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  1. Dragons of the Four Kingdoms

    四国战龙记 China, 189AD It was a time of great turmoil. A succession of young Emperors had left the imperial power weakened and under the controlling influence of the court eunuchs during the past 80 years. Wide-scale rebellions in the past decade in particular had forced Emperor Ling to grant direct administrative authority of provinces to local governors, which had led to many of them cutting off all ties to the Imperial court and ruling their regions as their own kingdoms. After General-in-chief He Jin was killed whilst attempting to have the eunuchs executed to end their corrupt influence, Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu's forces massacred the eunuchs and their supporters during a climactic struggle in which the capital of Luoyang burned. Ultimately Dong Zhuo, who had been previously summoned with his substantial army to aid in the plotting against the eunuchs, stormed the capital and seized control in the interests of ending the destructive chaos. However, it was soon discovered that Dong Zhuo's true motive was to seize power. Liu Bian was deposed from the throne, and Dong Zhuo appointed the younger brother Liu Xie as Emperor Xian. Of course, Emperor Xian was still a boy too young to rule, and so Dong Zhuo presided as Prime Minister, holding the true control of the imperial power. A vile and unmannerly man, he ruled as a hated dictator. Many attempts to assassinate him failed, leaving the court in despair. It was at this time that the various regional governors and officials began to form a coalition with the goal of overthrowing Dong Zhuo. Powerful officials such as Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu were among them, and many others, such as Jiang Mu, were invited to join... Jiang Mu set down the wooden letter on his desk and extended his hand outward, gesturing to his assembled advisors. "Well, let me hear your opinions then. Shall we join this coalition?" Neng Ma stepped forward. He was young and eager, and often the first to offer a suggestion. "Definitely. We must be part of it. If they succeed and we did not lend a hand, where will we stand as they arrange power?" The general Tu Zan supported it heartily, "I agree. Our army is ready, we are in the prime of our strength - no better time for some battling!" "But what if they fail?" Ji Wen asked. He was the eldest of Jiang Mu's advisors, and had long served the previous governor, Jiang Mu's father. "They surely cannot fail. The most powerful governors have gathered already, their force will surely outnumber Dong's." Neng Ma replied confidently. Lian Tai, another of the younger generation of advisors, and frequent competitor to Neng Ma, disagreed. "Victory cannot be certain so early. It is exactly because they are powerful lords that they may fail. They'll all have their eyes on power. They won't spend their armies and resources and gain nothing from it. They'll seek to improve their holdings through this war, and that means they won't cooperate fully." "Lian Tai sees the long and short of things." Ji Wen approved. Neng Ma was not quite satisfied yet though. "Perhaps so, but it also means we may benefit similarly. With our dominance of the skies, we will have a strong position to make gains." "If they don't send us in first, using their greater authority, until our forces are dwindled beyond repair; leaving them to deal the final blows and claim the greatest contribution and rewards." Lian Tai shot back. At this point, Zhong Kun stepped forward, holding out a hand to settle his colleagues. As the second-most senior advisor, he had long proven to be level-headed and well able to keep the peace among the more ambitious advisors. "Perhaps we are getting too far ahead of ourselves. We can always drop out of the coalition if it does not prove to benefit us. The only decision we must make today is whether we are with the coalition or against them." Jiang Mu stood up. "Indeed, Zhong Kun gets straight to the point. All your advices are worth consideration as we proceed, but for the time being, I have decided we must accept the invitation to join the coalition. I do not wish to be considered an ally of Dong Zhuo by refusing to help combat him. Send word of my acceptance, and assemble our forces to march. I shall conduct an inspection tomorrow, and we will set forth the day after."
  2. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    We can vote her off next turn if we find she's assimilated. There wasn't a need to shoot yet. That is what is fishy to me. It's not like the votes are anywhere near to possibly being tied either. We're to trust you to kill her instead of us voting for it.
  3. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Given the ability doesn't kill instantly, but can afterward, I imagine he might be intending to plant a seed to be able to kill the target easily in future if they do turn out to be assimilated. Even if HH isn't now, she might be in future, given the detective role usually being an important one. Although we can just as easily vote off any assimilated we discover. While it may allow for 2 exterminations in one day, that won't be doable until the day after tomorrow anyway, since anyone assimilated in the next night phase isn't inspectable until the one after. I don't think if he's guilty he'd so openly attack... but then if he is assimilated, this may be him sacrificing himself to take down an important innocent along with him while he can. Especially if its a 2-turn setup, he'd be useless if he was discovered tonight. But now, yeah, he could potentially kill someone before being exterminated if we decide to wait and inspect people in the night. I'll put my vote to Exterminate Wst anyway, since he hasn't even tried to give a reason yet. Also somebody converse with me. I wanted to act as ambassador to our gracious host but I see the psychic has beat me to it. Surely someone would like to discuss politics? I know lots of scandals and classified stuff~
  4. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Where are my private bodyguards when I need them? Someone has to tackle this crazed shooter before he kills us all.
  5. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    The AI has led us all astray. Remember, everyone, the world still needs politicians even in this day and age. Machines aren't as dependable yet. I call this cause for a pay raise for myself.
  6. Waifus

