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  1. Eldritch Horror

    Using the 2 Clues for that is done as an Encounter action. So that's next. Spoke to HH and she changed to Rest and Acquire Assets then. Rolled for her in game and she got 3 successes, buys the Silver Twilight Ritual, which immediately retreats Doom by 1 and is then discarded. Doom is now back to 12. ENCOUNTER PHASE Choose 1 encounter. If a monster occupies your space you HAVE to fight it. IF it dies then you may do one of the other encounters as well. Fight a monsterDraw either a General card or a location card matching the area you are inResolve a token on your current space Since everyone pretty much specified their encounter intents already I'll just go ahead and take the actions, so ya'll just need to resolve the cards you get:
  2. Kingdom Mystery: The Revolution [PHASE 3]

    The heralds need better education, they got my title wrong! "Courage" is not how you spell "Kawaii". I'm also known as the "knight who says Nico Nico Ni!" In that case they are surely more desperate to get in than the loyal knights even. We loyal knights can take our time and let our deserved recognition come to us, but those underhanded knights have to beg and plead to get in soon so they can sabotage the rest of us.
  3. Eldritch Horror

    Items and stat changes people get, I'll be updating their player info each time I post it. So this post's player info is up to date. But for the sake of clarity I'll also dump the info for newly acquired items and such here as well as a What's New sort of thing. I'm also going to add any permanent stat bonuses from items into your stat lists in parentheses to make it easier to check how much to roll. Also two pieces of info I forgot to mention before: 1) Aside from item bonuses, the most a stat can be improved by is +2. Example is HH spent her starting +1 bonus on Strength and got another +1 to Strength from her encounter. So she cannot gain any more such Strength improvements on top of those. 2) I forgot the earth isn't actually a rectangular shape. You can follow the paths off the west side of the board in order to enter via the paths on the east. So for example from Buenos Aires you can move to Space 3, and then straight to Sydney on the other side. As such I'll let Noia move 1 extra space this turn, since she did want to get to the east and has started taking the longer way due to my mistake :F. Octy's failed investigation advanced the Omen by 1 onto the blue space, which matches the colour of the Tokyo gate, so Doom advances by 1. Sean and Eth each gained a clue, bringing them both to 2 clues total. As such, they're primed to work on solving the current Mystery. The Tunguska Expedition was resolved, and a new Expedition is underway at the Pyramids. Acquired stuff (these are obviously each for the people who got the respective things): Artifact: Glass of Mortlan (Item - Magical)Each 6 you roll when resolving a spell effect counts as 2 successes.You may prevent the loss of 1 Sanity when resolving your spell effects.Asset: Puzzle Box (Trinket)When you perform a Rest action, you may open the puzzle box by testing Observation. Nothing happens if you fail.Asset: Private Investigator (Ally)Gain +1 ObservationYou may reroll 1 die when resolving an Observation Test.Condition: Blessed (Boon)4s now also count as successes for you, in addition to 5s and 6s.If you would gain another Blessed condition, flip this card instead.If you would gain a Cursed condition, discard this card instead.RECKONING: Roll 1 die. On a 1 or 2, discard this card. (reminder that RECKONING is one of the things that can be triggered by the Mythos card draw) MYTHOS PHASE Anyone watching the night skies tonight would notice an abrupt change. The stars shift and change, and familiar constellations break apart, shattering previous predictions about the recent omens. Omen advances by 1! (Lands on red, advancing Doom by 1 for the Sydney gate)RECKONING happens!2 Gates spawn! (Rome(red) and London(blue))Additional Effect: Move the Omen counterclockwise by 1 (returns to blue, advancing Doom by 2 - 1 for the Tokyo gate and 1 for the new London gate). RECKONING Triggers: Tokyo Shoggoth regenerates to full Health (not that it was hurt)Mr Astronomer must roll to preserve his Blessed condition. Monsters Spawned from new Gates: (London) Ghoul = Horror 1, Damage 2, Health 1. Tests: Will test gets +1 Effect: If you lose Health from the Strength test, gain a Paranoia condition. (Rome) Hound of Tindalos = Horror 2, Damage 3, Health 3. Tests: Strength test gets -1 Reckoning Effect: Move this monster to the nearest space with an Investigator on it, and then immediately initiate a Combat encounter with it Doom sits at 11! ACTION PHASE Choose 2 Actions. Actions you can perform anytime are in green. Actions you can only perform in cities are in orange. And actions you cannot perform if monsters are present are in red. TravelTradeComponent ActionsPrepare for TravelAcquire AssetsRest PLAYERS (In order of turn. Player with stars is the current Lead Investigator, turn order starts from them onward). Noia, The Astronomer TriOctium, The Redeemed Cultist HH, The Actress Sean, The Spy ***Eth, The Shaman*** ANCIENT ONE BOARD ACTIVE MYSTERY
  4. Eldritch Horror

