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  1. Tabletop/Board Games

    Yeah the game has Go by default, so it won't be in the workshop. Well it does exist for this game at least, so it works. But I think generally for card games where you build decks and such, there's indeed better options for many of them, since this doesn't have any particular mechanics for deck construction, you have to set aside cards manually just as in RL. But being the Pokemon fan, have you played THIS:
  2. Tabletop/Board Games

    Actually if you like CAH, there's also on there 'Superfight!' which is from the same people and seems to be pretty similar. You form people with some random abilities and then argue over who would win in a fight.
  3. Tabletop/Board Games

    Cards Against Humanity is one of the most popular mods so far actually. Workshop page is here, so you can see what sorts of things there are available already:
  4. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Didn't really pan out that way so eh, I'll save that method for a time of fewer ideas. Anyway tag, you guys are in.
  5. CLOSED Mitsuba Academy: Art Club

    Erize looked wide-eyed between the other two students and the teacher as they revealed their purpose and weapons. And then her eyelids lowered significantly and she dropped her timid expression completely. "Of course, I wouldn't miss it." she said, her voice also dropping in pitch now. "I'm Erize Umeda, and... well I can't really show what my 'weapon' is here, but... well, sooner we get to business the sooner you'll see why." The group began to pack up to leave, with Akira reminding them to carefully store their artwork so far so they could continue it in future. While Erize had made some attempt at the task herself, she spotted Shu's canvas and saw he hadn't even tried to keep it on-topic. -- The sun was setting by the time they made their way to the general vicinity Akira had directed them to. At the edge of town was a warehouse district, and beyond that was a thick forest. Certainly an ideal location for demons to prowl and pick off victims. The warehouses themselves were all quiet this time of evening, workers long gone home and no reason for anyone else to be out here. And the forest was nothing short of eerie in the night also. "I'll go up and take a look around." Erize said, as the group stopped next to a building with a particularly high roof. "I must warn you not to look directly at ZONE. That is, the light." And with that her skirt lifted slightly as if caught by a breeze, and then light exploded out from underneath like a rocket engine coming to life - although this was almost silent save for a faint electrical sort of sound. Her ZONE lasers propelled her upward rapidly and she landed herself on the roof of the building. She knelt down and peered closely at the streets within view, into alleyways and along the edge of the forest. She caught a sudden movement and poised herself to shoot off toward it, but on lengthier inspection it was merely a discarded potato chip bag fluttering in the breeze. But then behind it, she saw a much bigger movement, a large shadow ducking into an alleyway. Too large to be a regular human, probably. She called out the sighting to the others below her, and as they closed the distance on foot she covered it across the rooftops to make sure she didn't lose track of their target. The group reached the alley, and Erize confirmed nothing had come back out of it. There weren't other exits, either. The alley just served as back entrances to several warehouses, which would be all closed up by now anyway. But as they carefully entered the alley to confront their prey, they found it empty. The potato chip bag rolled along, solitary, and all the warehouses were indeed closed up - nothing could have escaped. "Ew." Erize muttered, catching a strong foul scent on the wind suddenly. She realized just in time to turn around before the werewolf pounced at her. It had evidently either leaped or climbed up the building just as they arrived. The hunted had become the hunter instead. Erize managed to catch the paws of the extremely large wolf to prevent it pinning her, and as its gaping maw snapped at her face she used her lasers to jet herself backwards off the edge of the building, and then let the wolf's paws go mid-air, letting it fall. She blasted it with a laser as it fell, but found she had used too much too quickly to be able to jet up to the rooftop again, and instead had to clamber against the wall, grasping at pipes as she fell to slow her descent. The wolf was not too harmed by the laser blast, and it managed to land adroitly, taking no real pains from the fall. At this point Erize would've called out to the others about the wolf, but it was now already amongst them. They wouldn't have lasted even a few days in this game if they hadn't noticed the little scuffle above their heads already.
  6. CLOSED Mitsuba Academy: Art Club

