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  1. R The Gentlemen from the Foreign Land

    Francis. Francis had saved him again. Valéry was filled in equal parts with shame and remorse. He had carelessly given himself away, and if not for the sharp wit of his able assistant, would have had his secret exposed. Yet the next few days proved that Madame Cooper had not believed them as fully as they had expected. She regarded them with nothing short of politeness, but without the friendly intimacy Valéry had come to admire. She did let the girl into her employment as well, despite his best efforts against the idea. Her argument, when he raised the matter again, was that he was a foreigner. He would know nothing of English girls. While he would concede that he could know anything of the morals and work attitude of a girl he had barely met, Valéry could not help sensing a deeper meaning behind Madame Cooper’s words. It was the first time she had addressed him as a foreigner. He satisfied himself every day that Madame Cooper was still well and in her own mind, and refused to let the girl, whose name was Dorabelle, come into his proximity. Her mind was just as mysteriously blank as ever, and she hardly talked. She would only dust, and cook, and do her chores in a clockwork fashion. She was the epitome of a good housemaid, which pleased Madame Cooper immensely. Now bereft of his daily conversations with his landlady, Valéry could only focus his attention on the girl, trying to find out what she was planning. A week later, Dorabelle asked for a day off, and he decided that this was a chance to answer all his doubts. “Dépêchez-vous!†he said to Francis, momentarily departing from English in his agitation. “Put on that hat and coat quickly! We want to see where she goes!†It had been a while since Valéry departed from a sedentary lifestyle, and the stout gentleman found himself puffing after a brisk walk down the road, furtively following Dorabelle as she turned a corner, walked down a longer stretch of road and eventually reached a poorer part of town, an enclave of squalid housing stacked against one another. She turned a bend and disappeared down a narrow lane between two houses, and Valéry hastened to follow. When he arrived at the same lane that she had gone, though, he could only see the empty lane stretching out ahead of him, vanishing into an area of darkness. Dorabelle seemed to have disappeared. “Come, Francis, let us walk down too,†he said with a gulp, for the space looked a little too cosy for him. He took a hesitant step forward, his shiny black shoes making a sharp contrast with the dusty stone ground. It looked as if nobody had stepped on it or cleaned it in a long time. “Francis, maybe you should go first,†he said finally, retreating again and turning around to face his assistant. All that greeted him were the surrounding slums. Nothing stirred. Francis was not behind him. “Francis?†he raised his voice in a panic, forgetting his intention towards stealth. “Francis, where are you?†He walked about in circles, checking every corner to ascertain that Francis was indeed not around. When had he left? Valéry had not noticed him for the past five minutes- no, probably longer than that. He returned to the alley where he had lost Dorabelle too. He shuddered. He was well and truly alone. Did he even know the way back?
  2. It was amazing, in the opinion of Valéry Dupond, that England could be so consistent with everything, including (or perhaps especially is the right word) the quality of its food. Together with his assistant, Francis Bellamy, the Frenchman had visited numerous towns and cities of this foreign land, and never had he regretted leaving them a few days later with not even a last look at their restaurants. “Have you perchance tasted their jams, Francis?†he cried, waving his hands at the outrage, as the train rattled slowly on its tracks to its destination, London. “They are but abominations of the spirit of cooking! All the jams, be they strawberry or orange or any of their highly creative variations, taste the same! Never have I encountered a decent jar of jam ever since I left France.†He was speaking in English to his French assistant. It was heavily accented, but Valéry was not a man who believed in tainting languages by mixing them together. Not even a “bien!†or “oui!†was allowed in his presence. Unfortunately, it was really only Francis who suffered under this strictly-enforced rule, for Valéry did not interact with many other people. The greatest hurdle, of course, was his obvious “foreignnessâ€. But even so, back in Paris, he had not had many friends, due to certain reasons he wished not to re-visit. He looked with sudden fondness at Francis. Francis, the only companion he had now. Francis had joined him as an assistant, but he had somehow turned into some kind of secretary-butler mix. He arranged accommodation and travel for them both, and made sure that their clothes were cleaned and pressed. He was paid, of course, though both gentlemen were soberly aware that Valéry had no means of obtaining income, and his very survival hinged on the fortune of his ancestors, back in a happier time when people of his lineage were respected and granted useful employment, and not frowned upon as he was now. The sorry time of reminiscence ended when the sliding door of their first-class carriage opened to reveal the food truck. “Tell her, Francis, that I would be inclined to partake in some fish today, and to mind that they are well cooked. I cannot, try as I might, forget the meal we had in the last train to Derby,†he said stiffly as he lay himself on the bed and set the blanket neatly on top of his chest. It was quite impossible to be really hungry when the train rocked about so, and Valéry had always had a very weak stomach. He closed his eyes and permitted Francis to serve as go-between with the food-bearing lady. A frown spread on his face. Something was preventing his slumber. A disturbance was present at a place not far away. His brain tingled. He tried turning to sleep on his side instead (a technique he had tried for years to no avail). The inexplicable force lingered. A picture suddenly formed in his mind. There were people, a crowd of people, men, women and children alike. They were all expectant, hopeful and yet tense. Something had been promised to them, but he failed to probe further as to what it was. It was something they did not seem particularly clear about, themselves. As they milled about the wide room, waiting, all of a sudden an explosion of emotions unanimously surged. Whatever they had been waiting for had probably arrived. There was a frantic scuffle as people flocked to the front to surround something he could not see. A moan escaped his lips as the combined passions of all the people in the room threatened to overwhelm him. And then one by one, as if someone had flicked a switch, there was nothing. He could detect nothing at all. Their minds seemed to have subsided into blankness. Valéry woke up from this very queer dream drenched in perspiration.
  3. School

