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  1. The Deadly Scoop

    “So you’re saying,†yelled Holly over the sound of the screeching engine as the rental van careened across the highway, “that Arthur left a video recording for me, before he was caught by men in black, and Hannah Ichigo is behind this- I mean, she hired someone to do this,†she hastily corrected herself as Davion made a move as if to speak. A car zoomed past her as she calmly switched lanes to the side, her GPS reminding her to turn right. They reached Davion’s motel, situated in the outskirts of town, within twenty minutes. His room was a frightfully messy place, with newspapers trailing off the table and clothes slung over armchairs. Holly wondered how Davion could ever find anything in this nest. It was a shocking contrast to his neat and well-kept office. It would be a nightmare if anyone tried to find clues here, certainly. This was a great anti-burglar trap. She stepped lightly over a pile of soda bottles and located the video player connected to the television set. “Let’s watch the video that Arthur gave me,†she said, popping the video quickly into the player. She cleared a space on one of his armchairs and settled down, realising she had been holding her breath all this time. They could finally see the clues Arthur left behind, that were apparently important enough to warrant his kidnap, and having people storm her own house several times to locate it. The video started. It was a series of slide shows comprising photographs that Arthur had taken. Holly recognised them as shots of Queston Harbour, where they had intended to shoot a documentary. Arthur had been tasked to recce the place out, but had not turned the photographs in. At first Holly couldn’t see the purpose of these shots; they seemed completely normal, until Davion pointed something out. There, at the corner, was Hannah Ichigo’s blurred frame, linking arms with what looked like Mr Jack Humphrey, an award-winning movie director. Subsequent photographs showed up more scandalous footage. Apparently Arthur had caught on to the scene and had gone on to pursue the matter. Later snapshots were taken in Hannah’s room, featuring her and Mr Humphrey’s faces prominently on her bed in various stages of undress. Holly clapped a hand to her mouth. Was that how Hannah had risen in the ranks to become the movie starlet she was now? What followed next were photographs showing exchanges of cash between Hannah and shady news reporters. There were photographs of these reporters planting suspicious items in the trailers of other celebrities – Holly recognised the distinctive purple one of Erena Autumnstrait, an actress recently found to be doing drugs. There was also singer Hard Boulder, whose career took a plummet a week ago for having allegedly molested a girl. He was also rumoured to have broken up with Hannah a few months ago. Holly leaned forward, gripping the edge of her seat. Hannah was connected to all of these news! And what was worse, it seemed to imply that she was paying people to frame them. Davion turned towards her now. “She’s working with some organisation to make all these happen,†he said grimly. “We have to find out who’s masterminding all these plans, because it doesn’t look like she thought them up on her own.†Holly wasn’t listening to him now. She was staring, transfixed, at the television screen. The video had reached its end, the Replay button appearing as a translucent filter over its last slide. Her head was slightly cocked to the side in confusion. The last slide was a storehouse of some sort, a place painted black on what looked like a jetty. There was nothing else in the photograph, no indication or clue of why it was in there. As Holly looked, she felt a strange unease, as if the building was watching her intently in return.
  2. It has been a while.

    I remember Winter! Hi! You were a Graduate, weren't you?
  3. It has been a while.

    Hi Davion Jaill! I don't remember you at all. Did you have another name in the past? But welcome back! If you've any questions, just ask me or TriOctium; we're the Kindly Scholars presently.
  4. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    You have 2 Knights. Why. I'll take Ethereal and Ice next then.
  5. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    I will first-pick DayDreamer.
  6. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    After much thought, i am convinced that Berserker matches the Hunter of Hearthstone most in stature, and there is no Hero i'd rather have than my beloved Hunter. Therefore i shall choose Berserker.
  7. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    I shall watch him try to force me to do something i don't want to do.
  8. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    That sounds vaguely insulting to Druids...
  9. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Such an adorable kohai~.
  10. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

  11. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Rofl! But it wasn't listed as one of Kyo's abilities?
  12. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    It should be inevitable considering we've 9 players now if i didn't count wrongly.
  13. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    I believe Noia's title in Swarm 1 was some sidekick thing. Either way i don't think i played the Detective as well as i could have. I didn't use my first ability at all cuz i didn't trust anyone. ):
  14. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    But Noia-sempai doesn't like alienssss.
  15. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    KILL NOIA. BUT KILL WSTFGL FIRST. (also I would totally have Assimilated Noia in Swarm 1 right from the start, but then she had to be immune. Octy can attest that I Stalked her on Night Phase 1.)
  16. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    When your Hero dies, it means Seanzi has succeeded in trying to kill you off.
  17. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Wstie speaks truth. It's really hard to balance out the game. But kudos to Timey and Ice for the hard work nonetheless! How did you go about deciding people's "playstyles" though? What initial ideas did you have? (i sound like Holly Hearts but whatever)
  18. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    I think the moral of the story is to kill Wstfgl whenever we get the chance.
  19. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Hmmm my first question is: what do the fields mean? Like the A1, A2 etcetera. Do all the A fields belong in one common group or something?
  20. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    I'm not sure I understand what's going on but I've always wanted to learn how to play Risk. I guess this will be my way to start.
  21. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    In that case I too change my vote to Exterminate Shadow. I'm so sorry dear. ):
  22. Language Learning Partners and Resource Exchange