    Erize had almost not even looked at the art club posters this year. She was in the club last year and so she knew the drill about it by now. But she was glad she did cast a glance on them, when she noticed the odd blue text she was sure was not part of the regular poster design. All the copies of the poster had it, and nobody was talking about the strangeness of it. Erize could only conclude that she was the only one seeing that part. Sure enough, after taking a photo of it with her phone, the text was not visible in the image. Given she was going to join the art club anyway, this revelation didn't change much for her, although it did promise things would be a lot more interesting this year. Despite her heightened interest, Erize made herself late. It wouldn't do to be organized and early, that wasn't her image. The result was that she had to run through the corridors, drop her things several times, then burst in the art club door panting, bowing, and apologising profusely. She heard the occasional person that she had passed muttering about "typical Erize", and was glad. There was no such muttering inside the club room, however, perhaps because of the fact there were only two other students inside so far. Erize knew she was almost 15 minutes late, there wouldn't likely be anyone else coming in after her at this point. There were a lot more students last year... Upon seeing the teacher posing to be drawn, however, Erize deduced why membership had dropped - last year there was a young, attractive female teacher and not this weird older man. Was that his plan all along? To scare off irrelevant people? Erize looked up from her latest deep bow of apology, and found Akira's face (with nostrils flared) so close to hers she stumbled back in genuine shock. She then quickly apologised some more, but as she looked up at Akira again she had the feeling he wasn't buying her helpless guise. Though she supposed that only made sense - those coming to this room for something other than art weren't likely to be truly helpless. As Erize moved to take a seat at an empty canvas station, she noticed a familiar face - Shu, who had been in the same class as her last year also. Although last year he hadn't been in the art club with her. Wait, does that mean he also... She looked away as Shu caught her looking at him, turning her gaze towards Akira instead. And then Akira caught her gaze and she looked away again, towards the third club member, whom she recognized as the adoptive daughter of Mr Lavalley. While Erize was not in her class, she'd heard during lunch about how Mr Lavalley had thoroughly embarrassed the girl. Erize still wasn't sure about the blue writing, however. Keeping quiet was her act, but even normally she was not forward enough to just ask about it. So instead she got out her finger painting set and reluctantly set about drawing the outline of Akira's bared back. At least if he turns out to just be some pervert, I can protect that poor Erin girl. she thought. But then she remembered that that poor Erin girl possibly was as used to fighting demons as Erize herself, if she had also come due to the blue text.
  7. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters

