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  1. TV shows

    Most people like Korean dramas, and Running Man. XD Not that I do, but it's a popular choice among the Asians yeah?
  2. The Gaming I.D. Exchange

    My Pokémon TCG ID is Harlequin0. As for 3DS friend code, I haven't found a need to find it out yet. I don't have Pokémon X/Y anyway.
  3. [Day Phase] Sith Among Us [Mafia VI]

    I want to come on board too! DayDay has been regaling me with tales of mafia adventures from the first incarnation up to now, and I'm so hooked on the series that I must watch the sequel to its completion! (but alas I know nothing of Star Wars) (does it have anything to do with Honey Stars cereal?)
  4. Hydric Saying Hi

    Hi Hydric! It's been a while since I roleplayed too, and boy have I grown rusty. ):
  5. Free!

    The boy's probably the initial fourth swimmer who left before DayDay's character got in. I'll edit the post accordingly depending on how we set this up.
  6. Free!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByhP478ZPQI The roleplay's up on Fandom Roleplays now, entitled Splash Free!
  7. *explosion of confetti*

    Haha hi Alias. Do have fun here. I'll see you around! *holds out stalky binoculars*
  8. What are this?

    SCARLET! Hiiiii! Haha I'm also in university. It's like, we were one of the youngest people on S*T not so long ago, and now we're older than most of the S*Ters were when we first met them. If you know what I mean. XD
  9. Free!

    Oh yeah, the club has been around for a while. I was thinking that Aiko, being a transfer student, would also be a new member to the club. As for why there's only 3, perhaps the member who lured them into the club was actually thinking of quitting (perhaps in favour of the Astronomy Club) so he pulled out suddenly. I think anyone can start whenever they feel like writing, really. XD If I start off, I can have Aiko introduce himself to the class as a new student, and subsequently show his love for swimming, resulting in being inducted into the swimming club.
  10. Free!

    Oh I thought DayDay was saying we didn't need sheets at first. I'm bad at coming up with templates to present my characters in (also I make up many of their details on the spot). Oh Sunset different grades is fine. Free! was like that too. And "ko" is a common enough girly suffix in Japan so it's okay. Many Japanese names kinda sound alike anyway. XD
  11. Free!

    I don't think we'll have to worry about the antagonist not having anything to do. I mean, wasn't Rin kinda like the antagonist in Free! too? And yeah, it's a good idea to have their clubrooms be really close and cause the antagonist to intrude on them all the time. And the antagonist will spy on their meetings, or just brazenly walk in on them. Yeah, I think I'll make him a gung-ho, brazen sort of guy who doesn't care if people dislike him. And clearing away a swimming pool to make a field for stargazing should be legit too.
  12. Free!

    Well the thing about having 2 characters is that we don't have to play both of them often. Hmm I don't know about 2 quibbling girls; sounds like the scene for plenty of catfights. Which aren't altogether a bad thing, but it feels very Archie, which gets annoying towards the end. Unless 1 of the girls is radically different from the other somehow.
  13. Free!

    Yeah you can play the extra swimmer! I'd like to play the antagonist anyway. I think it's a great idea about the school budgeting thing, cuz it's really humourous and realistic (my university does face such problems aha). Maybe it's something geeky like the Astronomy Club, so that we can have thin bespectacled pale guys. XDD Well I suppose if you want romance that's fine too. It's just that having a canon couple means fans can't do their own shipping (not that people would want to but who knows). If we do have romance though, my antagonist should end up with someone! Even if it's the manager girl. o3o I think I'm starting to love my antagonist more than the swimmer.
  14. Free!

    If we want to make it even, rather than having a manager, we should have an antagonist. Someone who doesn't want the Swim Club to happen, and so when they're riding on their victory this person tries means and ways to thwart them and get them to disband the club. (I think I watch too many Japanese dramas; just thought you should know that Water Boys 2 provides very good inspiration ;D)
  15. Free!

