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  1. Kingdom Mystery [Discussion Thread]

    I changed my avatar set to call dibs on Zhuge Liang, but then I realized that I don't know which kingdom is being referenced here.
  2. Kingdom Mystery [Discussion Thread]

    I've always wanted to play a game with Yahoo Bot, Google Bot and Bing.
  3. The Birthday Thread!

    Wishing DemonicGate a happy birthday today! The day right after New Year's Day, wow!
  4. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I've received your gift, Demonic Gate! Thank you very much. It's even been wrapped nicely. I'm going to leave my new vinyl Jace, Architect of Thought in its vintage state inside the box! Meanwhile, my Garruk, Apex Predator can sulk jealously in the background.
  5. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I've received your card, Asura. It's so… shiny! Thank you very much! P.S. That's a pretty cool wax seal you have.
  6. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Besides SS, I will send cards too to those who are sending me something! Cuz I'm not that generous. So do PM me if you're sending me a card. *bows*
  7. Halloween

    Someone put Seanzi in a nurse costume and then in a pregnancy-stick meme! Halloween isn't really celebrated here, but we do have numerous haunted houses that pop up during this time. There was even one that was held at the zoo a couple of years back. The thing is, they're so crowded nowadays that you have to stand in line inside the houses too. Definitely not going this year unless the Singaporean group suddenly decide we want to go together. I can't imagine how Wst and Timey would be like in a haunted house.
  8. Genius Game [Discussion/Sign up]

    This is gonna get ugly. *flexes fingers* I guess it goes without saying, but anyone who joins this game must promise not to take whatever happens personally! Last thing we'd want is for this game to ruin relationships when there isn't even a real prize.
  9. Check This Out Club [Interest Check]

    Besides smartphone games, I'll sign up under the Lazy People Squad.
  10. Zombie Apocalypse Weapon of Choice

    I have my Ethernet cable. Do zombies require breathing to survive?
  11. Meep :3!

    Poro is from LoL? I've never seen it before! It is the cutest thing ever. Could be a cousin of Boo.
  12. August Album Release!

