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  1. Many greets.

    Hi Zombie! I remember Bang!!!!! But I don't know if you remember me. D: And the member you're looking for is probably Izanami, LOL. She isn't very active around here either, now. As for skipping Studenthood, I'll give a heads-up to Nikkia to do it. Welcome back!!
  2. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Hi everyone! I'm definitely up for sending and receiving cards, but I already made a post on my Facebook wall asking people to tell me if they want to receive cards from or send to me. So for consistency, I won't put my name down in these lists, but if you want to send/receive cards to/from me but haven't said so on Facebook, hit me up on PM! That said Secret Santa is a completely different thing! I'll register for that ohoho.
  3. Rules of Nature (Closed)

    Nature is back upon us, for I have posted at last!
  4. Rules of Nature

    The hospital wasn’t very busy this time of the morning. Nurses were milling about rather idly, and cheerful instrumental music decked the corridors. Roberta hummed cheerfully under her breath as she walked down the corridor, realising she had no idea where Daniel’s ward was. It would have been easy to find out from reception, but it seemed the one fatal flaw to this plan was that she wasn’t sure where the reception desk was either. She tried to apply logical deduction – the reception was likely to be accessible from the entrance, at the bottom floor of the building. And yet wherever she turned, it was either a dead end or an “Information and Redemption†counter that pointed her in different directions everytime she asked. This problem was even trickier than fighting Werebeasts. She stood on the spot and began considering just looking into every ward to see if he was in there. "Good afternoon, miss, what might you be-" She was startled from her reverie by a man who was waving and smiling in an uncomfortably over-eager manner. Before she could note that he seemed familiar, he had suddenly sprung at her with a sword in his hand, narrowly missing her face and landing a few steps behind him. She gasped as metal shifted over his face and neck again – this was the Werebeast they had fought before! She mentally kicked herself for being so careless and quickly whipped out her Hyoukaryuu, firing off a shot. As expected, the Werebeast jumped away in time, but she was just getting started. “Can’t believe you’d stalk me all the way here,†she said. “I give you full marks for dedication. As your reward, you’ll be killed here today.†A Bullet of Ice was fired again, which bounced smoothly off the metal plate he had reinforced over his face. She pursed her lips, remembering again the difficulty they had in killing him the last time around. That said, maybe she could use the current environment to her advantage… Her eyes narrowed as she saw the door at the end of the corridor, marked clearly as the “Emergency Exit Staircaseâ€. She fired off a bullet to the beast’s right, causing him to dodge instinctively to the left, granting her a few seconds to run past him to the door before he gave chase. She reached the door first and swung it hard in his face before swinging it open again to fire off another shot. It missed his head but grazed him on the face, leaving a drop of blood on his cheek. She grinned. It was a small success at least. However, it did also serve to fuel his anger. With a guttural roar, he pounced onto her, pushing her with incredible force against the staircase. She spluttered as sharp hard stairs poked at her back, being forcefully driven upwards. A paw pressed firmly down on the bottom of her neck, claws grazing at her collarbone. She glared defiantly back up at it, thinking quickly how she would fire off a shot without being noticed and stopped. The wolf roared again and raised his other paw, talons glinting in the dim fluorescent light of the stairwell. She gulped and braced herself. She expected this to hurt. What she did not expect was a mysterious figure, shrouded in the shadow cast by the beast, who held out a