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  1. Empires! [Round VI]

    Yup better
  2. Empires! [Round VI]

    Says Not Found D:
  3. Weekly Scoop ############

    I like where this is going.
  4. ~Itsuka~

    Hikaru Ishimoto was busy doodling while the teacher droned on. It was the first week of high school still, and there'd been a few new students introduced who'd started later in the week than the rest of the class. By now the novelty had worn off for Hikaru, so the latest couple weren't holding his attention much. He finished his drawing and folded it up, then waited for the teacher to be distracted writing on the chalkboard, before he leaned over and tossed it onto Megumi's desk. She unfolded it and saw his sketch: Mao from SID standing on a stage winking, with a sea of passed-out fangirls piled around it. She giggled and looked at Hikaru, who grinned back. He knew she'd find it amusing. They'd been friends since before they could speak, he knew how to make her laugh, and he always enjoyed seeing her do so. The class paid a bit more attention to the last of the new students being introduced, who apparently had come from one of the most prestigious elementary schools in Japan. His father was a successful businessman and could afford the best. But Kuzukami Academy was a regular high school, it was unusual such an achiever was enrolled here... unless he was actually too dumb to cut it at the more prestigious schools. "My name is Tokuma Miki, pleased to meet you all!" he bowed, clearly as nervous as anyone else. Hikaru noticed some of the girls in the class chattering, and he supposed, after adjusting his glasses and taking a closer look, that this new guy was fairly handsome - he had a tall build, neat hair, symmetrical facial features. Nothing amazing, but definitely a typically preferred look. But it wasn't like the guys didn't evaluate new girls themselves, judging their looks, so he could understand that girls did so too. He glanced at Megumi, wondering what she thought. Hikaru himself was pleasing to the eye also, but in a more soft way. He had glasses and youthful features, and while people thought him cute he was often envious of more manly appearances. He hoped he'd grow out of his boyish looks. Any doubts as to Tokuma's intelligence were cleared up pretty quickly as the day went on, however. He was already ready to answer questions, with perfect answers. He wasn't a show-off though, he let others answer occasionally, and he seemed more like he was just alert and paying attention rather than being bored at the banality of the work. During lunch break, Hikaru and Megumi hung out as usual, while the new guy seemed to be slow to make friends and sat alone. "Why do you think he's here?" Hikaru asked, "It's pretty weird someone who was in the renown Yamano Elementary would come to our Kuzukami Academy isn't it?"
  5. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Your first sigs are better than my first sigs, so don't be too hard on them xF
  6. The Deadly Scoop