    I think I hold the record for the highest number of Farewell threads made. >.> Anywayy this is just a heads-up that school starts from 11th August and ends sometime in December. I may be a little unreliable during the semester, because even though I was supposed to have retired from all my various Executive Committee positions, I suddenly found myself becoming a producer in my campus radio station because they were shorthanded. So yep, I am going to be slightly busy still. >.> That said I'll still be hanging around. Maybe I'll slow down with my roleplays again but I'll try not to. I'll do my best to write my Scoops regularly (but Wstie and Timey haven't been writing anything for verrrrrrry long now). I'll also try to be around for my RPG sessions. So yes, don't miss me too much. It's been fun spending my hols with you guys though. ;D
  4. School

    Hahaha. Also to everyone whom I'm owing posts to, please forgive me! I'll try to get my writing mojo up ASAP!
  5. School

  6. ...and it made me frown

    All these roleplays to post in and I'm just like "no I don't wanna post". Got to wait for inspiration to come back to me someday. )))):
  7. Hi guys!!!

    Hello Gaea! You ride unicycles! Are they difficult? Also, do check out the Mini RP going on in Student Roleplays right now. It's free for you to jump in anytime. Of course, Roleplay Discussion also has all the roleplays that you can join. I'm one of 2 Kindly Scholars on the site. Feel free to PM me or TriOctium if you've any questions or need help!
  8. S*T Community Album Project: August

    2 more days until submissions close! Do submit if you haven't!
  9. Weekly Scoop ############

    Have you all been bracing your boobs? Because Part 2 is out! http://surreality-rp.tumblr.com/post/94065774966/weekly-scoop-part-2
  10. Zankyou no Terror

    I haven't seen it. D: Not really a fan of terrorism plots. But I like the vocalist of Galileo Galilei so I'm sure the opening song is good!
  11. NC-17 Outcast

    It was a strange sort of feeling, padding around in Arn’s slippers as they headed back to the home she had abandoned in the night. She wondered what might have happened to the house in her absence. Had neighbours been alerted to the commotion and rung up the police? Was it cordoned off now? Then again, ever since the gruesome murders, the whole city had adopted a “mind your own business†attitude. Whenever one heard noises, especially signs of violence, one would shut the windows and draw the curtains and pretend nothing was going on. She knew because this had happened with her and her mother before. They had heard screams and sounds of things being hit, and had resolutely gone into the sitting-room to watch TV. So she was not astounded to see the house pretty much as they had left it, its door still wide open. She went in and picked up her PD, which had run dry of battery power overnight. That was when Arn casually offered to let her stay in his place indefinitely, which made her pause. “You can’t possibly stay here though can you? By yourself with no work or money? What if something else where to happen? I’m offering it to you, so don’t worry so much. And my father can suck it up or get out. I pay all the bills, so he has no say in the matter anyway. If he gives any problems I’ll handle them,†Arn said with a reassuring smile while adjusting his glasses on his face. “Well…†Joi was about to protest further, but she realised she really had no argument to back herself up. She didn’t want to stay on her own in this place, and she didn’t have any other friends whom she could seek shelter with. Rationally speaking, this was indeed the best option. “Well, I shall take it that I’m renting your place, and pay my rent every month,†she insisted. “And I’ll make myself useful and help out too, by doing the household chores or something.†She wasn’t very good at chores, but she had helped her mother around the house before. The thought of her mother sobered her again, and it was with grimness that she packed her things and walked out just in time to see Arn reclining on her sofa watching television. Somehow the sight made her laugh, the idea of him just relaxing at her home. It temporarily wiped away from her mind the dark situation she had been thrust into. He seemed so relaxed and calm about everything, and it made her feel more comforted too. “Maybe we should do something about that robot though,†she said with a small shudder. She would have preferred to never deal with it again, but they couldn't avoid it forever. This was the best clue for her to find her mother. “We should go back to the shed to look for it." With her bags packed, she locked the door to her house and followed Arn to where they had left the robot, its wreckage still visible at the shed. She walked up to the robot, its decapitated metal body glinting in the sunlight. The remains of its head, smashed in with a sledgehammer, lay a few feet away. She bent down to examine the body and spotted a series of words on its side. "Hey, what's this?" she cried out, beckoning to Arn to come over. Printed in black ink was… “An address,†she muttered to herself. “The address of the manufacturer, maybe?†Clankad Robotics Limited 45 Lotharius Street PD Code: x567GHu She could suddenly hear her heartbeat quicken against its will. “Could this be a clue? If we follow this address, we can find the manufacturer, and maybe they’ll know who ordered this, and lead us to whoever took my mother away!†She stared at the small, innocent-looking print. Could this be the start of an adventure?
  12. Empires! [Round VI]