hand and gripped the beast’s arm. The Werebeast growled and turned around in irritation, but the man seemed to be very strong, for no matter how it struggled, it didn’t seem able to break free from the vice-like grip. Roberta seized her chance and kicked the beast squarely in the face, with the man co-operatively pulling it backward. Roberta swiftly picked up her Hyoukaryuu. She would thank her saviour later, whoever he was, but right now revenge was her top priority. “I’m not going to take this attack lying down,†she snarled, aiming the gun confidently at the beast. She had filled her cartridge with Bullets of Fire, so as not to waste any more time. She took aim and pulled the trigger.
  5. Tabitha’s parents only allowed her to go to school one week later, when the school called and said that under no circumstances were they allowed to keep her home. Her mother quarrelled with the person on the other side of the phone for a few hours. She was crying and yelling. Those were the only two things she did anymore. Tabitha kept to her bedroom almost all day, refusing to eat, unable to sleep. She was starting to develop strange aches and pains around her body. She would wake up to an excruciating headache, or her leg would feel limp and weak. Red marks were also appearing all over her body. She didn’t know what was happening, but was certain that this was not something her parents wanted to see, and so she would hide under her quilt all day, partly to conceal the strange happenings. It became harder to do so once she needed to go to school, though, which was something she would have been happy with. Clad in a long-sleeved full body black dress, she would limp to school, massaging her temples. People took it as a sign of grief. Nobody came up to talk to her, and she liked it that way. The first lesson was History. Tabitha stared at the textbook on her table, not sure which page to turn to, or which lessons they had covered in that week of absence. All her things were cluttered on her side of the table, with a gaping space beside her that was Eileen’s seat, forming a stark contrast. The teacher came into the classroom with a sedate stride, looking a lot more melancholic than Tabitha remembered. Everyone seemed so unfamiliar after the week-long absence. Was it that her memory had deteriorated so much, or did everyone just change? People seemed nicer to her, and yet more distant than before (if that was even possible). They seemed to be treading carefully around her, their voices softening to whispers when she came. Maybe it was just her imagination. It was hard to tell, her head was aching so much. “Before we start the lesson,†said the teacher, sounding careful even in his speech, “I’d like to spend a few minutes in memory of Eileen Royce. We’ve all been in the same class for the past year and a half, and I’d like everyone to say a few words of what they remember of her.†Saying it like as if she was already dead. Tabitha was shocked at herself for thinking it. She drowned out the customary words that each pupil said, in turn. People who didn’t understand Eileen, talking about what a nice girl she was, and how smart she was. Then again, it wasn’t as if she understood Eileen much either, herself. “It’s very queer to say this now, under these circumstances, but I guess this is my last chance. I… I don’t know how to put this properly, but I’ve always had a crush on Eileen. I never told this to anyone though. I was going to tell her after graduation, but I guess things happen that we don’t expect…†Tabitha whirled around to look at him. He stood at the back, behind his desk. She couldn’t quite place him, or remember his name. Had he been in their class this year and a half? The idea that somebody could have had a crush on her sister was unbelievable. Nobody liked the both of them. They were taught at home not to socialise. And yet someone was standing here, professing that he liked one of them. The first thought that crossed her mind was, could he really tell them apart? The class went silent, nobody knowing how to reply.
  6. ...and it made me frown