    Oh is DayDay going to follow my suggestion of making his character have a phobia of water? That was what I told him that time, that maybe his character has a secret phobia of water that he refuses to tell anyone in order to look cool, which explains why he can't swim. And in the story we discover the phobia and help him overcome it (and then of course heartwarming music plays in the background). As for Aiko, hmm! I was thinking his amnesia could be more conspiratorial, in that his father purposely moved him out of his hometown so that he would forget everything completely. So maybe halfway through the tale we can have him meet someone from his past, either because that person also moved in here or one round of the swimming competition was held there, that kind of thing. So if DayDay's playing the "coach" character, do we still need a manager? And does Sunset want to play the extra swimmer or the manager?
  16. Free!

    I think only my character's worked out, and only barely. XD The basic concept, as mentioned, is that he's a new student in Iwatobi High. When people asks him about his past, he avoids their question. He has a passion for swimming and the boys soon find out that he can out-swim even their fastest swimmer. They discover afterwards that he's lost his memory of the past and followed his father here. I... haven't decided what his actual past is. XD I know the history sounds really cheesy but I thought that's in line with what KyoAni would've done with Free!. As for name, he shall be Nakahara Aiko. Female names ftw! Er, personality I haven't really thought of. I guess he shall be a nice-guy type. The kind who's quiet and doesn't socialise much, but will become your BFF once you get to know him, and always seeks to please his friends. And probably a teacher's pet too.
  17. I'm Ready to Graduate on My First Day!

    Hi everyone! Thanks for welcoming me back! Words can't express my happiness that all of you missed me (so I shall make do with Likes instead).
  18. Hey hello everyone! My name's HerculeHastings. You may call me HH if you wish. I'm really excited to be part of this place; it looks wonderful. I've always been a fan of roleplaying, so I think I'll fit right in here! I've already gone through the rules, and seen the moderating team (wow, 4 admins! This is definitely a well-run place!). And oh yes, introductions are in order. It's customary for newbies after all, right? So, yes, I'm a woman (not really a girl anymore, oh dear) of 20 years of age. I come from Singapore! I've stopped roleplaying for a reeeeally long time so I've forgotten what it's like, nearly. I can roleplay all kinds of genres, not fussy at all. In fact, I'm one of those people who is good at nothing, which is why I can do such a broad range, wahaha. Oh yes, and the Graduation system! Is it, er, possible to become a Graduate upon registration? I swear, I'm good! In fact, I can prove it to you, if someone roleplays with me right now! Oh, in the online members list I see someone named DayDreamer. I shall PM him randomly and ask to roleplay with him. It's okay to do that, right? XD Got to see my luck what kind of a person he is, but I bet you guys are all welcoming people. Oh but the unfortunate thing is that I'm a university student, so I really cannot spend too much time writing. I'll need to excessively stringently limit my posting on this site. Though I'd love to get to know you people, school absolutely must take top priority, so if you see me posting too much around here, do tell me to go back to my studies and gtfo. XD Onegaishimasu! So, yeah, nice to meet you! XD
  19. I'm Ready to Graduate on My First Day!

    Haha hi TriOctium. I'm going to be calling you Octy from now on. I hope you don't mind. I really like nicknames~.
  20. Site Suggestions!

    Actually, it does already do that. It told me to contact ack@surreality-rp.com if I had a problem. I wasn't sure if it was a valid email address though. XD
  21. I'm Ready to Graduate on My First Day!

    Hello hello my dearies! I'm so sorry to have pulled a prank on DragonGuard. Just something to cheer myself up. :) And yes, I did use to be Global Mod and Master Scholar on S*T. Such honourable days those were. But I needed to leave quite abruptly due to school. I still feel very apologetic about it. But I'm so touched at everyone's welcomes. It's so great to see all of you again! Sean is so humourous (*cold glare*). And yes, Red alpha, I do love Izzet too. But the avatar was fixed for me once I signed up, quite chilling. I don't know where it retrieved the avatar from. >.> Oh, but Theros is upon us Magic fans! All the gods are awesome, and I do look forward to the others in Born of the Gods come February. Anyway yayyy. (admins can I become a Graduate now?)