    The same character for "su" in "suki" means "good" in Chinese. We interpret it as saying a woman is only good when she has a child. XD It does get harder later because a lot of Chinese/kanji words don't follow much logical structure.
  23. Magical Girl Sparkling Subaru

    “Kissy Moonlight Amethyst Darling,†hissed Subaru as she leaned across the bright pink countertop, her eyes glowing with an indignant light, “is a Magical Girl gone rogue, who’s rumoured to be using Jewel Monsters for her own nefarious purposes.†They were sitting now in the Happy Happy Nyan Café, holding a hushed meeting over what had transpired the day before. Subaru was dressed in her usual cute maid get-up, and leaning in so closely that Norio could count each individual fake eyelash over her contact-lens-enhanced eyes. They were within kissing range! If Subaru so much as uttered a “nya†he would definitely lose control of himself! However, Subaru was never going to “nya†at him again, because according to her, “now that we’re working together, I don’t want to hide anything from you.†And so it was with sincerely cross eyes and a genuine snarl reflecting her unconcealed true nature that she explained Kissy Moonlight Amethyst Darling’s story. “All we know is that Kissy was one of the pioneer batches of Magical Girls, one of the first twenty who took up the costume and accepted her destiny. She also received a discount voucher at Momoji Sweets Shop for being one of the first 20 Magical Girls. I missed it by 5 BLEEP-ing spots,†she spat ungraciously into Norio’s Super Cool Lime Cherry Soda. “Not that I like candy anyway; those Magical Girls became afflicted with tooth decay not long after. At any rate, she was one of the top Magical Girls. She had over 300 confirmed kills who knew 700 ways to befriend a rival Magical Girl with just her bare hands- well that’s just hearsay. I’m quite sure she only knew 70.†“How would you know? Did she befriend you too?†Norio asked curiously, inviting a furious blush on Subaru’s cheeks. “Pay attention you son of a BLEEP, the tale’s getting BLEEP-ing serious!†she snapped, inducing a number of shocked gazes from nearby patrons. She cleared her throat and lowered her voice again, and Norio leaned in obligingly. “A few months ago, she seemed to disappear from the scene. Then a fortnight or so after that, she reappeared, but seemed completely different. Witnesses say she must’ve gone through a period of depression, like all teenage girls do at some point, binged herself and lost that slender figure that made her such a capable Magical Girl. Other witnesses say her depression turned her heart toward darkness, and since then she’s been an antagonist to all Magical Girls, sometimes hurting or even killing Magical Girls, and using Jewel Monsters for her own nefarious ends, as I said before.†“Did anyone try to befriend her back with their bare hands?†Norio asked with a gasp, and was promptly met with a “shut the BLEEP upâ€. “Why was she depressed?†he tried again with a different question. “Sources say her boyfriend jilted her,†Subaru answered, “because after she disappeared, she was never seen with her boyfriend again. I really pity her. This is the greatest trauma any girl can ever face. Little wonder she was steered towards the dark side.†Norio nodded, sipping on his Super Cool Lime Cherry Soda. The ice had started to melt, making the drink a lot less Super Cool. Subaru rested her chin on her hand, her brows furrowed in thought. “What I worry about now,†she said, “is what Kissy will do with the duck Jewel Monster. I wonder how many Jewel Monsters she has in her collection now.†Norio nodded again, then said hopefully, “Do you want to play the Flip-Flip Game, Subaru-chan?†“No,†she said simply. “It’s a dumb game. Besides, your lunch break’s ending soon, you should get back to work. Meeting’s over.†Norio hastily collected his briefcase and tore out of the café, wondering how his life had changed so suddenly. What was the point of visiting the Happy Happy Nyan Café anymore, if all Subaru-chan would do was talk about work? He made a dissatisfied sniffle and began to contemplate the prudence of that 500 yen he was paying everyday.
  24. Language Learning Partners and Resource Exchange

    People use "w" mainly. No one really uses "ha". (not on the internet at any rate)