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  1. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    After spending several Healing Surges to bring his health up, Bachydios nudged the Mage awake with a foot. He then hit the area near him with a Winged Horde, and said menacingly," Tell us where the herald went. Now!" Intimidate check: rolling 1d20+3 (15)+3 = 18
  2. CLOSED The Sword of Ascalon

    The girl was a tornado of hustle and bustle that charged towards Draken, coming to a stop just shy of bowling him over. Draken only managed to situate her face and name within his memories several moments after the silence between them had become awkward, and his best attempt to save the mood amounted to a tentative statement and question, "I think so. We used to race the Rappigs together, right? Hello, Coralee." He smiled uncertainly at her. Besides him, Balthier stroked his bearded chin and mused out aloud," Ahh, Coralee of the Flamesworn clan. Still as fiery as ever, I see. It warms my heart to meet you again. Did you just arrive at Ascalon?" "Yes, I did!" she affirmed with a nod. "Could you two show me around? So much has changed here." Draken felt Balthier glance at him before replying," I shall leave Miss Coralee's orientation tour to you, young Draken. There is something I must tend to." The young Dragonkin didn't recall Balthier mention anything about a task before now, but his mentor had already disappeared down an alleyway by the time he thought to ask. Coralee was looking at him expectantly again, which made him a little nervous. Coralee had been the friendliest person in their childhood clique a long time ago, and often held the group together through the kind of petty conflicts that children had with each other. These memories of their shared past together, however, was mixed in with the intervening years of growth apart from each other, and this hindered him from reciprocating her warmth. She was at once a close friend and a distant stranger, and he was at a lost as to how to relate to her. ​"Shall… we start?" He nodded in assent, and gestured at the nearest structure - the stone henge where the ancients of eons past worshipped a hallowed hero of Arkenath whose identity had now been lost to time, or at least that was what the sages had described. But Coralee already knew all these of course; even as the village changed its form to better navigate the flow of time, the henge was the one thing that resolutely defied all expectations of time and change, its symbol's identity notwithstanding. However, as the both of them stood watching on its periphery, the stonework's appearance failed to measure up to its tradition. It remained an impressive example of the ancient's mastery of geomancy and stone-craft, with a small garden of bloodfire roses growing in the centre. But that was all it was - a nice little spot in the middle of the village. The chieftain, Hodr Brimfire, ordered the garden and henge to be maintained at least once every sunwalk, but that was it. "… It's still the same, isn't it?" Coralee commented. "Yeah…" He then brought her to the firesmith's forge, which had closed for the day by then. Draken imagined that Rinne must be home by now, was perhaps even stroking the fire on which their father would cook right now. It was four turns before midnight by now, and the streets were beginning to thin out. He wondered if Coralee would mind if they went back to their separate homes for tonight, but he was too shy about asking lest he seemed uncourteous.
  3. The Weekly S*T Scoop 27

    Movie night sounds great.
  4. Sean's Monthly Manga Club #2: Psyren

    Chapter 97 now. Should be done soon.
  5. Another DnD 4e Skype game {Open for 1-2}

    I'm gonna grab a lush towel from this bathroom before we leave.
  6. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    [Taking Akerus' turn] Standard: Eldritch Blast vs REF rolling 1d20+8 (15)+8 = 23 Damage: rolling 1d10+5 (7)+5 = 12 Curse Damage: rolling 1d6 (6) = 6 Move 6sq to the left and gain Concealment.
  7. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    I'll activate Iaijutsu Master.
  8. Sean's Monthly Manga Club #2: Psyren

    Well, so far they can't control their time-travelling which they can travel to, so they're always diverging further and further away from the original Psyren future (and it looks like just one fluid timeline). But the chief reason why I suggested that there were multiple time-lines because the character retained their memories of the previous contents on uncle's tape even after it was changed post-encounter-with-Amagi-in-the-Present. One tape, but memories of two different futures. It reminds me of Zero Escape in that at least one character retains his memories of multiple possible futures and is able to act on that knowledge to create a new future that hitherto didn't exist. Oh, on a different matter, another reason to suspect that future W.I.S.E has more enemies beyond Grana: Dholaki (Explosia guy) was present on both the Day of Rebirth and Psyren 9 years later, so we must suspect that Amagi and Junas must still be present somewhere in the Psyren 9 years later.
  9. Sean's Monthly Manga Club #2: Psyren

    Yeah, for all we know, they're jumping from a World Line (A) Present to a World Line (B) Future, and when they return, they return to a World Line (B) or (C ) Present. We know that there's been 2 drastic events so far that's altered the future - Ageha causing the kids to see Sephiroth ahead of time and Ageha causing Tenjuin Elmore to survive the airplane crash. So there're 3 World Lines in play now, assuming that a new World Line is created each time a drastic event occurs (as opposed to only one fluid World Line that changes each time).
  10. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Since it's expedient, I shall Strike Date Masamune as well.
  11. Sean's Monthly Manga Club #2: Psyren