    I knew the girl was trouble as soon as I saw her. Her pink dress was like someone had thrown bloody clothes into the wash with the whites. You just can't do that; you gotta separate the whites. Such a naive girl wouldn't know, but he knew all too well the pain of trying to intimidate a gangster in a pink dress shirt because someone didn't separate the whites. Davion Dreven's face was obscured by both his fedora and his tented hands, as his steely gaze stared out through the blinds of his office window, through the trickles of rain running down, onto the dimly-lit street below. Holly Hearts often came to Dreven with work suited to his trade, and he had always managed to fulfill her requests, taking some satisfaction in watching and reading the results of her scoops in the coming days thereafter. But this time was different. This time... it was personal. One of Holly's camera crew had disappeared recently. They weren't particularly close, but Holly was the sort of celebrity who cared for her assistants and staff. The police hadn't found anything, and had given her a metaphorical shrug as a response to her demands for answers. Of course, she was by nature not one to let a mystery lie, and so she had come to Dreven. "I'll do it, of course." he replied, turning his spinning chair around to face her again. He squinted slightly at the sudden cuteness he was seeing, such a sharp contrast with the gritty, dark streets outside his window. "You're not worried about how dangerous it might be? It is rather more dire than my usual requests." Davion chuckled, "Miss Hearts, danger doesn't even bother me enough for it to be my middle name. I'll call you when I've found your guy." he stood up from his desk, towering over her petite build, and guided her out his office door. He watched her hips sway as she walked away, and shook his head - it was unfortunate, yet understandable, that she was taken. After she had left, he turned to his secretary, "Ami, take my calls, I'm heading out." The Answering Machine Interface beeped. "Voicemail activated." "You're a doll." Davion winked to 'her', before grabbing his coat and heading out to start on this exciting new case. Holly had given him a file with the subject's relevant information, including last known whereabouts. It seemed he was doing some freelance work photographing some movie starlet Davion recognized generically as a celebrity. Hannah Ichigo. It seemed he had posted to his Facebook wall that he was aiming to get some shots of her, however Holly had noted his Facebook page had been taken down at some point since his disappearance. She had also made a note of the location that was tagged in the post, which gave Davion a place to start looking. He was always impressed by her meticulous research and organization - if only he had an assistant like her. The location was an affluent area known to be home to several celebrities. Fortunately there were roaming packs of paparazzi about who were knowledgeable enough to point Davion toward Hannah's mansion, otherwise he'd have been lost in the sea of ridiculously extravagant mansions with their matching elaborate security measures. Hannah's mansion was gated, with a hedge running around the perimeter, growing in front of a high piked fence. There was a camera at the gate, but no visible security personnel. Davion stroked his stubbled chin and nodded. Nothing he couldn't handle. Late that night, Davion carefully navigated the piked fence and sneaked into the compound. Fortunately this was a night when Hannah was out at some event, and the sole security guard patrolling the grounds was so bored that Davion had no trouble avoiding him. He set up listening devices and hidden cameras through several of the prominent rooms - he didn't have enough equipment to cover them all in such a huge mansion. Once that was done, he headed back to his van and checked that they were all working, and began monitoring. It didn't take long to get a hit. The next day, when Hannah returned after her night out partying, Davion caught the information he needed. However, he soon realized that he had gotten involved in a bigger and more dangerous case than he had ever had before.
  7. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    Not discussing this further, nothing good will come of it. Moving on. Discussing via PM because my bad. But moving on still.
  8. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    HH is nice enough that she actually would've let you take him if you had said so. All you've done is make people have to assume you're a liar OOC, so good luck with that.
  9. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    I was wondering about that when one of the assimilated told me of someone's abilities and there was something about plural Zeta. Which is why I reached out to Kyo near the end - I was concerned he was able to turn people to his side too, and that perhaps some of my own assimilated may have turned into his, and so my victory may not have been assured if he decided to go against me and pull my numbers out from under me.
  10. Sean Games Presents: Empires [Sign up/Discussion Thread]

    I read the thread bottom to top and when I saw that I thought "Oh someone said something and now Sean is kicking them out (but not really because tsundere)". But it turned out to be different in context. Anyway I guess I can't resist joining.
  11. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    The thing also is it was not a conscious decision for me to get the active people first. I just went for people's roles. I knew the Leader would likely be the sort to manipulate actions. I hoped the AI might also have some actions like the stun I had when I was the AI. And then of course I knew the Soldier would have the insta-kill abilities I was told that I'm immune to. Of course by that point it was then obvious that there was no point assimilating anyone inactive, even though there were some concerning roles left. That was basically my whole plan. To take all the useful and manipulative roles so that by the time I was discovered nobody would be able to do anything to stop me. I let the investigative roles go, knowing it was likely they would need several turns themselves to be able to identify me. Fortunately it worked out, with Sean and Wst's abilities, that my victory could be secured faster than usual, as they killed off extra people on top of my assimilations, accelerating the process by a day or two. I dunno how well my role fit me. I mean the ability to taunt people anonymously was nice. But I do normally tend to talk and post a lot in the thread, but being the villain meant it was best to just not talk unless attention was already on me. And for most of the game it wasn't, so I basically couldn't post because it would be an unnecessary risk. And then of course the same was likely true for the assimilated. I imagine Sean might have said more if he remained innocent and was trying to win, since as assimilated I'm sure he saw too that we didn't need to say or do anything for most of the game. And then of course Eth's abilities forced him to become more silent after he was assimilated. So my feedback is in future there should be things that encourage talking and activity, rather than these things that discourage it. Because if nobody is talking, people just get bored and demoralized that nobody is helping or doing anything.
  12. ~Itsuka~