    Nah that's only if you purchase it using the Acquire Assets action.
  5. Eldritch Horror

    Actually the puzzle box yields a random Artifact. Artifacts are a different deck to items entirely. They're more powerful but there's fewer ways to get them (one way is the expedition encounter Sean is going through). That's why it takes another action to open the box, you get something better than just another item.
  6. Eldritch Horror

    Yes you pick which
  7. Eldritch Horror

    I was gonna just roll for people here but I figure it'll be more fun to let you roll and then you can decide how exactly your character succeeds/fails in the test. Anyway as a reminder, for all of these tests, "Pass" means 1 or more successes (rolls of 5 or 6), otherwise its a Fail. I'll provide the full information about any Conditions or items you acquire after these are all resolved. Failure Outcome
  8. Blizzard's MOBA that's currently in Beta, anyone playing it? Cos I have only 2 people on my friends list and they aren't and that is a shame. North America and Oceanic/SEA are grouped together currently and Europe is separate.
  9. Eldritch Horror

    (the card that replaced the cat burglar also cost 1, so I'll assume Noia will want to take that rather than do nothing with her influence xD) While Zhuge Liangfeng is sitting on his passenger ship in the middle of the ocean, on his way to Sydney, he takes the time to read the astrological phenomenon and divine the locations of the next otherworld gates. He sees images of the Colosseum being consumed by shadows, as well as that the Astronomer barely escaped having a gate open up on top of him. Next two gates are Rome and Arkham. You may send one to the bottom of the queue and put one back on top as the next to appear. Meanwhile Max Jagerbomber successfully gains the services of a Cat Burglar before heading toward the Amazon. His political opponents naturally attack this decision once news of it is leaked, however Max's press team simply claims he's doing his part to boost the employment rate in these difficult times, and suggests legislature to legalize cat burglary. Gain Cat Burglar card. Cat Burglar (Ally)ACTION: Roll 1 die. On a 5 or 6, gain 1 ITEM or TRINKET asset from the reserve. On a 1, discard this card. Mr Astronomer sets sail for London and narrowly avoids crashing into the coast, after he puts the captain to sleep by telling him many excruciatingly long anecdotes, such as the riveting tale of how each of his beard hairs grew. The fright of the close call was enough to drive him to seek a drink as soon as he landed. Gain Whiskey card. Whiskey (Item)You may discard this card to prevent an investigator on your space from losing up to 2 Sanity. TriOctium (because that sounds like a cultist name already) enters the amazon and begins to explore, searching for any clues it might yield. The famous idol/actress HH calmly flees Tokyo, hoping some more burly action star can deal with the Shoggoth present there, and instead sails to Sydney to deal with the Cultist there. Her experience dealing with rabid fans surely equips her well for this. And finally, Agent Yevgeny Onisim Lazar Ostrovsky made his way to Tunguska to meet up with the expedition crew there. Before he even looked into the site itself he discovered a clue, a pattern in the ground the other expedition members had overlooked. ENCOUNTER PHASE (I know what Sean and Octy want to do for this, so the rest of you must decide. HH has to fight the monster, but it is a sure win and if one beats the monster they can take a regular encounter also so she can choose a second thing. For Noia, Wst, and Eth, the only thing they can do here is a Location Encounter - but there's minor risks in doing so - or Nothing. Encounter Phase During this phase you may choose 1 encounter to resolve. If a monster occupies your space you cannot resolve ANY encounters other than a combat encounter with it. If you win the combat and the monster is vanquished, leaving the space emptied, you