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  1. PG-13 After Beta:

    Alex stared down at his HTC First. The screen flickering as he scrolled through the innumerable lines of coding. His emerald hues glancing back and forth along the dense coding, looking for that one specific break that he needed. "Found it!" A wide mischevious grin spread across his lips as he began implanting some source code of his own. He lifted his head and brushed a few dyed raven locks of hair from his face. Eyeing the mass herds of people swarming through the cafeteria like water around rocks. <security protocol:=closed> < rotate 15.2.4> <Transfer feed:= Monitor "X009758"> < rotate 10.5.1> <Transfer feed:= Monitor "X009753"> <current mobile monitor device detected> <Verifying device clearance> ... ... <Access Denied> "Bastards..." He muttered. Eyeballing the security camera in the distance pivoting back and forth, most likely surveying the large crowds in the commons area. Then suddenly the ground seemed to shift beneath his feet practically shaking him from the small chair he had been sitting in. He looked up quickly as people began frantically running past, heading for the exits. Just as Alex stood to make a run for the "Employees Only" sign the screen of his phone began flashing a bright green. In front of his eyes a message appeared. "nexus?" He muttered as he continued investigating the new screen that had appeared over his usual V for Vendetta background. Suddenly he watched his iPod shuffle seem to fuse to his armband. Flashing a nearly blinding light as the previously cloth armband began to morph and transform into a nearly skintight spandex checkered armband. But it was much thicker than spandex.. Or plastic. His eyes squinted as he began inspecting the odd interlaced fabric. "Wait... Is this... Kevlar?" He felt something similar to static rushing over his body as the outfit he was wearing seemed to disintegrate, immediately being replace by a pair of baggy black cargo pants, a tight form fitting leather tank top, and thin leather bands appeared wrapping around his arms from his wrist up to his elbows. Two daggers appearing at his hips and then... "A tail?!!" He shouted as he turned in circles trying to get a good look at the listlessly swaying appendage. His hands slowly trailing up to the top of his head where he felt two furry little points, pulling down slowly to realize that the fleshy ears at the side of his head were... "Missing!!!" He screamed as he reached for his phone. - the front facing camera, that will confirm it- he thought. But as he reached for it, his armband began beeping, on the screen it was flashing a message. " .//hack server custom outfit has been equipped" His mind was still racing as he realized the commons had practically emptied. He ran for the large metal door with the "Employees Only" sign, pushing it open to find an empty corridor on the other side. He took off running, passing by discarded carts and even a security segway. As he cut around the first corner he spotted a room marked "Security Office". Alex stopped in his tracks and slowly approached the room, one of his feline ears twitching at an offensinve ringing from inside the room. He knocked, but the door was already cracked and swung wider from the small knock he had given. He stepped inside to find another empty room, a phone dangling off the hook on the wall beeping incessantly. He hung it up and stepped to one of the monitors to see something he couldn't fully understand. Two girls... Two really cute girls... Fighting a giant horse. "What the hell is going on here..." He grabbed his phone and made a few program changes. - Everything seems connected now so finding these girls mobile IP addresses shouldn't be hard - He quickly sent a message over the malls WiFi router to the two devices carried by the girls. "You don't know me, my name is Alex... You guys should meet me in the cafeteria. I think we can help each other. ^^ "
  2. PG-13 After Beta: Discussion

    Beta name - Alex Vaughn World name - Alex Vaughn Alias 13Jynx Race - human Gender - male Age - 19 Personality - Alex is a smart guy. He can be a little socially awkward, wears his heart on his sleeve and despite his intelligence can often be wreckless and impulsive. Alex has dabbled in web design, source code manipulation, and even a minor amount of hacking... Although he hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. Tech. Piece - Alex prefers to use what used to be an iPod touch shuffle attached to a black & white checkered wrist band.
  3. PG-13 After Beta: Discussion

    I know I'm late to the game... But would you guys mind if I jumped in?
  4. *explosion of confetti*

    You left the cap on the lenses... ^^
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    I'm officially disturbed O.o *checks inside my pants* Never mind... I'm good ^^
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    *shakes head* But it wouldn't be as much fun if you did :3
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    O.O' That is all...
  8. *explosion of confetti*

    Lmao... I have no clue how I opened Pandoras box... But I'm confused and oddly intrigued. *cowers under a couch, wide eyes inexplicably visible* I'll just wait here till its over... P.s. I love the akira reference! P.p.s. please don't eat me.
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    Wait... Valentine's a guy? Whoops sorry... Wasn't trying to steal anyone :3 *intentionally playing dumb*
  10. *explosion of confetti*

    Scorch marks ARE sexy!!! With that said... HelloOoOo valentine! XD
  11. ZOMBIES!!!!

    The year is 2020. The mad cow disease has transformed, wiped out ALL life in the Western United states. The US Government in their infinite wisdom dropped a nuclear bomb in Arizona when containment protocols failed during the initial outbreak. This wiped out whatever remaining Life there was in the southwest. This story takes place on the southeastern coast. This story takes place when containment measures have yet again failed, the mass casualties have already been inflicted and very little is left. The government has all but dissolved, the rich have barricaded their fortifications, and those who are left are focused on survival. Period. I'm open to revising the plot... So anyone with interest please don't hesitate to jump in....
  12. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Alias Name: Jynx Available Times: EST... I'm only on on my phone. I'm usually available anytime, but that depends on the day mostly. Post Length: usually a paragraph or two, but that depends greatly upon who I'm playing with. Post Frequency: on average I can post multiple times a day. As long as I'm keeping up and not over posting... I'm happy ^^ RP Preferences: post-apoc, sci-fi, drama, all kinds really. And if I can get involved in plot advancement all the better... Contact Details: contact through PM works fine. I have kik (alias_X) ... If I get to know AMD like you, I'm not afraid to give out my email or p.number.
  13. *explosion of confetti*

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys... Reminds me of the time I set myself on fire... I'm enveloped in warm ^^
  14. Hi guys! I really don't know what to say here. I've glanced through many of the threads here and think I should fit in quite nicely! Oh yes, my name is alias and that is because I have so many of them. I am male and I am female. I am shy and I am outgoing. Smart and idiotic. You get the idea. I plan on filling out a classified for myself soon ^^ But for now, that is all.