mother's loyalty to him. Then, on her detailed area of dislikes, there is the man she knew as Jacob Harrison Cowell, a man she "dated" somewhat, after she broke it off with the man she still loves. Jacob was there as she developed the Valkyrie serum, but he tried to steal it so he could sell it to the highest bidder. Luckily, Michelle was able to have him locked up in a secret military prison, located somewhere in Siberia, as a traitor to humanity. However, she still has a deep hatred for him, not just because he was willing to sell her work, but because for three months, before he was captured, he had Michelle locked up in a dark room, and tortured her endlessly, in front of mirrors so she would have to watch. He tortured her, because there was another factor to the serum that she hadn't yet, and still hasn't put down on paper, and he wanted it. Now, for a less detailed list of dislikes, she hates cats, can't stand them in the slightest, she has a distaste for sour foods and drinks, and then anything that smells like her ex boyfriend cologne sends her into an emotional wreckage of sadness, and anger for having to sacrifice her own happiness. History: Michelle is the oldest daughter of a one Edwards Kath Avion, though, for her mother, Michelle Christine, she is her first child. Her father was married once before being married to Michelle's mother, and from that marriage, he has two sons. Michelle didn't grow up with her half brothers, but she gets along with them relatively well, more so with the second oldest, than the oldest. From her own mother, Michelle also has a younger brother, and a baby sister. Michelle lived a relatively happy life, up until age 11, when her father began berating her for not being "good" enough, no matter what she did, she wasn't fast enough, strong enough, smart enough, nothing was ever good enough. But, wanting to make him happy, she took the verbal abuse, and tried harder and harder. She was extremely intelligent for a young girl, and at 13, she took an I.Q. that verified that her I.Q. was at 163. She felt it would be enough to make the old bastard happy, but it wasn't, he went on about how she must have obviously cheated somehow. So, she went back to trying to make him happy, although, her I.Q. why it didn't catcher her father's attention, caught the attention of a Mr. Michael Lupo Volt, General of the United states Marines. He approached her one day as she was walking home from school and offered her a way to make not just her father, or her family, but the country proud of her. She eagerly accepted, although, she found the man that looked eerily like an older, and more masculine form of herself. But, she paid it no heed. Thorough high school, as she took her classes and acted like a normal girl, even dated an upper classman ________, she would secretly be working for the military at the same time, her research was primarily focused around the idea of being able to genetically enhance soldiers. During her junior year of high school, she made a break through, she found a way that she could actually alter the Human DNA ad modify it to her exact specifications. However, even though the achievement meant that she achieved a high rank in the Marines, the victory she felt was short lived, as her boyfriend of three years broke the news that he was joining the marines. Michelle didn't take the news well, she wanted to be able to work with him, but her sector was all off the books, specialized, and files written about it were all blacked out, and she realized that with him joining up, she would be putting him in danger. The realization was what hit her the hardest, she couldn't stay with him, her girlish dreams of marriage and children were unrealistic, because she could never be, just a house wife. After her boyfriend started PT, she broke it off with him, giving him the excuse that she couldn't stay with someone who would fight for a corrupted government. He didn't take the break up well, and told her he never wanted to see her again, which, she didn't take well. After the break up, she gave the high school her paperwork to graduate early, and from there, went to live on a secret Marine base in the middle of no where Minnesota. She devoted all her time to perfecting her Valkyrie Serum, after a year, she was lonely, and began casually dating a fellow researcher, Jacob Cowell. Things were going alright, when she had feminine urges, she and Jacob would meet up in a little fishing cabin not far from base and fulfill the desires, then, when she was satisfied, she would leave and go back to the base to continue her work. This went on for a year, though, finally, after she turned 19, she made a break through, she tested her serum on herself and, through an excruciating process, forced wings to emerge from her back. She was so thrilled that she didn't care about the, side effects. Her once sun kisses skin, courtesy of her Filipina mother, was gone, replaced by ivory colored skin, completely flawless, and, after an accident with a Private Harold accidently firing off his rifle, she found her skin was now bullet proof. However, instead of leaving the serum as is, like her coworker Jacob wanted, she wanted to perfect it, there were negative side effects, vision