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  1. With that, I shall reveal my cat-pabilities as paw-mised!

    The Knyight of Valor is the Heart-Converter of the Loyal Corps! I cat-not be converted into a ChaosCat, which is why I was claw-mouring to be the first to enter the Inner Circle.

    Because my Conversion skill only works on Knyight of the Inner Circle! I was hoping to enter first claws the first knyight was most likely to be converted and I thought it was likely the ChaosConversion worked like mine.

    I used my Inspiring Speech on the Knyight of Integrity this phase and persuaded her to rise above her base desires and return to duty! And so she has.

  2. Wst claims SVL and Noia are Chaos, HH was/is innocent.

    Seanzi claims SVL and Wst are Loyal. HH is Chaos. Gives incredibly accurate information on abilities.


    If I purr-sue the thought for a bit, I catnot accept that there's a Knyight of Justice that can investigate both alignmeownt and cat-pabilities, and a Knyight of Honor that can investigate only alignment. The assymeowtry is hurting my furry head! Either one of them should be a ChaosCat; 6 uses of Investigation-type abilities for Loyal Kynights is just too mii-uch.


    I suspect, just a teeny weeny bit, that the Knyight of Justice is mingling accurate informietion with some misinformietion.


    I assume there are only 3 ChaosCats at the start. Beclaws if there were 4 originyally, they could easily obtain the majority by converting 1 Loyal Knyight (there are 9 Knyights total), since they know who each other are. Of these 3, I know that 1 can Silence (which has vote-manipulation built in), 1 can Convert. The Knyight of Justice suspects that there's 1 that can confound Investigations, which makes sense if we assume that a ChaosCat that is investigated cannot enter the Inner Circle anymore.


    Case against Justice:

    But I think it makes more sense that the 3rd ChaosCat has an informietional cat-pability. And the ability to scout the abilities of Knyights seems to me to be more beneficial to the ChaosCats than the Loyal Knyight, in terms of scouting potential Converts with good skills. Why would the Loyal Knyights need someone to investigate each other's cat-pabilities?


    Case against Honor:

    It seems rather unlikely that the Knyight of Honor managed to snag 2 out of only 3 ChaosCats out there (disregarding the paw-ssibility of his amazing accurate feline intuition).

    BUT Justice vouched for Honor's Loyalty, which a Loyal Justice has no reason to do unless he was converted.

  3. Meow! The Kynight of Justice's informietion directly contradicts the meow-sage I was sent yesterday!


    "Your suspicions are correct. Sir Vey Lance serves Chaos. Last I checked, HerculeHastings is loyal, but that might have changed."


    Also, my best evidence in my defense is my being silenced yesterday! 

    You have been Silenced by one of the Chaos Knights! You cannot post, vote or send Messages during this Phase anymore, but you may still use your ability if you wish.


    It's pawssible that the sender of the meow-sage was a ChaosCat, but I'm not sure why they would Silence meow after I shared the informietion publicly. I thought that was claws they planned to convert meow, but if the Knyight of Justice is right, then that catnot be the case.


    I'm inclined to believe the Kynight of Justice claws of the specificity of his informietion. If so, the Knyight of Honor might be contradicting him claws he was converted!

  4. *tumbles out of a Large Barrel*


    Hisssss! A blas-paw-my has been committed against meow! The fair maiden who approached meow turned out to have been sent by an Cat of Chaos! I was bound and silenced like a common thief! *indignant*


    (Also, I don't understand. Was the King knocked out as a result of an ability being activated?)

  5. You're not able to prepare for travel, as the Himalayas are not a city. They also have no rail connection. The monster token may be covering it a bit but they are directly connected to Shanghai by an uncharted path. Which means you can just move there normally this turn anyway.

    Oh, hm, I didn't look closely enough. Since Zhuge Liangfeng only wants to go to Shanghai next turn after he's obtained the clue in the Himalayas this turn, divining the Gates is all he'll do in that case.

  6. Zhuge Liangfeng had been sailing too close to the heavens when the Reckoning occurred. He begun to hallucinate strange phantasms in the skies. How odd! Was that a flying cat? [Retain spell, lose 1 Sanity and gain Hallucinations]


    With the Gnoph-keh lurking around, his stay in the Himalayas must be brief. He shall divine the movement of the Gates and prepare for his escape by train. [Activate Ability and Prepare for Travel (Train)][use Mists of Releh during Encounter phase] 

  7. VULdSGi.gif


    Sir Ethermeow reporting for duty in the keep! I've been sniffing ameow and I've mews to share!