    1. Spoiler You have seen what happened to Oboro. He was a favorite, so what are some reactions to his death? Was it expected? Did it catch you off guard?Yeah, man. Whatever Wst and Alisyn said. Dropping him into a tavoo graveyard is too much of a giveaway. I'm guessing he'll come out with the ability to manipulate tavoo, maybe like Cat Knight, or with a tavoo partner. 2. You have met some of the stronger opponents from W.I.S.E. Do you think Ageha's team will be able to beat them? Or will this Manga end in a tragedy? It seems that the Elmore teenagers are of a higher power level than Shiner, who I believe is Ranked 3rd in command (and is costumed like a Mega Man character). Plus, this manga seems to lack the drive to kill off its key cast; I mean, even Kagetora (who looks a lot like this guy from World Embryo) survived, which is a real missed opportunity for tragedy given how Ageha had brushed him off. So I doubt if it will 'end in tragedy'. The Elmore kids even get un-killed. That being said, the good guys seem to be overwhelming the bad guys right now, so something is bound to occur to shift the perception of power back to the baddies. It's just a matter of what it is. So I'm thinking maybe there're more stronger bad guys beyond Grana, because I find it odd that Amagi Miroku hasn't appeared yet in this future. So he might be holed up somewhere with the pioneer W.I.S.E. After all, Grana was constructing more tavoo factories, which seems like something middle-level management does, not the head honcho. 3. What do you think of Ageha's current team? Their powers, their likelihood to survive, their usefulness? Hiryu might die soon, since he seems to be receiving very little attention. But like Wst pointed out again, the thread with Tatsuo needs to be tied up first. Amamiya probably won't die since she's the romantic love interest and there's no real replacement for her. As in, I believe it's the Fire Emblem parent system at work here and the parent generation doesn't get together with the offspring generation. 4. You have been introduced to the children grown up! What was your reaction to their appearance?(I squealed x3) What is your reaction to their powers? Shao looks a lot like TTGL's Rossiu Adai: Frederica sprouts way too many corny lines in battle. Van is j'adorable. Marie, eh? Marie best pair of boobs.. Kyle is Ageha No. 2, I guess. I want to pair Granny Elmore with Bookman from D. Gray Man. They are so perfect for each other. 5. Ageha and his team ran into Amagi Miroku. Were you shocked at the new information this brought to light? What role do you think this will play? Sephiroth Tree and a pseudo Gates of Babylon, very nice. Uh, the current evidence points to Ageha's team being stuck in Psyren, but I feel like they still need to do more to alter the events that occur on the Day of Rebirth. Like, maybe the Elmore teenagers will lose in this present and Ageha has to return to the past to alter it some more (in fact, one theory I have is that future Ageha is Nemesis Q's creator). Again, I'm referencing the world line theory in Steins;Gate. Ageha has to create enough change in order to herald a new future where the Day of Rebirth is averted. He's currently doing it step-by-step, but he's far from done, I believe. An alternative explanation is that Nemesis Q's purpose was to ensure that the Elmore kids survive the Day of Rebirth event. Now that that has been achieved, the manga won't bother with pre-Rebirth present anymore. 6. Ageha got to speak to Nemesis Q. What do you think Q's ultimate goal is now? Have your thoughts or predictions been changed by this? See above. Considering how Ageha and Co. seems to be the only group the manga follows and they haven't met any other Drifters as strong as them, I believe that Nemesis Q's goal is to make Ageha and Co. become the powerful Psychicers they need to become so that they can change the Day of Rebirth event by repeating the Nemesis Q project as many times as they need to. 7. Ageha is training with his power. Do you have any thoughts on what his power will lead to in this Manga? See above. 8. Of course, always interested in everyone's other predictions and their favorite characters! See above. 9. If the phone at the exit gate is destroyed, do they have no way to leave Psyren? Interesting question, hm. I'm guessing there are multiple exit phones though, and if one is destroyed, they can just go to the next one that's nearby? 10. Also, how are they getting out this time, since there were no instructions to start/go to the exit gate? Or will they be staying inside until the series is resolved and Q brings them home? See above.
  12. I'm being held at gunpoint.

    Hiii. What happened to the Blue? D:
  13. Another DnD 4e Skype game {Open for 1-2}

    In case anyone's wondering, Seanzi is our mule. B)
  14. Taco(TriOctium)

    We would have Rule of 4'd him if Sunday had been affected, wakakak.
  15. Sean's Monthly Manga Club #2: Psyren

    Okay, I'm up to 67 now. Man, awesome fights.
  16. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    Not being able to see the battle unfolding did not sit well with the raging Bachydios. "ARE THEY STILL ALIVE?!" He half-stomped, half-limped over to where Korrelia, Akerus and Serafinn were and estimated the position of the enemy based on where they were aiming at. The wizard then conjured an orb of psychic energy on the area. "MELCHSEE'S DOOR!" Grasping Shadow vs. WILL rolling 1d20+10 (19)+10 = 29 Damage: rolling 1d8+8 (3)+8 = 11 Effect: Target is slowed until EoNT. He made sure to knock the Mage unconscious instead of killing him. They needed information on this place.
  17. The Weekly S*T Scoop 26

    Japanese cats ruined Singaporean cats for me permanently. I can't even bear to look at the local cats anymore.
  18. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    This. Also, may I invite someone from the Tokugawa clan to Scout the Date clan as well? The more we know about our common enemy, the better we can fight them. The implications of that last statement should be obvious.
  19. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Almost posted in The Deadly Scoop thinking that it's a Weekly Scoop variant.
  20. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    Beats twiddling our thumbs and hair-flipping. Besides, I don't want our clans going to war because of misperception.
  21. Salvete~!

    Welcome to Surreality, Sicari! If I may ask, what does your username 'Sicariote' mean? It piqued my curiosity, but Google didn't turn up anything.
  22. Sengoku Wars [Night Phase 5]

    I ask Lord Nobunaga and the rest of my clan to allow me to Scout Magoichi Saika's Basara (5AP). I wish to determine the nature of the Date clan's abilities.
  23. What is with all this GREEEEEN??

    Blue Turbo Ranger had the best transformation.
  24. Temp Job (23rd June to 11th July)

    How many shapes does Excel have? :D
  25. Game of Life OOC Thread

    (Sorry again.)