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  1. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    In all the Knights among us now, the only Knight that I trust is myself (and my Integrity decrees that I cannot lie about this). This game, unlike previous mafia games, is more of a game of speed, where both sides compete to get all members on their side into the Inner Circle. We also know that there is a member among us with enough seductive power to convert members to either side. *scrutinises everyone's plate mail carefully* The point is that voting a Chaos member into the Inner Circle will increase the powers of Chaos members, if I haven't read wrongly. This is why we have to be careful. On the other hand, I do not know what the Loyal Knights can gain from attrition. I can only hope that some of us have powers that will be of use to us over time. However, due to the lack of a Night Phase in this game (I guess no Knight wishes to take the midnight watch), I do not know the likely mechanics of the abilities among the players. As such, I can only do what I trust is right and vote the Knight of Integrity, HerculeHastings into the Inner Circle. I beseech all Loyal Knights to trust me on this.
  2. Eldritch Horror

    "Mm, oh, I see, I see," I said as Zuge Liangfeng passed the 2 Clues to me. "I've a much better understanding of the mystery now!" [use 2 Clues to move 1 Eldritch token to Mystery board]
  3. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    Indeed, Sir Wstfgl, self-aggrandizement is most unbecoming. I see a name that had recommended itself earlier in this conversation, one of the Knight of Integrity, Sir HerculeHastings. May I recommend that everyone vote for her?
  4. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    The only member with an appropriate name here is Sir Vey Lance, LOL. Also, I'm the Knight of Integrity! It's quite obvious that my loyalty is unquestionable!
  5. Eldritch Horror

    The Cultists shambled up to me as I readied my fighting pose, bracing myself for the worst. As it turned out, I was too pure of body, mind and soul, that all the Cultists immediately died of shame upon physical contact with me. That was an easy fight! However, the filth of the Cultists left a deep imprint on my soul. I closed my eyes and willed myself to sing, in order to avoid being scarred. [Roll for Will, 3 dice Results: 1, 4, 6] The warmth of my own voice relaxed me, and I felt ready to explore Sydney. After all, what's the point of coming to a country if you didn't have some time for vacation? Though it seemed the vacation took a turn into danger, and I found myself needing to escape from my hunting prey. [Roll for Strength, 3 dice Results: 5, 6, 5] I fled unscathed, deciding that Australia was a truly dangerous country.
  6. Eldritch Horror

    Ah, I've just heard that one of my loyal fans, Zuge Liangfeng, is heading to Sydney to fight off the horrible monsters that have emerged! The media's attention has been totally captured by this apocalyptic turn of events, and my agent has advised me to capitalise on it to my advantage. I shall head to join my fan in Sydney by asking my agent to purchase a ticket, then move twice to Sydney. My agent also kindly reminded me to bring a weapon with me. I picked something up from my movie equipment (filling it with real bullets instead of blanks, of course). Improvement token used on Strength. Move aside, Eldritch horrors, the new Lara Croft is here!
  7. Eldritch Horror

    From what I see of my abilities, I play the support role -- "•Once per round, an investigator on your space may roll 1 extra die when resolving a test." This means I should be on the same space as 1 other person at least, to maximise that. It seems from my Asset that I should focus more on Combat Encounters (though, really, an idol superstar fighting off aliens? Hmmm, maybe they'll film it like a Magical Girl show!) so is there anyone intending to fight off the Gates? There's one right here in Tokyo, where I live, for that matter.
  8. Eldritch Horror

    It would I guess, but Musician makes me think of pianist or some orchestra person. Must be cuz of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. XD
  9. Eldritch Horror

    I want to be the Actress, so i can be Idol HH~.
  10. Kingdom Mystery [Discussion Thread]

    I'll join too! My lying/detecting skills may have become rusty though. D:
  11. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    You guys are so talented at making gifts, OMG! Q_Q
  12. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I got Asura's gift! It's fantastic and all the Singaporeans have seen it ahaha. Not showing it to you guys thoughhhhhh. Just know that it's wonderful. And all those candies!
  13. The Birthday Thread!