    Wind whipped an empty bag of potato chips through the dank alleyway, brushing it into a corner in the darkness, alone. Nobody would be taking any chips from its contents and eating them anymore. For there were none left inside it. Who could know what evil was wrought by the hands of the one who emptied the bag, or what fel wind conspired to bring the bag from its dark master to this lifeless alleyway? Its past was lost, and its future... uncertain. Yet, this humble empty bag may yet play a crucial role in the great struggle of our time. The carelessness of the litterer may decide the fates of many. A stifled scream and the sounds of a struggle entered the alleyway, as the bag looked on. A silent observer. Powerless to intervene. If the bag had eyes, or at least any chips left within it that were hewn from potatoes with ample eyes, it could only have rolled them at the sheer cliche nature of the scene unfolding before them. A large thug was dragging a helpless damsel into the dark alleyway, that he may carry out whatever evil deeds he had in mind with privacy. However, there were a pair of eyes watching. And to no potato did they belong. Erize Umeda, age 17, looked down at the scene from atop one of the buildings that served as one wall of the alleyway. Her skirt swished to the side in the wind, and faint sparkles emanated from beneath it, only to be carried off into the distance presumably to distract drivers and cause traffic accidents. Dozens of crimes were unfolding at this moment, no doubt, but Erize could not be everywhere at once. It was fortunate she was not otherwise occupied with more supernatural enemies presently, even. Erize stepped from the edge of the building, falling down as rapidly as one might expect. As her skirt lifted in the air, a bright light shone from underneath. It was ZONE. The thug noted, aptly, that the dark alley was suddenly illuminated, and turned around only to be blinded by the sight. A blast of energy struck him in the face, giving his captive a chance to escape. The frightened girl ran and didn't look back, leaving the poor empty bag of potato chips behind even. Nobody cared for a bag that was empty. Nobody. As the thug rubbed his face and tried to recover, Erize descended to a safe landing by virtue of the light of ZONE. Then, she got behind him and kicked the back of his knees, forcing him to fall down. She then stood in front of him and gripped him by the throat. His hands made a move to bat her arm away, but before they reached her another two blasts of energy shot out from ZONE and disabled his arms. "W-what... are you?" he gasped. Erize leaned close, her slightly-clueless-looking-yet-cute face contorting into a scowl. "I'm Batman." she growled coarsely, in a decidedly masculine voice. She then shoved the thug to the ground and turned to walk away. That should do it, she thought. She hadn't been able to think of some name that would put fear into the hearts of criminals, but in cases like this where she managed to blind the criminal for the duration of their encounter, she figured she might as well let them think literally Batman had descended from the shadows and taken them out. She had not thought the thug brave enough to pursue her. But she was wrong this time. Only the empty potato chip bag saw (or didn't see, since we already established it has no eyes) as the thug got back to his feet, and looked at her departing figure, squinting. And he started to follow her, furious and wanting revenge. But his foot met with the slippery surface of the potato chip bag, slick with dew from the chilly night, and he slipped and fell sideways, banging his head into the side of a dumpster and knocking himself out handily. Its job here done, another gust of wind lifted the potato chip bag and carried it off into the night. -- "HOW DO YOU DO!!!" Erize woke with a start, blinking once then sitting up straight and holding her eyes wide open as if she was perfectly awake. With her late night activities she often dozed in class, although she hadn't meant to do so today. At least for the first lesson with a new teacher, she figured she had to make a good first impression. Fortunately, the loud greeting was not a case of the teacher sneaking up to her and waking her up, catching her in the act of sleeping, but rather just a loud teacher greeting the class in general. As her turn to introduce herself came along, she took a deep breath, then stood up and banged her knee on the desk. "Ow ow ow!!" she cried, rubbing her knee and looking distressed. "Erize Umeda..." she said quietly. Her voice was, unlike with the thug last night, now soft and gentle. Instead of a scowl she wore a positively meek expression. "I-I like finger painting... even someone unintelligent like me can do it..." she said shyly, smiling weakly. Her veil of helplessness in class was not some ploy to create an alternate identity to disguise herself from her nighttime activities, but rather was designed to ensure she made herself the easiest target in any situation. If anyone was going to be taken advantage of or bullied, it would be her - because in reality she could punish those who showed themselves to be such people. She would show them the power of ZONE.
  8. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I think it's the way people can say "the hills are full of x". Trees, fog, bears, etc. I'd heard that one before so it was just a matter of remembering what the answer was rather than grappling with that part.
  9. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I'll have you know bear soup is quite tasty.
  10. Mitsuba Academy: Demon Hunters 2

    Name: Erize Umeda Age: 17 Appearance: Personality: Erize projects a more timid and clumsy image than is actually the case, but there is truth at the base of it. She wants to succeed and do well, but is too fearful of failure. As such, deliberately holding herself back gives her a convenient way to dodge failure - she can just console herself that if she wasn't trying to look vulnerable then she would've succeeded. When the stakes are high she'll do her best, though ever paranoid it won't be good enough. If she is to ever truly realize her potential, she must overcome her doubts. Bio: A curse was placed on Erize upon her birth, dictating that her panty zone (referred to hereafter as ZONE) could be viewed by nobody, under pain of lasers, until she received a kiss from her one true love. While this caused her a lot of problems when young, she has come to accept the curse as a gift. Ever since some creep tried to peek at ZONE and was met with only a scorched face and regret, Erize has used ZONE to help her trap evildoers. By wandering seedy streets at night and acting gullible and vulnerable, she entraps bad people and exposes them to the full power of ZONE. Not only is she ridding the world of some evils, but she is making people think twice about targeting someone who looks vulnerable. Upon moving to Mitsuba and enrolling in the high school there, she continued her crime fighting activities around town. Rumours of her started to spread again, and she was soon enlisted at school to help with demon fighting. Although she has not as much experience employing ZONE against demons as against humans, she had encountered demons before, and with her own curse/power was always all too aware of the strange things that exist in the world. Abilities/Skills: ZONE -- Anyone who glimpses ZONE takes a laser or lasers to the face, depending how long they try to look. There is perpetual bright light in ZONE, so even if one tries to peek despite the consequences, they will never actually see anything. Erize can also cause the lasers to shoot outward from ZONE in specific directions as she desires. The Lasers, when concentrated, pack enough force to also launch her off the ground, enabling her to gain some (limited) airtime and rain lasers down from ZONE above. She can charge the lasers for more powerful effects, but that of course takes more time. Others: He has a significant secret that few know about.
  11. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Fog can gather around hills, or in holes/valleys, but it's not solid so you can't keep it in a bowl.
  12. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Well Ice made me guess on Whatsapp and so now I have to post it here: the answer is fog.
  13. Many greets.