    Name: Erize Umeda Age: 17 Appearance: Personality: Shy and introverted. In matters of his true love, however, he bursts open - it is his life's dream to rid himself of the curse, and so all notions of anxiety or apathy vanish when the stakes rise to that level. Bio: A curse was placed on Erize upon his birth, dictating that his genitals could be viewed by nobody, under pain of lasers, until he received a kiss from his one true love. He was always scared of other children, having witnessed one boy pulling another one's shorts down, and realizing if that occurred to him it would mean death for anyone around him at the time. He became a recluse, scared of his vast powers. He focused himself on working on eventually winning his one true love. When he found that developing muscles didn't work for him, and he didn't go out enough to get tanned or develop confident social skills, he decided to pursue a more feminine image and perfect that instead. Staying inside a lot turned out to help keep his skin pale and smooth, protected from the harsh sun. He practiced and developed his cutest looks by practicing with a mirror, and even learned to control some of his laser residue to create a shimmering effect around himself. He would weaponize his shyness, turning it into cuteness. He truly mastered his craft. And so he became the trap that this RP deserves. When he learned that there was an unusual concentration of girls converging on one unremarkable high school student, he researched the target, and found himself also enraptured. Convinced this was the power of his one true love, he donned his best skirt, practiced using his lasers for offense to fend off competitors, and switched schools to be with him. Nobody will stop him having his true love and curing his curse. Abilities/Skills: PRIVACY LASERS -- Anyone who glimpses Erize's panty area takes a laser or lasers to the face, depending how long they try to look. There is perpetual bright light there, so even if one tries to peek despite the consequences, they will never actually see anything. Erize can also cause the lasers to shoot outward in specific directions as he desires. The Lasers, when concentrated, pack enough force to also launch him off the ground, enabling him to gain some (limited) airtime and rain lasers down from above. He can charge the lasers for more powerful effects, but that of course takes more time. Miscellaneous: He doesn't yet realize that the kiss from his one true love will have to be planted on a more thematically appropriate location than his lips.
  7. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    Well when she wanted to share my drink she shared my straw rather than getting another so that is the difference.
  8. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Well, now I also have two suitors I think I'll converse with Sean though since he was already rejected once.
  9. Dragons of the Four Kingdoms