may then resolve another encounter of your choice. Location EncounterDraw either a General card or a location card matching the area you are in (Europe, America, Asia/Australia). The effects of the card are then resolved - these can include options on your part, or tests to try to pass. These are usually beneficial cards, but if you fail the tests on them there's sometimes a penalty. Every card has 3 different effects, and which one applies to you will depend what exact space you are occupying (which city in the main regions, and for general cards whether you are in wilderness, an unnamed city, or sea - the legend for the latter spaces is on the left of the board). Each city has a certain thing you are likely to gain from these cards if you are occupying it. They're marked on the board but it may be hard to read, so here's a legend:Arkham: Gain Incantation spells. Buenos Aires: Gain Ritual spells. London: Spawn Clue tokens. Rome: Improve Will. Istanbul: Improve Influence. Tokyo: Defeat monsters. Shanghai: Improve Lore. Sydney: Improve Strength.Token Encounter (Occasionally different tokens may spawn on the board - if you occupy that space you can take the corresponding encounter listed here:Clue Token = Draw a Research card. These cards will give you a test; passing gives you one or more Clue tokens, failing will always yield a harmful effect.Gate Token = Draw an Otherworld Encounter card. These cards allow you to attempt to close gates. These are two-stage tests. Passing the first stage lets you attempt a second test to close the gate or be harmed. Failing the first stage will be harmful, and lets you attempt a second test to prevent a second harmful effect.Active Expedition Token = Draw an Expedition card. These cards are also two-stage tests and give you the chance to gain artifacts (powerful magical items that cannot be otherwise acquired) or other positive effects, but failure yields negative effects (though generally not as bad as those of failing to close a gate).Rumour Token = You may attempt to resolve the matching Rumour. Rumours are ongoing negative effects that result from various Mythos cards - they require various different things to clear, but to attempt to clear them you must be on the matching Rumour token spot.Defeated Investigator Token = These are wherever a player is killed/goes insane. Here you can attempt to loot their items, as well as potentially gain other positive effects, depending on the results of tests.Combat Encounter (this is the only encounter you can do if a monster is on your space. If the monster is defeated, you can then also do one of the above encounters. If you fail to defeat it this turn, you can't do anything else).Fighting a monster is comprised of a Will test and a Strength test. The monster may sometimes force you to roll less dice than you normally would (Will - 1 means you roll dice equal to your Will, minus 1. So with Will of 4, you would roll 3 dice against this monster, for example).The Will test is to prevent your losing Sanity. If you roll less successes than the Monster's Horror value, you lose the difference in Sanity. (If its Horror is 3 and you roll 1 success, you lose 2 Sanity, eg).The Strength test is to both hurt the monster and prevent yourself being hurt. If you roll less successes than the Monster's Damage value, you lose the difference in Health (example works the same as above). However, the Monster ALSO loses Health equal to the number of successes you rolled. This means even if you roll 1 success against a 3 Damage monster, thereby losing 2 Health, the Monster will also lose 1 Health as well.In conclusion, Will is only used for defense in combat, you will need a high Strength to actually defeat monsters. PLAYERS (In order of turn. Player with stars is the current Lead Investigator, turn order starts from them onward). Noia, The Astronomer TriOctium, The Redeemed Cultist HH, The Actress Sean, The Spy ***Eth, The Shaman*** ANCIENT ONE BOARD ACTIVE MYSTERY
  10. Eldritch Horror