    Someone should have brought you back with them so they could say they returned with a Bang! I also remember you from ye olde dayes.
  14. SCHOOL

    I've been doing: - Education for Sustainability (basically covering environment/culture/social issues with focus on how to incorporate them into teaching) - Learning and Creativity (covering imagination, creativity, spirituality, etc, all the flaky stuff that's not usually part of schoolwork - the idea being it should be more integral to school and so we future teachers have to learn about it) - English Literature After 1830 (texts studied include: Wuthering Heights, Goblin Market, Time Machine, 1984, Handmaiden's Tale) - Chinese 102 (covered like transport, occupations and work, comparisons, time, colours, clothes) Thankfully it's all almost done. All I have left to do, respectively is: - Group expo presentation where we try to get people to stop wasting power and all, gonna be in the form of a game show. - Final reflection task, which can be in creative form so I'm gonna write it like a story. - Final essay, I'll be doing it on 1984. - Final exam, no sweat cos I memorize the new words each week anyway so no special revision needed.
  15. yo

    Here I am
  16. Celebration Thread

    Celebrating finishing a uni project I've spent almost 30 hours on. It has consumed me for the last 3 days. Give me an essay over this damned elaborate creative work any day. My poster has over 3000 words worth of annotations anyway so it might as well have just been an essay...
  17. Another DnD 4e Skype game {Open for 1-2}

    Okay we're looking for new person(s) again. We are on a 3-week break currently so it would not start till like halfway through September. Currently OPEN. The current group is available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and we could start between like 11AM to 2PM GMT0, lasting for 2.5 hours. We are seeking 1-2 people. "The only real requirement is that you can make it every week. While I understand if you cant make it once or twice, I'd rather not have to keep cancelling sessions. Oh! and that you have Skype of course. A working mic isn't necessary, but would be helpful." We're doing 4e, in the Dark Sun setting. Drop interest here, there's plenty of time to get up to speed with the particulars before we resume again.
  18. Currently OPEN. The current group is available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and we could start between like 11AM to 2PM GMT0, lasting for 2.5 hours. We are seeking 1-2 people. "The only real requirement is that you can make it every week. While I understand if you cant make it once or twice, I'd rather not have to keep cancelling sessions. Oh! and that you have Skype of course. A working mic isn't necessary, but would be helpful."
  19. dumb shit noia made

    I want these as desktop wallpapers :(
  20. Celebration Thread

    I know of one or two people who do/have read it, one of which I pointed at it ages ago. But I won't expose their SECRET IDENTITIES.
  21. Free!dom

    I see lots of threats but no action. You should settle your differences in the pool~
  22. Free!dom

    You must break Free from the lameness~
  23. Free!dom

  24. Empires! [Round VI]

    Also I believe the plan was 24-hour turns at the start because it was expected there'd be nothing to do but expand peacefully till we clashed, at which point it would become 48-hour since things would be more complex. So I for one think it'd be nice to have 48 hours now xD