    Shuichang rumbled in thought, "It does indeed." he approached alongside Muxue, motioning for her to remain at ease, "But we watch the moon in the sky also, even if we cannot fathom what life it must have." He waited a moment before continuing, "What we see is not always simple to compass. A fire is useful when employed to warm a hearth, light your way, or to mold metal. But one blazing wildly, not tempered with purpose and control, is a danger; just as easily burning friends as foes. You are the temperance to Ma Yan's fire. He will only accomplish great things with your guidance and support. Your request to swap with Shuiyan is denied - do not suggest such a reckless idea again." Shuichang smiled ever so subtly as Muxue looked at him. "You seem to view the starry sky with a keen eye, what do you know of the astrological phenoma?" With business settled and Shuichang confident he had repaired Muxue's waning confidence, he did not raise the subject again, and instead the pair spent much of the night discussing the stars and movements of weather and the sky. Shuichang was most interested in inquiring about Muxue's scholarly knowledge, and was quite pleased to find her an engaging and learned conversation partner. They parted as a changing of the guard alerted them to the knowledge that midnight had crept up on them both, but both knew they would be meeting again for many more evening talks under the watchful moon in future. -- The coalition forces held the pass and waited for supplies. And waited. And waited. Days later, there was no sign. Dragon scouts sent to check returned with news that there were no supplies en route at all. "That worm Yuan Shu!" Sun Jian growled during the leaders' meeting. "He's withholding our supplies on purpose, he doesn't want us to proceed and be the heroes to recapture the capital!" "Surely not," Jiang Mu replied, "We all have the same goal: the defeat on Dong Zhuo. Yuan Shu was placed in charge of supplies, surely he can't be so blatantly shirking his duties." "What other explanation can there be?" said Sun Ce, Sun Jian's eldest son, "The path is secure, and it has been more than long enough, with no sign of anything on its way to us. If by some chance this is not deliberate, then it is the most gross mismanagement." "Either way, we cannot wait here much longer." Sun Jian said, resting a hand on some scrolls on his desk. "We don't have enough provisions to hold on indefinitely. If we don't get the supplies soon we'll have to retreat or starve. And we haven't even got enough weapons and armour for all our soldiers anymore; if we're attacked now we can't fight at full force." Jiang Mu stood up resolutely, "I'll send someone to address Yuan Shu directly then. Someone to scold him for this unacceptable delay on our behalf, to let everyone know it, and to force him to deliver the supplies." -- That person was Ma Yan. Jiang Mu called him in after the meeting to explain the situation to him, which was otherwise being glossed over by command to prevent any damage to the army morale. "I can't send the timid sort of person that most of our messengers are. I need someone who is bold enough to shame Yuan Shu loudly and force him into a corner, and accept no more delays. Besides, with the shortage of weapons for the army, we need the warrior dragons to help defend this place - the situation is so dire we must choose to keep a sword rather than a life." he said grimly. "Both myself and Sun Jian are counting on you, Ma Yan. You must return to us with the supplies we need." Shuichang made sure to catch Muxue before they left, while Ma Yan was off relieving himself. "Remember what I told you that other night. While Ma Yan's fiery nature is what we need to intimidate Yuan Shu and force his hand, we must rely on you to reign him in if he goes too far. It will be no good if Yuan Shu is given cause to arrest Ma Yan or accuse him of insubordination."
  10. Another DnD 4e Skype game {Open for 1-2}