    Okay everyone's actions are done, I'll be updating everything and starting the next phase tomorrow.
  11. Eldritch Horror

    It's not. Otherworld Encounter is just the name of the card you'll draw and resolve when trying to close the gate. Nope, it is basically unlimited use. Everyone's starting spells are the same that way. But if you roll too low, then the flip side may result in you having to discard the card unless you take on some other detrimental effect.
  12. Eldritch Horror

    Oh right, yeah that's right.
  13. Eldritch Horror

    Yup that works. Train tickets aren't for specific destinations though, they just let you move an extra space when you take the Travel action. So for instance if you wanted to reach Octy's initial space, you'd Travel to space 6, then spend a Train ticket to move again to where he is. Or buy a Ship ticket and Travel to space 8, then spend the Ship ticket to move again to where he is. Oh yeah, indeed there's nothing else you can do then.
  14. Eldritch Horror

    The drawing of the Clues is in the Encounter step, its not part of the Action Phase. So you can move and do something else, and you'll draw the clue/expedition/etc in the Encounter phase. So Sean/Octy you can do something else Probably so. Octy may resolve it by himself, and Wst will be able to get there next turn, while you are still at least 3 turns away. So it'll almost definitely be resolved by the time you get there. Correct, can only buy things in city spaces.
  15. Eldritch Horror

    Yeah it's got the word ACTION so you must take an action to use that effect and gain the Clue. And: Active Expedition Token = Draw an Expedition card. These cards are also two-stage tests and give you the chance to gain artifacts (powerful magical items that cannot be otherwise acquired) or other positive effects, but failure yields negative effects (though generally not as bad as those of failing to close a gate). What I didn't mention is the location of that token is randomized and there's only ever 1 out at a time. It stays where it is until someone resolves it.
  16. Eldritch Horror

    You have one 5, so that counts as 1 Success. That means you have 1 to spend. So you can buy Cat Burglar. And you can't save these successes, so there's no reason not to do so, unless you prefer to take the Bank Loan to get up to 3 Successes. Although this is a case where turn order matters. Anyone who also wants to try to buy something who is before you in turn order would get first pick, and anything they buy will be replaced with new stuff. So you can wait and see and decide after everyone before you has had their turn
  17. Eldritch Horror

    The quickest was is to go to Octy's space via the sea route, then to the Amazon. So that's 2 turns minimum.
  18. Eldritch Horror

