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  1. [Discussion] Sorcerers II: The Sorcery-ing

    Should I post something? Or maybe Seanzi?
  2. The Scars of Magic

    Yeah is Echelon going to post?
  3. Meep :3!

    Hello FluffehPoro! That's a really adorable avatar you have there. You like murder mystery roleplays? Hey that's something new! I've never been able to write a proper murder mystery cuz I'm not smart enough. ): And it's a genre I don't see often! Anime-wise, I've watched SAO and Shingeki no Kyojin (duh). You're watching SAO 2 now, I suppose? And Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus? I'm just eager to gush over the opening song with anyone. >.> But anyway yeahh! As mentioned before, I'm one of the Kindly Scholars and you can feel free to seek me out if you need help around here!
  4. erm... hai?

    For the first time in forever. Do you want to build a snowman. Let it go. Have i officially gone mad and am seeing Frozen references everywhere?
  5. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    Now i know it's quite embarrassing to publicise my periods, but i'm afraid i belong to the group of ladies who literally live like a zombie every month. Generally i get PMS lasting 5 to 10 days, consisting of nausea, clammy hands, dizziness, fatigue and extreme mood swings. Then for that 1 special day i'll be spending my time vomiting and sleeping (preferably more of the latter and less of the former). The reason i'm making this thread is cuz it happens for a week every month, which is kinda a long time. I usually try to post nonetheless. OOC posts are good but roleplaying is really difficult, or anything that's long and requires thinking at any rate. That said, i do have some times when i feel better, so i try to get stuff done then. And i usually manage to look my usual self IRL. However, i'll probably be a little slower with my posts. I'm very sorry for that. Also in the past when i said i was sick i often meant this. Just was embarrassed to say it. XD
  6. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    :) thank you. But yeah time to lie in bed all day legitly procrastinating on everything important.
  7. erm... hai?

    There's no winter where i am. It'll never arrive. That said i would gladly build a snowman. Except i'm bad at art & craft so he'll end up looking like a snow-lump, i bet.
  8. August Album Release!

  9. Starry Sean Protest

    Where're the stars? I don't get it. >.<
  10. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    I think it's back. T.T Sighhh. Another week of discomfort again.
  11. August Album Release!

    Yeah I was trying out new song ideas. I probably will use J-rock again next time, simply cuz I know so much more about the songs in that category. XD *also cue reaction as per Seanzi's gif*
  12. CLOSED The Sword of Ascalon

    Her eyes snapped open. She sniffed the air. There was an unmistakeable smell of smoke. She could hear faint screaming outside her window, screams and sounds of things bursting, whooshing wind. Coralee scrambled to her feet and went to the window to see what the commotion was and boy, was there a commotion. A dragon’s silhouette was blocking out the sky completely, the night air lit up entirely by its wayward flames. Lightning shot out of its fins. People were rushing out of burning houses, searching for loved ones. A few courageous warriors were trying to fend off the dragon with their limited capabilities. Courageous warriors. She looked closely and gasped. Draken was among them, waving primitive firesmith tools, trying to scare the dragon away somehow. It was visibly useless; the dragon hardly paid any notice of the minuscule Dragonkin batting away at it. She hastily grabbed her coat and bag. She was going to join him. Once outside the door, she spotted something else. Blending into the mayhem in the town, masked men with sacks over their shoulders were running around, glancing furtively from time to time. She watched as they entered a house and carried out a girl – Ruby Hearthstone! Her eyes widened in alarm. There was no mistaking the family resemblance to Draken. The little girl seemed to have been knocked out; she was thrust limply into the gunny sack as he went hunting for more prey. Some of the ones fighting the dragon were also stealthily knocked out and taken away. She saw one of the mercenaries head towards Draken. “Stop right there!†she called out and pounced onto him without a second thought. The man struggled, shocked, but she clung valiantly onto his waist, hitting him repeatedly on the head. With a surge of strength the man turned around, and she felt herself flying momentarily through the air before her back landed on the ground with a thud. The man smirked, his teeth glinting in the light of the dragon’s flames. “Do you think you can stop me, you frail woman?†he hissed, before he flung her too, kicking and shrieking, into a sack and tied it up. She felt herself moving, bouncing around the uncomfortable small structure. He was sprinting with her, probably taking her to wherever they left their sacks of people. She didn’t get it. Why were they abducting people from this village? Were they in cahoots with the dragon? And yet it was uncommon that a dragon would work with people or act as their decoy. Dragons were much too strong for that. She tried making noise, shouting, but it seemed nobody could hear her well, for all she heard from outside were muffled sounds as well. She tried to adjust herself to a better position, but the sack had been tied firmly up and had no space for her to straighten herself, so she needed to content with this half-crouched position in an asphyxiating space. She could only hope that Draken was safe. If she could ever see him again. She was moving again, uncomfortably so, for she was being bounced up and down in a dizzying fashion and could not feel the ground beneath her. She realised quickly that she was tied to a horse. She shut her eyes and pressed her temples, trying not to cry from the sheer discomfort of it all. She needed freedom, but most of all right now she needed air. And then she felt something that made her open her eyes in wonderment. There was a breeze. A ray of light had streamed in from the top. She raised her head. The sack had loosened from the horse’s frenetic galloping. Suddenly she could hear something snap, and she was tumbling off, rolling around on the ground. She tried not to scream, not to let her captors know. The sack rolled to a halt and she waited a few moments for somebody to pick her up again. No one did. She gingerly crawled out of the opening in the sack, and hurriedly shut her eyes as the welcoming glare of the morning sun greeted her again. She was free! She got to her feet and looked to her right. The mercenaries and their horses were only a speck in the distance, their sacks bouncing to the sides. She turned to the left and began walking slowly back, trying to make sense of where she was. This seemed like a desert area, with only sand and little in the way of vegetation. Up ahead of her were the silhouettes of 4 men. She shielded her eyes from the sun and looked closely, her heart suddenly taking a life of its own and thumping very, very hard. There, taking the lead, was Draken.

