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  1. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    It's all fine, fellow Kawaii Knyight. We were just doing what seemed best for our skills. Voting for Knyight of Kawaii too. (can't bold claws I'm on my paw-phone).
  2. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    With that, I shall reveal my cat-pabilities as paw-mised! The Knyight of Valor is the Heart-Converter of the Loyal Corps! I cat-not be converted into a ChaosCat, which is why I was claw-mouring to be the first to enter the Inner Circle. Because my Conversion skill only works on Knyight of the Inner Circle! I was hoping to enter first claws the first knyight was most likely to be converted and I thought it was likely the ChaosConversion worked like mine. I used my Inspiring Speech on the Knyight of Integrity this phase and persuaded her to rise above her base desires and return to duty! And so she has.
  3. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    Wst claims SVL and Noia are Chaos, HH was/is innocent. Seanzi claims SVL and Wst are Loyal. HH is Chaos. Gives incredibly accurate information on abilities. If I purr-sue the thought for a bit, I catnot accept that there's a Knyight of Justice that can investigate both alignmeownt and cat-pabilities, and a Knyight of Honor that can investigate only alignment. The assymeowtry is hurting my furry head! Either one of them should be a ChaosCat; 6 uses of Investigation-type abilities for Loyal Kynights is just too mii-uch. I suspect, just a teeny weeny bit, that the Knyight of Justice is mingling accurate informietion with some misinformietion. I assume there are only 3 ChaosCats at the start. Beclaws if there were 4 originyally, they could easily obtain the majority by converting 1 Loyal Knyight (there are 9 Knyights total), since they know who each other are. Of these 3, I know that 1 can Silence (which has vote-manipulation built in), 1 can Convert. The Knyight of Justice suspects that there's 1 that can confound Investigations, which makes sense if we assume that a ChaosCat that is investigated cannot enter the Inner Circle anymore. Case against Justice: But I think it makes more sense that the 3rd ChaosCat has an informietional cat-pability. And the ability to scout the abilities of Knyights seems to me to be more beneficial to the ChaosCats than the Loyal Knyight, in terms of scouting potential Converts with good skills. Why would the Loyal Knyights need someone to investigate each other's cat-pabilities? Case against Honor: It seems rather unlikely that the Knyight of Honor managed to snag 2 out of only 3 ChaosCats out there (disregarding the paw-ssibility of his amazing accurate feline intuition). BUT Justice vouched for Honor's Loyalty, which a Loyal Justice has no reason to do unless he was converted.
  4. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    Meow! The Kynight of Justice's informietion directly contradicts the meow-sage I was sent yesterday! Quote Also, my best evidence in my defense is my being silenced yesterday! You have been Silenced by one of the Chaos Knights! You cannot post, vote or send Messages during this Phase anymore, but you may still use your ability if you wish. It's pawssible that the sender of the meow-sage was a ChaosCat, but I'm not sure why they would Silence meow after I shared the informietion publicly. I thought that was claws they planned to convert meow, but if the Knyight of Justice is right, then that catnot be the case. I'm inclined to believe the Kynight of Justice claws of the specificity of his informietion. If so, the Knyight of Honor might be contradicting him claws he was converted!
  5. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    *tumbles out of a Large Barrel* Hisssss! A blas-paw-my has been committed against meow! The fair maiden who approached meow turned out to have been sent by an Cat of Chaos! I was bound and silenced like a common thief! *indignant* (Also, I don't understand. Was the King knocked out as a result of an ability being activated?)
  6. Your Writing Readability

    I ran one of my Kingdom Mystery posts through it. Turns out that cat-ongue is grade 8 difficulty, eheheh.
  7. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    The Knyight of Kawaii's first statement is as fair as my coat of fur! sits on his haunches, licks his paws, and waits for someone else to do "more useful things" is picked up by a randomly-passing maiden
  8. Eldritch Horror

    Oh, hm, I didn't look closely enough. Since Zhuge Liangfeng only wants to go to Shanghai next turn after he's obtained the clue in the Himalayas this turn, divining the Gates is all he'll do in that case.
  9. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    If the Knyight of Kawaii/Courage thinks about the informietion I've given him, especially regarding my Passive, he'll realize what I was trying to do here and what he's just done. *groans* Or maybe I trusted the wrong Knyight and he's actually mewing for Chaos. =/
  10. Eldritch Horror

    Zhuge Liangfeng had been sailing too close to the heavens when the Reckoning occurred. He begun to hallucinate strange phantasms in the skies. How odd! Was that a flying cat? [Retain spell, lose 1 Sanity and gain Hallucinations] With the Gnoph-keh lurking around, his stay in the Himalayas must be brief. He shall divine the movement of the Gates and prepare for his escape by train. [Activate Ability and Prepare for Travel (Train)][use Mists of Releh during Encounter phase]
  11. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    Sir Ethermeow reporting for duty in the keep! I've been sniffing ameow and I've mews to share! Be warned, fellow knyights! Sir Vey Lance is a CrazyChaosCat! Dame HerculeHastings was a good kitty at the last instance of checking, but may have turned feral since then. In any case, I rat-commend that we disameow Sir Vey Lance from entering the Inner Circle, hisssss!
  12. Eldritch Horror

    Zhuge Liangfeng's astute observation skills capture the fact that the Himalayas have been renamed as well (but he fails to notice he has a spelling error in his own name).
  13. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    Nya? Coin…? Shiny, meow! Me want, me want! *jumps around the king's feet and reaches for it*
  14. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I was thinking it was a vegetable or plant, but I got dissuaded by the specificity of the phrase "a dozen eyes". Surely potatoes have more than a dozen eyes?
  15. Eldritch Horror

    Zhuge Liangfeng found himself in a very strange plac- oh, it was a library. Being an esteemed scholar who had passed China's horrendously difficult imperial exams, or kao zhuang (考状), he had more than enough willpower to find a measly book. Bookworming: 4d6 16 Will check [4 die]: 5, 6, 3, 2 Success "'To close the gate, first face north and do the Chicken Dance. Then do the Moonwalk for four strides. Face south. Two sharks will appear as back-up dancers. Sing and jiggle to California Girls. Then turn to face west. Sing and dance to Uptown Funk Ft. Bruno Mars as you exit. The gates shall close behind you.' Okay…" Gate-Closing; Lore: 3d6 12 Lore check (Pop Culture) [3 die]: 4, 2, 6 Success Zhuge Liangfeng totally nailed it and exited in style, back-up dancers in tow. He was singing and dancing all the way to the Himalayas, where the next clue was [proc Ability due to Gate closure, move to Himalayas]. "I'm too hot~ (Hot damn!) Called a police and a fireman~"