    That's a quite helpful video. Okay starting this up. Since nobody volunteered for Lead Investigator I just rolled a d6 on roll20 and went by turn/join order. Rolled a crit, so Eth is Lead Investigator to start, congratulations. Bottom of this post will contain the current board state, both in image form and I've also made notes of where things are in case its hard to see on the board. Players are marked on the board by tokens with their initial. The first Mystery to resolve is also at the bottom. INTRODUCTION Azathoth, the Daemon Sultan, is stirring. In Sydney, Australia, cultists telling of the Ancient One's coming have opened a portal to the Other World, and now stand guard over it. But even without their help, a second portal has opened in Tokyo and the dreadful Shoggoth has emerged to wreak terror. This is the beginning of the End Times. Only a skilled group of investigators can hope to overcome Azathoth before his terrible power is unleashed upon the world. Gates have spawned in Tokyo and Sydney.Monsters have spawned in Tokyo and Sydney.Clues have spawned in The Pyramids, The Himalayas, and The Amazon.The Active Expedition is taking place at TunguskaEldritch tokens related to the first Mystery card have spawned in Antarctica, London, and Shanghai.The Omen is currently on the Green space. If it advances in the Mythos phase, 2 more monsters will spawn in Tokyo. ACTION PHASE It is time for the Investigators to act. Action Phase During this phase you may take two actions from the following (the same action cannot be taken twice on the same turn). Actions you can perform anywhere and anytime are in green. Actions you can only perform in cities are in orange. And actions you cannot perform if monsters are present are in red. TravelYou can move only 1 space along any path. IF you have any train or ship tickets, you may spend tickets to move additional spaces over train or sea routes according to the amount of tickets you spend.TradeYou may trade possessions with another player on your space (Assets, Artifacts, Clues, Spells, and travel tickets)Component ActionsYou can use an ability or item. Anything that has "ACTION:" before it is something that can be used here. You can also use OTHER people's items or abilities, only IF it has "LOCAL ACTION:" preceding it.Prepare for TravelIf you are on a city space, you may gain 1 ship or train ticket, as long as the city has a ship or train line connected (so you cannot get a ship ticket in a landlocked city, but you can get a train ticket). You can only hold 2 tickets (total) at a time. If you gain more tickets when you already have 2, you can choose which ones to keep and discard the extras,Acquire AssetsIf you are on a city space, you may Test Influence. The amount of successes you roll is the total 'money' you have to buy assets from the reserve with. You can spend them all on one item or buy multiple cheap items. If you roll 0 successes, you may elect an item from the reserve to be discarded and replaced with a new item. Cannot be performed if a monster occupies your space.RestRestore 1 Health and 1 Sanity. Cannot be performed if a monster occupies your space. GAME INFO PLAYERS (In order of turn. Player with stars is the current Lead Investigator, turn order starts from them onward). Noia, The Astronomer TriOctium, The Redeemed Cultist HH, The Actress Sean, The Spy ***Eth, The Shaman*** ANCIENT ONE BOARD ACTIVE MYSTERY
  19. Eldritch Horror

    Nobody would want to play a tinsmith or a tailor :P Of course, the one with the only effect I've seen so far that lets you draw more spells xD (there's only two pairs of 5 different spells total in the spell deck so that's probably why its so rare to draw any). The convenient thing is Influence is used when rolling to buy items, so you've the character most likely to be able to buy some fitting weapons. That said, the only guns you can get aside from ones people start with are a carbine rifle or double-barrel shotgun. You can get dynamite though also. The Musician character displayed in the game actually plays a horn so that's actually one of few instruments that prevents them being a singer at all. Also fitting since you'll be the only one who can predict with perfect accuracy where gates will be going, and also the only one capable of outsmarting enemies and avoiding combating them. Okay I've written up I think everything I need to. It's a bit of a read but bear in mind most of it is just explaining simple mechanics as well as trying to give you an idea what to expect from the various cards so you're not ignorant of the risks and opportunities they present. At the very end I put a quick-reference list of what you can do in a turn, so if you're daunted, look at that FIRST, and you'll see there's really not that much to it actually. Moreover, I'll also re-iterate any relevant mechanics as we play, whenever they come up. This game isn't actually meant to have one person 'running' it, so it's not like I'm actually playing against the rest of you either, and so can also offer advice what to do if you're not sure. And of course, any time I mention "Draw a card" or such, what you'll be doing is saying that's what you want to do, and then I will give you the details of the drawn card. There's also dice-rolling in this game, but I'm content to trust people. All dice mentioned are d6, so just roll them on your dice rolling site of choice whenever you need to. Also, at the start you guys must choose 1 person to be "Lead Investigator". Some effects can only be resolved by the Lead Investigator. However, MANY negative effects target the Lead Investigator specifically. A player can opt to pass the Lead Investigator title to someone else at the end of each round, however. So basically whoever gets this job will get hit with a lot of bad stuff xD. So yeah, if nobody volunteers to shoulder that burden initially, you guys can roll dice on roll20 for it or something to decide. Aiming to start the game Sunday, possibly Monday. I have to organize the decks and place the starting gates and monsters before you guys can start taking turns. When we begin I'll say like ACTION PHASE, then all of you must submit your actions. Once everyone has done so, I'll resolve them in order and then declare the next phase, and we do the same again. If there's cases where the outcome of a previous person's encounter or actions will impact your decision, you can state you want to see how their actions turn out first, in which case I'll resolve that immediately rather than waiting for all players to submit actions first. Turn order matters sometimes, so I'll go in the order that people signed up for this. However, turns always start with the Lead Investigator, and then proceed in order from them. This means you can pass around that position to manipulate turn order if you like. WINNING AND LOSING TAKING YOUR TURN QUICK-REFERENCE SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO EVERY TURN
  20. Eldritch Horror