    I'm at a stage where I haven't been active on Surreality, so I feel all ashamed and guilty, and that makes me come on Surreality even less so I don't need to face my shame and guilt. It's a vicious cycle!
  7. Magical Girl Sparkling Subaru

    When Norio regained consciousness, he was in bed at an unfamiliar room, its walls painted a bleak, bleak shade of grey. He turned to his left and came face-to-face with Subaru’s glowering stare. He quickly snapped his eyes shut again, hoping she had not noticed him awake. Not a chance. “Congratulations,†her voice came, disturbingly calm, “you have made it on the celebrated citizen journalism portal of Akihabara, CurbSt*mp. You’re famous now.†CurbSt*mp? Norio’s eyes jolted open in alarm. CurbSt*mp, the online amalgamation of every vile sinister stalker in the country, was a portal where anybody could upload photographs and videos of news-worthy events and be paid “a feeâ€. There, on Subaru’s iP*d, was a photograph of Norio, lying on the ground, clad in his embarrassing Unison Form, blissfully unaware of the crowd that had gathered around him and the hundred other faceless people behind their screens with nothing better to do in life but post comments such as “#hashtagfashiondisaster†and “#therewasnoneedtospellouthashtagâ€. “Fortunately you had the BLEEP-ing sense to keep your ugly BLEEP-face stuck to the ground, so nobody can tell who you are,†Subaru added, sitting on the edge of her bed with her legs spread out wide again. “Anyway you seem to have sustained some injuries. Were you pwned by a particularly powerful Jewel Monster?†“It was no Jewel Monster!†Norio exclaimed, sitting up on the bed in agitation. He quickly recounted the encounter with Kissy Amethyst Moonlight Darling (“it’s Kissy Moonlight Amethyst Darling, BLEEPâ€). Subaru’s face became increasingly serious as the story proceeded. “So Kissy asked you if you killed Kissy Moonlight Amethyst Darling?†she repeated, picking her nose in deep concentration. “That seems to suggest she’s become delusional, which might be related to her turning evil – maybe she developed a demonic physique after being possessed by some demon-“ “Are demons supposed to exist in this setting?†Norio asked curiously. “I thought the antagonists here are limited to Jewel Monsters.†“Don’t be BLEEP,†Subaru answered. “The main antagonist is always some greater darker force. We have to find out more about Kissy, and who knows when she’ll come back for us again. We can’t wait for her.†“Oh…†said Norio, who seemed perfectly content waiting for years if he had to. “We have to lure her… but how…†Subaru paced the cold cement floor of her bedroom, her fingers working even harder as she thought. “What did you say she wanted from you… whether you killed her, right? OF COURSE!†She stopped short, raising a triumphant booger to the air. “We’ll spread word around that I was the one who killed her! She’ll definitely come for me then!†“Sounds good,†Norio lied, clapping encouragingly. “How do we spread word around though? We can’t really list this on the Classifieds, can we?†He was met with only the glint of Subaru’s eye. ~~~ In a week, Subaru’s living-room had transformed from an even duller, dimmer version of her bedroom, into some kind of dollhouse. The walls were pink and draped with lacy ribbons, there were random plush toys arranged over the furniture, and Subaru had somehow managed to steal 2 large strawberry shortcakes from the Happy Happy Nyan Café. Subaru and Norio were in their respective Unison Forms – as per the dress code stated in Subaru’s invitation. There wouldn’t be very many people, just 15 today. “Most of them have dates with their boyfriends, or manicure appointments, and some of the girls have gotten pregnant – I mean, married, and thus are less active. Oh it looks like they’re here.†Norio perched nervously in his seat as the multitude of mascara-heavy eyes centred on him. “Like,†a blonde girl said, “I’m not sure if I’m just stupid, but, is that, like, a guy over there? I mean OMG I’m just, so confused, you know?†“Yes,†said a gravelly voice. Norio turned in alarm to see an old woman wearing what looked like a skimpy dress, stroking a tabby cat that was sitting on her lap. At her feet were two other ginger cats. She peered at him through a pair of glasses, leaning forward so Norio could see her uncomfortably saggy upper body. “Yes, he is a boy all right,†she pronounced. “Why is he dressed in Sunlight Ruby ~ Blazing Heart’s clothing?†“A… tragedy happened,†Subaru said vaguely, “but really, the reason I called this tea party is to tell all of you about Kissy-“ but the entire room had erupted into a frenzy of shouts and screams as the other Magical Girls tried to take in the horrifying image. “It’s not like I’m uncomfortably shy in the presence of men, you s-s-stupid~!†squealed a girl. “I don’t get it at all; what’s happening? OMG I feel so stupid, but why’s there a guy as a Magical Girl? That’s like, wrong, isn’t it?†asked the blonde, looking around for confirmation. Subaru sighed, jumped onto the table and yelled, “WILL YOU PLEASE BLEEP-ING SHUT UP?†The room fell silent.
  8. Harry Potter Studio Tour

    Omg it's so beautiful. And the broomstick maker guy looks really legit; he should've gone into the movie! XD
  9. ...and it made me frown

    I have a cold again, after i had one last month. This time it was so bad i went to see a doctor for it. And now i'm just weary.
  10. Speaking of turtle, i love eating Gui Ling Gao, which is jelly made from the underside of a tortoise's shell. Or turtle. We don't discriminate them very well in Mandarin. It's black and a bit bitter and is kinda like pudding. It's really great when you add honey to it though. Also century egg is the best. It's supposed to have been buried underground for a century so it's i suppose fermented? They just process eggs in factories to make them like this more quickly now. But yes, to me century egg is best egg.
  11. Honestly meatloaf sounds like the weirdest dish ever to me.
  12. You must eat frog's legs. Frog's legs are the bestttttt. They're sooooo much more tender than chicken. You must eat it cooked with garlic, and whatever sauce they use in Chinese eateries. I love them. Eel and duck are both pretty great too. I eat eel as unagi, so there's the Japanese soya sauce and it was so great. I can eat eel forever. Duck is pretty good too, especially when braised. It's tougher than chicken, but I prefer it Peking duck style -- a small slice wrapped in a lettuce leaf and dipped with sweet sauce. OMG I'm so hungry now. Hm when I went to Yunnan, China, a few years ago, I ate deep-fried insects! Mealworms and fruitflies I think. The mealworms were pretty tasteless but the flies were crunchy. Actually anything deep-fried kinda tastes the same. XD
  13. Will post next week! Maybe! >.<