    STUFF Okay so Sean has sorted his own items and I worked out with him what Ice will have. For those yet to finalize their new characters, you have: HH: 88g, 270sp. Level 4 and Level 5 Magic item x 1 each. Eth: 38g, 270sp. Level 5 Magic item x 2. Just copy your other non-magic items and money from your previous characters, add the above money to yourself, then sell anything you don't want for 100%. Likewise if Noia wants to change any of her gear, you can sell things at 100% for now. CHARACTER STUFF The character creation rules have some additions. Anything in bold is new stuff to consider. - All classes are allowed. Arcane and Divine classes subject to some modifications/restrictions. - Races are PHB1 only, plus Mul, Thri-Kreen, Half-Giant, Kalashtar, Genasi, Minotaur - Everyone gets 2 Houseruled feats: 'Melee Training (x)' and 'y Expertise'. (With x being the relevant Ability and y being the relevant Weapon group). - Everyone also gets to choose one Background (from Dark Sun options only), and one Dark Sun Theme (from any book). - Everyone also gets to choose one Wild Talent utility power. - In the "Manage" tab of the character builder, look at the Optional Details. Tick Dark Sun and Inherent Bonuses. RULES - When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll using a nonmetal weapon, the item breaks. When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll using a metal weapon, roll a d20. If the result is another 1, the item breaks. Everyone's starting items are nonmetal. There is a flat stat bonus that will be applied to all characters per level, to ensure loss of a magic item does not ruin your balance. (at Level 3: Attack/damage rolls get +1. Does not stack with attack/damage bonuses from magic items, so only apply that bonus if you do not have a magic item that boosts your attack and damage rolls - ie, most weapons). - When you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll (AKA crit), you may choose a specific location to strike the enemy. The enemy will take the crit damage as well as additional penalties based on the area struck (leg hits slow movement, arm hits confer an attack penalty, attacking the eyes confers an attack penalty, attacking any generally vital locations will confer a defense penalty. Specifics TBA). ARCANE POWER This only applies to Ice presently, but I might as well paste the info here for quick reference: When you use any arcane power, you can choose to defile, destroying mundane plant life within at least 1 square ofyou. When you use a daily arcane attack power, the damage to the world extends out a number of squares equal to half the level of the power you use. This destruction does not normally affect creatures or terrain, though defiled squares might become defiled terrain (described in the Dark Sun Creature Catalog) at the Dungeon Master’s discretion. You are considered to be preserving unless you choose to defile. If you have at least one arcane daily attack power, you gain the Arcane Defiling power (add it to powers via the houserule button). Arcane magic is illegal and can attract hostility, so a spellcaster often needs to conceal its use. When you use an arcane power without using arcane defiling, you can disguise the magic as another type of power, such as primal or psionic. Most people can’t distinguish between types of magic. The Dungeon Master might require a Bluff check to disguise arcane magic when it is performed in the presence of enemies familiar with psionic or arcane power, such as templars, defil ers, or nobles. If a spellcaster is defiling, he or she cannot disguise the arcane magic because of the visible effect on the environment.
  11. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

    Yes that was entirely deliberate. I can't be bothered deciding on something now so I was just like YOINK.
  12. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

  13. R {{ BIt|tEr L I E S }}

    Callidus suggested to the group that their first visits must be to secure the architect and venue. They would never be able to secure staff if they could not at least state they had a venue and building in the works, so there was no point visiting potential teaching staff until those things were sorted. Callidus managed to secure an appointment to meet Doric Parell, though it clashed with Samuel's training session, so it was decided Daisy would go with him for this meeting, and Samuel and Benjy would be a pair for the land acquisition. Callidus did not know how that would work, given Benjy would probably organize the details over the phone or through agents rather than traveling to Australia in person with Samuel, but that was not his concern. Samuel's ideas rarely made much sense. They went to meet Mr Parell on a rainy Thursday afternoon after Callidus finished work. Daisy had the day off anyway, and so while she appeared bright and cheerful, Callidus appeared tired from work. "Perk up Cal! We've got to project confidence!" Daisy chided, jabbing him with her wand. Callidus sighed. "We also must project a professional and collected visage." he said, straightening his suit where she'd indented it. "Let me do the talking." The home of Doric Parell was either a mess or a work of art, depending on your attitude. It was some strange twisted shape made of cubes, some stretched or flattened to the point that they surely could not be actual rooms - yet if they weren't, then there wasn't much house in the few cubes that were more normal. After circling the house a few times, Callidus and Daisy could not find any signs of a door or entrance. Eventually Daisy resorted to calling out at a window they had found. "Hellooooooooo? Mr Parell? We've come for an appointment but can't find your door!" It was not long before the window was opened, and a stout man Callidus recognized as the one they were looking for appeared. "Ah, greetings. Doors are old hat now, don't you know? They take up valuable design space, I am attempting to start a trend of using windows as entrances instead, it is far more efficient. Come on in!" Daisy was none too shy to climb in, but Callidus shook his head and muttered that he was glad nobody was watching this display - for they were in the countryside - before hoisting himself in with as much dignity as he could. The interior was different to the exterior, as expected. The exterior sections too flat to contain any rooms did actually have rooms - although they were almost as bad as they appeared on the outside. On room with a roof so low one had to crawl in it, the architect explained, was really meant for one to lay down in and roll through. "There's not enough occasions to roll in modern design. As kids we enjoyed rolling down hillsides and such, I'm attempting to recreate that simple pleasure within the home itself." Eventually they ended up in a triangular room that seemed otherwise to be a normal living room, where Mr Parell invited them to take a seat and help themselves to tea. "Your home is quite wonderful Mr Parell!" Daisy said, preparing herself some of the tea, "My brothers and sisters would quite enjoy exploring it, and certainly you can say nobody has a home quite like it!" "Oh thankyou, thankyou, miss, you're too kind. In truth it did not get particularly great reviews from my colleagues..." he replied, looking down. He was a stocky, balding man, and dropped himself down in his armchair with a weary thud. "I have all these grand ideas that seem like they will be hits, but as of yet there's been only a few mediocre successes. One of these days I surely must be right with one of my ideas!" Callidus was at this point hesitant to bother with this architect, but he thought of Benjy's advice after learning of it. He'd written that it was a good choice because an architect currently not in demand would be at their cheapest price. It was true, they needed to be mindful of costs, and few prominent architects would take on a project as ambitious as theirs for anything short of a small fortune. He just would have to hope Parell's lucky day would be the day he designed their school. "We have a rather large project we wish to offer to you." Callidus began, ensuring to word this such that it was them giving him a chance, and not the other way around. "Oh, you two lovebirds need a house designed? Not a problem." Parell cut in, chuckling. Daisy made an eep sound as she burnt her mouth with her tea, in shock at that assumption, but Callidus reacted more smoothly. "No, I assure you we are merely friends. We have something bigger in mind. How would you like to design a school for witchcraft and wizardry?"
  14. Swarm Mystery 3 [Signup Thread]