loss and extreme nausea that she wanted to fix. However, Jacob Cowell, instead of listening, took her research and fled, to find that there was a missing component to her research, which Michelle only knew. Somehow, even through extra security, Jacob broke into the base and kidnapped Michelle and brought her to an unknown location. She had just found a way to alter the serum, to reverse the negative side effects, and Jacob used it to his advantage. For three months, he brutally tortured Michelle, raping, mutilation, and other actions which I will not put down. If it wasn't bad enough to be put through excruciating pain day after day, the entire room he kept her in was full of mirrors, and he used staples to keep her eyes open to force her to watch. For those three months, Michelle kept her mouth shut, refusing to tell him the rest of the components for her Serum, she wouldn't even scream. It was by pure luck and good fortune, that while Jacob was out buying more propane for his blow torch, that he was found and apprehended, and by methods of persuasion, he told them where to find Michelle. When she was found, she was stripped naked, chained to a wall, and covered in abrasions, cuts, deep incisions, piercings, and she was coughing up blood from internal bleeding. However, as she was rushed to the hospital, the General, who had personally come to be sure she was alright, saw that she had no scars, her bullet proof skin healed over night, and when she woke up a week later in an infirmary on the Marine base, she was fully recovered. Broken bones showed no signs of ever being broken, skin was perfectly flawless. She was sickened by it, and refused to administer the Serum with effects like that, she said that she was making super soldiers, not gods, so, even though for a good year, she was criticized for not releasing that specific version of the formula, the General backed her up, he agreed with her, no one should be able to defy death to such a degree. Now, three years after the incident, her Serum has been perfected, while the soldiers are bullet proof, they cannot miraculously heal fatal wounds, all soldiers who are administered the Valkyrie Serum are sworn to secrecy until the project is brought public. All "Valkyries" gain the ability to row wings, though the first few transformations are quite painful, and some have to be sedated part way through it, all are bullet proof, and then, due to some unknown reason, each Valkyrie soldier gains a specified and personalized power, Michelle gained the ability to turn her enemies to stone, her second in command, Yvonne Loret gained the ability to change his entire body into that of a large lion. Michelle is still trying to learn why each soldier receives such radically different results aside from their wings and skin. Though, her research is about to be interrupted by a very, surprising, and heart wrenching, new Valkyrie recruit. http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p719/MishaWolf/8eb9c32cd82d6e0760f5901f9ca6cd9d_zps510ae9ac.jpg http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p719/MishaWolf/14c_zps0f29586b.jpg Plot: YC is her Ex Boyfriend, a now Captain of the Marines. He will just be getting back from a successful mission and the General will personally offer him a spot on Project Valkyrie. He'll jump at the chance not realizing who would be his new superior officer. Old wounds are opened, feelings are still there, but they have to work with each other, and eventually they'll be sent on a mission when MC decides they are needed. Things will happen, mission will be completed (supposedly) and drama of course will be a theme here What I am looking for in YC: 24-25, still upset about the break up, still loves her, should be cold and distant, won't take orders well, Will eventually see that she's a good leader, but will suspect that her success is due to sleeping up the ranks, and not because of her success with the serum, because he won't know that she has actually been a member of the military from high school. NO INSTANT I LOVE YOU TAKE ME! Sort of thing, NO, I will smack you on the nose with newspaper if you do that. No Ultra sob stories, but he can have issues, they got along so well because they were each other's rocks in high school. In RP Partner: Not too picky here, I am not too extremely active right now, but no going month with out a post. At least 2+ paragraphs, 6-8 lines per paragraph, except during fight and sex scenes. Rules: NO God Mod NO Mushy Gushy Lovey Stuff 1 Auto Hit per fight among characters, but also must take 1 hit per fight scene, this means each response You can add a few back ground characters, But the General and her right hand man are OFF LIMITS all other, have fun Don't pester me for responses, I am getting active again, but do not "poke" my RP after a day or two, inbox me, and ill tell you to "poke" the RP if I have lost it in the replies. Have Fun XD I realize this will not be fully military, I don't know all the Military shit, but if you try to correct me about stupid shit, Imma eat your face got it. ((Extra, Yes, I realize that the pictures are cosplay of a Full Metal Alchemist character, NO THIS IS NOT A FULL METAL FANFIC, I just felt she best fit my character))