    THANKS GUYS. And noooo I don't like cupcakes. >.< Wouldn't mind more love though!
  14. NC-17 Outcast

    “Loser. This world should be rid of you.†Joi looked up from her desk. Her mother was beaming down at her, her face warm and tender as always. Joi could not express how much she loved her Mum. She was the only person Joi ever saw on a daily basis, and Joi loved listening to her sweet voice. She was such a simple woman, and the simpler and more pleasant she was, the more determined Joi was to become her idea of the perfect daughter. “Here, have some hot soup, darling,†said her mother. “Are you going out today?†“Thanks, Mum, and no, no I’m not,†replied Joi, her head bent, ostensibly over the soup. “Cricket and Thalfay invited me to play with them, so I’ll be here all day.†She saw from the corner of her eye her mother heave a sigh of relief. Her hand slipped unobtrusively to her Pocket Device, stuffing it into her pocket. Her mother had the decency not to pry into her online life, but it was an instinctive action anyway. “Well, have fun with your friends,†said her mother. “I won’t disturb you playing, so ring me up on the Pocket Device if you need me.†Joi watched as the buxom woman left the room and closed the door. She waited a few more seconds before taking her Pocket Device out again and opened it, watching the screen light flash white, and read the ten new messages that had appeared in the past hour. “People who can’t afford the PD xL Version 3 shouldn’t be allowed to live!†“We’re not paying taxes to support barbarians in our society.†“Don’t you feel ashamed opening your eyes everyday?†The last message was from Thalfay, a person Joi suspected she knew in person, for Thalfay would not fail to send her a message on her birthdays every year, replete with all kinds of unpleasant death wishes. Joi was used to all of these. She lived in a world where everyone had to have the modern, newest technology. Her Pocket Device, originally a pink rectangular gadget, had developed black spots from age, a rare sight in the world. Or at least, it probably was rare. Joi had not stepped out of her house very often, and had no idea what other Pocket Devices had to look. It had appeared as a shiny clean thing when she got it at first, though, the result of her mother’s hard-earned savings over the years as a cleaning lady, and she figured that if people outside changed their PDs every four months, their items probably never had the chance to decompose like hers seemed to be doing. It was a relief to be alone in the room for a few hours at least, where her mother would think she was socialising. She badly wanted to leave the house, to get away from the suffocating oppression of invisible people, but there had been news again, of a gory death by the riverbank. The corpse had been buried under one metre of snow, and only found a month later by an old man who had been chased out of his house. What was scariest was that the corpse had been found with its organs missing, yet there was not a single incision on its body. Joi had not minded the mass panic. The streets would be even quieter than before, and she didn’t even mind the biting chilly wind that often struck in December. It was the perfect place to be alone. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more appealing the idea was. There was nothing to do in her room aside from facing her PD, which was now flashing with an ominous blue light to indicate more messages incoming. People from all over the world were jumping on the bandwagon to hurl insults. She got out of bed, dusted down a coat in her closet, put it on, and slipped out of the room.
  15. The Birthday Thread!

    Thanks guys! Hehe.
  16. Anybody fancy a little post-apocalypse horror?

    Oh dear get well soon Zombie!
  17. Anybody fancy a little post-apocalypse horror?

    I guess my character would be Good, though her main interest is in staying alive. She might find herself reluctantly thrust into this faction war.
  18. Anybody fancy a little post-apocalypse horror?

    I've got a character idea! It'll be a girl with her pet cat. The cat seems a lot more intelligent than it lets on. As for the girl, she had always been protected by her overprotective scientist mother, who told her that the one and only thing she must focus on doing is staying alive. Nothing else matters. The mother died before the start of the story, and she was left to fend for herself all of a sudden.
  19. What's Uuuuuup

    Welcome back Iceeeeee! Yayyy.
  20. Anybody fancy a little post-apocalypse horror?

    I may be interested in joining this! Don't have a character idea as yet but hoping the factions and such can inspire me more. ^^

  22. Greetings!

    Hi Celtic Maiden! Welcome to Surreality! I'm HH, one of the 2 Scholars on the site, and I'm here to answer all your questions, and also to roleplay with you if you need somebody to start off roleplaying with. So don't hesitate to approach me if you need anything!
  23. Hey, I'm new.

    Hi Sandy! I was scanning through that list and found Shingeki no Kyojin. Hooray for another fellow SnK fan! I'm not very hardcore into that, but it's at least an anime I know something about. XD And well, this Graduation system's indeed pretty unique to us. Ahaha do have fun roleplaying, and if you need help or someone to roleplay with, feel free to approach me (hi, I'm HH) or TriOctium, the other Scholar!
  24. Allo again!

    Hii! I vaguely remember Fingerpuppet -- the avatar does ring a bell. And as for the roleplay tavern, we sorta had something like that not long ago too, called Mini Roleplays, though those work in a different way. But I remember that we did have a tavern like that some time back too, so, yeah, do feel free to work something out again! And welcome back!
  25. Many greets.

    Hiii Iza! Yeah members have changed a little, but i'm still here! (somewhat, ahaha)