  14. August Album Release!

    I hope my songs don't suck too much. CUZ IF THEY DO I'M REVERTING TO J-ROCK MWAHAHA.
  15. erm... hai?

    What questions do you have? ASK. NOW. I'm ready to clear your doubts~.
  16. Free!dom

    Sono and Sunset have held onto their Free! proprietorship for too long. Now that Free! Eternal Summer is halfway through its run, it's time for us to challenge their claim to nipple-less muscle pretty boys! Behold the Free! Invasion. First of all, I have a matching set of Momotarou, my favourite Free! character of all time (never mind that he's kinda a supporting character). Momotarou is voiced by Suzumura Kenichi, which can only be a plus point. There is no better romantic interest to Momo than Gou, which is exemplified by DayDay. Gou is a girl and technically doesn't count, but the only romantic alternative to Momo is Nitori Ai and nobody wants to be him. >.> Lastly, Ether has also jumped on the bandwagon with Rin, his self-perceived Best Boy. I acknowledge that Rin has Best Body (and Miyano Mamoru as seiyuu, to pose a direct challenge to SuzuKen). Anyone else who likes Free! are *cough* free to join in too.
  17. August Album Release!

    It's really nice seeing all these warm messages!
  18. erm... hai?

    Er no, I mean in Gun Gale Online. The one that's running right now.
  19. Free!dom

  20. erm... hai?

    I don't feel bad. >.> I just wasn't thinking very sharp. It's a temporary mistake! Also ooh are you watching Sword Art Online 2 right now then?
  21. erm... hai?

    Hey XIIIZephyr! Are you like the 8th Zephyr? XD Anyway yeah, feel free to stalk, and ask the Scholars as Mystic said (feel free to creep us out XDD). You may want to check out our Mini RP named Shadows of Chandur -- it's open to all and is supposedly faster-paced than many of our normal roleplays here. And also Roleplay Discussion is where you find people who want to find roleplayers!
  22. Free!dom

    OMG I inadvertently pissed off a fellow fan. D: Didn't mean to diss Ai!
  23. August Album Release!

    I don't know why the presentation started with my slide for Seanzi (cuz it's one of the last few slides) so remember to scroll up! Or maybe I clicked on it without knowing. XD Anywayy I was reading the presentation before listening to the songs. I realise it was a very peculiar thing to do, but Dropbox was loading and I couldn't wait! First of all, if you weren't part of my dedications here, it means you were already mentioned in my previous album, so dig it up again! XD Secondly, I proudly declare that my 3 songs this time are English songs. And a bonus that they're all unsigned songs, so you get to download them for free, or pay like 99 cents (which DayDay did for 2 of them cuz I don't have PayPal). I think this is a nice touch and I did spend a long time sifting through those songs to find nice ones. Thirdly, many thanks to the people who mentioned me! I saw Timey (of course~), Noia, Mystic and Raine Bell. Although the latter 3's songs weren't directly to me, I still appreciate your sincerity, hehe! And we should totally use Fear for our next battle track (PSST DAYDAY).
  24. Free!dom

    D: Why?