  15. DnD (B) Episode 4: Heralds of Rebellion

    "We're looking for those heralds involved with the recently arisen rebels. I suppose we've found one." Dei says, and gets out a rope to tie the Mage up.
  16. Another DnD 4e Skype game {Open for 1-2}

    Also since Sean was considering Finn being replaced anyway, that reminds me we do have that one spot for potentially another player. So if you guys find anyone who wants in DnD and is available around the sort of time we play, point them in.
  17. Another DnD 4e Skype game {Open for 1-2}

    Okay so firstly any feedback from the games so far? What did you like and dislike? What should there be more or less of? Which sessions were best and worst? Secondly I've been contemplating a new setting. Your existing characters could be transported there, or we could start anew there, or you could just tweak the existing characters to be like parallel dimension versions of themselves. Or just not go there entirely. Anyway the setting I mean is Dark Sun. It's a sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland-desert world, so the game takes on a more survivalist nature. Magic is rare and usually evil, and several classes have different setting-appropriate versions and options. The basic idea is the easiest form of magic sucks the life out of the environment nearby, which is what made the world a wasteland, coupled with the harsh sun. So people hate magic users, but are ruled by a few powerful Sorcerer-Kings who control the main habitable cities. There's abundant slavery and such , and resources are rare (metal weapons are rare and so by default most weapons are bone, wood, or obsidian and can break easily). There's also different races and some races are different - dwarves don't have beards (Gasp) and elves are like nomadic desert tribes. So yeah, feedbacks and does Dark Sun sound interesting or nah?
  18. Waifus

    I might give it a go.
  19. WoD: 13 Nights in Pleasant Glen

    I don't even notice the beggar, he might as well be a feature of the sidewalk. "Well I suggest we get back to the task at hand. If we're to be up all night protecting this guy, I don't want to wear myself out running all over town until dark."
  20. Characters, Organized by RP {{ BIt|tEr L I E S }} Callidus Lacroix Daisy Hawthorne Chronicles Of the Black Order: Winter Descends Winston Forthford Rowan Ghosh Cynric Larrette Avens Wright ~Itsuka~ Hikaru Ishimoto Tokuma Miki ??? The Deadly Scoop Davion Dreven Orb of Argornia Hirras Powers Jack Fieldman Dragons of the Four Kingdoms Jiang Mu Long Shui Chang Splash Free! Yutaka Yamauchi Akane Inoue Old
  21. Splash Free! Yutaka Yamauchi Deets go here Akane Inoue Deets go here
  22. Dragons of the Four Kingdoms 四国战龙记 Jiang Mu (Renqin) Deets go here Long Shui Chang Deets go here