  13. The Sword of Ascalon A role-play by Etereality & HerculeHastings Prologue The frail husk of a man lay motionless on his throne, high up in the tower of his lofty fortress. The stone walls, through which no light nor warmth could penetrate, insulated him from the world outside in both the literal and figurative sense; none of the servants that oversaw the castle's upkeep has ever laid eyes on their master. After decades of servitude to their reclusive, the servants knew instinctively to avoid the northernmost tower lest they attract their lord's attention and be ensnared by his will. For although the immortal is nearly blind and deaf, he has mastered sight beyond sight and sees far more than any ordinary mortal ever can. Today, however, the immortal is satisfied. After centuries of careful machinations, executed by the oblivious pawns whose minds he had spiked, the pieces are finally in place. There were times when he had nearly given in to the pain that wracked every fibre of his body, to the comforting light of oblivion within his own mind. Those were dark, dark times… times when the immortality that he had sacrificed so much to wrest away from the jealous bosom of God had seemed like a curse, not a precious gift. He had painfully learned that although he has conquered Death itself, Time remains his greatest adversary. Struck down by the wrath of God, he had lost nearly everything, been reduced to this most wretched state of All Creation. But no matter, today he was closer to surpassing godhood than ever. Today, the pain was much more endurable than ever. For this was the day when he would set the wheels of fate into motion. First, he would claim for himself Silene of the West, whose flames once laid waste to the Arkenath continent many eons ago. The Uiurs were headed for Ascalon even now; soon Silene would join her strength with his. With the ferocity of the famed dragon, he would then wage war against the East and eventually all of Arkenath. With a bit more patience, he would see his dominion over the children of God restored, just as the way it was two millennia ago. With his children pined under the iron fist of his greatest enemy, God would surely be forced to reveal himself. And when that happens, the immortal would be waiting, ready to usurp the absent Father of All Creation and begin a new age of divine rule. One that will last forever. Urgarth the Undying allowed himself the satisfaction of a small smile, an expression that was hidden from the sight of even God himself. - Chak… chak… chak... The scraping of the rutter against the loamy soil was a ticker that divided the interminable flow of time into a comforting rhythm. Draken Hearthstone's arm had long gone past the point of soreness; now all he felt was the sensation of movement. At this moment, his entire world consisted solely of the area of loam before him and the bundle of sensations that was his body. His thin cottony shirt clung to his perspiring skin as he labored under the waning rays of the evening sun. Setting aside the tool, he tugged at a clump of weed, dislodging it easily. He dropped the errant plant into a raggedy pouch lying by the side and sat back on his haunches, wiping his face on a soaked sleeve. Ascalon was neatly laid out on the plains before him, a rustic collection of stone huts silently enduring the elements. Smoke was coming out of the firesmith’s forge to the north, together with the occasional burst of flames through the billows. Draken imagined that Rinne must be hammering away at an implement even now, her keen features blackened with soot and slick with perspiration. His sister was the one who had inherited their parents’ talents and was the town’s best apprentice firesmith, as Dulmar the Iron-Dwarf had been boasting to anyone who would listen. “Unlike that soft-hammed Draken,†Dulmar would say as he snorted dismissively. Draken still winced at the memory of Excalipoor, the sword he had forged after hours of backbreaking work with the forge. When he had tested it by swinging it at a rockmelon fruit, it sank exactly one inch into the flesh and became stuck there. Dulmar had chortled and made it a permanent exhibit in the forge, together with the rockmelon, which had become a permanent fixture of the weapon. Burning with shame from the memory, Draken averted his eyes from the forge and let his gaze roam across the landscape – past the marketplace, the distinctive henge stonework that was Ascalon’s centerpiece, and the numerous farm-and-cottage clusters. He finally allowed it to settle on the jagged peaks of the distant mountainous range, where Central Arkenath lay hidden from sight. An insistent gust of wind blew from there, creating a hollow sound audible throughout the village. “’You have done well today, but it is time we head back, young Draken. Night will fall soon.†It was Balthier who had spoken and who looked at Draken with benevolent eyes. The former Conductor had taken in the young Dragonkin under his apprenticeship when it had seemed like no one else would. Draken was immensely grateful for the his tutelage, even if he didn’t know Balthier very well and still didn’t quite understand exactly what he was supposed to be learning from the inscrutable man. All summer, the man had made him do odd jobs across the village like gather specific herbs from the surrounding forestry, weed the fields and observe the movement of the clouds, which hadn’t struck Draken as being particularly useful for his Calling when it comes two autumns from now. But follow Balthier’s words he did, for he had no other choice really. “Yes, Elder Balthier.†There was no reply from Balthier, and so Draken looked up at the man, who turned out to be squinting intently at the distant horizon, his grey eyebrows furrowed. “Those clouds herald ominous tidings, Draken...†At these words, Draken redirected his attention back to the mountains, but all he saw were the murky clouds that possibly signaled imminent rain.
  14. August Album Release!

    So marshmellow-mushy I should have chocolate to go with this. D:
  15. Free!dom

    I rage-quit ep4 once cuz of Nitori. STOP BEING SUCH AN UKE AND GEROFF MY RIN.
  16. Weekly Scoop ############

    I was expecting them to blow each other up in the end. *frowns*
  17. CLOSED The Sword of Ascalon