    Now is found! XD
  13. She heard – or to be precise felt – something snap. It was her arm. Her head hurt. She was being trapped somewhere in the dark, low thumps resounding from outside as she felt herself shifting, sliding. She let out a moan from the pain, but that was the most she could muster before she woke up. Tabitha sat up on the bed, perspiration dripping down her face, panting. It was such a vivid dream, but it was just a dream. Eileen might be fine and safe out there still, maybe lodging with some kind hitchhikers, having so much fun she had forgotten to call home. She washed her face and listened out for the footsteps of her parents. There were none. Her parents were probably still asleep, having stayed up all night worrying. She tiptoed out of the toilet and slunk into her bedroom, changing into casual clothes as quickly as possible. She caught a glance at Eileen’s half of the closet, which hung identical sets of clothes. The room had felt unusually silent last night, with nobody talking to her like before. She closed her eyes and massaged her temples. That dream had been felt so real that the pain had somehow carried over. She opened her bedroom door by a crack and peered out. The coast was clear. She padded down the hallway and took her shoes off the rack, setting them gently on the floor. “Where do you think you’re going?†Her blood ran cold. She turned to see her mother glaring at her, hands on her hips. She swallowed. “I’m going to school,†she said, trying to sound natural. “Didn’t I tell you yesterday that you’re not to leave the house on your own anymore? What if you get caught like your sister did?†Mother launched into a tirade at this point. “You already made me lose one daughter; please, take it that I’m begging you, don’t misbehave again. Just be a good girl like before. Take it as penance for what you did.†Warm tears ran down Tabitha’s cheeks. What had she done? All she had suggested was to split ways. Was this a crime? Was she never supposed to part from Eileen at all, not even once? “We’ll arrange for you to be homeschooled,†her mother continued. “If you need anything, tell me or Dad and we’ll get it for you.†“Eileen will be fine!†Tabitha burst out. “We don’t know that she’s run into trouble. I want to help to find her too! I want to continue leading my life! I don’t want to lose my freedom-†“You lost your freedom ever since you left Eileen on her own,†was the cold reply. Tabitha glared at her mother. “If you think,†said her mother, “that what you did was right and justified, then feel free to step out the door, but don’t ever come back home again. I will take it that I never had any children.†Tabitha stood silently for a moment, then dropped her backpack on the floor and returned to her bedroom, shutting the door with a slam. She lay on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. She couldn’t do it, after all. She couldn’t absolve herself of blame and lead a completely guilt-free life. Her mother’s words weighed on her. This was the punishment she must levy on herself. She looked out the window and saw a familiar group of people walking past. Her eyes widened and looked once again at the bedroom door.
  14. Weekly Scoop ############

    This is Issue 31!
  15. It has been a while.

    Alrighty! Do check out Roleplay Discussion for our exciting roleplays! And you can always approach us if you've any questions. ^^
  16. Empires! [Round VI]

    "Please be safe, Ice!" I called out to her as the 4 of us made our progress towards enemy Territory, with Ice waving tearfully at us as she headed the other way. I turned to Ether, who was peeling off his bandage and affirming that he had indeed gotten better. "That arrow wasn't too harsh," he assured us. "I think I'm well and recovered again." "All thanks to that armour," I reminded him, "though you would've fared better in plate armour." "I feel perfectly comfortable in hide," he assured me. "I used to be a Druid, and even today metal feels thoroughly uncomfortable on my sensitive skin."
  17. It has been a while.