    Okay so below are the full character details. I'll give a very quick rundown of the basics of some of the terms so you have some picture of what the characters are good for. If these seem confusing, fret not, I'll explain things more properly later: The Shaman The Politician The Redeemed Cultist The Psychic The Musician The Expedition Leader The Martial Artist The Actress The Soldier The Astronomer The Sailor The Spy
  21. CLOSED Mitsuba Academy: Art Club

    Erize flopped down on her frilly pink bed and let out a tired sigh. That afternoon's battle had been tough. She considered herself to have been careless, to get caught off-guard by the werewolf. She should've stuck to her usual method of playing the victim, and entrapping her enemies. But having teammates suddenly had made her more confident - if she could handle things solo, surely having a team would make things a piece of cake. But this demon and its servants had been stronger than most she'd faced by herself. Is it only the weak ones who have targeted me in past? Have I gotten an inaccurate idea of what demons can really do? Although Erize had been able to help Erin several times, that was all it was, help. She didn't take on the brunt of the combat herself, and the truth was she had been scared to do so. A supporting role meant that less responsibility lay on her if she failed. But even that consolation was wrought with anxiety. If she had failed in supporting Erin, the latter might have been killed. It wasn't just her own life she was playing with now, mistakes could cost others theirs. She looked back at the message from Akira congratulating them on success, and wondered if it was really deserved. It was a tough first mission, if he sends us on something even harder next time... Erize had never really questioned her demon-hunting activities before, but now she was quite concerned about the danger. She went to sleep that night tossing and turning, her anxiety filling her dreams with the deaths of her allies and ultimately herself. She knew she had to be stronger... but she didn't want to be. She wished she was really just a helpless innocent schoolgirl. -- The next day at school, Erize did her best to revel in the mundane. She even paid attention in classes for once, letting the boredom wash over her like a comforting bath. She looked at other students laughing and messing around, and envied them. She tripped during lunch and scraped her knee on the floor, and enjoyed pretending it was the worst thing to ever happen to her. Even when her acquaintances from class chided her with the usual, "You're so clumsy Erize!" she only felt comfort and relief. Within this ordinary school life there were no real penalties. Clumsiness or failure meant nothing compared to what it meant out there. Erize was actually dreading the next art club meeting. She hoped there would not be any more jobs, although she knew eventually there would be. All she could do for now was play make-believe and pretend demons didn't actually exist.
  22. So there's this game on Steam called Tabletop Simulator and it basically gives you a 3D tabletop and assets to play basically any tabletop or board game that modders put up for it. Multiplayer of course, up to 8 players at once. Everything from staples like chess and monopoly, to lesser known things like Takenoko and King of Tokyo, to not-really-board-games like pool and bowling and jenga, all sorts of card games, and everything in between. So basically looking for anyone that wants to get that and form a group to play games occasionally. Because there are a lot of cool board games I want to try but nobody to play with :(
  23. Tabletop/Board Games

    Yes, join us. There's even a mod for a Magikarp figurine, you can use that in any game as your piece ;D As for Ice and Octy, let's have another session again soon. I've been going through grabbing games from the workshop and learning them so we'll have more interesting things to try. One of stranger default games it has is called CardBots, which also sounds like your kind of game. You construct a robot by playing component cards in different slots on the board, then battle the opposing robots. And there's no structural requirements to the robots other than having a head - your robot can be built entirely out of rocket launchers and chainsaws.