    Draken fidgeted uneasily as Coralee's silhouette receded further and further away from him before finally disappearing around a bend. It pained him to end their first meeting in years on such an awkward note, but it felt as though there was nothing he could say that would dispel the barrier between them. So he kept quiet, then sighed after she was gone and began his journey homeward. As he walked, however, he became aware of the beauty of his surroundings and his troubled heart grew lighter. Nightfall had descended upon the village, with only starlight and mostly-spent coal-lamps providing dim illumination. Obscured in this way, Ascalon lost its familiarity and took on a certain mystique and intimacy, not unlike that of a woman whose thoughts and feelings were unfathomable to him... His mind thus caught in a reverie, it was a simple affair for Draken to imagine the stars in communion with him, their mysterious intent carried down to him by the soothing breeze. Ascalonian legends believed that stars were born when Gilgamesh, the first king of humanity, slew Humbaba, whose dying breath lit up the night-sky and released humankind from millennia of terror under the first dragon and terror of men. Draken imagined what it must have been like to live during those times of legend and to be a hero of men. To ride a chariot into battle and deliver justice to the dragons, oppressors of men… how heroic that must be! The clouds of omen, Draken noticed, were fast encroaching upon village from the east. Possibly they heralded rain, so Draken hastened his footsteps. There were no one else left outdoors at this time, and many of the cottages were lit on the inside; no doubt families were gathered around dinner tables and heartily tucking into their meals by now. Rinne, Magnum and Ruby were surely impatient by now, and like all Dragonkins, they were irritable people when made to wait. Thankfully, the bulbous shape of home was now in view, and Draken made a beeline for it. The stormy clouds continued to propagate forebodingly, as though it had a life of its own. - “Well, Rinne, how was the firemeld today?†Magnum Hearthstone inquired, his amber irises flickering towards his daughter for a moment before settling back upon the bowl of beef stew in front of him. The Hearthstone family was seated comfortably around a stonecarved table, finally having their dinner after his son had returned late from his Duties of the day. Rinne, seated on his right, set down the spoonful of soup that had been halfway raised and replied obligingly, “Yep! Dulmar is amazing at metalcraft, so he’s always able to tell when my flames are too stong for the Machalite Ores we’re working with. We managed to finish the dagger-fangs todays, so we’ll be working with full-length swords tomorrow!†She tucked her short brown hair behind her ear impatiently as she finished, realizing that she had brought her spoon down far too forcefully and left splatters of soup around the bowl. She wiped at the spots using the hem of her tunic, oblivious to Ruby’s disapproval. Magnum shrugged when their gazes met. “Aaaaaand Draken? What has the Conductor been having you stay back late for?†Draken choked a little on the mishmash that had been travelling down his gullet, then framed a hasty reply because everyone was staring, “It wasn’t the Conductor! Coralee returned today, and I was showing her around.†“Flamesworn,†he added in response to the quizzical looks he got from the rest. “You might remember her as Queen Rappig,†he offered hopefully to Rinne. “Bless me, the Flamesworn dragonling. I thought this one had flown the coop. Why has she returned now after all these years?†Ruby asked, setting down her fork neatly in its proper place. Unlike the rest, she tended to the family nest and her cottony dress was significantly cleaner than the rest’s. She retained her maidenly poise and beauty better than the other women her age in Ascalon, even if she was also starting to develop early signs of crow’s feet. “Dunno,†Draken gestured helplessly, “Didn’t feel right to ask.†“Well, is she back with her aunt? The poor whelp.†Magnum was about to interject when a trumpeting roar rang throughout the village. “GYNNNNNYYAAAAAA!!!†For a moment, all of them stared dumbfounded at each other. Then there was a rumble beneath them as the loud cracking of a fissure opening up could be heard outside. “Wha- what in the blazes was that?!†Rinne quivered. As if on cue, all of them left their seats and hurried to the door, which Magnum swung open swiftly, narrowly grazing Draken’s feet. Stepping outside, they could see that their neighbors were already outside, staring at the flying spectacle with gaping mouths. Which was entirely justified, for bursting out from the village’s centre was the monstrous, serpent-like silhouette of a dragon. As everyone watched, the entire length of the dragon exited the earth and begun coiling in the air. Electricity begun surging from its fins and before anyone could react, bolts of lightning begun hitting Ascalon randomly. Where the bolts struck the ground, explosions erupted and flames began devouring the buildings. “GYNNNNNYYAAAAAA!!!†People began screaming and scattering in all directions. “Draken, Rinne, with me! We have to drive it off! Ruby, stay in cover!†Magnum yelled as he headed back into the house, to the closet where his sword was stored. His mind raced to recall what he knew about a dragon residing in Ascalon, especially one that could control the elements. And who was the one who awakened it?
  18. We'll all be at sea if we try to meet in the middle!
  19. Damn right we are. Now all that's left is nothing.
  20. Ptfff. Can Seanzi explain what happens in a turn? Do we simply move from point to point? How many actions can we make?
  21. Druid. Cuz of Malfurion's abs.
  22. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    That poor guy in the Surreality tavern just lost 2000 Surreality Dollars.
  23. Seanzi's trying to trick me into joining another D&D game so that he can try to kill me off! So what happens when a Hero dies?
  24. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Take off all zigs and exterminate Shadow!
  25. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Ptfff, take off all zigs and make me!