    Tokuma had never made many friends in his own school. He could come up with many theories as to why, but he knew if there was a simple answer then he wouldn't have no friends in the first place. Was it because he seemed like a show-off with his excellent results in school, and the ease at which he answered questions in class? But he always tried to be helpful to those who weren't doing as well as him. Did they just take further offense, as if he was doing it to show off further? He did try to help sincerely, but unfortunately a lot of students didn't really seem interested in putting in extra effort with him. In the end he attributed it to class difference. Most of the students in Yamano Elementary were from wealthy backgrounds and seemed spoiled. Meanwhile Tokuma's parents had got him into the school just barely able to afford it, and so he'd always worked hard to make their efforts worth it. Still, come time for high school, they could not afford more prestigious schools anymore, but Tokuma was supportive of their forced decision to send him to a more average high school. He hoped that he might make more friends this time. Still, on the first day, he was realizing he wasn't really sure how to do so. As Tokuma sat contemplating these things at lunch, he was thus startled when a girl came over and invited him to join her table. "Oh yes, thank you!" he said, accepting her invitation. He moved over and sat next to her, with Hikaru across from them. The two boys made their introductions, and then Megumi commented on Tokuma's food. He looked over and saw Hikaru had much the same as him. "Hey, you can find animals in the mountains, and they can go into the sea. So, really, meat is all you need!" Hikaru defended, taking a bite of his chicken drumstick. There was another aspect other than just enjoying the taste of meat - Hikaru was hoping eating lots of meat would help him get buff and shed his boyish physique. Tokuma smiled politely, though he didn't really find it amusing. "Well Megumi is right really. It's hard but we really should have balanced meals. I just decided to indulge myself today, since it's been a pretty intense day, starting at a new school and knowing nobody and all. Though, I didn't actually learn that in my school. It was a bit more focused on academic subjects." he said, looking down as he realized the last part probably sounded condescending. Argh, they'll think I'm showing off or looking down on them too. Stupid, stupid. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably, poking at his food.
  13. The Deadly Scoop

    Davion pressed the phone to his ear but Holly wasn't answering. He lowered the phone, about to press hang up, when he realized that without the dial tone in his ear he could hear something. Some nearby music that sounded like a ringtone. Oh... Davion let the phone keep ringing and ran towards the sound of the ringtone, drawing his handgun. He made his way around to the back of her building, and saw two men in suits cornering a pile of garbage bags from whence the ringtone sounded. "Stop right there, turn around slowly!" Davion shouted, pointing his gun at the men. The men turned slowly at first, but as they faced towards him and saw his gun, they suddenly drew their own silencer-equipped handguns from inside their jackets and opened fire immediately. Davion let out a gasp and dove to the side, scrambling around the corner of the building as bullets chipped pieces off the brick corner. He growled as a piece of shattering brick scratched his face, before he could turn away. These guys are really serious. Around the corner, one of the men motioned for the other to continue with the garbage bags while he advanced on Davion, but when he started pulling out the bags, he did not find a trace of the hiding target. Wily Holly had taken the chance to escape again while they were distracted. Davion knew he was outnumbered and could be easily flanked, so he readied himself before boldly diving out from cover and firing his gun at the suited men mid-air. His own was not silenced and so loud gunfire now resounded. He missed many shots, as to be expected from such an inaccurate firing position as sideways-in-midair. But one connected with the kneecap of the closest assailant, and the man collapsed clutching his knee. His friend gave up on the garbage bags now, turning to fire at Davion again. Davion had taken up cover again behind a stone pillar that punctuated Holly's metal side fencing, and once again found himself sheltering there as chunks of the stonework exploded outward as bullets impacted it. He stood up straight and aimed over the top of the pillar this time, hits shots hitting the enemy in the right shoulder and arm, causing him to lose his grip on his gun. Suddenly there was the sound of an engine and horn behind him, and he turned around with gun at the ready. A car - his rental car - was heading for him, but it screeched to a halt abruptly, and Holly leaned out of the window. "Davion! Get in!" she called out. He needed no further encouragement, and casting one last glance back to check on the wounded enemies, he ran around to the side of the car and got in the passenger side. He quickly told Holly the address he was staying at and told her to head there. He wasn't able to explain more, however, as the engine of the black van outside her house roared to life, and it reversed out of the driveway to pursue them. "Swing past the van Holly!" Davion instructed. They were still close and going at low speed, so it wasn't a particularly difficult maneuver. As she came up to the side of the van, with it facing the opposite direction now, Davion leaned out the window and unleashed the last of his handgun ammo on its tires. He managed to hit both front and rear tires on the side facing him, before his gun clicked empty. "Now go!" he told Holly, rolling back up his window. Holly put her foot down and they left the disabled van in the dust behind them. Davion's heart was racing and he just sat back a moment and caught his breath, before realizing how distraught Holly must also be. "So, Holly, there are some things I have to fill you in on." he began, in understatement.
  14. Actually looking at the site for the thing Yasuraka is talking about, it warns on one of the characters related to women that there's a lot of such offensive meanings behind characters involving women. For instance I saw the one for "argument". It's two woman figures, with the explanation that "whenever two women get together, there'll be arguments"
  15. Orb of Argornia