    Be warned, fellow knyights! Sir Vey Lance is a CrazyChaosCat! Dame HerculeHastings was a good kitty at the last instance of checking, but may have turned feral since then. In any case, I rat-commend that we disameow Sir Vey Lance from entering the Inner Circle, hisssss!

  8. Zhuge Liangfeng found himself in a very strange plac- oh, it was a library. Being an esteemed scholar who had passed China's horrendously difficult imperial exams, or kao zhuang (考状), he had more than enough willpower to find a measly book.


    Bookworming: 4d6 16

    Will check [4 die]: 5, 6, 3, 2 Success


    "'To close the gate, first face north and do the Chicken Dance. Then do the Moonwalk for four strides. Face south. Two sharks will appear as back-up dancers. Sing and jiggle to California Girls. Then turn to face west. Sing and dance to Uptown Funk Ft. Bruno Mars as you exit.  The gates shall close behind you.' Okay…"


    Gate-Closing; Lore: 3d6 12

    Lore check (Pop Culture) [3 die]: 4, 2, 6 Success


    Zhuge Liangfeng totally nailed it and exited in style, back-up dancers in tow. He was singing and dancing all the way to the Himalayas, where the next clue was [proc Ability due to Gate closure, move to Himalayas].


    "I'm too hot~ (Hot damn!) Called a police and a fireman~"

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  9. Meow! To ensure the royalty's safety, those who voted for the Kynight of Integrity shouldn't be ameowed to enter the Inner Circle in this maound nor the next.

    The bad kitties are always among the most active ones, and there was a very concerted push for the Knyight of Integrity. Paw knyights, in fact! They are the Knyights of Compassion (Dame Noia), Peace (Sir Vey Lance) and Zeal (Sir Solyeuse) remaining. Our culprits are likely among them, as my whiskers feel it! My logic is as straight as my fur is stiff right meow!

    I once again elect meowself into the Inner Circle!

  10. Zhuge Liangfeng has arrived safely in Sydney [travel to Sydney], yet that was the only good news on this dark, dark day. He had observed the ominous shifts in the stars above the night before, and knew that the ranks of investigators were suffering from low morale due to the recent setbacks. An unexpected wave of melancholy came over the intrepid Shaman. Only the second day, and all seemed bleak already… 




    Zhuge Liangfeng turned at the sound to find Guanyu Zhe, whose face had turned a deeper shade of red than usual, frowning and averting his gaze.


    "HAHAHA! You truly are a great ally, Guanyu Zhe! The legends will speak of The Fart That Turned The Tides of Battle for centuries to come! Now, do stand aside before the heroine arrives. It would not do to leave a bad impression. We shall require complete faith in each other in the days to come."


    His good humor restored, Zhuge Liangfeng awaited the idol's arrival. He fully intended to entrust her with the clues Guanyu Zhe and he had obtained regarding the true name of the Great Evil whilst he attempted to seal the Gates of Hell here in the city [Trade both clues to HH].

  11. link

    Description Observation check Results 2d66 [2d6=5, 1]


    The heavens favor the bold! At the beach, Zhuge Liangfeng discovered a stern-looking, red-faced man with a lush beard deep in meditation, his head inclined towards the sky. After waiting patiently for exactly an hour, the man finally opened his eyes and spoke to Zhuge Liangfeng.


    "You are a patient man. However, the time for meditation is over. The world is under threat and we must hurry now. I am Guanyu Zhe (观宇者) and I have information bestowed upon me by the deities in the stars."


    The crew was understandably perplexed by this declaration, and insisted that the man pay for his passage if he wanted onboard the ship. 


    "Fool! Don't you get that I'm trying to save the- oh, never mind. This world has lost all virtue," Guanyu Zhe grumbled, feeling inside the pocket of his green robes.

  12. Zhuge Liangfeng divined that Rome will be next to experience an Otherworldly Event. However, he was certain that his allies in the world will take care of the distant threat. For now, there was nothing to do save to remain vigilant [Location Encounter].

  13. Zhuge Liangfeng (租个 å‡‰é£Ž) has descended! The turbulence to my east bothers me. Eastern Star Formation, come! Bear me towards the sea… towards Sydney! [Travel to Sea 18] I shall banish the heretic there, seal the gate and teleport to Tokyo. (I'm not sure if Tokyo is now experiencing an Otherworld Encounter though)


    I'll also divine the sign of the heavens! [Ability Action]


    Shoggoth is beyond my ability to fight. Unless there are additional reinforcements besides the prodigal songstress, I'll be compelled to beguile the demon with my Incantation before sealing the gate there. (also, I guess I can use Mists of Releh only once?)