    You don't need to if you don't want to. We can upgrade you back to Graduate.
  18. ~Itsuka~

    There was an air of stillness in the room. Everyone was bent over on their desks, as if the environmental pressure was weighing down on them. Even the teacher was appropriately quiet, understanding the anxiety of his students. Megumi’s two hands were firmly placed over the most important corner of the paper, covering it in something like the shape of a cross. She stole a peep at Hikaru, who could not resist the temptation and had already taken a glance at his marks. He was now groaning as he rested his head on the table, obviously regretting it. “This first test is by no means the ultimate measure of your ability,†said the teacher. “It merely serves the function of telling which of you have to pull up your socks in the semesters to come. Remember, you’re now in high school, which is a lot different from the happy-go-lucky days of middle school. You’ve college to aim for, so buck up!†Megumi jumped. It seemed as though he had just turned his steely gaze onto her. She gulped and looked down at her paper. It did look like she had gotten a number of questions wrong… At last, she decided she couldn’t take it anymore and pulled her hands away to reveal an enormous red number on the score sheet. “I failed,†she murmured, feeling a mix of composure and disappointment. Well, at least she knew now what her result was. Or rather, maybe she had always known. She had never been very good at her studies – preferring instead to devote her time to gardening. Her aim had been to take an agriculture degree in college, but in the meantime it seemed she must endure the pains of mathematics, language and history. She wasn’t very interested at first to know who the top scorer was, but when she heard Tokuma’s name she turned and flashed him a grin and thumbs-up. It was to be expected, of course, but he seemed so utterly crestfallen about being top again that she thought he needed some encouragement. It didn’t help that Hikaru was glaring at him jealously, and he was not the only one. It was the second week of school and Tokuma had been sitting with them during breaks these few days. Megumi didn’t directly ask him, but he would hover uncertainly around them while they ate and it was quite discomfiting to leave him alone. He did not talk much, but watched Megumi and Hikaru squabble with some interest and envy. He became a sort of permanent fixture during breaks. One day Hikaru refused to join them. He sat on his seat with his arms crossed and said, “You 2 can enjoy your romantic date; I wouldn’t want to be the third wheel.†No matter how much Megumi coerced, he stated flatly that he had brought a bento and would eat in the classroom. He was making an embarrassing scene, and so Megumi gave up and went to the dining hall with Tokuma alone. “Hikaru’s sometimes very temperamental,†Megumi explained apologetically. “Don’t take what he said to heart. We’ve been friends since childhood and I still don’t always understand him. Anyway if you don’t mind, shall we eat quickly so that I can return to the classroom? There’s a geography test later and I don’t want to fail it like I did for Maths.†“I’m really bad at studying, plain and simple,†Megumi added as they tucked into their food – she had gotten tempura for today, and on her plate were deep-fried prawn, brinjal, lady’s finger and pumpkin. “I like working with my hands for practical purposes, and I really love gardening. Hikaru would laugh at me, saying my 2 favourite things in the world are gardening and visual kei. I really like plants, though, and would love to work with them in my future career. That means I should work harder at my geography and biology, at least, but I’m not doing very well in them either…†She bent her head miserably. Her parents had been pushing her to try harder, but no matter which subject she applied effort to, her marks would never quite meet the standard. “All I want to do is to help the farmers in Japan and turn agriculture into a thriving business, well-known worldwide!†she said, her eyes sparkling at the thought, “but I guess I’ll never be able to fulfil this dream…â€
  19. It has been a while.

    Hahaha! Anyway were you a Graduate or not? I really can't remember and it's bugging me.
  20. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    I sense my im-pun-ding defeat. I must send forth my cham-pun, Ether! This is hard.
  21. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    I suddenly imagined Alisyn striking JoJo poses to seduce wstie. It felt so wrong.
  22. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    It is unfortunate but the Green Team shall immediately avenge the abduction and seduction of Wstfgl (with gratuitous amounts of JoJo, I don't doubt) into the Purple Team. We shall show Wstie that the Fields are indeed greener on the other side. BWAHAHAHAAH. NOIA LET US ENGAGE IN A PUN MATCH.
  23. It has been a while.

    Nah people have called me Hastings many times in the past. Hercule more times, of course.