    "Well are you going to do something?" Hirras asked patiently. "You managed to acquire the previous piece, and here we have the element of surprise, so I'm sure these few men will be no problem?" He indeed had witnessed her handiwork at the previous site, plucking the details of the battle from the freshly-dead mind of one of her fallen opponents. At any rate Hirras did not wish to show his own powers either, but luckily could use them more subtly. As the men milled about in the room, pacing the pedestal in consideration of its risks, Hirras used his telekinetic powers to bring a loose piece of stone down from the roof, causing it to crash into the head of one of the men, knocking him out rather instantly. "I told yas there be ghosts!" one of the men yelled in fright. "We should just go! If we touch this thing we'll all surely die!" A hooded figure stepped forth and chuckled, "I am the master of death here, and I sense no ghosts. Though you could be mistaken for one, with how pale you've gotten." he chuckled some more, in a somewhat raspy voice, "No, the only things at work down here are well-laid traps and... uninvited guests." he said, turning towards where Haruka and Hirras were hiding. He waved his arms about and magic issued forth, the ground cracking as skeletons arose from it, "Go forth my servants, give our guests the welcome they deserve. A welcome... of DEATH! MWAHAHA!" One of the other men facepalmed, "I'm sure that sounded better in your head but that was a really lame line." "SHUTUP." the hooded figure retorted, "Or I'll give you a lame line... of DEATH! MWAHAHA" The man only sighed so loudly it could be heard over the clinking bones of the skeletons as they surged forward towards Hirras and Haruka. "Oh dear! What do we do?" Hirras asked Haruka, slightly less convincing in his feigned helplessness given how lightly he was taking this ridiculous hooded man.
  16. That's actually somewhat how they teach it in my classes, showing how characters combine and how the shapes are modeled after what their meaning is. Of course, the drawings aren't as nice or colorful as that, on a whiteboard with just black.
  17. S*T Community Album Project: August