  14. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    I recognise Phreshaer. You came in when Sunset came back, didn't you? NO ONE HIDES FROM THE INFALLIBLE MEMORY OF HH. Anyway hi, again. Go roleplay like you were supposed to. Like Wstie said, ask me anything you're unsure about. Roleplay Discussion is always a good place to start searching for roleplays, and you can try out "Incursion", the speedy Mini RP in Student Roleplays. And of course feel free to make a thread of your own idea!
  15. Ahoy!

    Hello Jabberwocky! Everything Shelmii said above is right and true and endorsed by HH. *stamp of approval* Anyway, it's good that you like worlds with a lot of detail, cuz we've got some people here who make highly detailed roleplaying worlds, most of them science fiction or fantasy too. So you should be able to find some good stuff here if you check out Roleplay Discussion, where all the roleplay ideas are laid out for people to claim! Of course, you can also make your own thread for people to join. Also, if you want some fast and easy roleplays, we have Shadows of Chandur, a Mini RP over at Student Roleplays. You can jump in anytime and no commitment's required! So I hope you can while away your time there. So welcome!
  16. Hi Nervous I'm Dad

    HAHAHAHAHA I like this Voidgem fellow. She's funny. I'm sorry I'm going to call you Voidgem, no matter how many times you plead for me to call you Anna or Vulgarath the Destroyer of Worlds. I'm evil this way. Also hi I'm HH. I'm also fairly sure I'm a girl, even though both you and I have male avatars. It only goes to show how confused we are. I'm already 21 and still can't get my gender right. And yes, as Raine says, I'm one of the Kindly Scholars (even though I'm evil as mentioned previously) and will willingly help you out if you've any problems (like getting over your nervousness; some candy will do the trick). Do visit the Mini RP over in Student Roleplays -- that's Shadows of Chandur -- you can jump in there anytime. In addition, the more structured roleplays' recruitments can be found in Roleplay Discussion -- that's where you look out for roleplay ideas you like. Welcome and see you around!
  17. Starry Sean Protest

    Oh I also have 4 stars. D:
  18. Meep :3!

    Haha if nothing catches your fancy you can always PM a Scholar and maybe we can work something out!
  19. Empires! [Round VI]

    Wstie! Confusion flickered on my face for only a moment, before i steeled myself and glared at the 2 enemies dressed in purple. "I see we have finally met on the battlefield, Wstfgl and Rubberrazors," i said to them. "Ice, remember our conviction! We have to take wstie back with us, even if we accidentally kill him in the process!" A convenient gust of wind blew past, sending my cloak flying elegantly. I sniffed the air. Would it be tainted by bloodshed?
  20. The Scars of Magic

    Haha i think people were too busy with the Carnival to post, maybe.
  21. Meep :3!

    Oh, only mods can delete posts here. Just edit it saying [DOUBLE POST MOD PLEASE DELETE] and someone will get to it. :)
  22. Rules of Nature (Closed)

    Valentine the Reliable Source told me Kyo's on his PS4. Which was what Noia was saying the other day too, right? Shall we really write him out of this?
  23. The Scars of Magic

    I see him online once in a while.
  24. Rules of Nature (Closed)

    Yes! If I remember what I was supposed to be doing. >.>
  25. Meep :3!

    First of all, wowww that sounds interesting. But if we die we're kinda out of the roleplay, aren't we? Secondly, OMG spoilers! Haha I haven't watched that far ahead. But I really love SAO's songs. Thirdly, forgot to mention! If you want to shop around for roleplays do go to Roleplay Discussion, and you can create your roleplay ideas there too! And in Student Roleplays you'll see something known as Shadows of Chandur. It's a Mini RP that's open for you to jump in anytime, so take a look!