    But everyone was kidding, right? Because there's already this point about how the theme can narrow the potential participants: And so the only thing to say about the idea of narrowing the scope even further to just "people who know Sean" is: you should be glad to have a wet blanket when your house is on fire.
  18. Always wanted to learn a second language and so now at uni I am learning Chinese, with the intent to teach it at the high school level alongside English. The only resource I use is Quizlet. It's a flashcard thing like Anki but it is built for languages only, and in addition to the flashcard thing it can create tests and things for you to practice with. Like Anki, you can make your own sets or find premade ones, and it also supports adding images and sound clips to the cards. I think the best part is how easy it is to make the cards yourself. Because the interface has you choose two languages, one for each side of the cards, but it can automatically fill in either side. So, say you put in "Hello" in the English side, it then brings up a list of translations in the second language, according to what other users have put on the other side of "Hello" on their own cards - so generally the translation options will be correct since it's not a machine translation, but only shows what is in existing sets. And with that, it also automatically does the sound clips for both sides of the card, so it will read out the English and the second language without you having to manually add sound clips or such - and again it's based on existing sets, so it's not a text-to-speech thing but an actual recording of the word in the language. Anyway having actual classes gives enough practice using sentences and such, so in my own time I just use Quizlet for memorization purposes. Every new word we learn in class, I put into my sets. I keep two sets - one is everything I have memorized to date, and the second is the new words I've yet to memorize. I go through the everything set about once a week or so to ensure I don't forget, and I go through the new words set daily until I have it memorized, at which point it graduates into the everything set. I got that idea from a memorization technique I saw where you use physical cards and divide them into daily, weekly, and monthly piles. If you can remember a card, it graduates into the pile above it. Anytime you forget a card, you demote it into the pile before it. That ensures you don't forget what you have learned, without having to practice every single thing you've learned every single day. You basically just devise your own intervals based on how your own memory is. We learn about 10-15 new words each week and with my method I have 0 trouble memorizing them. Takes me about 3-5 days, so I keep up and can even skip a day or two of practice if I'm busy. I basically just go through the new words set over and over in one sitting, until I am able to remember every word/character, then give it a rest for the day. That is usually only like half an hour. Then the next day I do the same again. And so on until I can remember all the words in the first attempt. And by remember I mean I sit there with pen and paper, look at the English/Pinyin side, then write the Chinese character, and flip the card if I'm not 100% sure I got it right. Quizlet also makes it easy to reverse the set while practicing so the other side shows first. That means after I do a run writing the characters, I then reverse the set and try to write the pinyin (specifically the tone marks) for each character. Then I reverse and go back to the other way, and just alternate until I can get everything on both sides correct. But yeah, it's of course more than a matter of memorizing words, but at least with the words memorized I can focus in-class on how to string the words together and speak and listen and such, without getting stuck not even knowing what a word means or what the character for a word was.
  19. Roleplaying: A History

    Every time she tells this story I'm just like T_T imagining poor little 14 year old HH unable to log into her favourite site suddenly. As for me it began playing custom maps in Warcraft 3 on I remember joining a Parasite game (aka the type of game the Swarm Mystery is based on) where the host specified everyone to RP. While others like the ship captain and AI had more things to do and RP about, I ended up with some standard role, and so I made my own fun by going to the bar and getting my guy so drunk he passed out, and just generally playing a useless and incompetent crew member. Anyway there weren't enough RP things around there to let me keep having that sort of fun, so I eventually searched on Google. I don't know if I used a different search term or what but S*T was not the first result for me. It was like 3 pages in. I went through many sites and they all looked messy and unprofessional, and/or were just focused on some specific fandoms. I had almost given up when I tried checking out S*T, and I was pleased to see it was really tidy and organized, and allowed all sorts of RP. I just browsed and found a Student RP that piqued my interest, and then immediately made an account and posted in it (it had no OOC thread). I never made an introduction thread. I was pretty bad at first but fortunately there were plenty of people at my level too. I've been on a few fandom-specific RP forums since, at various stages - usually during S*T's lulls, and always with HH - but never stuck around long.
  20. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    I vote we Lie Detector one of these two posts since they both contain claims of innocence. We have 3 lie detector uses and we haven't used any yet. It is about time we start using it every day just so we at least use it up before we lose. If we want to take more decisive action though, I am in favour of exterminating inactives. At the very least we should investigate some next time. I haven't been checking any of them indeed. Psychic is innocent this turn, for whatever that is worth.
  21. Celebration Thread

    I also recently got a hair cut and while my hair is always what one would consider short, it is now the shortest it has ever been because I was too lazy to ask for anything nuanced and I realized today that it is pretty much Sean-styled now and I think I should be posting this in the frown thread.
  22. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    The thing is it's useless unless we did find someone. Since anyone inspected could've still been assimilated anyway. I for one found that Wst is not the day #1 assimilated at least, but he still could be now. As far as the one previous game of this I was in, I had more useful things to do in the night phase with my action. Some people may be spending actions to work towards something else. Anyway I'm open for conversation again. I'll take anyone, I must represent my constituents equally of course.
  23. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Are you trying to compete with me for my title as World's Greatest Politician? You said a lot of words but at the same time said nothing, don't think I don't see you encroaching on my turf.
  24. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Converse with HH indeed.